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Where Hope Finally Made a Comeback
Updated: 19 hours 16 min ago

VIDEO=> Gleeful Liberal Media Reports on German Crowd Heckling Ivanka Trump

6 hours 20 min ago

On Tuesday White House adviser Ivanka Trump participated in a forum on women in Germany. Far left audience members began to heckle her at one point during the forum.

The liberal mainstream media could not wait to report on the incident in the nightly news.
This was pathetic.

Via FOX and Friends:

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YAF Pulls Support from Coulter Event Due to Berkeley Police “Stand-Down” Order

15 hours 22 min ago

Citing credible evidence of violence,Young America’s Foundation has pulled its support from Ann Coulter’s speech at the University of California-Berkeley campus this Thursday.

YAF released a statement on Tuesday night, via Breitbart:

“When Young America’s Foundation confirmed Ann Coulter would speak at UC-Berkeley as part of YAF’s nationwide campus lecture program on April 27, we assumed UC Berkeley would take all steps necessary to ensure the safety of students attending the educational event,” the group declared in a blog post on Tuesday. “In the meantime we discovered that the University of California Police Department at Berkeley has an official ‘stand-down’ policy for any situation that develops on campus as long as the situation doesn’t involve the imminent loss of life, allowing the leftist thugs who have terrorized Berkeley’s campus to do so without consequence.”

Earlier, the Washington Post reported that Trump supporter, conservative commentator and author of 12 books, despite a genuine concern for violent confrontation, would go ahead with her lecture on campus. Coulter was expected to speak at the famous Sproul Plaza.

The earlier Post story unsuccessfully attempted to frame the narrative as potential battle between far-left and far right forces when, in fact, it has been far-left groups that have used violence and threats of violence against persons exercising their right to free speech, particularly the speech of those like Coulter who support Trump.

It goes without saying that the Young America’s Foundation isn’t afraid of a few red hats.

The irony is that the UC-Berkeley gave birth to free speech protests some fifty years ago, long before many of these violent, anti-free-speech activists and assault-and-battery miscreants were even born.

In the past, previous protests between Trump supporters and Trump detractors, while perhaps vocally passionate, have been relatively calm. When anti-Trump protesters attacked Trump supporters at Berkeley in March, for example, even the left-of-center Christian Science Monitor noted that the violence at the pro-Trump event was “the exception, not the norm.” Indeed, as the dust settled, we learned that the violence was perpetrated against participants in the pro-Trump rally, which preceded the anti-Trump melee. Said one eyewitness about the anti-Trump crowd,

These people are violent.

A February event at UC-Berkeley featuring Milo Yiannopoulos had to be cancelled due to violence from protesters advertising that they were “anti-Facists,” when in fact they were anarchists using highly-organized, commando “Black Bloc” tactics. When the smoke had cleared, these hoodlums had destroyed parts of the Berkeley campus to the tune of $100,000, and had outdone themselves within the City of Berkeley itself, causing nearly a half-million dollars of damage there.

So, kudos to Saint Ann for standing up to these snakes. And say a prayer for her, won’t you, as she contemplates her next move?


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CNN Panelist Refers to POTUS Trump’s Cabinet as ‘A Bunch of Dead White Dudes’ (VIDEO)

15 hours 55 min ago

CNN panelist Phil Mudd reacted to Ivanka Trump defending her father today in Germany by saying she can’t defend Trump when he has ‘a bunch of dead white dudes in his cabinet’.

Wow! So edgy!

Phil Mudd: “She’s gotta come up with a better answer. The answer can’t be he champions women’s rights when he makes fun of a woman’s face, and makes fun of her menstrual cycle, and he’s got a bunch of dead white dudes in the cabinet.”

A bunch of dead white dudes? Interesting how he had to bash white men in order to make his point. Imagine the outrage if a conservative said the same thing about any other race. It’s always okay to bash white people, especially white men these days.

What do people expect Ivanka Trump to do? Of course she’s going to defend her father. As usual, CNN peddles fake news with their white hating panelists and pundits.


VIDEO via the Daily Caller:

Some of the reactions from conservatives….

@DailyCaller Does CNN search for these morons or are they just coming out of the woodwork over there?

— Debra Wells (@DebraAnnGW) April 26, 2017

@DailyCaller This j.a. knows what a dead white dude is every time he looks in a mirror.

— kalli (@karmelaje) April 26, 2017


— Celtic Crab (@crabbydick) April 26, 2017

@DailyCaller Note these leftist racist statements r often made by old white males. Haha Dems=leftist fascists #2018Election #GetLeftistDemsOut!

