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THE FBI DEBACLE IN A NUTSHELL: Political Hack Peter Strzok at the Center of the Hillary Scandal

Mon, 12/04/2017 - 23:24
It's the trifecta of malfeasance, and the conflicted Robert Mueller is aiding and abetting the witchhunt.

— Rich Weinstein (@phillyrich1) December 4, 2017
Actually, it gets worse:

So the same anti-Trump agent (1) signed the opening of the Russia investigation; (2) changed the language on Comey’s Hillary investigation to avoid her criminality; (3) interviewed Flynn? Is this possibly right?!

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) December 4, 2017Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.

ANALYSIS: Are Flynn's network of spooks taking down corruption in the DOJ and FBI?

Mon, 12/04/2017 - 23:06
By @GalacticRedPill

1) Long read forthcoming. Topic: Are Flynn's network of spooks taking down corruption in the DOJ and FBI? Much credit to @Thomaswictor for his brilliant work. This is an analysis of what he proposes - which lines up nicely with what we discovered with our own work.

2) Who is David Cattler and why is that relevant to Flynn's plea?…
Cattler's position on the NSC senior staff was created by Flynn, one of two new deputy assistant positions he created within the NSC.

3) This is important because Cattler was approved and granted TS/SCI clearance along with the other senior NSC staff hand picked by Flynn - this allows him access to see raw SIGINT without violating national security - something denied to many other Trump appointees in Jan/Feb:

4) "The denial of the Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information clearance, the high-level security clearance known as TS/SCI, was widely viewed as a bureaucratic power play by opponents of both Flynn and Townley inside intelligence agencies."

5) "Angelo Codevilla, an intelligence expert, said the denial of clearances was engineered by the CIA and came despite Townley's holding of the high level clearance for many years when he worked at the Defense Intelligence Agency."

6) "The clearance denial drove Townley out of the White House National Security Council staff...The TS/SCI clearance grants a holder access to special intelligence, such as information obtained from foreign recruited agents and electronic communications intelligence."

8) Cattler was hired February 2, 2017 - 11 days before Flynn would resign, less than a week after Flynn's interview with the FBI where he lied, and thirty two days after Flynn's phone call was leaked to the press.

9) Flynn steps down February 13th. February 20th, McMaster is hired and he immediately begins reassigning Flynn's NSC senior staff and eliminating positions Flynn created, including Cattler's:

10)… President Donald Trump’s new national security adviser, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, is taking steps to streamline the National Security Council — starting by eliminating positions created by his short-lived predecessor Michael Flynn...

11) "McMaster did away this week with two deputy assistant spots, one overseeing the NSC’s regional desks and another overseeing transnational issues, according to a senior White House aide."

12) Cattler was not fired, he was reassigned:
"Dave Cattler, who was named deputy assistant to the president for regional affairs, will return to the office of the Director of National Intelligence, where he worked during the Obama administration..."

13) Excluded from this article is the fact that Cattler returned to his former post while retaining his TS/SCI clearances, clearances he did not hold previously.

14) "Cattler and Hansell are generally well-regarded, according to a person familiar with the current NSC.... Cattler was a Flynn pick, the person said. According to his LinkedIn page, Cattler worked under the former NSC boss at the Defense Intelligence Agency..."

15) "...Flynn was forced out of the DIA in 2014.
According to the person familiar with the NSC, some career intelligence professionals regarded Cattler with suspicion because of his connection to Flynn, a vocal critic of the CIA and its tactics."…

16) Those of you paying close attention might already see where this is going... But before we go on, let's stop for some Q type questions about Flynn:

17) What did Flynn do professionally before joining Trump's team?
What specifically did Flynn and the previous administration have a falling out over?
Which IC chief did Trump retain?
Did Trump meet with that IC Chief in an unconventional way?
Why is that important?

18) What was THAT IC Chief's relationship with the previous administration?
What specifically did that IC Chief and the previous administration have a falling out over?
How does that relate to Flynn's falling out with the previous administration?
Who has everyone's secrets?

19) And with those questions in mind let's reexamine the entire Flynn timeline because it's important:

20) December 28, 2016 - 44's administration sanctions Russia for Russian "meddling" and expels over 30 diplomats.

21) December 29, 2016 - Flynn, acting as a member of the transition team, called the Russian Ambassador and asked him not to escalate the situation in response to 44's sanctions.

22) This call was made on an open line, not a secured one. It's safe to assume Flynn, with his 33 year career as a spy, was aware that the call was being monitored and recorded by many different parties, including the USIC and FBI.

23) January 12th, 2017 - David Ignatius, relying on unnamed sources, reports the following and ignites a media firestorm:…

24) January 15th, 2017 - Pence goes on Face the Nation and describes the Flynn Kislyak call as coincidental and not prompted by 44's sanctions the day prior. He bases this on a conversation Pence had with Flynn days before.

25) The firestorm of speculations in the media intensifies, as pundits breathlessly write about just what might have been said in the call between Flynn and Kislyak. Pence is in the spotlight and dragged through the mud as op-eds claim he's covering for Flynn and Trump both.

26) January 20th - 21st, 2017 - 45 sworn into office. Flynn's senior staff begins to get deployed and granted TS/SCI clearances while Trump immediately begins to fire swaths of people at both State and CIA...

27) ... going as far as to give a speech at Langley wherein he joked about building a new CIA "without any columns". Columns in intelligence speak is defined as such: any group of people who undermine a larger group from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation.

28) ...This is an incredibly audacious "joke" for a newly elected president to make while standing in front of the CIA's wall of honor.

29) During the same speech, 45 specifically calls out Flynn. This is significant because he's standing in Langley. Flynn was once head of DIA - DIA and CIA do not get along and it was Flynn's clash with the CIA which lead to him losing his position...

30) ...The subtext here is perhaps more than just Trump standing behind Flynn amidst the fire storm, it's more a "game on" statement:

31) The columns comment comes immediately after 45 "rambles" about "liking honest reporting" @ the 15:09:

32) "We'll get rid of the columns." !!!! The columns in this could possibly mean those in CIA and other USIC agencies who have been leaking classified intel damaging to the administration to the "dishonest" press.

33) January 24th, 2017 - Flynn has his meeting with the FBI. Flynn had the legal right not to answer the question, yet rather than do that he knowingly lies to the FBI about a call which a) he knows to have been legal, and b) he knows the FBI has a complete transcript of already.

34) January 26th, 2017 - Sally Yates (per her congressional testimony in May) informs White House Counsel that Flynn is now vulnerable to Russian blackmail because he lied to the FBI and to Pence about the contents of the call.

35) It's important to note here that Sally Yates did not have TS/SCI clearance and thus could not legally read the contents of Flynn's call unless Flynn's name had been unmasked and shared with her by 44's administration.

36) Also note that Flynn was cleared of any illegalities with regards to the contents of the call itself - meaning, there was nothing illegal or treasonous in the transcripts for which Flynn could be charged. This is why he only got hit with Process Crimes.

37) "We weren’t the only ones that knew all of this, that the Russians also knew about what General Flynn had done and the Russians also knew that General Flynn had misled the vice president and others,” Yates said.…

38) February 2nd, 2017 - In the midst of a media firestorm and leaks causing the Administration headaches and twitter tantrums, Flynn who knows he's on borrowed time, creates a new deputy assistant position in the NSC senior staff and appoints Cattler to fill it.

39) February 8th, 2017 - Flynn denies the story to the Washington Post, saying the topic of sanctions never came up on his call with Kislyak. This sets off another media firestorm.

40) February 9th, 2017 - Flynn then backtracks to the Washington Post, and through a spokesman said the topic "might have come up".…

41) February 13th, 2017 - Flynn resigns, officially for lying to Pence and the FBI.

42) February 20th 2017 - McMaster is hired as National Security Advisor and recycles Flynn's staff. McMaster eliminates the two new deputy positions Flynn created, transfering Cattler back to the office of the DNI, though he is now armed with TS/SCI clearance good for 12 months.

43) Why is this timeline important?

44) Because by January 24th we know Flynn knew three things for certain:

1) His phone call to the Ambassador was not illegal, nor was discussing sanctions.

45) (2) His phone call to the Ambassador was being monitored and recorded. (3) The administration was trying to plug leaks of classified intelligence to the media by members of the USIC:

46) Now, it's entirely possible Flynn knowingly lied to the FBI about something he knew they'd know was a lie (and wasn't legally compelled to answer in the first place) because he didn't trust the FBI to keep his answer confidential.

47) Had he answered yes, and the FBI leaked it, in that environment (which was even more hysterical than it is now) this news would have SUNK Trump's administration in Russian scandal to the point of crippling it less than two weeks after being sworn in.

48) 45 might never recover from Flynn answering honestly about a conversation he knew was in no way illegal or treasonous. With that in mind, Flynn, being a patriot, fell on his sword to protect the administration from undue and unfair scrutiny...

49) Can't rule that out.
But there's another possibility...
It's also possible that a career master spook was doing something else entirely. That's where this gets fun:

50) Cattler's career in the USIC is flawless. His specialty? Counter terrorism. He and Flynn go way back. He's a field spook who specializes in finding terrorists using SIGINT and HUMINT.

51) He's an expert at finding Terrorists who hide in population centers and build networks and cells in secret... Kind of like spies or people leaking classified intel to the media would do...

52) It's possible - if not likely - that Flynn brought on Cattler (and others) to hunt for the leakers inside the USIC feeding the media as well as to root out CIA corruption/influence in both the FBI and DOJ.

