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Updated: 57 min 11 sec ago

Obama and family move from Bali to Java on Indonesia trip

57 min 26 sec ago
The Obamas wrapped up their five-day vacation on Indonesia's island of Bali and headed to the historic city of Yogyakarta on Wednesday during a trip to where Obama lived for several years as a child.

Strangers buy car for Texas man who walks 3 miles to work

1 hour 1 min ago
Andy Mitchell of Texas was driving on hot 95 degree summer day when he spotted a young man walking along side the road in a fast food uniform, Andy felt compelled to pull over and give the guy a

Arkansas' Ten Commandments monument at Capitol destroyed

1 hour 2 min ago
An Arkansas man who livestreamed himself driving his car into the new Ten Commandments monument less than 24 hours after it was placed on state Capitol grounds has been arrested.

Beer that is good for your gut is unveiled by scientists

1 hour 3 min ago
Researchers from the National University of Singapore invented a new type of beer that has many of the health benefits of a probiotic yogurt drink. The new brew contains 3.5 per cent alcohol.

Virginia woman drops 101 pounds in just two years

1 hour 3 min ago
Olivia Shanks, 24, from Front Royal, Virginia, lost six clothing sizes out of a desire to feel 'genuinely happy' with herself on the inside. She has always loved herself, but felt her self-confidence decline.

Holidaymaker nearly breaks his neck after trampoline fail

1 hour 3 min ago
The tipsy man tried to bounce off the trampoline, but his legs buckled and he lost his footing. The painful-looking moment happened in Hrvatska, Croatia.

Paddington creator Michael Bond dies aged 91

1 hour 4 min ago
The author lived in the Little Venice area of West London, near Paddington train station which inspired his famous character, with his wife Sue, 74. He died aged 91 at home yesterday.

Feds looking into Bernie Sanders' wife

1 hour 5 min ago
Bernie Sanders had ripped into the FBI over its probe into his wife's real estate deal for a now-defunct college describing her as 'the most honest person I know'.

Rihanna's new love is Saudi Toyota heir Hassan Jameel

1 hour 11 min ago
The singer, 29, is dating Hassan Jameel - a Saudi businessman who is currently vice chairman of family business Abdul Latif, which owns the distribution rights to Toyota in the kingdom. 

Tree next to a power line bursts into flames in the US

1 hour 13 min ago
At the start of the video, thought to have been filmed in the USA, overcast skies overhead gave way to a sudden burst of light as the tree caught fire.

Paris gets app warning people if they are in 'no-go' zone

1 hour 14 min ago
Designers say the app is meant to let people know if they are in a dangerous area and allow them to avoid places in the French capital where they might be at risk of violence or crime.

Mom-of-two found dead nine hours after car crash

1 hour 18 min ago
Amber Prowant was involved in a deadly rear-end collision near Hesperia, Michigan, at 11.30pm on June 22, but her lifeless body was only found by a passerby at 8.30am on June 23.

NATO chief: US allies to spend $12 billion more this year

1 hour 21 min ago
America's NATO allies are projected to spend around $12billion more on defence this year amid pressure from the US President.

Workers from Ivanka Trump's shoe factory reveal conditions

1 hour 24 min ago
Two former employees and one current employee at the Chinese factory that makes Ivanka Trump's shoe line have spoken out about working conditions.

US firefighter sacked over black women and chicken comment

1 hour 26 min ago
Firefighter, Andre Ferro of the Providence Fire Department, has been sacked after telling an elderly African-American woman to 'stop eating fried chicken' while on a medical call.

Florida woman arrested for having an 11-year-old's baby

1 hour 28 min ago
Marissa Mowry (pictured), of Port Richey, was 22 when she started having sex with the boy in Hillsborough County, Florida, in January 2014. She gave birth to the child in October that year.

Trump loses independents as his approval plummets

1 hour 29 min ago
Four months ago, in February, four in 10 independents gave Trump positive marks for his performance in office. A new survey captured just 31 percent support among independents.

Salmon could boost your chances of surviving bowel cancer

1 hour 30 min ago
Omega-3 fatty acids stop bowel cancer from spreading across the body by releasing molecules that directly attack the deadly tumours, Aberdeen University researchers say.

Granny, 81, is dragged from her car and arrested in Texas

1 hour 32 min ago
Nancy Strader was arrested in rural Texas after she was spotted driving the wrong way. She was dragged from her car after leading police on a 'chase' because she wanted to buy a coffee.

Florida woman says she choked dog after it bit her hand

1 hour 39 min ago
A Florida woman strangled her Chihuahua after the pet dog nipped her hand. Alice Evans, 61, was arrested by police on a felony cruelty to animals charge. Her dog, Big John Evans was found dead.