— William T Smith JDMD (@bsmithmd3631) April 26, 2017

@DailyCaller How does @CNN defend itself to advertisers when they have idiots like Phil Mudd on their shows? Anyone know how Phil doesn’t fall down more?

— Dr. Tabio (@DrTabio29) April 26, 2017

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Senator Cruz Pushes ‘El Chapo Act’ to Pay for Trump Border Wall

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 22:02

New: Senator Ted Cruz has a plan to use seized assets from drug kingpins such as El Chapo, who was recently extradited to the U.S., to fund the border wall as well as border security.

The idea behind the act is that U.S. prosecutors are looking to allocate $14 billion in drug profits and other assets of El Chapo’s. Numerous other drug traffickers and high-level figures in cartels’ assets have also been seized and would be part of the financial haul. The acronym for the act stands for: Ensuring Lawful Collection of Hidden Assets to Provide Order.


Cruz is quoted as having said:

Fourteen billion dollars will go a long way toward building a wall that will keep Americans safe and hinder the illegal flow of drugs, weapons, and individuals across our southern border.

If this works, this will be a huge win for the Trump administration and would help us BUILD THE WALL!

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The Case AGAINST Mass Immigration and the Case FOR Nationalism

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 21:57

We have always done it right in the United States. We have worked, we have learned, we have built ourselves into a superpower.

So our punishment is to house millions of individuals who are in no way, shape, or form, worthy of our kindness – they are simply impoverished.

Many assert a falsehood that mass immigration into the U.S. will aid in the fight to reduce world poverty, and this is a lie – it is simply a mistruth we tell ourselves to feel good.

Every year, on average, the U.S. brings in around 1 million immigrants. We have been doing this since 1990.

The big question we must ask ourselves is: what individuals deserve our kindness? A wonderful video breaks down a lot of the primary numbers that are relevant when we look at this issue.

According to the Numbers USA video above – the World Bank says that the desperately poor in our world make less than $2.00 per day. There are over 3 billion people in this world who make less than $2.00 per day. Africa accounts for 650 million, India accounts for 890 million, China accounts for 480 million, and the rest of Asia accounts for 810 million, and Latin American accounts for 105 million. These numbers are staggering and equally impossible for a single nation like the U.S. to make any impact on.

The funny thing about our 1 million immigrants per year statistic is that we don’t pull our immigrants from the desperately poor populations, we pull them from countries like Mexico, which is the epitome of the “better off” poor. Mexico is horribly poor, but they are also in a position where they can immigrate and adapt to the world around them when they do. Others are not so fortunate.

Almost 5.6 billion people live in impoverished states that are worse off than Mexico, and yet we bring Mexicans into our country. Mexicans are in a better position to fix their country than most, and yet we allow their best and brightest minds to come into our country rather than reform their own.

Our globalist elites – Obama, the Clinton’s, Warren, Schumer, Pelosi, the Bush family, Soros, neocons and liberals – they promote the idea that those 1 million immigrants that we take in are part of an effort to tackle world poverty. It is not. We are taking in people who are hindering our ability to help those in our nation who are poor, who are vulnerable, who are living third world lives within our first world country.

In truth, we are harming these impoverished individuals overall. The 1 million immigrants we take in are of the better educated, the most motivated, the ablest and willing to immigrate, and these are the potential difference makers, the individuals who could improve the lives of those in their countries of origin. The real difference makers in the global humanitarian effort are the people who stick around and help their countrymen.

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Former Obama Official: Climate Data Purposely Manipulated to Influence Public Opinion and Policy

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 21:34

Former Energy Department Undersecretary, Steven Koonin confirmed what we already knew to be true. The Obama administration purposely manipulated ‘climate change’ data to influence public opinion and policy.

Via Daily Caller:

Former Energy Department Undersecretary Steven Koonin told The Wall Street Journal Monday that bureaucrats within former President Barack Obama’s administration spun scientific data to manipulate public opinion.

“What you saw coming out of the press releases about climate data, climate analysis, was, I’d say, misleading, sometimes just wrong,” Koonin said, referring to elements within the Obama administration he said were responsible for manipulating climate data.

He pointed to a National Climate Assessment in 2014 showing hurricane activity has increased from 1980 as an illustration of how federal agencies fudged climate data. Koonin said the NCA’s assessment was technically incorrect.

Koonin is not the only one claiming wrongdoing. House lawmakers with the Committee on Science, Space and Technology, for instance, recently jumpstarted an investigation into NOAA after a whistleblower said agency scientists rushed a landmark global warming study to influence policymakers.

