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Updated: 2 hours 3 min ago

Student attempts a back flip at graduation and fails

2 hours 4 min ago
A video posted to Twitter shows the cringe-worthy moment a high-school graduate attempts to do a back flip, and fails. He was graduating from Warren Township High School in Gurnee, Illinois.

Police raid poppy farm the size of a football field

2 hours 5 min ago
Captain Jason Reid of Catawba County Sheriff's Office said some of the poppy plants, pictured, had already been scored which allows the opium, which is used to create heroin, to pour out.

Top intel member says Flynn can hold nothing back for deal

2 hours 6 min ago
Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House's intelligence committee, said Wednesday that Michael Flynn would have to fill out a detailed proffer for the panel to even consider a deal.

FDA approves drug to target a tumor's genetic traits

2 hours 8 min ago
Keytruda, made by Merck & Co, is a form of immunotherapy which targets solid tumors with certain biomarkers, rather than trying to target all kinds of tumors in one body part.

Schoolboy 'had sex with BBC's Julie Wadsworth 15 times'

2 hours 8 min ago
The man claimed that as a teenager he had sex with Julie Wadsworth up to 15 times, and on one occasion had a threesome with her husband Tony Wadsworth, Warwick Crown Court heard.

Terrifying moment gator attacks and climbs on an airboat

2 hours 10 min ago
Footage has emerged of an alligator scrambling to get on board an airboat as it traveled through the Florida Everglades. The reptile opens its lethal jaw to latch onto the front portion of the boat.

Company offers first nationwide STD testing from home

2 hours 10 min ago
myLAB Box says it's the first nationwide company that offers home STD testing. It tests for 10 different types of STDs and STIs, including HPV, HIV and chlamydia. The company is based in L.A.

Bronx teen beat homeless man to death over catcall

2 hours 11 min ago
Branlee Gonzalez, 18, from the Bronx is facing attempted murder charges following the death of 69-year-old Lucio Bravo who died following the assault last Thursday.

Dealer busted for posting drugs for sale on Instagram

2 hours 13 min ago
Marcos Hatch, 20, of Hayward, California was arrested last week and charged with trafficking anxiety medication alprazolam, commonly known as Xanax.

Caged drones could help first settlers on Mars to explore

2 hours 14 min ago
The new crash-proof drones, tested in narrow caves in Sicily this week, could help Martian settlers explore lava tubes on the planet by mapping out places that humans cannot reach.

Toy poodle survives after Illinois man hurls it off garage

2 hours 15 min ago
Edward Hanania, 22, pretended that he owned two poodles that were found wandering the street in Illinois on Friday, police said. When the real owner came forward he threw them off the garage.

Man killed pregnant wife and then shot himself in Illinois

2 hours 15 min ago
Shedrick Pryor, 32, killed his 24-year-old pregnant wife April Pryor at an apartment in Woodridge, Illinois on Monday night before turning the gun on himself after a domestic dispute.

Man, 43, is exonerated of murder after 24 years

2 hours 17 min ago
Shaurn Thomas, of Phildelphia, was jailed for life for the shooting of businessman Domingo Martinez in 1990. But courts found that the evidence did not support his conviction.

Paul Ryan says James Comey is 'not' a nut job

2 hours 20 min ago
House Speaker Paul Ryan defended fired FBI Director James Comey, saying the longtime law enforcement official President Trump sacked wasn't crazy.

Fitness trackers DON’T accurately count calories burned

2 hours 23 min ago
Researchers at Stanford University's School of Medicine have found that while wearable fitness devices track heart rate accurately, their calorie burning calculations may be up to 93 per cent off.

Con man jailed after faking Navy SEAL history for benefits

2 hours 23 min ago
A con artist has been given a four-year prison sentence after he claimed to be an awarded Vietnam vet and Navy Seal hero.

Police could cancel Barack Obama's trip to Scotland

2 hours 25 min ago
Scotland's First Minister said officers are looking at whether the visit can go ahead as planned following the Manchester suicide bombing, which killed 22 innocent victims and injured dozens more.

North Korea can fire its ballistic missile from anywhere

2 hours 25 min ago
The testing of the Pukguksong-2 missile on Sunday was the latest in a series of launches this year, as Pyongyang steps works to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Manchester Arena bomb maker may still be at large 

2 hours 25 min ago
Salman Abedi slaughtered 22 people and maimed dozens of others setting off a suicide bomb after an Ariana Grande concert on Monday night.

Female CEOs earning more on average than male counterparts

2 hours 25 min ago
Women CEOs earned bigger bucks on average than their male counterparts last year, but unfortunately they are still few and far between at the world's largest companies, a new study has found.