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Larwyn's Linx: The Left Focuses On Tearing Down Statues, Not Condemning Violence

Wed, 08/16/2017 - 10:06
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QOTD: "LET’S SET FIRE TO THINGS AND BREAK STUFF: The Washington Post — under the fig leaf of “analysis” –rationalizes and justifies mob violence today, saying “Charlottesville showed that liberalism can’t defeat white supremacy. Only direct action can.” A helluva dog whistle kicker:

Segregationists have again assumed their pedestals in the Justice Department, the White House and many other American temples. Paper alone won’t drive them out. Start throwing rocks.

The best part is you can fulfill all your Antifa needs –baseball bats, Antifa masks, helmets and camouflage gear — by ordering them through Amazon! It’s a win-win for Bezos!" --Charles Glasser

ALLEN WEST: What Everyone is Missing About Charlottesville

Wed, 08/16/2017 - 00:28
By Allen West

Charlottesville. This past weekend I was honored to be in a most picturesque place with some great and hospitable folks ib Prescott (Yavapai County) Arizona. I was there to address the Republican Women of Prescott, the nation’s largest Republican women’s club, on their 75th anniversary. The scenery there was just breathtaking and there was just a sense of solemnness that we all need experience from time to time. How great a contrast it was from what was happening across the country in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Let me begin by saying, I deplore any form of supremacist view — white, black, Hispanic, Islamic. I will be the first to openly state and embrace, a sense of American exceptionalism and supremacy that is rooted in our founding principles and values. Any and all else that is contradictory is to be condemned. What I have witnessed post the events of Saturday 12 August is the typical Rahm Emanuel mentality and political posturing: “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Therefore, I seek to assess what really happened in Charlottesville, Virginia.

First, may God rest the soul of 32-year-old Heather Heyer who tragically lost her life. My sincere condolences to her, her family, and those others who were injured. I fully support seeking the death penalty for 20-year-old James Alex Fields Jr. of Ohio who committed this horrific act of violence.

But, how did we get to this place?

This all began because someone decided, as other elected officials have across the country, to cave in to partisan political pressures and seek to erase American history.

History is not there for us to love or hate, but for us to learn from and seek to not repeat its mistakes.

If there are those who truly believe we protect ourselves by trying to revise history due to false emotions, then we miss out on who we are as a nation, and our evolution. The statues of long since deceased leaders of the Confederate Army do not stand to remind anyone of oppression. And if a statue can oppress you, then I submit that you have greater issues.

I certainly did not appreciate former President Barack Obama taking a photo op in Cuba before the image of Che Guevara, nor do I enjoy seeing anyone wearing said image on t-shirts here in America…but I do not go into some whimsical state of “oppression.”

And so it is that we do possess in this Constitutional Republic a freedom of speech and freedom of expression. It would appear that said group who didn’t wish to see the statue of Virginian, General Robert E. Lee, who was a commissioned U.S. Army officer, graduate of West Point, and served the nation in the Mexican War, taken down did apply for a permit to hold a rally.

We can dislike these individuals, but they took proper measures to secure permission to express their First Amendment right.

Contrary to their position, the word went out for a counter-protest to occur which included groups from a different side of the political spectrum, who have also been very guilty of hateful rhetoric and violence.

What should have happened is that these two groups should have been kept miles apart. I do not understanding why any local law enforcement agency would allow these two groups close proximity... the first lesson learned.

And we must also ascertain, did the counter-protest group seek permit or did they just “show up” in order to provoke, and elicit a response they could use “politically?”

Yes, motivations are important to understand in this case, if we’re serious about getting to the bottom of what happened in Charlottesville and not just the typical media-driven frenzy.


Larwyn's Linx: Voters have a golden opportunity to take down Mitch McConnell

Tue, 08/15/2017 - 10:24
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QOTD: "Oakland 2009, Akron 2009, Pittsburgh 2009, Santa Cruz 2010, Oakland 2010, Los Angeles 2010, Oakland 2011, Chicago 2012, Anaheim 2012, Brooklyn 2013, Ferguson 2014, New York City 2014, Baltimore 2015, Anaheim 2016, Chicago 2016, St Paul 2016, Milwaukee 2016, Charlotte 2016, Standing Rock 2016, Oakland 2016, Portland 2016, Washington DC 2017, Berkeley 2017, Anaheim 2017, Berkeley (again) 2017, Berkeley (again again) 2017, Olympia 2017, and Portland 2017. This is a list of overwhelmingly leftist protests [that turned violent]." --Ben Domenech

Stop Neo-Nazis using this one weird trick!

Mon, 08/14/2017 - 23:47
By Daniel Greenfield

In Dallas, a black nationalist activist shot and killed 5 police officers at a Black Lives Matter anti-police rally. Instead of condemning BLM, Barack Obama defended a racist hate group whose role model is Assata Shakur, a wanted black nationalist cop killer, at the funerals of the murdered officers.

The left killed civil rights and replaced it with black nationalism. The racial supremacism of black nationalism that killed those officers is everywhere.  Ta-Nehisi Coates and Ibram X. Kendi are lionized as brilliant thinkers instead of hateful racists, Amazon has ordered a black nationalist secessionist fantasy from Aaron McGruder and Showtime aired ‘Guerilla,’ a miniseries glamorizing Black Panther terrorism.

But racism is a two-way street. So is violence. Extremists feed into each other.

You can’t legitimize one form of racism without legitimizing all of them. The media may advance this hypocritical position. Obama used the shameful “reverse racism” euphemism that distinguishes between black and white racism. But propaganda and spin don’t change the physics of human nature.

Either all racism is bad. Or all racism is acceptable.

Charlottesville is what happens when you normalize racism and street violence. Every normalization of extremism equally normalizes the extremism of the opposite side. 

A civil society depends on a consensus. ‘Racism is bad’ is an example of such a consensus. If you normalize black nationalism, you will get more white nationalism. If you normalize leftist street violence against Trump supporters, you will also get more street violence against leftists.

Extremists want to eliminate the consensus of civil society. They want to destroy the idea that there’s any solution except violence through confrontations that show the helplessness of civil society.