Koonin, who served under Obama from 2009 to 2011, went on to lament the politicization of science suggested that the ethos should be to “tell it like it is. You’re a scientist and it is your responsibility to put the facts on the table.”

The climate change hoax is yet another scandal quickly unraveling since Trump became President. The global warming hoax was quickly debunked after back to back polar vortexes hit the U.S. so the criminals in the government pivoted to ‘climate change’. Climate change is another term for global redistribution of wealth.

Climate change will go down in history as another episode of ‘Lysenkoism’; it is junk science used to control the masses. Just as Stalin’s Trofim Lysenko was proven to be a charlatan, so will Al Gore and everyone involved in the climate change hoax.

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Four Steps That Will Lift Marine Le Pen to Victory in the General Election

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 21:32

With just over a week to go to the second and final round of voting for the next president of France’s Fifth Republic, odds makers and bookies have all but stopped taking bets on an all-but-certain defeat by Marine Le Pen on May 7.

Such confidence, however, may be a bit shortsighted. French presidential elections are held every five years. Successful politicians know that, in order to survive, they must take the long view when committing to a career in the highly volatile and unpredictable field of politics.

With Saturday’s thrashing of France’s political elite, a long view certainly deserves even more serious consideration. As such, here are four steps Le Pen needs to take in order to win the French presidency.

First, and most importantly, Le Pen needs to create additional distance between herself and her father, Jean-Marie le Pen, who founded the National Front in 1972. The elder Le Pen has, in the words of Pat Buchanan, made “radical and foolish statements” regarding foreigners and the Holocaust, statements which both France and the European Union have adjudged as racist and Holocaust-denying. This is a turnoff to the majority of French voters (and the majority of the world), and reason enough for many to refuse a Le Pen vote.

By resigning as National Front party leader recently, the younger Le Pen has provided some distance not only from her father but also from the party’s earlier abrasive and distasteful rhetoric. It remains to be seen, however, whether a less formal relationship with the party, however long it will last, will be enough for a Le Pen win.

Second, while distancing herself from her father’s views, Le Pen should nevertheless take her father’s advice: she should hammer her opponent, Emmanuel Macron, and hard. Billed by popular media as a centrist, the young, attractive and new-to-the-political-scene Macron is in fact the French political and business establishment’s “savior,” one who is satisfied with the statis quo, one who won’t rock the political boat, and one whom the international financial markets adore.

Le Pen should continue to portray Macron as out-of-touch with the day-to-day worries and concerns of the average French worker, family member and pensioner. That is something that she has already done. However, she also needs to solidify in French voters’ minds that Macron is, at the end of the day, uninterested in protecting the French people from attacks by radical Islamacists. Here Le Pen’s most important ally, ironically, is Macron himself. As evidence, following the recent death of a police officer on the Champs Élysé​e​s, Macron announced that Islamacist terror would be “part of our daily lives in the years to come.” That phrase should be in every form of Le Pen advertising and should be blared from every loudspeaker at every Le Pen rally until the second and final presidential election May 7.

Third, and perhaps a more difficult feat, Le Pen should soften her approach to the European Union and towards the euro. This isn’t to suggest, of course, that she reverse course on these controversial topics, which jolt not only financial markets, but also also the nerves of younger, educated city-dwelling voters just getting started with their careers. Le Pen may garner a small but eventually significant percentage of the “urban French millennial” vote by appealing to the electorate. Here Le Pen could, for example, suggest following a Le Pen win an eventual public referendum on France’s relationship to the Brussels behemoth and its choking currency. Always giving the people a choice is a great idea, even if campaign promises may later need to be revised or broken.

Fourth, and despite the irony of saying so, in order to win Le Pen should graciously lose on May 7. Polls and pundits alike envision a spread of perhaps 30 or more points between Macron and Le Pen, but the loss does not need to be permanent. By focusing on the long game—the financial worries of France’s workers and middle class, dissatisfaction with the statis quo, and especially the certain, continuing attacks of Islamacist terrorism—with a steady message and a resolute will Le Pen may successfully set herself up for the next round of France presidential elections in 2024. Populism is not going away, because the globalist elite have neither the desire nor the plans to address the serious concerns of every man and every woman. Le Pen’s success, while perhaps not entirely achievable at the moment, is nevertheless based on an optimistic if not sound footing: on April 23 Le Pen had beaten her and her father’s previous election performances, perhaps portending a brighter future for France, its people and indeed the world.




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Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush Win Bid for the Miami Marlins (VIDEO)

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 20:54

After rumors circulated that former-Yankee and future MLB Hall-of-Famer Derek Jeter and former presidential hopeful Jeb Bush were teaming up to buy the failing Miami Marlins organization, numerous others jumped in to bid – it appears now that Jeter/Bush have prevailed.