53) Remember, National Security Advisor is not confirmed by the Senate, Flynn was an outsider who had just been torched by the outgoing administration at the time he was picked for the job - he was already a target before he took the job.

54) Flynn appointed Cattler at a period of time when he knew he had lied to the FBI and they had the proof.

55) He knew that proof, which was classified TS/SCI intelligence, was being shared illegally with members of the media with the explicit purpose to undercut the incoming administration's ability to dictate its own foreign policy agendas.

56) Flynn created a new position within the NSC senior staff to bring Cattler on, assuring he would get TS/SCI clearances above his existing clearances, which Cattler would then retain for the next 12 months even after his transfer out of the NSC.

57) This would allow the NSA to share raw SIGINT with Cattler even after Flynn's resignation without violating the law.

58) For those of you unaware, the raw SIGINT that would be most useful for someone hunting leakers would be the same SIGINT that would be useful to a terrorist hunter: cell phone records, conversations and all and all electronic communications - encrypted or not.

59) Who holds the keys to that particular kingdom?

60) That's right. The person who holds the keys to that kingdom, the agency that knows everyone's secrets and has them on file, is the only USIC chief 45 retained...

61) Curious, isn't it? Why would Trump retain Rogers? You can start to answer that by remember what Rogers has in common with Flynn.

62) Both were Obama appointees who had serious falling outs with the administration. So much so that 44 warned 45 that both Flynn and Rogers should be viewed with caution. Dig into what specifically Flynn and Roger's clashes with the administration were all about.

63) Immediately following the election, Rogers had an unscheduled meeting with Trump that outraged 44's administration and was painted in the press as Rogers "begging" to keep his job.…

64) Others have speculated (with solid evidence) that Rogers was not there to beg for his job but instead there to warn Trump about leakers and the coup attempt by elements within the USIC.

65) Which one is the truth? Perhaps both? Whatever was discussed, Rogers was retained as head of NSA and in that position he has the keys to the world, as well as everyone's email and phone conversations.

66) Information he could share with men like Cattler once he got his TS/SCI clearance. Information and intelligence that a master mole hunter can deploy to locate and oust leakers.

67) To recap: Flynn brought counter intel spooks into the NSC (more than Cattler), got them TS/SCI clearances which they retained after Flynn's resignation in order to assist the administration in tracking down the leaks coming from within the USIC.

68) And they've been at work since February 13th... Has it worked? Well... let's go back to a story which broke last week and one which broke yesterday:

70) The initial reports attempted to paint Strzok as a middling level agent involved in the investigation. This is a lie. He was running the investigation into Clinton's emails and was heading up the FBI's Russia investigation before Mueller was hired as special prosecutor.

71) Why specifically was Strzok reassigned off the investigation and into human resources (which is about as humiliating of a demotion a senior agent can get in the FBI)?

72) "The people briefed on the case said the transfer followed the discovery of text messages in which Mr. Strzok and a colleague reacted to news events, like presidential debates, in ways that could appear critical of Mr. Trump."…

73) In other words, precisely the kind of raw SIGINT that the NSA collects on every one of us every day. Precisely the kind of SIGINT Flynn's spooks like Cattler were given clearances to see and analyze.

74) But there's more...
When was Strzok reassigned?
"But Mr. Strzok was reassigned this summer from Mr. Mueller’s investigation to the F.B.I.’s human resources department, where he has been stationed since."…

75) Yet, the Strzok news did not leak until after Flynn signed his plea deal. Why is this significant?
Remember back to the speculations revolving around Papadapoulos, he was arrested in July:

76) "The next day, in the motion to seal the filings associated with his arrest, the office of the special counsel argued that “public disclosure of the defendant’s appearance” would “significantly undermine his ability to serve as a proactive cooperator.”…

77) Popodopoulos wasn't formerly incited until October because they did not want to expose to the world that he'd been caught and ruin his ability to gather intelligence for the special investigation.

78) Why didn't the news of Strzok's reassignment leak until after Flynn signed his plea? Could it be because the Strzok texts were given to Mueller by Flynn's leak hunters and announcing that in July would have exposed Flynn's network? A network run by men like Cattler.

78) ABSOLUTELY. And if that's true, now that Flynn has come in from the cold, it could mean that Strzok is just the beginning. We are perhaps about to see the results of the network Flynn deployed before resigning.

79) Which brings us to the story which broke yesterday:…

80) What makes this noteworthy, and related to my above longer post, is that IG investigators don't usually talk about investigations when they're in the middle of them. They discuss them when they're wrapping up.

81) Which might explain the timing of the Strzok revelation (he flipped on others inside the FBI possibly). And it wouldn't surprise me to find out Flynn's network had a lot to do with it.

The results of this investigation could actually be quite major.

82) Here's the announcement of the investigation, almost 11 months ago - while Flynn was still National Security Advisor and filling out his staff / deploying his network:…

83) Just sharing knowledge and building off the work others have done before us. #TheGreatAwakening

84) END

Story summarized by the invaluable @ThreadReaderApp.

Larwyn's Linx: Flynn's Case Proves It's Time to Fire Mueller

Mon, 12/04/2017 - 10:58
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12/2/17 Statement=FBI/DOJ obstruction@DevinNunes, House Intel Committee Chairman

"Unless all our outstanding demands are fully met by close of business on Monday, December 4, 2017, the committee will have the opportunity to move this resolution before the end of the month”

— Freelass (@Freelassie) December 4, 2017

MONICA CROWLEY: Why the Swamp Hates Donald Trump

Mon, 12/04/2017 - 00:32
Remarks given by Monica Crowley at the David Horowitz Freedom Center's 2017 Restoration Weekend

At lunch today, we had the great fortune to hear from Victor Davis Hanson who was talking about those of us who have been repeatedly judged for our support of Donald Trump by the self-righteous, self-described anti-Trump superiors, and it called to mind something that happened to me last July.  I had an exchange with a Hollywood heavyweight and no, it was not Harvey Weinstein.  That would have been an exchange of a different kind, and this Hollywood heavyweight approached me, and I got the whole condescending treatment about Donald Trump.  I got the condescending tap on the arm.  I got the look, like, feeling sorry for me that I was a Trump supporter, and he looked at me and he said, "Monica, you're a sweet girl and you're so smart.  You can't possibly be for Donald Trump," and I realized in that second that I had a decision to make.  Was I going to go through the usual excuses, like, well, you know, I know, but I still...? I decided in that split second to own it, and I leaned into this guy and I said, "Are you kidding me?  I freaking love Donald Trump," and to my great surprise, it completely disarmed him, and he stood back.  He wasn't expecting it.  I said, "Are you kidding me, I freaking love him, and if I had 100 votes, I'd spend all 100 votes on Donald Trump," and he was immediately taken aback, and he said, "Oh, no, no, no.  No, don't get me wrong.  I hate her.  I just don't know if I can vote for him," and it completely wrecked his entire line of argument.  It worked like a charm.

So, for those of us who are experiencing this incredibly dangerous moment in American History, and that is all of us because we are so far beyond normal politics now, that none of us really have a true grasp of what's happening, and all of us in this room have a better grasp than most people as to what's really going on, but I would say, I'd tell that story as an example of the strength we're going to need, all of us in this room, every American going forward.

It actually reminds me a little bit of the Watergate frenzy, and as many of you know, I worked for former President Nixon during the last years of his life, and I've been giving a lot of thought to what President Nixon's advice to the current President might be and how we can all arm ourselves with Nixon's experience, so we don't allow it to happen again, but first I want to start with a question.  Does the swamp always win?  It's a question I've given a lot of thought to because in the past, we've never really had to pose that question, right?  Because yes, of course, the swamp always won, but the way we answer that question now, because it's an open question for the first time in a long time, is going to determine the future of this exceptional nation.  Why has the swamp -- and remember what the swamp is.  The swamp is the ruling class and it's comprised of the elites on all sides of the political spectrum.  Why has it always dominated?  We sort of take it for granted.  Why has it always dominated despite repeated attempts by noble patriots over many years to try to chip away at its monstrous power?

The short answer is that the swamp controls all the levers of power in this country, and they have the capability and the will to destroy anyone and anything that threatens its grip.  The swamp is the perfect embodiment of Lord Acton's warning that power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  There are so many other adages that we can apply to this epic cesspool of money and power and status and influence all contributing to the supreme human and institutional corruption that we see in Washington, D.C.  It's everywhere and it's so daunting.  It is a tsunami that comes and crushes anybody in its path.  It's elected officials on both sides.  It's the establishment on both sides.  Their staffs, the media, federal bureaucracies, special interests, lobbyists, even some in the deep state who are supposed to only be focused on America's external threats, and even some in law and law enforcement who are only supposed to be interested in applying equal justice under the law.  They've all become corrupted, and this ruling class has dined out on this rotten status quo for a hell of a long time until now.

Because finally, finally this country has elected someone not of, by, and for the swamp, someone who owes them nothing and does not fear them:  Donald J. Trump.  I freaking love Donald Trump.  The reason the swamp hates him, of course, is manifold.  He is proven to be a potent crusher of political correctness and polite society, the way things are supposed to be said, i.e. not on Twitter, and a crusher of that elite vanguard also known as the swamp.  He came in and he promised to smash their corrupt existing order, to overturn the money changers' tables.  Right?  To make representative government representative again and to make – to have them earn the consent of the governed, which is what the Founders had in mind when they created this exceptional nation, and in so doing, he promised to restore respect for the Constitution, to restore government back to its proper place, and to restore mighty American economic growth, to, yeah, make America great again.  A simple concept, how refreshing after years of being dominated and ruled by the swamp. 