That’s true of black nationalists and white nationalists, of Communists and Nazis, of Antifa and  Vanguard, of the tankies and hipster Nazis of the Alt-Left and the Alt-Right. They’re a set of evil twins and when you unleash one, you unleash the other. Their real enemies aren’t each other, but everyone in the middle. The bourgeois normies who don’t want to replace society with their totalitarian nightmare.

Street violence raises the bar so that only the violent will participate in protests. If you “no platform” campus speakers, then the only speakers you get will be those willing to face bomb threats, arson, and physical assaults. If you fire people for their views, political activism becomes the province of anonymous trolls and unemployed street thugs. Extremism limits political discourse to extremists.

If Democrats really want to stop the rise of Neo-Nazi violence, there’s a very easy way. Stop normalizing black nationalism and the Alt-Left. End the racist witch hunts for white privilege. Make it clear that street violence is unacceptable and that racism is bad no matter who it comes from. Allow people you disagree with to express their views without trying to destroy their lives.

But that’s the opposite of what the Dems will do. They don’t want fewer Neo-Nazis; they want more of them. They don’t want fewer attacks like Charlottesville and Charleston. They want more of them.

The Dems have become an extremist party run by the radical left. Obama, Holder, and Lynch made common cause with black nationalist hate groups against civil society. It began when Obama defended the vile racism of Jeremiah Wright and concluded with DOJ organized race riots. DNC boss Tom Perez addresses La Raza and his deputy Keith Ellison is a veteran of the Nation of Islam.

The radical left wants to see Neo-Nazis gain prominence on the right to polarize the country. It wants to see our values and norms drowned in violence so that it has an excuse to eliminate free speech. It seeks to eliminate democracy by making the other side appear nightmarishly dangerous. It plots to impose a totalitarian system on the United States by empowering extremists to destroy the current system.

And their opposite numbers waving swastika flags want the same thing. The difference is that they don’t control the Republican Party the way that the Alt-Left and black nationalists control the Democrats.

Charlottesville is what happens when civil society fails. And those who set the terms of permissive discourse, who control the media, academia and social norms, are responsible for the failure.

Conservatives don’t have that kind of power. It’s the left that does.

Liberals, if there are any left on the left, can shut down racism and extremism. Or they can continue normalizing it until it’s mainstream and meaningless.  

If you want to understand how we got to Charlottesville, the events at Evergreen State on the other side of the country are as good a place as any to start.

Evergreen’s President Bridges, the progressive who had called for safe spaces and allowed intersectional left-wing racists to terrorize his campus over their demands for racial segregation, was asked in an interview about accusations that he is a white supremacist.

Bridges replied that he doesn’t believe that he is a white supremacist. And then added, “It depends on what you mean by white supremacist.” He concedes, “I am a white person in a position of privilege.”

White privilege is how the intersectional left defines white supremacy. Any white people who aren’t allying with them to destroy Western civilization are defined as white supremacists. And even those who do, like Bridges, can always be accused of white supremacy for not destroying it hard enough.

When you spend enough time accusing everyone who doesn’t share your politics or even your race of racism, you make the term meaningless.

That’s what the left did over eight years of Obama. By the time the election rolled around, Hillary was defining all Trump voters as racists and sexists.

When you spend enough time crying wolf, eventually a real wolf appears. A real wolf showed up in Charlottesville.

The left spent eight years dismantling any meaningful definition of racism for political reasons. The practical effect of their actions was to eliminate social sanctions for actual racists.

And the real racists were happy to take advantage of the new climate.

When the left insists that everyone with white skin is part of white supremacy, that Shakespeare, Beethoven and all of Western civilization embody white supremacy, it’s echoing the actual talking points of white supremacy.

If you tell all Obama critics and Trump supporters that they’re racists often enough, some will decide that maybe they are racists.

If you tell a student who objects to racially segregated areas on campus that she is a white supremacist, she will be more likely to become one.

When you marginalize everyone to the right of you, some of the marginalized will accept the definition.

And when that happens, the left wins, the extremists win, and it becomes harder to maintain any kind of functioning civil society in which we settle conflicts through compromises rather than street violence.

Compromises are uncomfortable.

After the Civil War, the Union was preserved, but Southerners were allowed to honor their cause. It was an uncomfortable compromise, but it helped limit the violence from a conflict that had claimed the lives of 2% of the population. The Taliban campaign by black nationalists to tear down Confederate memorials was a deliberate effort at shattering a compromise that kept civil society working.

And that too led to Charlottesville.

Uncomfortable compromises are how we learn to live with each other. It means that there can be memorials of Robert E. Lee and streets named after Malcolm X. Tolerating people whose views we don’t like is one of the best ways to marginalize domestic extremists. When one set of extremists is empowered to wipe out the other, we end up with a civil war. Just ask Edmund Ruffin and John Brown.

Democrats claim a mandate from the “Right Side of History” to eliminate all the compromises. Catholic nuns must pay for abortions and birth control, Christian bakers and florists must participate in gay weddings, every white person must confess their racism, and every left-wing extremist must get their way.

That’s how you tear a society apart.

The Bill of Rights is an uncomfortable compromise. It says that we have to put up with people we don’t like. The Democrats, under the influence of the left, are rejecting that idea. But that goes both ways too.

You can have a liberal society or an illiberal one. But you can’t have a society that is selectively liberal when it comes to your bigotry, but illiberal of the bigotry of others, that believes you have the right to say anything you please without consequences, but that no one else does, that you can punch, but not be punched. That’s a totalitarian state. And the only way to realize it is through violence.

Democrats need to take an honest look at the street violence in Seattle, in Portland, in Berkeley and Charlottesville, and decide if this is what they really want. If they don’t, it’s time for them to stop normalizing left-wing extremism. If they do, then they are to blame for the next Dallas or Charlottesville.


#FAKENEWS NEW YORK TIMES: Totally Rewrites Charlottesville Story to Protect Gov. Terry McAuliffe

Mon, 08/14/2017 - 23:05
Thanks to NewsDiffs, we have a permanent record of the Gray Hag's tireless efforts to censor the news in order to protect the leaders of the Progressive-Communist movement.