The Hill reports:

A group led by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) and retired New York Yankees star Derek Jeter has won the auction to buy the Miami Marlins, according to a new report.

Bloomberg reported Tuesday that the sale contract for the Major League Baseball team has not yet been signed, however, citing a source with knowledge of the deal. The price paid for the team is also still unknown, according to the report.

Bush has lived in Coral Gables, Fla., following his unsuccessful 2016 presidential run. Jeter lives in Tampa, Fla.

New York art dealer Jeff Loria, who has owned the team since 2003, paid $158 million for the Marlins in 2002, Bloomberg reported.

Please clap!

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BREAKING: Judge Who Donated $300K to Obama Blocks Trump’s Order to Block Funding to Lawless Sanctuary Cities

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 20:38

U.S. District Judge William Orrick from San Francisco, which is a hotbed of leftist nonsense, has gone ahead and blocked an overall enforcement of the President’s executive order “barring federal funds” from illegal sanctuary cities.

Federal District Judge William Orrick III, photographed in his courtroom and chambers in San Francisco.
Photo S. Todd Rogers

The Hill reports:

San Francisco and Santa Clara County won preliminary injections to block Trump’s January order to withhold federal funds from “sanctuary cities” that refuse to comply with federal authorities in enforcing immigration laws, according to multiple reports.

According to the judge’s order, the Justice Department can still without grants from places that don’t comply with the law, but cannot enforce the order “in a way that violates the Constitution,” noted Washington Post reporter Matt Zapotosky.

The trend sweeping liberal cities and states that are protecting criminal aliens (because if you are here illegally, you are a criminal) has gone another step too far. We are giving liberties to those who do not in any capacity deserve them. We are jeopardizing our financial well-being as well as the well-being of REAL Americans.

We MUST put our foot down and say enough is enough when it comes to illegals abusing our system.

#BREAKING: A federal judge blocks President #Trump‘s executive order targeting cities that limit cooperation with immigration authorities.

— Fox News (@FoxNews) April 25, 2017

BREAKING: Judge blocks Trump’s sanctuary cities executive order (in about the strangest way possible…)

— Matt Zapotosky (@mattzap) April 25, 2017

Judge William Orrick, III, is an Obama supporter and donor. He raised at least $300,000 for Obama’s presidential campaign and gave $30,800 to committees that support Obama.


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HORROR – Up to 60 People, Mostly Black Teenage Girls Involved in Brawl at Orange Park Mall (VIDEOS)

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 20:19

A brawl broke out Saturday night at the Orange Park Mall in Orange Park, Florida. The brawl featured up to 60 teens, mostly young black girls.

The degenerate crowd of young women allegedly planned this brawl and spurred further violence via a Facebook post.

CBS 47 reports:

Action News Jax spoke to a mother of one of the girls who was arrested. She says her daughter is a victim.

She said her daughter went to the mall with her friends to watch a movie when people started bullying them.

The mother does not want to be identified but says her daughter was pummeled on a couch in the mall. Her 15-year-old daughter was arrested for battery on a law enforcement officer, but the mother insists her daughter is the victim.

“They were walking around the mall bullying my daughter and her friends,” the mother said. “My daughter and friends [were] minding their own business and the adult and the other girls starting picking on them and saying stuff … The adult spit in my daughter’s face.”

Action News Jax did some digging and found a Facebook post at 11:44 a.m. Saturday that said “video shoot @6 it’s a movie.” It was followed by another post with a picture of the brawl at 6:21 p.m. that said “21 likes who wanna see it.”

Action News Jax also found a photo of a group of girls at the mall wearing identical airbrushed T-shirts.

The mother of the arrested teen says her daughter didn’t know the other girls.

“They don’t know them from a can of paint,” the mother said.

This isn’t the first time there has been a fight at the mall. Back in Christmas 2015, 150 people got into a brawl that resulted in eight arrests. 

Despite the trouble, the mother says she will allow her daughter to go back to the mall.

“I will, yes, because she’s not a troublemaker,” the mother said.

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General Flynn’s Attorney Releases Statement Following Chaffetz Press Conference

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 20:10

Earlier today, Rep. Jason Chaffetz and Rep. Elijah Cummings held a press conference attacking General Flynn (Retired) over a speech he made in Russia claiming ‘there is no evidence he complied with the law’.

In other shocking news, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama and others are still walking around freely.

General Flynn’s attorney, Robert Kelner released a statement following these accusations:

“General Flynn briefed the Defense Intelligence Agency, a component agency of DoD, extensively regarding the RT speaking event trip both before and after the trip, and he answered any questions that were posed by DIA concerning the trip during those briefings.”

