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Updated: 4 min 27 sec ago

Doctor who 'illegally prescribed Prince opioid painkillers to pay $30K fine

5 min 59 sec ago
It was announced on Thursday that no criminal charges would be filed in the death of Prince, two years after he lost his life following a fatal overdose. A doctor will pay a $30K fine.

New York parents of children stabbed by nanny thank jurors

7 min 34 sec ago
Kevin Krim took to Facebook on behalf of himself and his wife Marina (pictured in February) after former nanny Yoselyn Ortega was found guilty of murdering their kids Lulu and Leo.

Man leaps on to counter to escape a passing cat

8 min 16 sec ago
The Tennessee man was at the cash register to pay for something when the cat came in. He looked at the feline for a split second before jumping onto the counter with fear.

Arizona man is sentenced to prison for threatening to 'assault and murder' a congresswoman

16 min 53 sec ago
Steve Martan, 58, pleaded guilty to threatening to 'assault and murder a United States official' in September after he made multiple calls to Arizona Rep. Martha McSally's office last May.

Diaz-Canel replaces Raul Castro as Cuba's president

17 min 38 sec ago
Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez, 57, was sworn in as Cuba's President on Thursday, marking the first time someone outside the Castro family has held the post since the revolution ended in 1959.

Grandmother wanted for two murders is shown on Florida hotel CCTV

18 min 15 sec ago
Lois Riess, 56, has been on the run since she allegedly killed her husband David Riess in Minnesota last month and then shot Pamela Hutchinson in Florida days later.

Karlie Kloss dresses as her alter ego, Karl Lee, to promote her coding camp

19 min 15 sec ago
The model, 25, shared a brief clip to her Instagram account, dressed as a 1970s salesman, to promote the newly opened applications for her summer camp, Kode with Klossy.

House Republicans are getting ready to subpoena Comey's memos

19 min 38 sec ago
House Republicans are gearing up to subpoena the Justice Department for former FBI Director James Comey's memos about his interactions with President Trump.

New York City’s sex-trafficking hot-line has been wrong for over A YEAR 

22 min 42 sec ago
New York City had a sex-trafficking hot-line set up for victims and people with tips about victims, but in the big unveiling last year- they gave the wrong number.

Remarkable evolution of the 'Indonesian fish people' (who can hold their breath for 13 minutes)

24 min 1 sec ago
The genetic change discovered in the Bajau tribe who live in Jaya Bakti is the first known example of a human adaptation to deep diving, researchers from Cambridge University found.

Gregg Popovich to miss the Spurs' playoff game against the Warriors following the death of his wife

25 min 36 sec ago
Gregg Popovich will not coach the San Antonio Spurs in Thursday's playoff game against the Warriors following the death of his wife, Erin. Assistant Ettore Messina will coach in his place.

Italian police arrest mafia boss's closest aides and discover system of paper notes to give orders

25 min 45 sec ago
Matteo Messina Denaro vanished in 1993 and he is wanted for a range of crimes including dozens of murders. Police say the arrests were made near the Sicilian city where his crime empire is based.

White actor defends voicing black 'Spy Kids' character because he 'lived in motels' and likes to rap

26 min 58 sec ago
Travis Turner - who goes by Little T - shared that he wasn't too worried of backlash from the black community for his playing a black character named PSI in 'Spy Kids: Mission Critical'.

Jenna Bush Hager shares emotional letter to grandmother Barbara Bush

27 min 25 sec ago
Jenna, 36, recorded herself reading the letter addressed her 'dearest Ganny', and her recording aired on the Today show on Wednesday morning, leaving her colleagues visibly moved.

Ohio couple 'shot dead their pet pit bull with a nail gun'

28 min 14 sec ago
An Animal Control officer acting on a tip arrived at Brandon Cooper and Sindel McWhoter's home in Ohio and discovered the carcass of a pit bull that had been shot and killed with a nail gun.

China's latest 'jaywalker catcher' humiliates pedestrians by spray them with WATER at road crossings

28 min 46 sec ago
China has installed a new system that will spray water to stop people from jaywalking in the city. The facial recognition-equipped system also gives verbal warnings to pedestrians who attempt to cross.

Woman finds naked home intruder sitting in her bathtub and eating a bag of Cheetos

28 min 50 sec ago
Evelyn Washington, 29, was found in the Monroe, Louisiana, home around 5pm, eating a bag of Cheetos. She claimed an unknown man told her to break into the home.

New York Yankees create moving video for bullied 10-year-old girl

35 min 12 sec ago
The New York Yankees shared an inspirational video on Wednesday in response to an elementary school girl's heartbreaking montage detailing the different ways she is bullied by her peers.

Hero cops grab suicidal man's legs and refuses to let go as he jumps

37 min 50 sec ago
As the officers were about to reach him, he leaped forwards off the side of the building in Rome rather than be taken in alive, but a quick-thinking cop grabbed his ankles as other pulled him up.

Video shows Southwest flight attendants scrambling to calm panicked passengers

38 min 24 sec ago
A passenger filmed herself breathing through her oxygen mask on Tuesday as several flight attendants screamed for people to remain calm following the Southwest flight explosion.