I present, for your enjoyment, the Before story on the left and the After story on the right, below:

.b-r{ border-right: thin black solid; background: black; color: yellow; height: 84vh !important; overflow: auto;} .margin_top_600px{ margin-top:6px;} h5 { font-weight: bold !important; font-size: 1.2em !important; }

McAuliffe Counters Critics of Police Response to Charlottesville Violence

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Sunday strongly defended the police response to the violent demonstrations here on Saturday, saying that law enforcement authorities had done “great work” in “a very delicate situation.”

Governor McAuliffe, in an impromptu interview before addressing two church congregations on Sunday morning, said the police estimated that 80 percent of those at the white nationalists’ rally and counterprotests — including members of self-styled militias in camouflage gear — were armed, “yet not a shot was fired.”

He also said the death of a 32-year-old woman, Heather D. Heyer, who was killed when a driver intentionally plowed his car into a crowd, could not have been prevented, calling it “car terrorism.”

“You can’t stop some crazy guy who came here from Ohio and used his car as a weapon,” Governor McAuliffe said. “He is a terrorist.”

The police and other law enforcement officials have been criticized for their handling of the event, including by Jason Kessler, the organizer of the so-called Unite the Right rally. In a statement, he complained that the authorities had “exacerbated the violence” by failing to separate his followers from counterprotesters, leading to the melee.

Mr. Kessler said his group had “networked with law enforcement officials” months ago on a plan for maintaining safety, which he said was not followed, and he called the police “underequipped for the situation.”

Minutes before Mr. Kessler was scheduled to address the media on Sunday, the brick mall behind City Hall was packed with at least two dozen television cameras. Two uniformed officers, one armed with a sniper rifle, could be seen on the roof of a nearby building. A bouquet of flowers tied with a black ribbon lay in front of the City Hall doors.

When Mr. Kessler appeared, the crowed that had assembled called him a “murderer” and a “terrorist,” drowning out his words with cries of “shame, shame.”

The press conference ended when a man in a plaid shirt punched Mr. Kessler. Although the police detained him briefly, he was not arrested.

“Jason Kessler has been bringing hate to our town for months and has been endangering the lives of people of color and endangering other lives in my community,” the man, Jeff Winder, said in an interview later. “Free speech does not protect hate speech; Kessler’s rhetoric is fire in a crowded theater.”

The organizers of the Unite the Right rally had obtained a city permit to gather inside Emancipation Park around a statue of Robert E. Lee, the Confederate general. The park was barricaded off for the day and the Virginia State Police and the Charlottesville police were positioned inside when fighting first broke out on Market Street, outside the park.

Brittany Caine-Conley, a minister in training at Sojourners United Church of Christ, who had come with other faith leaders to protest against the white nationalists, said she was horrified to see officers in the park watching the violence take place outside in the street.

“There was no police presence,’’ she said. “We were watching people punch each other; people were bleeding all the while police were inside of barricades at the park watching. It was essentially just brawling on the street and community members trying to protect each other.”

Asked about the brawling and why police did not do more to control it, Brian Moran, Virginia’s secretary of public safety, said in an interview on Sunday that “it was a volatile situation and it’s unfortunate people resorted to violence.’’ But, he said, “From our plan, to ensure the safety of our citizens and property, it went extremely well.’’

Governor McAuliffe also defended the police response, saying, “It’s easy to criticize, but I can tell you this, 80 percent of the people here had semiautomatic weapons.

“You saw the militia walking down the street, you would have thought they were an army,” he added. “I was just talking to the State Police upstairs; they had better equipment than our State Police had,” he said, referring to the militia members. “And yet not a shot was fired, zero property damage.”

The governor’s remarks came after he met with law enforcement officials in a bank building on Charlottesville’s downtown mall. The mall, like the rest of the city, was quiet as people absorbed the violence that had descended on this ordinarily tranquil college community. People on the mall seemed to be in shock.

“There are no words,” said Chuck Moran, a Charlottesville native who runs a digital marketing agency. “We’ve been through a lot in this city. We have a historic past. But yesterday was a tragedy of unimaginable proportion to me.”

Home to the University of Virginia, which was founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819, Charlottesville has become a target of white nationalists, who came to the city to protest the planned removal of a statue of General Lee from a city park.

The Unite the Right rally was scheduled to start at noon, but when violent clashes erupted between the two sides at around 11 a.m., the police declared an unlawful assembly and moved to clear the park so that officers in riot gear could move in.

“The police moved when they felt it was appropriate,” Governor McAuliffe said. “They had to give people an opportunity to clear out of the park so they sent the word first, before we come in.”

Hurt and Angry, Charlottesville Tries to Regroup

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Brittany Caine-Conley, a minister in training at Sojourners United Church of Christ, arrived in downtown Charlottesville on Saturday morning expecting that there might be violence. She did not expect things to get out of hand so quickly.

But what began as a rally of white nationalists in a city park soon spun out of control, resulting in melees in the streets and the death of a 32-year-old woman after a car rammed a group of counterprotesters. The police have charged a 20-year-old Ohio man described as a Nazi sympathizer, accusing him of intentionally driving his car into the crowd.

On Sunday, Charlottesville tried to recover — as the police, in particular, came in for criticism.

At church services, pastors urged their congregations to fill their lives with love, not hate — a message echoed by Gov. Terry McAuliffe. The downtown mall, a pretty pedestrian plaza, was unusually quiet. People looked grief-stricken, as State Police officers in riot gear sat on a brick wall, taking a break in the midday sun.

At Emancipation Park, where the so-called Unite the Right rally had been planned for Saturday around a statue of the Confederate general Robert E. Lee, city workers picked up trash. On Water Street, where the authorities say the man from Ohio, James Alex Fields Jr., 20, took the life of Heather D. Heyer, 32, an impromptu memorial of flowers lay in the middle of the road.

And at City Hall, a planned news conference by Jason Kessler, the white nationalist who organized Saturday’s rally, came to an abrupt end when a man wearing a plaid shirt punched him.

“Jason Kessler has been bringing hate to our town for months and has been endangering the lives of people of color and endangering other lives in my community,” the man, Jeff Winder, said in an interview later. “Free speech does not protect hate speech.”