Of course, most of these things, if not all of them, scare the living hell out of the ruling class.  Having failed to destroy their nemesis during the campaign, they have now redoubled their efforts to kill his presidency.  This is an effort, and I know this from personal experience, this is an effort that is going to be ongoing until the end of his natural presidential term or until they get him.  Make no mistake, and I know everybody in this room understands this very clearly, the ruling class doesn't just want to destroy his presidency or even just remove him from office.  They want him in prison.  Not the local clink, Federal prison, hence the appointment of this independent counsel in this wide-ranging and open‑ended investigation.  They want to void his lawful election and they want to ruin him and his family and his top advisors and his supporters and all of his voters.  Everyone on Team Trump, which is everyone in this room from the President on down, has got to be discredited and yes, destroyed.  Both sides know that this is an existential fight, existential fight. 

It is true that this President is an imperfect warrior, but he is the kind of disrupter that we have been waiting for, the kind of disrupter that we have been longing for, but while disrupters in the private sector are celebrated, right?  Henry Ford, the Wright Brothers, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Uber.  How many of us took an Uber here tonight?  They're celebrated in the private sector but disrupters in governments are condemned and swept away.  Why?  Because in government, there is not profit motive.  The only motive in government is to get re-elected to a mass power and keep it, to sustain and grow its influence, to spread its reach.  Government is supposed to serve the people but instead, it serves only itself and that's why anyone who comes along like Donald Trump promising to restore the country to the vision the Founders intended has got to be crushed.  The swamp will not be threatened.

In fact, it reminds me of Glen Close's character in Fatal Attraction where she says, "I won't be ignored."  That's the swamp and it's just as deadly as Alex Cross in Fatal Attraction.  Their insatiable desire for evermore power and control has warped the rule of law, damaged our institutions, eroded confidence in our democratic and free market systems and ripped the most extraordinary governing document in the history of the world, the U.S. Constitution to shreds.  Finally, we have all reached the boiling point.  We've reached it last year and we've decided to unite against this self-serving duplicitousness of this ruling class. 

You know, for years, the most-significant and dangerous splits in the United States, and frankly across the West, has been between the elites and the rest of us, and the rest of us have been left to navigate the consequences of the decisions of the elites from unrestricted immigration to high taxes, while those elites use their means to levitate themselves above those decisions and those consequences.  Over the years, many people have tried to take a stab at this beast, all noble efforts but they've all failed because they've all eventually been pulled under by the dark, dark seductions of the swamp until last year, when the most unlikely swamp slayer in the universe emerged on the scene and did the unimaginable.

I remember a few weeks after Donald Trump came down the escalator in Trump Tower.  He made that now famous infamous crack about Senator John McCain. Remember?  He said, "Well, I don't think he's a war hero because he was captured, and I like people that weren't captured, okay?"  Holy Hell broke loose.  We all remember this.  A day or two later, I was sitting with the owner of a major political publication, and he was ripping Trump's comments as everybody else was.  He predicted the end of Trump's candidacy like that.  He said, "Well, he had an interesting few weeks, but you know, Monica, it's all over for him.  He's done." And I gave him a long look and I said, "What do you mean?" And he said, "Well, you know, you can't attack the military," and I looked at him and I said, "Ah, but Trump didn't attack the military.  He attacked John McCain," and I said to him, "The one point you are missing here is that the beast hates John McCain more than they hate what Trump just said about him," and I said, "Mark my words.  His poll numbers are going up, not down," and sure enough, they did, and they kept climbing and he kept winning despite making comments and moves that would have disqualified any other Republican candidate, and so, it was, that the man who never did this before pushed through a merciless 18‑month campaign.

First, he beat back 16 professional Republicans, some of whom had over $100 million dollars and then he has to fight a multi-front war on a different level.  Think about it this way.  Donald Trump had to fend off relentless and brutal attacks from the then President of the United States, the White House, Mrs. Clinton, the Clinton campaign, the Clinton machine, the far left, the Democrat establishment, the Republican establishment, Hollywood, the Academy and the media, whew, and yet, despite that unprecedented assault, he won that war too. 

On election night, I was on Fox News and I was surrounded by people who had mocked and dismissed Donald Trump for the previous 18 months, including as recently as earlier that day, and I was on camera at 3:00 in the morning when the race was called for him and I'll never forget, Bret Baier looked at me first because I was the first person 2 days after Donald Trump came down that escalator and told Bill O'Reilly, "Stop laughing, do not underestimate him.  He's going to pull the whole thing off." So, because I made that prediction so early, Bret Baier looked at me first and he said, "Monica, thoughts?" And I didn't look at him.  I looked at America and I said, "This is the most astonishing political event of our lifetimes."  Maybe ever, maybe ever, but what we now know is at that moment, the swamp began its third and most-serious counterattack.  Since January 20, the forces arrayed against Donald Trump include all of those I just mentioned plus the permanent federal bureaucracy, the deep state, the international community, and the so‑called, independent counsel.  Ratcheting up the pressure on this President in ways we have never seen before, deeply dangerous ways that really imperil this great nation.  That is not an overstatement.  The ruling class has weaponized political opposition in truly lethal ways.  Leaking state secrets, check.  Spreading continuous lies, check.  Torpedoing his agenda in Congress, check.  Infecting the popular culture, check.  Poisoning the minds of our youth, check.  Undermining confidence in our common values and institutions, check.  Overt campaigns questioning the President's legitimacy and mental fitness, check.  Open talk about removing the duly-elected President from office, check.  Instigating violence by aligning with and supporting radical violent groups like Antifa, check. And by the way, that's just George Soros and his minions on an average Wednesday. 

This is what this President is up against.  Donald Trump was strong enough to withstand all of these forces coming at him during the campaign.  I hope and pray that he is strong enough to withstand what is coming at him as President because no President, not one, has had to contend with this kind of monolithic, brutal, relentless opposition, and we're all well aware of the dishonest, brutal, relentless attacks on Richard Nixon, Ronald Regan, George W. Bush, what they faced is nothing compared to what Donald Trump is facing, and I know having worked with President Nixon, we're going to get to him in a second. 

This is an unprecedented moment and a very dangerous one.  Even Jimmy Carter has noted the unprecedented nature of what this president is facing, and that brings us to a word of warning for this president, and for all of us.  Since he came down the escalator, Trump has attracted some comparisons to Richard Nixon.  As a lot of you know, I worked for President Nixon during the last years of his life and I've been thinking a lot about this, and it seems to me that the historical analogy is increasingly apt, and I'll tell you why.  Some of the parallels between Nixon and Trump are positive and they're striking. You have the scrappy Republican fighter who outmaneuvers all of his competitors with a really savvy appeal to the forgotten great silent majority.  That was Nixon's phrase, including disaffected Democrats who became Nixon, then Reagan, then Trump Democrats, thereby creating a whole new popular movement.  The political self-made man who bypasses the elites and enrages them by doing that.  The iconoclast with the vision that matched the moment. 

Other comparisons are a little less flattering. The man's sensitive to attacks, real and perceived, burgeoning investigations, the appointment of a special counsel, top aides in the crosshairs, a braying media, impeachment chatter, and we know that Nixon and Trump are different men in different situations in different eras, of course, and any historical analogy only goes so far.  The current Russia investigation is not Watergate.  Watergate had provable crimes.  Well, so far, there's been zero evidence of any crime or any wrongdoing whatsoever on behalf of Donald Trump or anybody around him.  On the Hillary Clinton Democratic National Committee side, however, there seems to be evidence of actual collusion with Russian interests, making Watergate look like a game of patty cake.  Despite no evidence, at least so far, of wrongdoing, Nixon's experience, I think, should still serve as a cautionary tale for his successor.  Nixon's enemies were legion, and so were Trump's, and for largely the same reason. 

I know many of you in this room will remember that when Richard Nixon was running in 1968 he ran on a very Trumpian platform.  He ran promising to realign the existing order, smash the government bureaucracy, and remake it, change the way foreign and domestic policy was conceived and executed.  Four decades later, Donald Trump was promising the same thing, to smash an irretrievably corrupt system.  Because both men posed mortal threats to this entrenched power and influence to the establishment and the media, they're both regarded with sneering disgust and considered unworthy of the job, and unworthy of the respect that goes with that job. If either man were allowed to succeed, that spells the end of the swamp, right?  It spells the end of their power, their influence, and their gravy train.  They had to destroy Nixon, they have to destroy Donald Trump.  The same long knives that were out for Nixon are out for Trump. 

Unlike Nixon, however, Trump has never before held high office, so he's making a few rookie mistakes here and there which I think are playing right into the hands of his enemies. So I think he could benefit from Nixon's hard-earned wisdom if, that's a big if when it comes to the President, if he listens to what history is trying to tell him.  If you've got a White House under siege, you cannot have a dodge-and-weave strategy, especially when there's nothing to hide, because that only encourages more probing and more questions, and still, presidents in trouble can't seem to help it.  It's sort of their natural instinct.  I remember one time President Nixon said to me, "Why did I go through the damn fire if nobody is ever going to learn from my experience?" 

So, assuming that there are no violations here, Trump should calmly restate the truth, let the surrogates fight the fevered fantasies of his enemies, stay clear of the ongoing investigations, try to contain leaks, and focus on the agenda that he was elected to implement.  The lesson of Nixon, though, is, if wrongdoing becomes evident or if it's manufactured, the lessons I think are also clear.  You've got to tell the truth quickly, fire people if necessary, explain the situation and the circumstances, and take meaningful responsibility.  When a president hesitates, even in the face of a scandal that's hyped on media suspicion only, it can create this perception of guilt and that is a feedback loop that never ends well, especially for a Republican president.

