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Gorka: Trump's Platform Was To Make America Great Again, Not Make The GOP Great Again

Tue, 10/17/2017 - 16:19
Former Trump White House deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka warns Republicans that President Trump "is a guy who breaks the mold," and is willing to work with Democrats if the GOP will not work with him. SEB GORKA: This president was the outsider --he was never part of the GOP establishment. And there's a reason someone who never held elected office before is now the president of the United States... The president is the master of the deal. Right? He is going to work with people who he thinks he can work with at the current time. Remember, the president's platform was "Make America great again." Not make to the G.O.P. Great again. And he'll work with anybody. If you don't work with him G.O.P. Remember that dinner with Chuck and Nancy. That's a message. That's a broadside to the G.O.P. I have got to get things done. You don't want to help me, I will talk to somebody else.

Jonathan Haidt: The Psychological Roots Of Nationalism vs. Globalism

Tue, 10/17/2017 - 15:10
Via PhilosophyInsights on YouTube: Jonathan David Haidt (born October 19, 1963) is an American social psychologist and Professor of Ethical Leadership at New York University's Stern School of Business. His academic specialization is the psychology of morality and the moral emotions. Haidt is the author of two books: The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom (2006) and The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion (2012). In this clip from a 2016 interview at the Emmanuel Centre in London about "The Rise of Populism and the Backlash Against the Elites," Haidt explains the new paradigm developing in politics around the world (globalism vs. nationalism) and why both viewpoints are valid and necessary to a functioning society. Watch the full discussion below the selected transcript: JONATHAN HAIDT: I've been reading about the history of capitalism, and what happens when nations adopt free-market policies. And what happens is that wealth goes skyrocketing upwards. And it is not just that the rich get richer, everybody gets richer. And then, a generation or two later, everyone gets rights. That is why the world is getting better and better and better, and if we were having this conversation two years ago, I would very much agree with my libertarian friends who say, 'It is amazing how good everything is,' but there are some interesting paradoxes, interesting ways, in which the progress of a free market society creates conditions that undermine either the progress of a free-market society or democratic capitalism. Here is the main one I want to put out for discussion: I've spent a lot of time reading the world or psychologists and sociologists who create the World Values Survey... every seven years, where you can see these beautiful maps showing the whole world and where they are on this two-dimensional values space. Sweden and Scandinavia is on the upper right -- their values are the most freedom-loving and emancipative. And they are the most secular/rational. On the bottom left is mostly African and Islamic countries that still have the values appropriate to an agricultural society that has no trust in government, no faith that there will be food six months from now. As countries get wealthy, they move up and to the right, towards that zone where Scandinavia is now. It is a good thing, a wonderful thing, and what happens is everyone's values change, and in the next generation, they begin to care about women's rights, gay rights, animal rights, human rights, the environment. You get a very progressive shift in values. For this kind of audience, I'm sure that all sounds great. That is step one, but here is step two: Once you have these incredibly prosperous people, this peaceful, progressive society, the people there begin to do a few things. First of all, it is not everybody who has those values. It is everybody in the capital city and the university towns. They all have these values. If you look at America, we're like pre-retrograde in some days, but if you look at our bubble places, they are just like Sweden. That means that these people now think that nation states are so arbitrary, 'Imagine, just imagine if there were no countries, it isn't hard to do. Imagine if there was nothing to kill or die for -- no religion too.' This is the way the values shift, and this is what I and others are calling the "globalists." The new left/right is the globalists vs. the nationalists. So the globalist ethos is tear down the borders, tear down the barriers, nation-states are arbitrary, why should my government privilege the people who are born here rather than people elsewhere who are much poorer? You begin to get a denial of patriotism -- the claim ... of anti-Trump protesters saying that "patriotism is racism." You get people acting