Below is the video of the press conference earlier where Chaffetz and Cummings who are deflecting from scandals of their own, point the finger at Flynn.


Not good news for Mike Flynn. Jason Chaffetz says he sees “no evidence” that Flynn “complied with the law” for Russia trip or accepting $$$.

— Bradd Jaffy (@BraddJaffy) April 25, 2017

General Flynn is just the ‘fall guy’ for every cockroach in the government scattering right now as the light shines on them. Cummings faces up to 5 years in prison for his illegal collusion with the IRS and attacks on True the Vote and Chaffetz is at the center of the ‘Extortion 17’ Navy SEAL helicopter crash which is heating up right now after a whistleblower came forward.

VIDEO from Freedom Watch explaining Chaffetz’s involvement in ‘Extortion 17’ Navy SEAL helicopter crash.

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‘DREAMER’ Celebrates Decline of Whites After Living in US Illegally For Decades (VIDEO)

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 19:27

Idiot leftist and illegal immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas is seen denouncing whites and celebrating the decline of their existence in a new video.

His condemnation comes at a time when President Donald Trump, with the help of Attorney General Sessions continues to crackdown on illegal immigration. Furthermore, Vargas has admitted to committing a couple of white-collar crimes.

Jose Vargas is known for hating white people. He is known for being a racist. He is known for being a race-baiter. We need more people to call these types of individuals out for racist comments.

Watch the video where he condemns whites and celebrates their decline:

Scum like Vargas needs to be debated, not shut out of the conversation. Checkout the Twitter-storm below – a stupid leftist attempted to call everyone out who was anti-Vargas as being unaware of “social constructs”, but we need not look far beyond this nobody’s profile to understand why they’re kissing the a$$ of an illegal:

@TheSwogBlog Ok, he’s undocumented. You still miss the point of the video I raised and appear to be feigning racism against whites.

— Mike P Williams (@Mike_P_Williams) April 25, 2017

@Mike_P_Williams @TheSwogBlog His point was to be racist and hateful. This isn’t moving us forward.

— Matt (@sanclemente_94) April 25, 2017

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Trump Commerce Secretary: We Expect 3% Annual GDP – Something Obama Never Was Able to Do (VIDEO)

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 18:52

obama reagan

In February 2011 (Fake News) Time Magazine Implied that Obama was like Reagan. This couldn’t have been further from the truth, especially when considering economic growth. Ronald Reagan brought forth an annual real GDP growth of 3.5%. Barack Obama will be lucky to average an annual 1.50% GDP growth rate during his two terms in office.

The rate of real economic growth is the single greatest determinant of both America’s strength as a nation and the well-being of the American people.

From 1790 to 2000, U.S. RGDP growth averaged 3.79%. America needs at least 3.0% economic growth-the nation cannot defend itself and pay its bills without it. However, America’s elites have largely given up on growth, and are now distracting themselves with academic musings about “secular stagnation.”

By February of 2016 it was clear that Obama had given up on economic growth. Obama’s Congressional Budget Office (CBO) forecasted in early 2016 that America will never see 3.0% economic growth again.

As a result of his failed economic policies, Obama currently ranks as the fourth worst presidency on record in GDP growth at 1.457%. Only Herbert Hoover (-5.65%), Andrew Johnson (-0.70%) and Theodore Roosevelt (1.41%) currently have lower average annual GDP growth than Barack Obama. In addition, Obama has the lowest annual GDP growth rate of any President since World War II.

Barack Obama will be the only U.S. president in history who did not deliver a single year of 3.0%+ economic growth.


Obama’s economic policies failed America and resulted in 95 million without work, the debt at an astronomical $20 Trillion and more Americans on Food Stamps than ever before.

During his campaign, President Elect Donald Trump stated that he wanted to move GDP growth above 3.5% to 4%.

On Tuesday Donald Trump Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross spoke with White House press room reporters.

During the question and answer period Secretary Ross told the reporters the Trump administration expects greater than 3% growth this year

Secretary Ross: President Obama is the only president in many, many, many that didn’t have at least one year of 3% growth. And with all the initiatives that we are doing: the regulatory reform, the trade reform, the tax reform, hopefully and unleashing energy there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to at least hit that if not beat it.

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BREAKING: Chaffetz Sides With Democrats: – Accuses General Flynn of Taking Money from Russia Today! (VIDEO)

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 17:30

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (Utah-R) and Rep. Elijah Cummings (Maryland-D) held a press conference and ripped into General Flynn claiming there is no evidence he complied with the law with regards to payments he received from Russia.