Nixon one time said to me, "I knew there was a double standard out there, I just didn't realize that when it came to me there'd be a triple standard."  His point was not to evade personal responsibility, it was that he should have recognized that given the threat he posed to the all-powerful elite class he should have been hyper-vigilant and hyper-ethical leaving no openings anywhere for anybody to use against him.

A couple of years after he resigned, Nixon gave a series of interviews to David Frost, and they became very famous, and at one point he made a very profound admission.  He said, "I brought myself down.  I gave them the sword, and they stuck it in, and they twisted it with relish, and I guess if I had been in their position, I would have done the same thing."  He later added, "I made so many bad judgments.  The worst ones, mistakes of the heart rather than the head, but let me say, the man in that top job has got to have a heart, but his head must always rule his heart."  President Trump can enjoy a successful presidency, and he's had many, many victories in this existential war against the swamp, but he's also got to heed the warnings of a former man in that top job who learned the hard way the brutal ending in store if you give your enemies the sword.

So look, this war against the swamp is bigger than Donald Trump.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime shot at neutralizing the ruling class.  We'll never destroy them, we'll never eliminate them, but neutralizing them long enough to bring America back to its foundational principals of individual liberty, free-market capitalism, and the rule of law.  This is about freeing this great country from the stranglehold of the elites, the swamp, and putting the power back where the founders intended, with us.

But just as Donald Trump must do his part, we've got to do our part as well.  The swamp has won its share of battles over the past year or so, claimed its share of scalps.  We know those stories.  It's hurt this president and his agenda.  It's worn down the enthusiasm and will of many of his supporters, but I'm here to tell you, do not lose heart.  Many of us see our champion in Donald Trump.  He may be imperfect, but in the words of former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, "You go to war with the army and the leader you have."  Donald Trump has made mistakes as all presidents do, but he remains dauntless in the face of this barrage and for that he deserves tremendous gratitude and support.  Donald Trump has discovered you only take flak when you're over the target.  We're over the target.  This is the moment that's going to determine whether we are truly going to have an American reformation.  If the swamp succeeds in destroying this president's agenda, we may never get another chance at this, but if he succeeds, we could have a Morning in America moment that will make Ronald Reagan's legendary era of optimism and reform pale in comparison.

So, I leave you with this rallying cry.  Once more into the breach, guys.  Let's make this disruptor and disruption the exception to the rule, the one that succeeds in government.  Let's roll.  God bless you, thank you so much.  Thank you.


Larwyn's Linx: Mueller goon Peter Strzok caught sending anti-Trump text messages

Sun, 12/03/2017 - 14:30
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QOTD: "Victoria Toensing, the lawyer representing the FBI informant says there is “on-the-record quid pro quo” surrounding the Uranium One scandal with Bill Clinton receiving a $500,000 speaking fee from a Russian backed bank and the Clinton Foundation receiving millions of dollars from people involved on the deal.

Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State at the same time the State Department and government agencies on the Committee on Foreign Investments unanimously approved the partial sale of Canadian mining company Uranium One to the Russian nuclear company Rosatom, ultimately giving Russia 20% of U.S. Uranium.

Nine shareholders in Uranium One just happened to provide more than $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation in the run-up to State Department approval." --Cristina Laila

UK critics of Trump tweets on Islam have it mostly right

Sun, 12/03/2017 - 02:54
Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

It's sad, but also revealing, that Britain's leaders are more concerned with appeasing terrorists than actually addressing the root causes of terrorism.

Hat tip: BadBlue Uncensored News.

Larwyn's Linx: A Few Observations on the Flynn Deal

Sat, 12/02/2017 - 14:21
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The great thing about Dems going all-in on "this is a middle class tax hike" is that people will know it's not true when they have higher paychecks next month.

— Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) December 2, 2017

LEVIN OBLITERATES THE MUELLER FIASCO: We Now Have Proof This is a "Mickey Mouse investigation"

Sat, 12/02/2017 - 01:37
By Chris Pandolfo

Friday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin brought the otherworldly media hysterics over former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s guilty plea back to Earth, as Flynn pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI in its Trump-Russia collusion investigation.

The media are shrieking that this will prove that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government to unjustifiably win the 2016 presidential election. But, as Levin points out, there is still no evidence.

“[Special counsel Robert] Mueller’s investigation is a Mickey Mouse investigation, and he proved it yet again today,” Levin said:

“This so far is a crap investigation, with crap outcomes. [Mueller] was appointed, at least theoretically, to find collusion. Did he find collusion? He was appointed to find collusion related to what ... to the election! This is post-election! And it’s not even collusion!” Levin said.

By Chris Pandolfo

A WARNING FROM MULVANEY: The Power Wielded by the CFPB Should Really "Frighten People"

Sat, 12/02/2017 - 00:56
By William Teach

Nothing like giving unelected bureaucrats massive power that is unchecked by the citizens' duly elected lawmakers:

White House budget chief Mick Mulvaney said Thursday that the authority wielded by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) chief “should frighten people” days after he assumed the role of acting director.

Mulvaney, who also serves as the director of Office of Management and Budget, said on Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” that the structure of the CFPB is “fundamentally flawed” and that his directive as its administrator would be to “limit” the agency’s effect on capitalism.

“The structure of the CFPB is just fundamentally flawed. Authority that I have now as the acting director really should frighten people,” Mulvaney said.

“You can sit down in a room with three or four people, and say, well, let’s go off and do this, and there is no accountability to Congress. I could set the budget pretty much without any input from Congress, in fact, without any input from Congress,” he added.

And the Democrats who designed this intentionally made it so.

Remember, only two Republicans, Collins and Brown, voted for Dodd-Frank in the Senate. No Democrats voted against. In the House, 3 Republicans said yea, only 19 Democrats said no.

So this was pretty much an utterly partisan piece of legislation. Of course, Democrats love the notion of another massive federal government agency which has virtually no controls placed upon it by anyone, especially those stupid citizens. Well, right up to it bones them personally.

It would be funny as hell if Trump and Mulvaney used to power of the CFPB to go full bore after Democrat party supporting companies, wouldn’t it? Teach them a lesson in “things can backfire badly”? From a hypothetical point of view, though.

Read more at The Pirate's Cove.

Larwyn's Linx: Trump condemns 'disgraceful verdict' in Kate Steinle murder case

Fri, 12/01/2017 - 14:03
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FLOTUS Friday. God Bless Us, Everyone: MERRY CHRISTMAS!: MOTUS
Addressing the Menace of Neo-Nazi Furries: Dave Blount

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Jury convinced that illegal alien killed Kate Steinle accidentally. She would still be alive if we had a wall.

— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) December 1, 2017

ROBERT MUELLER: Agent of Willful Ignorance

Fri, 12/01/2017 - 03:08
By Robert Spencer

It has come to light that as director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, who is currently the special counsel looking for any dirt he can find on Donald Trump, presided over the 2012 removal of all counterterror training materials of any mention of Islam and jihad in connection with terrorism. Since then, our law enforcement and intelligence officials have been blundering along in self-imposed darkness about the motivating ideology behind the jihad threat. This, it turns out, was Mueller’s doing.

In February 2012, the Obama Administration purged more than one thousand documents and presentations from counter-terror training material for the FBI and other agencies. This material was discarded at the demand of Muslim groups, which had deemed it inaccurate or offensive to Muslims.

This purge was several years in the making, and I was – inadvertently – the one who touched it off. In August 2010, when I gave a talk on Islam and jihad to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force — one of many such talks I gave to government agencies and military groups in those years. While some had counseled me to keep these talks quiet so as to avoid attracting the ire of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the possibility of that pressure seemed to me to make it all the more important to announce my appearances publicly, so as to show that the U.S. government was not going to take dictation from a group linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Those who had urged silence were proven correct, however, for the Obama administration was indeed disposed to take dictation from CAIR. CAIR sent a series of letters to Mueller and others demanding that I be dropped as a counter-terror trainer; the organization even started a “coalition” echoing this demand, and Jesse Jackson and other Leftist luminaries joined it.

At the FBI, Mueller made no public comment on CAIR’s demand, and so it initially appeared that CAIR’s effort had failed. But I was never again invited to provide counter-terror training for any government agency, after having done so fairly regularly for the previous five years. CAIR’s campaign to keep me from taking part in counter-terror training was, of course, not personal. They targeted me simply because I told the truth, just as they would target anyone else who dared do so.

Although Mueller was publicly silent, now we know that he was not unresponsive. And the Islamic supremacists and their Leftist allies didn’t give up. In the summer and fall of 2011, the online tech journal Wired published several “exposés” by far-Left journalist Spencer Ackerman, who took the FBI to task for training material that spoke forthrightly and truthfully about the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat.

In a typical sally from one of these exposés, Ackerman condemned the training material for intimating that mainstream American Muslims were “likely to be terrorist sympathizers.” Certainly all the mainstream Muslim organizations condemn al-Qaeda and 9/11; however, as we have seen, some of the foremost of those organizations, such as ISNA, MAS, ICNA, the MSA, CAIR, and others, have links of various kinds to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. A mainstream Muslim spokesman in the U.S., Ground Zero Mosque Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, refused to condemn Hamas until it became too politically damaging for him not to do so; another, CAIR’s Nihad Awad, openly declared his support for Hamas in 1994. Other mainstream Muslim spokesmen in the U.S., such as Obama’s ambassador to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Rashad Hussain, and media gadfly Hussein Ibish, have praised and defended Sami al-Arian, the confessed leader of another jihad terror group, Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Do these men and organizations represent a tiny minority of extremists that actually does not express the opinions of the broad mainstream of Muslims in this country? Maybe, but there simply are no counterparts — no individuals of comparable influence or groups of comparable size — that have not expressed sympathy for some Islamic terror group.