in this globalist way, inviting immigration, spitting on the nation-state, the country, and people who are patriotic, and who are very opposed to integration when it comes to immigration. People on the left would say that is cultural genocide. This is step two: You get wealthy, wonderful, successful societies that are so attractive to people around the world that they get a flood of immigrants, who are met by the globalists who say welcome, welcome, welcome, don't assimilate because we don't want to deny your culture. And that leads to step three: Which is, this triggers an incredible emotional reaction in people who have the psychological type known as authoritarianism, which is a negative term, but there is an incredible psychological diversity in this world. There are some people who are attracted to the Lennonist vision, the John Lennon vision. There are other people who are more parochial -- people who really care about hearth and home, and God and country -- they are actually friends of order and stability and they are friends of many good things about civic life. But when they perceive that everything is coming apart, and the moral world is coming apart, that is when they get really racist, homophobic, they want to clamp down and restore moral order. If you saw Donald Trump's [Republican nomination] acceptance speech, he modeled it after Richard Nixon's 1968 speech, a time when cities were burning, there were riots. He said "Law & Order will be restored," and that is basically what Donald Trump's whole speech was. What I'm saying is successful Democratic capitalist societies change values, generate wealth, invite people in, and then they make some of the people act in ways that trigger the other people to be furious, and those other people actually have a point, because who have to have trust and social capital to have a redistributive welfare state. This is getting a little too complicated, but my point is: The economy matters, economic changes matter, but they matter in ways that always run through psychology... In politics, always look at what each side makes sacred. And for anybody who remembers World War Two in the UK and in America -- the country, the flag, and freedom, democracy, all these other virtues... and then fighting the communists. It was a good time to be a liberal, freedom meant liberty. Freedom, fighting for liberty. The older generation has those values circling around. Then we get the New Left in the 1960s, the fall of the Berlin wall in the 1990s, and we get the rise... of a new set of sacred values around racism, sexism, oppression, and basically the sacred victim. This is part of the clash -- if you have groups on the left whose religion is fighting racism, that is a very admirable thing to do, but if it becomes a religion and you become a fundamentalist, now everything that opposes or contradicts that must fall... It is like a new religion, but every political movement is like a religion. So, to bring it back to immigration, one of the new religions is all about diversity and inclusion... of course you feel sympathy, what do you do about it? If it is your central religion, you welcome them. And if anybody says they are linked to terrorism, they are forcing us to change our ways, then you say they're a racist! So you have the dawn of this new religion, which is in many ways extremely illiberal. I stopped calling myself a liberal because of we, in the American sense, butchered the word and made it mean 'Left.' In was a liberal my whole life until I realized... this new illiberal left -- you can't have a functioning multi-ethnic society if you have this kind of attitude. That is the clash we have now over immigration, it is essentially a religious battleground... Many people on the left, because they are globalists, they don't get that the idea of the nation is something sacred. They don't get ideas of patriotism... People say: 'Why is it that the areas with the most immigrants are the most tolerant. Therefore if we just flood the zone with immigrants, they'll all get tolerant.' That is obviously not going to work... because people move where they feel most comfortable. If you're born in Central Kansas with a globalist John Lennon worldview, you're going to get to Chicago or New York or London as fast as you can. And vice versa... There is a kind of a blindness on the left, where they approach things in economic terms, it really is like a color-blindness, like they are missing receptors... What they're missing is you can have diversity within a shared sense of identity, and if you don't have that shared sense of identity, it is going to be very divisive. Full event:

'Special Report' Panel: Analyzing The Dynamic Between President Trump And Senate Leader McConnell

Tue, 10/17/2017 - 14:14
Steve Hayes, Mara Liasson, and Buck Sexton join FNC's Bret Baier

John McCain: U.S. Must Not Refuse Obligations Of Global Leadership In Favor Of "Half Baked" Nationalist "Dogma"