But if Charlottesville was grieving on Sunday, it was also questioning. Governor McAuliffe fiercely defended the police in an impromptu sidewalk interview, noting that many of the demonstrators were armed, and saying the officers had done “great work” in a “very delicate situation.” And he said Ms. Heyer’s death, which he called “car terrorism,” could not have been prevented.

“You can’t stop some crazy guy who came here from Ohio and used his car as a weapon,” Governor McAuliffe said. “He is a terrorist.”

But others, including Mr. Kessler and Ms. Caine-Conley, openly wondered if the violence could have been prevented.

“There was no police presence,” Ms. Caine-Conley said. “We were watching people punch each other; people were bleeding all the while police were inside of barricades at the park, watching. It was essentially just brawling on the street and community members trying to protect each other.”

Many cities, among them St. Louis and New Orleans, have wrestled with what to do about Confederate monuments. Like them, Charlottesville — the home of the University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819 — has been navigating tricky terrain. As Mayor Mike Signer asked in an interview Sunday, “How do you reconcile public safety and the First Amendment?”

Saturday was not the first time that white nationalists and white supremacists had rallied in Charlottesville. In May, Richard Spencer, a prominent white nationalist and a graduate of the University of Virginia, led a torch-lit rally here, and last month, the Ku Klux Klan came from North Carolina.

Sensing there might be trouble, the city tried to deny Mr. Kessler’s group a permit for Emancipation Park; officials wanted the gathering in a larger park, where they felt they could better control the crowd. But on Friday evening, a judge sided with Mr. Kessler. Mayor Signer would later lament on Twitter that it was a fateful turn of events.

“This is EXACTLY why City tried to change venue to McIntire,” he wrote.

On Saturday morning at sunrise, faith leaders and scores of counterprotesters — some from the Black Lives Matter movement, others from groups like Showing Up for Racial Justice — gathered at First Baptist Church, a historically African-American church here. Around 8 a.m., they started massing for a march downtown, toward Emancipation Park.

Across town, the white nationalists were gathering for their own trek to Emancipation Park, for a rally that was not supposed to begin until noon. “I’m tired of seeing white people pushed around,” said one man, Ted, who refused to give his last name.

By the time both groups converged on the park, a line of camouflage-clad militia members toting assault rifles were standing outside the park, looking very much like an invading army. “They had better equipment than our State Police had,” Mr. McAuliffe said.

As the white nationalists massed in the park, Ms. Caine-Conley and other members of the clergy locked arms in the street. Behind them were hundreds of protesters, including black-clad, helmet-wearing members of the far left known as antifa.

Brian Moran, Virginia’s secretary of public safety and homeland security, was watching the events from a command post on the sixth floor of a Wells Fargo bank on the downtown mall. There were sporadic fights. “I compare it to hockey,” he said. “Often in hockey there are sporadic fights, and then they separate.”

Suddenly, people were throwing water bottles, some filled with urine. Some used pepper spray; from his perch on the sixth floor, Mr. Moran saw smoke bombs being thrown. People started clubbing one another. The clergy retreated to a “safe house” — a restaurant nearby.

But according to many witnesses, the police waited to intervene. Ms. Caine-Conley called it “fascinating and appalling.”

Mr. Kessler, too, complained.

In a statement, he said the authorities had “exacerbated the violence” by failing to separate his followers from counterprotesters. He said his group had “networked with law enforcement officials” months ago on a plan for maintaining safety, which he said was not followed, and he called the police “underequipped for the situation.”

At 11:22 a.m. Mr. Moran called the governor and asked him to declare a state of emergency. Mr. McAuliffe did so. Asked why the police did not do more to control the brawling, Mr. Moran said, “It was a volatile situation and it’s unfortunate people resorted to violence.”

“But,” he said, “from our plan, to ensure the safety of our citizens and property, it went extremely well.”

Corinne Geller, a spokeswoman for the State Police, said, “It may have looked like a lot of our folks were standing around,” because of the sheer number of officers on the scene, but “there were other troopers and law enforcement officers who were responding to incidents as they arose.”

The moment the emergency was declared, police officers started announcing on loudspeakers that the gathering was an unlawful assembly, and called for the crowd to disperse, cutting off the rally before it officially began. Both Mr. Moran and Mr. McAuliffe said the police needed time to get the demonstrators out of the park, and off the streets, before riot police officers could move in.

As the riot police pushed protesters back, Ms. Caine-Conley and her fellow clergy members were regrouping inside the restaurant. Suddenly, a woman rushed in, screaming that there had been a terrible car crash on Water Street nearby.

“There were bodies everywhere,” said the Rev. Seth Wispelwey of Sojourners United Church of Christ, who rushed to the scene. “There was blood and glass all over the street.”

Mr. Fields, who the authorities say was driving the car, has been charged with second-degree murder. He served briefly in the Army, military records show; a former high school teacher of his in Kentucky said that when Mr. Fields was a freshman, he wrote a report for a class “very much along the party lines of the neo-Nazi movement.”

The woman who was killed, Ms. Heyer, worked as a paralegal and was known as a strong, sensitive woman who stood up against “any type of discrimination,” her supervisor said.

The Justice Department has opened a civil rights investigation.

On Sunday, as people tried to make sense of it all, a vigil for Ms. Heyer was canceled, its organizers said, because of the threat or rumor of more white nationalist activity. Still, people here wanted the nation to know that this was not the Charlottesville they knew and loved. Heather Hutton’s blue eyes filled with tears as she walked away from the memorial to Ms. Heyer.

“It just hurts,” Ms. Hutton, 52, said, wiping the tears away. “It hurts us all as a town.”

As you already knew, The New York Times is scum.

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UNEXPECTEDLY: Vast Majority Of Women Failing To Pass Marine Corps Combat Standards

Sun, 08/13/2017 - 23:23
By Jonah Bennett

Newly-released data shows that the vast majority of women are failing to pass Marine Corps combat fitness requirements at boot camp, while virtually all men are making it through to the next stage.

A total of 51 female Marine recruits arrived at boot camp with the intent of joining combat arms, but just 25 percent of the women passed the MOS Classification Standard, which is a test for combat jobs, Marine Corps Times reported Friday.