Nonetheless, in the face of Ackerman’s reports, the FBI went into full retreat. In September 2011 it announced that it was dropping one of the programs that Ackerman had zeroed in on.

Then on October 19, 2011, Farhana Khera of Muslim Advocates, who had complained for years about supposed Muslim profiling and entrapment, sent a letter to John Brennan, who was then the Assistant to the President on National Security for Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism. The letter was signed not just by Khera, but by the leaders of virtually all the significant Islamic groups in the United States: 57 Muslim, Arab, and South Asian organizations, many with ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, including CAIR, the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim American Society, the Islamic Circle of North America, Islamic Relief USA; and the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

The letter denounced what it characterized as U.S. government agencies’ “use of biased, false and highly offensive training materials about Muslims and Islam.” It criticized “the FBI’s use of biased experts and training materials.” Khera complained that my books could be found in “the FBI’s library at the FBI training academy in Quantico, Virginia”; that a reading list accompanying a powerpoint presentation by the FBI’s Law Enforcement Communications Unit recommended my book The Truth About Muhammad; and that in July 2010 I “presented a two-hour seminar on ‘the belief system of Islamic jihadists’ to the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) in Tidewater, Virginia,” and “presented a similar lecture to the U.S. Attorney’s Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council, which is co-hosted by the FBI’s Norfolk Field Office.”

These were supposed to be terrible things because I was bigoted and hateful. But many of the examples Khera adduced of “bigoted and distorted materials” involved statements that were not actually bigoted and distorted at all, but simply accurate. What was distorted was Khera’s representation of them. For instance, Khera stated,

A 2006 FBI intelligence report stating that individuals who convert to Islam are on the path to becoming “Homegrown Islamic Extremists,” if they exhibit any of the following behavior:

  • “Wearing traditional Muslim attire”
  • “Growing facial hair”
  • “Frequent attendance at a mosque or a prayer group”
  • “Travel to a Muslim country”
  • “Increased activity in a pro-Muslim social group or political cause”

But the FBI intelligence report Khera purported to be describing didn’t actually say that converts to Islam were necessarily “on the path” to becoming “extremists” if they wore traditional Muslim attire, grew facial hair, and frequently attended a mosque; it simply included these behaviors among a list of fourteen indicators to “identify an individual going through the radicalization process.” Others included “travel without obvious source of funds’; “suspicious purchases of bomb making paraphernalia or weapons”; “large transfer of funds, from or to overseas”; and “formation of operational cells.” Khera selectively quoted and misrepresented the list to give the impression that the FBI was saying that devout observance of Islam led inevitably and in every case to “extremism.”

Despite the factual accuracy of the material about which they were complaining, the Muslim groups signing the letter demanded that the task force “purge all federal government training materials of biased materials”; “implement a mandatory re-training program for FBI agents, U.S. Army officers, and all federal, state and local law enforcement who have been subjected to biased training”; and more to ensure that all that law enforcement officials would learn about Islam and jihad would be what the signatories wanted them to learn.

Brennan immediately complied. In a November 3, 2011, letter to Khera, that significantly was written on White House stationery, Brennan promised that the government would “ensure that federal officials and state, local and tribal partners receive accurate, evidence-based information in these crucial areas.”

Numerous books and presentations that gave a perfectly accurate view of Islam and jihad were purged — and the Assistant to the President on National Security for Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism was complying with demands from quarters that could hardly be considered authentically moderate.

But it wasn’t just Brennan. Now we know that it was Mueller all along. Both Brennan and Mueller, of course, are part of the same Washington establishment that has wholeheartedly endorsed the idea that honest analysis of jihadis motives is “Islamophobia.” Find out why this view is so dangerous in my new book Confessions of an Islamophobe. Get your copy here now.


Larwyn's Linx: The CFPB Coup Attempt Is Over, as Court Rules In Favor Of President Trump

Wed, 11/29/2017 - 11:24
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The CFPB Coup Attempt Is Over, as Court Rules In Favor Of President Trump: Matt Vespa
Untangling Ghailani : Andrew C. McCarthy
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Democrats move toward shutdown showdown by refusing to meet with Trump: Times
Chances of shutdown by Democrat youth movement Pelosi and Schumer rising: Scott Wong

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Terry McAuliffe And Tony Rodham Sued Over Green Card Investment ‘Scam’: Chuck Ross
T.A. in Trouble for Showing Video Without Telling Students What to Think of It: Dave Blount

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Processed Food Is Bad For ‘Climate Change’ Or Something: William Teach


Actual WaPo fact check: Pence jobs claim correct, so only 3 Pinocchios for him: Doug Powers
MSNBC Contributor Sam Seder Endorses Polanki’s Sex Crimes in Now Deleted Tweet: Mike Cernovich
Trump spokeswoman celebrates CNN boycotting White House Christmas party: Jacqueline Thomsen

NY Times featured obscure Southern Indiana nazi in 22 articles in the last year: Aaron M. Renn
Dershowitz: Trump Needs to Aggressively Challenge Mueller: Jim Stinson
Keith Olbermann Calls It Quits: Dave Blount


North Korea Fires Unidentified Ballistic Missile: U.S. Officials: OANN
North Korea says new ICBM puts U.S. mainland within range of nuclear weapons: Reuters
Australian Police Arrest Man Accused of Planning NYE Attack: Amelia Hamilton

Israel Threatens to Destroy Iranian Positions Near Its Border: BattleSwarm
Iran promises to send warships to Gulf of Mexico: Yaron Steinbuch
Chinese Strategic Hacking of U.S. Companies: CSP

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Bitcoin Vs. Dot-Com Bubble: You Are Here: Heisenberg Report
Everybody Is Wrong About Net Neutrality: Jon Cassidy
Assault Rifle Versus Machine Gun Versus “The Single Rifle”: Herschel Smith


Trump Pumps Up The Christmas At The White House: William Teach
Those Hides Aren’t Going To Skin Themselves: MOTUS
Tax Shelter: A.F. Branco

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Whoa. Benghazi attack mastermind acquitted on 14 of 18 charges. It's almost as if trying foreign terrorist enemy combatants in US civilian courts isn't a great model for justice in war!

— Guy Benson (@guypbenson) November 28, 2017

I Was Fired For Mentioning Democrat Hypocrisy on Sexual Assault

Wed, 11/29/2017 - 00:14
By Larry Elder

It was bizarre watching KABC talk radio in Los Angeles – my hypocritical ex-employer – hold a televised press conference. It turns out that one of the station’s news anchors, Leeann Tweeden, claims Sen. Al Franken groped her. In 2006, Tweeden said, before Franken became a senator, he and she participated in a USO tour to entertain the troops in the Middle East.

But, claims Tweeden: “(Franken) repeated that actors really need to rehearse everything and that we must practice the kiss. I said ‘OK’ so he would stop badgering me. We did the line leading up to the kiss and then he came at me, put his hand on the back of my head, mashed his lips against mine and aggressively stuck his tongue in my mouth.

“I immediately pushed him away with both of my hands against his chest and told him if he ever did that to me again I wouldn’t be so nice about it the next time.

“I walked away. All I could think about was getting to a bathroom as fast as possible to rinse the taste of him out of my mouth.

“I felt disgusted and violated.”

Why was the KABC press conference about Franken’s misconduct bizarre?

Only a few years earlier, the same KABC radio executive who arranged the Tweeden press conference fired me for calling out the blatant left-wing hypocrisy over allegations not just of groping but of rape. I dared insist that the allegations made against President Bill Clinton by Juanita Broaddrick – who claims that she was raped by Bill Clinton and that then, two weeks after the rape, Hillary Clinton verbally intimidated the alleged rape survivor – should have been taken seriously. “No one cares about this issue,” said the very same KABC exec now allegedly incensed over the groping allegation against Franken. As for Broaddrick, the executive screamed, she is “old news,” as were, he insisted, Bill and Hillary’s treatment of multiple accusers. He burst into my radio studio, with the show in progress, and literally yelled at me for pounding an “irrelevant” topic. Shortly before I got fired, the executive sent this letter to my agent:

“I point out that from 3:15 p.m. to almost 4 o’clock, Larry is AGAIN talking about Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broderrick (sic), Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones and somehow linking Hillary Clinton and James Carville to Bill Clinton being a rapist and sexual harasser. This line of discussion is repeated and repeated, day after day. It is neither timely or relevant to today – though I assume Larry thinks it is in some way. It is my opinion that the sheer volume of instances – sometimes multiple times a day – where he brings this old, arcane topic up is very detrimental to the ratings. While there are literally scores of current, important and compelling stories, Larry is talking, again, about an issue from over 20 years ago. For the better part of an hour. Please let me know if you have some idea of how to get it to cease, short of embargoing mentions of the names above. … It was my understanding that Larry was going to stop by and see me. He has not.”

It isn’t enough to criticize Bill and Hillary Clinton – so-called advocates for women – for their hypocrisy. What about ABC News’ “chief anchor,” George Stephanopoulos, who helped set up the “war room” to respond to allegations made by women against Clinton? Stephanopoulos, then a top aide to presidential candidate Bill Clinton, even said, “Bill Clinton has no character problem.” How does a partisan like Stephanopoulos, who consistently defended Clinton’s behavior and blamed the “Republican attack machine,” become the “chief news anchor” of anything, let alone of ABC News? If, at last, much of the country is reassessing their opinion of Bill and Hillary Clinton, what about enablers like Stephanopoulos?