Tue, 10/17/2017 - 14:09
Senator John McCain received the National Constitution Center's Liberty Medal on Oct. 16, 2017. During his speech he made news for making the case that the United States must maintain its position as a leader of the free world and not to get caught up in "half-baked, spurious nationalism." His remarks led former Vice President Joe Biden to stand and applaud. McCain said about the Trump-Bannon brand of nationalism: "To fear the world we have organized and led for three-quarters of a century, to abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe, to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain ‘the last best hope of earth' for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history." "We live in a land made of ideals, not blood and soil," he added. Full transcript of Sen. McCain's speech: SEN. JOHN MCCAIN: Thank you, Joe, my old, dear friend, for those mostly undeserved kind words. Vice President Biden and I have known each other for a lot of years now, more than forty, if you're counting. We knew each other back when we were young and handsome and smarter than everyone else but were too modest to say so. Joe was already a senator, and I was the Navy's liaison to the Senate. My duties included escorting senate delegations on overseas trips, and in that capacity, I supervised the disposition of the delegation's luggage, which could require — now and again — when no one of lower rank was available for the job — that I carry someone worthy's bag. Once or twice that worthy turned out to be the young senator from Delaware. I've resented it ever since... Joe has heard me joke about that before. I hope he has heard, too, my profession of gratitude for his friendship these many years. It has meant a lot to me. We served in the Senate together for over twenty years, during some eventful times, as we passed from young men to the fossils who appear before you this evening. We didn't always agree on the issues. We often argued — sometimes passionately. But we believed in each other's patriotism and the sincerity of each other's convictions. We believed in the institution we were privileged to serve in. We believed in our mutual responsibility to help make the place work and to cooperate in finding solutions to our country's problems. We believed in our country and in our country's indispensability to international peace and stability and to the progress of humanity. And through it all, whether we argued or agreed, Joe was good company. Thank you, old friend, for your company and your service to America. Thank you, too, to the National Constitution Center, and everyone associated with it for this award. Thank you for that video, and for the all too generous compliments paid to me this evening. I'm aware of the prestigious company the Liberty Medal places me in. I'm humbled by it, and I'll try my best not to prove too unworthy of it. Some years ago, I was present at an event where an earlier Liberty Medal recipient spoke about America's values and the sacrifices made for them. It was 1991, and I was attending the ceremony commemorating the 50th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The World War II veteran, estimable patriot and good man, President George H.W. Bush, gave a moving speech at the USS Arizona memorial. I remember it very well. His voice was thick with emotion as he neared the end of his address. I imagine he was thinking not only of the brave Americans who lost their lives on December 7, 1941, but of the friends he had served with and lost in the Pacific where he had been the Navy's youngest aviator. ‘Look at the water here, clear and quiet …' he directed, ‘One day, in what now seems another lifetime, it wrapped its arms around the finest sons any nation could ever have, and it carried them to a better world.' He could barely get out the last line, ‘May God bless them, and may God bless America, the most wondrous land on earth.' The most wondrous land on earth, indeed. I've had the good fortune to spend sixty years in service to this wondrous land. It has not been perfect service, to be sure, and there were probably times when the country might have benefited from a little less of my help. But I've tried to deserve the privilege as best I can, and I've been repaid a thousand times over with adventures, with good company, and with the satisfaction of serving something more important than myself, of being a bit player in the extraordinary story of America. And I am so very grateful. What a privilege it is to serve this big, boisterous, brawling, intemperate, striving, daring, beautiful, bountiful, brave, magnificent country. With all our flaws, all our mistakes, with all the frailties of human nature as much on display as our virtues, with all the rancor and anger of our politics, we are blessed. We are living in the land of the free, the land where anything is possible, the land of the immigrant's dream, the land with the storied past forgotten in the rush to the imagined future, the land that repairs and reinvents itself, the land where a person can escape the consequences of a self-centered youth and know the satisfaction of sacrificing for an ideal, the land where you can go from aimless rebellion to a noble cause, and from the bottom of your class to your party's nomination for president. We are blessed, and we have been a blessing to humanity in turn. The international order we helped build from the ashes of world war, and that we defend to this day, has liberated more people from tyranny and poverty than ever before in history. This wondrous land has shared its treasures and ideals and shed the blood of its finest patriots to help make another, better world. And as we did so, we made our own civilization more just, freer, more accomplished and prosperous than the America that existed when I watched my father go off to war on December 7, 1941. To fear the world we have organized and led for three-quarters of a century, to abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe, to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain ‘the last best hope of earth' for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history. We live in a land made of ideals, not blood and soil. We are the custodians of those ideals at home, and their champion abroad. We have done great good in the world. That leadership has had its costs, but we have become incomparably powerful and wealthy as we did. We have a moral obligation to continue in our just cause, and we would bring more than shame on ourselves if we don't. We will not thrive in a world where our leadership and ideals are absent. We wouldn't deserve to. I am the luckiest guy on earth. I have served America's cause — the cause of our security and the security of our friends, the cause of freedom and equal justice — all my adult life. I haven't always served it well. I haven't even always appreciated what I was serving. But among the few compensations of old age is the acuity of hindsight. I see now that I was part of something important that drew me along in its wake even when I was diverted by other interests. I was, knowingly or not, along for the ride as America made the future better than the past. And I have enjoyed it, every single day of it, the good ones and the not so good ones. I've been inspired by the service of better patriots than me. I've seen Americans make sacrifices for our country and her causes and for people who were strangers to them but for our common humanity, sacrifices that were much harder than the service asked of me. And I've seen the good they have done, the lives they freed from tyranny and injustice, the hope they encouraged, the dreams they made achievable. May God bless them. May God bless America, and give us the strength and wisdom, the generosity and compassion, to do our duty for this wondrous land, and for the world that counts on us. With all its suffering and dangers, the world still looks to the example and leadership of America to become, another, better place. What greater cause could anyone ever serve. Thank you again for this honor. I'll treasure it. Full speech:

'Morning Joe' Panel: Trump's "Gross" Lie About Fallen Troops Is His "Rock Bottom"

Tue, 10/17/2017 - 13:59
MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' spent Tuesday morning shredding the latest comment from President Trump that failed to pass the fact-checkers: During a Monday news conference, Trump was asked about the killing of four U.S. soldiers in Niger and why he hadn't addressed their deaths, and responded by falsely claiming that his predecessors did not call the families of fallen soldiers either. The four soldiers were killed fighting "ISIS-affiliated" militants in the war-torn central African country last week. Co-host Mika Brzezinski said the comments from the president were "just gross" and "this is rock bottom, when he speaks like this, about our heroes." Joe Scarborough added: "He made the deaths of our American heroes about himself having to make a tough phone call and then attacked Barack Obama and his other predecessors for not doing it." "It's offensive enough," Joe said. "And then he brings up his petty, long-running, insecure, pathetic, sad, weak dispute with the 44th president of the United States... He made the deaths of our American heroes about himself having to make a tough phone call and then attacked Barack Obama and his other predecessors for not doing it." "Can you imagine a president in recent memory in our lifetimes that would ever complain about making those phone calls?" Brzezinski added. "What good, honest person, with a sense of duty and honor to this country, what person who loves America would say something like that?" "Let's just say it. There's nothing good about it, it's horrible — not a good person," she concluded.

Trump: "Hillary, Please Run Again"