General Flynn reportedly took some money from Russia Today international news channel.

Really? What about CRIMINAL Hillary Clinton and all of the payments she received from foreign governments while she was Secretary of State? How about the Uranium Hillary sold to Russia? Crickets!

Chaffetz: “He (Flynn) was supposed to seek permission and receive permission from both the Secretary of State and the Secretary of the Army prior to traveling to Russia to not only accept that payment but to engage in that activity. I see no evidence that he actually did that.”


Not good news for Mike Flynn. Jason Chaffetz says he sees “no evidence” that Flynn “complied with the law” for Russia trip or accepting $$$.

— Bradd Jaffy (@BraddJaffy) April 25, 2017

Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch is going after Chaffetz’s involvement in the cover-up of the ‘Extortion 17’ Navy SEAL helicopter crash. Retired Air Force Captain, Joni Marquez and whistleblower just came forward with her eyewitness account of what happened that tragic night. Chaffetz is in the middle of it. Obviously he is seeking to take the spotlight off of himself…


Chaffetz accused Mike Flynn of crimes, in fact Chaffetz’s cover-up of Extortion 17 amounts to a criminal coverup

— Larry Klayman (@LarryEKlayman) April 25, 2017

TGP also documented Rep. Cummings’ criminal activity where he could face up to five years in prison…

Democrat Leader Elijah Cummings Could Face Up to Five Years in Prison for Illegal Attacks on True the Vote–

Last April House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) released a report implicating Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) in colluding with the IRS and Lois Lerner against the nonpartisan voters rights group “True the Vote.”

Catherine Engelbrecht, the founder of “True the Vote,” testified before Congress in February.
She was targeted by FBI, IRS, ATF, and OSHA after she filed for tax exempt status for her voters rights group.

Chaffetz and Cummings are two men who have yet to answer to the American people about their criminality and cover-ups. Their attacks on General Flynn are merely a deflection from their own scandals. Why aren’t they going after Hillary Clinton or others in the Obama administration with this type of fervor? The American people have absolutely had it with these globalists who are only out for themselves!

Some of the reaction from conservative activists…


Now Elijah Cummings and Jason Chaffetz talking ab prosecuting Middle America’s General Flynn.
Not Hillary, Obama or any of other criminals.

— Bruce Porter, Jr. (@NetworksManager) April 25, 2017

I believe it’s time @RepCummings gets replaced. #Flynn #tuesdaymotivation

— Kambree Kawahine Koa (@KamVTV) April 25, 2017

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Assemblyman Urges NY Gov Cuomo to Cancel Sarsour Commencement Speech: Her Support For Terrorism Disqualifies Her

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 16:48

New York – Sharia law activist Linda Sarsour has ties to Hamas yet she was invited to give a commencement speech at taxpayer funded CUNY. As expected, conservative activists have shown outrage. Surprisingly, a Democrat is now calling for her speech to be canceled.

Democrat Assemblyman, Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) is calling on NY Governor, Andrew Cuomo to prevent Sarsour from giving this commencement speech arguing ‘Sarsour’s support for terrorism disqualifies her’. Amen!

Via Pamela Gellar:



“Sarsour’s support for terrorism disqualifies her.”

Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) expressed outrage that radical Sharia advocate Linda Sarsour has been invited to give a CUNY commencement speech. Sarsour, a self-proclaimed activist who glorified and encouraged terrorist stone throwers as “courageous,” was invited by the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy to address this year’s graduating class. Having already called on Chancellor James Milliken to step in and rescind this invitation, Hikind is now calling upon Governor Andrew Cuomo to prevent this outrage from occurring.

“Governor Cuomo has been a great supporter of Israel and the Israeli people,” said Hikind. “Our Governor has stood firm against the racist BDS movement. He recently visited Israel stating, ‘If you really care, you show up.’ Now I ask the Governor to intervene in this outrageous choice.

“Linda Sarsour’s record of advocating for terrorists speaks for itself. If she had only called Arabs who hurl rocks at moving cars ‘the definition of courage,’ that would have been enough. Stones killed Adva Bitton’s three-year-old daughter Adele and badly injured her other two small children in 2013 in Israel. But there’s so much more! Sarsour publicly called for violence against Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a feminist Muslim author who opposes violence… She recently shared a stage with and praised Rasmea Yousef Odeh, a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine convicted by an Israeli court for her role in the murder of two students, Leon Kanner and Eddie Joffe, in a Jerusalem supermarket bombing.