That is, only 13 women met base requirements.

However, the rate of passage for the men who went to boot camp with the same aim over the same time period of Oct. 1 to May 31 was 96 percent.

While the fail rate for women was three out every four, it is not dissimilar from the rate reported in 2016.

Six out of 24 female recruits passed MOS Classification Standard in Fiscal Year 2016, which is exactly 25 percent. For men, the rate was also the same, with 4,577 of 4,754 men passing at a figure of 96 percent.

After the MOS Classification Standard, recruits have to also pass MOS Specific Physical Standards, which vary by job and are gender neutral.

Those who pass the MOS Classification Standard have a high likelihood of successfully completing job-specific tests. For example, 90 percent of the women who passed the MOS Classification Standard also passed the combat job-specific requirements. The two females who failed from Oct. 1 to May 31 reclassified.

For retired Lt. Col. Kate Germano, the Marine Corps needs to increase its screening of women who sign up to be recruits. Germano believes that if the service steps up screening, the number of women who fail will markedly decrease.

“Until the Marine Corps truly holds recruiters accountable for selling women on these new jobs and basically saying, ‘Hey, look: I recognize this glimmer of potential in you and I know you have what it takes and I’m going to help you get there,’ we’re going to continue to see these dismal numbers, and it’s exactly what the Marine Corps wants, because they don’t really want women in these fields anyway,” Germano told Marine Corps Times.

In the meantime, the Marine Corps is considering allowing women to join combat training in Southern California currently restricted to men, in an attempt to combat the problem of sexism in the ranks.

Read more at Daily Caller.

Larwyn's Linx: The Coming Violence of the Left

Sun, 08/13/2017 - 12:28
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Well, we know there is one person who is happy today. #GeorgeSoros

— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) August 12, 2017

DETAILS EMERGE ON #CHARLOTTESVILLE DRIVER: A Left-Wing Millenial Who Mistakenly Drove Over Antifa?

Sat, 08/12/2017 - 21:58
Update: Several reporters have deleted their original posts, which were used for the material below. Be advised that -- until law enforcement releases the name of the suspect -- all of these externally sourced research details are in question.

Update II: James Alex Fields, Jr. identified as suspect. There are additional Everpedia details here.

Earlier today, a tragic turn occurred when a car plowed into Antifa and Black Lives Matter counter-protesters. One pedestrian was killed and dozens injured, some seriously.

The left-wing, totalitarian groups had seemingly gathered not just to protest, but to attack White Nationalists.

Internet researchers used photos of the vehicle to track down its probable driver. It would appear that the car terrorist is -- in all likelihood -- a "left-wing, open borders, Trump-hating pot-smoker."

You can review the research material below, and judge for yourself. In addition, GotNews scoured social media for the alleged attacker's background [Editor's note: GotNews suddenly removed its article, leading to the update below].

Speech, no matter how loathsome, is speech. Violence is action.

The fact that Antifa attacks not just White Nationalists, but anyone with an opposing political opinion, made this tragic event quite predictable.

Antifa is a terrorist group and should be treated as such.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.

Larwyn's Linx: Coup d'etat profond

Sat, 08/12/2017 - 12:28
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Iceberg to Rebuild Titanic

— Razor (@hale_razor) August 12, 2017

PJW: I Won’t Be Around Much Longer

Fri, 08/11/2017 - 23:05
A must-watch from Paul Joseph Watson:

"If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter."


— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) August 11, 2017
You can also view Diamond and Silk's excellent videos here:

This one is great: "Hillary Clinton is climbing in the polls."

Here's a report on YouTube's censorship, a violation of the First Amendment.

If I were advising Diamond and Silk, I'd tell them to accuse Google -- flat out -- of racism. After all, the race card is used incessantly by the progressive-Communist movement; why not leverage it to promote Americanism?

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.

BUT THERE’S NO EVIDENCE OF VOTE FRAUD: Millions More Registered to Vote Than There Are Adults in the U.S.

Fri, 08/11/2017 - 22:24
Remember how CNN, The New York Times, and the rest of #FakeNews media kept insisting that President Trump was lying about rampant vote fraud?

Well, that thumping sound you heard in the distance was yet another progressive-Communist canard exploding.

More than 3.5 million people in the U.S. are registered to vote than are alive among America’s adult citizens.

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) August 11, 2017
There's plenty of evidence of rampant vote fraud (remember the 600,000 bogus voter registrations that ACORN was allegedly behind?) but exposing it would only further damage the media's progressive-Communist agenda.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.

Larwyn's Linx: New NSA Report: There Was “No Russian Hack” Of DNC Computers– It Was A Leak

Fri, 08/11/2017 - 11:14
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Jon Ossoff, who outspent Handel 6:1 and lost, will be on a panel telling Dems how they can win in 2018. Really.

— Amber Athey (@amber_athey) August 10, 2017

ONLINE BOOK BURNERS: Jeffrey Lord Takes on the Totalitarian Hate Group Media Matters

Fri, 08/11/2017 - 00:04
Media Matters is a "non-partisan non-profit" that started attacking Republicans and conservatives on the first day of its existence and has never stopped since.

Funded by the progressive-Communist movement and its proxies -- including George Soros and John Podesta -- its sole mission appears to be to shut down political debate using the online equivalents of Nazi and Soviet tactics.

Author and commentator Jeffrey Lord was terminated earlier today by CNN for calling Media Matters what they are: fascists.

Lord mockingly used the Nazi salute to highlight Media Matters' totalitarian agenda. And he's right. Media Matters isn't about free speech, or policy debates, or anything else resembling a dialogue conducive to a healthy society. It is a non-stop attack machine designed for one purpose: to silence opposition voices.

Media Matters is nothing less than a group of online book-burners. Its ideas can't survive in the marketplace of ideas, and therefore it has engaged in nonstop warfare against political speech with which it disagrees, just like Nazi Germany:

• Its unvarnished support for "The Fairness Doctrine", which it intended to wield as a weapon to end conservative talk radio;

• Its attempts to silence Sean Hannity through boycotts of his advertisers;

• Its successful battle against Bill O'Reilly, shutting down the popular Fox News host;

• Its ceaseless attacks on Rush Limbaugh, including a failed boycott campaign;

So losing Lord is likely a penultimate step on CNN's journey to complete irrelevance.

