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Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Updated: 2 hours 8 sec ago

ESPN and the Bursting of the Sports Bubble

2 hours 11 min ago
Too much political propaganda

Politically Correct Americans ‘better wake up’ to Terrorist Threat, Sheriff Warns

2 hours 15 min ago
'This is what happens when you disarm your citizens.'

Wine, Art, and Ferraris: The Bubble in Luxury Goods

2 hours 18 min ago
It's all part of a credit-fueled bubble

Magic Mushrooms are the ‘safest’ Illegal Drug, Survey Finds

2 hours 19 min ago
Survey found only 0.2 percent of those who took magic mushrooms in past year needed emergency medical treatment.

With Threat ‘very high’, France Set to Extend State of Emergency

2 hours 21 min ago
Macron seeking sixth extension of state of emergency, which expires July 15.

Hillary Clinton Says Trump’s Budget Will Harm ‘Millions Of Americans’

2 hours 22 min ago
'It hurts the well-being of children.'

VIDEO: Tommy Robinson Reports From Manchester Terror Site

4 hours 6 min ago
Robinson demolishes the left's narrative about Islam.

Facebook Punished Me For Complaining About a Death Threat

4 hours 55 min ago
Social media giant threatened to terminate my account.

Hannity: ‘Out of Respect for the Family’s Wishes’ I’m No Longer Discussing the Seth Rich Matter ‘At This Time’

5 hours 42 min ago
Hannity alluded to communications with the Rich family as for why he had made that decision.

Security Tightened at Concert and Sports Venues Worldwide After Manchester Attack

5 hours 42 min ago
Governments will leave borders open, expand internal police states instead

Manchester Suicide Bomber Was Trained Abroad, Family Had Reported Him As ‘Dangerous’

5 hours 43 min ago
Killer had traveled to Libya within last 12 months

Morrissey Rips British Politicians after Manchester Attack: ‘Petrified’ to Admit Islamic Extremism Behind Terror

5 hours 52 min ago
“The anger is monumental. For what reason will this ever stop?”

Katy Perry on Manchester Bombing: ‘No Barriers, No Borders, We All Just Need to Co-Exist’

5 hours 54 min ago
"I think that the greatest thing we can do is just unite and love on each other.”

VIDEO: Linda Sarsour mocks student for questioning FGM tweet

5 hours 59 min ago
“I wish I could take their vaginas away - they don't deserve to be women.”

‘People Could Go To Jail’: OAN Reports WH Leakers Identified, Trump Set To Fire Three Staffers

6 hours 14 min ago
According to OAN's Trey Yingst, "one of the sources" he spoke with today told him "this is criminal, people could go to jail."

Open borders activists use Birmingham vigil to push agenda

6 hours 35 min ago
The hard left thrives on divisive identity politics.

Democrats Struggling To Achieve Any Kind of Party Unity

6 hours 37 min ago
Party imploding as it becomes more radicalized

Portland Burrito Spot Shutters Amid Claims of Cultural Appropriation

6 hours 38 min ago
Public outrage at 'theft' of another culture's 'intellectual property'

Drudge Annhiliates Competition in April

17 hours 23 min ago
Independently-owned news aggregator dominates latest news race.

Infowars Nightly News LIVE: Brennan And The Deep State Double Down On Trump

17 hours 30 min ago
Manchester terror attack, Deep State sabotage and more!