“The United States and the rest of the free world are locked in conflict with terrorists and rogue nations that employ the cruelest tactics against innocent victims. Those who applaud terrorists must be exposed for what they are. It would be bad enough if a private university were to offer Sarsour a platform, but a City university funded by our tax dollars? Sarsour is not the benevolent voice of peaceful Islam. She does not seek to build bridges. She is a propagandist and an apologist for terrorists. She is not someone CUNY should be inviting to speak to its graduates.”

Linda Sarsour is a snake. She openly calls for Sharia law to be implemented here in the United States. She is an overt supporter of Palestinian terrorists and attacks women who have been abused under Islam, yet somehow became the new face of the feminist movement. She is being given a platform to speak at a taxpayer funded University while conservatives are routinely silenced!

As Pamela Gellar said, “She (Sarsour) should be in jail, not on a podium.”

Fun Fact: Sarsour means cockroach in Arabic. Fitting for this vile creature who just won’t go away, right?

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Dem Lawmaker: President Trump More Dangerous Than a Terrorist

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 14:13

Far left Democrat Rep. Mark DeSaulnier told constituents at at town hall that President Trump is more dangerous than an (Islamic) terrorist.

“I’ve said a few times, the most dangerous person in America isn’t a terrorist, it’s the person who’s president of the United States.”

These same liberal hacks had no problem with Obama blowing up the Middle East and creating the largest refugee crisis since World War II.

The East Bay Times reported:

Then came the final question card of the night, from a young girl, and it was a show-stopper.

“Eden wanted to have her question asked by staff because it’s past her bedtime,” explained a member of DeSaulnier’s staff, who then read the question:
“My name is Eden, and I’m 11 years old. My mom is worried about my future with President Trump. On election night, my mom cried. Kids at my school are worrying about being deported. I’ve read and heard awful things about him. Should I be worried about my future? As a kid, what can I do about it?”

“From the mouths of babes,” DeSaulnier said, apparently affected by the question. And who wouldn’t be? The toxic national discourse is dispiriting enough for adults. To hear that it is trickling down to affect 11-year-olds?

“It’s interesting,” he would say a few days later. “The night before in Richmond, something similar happened. Both instances were a little out of body for me. I sort of responded to the way people were responding to me.”

Back to Eden’s question: “I think you should be concerned,” DeSaulnier said. “This is dangerous stuff. I’ve said a few times, the most dangerous person in America isn’t a terrorist, it’s the person who’s president of the United States. So Eden, you’ve got to read, you have to be thoughtful, and you have to be engaged.”

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Trump’s Personal Attorney Launches Legal Action Against Buzzfeed for Publishing Fake Russian ‘Dossier’

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 13:33

Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen launched legal action against Buzzfeed for publishing a fake Russian “dossier” on rumored Trump contacts with the Russian government.

The sloppy report accused Cohen of traveling to Europe to meet with Russian agents.

Mr. Cohen was in the US at the time of the alleged visit to Prague.
He has never been to Prague.

I have never been to Prague in my life. #fakenews

— Michael Cohen (@MichaelCohen212) January 11, 2017

The Washington Times reported:

Michael D. Cohen, President Trump’s personal attorney, says he has instructed his own attorney to investigate legal action against BuzzFeed, which posted an opposition research “dossier” that accused Mr. Cohen without proof of a conspiracy with Russian agents.

Mr. Cohen told The Washington Times that he also is considering a lawsuit against former British spy Christopher Steele, who wrote the gossipy 35-page dossier that the liberal news website posted on Jan. 10.

Mr. Steele was paid by a Hillary Clinton supporter, via the Democratic Party-linked firm Fusion GPS, to gather dirt on candidate Trump last summer and fall. GPS circulated the Steele memos to reporters and Democrats.

But it was not until BuzzFeed posted the dossier that some people named in it learned that they were accused of wrongdoing.

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Paul Ryan May Get his Wish and Avoid Funding Trump Border Wall This Year

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 12:48

GOP leaders are ready to burn President Trump and remove funding for the Trump border wall in order to woo Democrats in the Senate.

Republicans hold a majority in both the US House of Representatives and US Senate.

And –ALREADY– less than 100 days into his first term in office they are ready to drop funding for the border wall.

Despite President Trump’s request for more than $1 billion to fund the Mexican border wall this year, Paul Ryan is expected to exclude the money in the April spending bill.

Ryan recently told reporters funding for the border wall may be included in next year’s bill.

Now it loos like Paul Ryan may get his way.
According to reporters President Trump may wait until later this year for funding of the border wall thanks to Paul Ryan and Republican lawmakers.
The Wall Street Journal reported:

President Donald Trump is open to waiting until later this year to secure funding for a wall along the border with Mexico, White House officials said Monday night, in a shift that could clear the way for lawmakers to strike a deal to avoid a government shutdown on Saturday.