What about media executives, like the one I once worked for, who downplayed the hypocrisy and, in his case, actively attempted to squash any discussion of it? What about these media enablers? Comedian Chelsea Handler recently tweeted: “Imagine being molested by an older man. Then that man denies ever doing it and then goes on and gets elected to United States Senate. What kind of message does that send to young girls everywhere? And men to all the men who abuse women?”

Juanita Broaddrick tweeted back: “I can imagine. I was raped by the Arkansas AG who then becomes Governor & President and NBC held my interview explaining the rape until after his impeachment hearing. But I’m sure you don’t want to go there.” Handler apologized: “You are right and I apologize to you for not knowing your story. Democrats along with Republicans and the rest of the world’s political parties all need to do better and respect the firsthand accounts of victims. I believe you.”

Why did Handler not know her story? Blame media decision-makers who ignored or downplayed this issue – and even threatened the careers of those who dared call out the hypocrisy.


Larwyn's Linx: Everything you need to know about the battle for control of the CFPB

Tue, 11/28/2017 - 10:25
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QOTD: "The top lawyer for the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has concluded that President Donald Trump has the authority to name its acting director, three sources familiar with the matter said on Sunday, rejecting an effort by her former boss at the agency to name his immediate successor... The office of CFPB General Counsel Mary McLeod has prepared a memo concurring with the opinion of the U.S. Justice Department that Trump has the power to appoint his budget chief, Mick Mulvaney, as temporary leader of the federal watchdog agency..." --Reuters

FAUXCAHONTAS: The Tall Tale Of Sen. Warren's Native American Ancestry Explained

Tue, 11/28/2017 - 00:56
By MagaMan

A reminder for everyone covering the President’s joke about Senator Elizabeth Warren:

  1. Elizabeth Warren lied about her ancestry for years.
  2. She has never told the whole story as to why she listed herself as a Native American for nine years (perhaps because she used it to get ahead at law schools that were desperate for minority professor representation at the time.)
  3. In 2012, she was forced to backtrack on multiple explanations for why she did it, and to this day still hasn’t provided a clear answer as to what exactly happened.
  4. She has never provided any documentation proving she is a Native American (and most independent analysis also says there is no proof).

Here is the real story behind Warren's lies misstatements:

In 2012, Warren Admitted She Indicated Her Supposed Native American Heritage To Both Harvard And Penn Law Schools After Saying She Had No Recollection Of Doing That

May 31, 2012, Warren Admitted That She Told Harvard University And The University Of Pennsylvania About Her Native American Heritage. “Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren acknowledged for the first time late Wednesday night that she told Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania that she was Native American, but she continued to insist that race played no role in her recruitment.” (Mary Carmichael and Stephanie Ebbert, “Warren Says She Told Schools Of Heritage,” The Boston Globe, 5/31/12)

Warren Said “At Some Point After” She Was Hired By Harvard And Penn, She “Provided That Information.” “‘At some point after I was hired by them, I . . . provided that information to the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard,’ she said in a statement issued by her campaign. ‘My Native American heritage is part of who I am, I’m proud of it and I have been open about it.’” (Mary Carmichael and Stephanie Ebbert, “Warren Says She Told Schools Of Heritage,” The Boston Globe, 5/31/12)

But, Warren Repeatedly Said Previously She Didn’t Know How Harvard Came To List Her As A Native American

On May 9, 2012, Warren Said She Didn’t Know How Harvard Came To List Her As A Native American. “Elizabeth Warren said she doesn’t know how Harvard came to list her as Native American. ‘I don’t know more than that,’ Warren told reporters at a Brighton event hosted by Boston City Councilor John Connolly.” (Fred Thys, “Warren Doesn’t Know How Harvard Came To List Her As Native American,” WBUR, 5/9/12)

On April 27, 2012, Warren Said She Had No Recollection Of Discussing Her Native American Heritage With Harvard Before She Was Hired, And Her Background Came Out Through Later Conversations. “Warren’s campaign said she has no recollection of discussing her Native American heritage with Harvard Law School faculty before her hire, and that her background came out later through conversations.” (Hillary Chabot, “Harvard Trips On Roots Of Warren’s Family Tree,” The Boston Herald, 4/27/12)

Warren Said She Did Not “Recall” Ever Using Her Native American Heritage When Applying For A Job. “She added she does not ‘recall’ ever using her Native American heritage when applying for a job. ‘I believe that I was recruited at Harvard because I’m a good teacher and recruited for my other jobs because I do good work,’ she added.” (Hillary Chabot, “Warren: I Didn’t Know Harvard Law Promoted My Native American Lineage,” The Boston Herald, 4/27/12)

Warren Listed Herself As A Minority Professor In A Law School Directory For Nine Years

Warren Listed Herself As A Minority Professor In Faculty Directories From 1986 Until 1995. “Despite claiming she never used her Native American heritage when applying for a job, Elizabeth Warren’s campaign admitted last night the Democrat listed her minority status in professional directories for years when she taught at the University of Texas and the University of Pennsylvania. From 1986 to 1995, Warren’s name is included in the Association of American Law Schools’ annual directory of minority law teachers, according to records obtained by the Herald.” (Chris Cassidy, “Liz Listed Self As Minority In Professional Directories,” The Boston Herald, 4/30/12)

Warren Was Listed As A Minority In The Directories While She Was A Professor At The University Of Texas And University Of Pennsylvania, But Ceased Listing Herself As A Minority When She Began Teaching At Harvard. “The Association of American Law Schools desk book, a directory of law professors from participating schools, includes Warren among the minority law professors listed, beginning in 1986 and continuing through 1995. The years include time she spent teaching at the University of Texas and the University of Pennsylvania, before she joined the faculty at Harvard Law.” (Stephanie Ebbert, “Directories Identified Warren As Minority,” The Boston Globe, 4/30/12)

Warren Initially Said She Listed Herself In The Directories To Meet “People Who Are Like I Am”

Warren Initially Said She Listed Herself As A Minority In The AALS Directory In The Hopes She Would Be Invited To A Luncheon So She Could Meet “People Who Are Like I Am,” And Stopped Listing Herself When That Never Happened “Fending off questions about whether she used her Native American heritage to advance her career, Elizabeth Warren said yesterday she enrolled as a minority in law school directories for nearly a decade because she hoped to meet others with tribal roots. ‘I listed myself in the directory in the hopes that it might mean that I would be invited to a luncheon, a group, something that might happen with people who are like I am,’ Warren said. ‘Nothing like that ever happened, that was clearly not the use for it, and so I stopped checking it off.’” (Hillary Chabot and Chris Cassidy, “Liz: I Just Wanted To Find Others Like Me,” The Boston Herald, 5/3/12)

According To Politico, A 1997 Fordham Law Review Piece Cited Harvard Law School Spokesperson Mike Chmura As Saying, “Harvard Law School Hired Its First Woman Of Color, Elizabeth Warren, In 1995.” “‘There are few women of color who hold important positions in the academy, Fortune 500 companies, or other prominent fields or industries,’ the [Fordham Law Review] piece says. ‘This is not inconsequential. Diversifying these arenas, in part by adding qualified women of color to their ranks, remains important for many reasons. For one, there are scant women of color as role models. In my three years at Stanford Law School, there were no professors who were women of color. Harvard Law School hired its first woman of color, Elizabeth Warren, in 1995.’ (Maggie Haberman, “Fordham Piece Called Warren Harvard Law’s ‘First Woman Of Color,’” Politico, 05/15/12)

Warren Was Not Listed As A Minority On Several Documents From Earlier In Her Career

A University Of Texas Personnel Document Listed Warren As “White.” “In addition, a newly unearthed University of Texas personnel document shows that Warren listed herself as white when she taught at the law school there on and off from 1981 to 1991.” (Noah Bierman, “Records Conflict On Warren Ethnicity,” The Boston Globe, 5/11/12)

Warren Did Not Apply To Rutgers Law School In 1973 As A Minority Student. “A section of Warren s 1973 application to Rutgers, where she went to law school was more direct. That document specifically asks: Are you interested in applying for admission under the Program for Minority Group Students? Warren answered no.” (Noah Bierman, “Records Conflict On Warren Ethnicity,” The Boston Globe, 5/11/12)

Warren Was Not Listed As A Minority On A Portion Of Her Transcript Obtained From George Washington University, Where She Began Her Undergrad Education. “A portion of her transcript from George Washington University, where she began her undergraduate education on a debate scholarship, did not include a minority status, nor did an application to the University of Houston, which she attended after a transfer, according to records obtained by the Globe.” (Noah Bierman, “Records Conflict On Warren Ethnicity,” The Boston Globe, 5/11/12)

Warren Said She Claimed Native American Status Based On “Family Lore”

Warren’s Campaign Said Tales Of Her Cherokee And Delaware Ancestry Have Been Passed Down Through “Family Lore.” “Ms. Warren, who grew up in Oklahoma, has said that her maternal ancestors were members of the Cherokee and Delaware tribes, an assertion that she said was based on ‘family lore.’” (Katharine Q. Seelye and Abby Goodnough, “Candidate For Senate Defends Past Hiring,” The New York Times, 5/1/12)