Mon, 10/16/2017 - 18:46
President Trump asked Hillary Clinton to run for president again in 2020 at a press conference Monday afternoon with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. "Hillary, please run again," Trump said. Trump said there are a lot of reasons why she didn't win, including she "wasn't good at what she did," but being in favor of kneeling during the presentation of the flag and national anthem at an NFL game, would be a campaign killer. Trump also said it's "that thinking" is the reason why she lost the election. Trump also tweeted a similar message this morning. "If Hillary Clinton actually made the statement that in a form sitting down during the playing of our great national anthem is not disrespectful, then I fully understand why she didn't win," Trump said. "I mean, look, there are a lot of reasons she didn't win, including the fact that she was not good at what she did. But I will tell you that is something that I had just heard about. I think that her statement, in itself, is very disrespectful to our country," he added. After Trump explained why he believes it is disrespectful he received an angry rebuke from April Ryan, a member of the White House press corps, who yelled it is about the police. From the press conference: JOHN ROBERTS, FOX NEWS: In an interview earlier today, Hillary Clinton said she did not believe taking a knee in the NFL was about disrespecting the flag. you fired back in a tweet to her. (INAUDIBLE) You fired back in a tweet saying that you hope that she runs again in 2020. PRESIDENT TRUMP: Oh, I hope Hillary runs. Is she going to run? I hope. Hillary, please run again. Go ahead. ROBERTS: She's at odds with you whether or not this is disrespecting the flag. Is she right or is she wrong? TRUMP: I think she's wrong. Look, when they take a knee -- there's plenty of time to do knees and there's plenty of time to do lots of other things. But when you take a knee -- that's why she lost the election. I mean, honestly, it's that thinking, that is the reason she lost the election. When you go down and take a knee or any other way, you're sitting essentially for our great national anthem, you're disrespecting our flag and you're disrespecting our country. And the NFL should have suspended some of these players for one game, not fire them, suspended them for one game. Then if they did it again, it could have been for two games then three games then for the season. You wouldn't have people disrespecting our country right now. And if Hillary Clinton actually made the statement that in a form sitting down during the playing of our great national anthem is not disrespectful, then I fully understand why she didn't win. I mean, look, there are a lot of reasons she didn't win, including the fact that she was not good at what she did. But I will tell you that is something that I had just heard about. I think that her statement, in itself, is very disrespectful to our country. APRIL RYAN: Police-involved shootings, as it relates to the NFL, that the what the players are saying is why they are taking the knee, sir. The police-involved shooting issue. What will you do about that? TRUMP: It is very disrespectful to our country when they take a knee during our national anthem. It is very disrespectful. Just hear it. It is very disrespectful to our country when they take a knee during the national anthem, number one. Number two, the people of our country are very angry at the NFL. All you have to do is look at their ratings and look at their stadiums. You see empty seats where you never saw them before. A lot of people are very angry at it. It is highly disrespectful. They shouldn't do it. I was recently asked if Crooked Hillary Clinton is going to run in 2020? My answer was, "I hope so!"— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 16, 2017

'60 Minutes': DEA Whistleblower Joe Rannazzisi Saw How Opioid Pills Would Become Epidemic

Mon, 10/16/2017 - 16:58
CBS NEWS: Why has the country's opioid problem become a national emergency? A high-ranking whistleblower from the DEA explains how the drug industry--and Congress--fueled an epidemic "People are dying." That's what whistleblower Joe Rannazzisi told 60 Minutes over and over again. "People are dying." This week, the broadcast airs Bill Whitaker's interview with Rannazzisi, a former high-ranking DEA agent who saw the opioid epidemic killing hundreds of thousands of Americans, tried to stop it, and ran into a brick wall -- in the form of Congress.

Trump On Bannon Taking On McConnell, Establishment: "I Understand Fully How Steve Bannon Feels"

Mon, 10/16/2017 - 16:41
President Trump reacted to former adviser Steve Bannon calling for a "season of war" against the Republican establishment in his speech to the Values Voter Summit over the weekend. At a cabinet meeting Monday morning Trump was asked to respond and said, "I understand fully how Steve Bannon feels." Trump expressed his frustration with Republican Senators "not getting the job done," and said he is not going to blame himself. "Steve is very committed," Trump said about his anti-McConnell remarks. "He's a friend of mine and he's very committed to getting things passed. I mean look, I have despite what the press writes, I have great relationships with actually many Senators but in particular with most Republican Senators. But we're not getting the job done. And I'm not going to blame myself. I'll be honest. They are not getting the job done." "We've had health care approved and then you had a surprise vote by John McCain," Trump said. "We've had other things happen. And they're not getting the job done. And I can understand where Steve Bannon is coming from and I can understand, to be honest with you, John, I can understand where a lot of people are coming from because I'm not happy about it and a lot of people aren't happy about it. We need tax cuts. We need health care." Trump was also asked about Bannon targetting incumbent Republican Senators who are running for reelection. "I understand how he feels," Trump said. "It depends on who you're talking about. There are some Republicans, frankly, that should be ashamed of themselves but most of them, I'll tell you what, I know the Republican Senators. Most of them are really, really great people that want to work hard and they want to do a great thing for the American public. But you've had a few people that really disappointed us. They really, really disappointed us. So I can understand fully how Steve Bannon feels. Okay?"