Mr. Trump and top administration officials previously indicated the president wanted to include money to begin building a wall along the southern border in the bill to keep the government running after its current funding expires at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, which is also the president’s 100th day in office.

The president addressed the issue at a reception with conservative media at the White House on Monday night. The president’s new flexibility over whether the wall is funded in this spending bill or one that will be needed in late September could remove one of the last remaining hurdles facing congressional Democrats and Republicans hammering out the five-month bill they must pass this week to avoid a partial government shutdown.

Without the debate over the border wall, lawmakers may be able to come to an agreement on the spending bill relatively quickly. Both Democrats and Republicans had signaled they were willing to increase money for the military and for broader border security before administration officials last week indicated that Mr. Trump would press for money to begin building the wall.

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Politico Publishes Hit Piece on Conservative News With Special Hostility Reserved for Gateway Pundit

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 05:13

Left-wing Poltico published a hit piece on conservative news outlets on Saturday. Contributors Ben Schreckinger and Hadas Gold took particular offense to The Gateway Pundit. The duo accused TGP of having “ties to Bannon” and of running “National Enquirer-style headlines.”

They also accuse The Gateway Pundit of inaccuracies when they were one of the top websites running the ‘Trump is Putin’s Puppet’ hoax for several months.

Spicer’s innovations have garnered mixed reviews from reporters. “It creates a carnival-like atmosphere in the briefing room,” said one veteran correspondent, who speculated that this plays into the administration’s desire to portray the press as a pack of unruly animals.

“During the Obama administration, we were called on during nearly every press briefing,” said CNN’s Jim Acosta. “During this administration, we have gone four briefings in a row without a question.”

But grumble as they might about the increased attention lavished on conservative outlets like Newsmax, mainstream reporters do not dispute the legitimacy of their presence in the briefing room.

The same cannot be said for the Gateway Pundit, a pro-Trump blog with ties to Bannon known for running National Enquirer-style headlines about Hillary Clinton’s alleged maladies and having to retract an unusual number of its posts after they turn out to be based on internet hoaxes. At the invitation of the Trump administration, the site has stood up its first White House correspondent, Lucian Wintrich, a former advertising agency creative who has no background in journalism and first entered politics by exhibiting erotic photographs of scantily clad men in “Make America Great Again” hats at last summer’s Republican National Convention. The publication is viewed as the administration’s fifth column inside the briefing room, even more so than Breitbart, which has trashed Priebus and helped derail Trump’s health care bill.

Indeed, Gateway Pundit’s primary mission in setting up a White House correspondent is to take on the White House press corps it is joining. “What fucking idiots,” Wintrich said of his new colleagues, recalling one mid-March briefing. “They were totally fixated on Trump’s tweets.”

Any news site accusing Gateway Pundit of running “National Enquirer-style headlines while pushing Putin conspiracies on a daily basis has a lot of nerve.
Enough said.

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BREAKING – Arkansas Completes First Double Execution in One Night Since 1999

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 04:18

Arkansas executed two murderers Monday night. This is the first double execution in one day in Arkansas since 1999. The last state to carry out a double execution was Texas in 2000.

Via Fox News:

Marcel Williams was pronounced dead at 10:33 p.m. Central Time, 17 minutes after the procedure began at the Cummins Unit in southeastern Arkansas. Jack Jones had been put to death more than three hours earlier.

Williams’ execution had been delayed for two hours after a federal judge in Little Rock issued an emergency stay over concerns about how Jones’ execution was carried out. Williams’ attorneys claimed Jones gasped for air, an account the state’s attorney general denied, but the judge lifted her stay about an hour later.

Williams was sent to death row for the 1994 rape and killing of 22-year-old Stacy Errickson, whom he kidnapped from a gas station in central Arkansas.

Authorities said Williams abducted and raped two other women in the days before he was arrested in Errickson’s death. Williams admitted responsibility to the state Parole Board last month.

Jones was sent to death row for the 1995 rape and killing of Mary Phillips. He was also convicted of attempting to kill Phillips’ 11-year-old daughter and was convicted in another rape and killing in Florida.

The last state to put more than one inmate to death on the same day was Texas, which executed two killers in August 2000.

Arkansas’ last double execution occurred in 1999.



Arkansas executes two inmates in one night, first state to do so since 2000

— Fox News (@FoxNews) April 25, 2017

BREAKING: Arkansas completes first US double execution since 2000

— Fox News (@FoxNews) April 25, 2017

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