To his credit talk show superstar Mark Levin has not only called out Media Matters by name, but he has dared them to organize a boycott. Levin is prepared to wage all-out war on anyone attempting such a campaign by asserting "tortious interference" and non-stop depositions of everyone involved in this fascist front group.

I would love to see these Communist fascist totalitarians try to take on Levin. Tell you what: popcorn's on me if they do.

Hat tip: Mark Levin.

THE MUELLER SPECIAL FISHING COUNSEL: Conflicted, Incompetent, and Now... Leaking Like a Sieve

Thu, 08/10/2017 - 23:23
By Rush Limbaugh

Okay, so it looks like the whole Russian story has taken a day off. The Drive-Bys are substituting this North Korea situation for the Russian story as the latest example or the latest opportunity or the latest reason, however you want to characterize it, that they say we have to get rid of Trump.

Now, the Russian story is still there because the FBI raided the home of Paul Manafort [on July 26], former Trump campaign manager, before dawn. Now, the interesting thing about this is Manafort is a cooperating witness! Who in the name of Sam Hill has FBI predawn raids of a cooperating witness? So I had to seek the advice of several in the legal community. ‘Cause this didn’t make any sense to me.

The thing about this that is odd is that if Manafort is cooperating, one of two things: Either they don’t trust him to be cooperating, either they think he might not turn over some documents that he has pledged to turn over and so they’re going in there to find it even though he’s cooperating, or it’s a message. A predawn raid of your campaign manager, who is cooperating with you, is a shot across the bow. It could be an effort here to signal — because we’ve also learned overnight that the Trump legal team is in regular contact with Mueller.

Did you know that? The Trump legal team is apparently in regular contact with Mueller, and, according to what I read — we’re still tracking some of this stuff down. It’s been a very, very hectic morning here. I’ve only had about 20% of my time to prep the program because I’ve been doing some tech testing that has got me so ticked off I’m actually withholding my anger here. I’d love to share it with you just to get it out. But, anyway, I’m doing my best to keep it contained, which I seem to do every day. I’m the one that has to keep it contained.

I can’t unload or everybody else goes nuts. Everybody else can unload on me, but I have to keep it inside, let it percolate and it explodes somewhere like on the golf course. I pretend the golf ball is Hillary Clinton, and bammo, whack. But, anyway, the Trump team supposedly is communicating with Mueller. And, further, the messages are, apparently, that Trump wants his lawyers to tell Mueller how much he respects what he’s doing and how much we’re willing to cooperate.

And my first reaction — well, I’m not really surprised that legal teams would be communicating with each other in a circumstance like this. I’d be surprised if Trump was personally communicating with Mueller. But if it’s his legal team communicating with Mueller and Mueller’s team, then that’s somewhat more sensible, understandable. But, nevertheless, raiding Manafort’s home is — there’s something screwy.

I want to take you back to a couple of — well, one point. Grab sound bite number one, because I made this point back on August 4th. I forget what the specific news item was. We went back to the archives here, and whatever it was, it made me say this.

They’re trying to trick somebody into obstructing their investigation. That’s what this is right now. I’ll tell you, with this grand jury now being impaneled, I’m gonna tell you something. For whoever they end up calling as witnesses, this is a very dangerous time. It’s a very dangerous time for Manafort. It’s a dangerous time for Flynn, who already has his own grand jury. You know, Mueller already had one for Flynn.

That’s true. And sets up a new one. That’s back on August 4th, so that’s just, what, five days ago. So last week. Now this predawn raid of a supposedly cooperating witness is puzzling. Now, Manafort’s allies, if you will, fear that what’s going on here is an attempt by Mueller — remember, there’s no limits on this guy’s scope. He can investigate anything. And Manafort buddies fear that Mueller is hoping or trying to build a case against Manafort that’s unrelated to the 2016 campaign.

And if they can make a case — and, by the way, when they have unlimited money and a no-limitations scope and if they want to find somebody who has done something illegal, irregular, or if they want to create that — this is another thing — they can create a process crime. Very simply, a witness can tell Mueller’s team, “Yeah, that happened on Tuesday.” But what if it really happened on Wednesday? They can say the guy lied to ’em. Process crime.

The point is that once they find something to charge, then they’ve got leverage, and then they can offer a deal. “Okay, Manafort, look what we found here. We found that back in 2008, you were doing X, and it led to event Y, and we don’t think you want people to know about this. We’re willing to let you go on this if you’ll turn state’s evidence or if you’ll tell us what was actually going on between the Trump campaign and Russia.” That’s the great fear.

That’s why I said five days ago it’s a very dangerous time for people that are gonna end up being called before this grand jury that Mueller has impaneled or who are under investigation, because of the specter of a process crime. Remember, this is what did in Martha Stewart. They didn’t find any evidence of any wrongdoing, so they create the crime during the investigation. It’s become a staple, if you will, in the ammunition that prosecutors have at their disposal. If they want to get somebody, interview ’em 15 different times on the same subject.

You get to the point where the interviewee says, “I’ve told you this! I’ve told you this 10 times. What more…?” “We want to hear it again.” And if there’s any variance, here comes the process charge. “You lied to federal investigators. You lied to us!” “I didn’t lie. I got the date wrong.” “You lied. That’s the charge! We have the power, we have the ability, we have the desire to charge you.” So then you get Manafort on something unrelated to the 2016 campaign, and then you try to get Manafort to flip and give you information about Trump or Trump’s inner circle, the Russians, the presidential campaign, anything.

There’s no limits on this, folks. It is a very dangerous time for everybody involved. And when I saw this predawn raid… Look, it caught me up short because he supposedly is cooperating. You just don’t raid before everybody’s up? I mean, here you’re sleeping — you’re soundly sleeping — and all of a sudden lights and sirens outside your house before the sun comes up, and it’s the FBI with a search warrant? And they left with a bunch of documents, by the way.