Kimmel: Losing 30% Of Republican Viewers Not Ideal, But "Riddance" If You Don't Want To Watch

Mon, 10/16/2017 - 16:07
In an interview with CBS This Morning, Jimmy Kimmel talked about a potential of losing some of his audience. Kimmel said he saw a study or a poll where three years ago he was equally liked by both Republicans and Democrats and now Republican numbers went down "like 30 percent." "As a talk show host, that is not ideal. But I would do it again in a heartbeat," he said about his anti-Republican commentaries. "So you don't mind if Republicans turn off your show, they're not watching anymore?" journalist Tracy Smith asked. "I don't say I don't mind. I'd love for everyone -- I want everyone with a television to watch the show, but if they're so turned off by my opinion on health care and gun violence then, I don't know, I probably won't want to have a conversation with them anyway," Kimmel said. "Good riddance?" Smith asked "Well, not good riddance, but riddance," Kimmel responded.

Scarborough: Trump Punts On Iran Deal; "The Buck Stops Here Does Not Apply In This White House"

Mon, 10/16/2017 - 15:45
MSNBC: After the president punted next steps for the Iran deal to Congress, there are three actions they can take: Do nothing, re-impose sanctions or amend nuclear review requirements. The panel discusses.

Art Laffer: Democrats Should Vote For Tax Reform, They Believe In It; A "Vote Against America" To Oppose It

Mon, 10/16/2017 - 15:28
Former Reagan economic advisor Art Laffer told FOX Business Network's Maria Bartiromo he couldn't imagine Democrats not voting in favor of President Trump's tax reform proposal. Laffer said "they believe in it, they want it," and a vote against it would be a "vote against America." "I'm hoping the Democrats vote with it, they should vote with it, they believe in it, they want it," Laffer said Monday morning. "What they have to do is, to let this partisanship go to that extreme that they vote against America is to me shocking. I can't imagine a lot of them not voting in favor of the President's bill. I just can't imagine it. But we'll have to see, it's coming soon."

Lewandowski To Clinton: There Was A Sexual Assaulter In The White House, His Name Was Bill Clinton

Mon, 10/16/2017 - 15:04
In an interview with FOX & Friends, Corey Lewandowski responded to Hillary Clinton's accusation that President Trump a "sexual assaulter." "There was a sexual assaulter in the White House," Lewandowski said on Sunday's FOX & Friends." "He was called Bill Clinton. That's the sexual assaulter she should be talking about in the White House." "Hillary's a very angry person, obviously. She ran the worse campaign the history of presidential campaigns, she couldn't connect with females, she couldn't connect with African-Americans, she couldn't connect with Hispanics, she forgot where the state of Wisconsin was, she lost every battleground state in the country, and now she blames everyone for her loss?" he said.

Van Jones: Trump "Willing To Hurt Americans To Get His Way"

Mon, 10/16/2017 - 15:00
From Sunday's edition of This Week on ABC: MATT SCHLAPP: Can I just mention on this health care piece, let's all look at it. Obamacare gave the Republicans in large part these majorities. We won on this issue for four straight elections. And it's also the left. It's Bernie Sanders. It's all the major potential Democratic candidates for president who have been come out against Obamacare and for single-player. Obamacare is being attacked... GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, they're not against Obamacare. SCHLAPP: Well, but they're trying to expand. They're trying... VAN JONES: They're trying to improve it. SCHLAPP: No, no, they're undermining -- they're undermining the central premise of Obamacare, which you all decided... (CROSSTALK) JONES: Go ahead. SCHLAPP: You all decided to not have single-player. The left is fighting Obamacare. The right is fighting Obamacare. And Americans have told Republicans, please, save us from Obamacare. JONES: Listen, I have never seen a president of the United States willing to hurt Americans to get his way, willing to have Americans be sick, willing to have Americans possibly lose their lives, watch their children with conditions, because he wants to get his way. I haven't seen that before. I agree with you that our health care system needs to continue to be improved and changed. I support the progressive cause. I'm willing to listen to actual conservative ideas. But I'm not willing to see... SCHLAPP: But you think the president wants to kill Americans? JONES: No, I didn't say that. You said that. I'm not willing, George, to see a president of the United States actually put Americans at risk just to get his way.