Warren Claimed That Being Native American Has Been Part Of Her Story “Since The Day I Was Born.” “‘Being Native American has been part of my story I guess since the day I was born,’ said Warren, who never mentioned her Native American heritage on the campaign trail even as she detailed much of her personal history to voters in speeches, statements and a video. ‘These are my family stories, I have lived in a family that has talked about Native American and talked about tribes since I was a little girl.’” (Hillary Chabot, “Warren: I Used Minority Listing To Make Friends,” The Boston Herald, 5/2/12)

In Warren’s 2014 Memoir, “A Fighting Chance” She Said “Everyone On Our Mother’s Side…Talked Openly About Their Native American Ancestry.” “Everyone on our mother’s side — aunts, uncles, and grandparents — talked openly about their Native American ancestry,” Warren wrote in her 2014 memoir “A Fighting Chance.” “My brothers and I grew up on stories about our grandfather building one-room schoolhouses and about our grandparents’ courtship and their early lives together in Indian Territory.” (Adam Howard, “What’s Behind Trump’s ‘Pocahontas’ Attack On Sen. Elizabeth Warren?” MSNBC, 05/16/16)

However, Warren’s Cousins, Some Who “Do Not Know Warren, Say They Know Nothing Of Native American Blood In The Family.” “But other cousins, some of whom also do not know Warren, say they know nothing of Native American blood in the family.” (Sally Jacobs, “Warren’s Extended Family Split About Heritage,” The Boston Globe, 09/16/12)

Two Of Warren’s Cousins On Her Mother’s Side Had “No Knowledge Of The Family Having Native American Blood” And “Never Knew” Some Believed Their Family Members Had “Indian Roots.” “Hicks’s father, Clyde Crawford, a first cousin to Warren’s mother, said he had no knowledge of the family having Native American blood, according to Hicks. So, too, Vivian Renfrow, 99, a first cousin to Warren’s mother living in Tulsa, said she never knew that her aunts Hannie and Laura married men who some believed to have Indian roots. She remembers being fearful of Indians in the years just after statehood, ‘who would stop by on their horses at night and Daddy would call Mama to get the gun in case they did something, but they never did.’” (Sally Jacobs, “Warren’s Extended Family Split About Heritage,” The Boston Globe, 09/16/12)

Warren Failed To Produce Any Evidence Proving She Had Native American Ancestors

The Boston Herald Initially Reported That The New England Historic Genealogic Society’s (NEHGS) Christopher Child Found That Warren’s “Great-Great-Great Grandmother” Is Listed As Cherokee, Making Warren 1/32 Cherokee. “Desperately scrambling to validate Democrat Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage amid questions about whether she used her minority status to further her career, the Harvard Law professor’s campaign last night finally came up with what they claim is a Cherokee connection – her great-great-great grandmother. ‘She would be 1/32nd of Elizabeth Warren’s total ancestry,’ noted genealogist Christopher Child, referring to the candidate’s great-great-great grandmother, O.C. Sara Smith, who is listed on an Oklahoma marriage certificate as Cherokee. Smith is an ancestor on Warren’s mother’s side, Child said.” (Hillary Chabot, “Lizzy’s Great, Great, Great Escape; Cherokee Tie Found 5 Generations Ago,” The Boston Herald, 05/01/12)

The Atlantic Reported That “It Turned Out, [The Genealogical Society] Was Referencing A Quote By An Amateur Genealogist” In A “Family History Research Newsletter About An Application For A Marriage Certificate.” “But that story fell apart once people looked at it more closely. The Society, it turned out, was referencing a quote by an amateur genealogist in the March 2006 Buracker & Boraker Family History Research Newsletters about an application for a marriage certificate.” (Garance Franke-Ruta, “Is Elizabeth Warren Native American Or What?” The Atlantic, 05/20/12)

New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) Then Corrected The Record Saying, “We Have No Proof That Elizabeth Warren’s Great Great Great Grandmother O.C. Sara Smith Either Is Or Is Not Of Cherokee Descent.” “The New England Historical Genealogical Society, which originally announced they found evidence of Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage, said today they have discovered no documentation to back up claims that she is 1/32 Cherokee. ‘NEHGS has not expressed a position on whether Mrs. Warren has Native American ancestry, nor do we possess any primary sources to prove that she is,’ said Tom Champoux, spokesman for the NEHGS. ‘We have no proof that Elizabeth Warren’s great great great grandmother O.C. Sarah Smith either is or is not of Cherokee descent.’” (Hillary Chabot, “Genealogical Society: No Proof Of Warren’s Cherokee Heritage Found,” The Boston Herald, 05/15/12)

The Washington Post’s Sean Sullivan Notes, Warren Has “Never Substantiated Her Claim With Documentation.” “Warren claims she has Native American ancestry. She’s never substantiated her claim with documentation, saying she learned of her background from her family.” (Sean Sullivan, “Donald Trump Just Called Elizabeth Warren ‘The Indian.’ Here’s What That’s All About,” The Washington Post, 03/21/16)

Read more at BadBlue Uncensored News.

BERNIE SANDERS COULD NOT BE REACHED FOR COMMENT: Defector Reveals How North Koreans Survived The Great Famine

Tue, 11/28/2017 - 00:14
By Ryan Pickrell

North Korea has long been a nightmare, but the Arduous March, a famine that killed more than one million people in the late 1990s, was an unbelievable tragedy.

To escape the horrors of the North Korean regime, a soldier surnamed Oh made a desperate dash into the South at the border last week. Doctors treating him for gunshot wounds discovered the man had Hepatitis B, tuberculosis, and a gut full of parasites. The health of the young soldier highlights the horrors of life in North Korea, but while things are bad now, there was a time when life was far worse for the people of North Korea.

Lee Wi-ryeok, another North Korean defector, grew up in the 90s and lived in a North Korean orphanage until he was a teenager, UPI reports, citing Daily NK. He explained that it wasn’t until he defected to South Korea that he learned how good life can be. “After I came to South Korea, I was amazed to learn tuberculosis is a disease that can be treated,” he told reporters. “The most serious illness you can get is probably tuberculosis. If you get tuberculosis, there is no answer. You just die if you get sick at the orphanage.”

He introduced that during the famine, orphanages were particularly horrible places to live. The children ate whatever they could find, which sometimes meant eating food from the waste of animals. “If a cow excreted kernels of corn in the form of diarrhea, we would rinse them out and eat those,” Lee said, adding that the children also ate lice.

“When you bit into the lice, they would burst with blood,” he revealed, explaining the children thought it would be a waste not to eat the lice that would sometimes crawl in their hair. The children also stole food, but doing so was extremely risky and dangerous, Lee said. He told reporters that many orphaned children died of disease, malnutrition, and starvation.

If the children found themselves ridden with mites, the authorities would force them to stand beside a large bonfire. He said the children often suffered severe burns, but if they ran from the fire, they would be beaten with a stick. Other orphaned children have described similar lives in the North Korean state, and many past health issues and diseases continue to cause trouble today.

Many of the problems that plagued the most recent high-profile North Korean defector affected North Korean soldiers over 20 years ago. When a North Korean submarine ran aground in South Korea in the mid-1990s, half of the crew committed suicide. Most of the others were killed by the South Korean military. During the autopsy, South Korean medical personnel discovered parasites and roundworms throughout the digestive tracts of the North Korean troops.

During the famine, almost everyone in the hermit kingdom faced significant hardships. One defector personally interviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation previously revealed that her family was forced to eat grass. When her grandmother fell ill after eating grass tainted by toxins, the elderly woman expressed only one wish — to eat a baked potato. The family, which was brutalized by the regime, was not able to fulfill this last request before she passed away.

While North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has taken steps to promote economic development, something his father failed to do, many in the reclusive state continue to live abysmal lives.

Read more at Daily Caller.

Larwyn's Linx: DC Dems Deploy Countermeasures – Pelosi: “John Conyers is an icon in our country”

Mon, 11/27/2017 - 11:24
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Like when they gutted the Senate's treaty powers to facilitate you and your boss' funding of the terrorist regime in Iran?

Like that?

— Sebastian Gorka DrG (@SebGorka) November 26, 2017

CONFIRMED: Russian "Dossier" Just Another Clinton Dirty Trick Designed to Influence 2016 Election

Mon, 11/27/2017 - 01:55
By Matthew Vadum

Unsealed bank records appear to reinforce the claim that Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign bought and paid for the sensational “piss-gate” dossier that used anonymous sources to smear President Trump by falsely linking him to Russia.

The dossier is the salacious, 35-page report commissioned by Democrat-aligned opposition research firm Fusion GPS. The statements in the partisan hit job were compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele and published by BuzzFeed. One claim was that Donald Trump hired prostitutes to urinate on a bed.

The dossier was just one of many particularly outrageous dirty tricks Clinton’s campaign to undercut her opponent’s campaign during the 2016 election cycle. Clinton also personally authorized the illicit efforts of socialist felon Bob Creamer and organizer Scott Foval who fomented violence at Trump campaign rallies, as James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas group revealed in undercover videos.

President Trump and his defenders have repeatedly suggested Democrats, Russia, or the FBI – or all three – may have helped fund the infamous document dump.

What’s new here are bank records from two Democrat-aligned law firms listing 112 transactions involving Fusion GPS. Clinton campaign and DNC lawyer Marc Elias reportedly hired Fusion GPS in April 2016 to conduct opposition research against Trump.

The documents were made public after Washington, D.C.-based federal Judge Richard Leon, who is presiding over a lawsuit related to Fusion’s records, ordered them unsealed. Fusion fought the unsealing request.