Now, here’s how we know the Manafort story. It’s in the Wall Street Journal. Let me read you a little quote here from Wall Street Journal article on Manafort. “Federal agents working with special counsel Robert Mueller last month [July 26th] raided the Virginia home of Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign manager to obtain documents and other material, according to people familiar with the matter.” Who would that be? Who would be “familiar with the matter”? People working on the matter. That would be Mueller’s team.

Of course it’s a leak. Absolutely right it is a leak, another leak. It’s July 26th? This is August the 9th, so 2-1/2 weeks after the fact, and it happens right in the swirl of this North Korea stuff where the Russia story had taken some hours off.


Larwyn's Linx: Mark Levin flays Mitch McConnell for whining about Trump

Thu, 08/10/2017 - 10:24
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Black Male prostitute dies of meth overdose at Hollywood home of high level Democrat donor: DailyMail
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Who Put This Rabbit Hole Here?: MOTUS
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Thugs threaten to kill President Trump for taking away food stamps!

Let's make them famous!

— Tennessee (@TEN_GOP) August 9, 2017

ANTIQUE MEDIA HISSY FIT: Love Truman, Upset About Trump Comments

Thu, 08/10/2017 - 02:56
In 1945, President Truman publicly warned the Imperial Japanese Government against further aggressions with the following statement:

"If they do not now accept our terms, they may expect a rain of ruin from the air, the like of which has never been seen on this earth. Behind this air attack will follow sea and land forces in such numbers and power as which they have not yet seen."

Which provides a good backdrop for the media hissy fit over President Trump's latest "controversial" remark. It concerned North Korea's increasingly belligent actions and threats against the U.S. The President's statement read:

North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with the fire and fury like the world has never seen.

At least for dimwits who have never read a damn history book.

Here's dagoogle:

Of course they forgot the reasons North Korea became capable with both nuclear weapons and ICBMs. Please refer to: "You can thank Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton for North Korea’s nukes."

Yes, you're not imagining things. Google weighs left wing opinions -- no matter how unpopular -- above facts. You've been warned.

Hat tip: BadBlue Uncensored News

Larwyn's Linx: Yes, President Trump Is Making America Great Again

Wed, 08/09/2017 - 11:23
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Climate, Energy & Regulations

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Graphene electronic tattoos can be applied to the skin with water: PhysOrg
The new folding five round hand gun that will fit in your wallet: RWN
MassPrivateI: Facial recognition being used at conferences and events: MassPrivateI


Google Engineer Who Spoke Out Against P.C. Totalitarianism Fired for Thought Crimes: Dave Blount
Fired Google Memo Author To Explore Legal Action Against Company: Gabriella Hoffman
It’s a Half-Hour Later Than It Was a Half-Hour Ago: MOTUS

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Who was Secretary of State when North Korea conducted dozens of missile tests with no consequences?

— Mo Mo (@molratty) August 9, 2017

CHICAGO: A Sanctuary City for Everyone But U.S. Citizens

Wed, 08/09/2017 - 02:04
By Daniel John Sobieski
.c1 { font-style: italic; font-familY:georgia,times new roman,times,serif; }

One does not know if Chicago Mayor and former Obama White House Chief of Staff Rahm “Rahmbo” Emanuel ever met the family of Dennis McCann of Chicago. He can’t talk to McCann himself about Chicago’s lawsuit against DOJ enforcement of federal immigration laws since McCann is dead, killed by an illegal alien who was driving drunk. As Jessica Vaughan reported at the Center for Immigration Studies:

In June 2011, an illegal alien and habitual drunk driver named Saul Chavez ran over and killed Dennis McCann, of Chicago. Chavez had recently finished a sentence of two years of probation for an earlier aggravated drunk driving offense. The judge set bond at $250,000, and ICE issued a detainer, but just before Thanksgiving, Chavez's brother appeared with the $25,000 cash, so the sheriff's office took the money and let Chavez run. After Chavez missed a court date (surprise!), police paid a visit to his house to take him back into custody. His roommate, the brother, insists he's just out running errands, but police have concluded that he has fled….

...Dennis McCann's family is not only grief-stricken at this senseless and preventable loss (Chavez should have been turned over to ICE after his first offense), but astounded at how indifferent the county government and ICE have been to this outcome. They have written to all the commissioners asking them to rescind the ordinance, and tried unsuccessfully to obtain information from ICE on whether it gave the OK for Chavez's release.

The County Commissioner who sponsored the ordinance, Jesus "Chuy" Garcia, has replied to Brian McCann, the victim's brother, in a three-page letter overflowing with legal fictions and delusional statements. In the letter, Garcia insists that obstructing ICE efforts to take custody of criminal aliens is necessary "to protect the integrity of the criminal justice process."

Also concerned with the “integrity of the process  rather than the victims of illegal alin crime is Rahm Emanuel who has announced a lawsuit to block DOJ from denying funds from cities that refuse to cooperate with ICE. As Fox News Politics reported:

The city filed its suit over the Justice Department's threat to withhold Byrne grants for law enforcement groups from sanctuary cities. The city’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel, likened this to “blackmail.”

“Chicago will not be blackmailed into changing our values, and we are and will remain a welcoming city,” Emanuel said. “The federal government should be working with cities to provide necessary resources to improve public safety, not concocting new schemes to reduce our crime-fighting resources.”…

(Atty. Gen.) Sessions said the city of Chicago has chosen to protect “criminal aliens who prey on their own residents” instead of enforcing laws meant to protect law enforcement….

“Chicago will not let our police officers become political pawns in a debate,” Emanuel said. “Chicago will not let our residents have their fundamental rights isolated and violated. And Chicago will never relinquish our status as a welcoming city.”

Indeed it has. And what exactly are Chicago values, Rahm, in a city that has more murders than New York and Los Angeles combined? How does allowing sanctuary for those who kill, rape, maim and murder American citizens improve public safety?  Chicago is a welcoming city only to criminal and illegal alien killers: As a July 28 Chicago Sun-Times article reprinted in the suburban Daily Herald documents, Rahm Emanuel’s policies have done little to stem the carnage:

A man was shot to death early Friday near the former Cabrini-Green public housing projects on Chicago's Near North Side, according to police, marking the city's 400th homicide so far this year….