'Late Late Show' Host James Corden Apologizes After Weinstein Jokes: He's In "Hot Water"

Mon, 10/16/2017 - 08:53
Comedian and host of The Late Late Show James Corden is receiving backlash for a set of Harvey Weinstein jokes he made at an amfAR gala in Los Angeles Friday night. "Out here in L.A. it is so beautiful, Harvey Weinstein has already asked it tonight up to his hotel to give him a massage," Corden said to mixed reaction. "I don't know whether that groan was that you liked that joke or you don't like that joke," he responded. "If you don't like that joke you should probably leave now." "It has been weird this week, hasn't it? Watching Harvey Weinstein in hot water, ask any of the women who have asked him to take a bath. It is weird watching Harvey Weinstein in hot water. Harvey Weinstein wanted to come tonight but he'll settle for whatever potted plant is closest," Corden joked. "Oh, come on!" he said to groans from the audience. Corden has been criticized for making light of sexual assault. Reactions, via Huffington Post: Hollywood men: well sexual assault is terrible I have a daughter so rape is defo badAlso Hollywood men: I have some jokes. Wanna hear them?— Kirsty S (@KirstyStricklan) October 15, 2017 ALL the hard and brave work women have done this week in light of Hollywood abuse and @JKCorden belittles it all 🙄 it isn't BANTS. Do better— Holli Dempsey (@HolliDee) October 15, 2017 wow @JKCorden way to minimise the sexual assault of dozens of women + make their trauma- rather than weinstein- the butt of ur shit "jokes"— Stephanie Marie (@stefinitely85) October 15, 2017 Corden eventually was forced to apologize: but to shame him, the abuser, not his victims. I am truly sorry for anyone offended, that was never my intention. (2/2)— James Corden (@JKCorden) October 15, 2017

'Saturday Night Live' Tackles Weinstein In Mock Film Panel About Sexual Harassment In Hollywood

Mon, 10/16/2017 - 05:03
NBC: Viola Davis (Leslie Jones), Marion Cotillard (Cecily Strong) and Debette Goldry (Kate McKinnon) discuss Harvey Weinstein and sexual harassment in Hollywood during an Actress Round Table. "Have I ever been sexually harassed? Good Friday, where do you want me to start? Women being harassed is Hollywood. Everything old is new again. Producers are abusing starlets, there's Nazis marching in the streets, suddenly nude pantyhose are a trend. I've never felt more at home. Once polio comes back this will be fun," actress 'Debette Goldry' said. VANITY FAIR: How S.N.L. Finally Addressed the Harvey Weinstein Scandal

Al Michaels Makes Harvey Weinstein Joke During Giants-Broncos 'Sunday Night Football' Coverage

Mon, 10/16/2017 - 04:44
Sportscasting vet Al Michaels made a joke about the New York Giants, who at the time were 0-5, during Sunday Night Football coverage of the Giants-Broncos game on NBC. "Let's face it, the Giants are coming off a worse week than Harvey Weinstein and they're up by 14 points," Michaels said half-way in the 3rd quarter of tonight's game. Michaels later apologized for his comment after instant internet outrage at his jest likening the team on a losing streak to the perverted Harvey Weinstein. "Once again, for everyone who seems to forget: sexual assault and harassment is not, has not ever been, and will NEVER be funny," Jackie Bamberger, who covers sports for Yahoo, wrote. Jeanna Thomas at SB Nation called the joke "disturbing." The Giants were victorious at the mile-high stadium in Denver, often considered another feat -- besides being the visitor -- for visiting teams because of the altitude.