As the Daily Caller reports:

Perkins Coie, the law firm that represented the Clinton campaign and DNC, paid Fusion a total of $1,024,408 between May 24, 2016 and Dec. 28, 2016, the records show.

The largest payment was made just before the election. Perkins Coie made a $365,275 payment to Fusion GPS on Oct. 28, 2016, according to the records...

The records show that Fusion was also paid $523,651 by the law firm BakerHostetler between March 7, 2016 and Oct. 31, 2016.

Fusion worked for BakerHostetler to investigate Bill Browder, a London-based banker who helped push through the Magnitsky Act, a sanctions law vehemently opposed by the Kremlin.

BakerHostetler also acted for Prevezon Holdings and its owner, Russian businessman Denis Katsyv, who tried to blunt the effect of the sanctions.

Former Wall Street Journal reporter and Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson worked on the Browder project alongside Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya, who famously attended a meeting at Trump Tower in Manhattan with top Trump campaign staffers on June 9, 2016. Veselnitskaya brought Simpson’s research with her to the meeting and shared it with Russia’s prosecutor general, Yuri Chaika, according to the Daily Caller.

Testifying before the House Intelligence Committee this week, Simpson said he was unaware that Veselnitskaya gave information about Browder information to Chaika or to Donald Trump Jr., the campaign’s lead person at the storied meeting. Simpson also testified that he only learned Veselnitskaya had attended the meeting when media outlets reported it.

The House Intelligence Committee is now seeking records it says are “related to Fusion’s payments to journalists who have reported on Russia issues relevant to its investigation.” The reporters’ names were not provided.

Lawyers for the committee said they want the paperwork covering nine payments to “three individual journalists … each of whom have reported on and/or been quoted in articles regarding topics related to the Committee’s investigation, some of which were published as recently as October 2017.”

Meanwhile, the mainstream media continues to promote the discredited Trump-Russia dossier in order to kneecap President Trump’s ambitious reform agenda.

Like the disgraced Dan Rather continuing to insist his fake Texas National Guard documents discrediting George W. Bush were real, scribes like Newsweek’s Jason Le Miere are still pushing the dossier and lying about it.

Le Miere lazily asserts:

The dossier, which alleged that Russia sought to interfere in the 2016 election and had extensive contacts with Trump campaign officials, has been taken seriously by the FBI and special counsel Robert Mueller. While much [sic] of its claims remain unverified, including an allegation that Trump had Russian prostitutes urinate on a Moscow hotel room bed once slept on by Barack and Michelle Obama, its central thesis has been corroborated.

But has “its central thesis” been corroborated? Its central thesis was not that Russia sought to interfere in the 2016 election. Everybody already knows that. Russia is always up to no good, as intelligence experts have been saying ad nauseam, and its illicit program to promote its interests doesn’t go dormant during U.S. election cycles.

The central thesis of the dossier is, as BuzzFeed reported at the time, that Donald Trump has “deep ties to Russia.” More specifically, the media outlet focused on the “explosive” but “unverified” assertion that “the Russian government has been ‘cultivating, supporting and assisting’” him for years, gaining “compromising information about him” in the process.

In other words, the dossier states, or at least implies, the Russians have blackmail-worthy material on Trump and that he is a puppet of Russian President Vladimir Putin, forced to do Putin’s bidding or face the release of whatever kompromat the Russians have on him.

The dossier, which BuzzFeed admitted is littered with errors, claims the Russians and the Trump campaign worked closely together, yet provides only unsourced evidence and rumors. The dossier is dominated by statements identified as coming from unnamed sources in and around the Trump team, the Kremlin, and the business community. Seemingly undermining a key contention raised in the case made against Trump, a dossier document claims Russians tried, but failed, to bribe the man who later became the 45th U.S. president.

Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel told Fox News Channel's Tucker Carlson earlier this month that, "we do a disservice when we even refer to it as a 'dossier. That gives it too much mystique. This is an oppo research document but of lower quality than even oppo research documents."

But here's where they have been particularly clever: They didn't give it to the press, they sent it to the FBI and then they briefed the press, and then the press was able to claim that this was intelligence that the FBI possessed, which gave it some air of credibility.

To call this stratagem merely “clever,” is the grossest of understatements.

From a tactical perspective, it is truly brilliant.

But even truly brilliant tactics tend to fail when they are based on lies.


Larwyn's Linx: Not One Taxpayer Cent for Sexual Abuse Hush Money

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The last thing we need in Alabama and the U.S. Senate is a Schumer/Pelosi puppet who is WEAK on Crime, WEAK on the Border, Bad for our Military and our great Vets, Bad for our 2nd Amendment, AND WANTS TO RAISES TAXES TO THE SKY. Jones would be a disaster!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 26, 2017

TICK TOCK: Bill Clinton and the "Lolita Express" Threaten to Nuke the Democrat Party From Orbit

Sat, 11/25/2017 - 17:45
By Daniel John Sobieski

The belated attempt by the left to cover their hypocrisy on sexual predators by throwing Bill and Hillary Clinton under the bus now that they have no further political use for them is staggering. They forget their mantra that his being serviced by Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office was personal and didn’t matter as long as he was doing a good job as President. It was the GOP, you know, that was waging a war on women.

Republicans were the predators, as serial accuser and so-called feminist lawyer Gloria Allred reminded us when she appeared with a box of tissue and victims to accuse GOP candidates Herman Cain, Donald Trump and, now, Judge Roy Moore, She is not going to be found at a press conference with the victims of Sen. Bob Menendez, Sen. Al Franken, and Rep. John Conyers.  

The “right on the issues” defense does not apply to Republicans like Judge Roy Moore, nor does presumption of innocence.

Democratic hypocrites rushed to condemn Moore faster than you can say “Anthony Weiner.” Franken, Menendez, and Conyers are right on the issues, which may be why the chorus for their unseating is, to say the least, somewhat muted. Judge Moore has been accused of dallying with underage girls, which is a charge his accusers are mysteriously not bringing up against Bill Clinton, a frequent passenger on the jet of accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. As noted by the Daily Caller: 

Former President Bill Clinton continues to remain silent about the 26 flights he took aboard convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet, dubbed the “Lolita Express,” which reportedly offered underage girls to passengers to rape.

Fox News wrote in 2016 that the Lolita Express, a Boeing 727 jet, was “reportedly outfitted with a bed where passengers had group sex with young girls.”

Clinton flew on some trips where the flight logs showed only the first names of female passengers…

Clinton traveled aboard the “Lolita Express” with a soft core porn actress and traveled on 11 flights with Epstein’s assistant Sarah Kellen, who allegedly procured underage girls for men, according to Gawker.

Gawker reported Kellam was “accused in court filings of acting as pimps for him (Epstein), recruiting and grooming young girls into their network of child sex workers, and frequently participating in sex acts with them.”

Bill Clinton had a habit of ditching his Secret Service protection when flying with child predator Epstein on his “Lolita Express”:

Fox News reported Friday that records show Mr. Clinton declined Secret Service protection on at least five flights.

The network’s investigation reveals Mr. Clinton flew on the Boeing 727 “Lolita Express” 26 times, more than doubling the previously reported 11 trips.

“Bill Clinton… associated with a man like Jeffrey Epstein, who everyone in New York, certainly within his inner circles, knew was a pedophile. Why would a former president associate with a man like that?” said Conchita

Sarnoff of the Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking, Fox reported. Ms. Conchita also authored a book on Mr. Epstein titled “TrafficKing.” 

Mr. Epstein was arrested in 2005 and signed a plea agreement in 2007 with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, accepting a single charge of soliciting prostitution. He agreed to a 30-month sentence, registered as a “Tier 1” sex offender with the U.S. Virgin Islands and paid dozens of young girls under a federal statute providing for compensation to victims of child sexual abuse.

A Clinton spokesperson did not return the network’s emails requesting comment. Martin Weinberg, Mr. Epstein’s attorney, declined multiple inquiries into the flights.

It is not known how many times Bill Clinton had his seat and tray table in the upright and locked position when flying with Jeffrey Epstein or whether their conversations revolved around golf and grandchildren. It is not known why Clinton flew so many times with a child sex predator. Given Bill Clinton’s track record and Epstein’s expertise on procurement, one doubts it was to solicit donations to the Clinton Foundation. As a Fox News report noted:

Epstein, who counts among his pals royal figures, heads of state, celebrities and fellow billionaires, spent 13 months in prison and home detention for solicitation and procurement of minors for prostitution. He allegedly had a team of traffickers who procured girls as young as 12 to service his friends on “Orgy Island,” an estate on Epstein's 72-acre island, called Little St. James, in the U.S. Virgin Islands….

Official flight logs filed with the Federal Aviation Administration show Clinton traveled on some of the trips with as many as 10 U.S. Secret Service agents. However, on a five-leg Asia trip between May 22 and May 25, 2002, not a single Secret Service agent is listed. The U.S. Secret Service has declined to answer multiple Freedom of Information Act requests filed by seeking information on these trips. Clinton would have been required to file a form to dismiss the agent detail, a former Secret Service agent told

In response to a separate FOIA request from, the U.S. Secret Service said it has no records showing agents were ever on the island with Clinton.

One can only suppose that this was a lot more fun than talking to AD Loretta Lynch on the tarmac. There is more to chew on here than Roy Moore’s stalking at a restaurant he says he never ate at or a mall the manager says he was never banned from. Yet even as liberals engage in Clinton coverage mea culpas, this is strangely not brought up.

It deserves to be brought up. “There is a special place in hell for people who prey on children,” Ivanka Trump recently told the AP. The same could be said of William Jefferson Clinton.

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