His death, the city's 400th homicide of 2017, happened early on the 207th day of the year, meaning Chicago has logged nearly two homicides per day, according to data maintained by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Rahm Emanuel had no objection to Obama’s proposed defunding of unrelated matters in North Carolina. Implicit in accepting federal funding, one would think, would be the condition of obeying the laws of the United States which sanctuary city officials are sworn to uphold. The laws of the United States give the President control of immigration policy and the Constitution gives the President control of foreign policy and border security.

Title 8 U.S.C. 1324 makes it quite explicit that harboring and concealing from detection illegal aliens is a felony, whether committed by individuals or sanctuary city officials:

Harboring — Subsection 1324(a)(1)(A)(iii) makes it an offense for any person who — knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such alien in any place, including any building or any means of transportation.

Now it may be argued that the DOJ would be better off legally prosecuting sanctuary city mayors rather than trying to withhold federal funds from their cities, but one is not exclusive of the other. Sanctuary city mayors are in clear violation of federal statute so for anyone to argue that withholding federal funds from those violating federal law is unconstitutional is, again, nonsense.

Sanctuary city officials could very well be prosecuted for breaking the law and recklessly endangering their citizens by harboring and shielding from scrutiny illegal aliens among whose number may include assorted Islamic State agents, sympathizers and potential lone wolf recruits, along with assorted criminals, like the one charged with the murder of Kate Steinle in the sanctuary city of San Francisco. They are accomplices in crime.

That is the suggestion of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. Jindal made the case on recently on Boston Herald Radio:

“Absolutely, I would hold them as an accomplice. Make them criminally culpable,” the Republican presidential candidate said when asked if he’d arrest mayors of sanctuary cities . “I’d also make them civilly liable so that families, victim’s families could sue. Especially if the prosecutor isn’t taking action or the mayor’s not changing their ways, I’d allow the families to go to court as well to recover damages.”

Again, neither Rahm Enanuel or any others who legislate from the bench had no problem with the Obama administration’s “guidance” to schools that sex discrimination now included sexual identity and that those that didn’t provide transgendered restrooms put their federal funding at risk.  

Where is the sanctuary, Rahm Emnuel, for American citizens? While you welcome criminals from south of the border, children are being murdered on the South Side of Chicago. When President Obama opened our borders to many thousands of unaccompanied minors and others, Chicago residents exploded at the politically motivated double standard. As Investor’s Business Daily editorialized:\

It hasn't escaped notice of the residents of Obama's hometown who gathered Friday to protest the president's $3.7 billion request to help Central American children escape violence while they see little being done to end the violence in which 120 people have been shot and 26 killed so far this month.

"You're spending billions of dollars in Texas, but we've got a problem right here in Chicago," said a local resident Friday, one of many from Chicago's Southside who assembled in front of the Chicago Police Department to protest the violence plaguing their neighborhoods.

They condemned President Obama for paying more attention to illegal aliens crossing our southern border than to the children of his hometown.

"Do something for our children," said one of the protesters in a video posted at the blog Rebel Pundit. "Have the same love for these young people like you got for the ones across the border, and you want to save them."…

May we be so cynical as to suggest that in the political calculations of President Obama and the Democrats the black vote is taken for granted but the Hispanic vote is still in play? Are these undocumented aliens or undocumented future Democrats?

Aye, there’s the rub. Illegal aliens can vote for the mayors that welcome them. Too bad their victims can’t. American citizens’ lives matter.

Read more at BadBlue Uncensored News.

RUH ROH: Judiciary Committee Seeks Immigration Files For Pakistani Democrat IT Hackers

Wed, 08/09/2017 - 00:04
By Mark Tapscott

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has requested copies of immigration files for the six Pakistani suspects in the House IT scandal, who allegedly stole equipment from Congress and accessed computers without permission.

Grassley is seeking more information on Imran Awan, his wife, his two brothers and two of his close friends in connection to the scandal. Capitol police have accused Awan and his associates of violating congressional security policies and stealing equipment from Congress. Awan is from Pakistan, and was arrested by the FBI in July as he boarded a flight to the country.

“In light of the alleged illegal activity, the committee seeks to better understand Awan and his associates’ immigration histories,” Grassley said in an August 4 letter to Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Elaine Duke. The letter was made public by the committee Monday.

“Therefore, please provide the Alien File for the individuals listed below,” he continued. “Please also include any temporary files, working files, and all documents and items contained in them that were generated by DHS or in its possession.”

The Iowa Republican was first elected to the Senate in 1981.

Besides Awan, the immigration files were requested for his wife, Hina Alvi, his brothers Abid and Jamal, sister-in-law Natalia Sova and friend Rao Rabbas. All are suspects in the criminal investigation, which became public in February.

“Awan began working as an IT aide in 2004,” Grassley said in the letter. “Later, his wife, two brothers, and two friends began working as IT aides for nearly 30 congressmen. Over the span of 13 years, they collected more than $4 million— a sum that is reported to be three times higher than the norm for a government contractor.”

All of the congressmen involved are House Democrats, including several on the intelligence, foreign affairs and homeland security committees. The IT aides had access to all of the emails and office files of the congressmen, who employed them on a shared basis.

The employment of all of the suspects was terminated in February, except Awan’s wife, who was retained by Democratic Rep. Wasserman Schultz until March. Wasserman Schultz — the Florida Democrat who was Democratic National Committee Chairman until July 2016 — kept Awan on her payroll until July 25.

Awan was arrested July 24 at Dulles International Airport by the FBI, U.S. Capitol Police and U.S. Customs and Border Protection before he could board the flight to Pakistan. His wife returned to Pakistan in March, along with their three children.

Authorities charged Awan with bank fraud in connection with a $165,000 mortgage loan from the Wright Patman Congressional Federal Credit Union. Awan wire transferred $283,000 to Pakistan prior to his attempt to flee the country, according to a court document filed by the FBI.

Within hours of his arrest, Imran Awan retained Chris Gowen as his defense attorney. Gowen is a long-time associate of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Read more at Daily Caller.

Larwyn's Linx: Silencing all opposition voices: Inside The Media Matters Playbook

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 09:58
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