Bannon: The Populist Revolt Is Still Rolling Full Force

Mon, 10/16/2017 - 04:12
Steve Bannon speaks at the 2017 'Values Voters Summit': STEVE BANNON: This populist-nationalist conservative revolt that is going on, that drove Donald Trump to victory, that will drive 15 candidates to victory in 2018, and I hate to break the news... to the folks at Vanity Fair. President Trump is not only going to finish this term, he is going to win with 400 electoral votes in 2020. Why is this a populist revolt? You guys have more common sense, more understanding of what we need to do. More understanding. And the first order of business is to undo all the damage of globalism, right? That allowed Silicon Valley, and Wall Street, and Hollywood, and the imperial capital right here in Washington D.C. and London and Beijing and Davos -- the party of Davos. To undo globalism. The reason we need populism, to get it warmed up, is there are bigger, more crucial decisions coming down the road in the next ten years. The convergence of biotechnology, artificial intelligence, the computer chip. There are going to be decisions in front of mankind in the next 20 years that man has never had to face before. And if you think that the elites who got the world into the situation it is today are going to make the right judgments 20 years from now, you're sadly mistaken. It is folks like you who have to tell folks that this is not a science experiment. This is not an engineering exercise. You're free men and women in the greatest republic in the history of Earth. And why are we nationalist? It is not ethnonationalism. These guys [in the media] can run that as much as they like. It is economic nationalism. It doesn't matter what your race is. Your ethnicity, your gender, your sexual preference, it doesn't matter. It does not matter, as long as you are a citizen of this Republic, that is what matters.

Hillary Clinton: "Sexism And Misogyny Are Endemic In Our Society"

Sun, 10/15/2017 - 18:01
HILLARY CLINTON: Sexism and misogyny are endemic in our society. And I do try to take readers on a journey with me... I'm a middle-class girl from the middle of the country. So I always struggled with what's my story? It suddenly dawned on me I was the beneficiary of these radical changes in women's rights and opportunities that began in the 60s and continue and that I could have and maybe should have tried harder to tell that story but I never thought there would be that receptive of an audience.

Joe Lieberman: "North Korea And Iran Are An Alliance Of Evil Aimed At The United States"

Sun, 10/15/2017 - 17:59
'United Against Nuclear Iran' chairman Joe Lieberman joins FNC's Maria Bartiromo to discuss the president's choice to leave the Iran nuclear deal up to Congress and the extent to which North Korea and Iran are working together. "I think the president made the right decision, he did it in the right way," the former Democratic vice presidential candidate said. "He could have withdrawn from the whole thing the other day." "He basically said to Congress and our allies, and the Iranians, we're going to pull out of this agreement unless it changes... One, we're asking the Iranians to agree not to develop nuclear weapons. That was the whole purpose of the sanctions, and the deal only puts a pause, saying that in eight or ten years they can start doing things that will allow you to build nuclear weapons again." "The Supreme Leader in Iran says he doesn't want to build nuclear weapons anyway," Lieberman said. "Let's make that happen." "Second, how can you have an agreement you have any trust in on something this important? If you can't really inspect the military sites where they would be cheating if they were cheating... And this Iranian regime has a bad record of cheating an awful lot on agreements." "The extent to which Iran and North Korea are working together is the only question. It is not whether they are working together, it is how much they are working together," he explained. "We know that North Korean designs for intercontinental ballistic missiles have been reflected in the intercontinental ballistic missiles Iran has put up."

Sebastian Gorka: "Donald Trump Is The Kryptonite Of Political Correctness"

Sun, 10/15/2017 - 17:32
SEBASTIAN GORKA: [President Trump] bumped me from the [Values Voters Summit] -- I was supposed to speak with them that day, I spoke to them yesterday. And I felt like opening my speech with Merry Christmas, even though it may be October. This is a man, who the first time I met him in 2015, I knew Donald Trump is the Kryptonite of political correctness. And he is going to bring it back. We are a Judeo-Christian country. God bless him, and his Twitter feed.