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Body of Shani Louk, Previously Paraded Around Gaza, Retrieved by IDF

Geller Report - Fri, 05/17/2024 - 16:02

Destroy Hamas in Rafah. Every last savage.

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More bodies of hostages retrieved today by the IDF. This is Hamas — lacking all human decency to even report the status of the hostages let alone to free them. The trauma it has inflicted upon Israelis is immeasurable — but then that was its goal. Our grandparents defeated the…

— David M Friedman (@DavidM_Friedman) May 17, 2024

All of these women have been held captive for 221 days.

They have been severely beaten and bruised during their captivity.

The UN, Red Cross, UNRWA and other international agencies have not even attempted to try and check on them or negotiate their release.

— Oli London (@OliLondonTV) May 15, 2024

Body of Shani Louk, previously paraded around Gaza, retrieved by IDF

Louk is well known for appearing in a video of Hamas soldiers sitting in the back of a pickup truck over her mangled body, and parading it around Gaza

By Jerusalem Post, May 15th:

The body of Israeli-German citizen Shani Louk was found and retrieved by the IDF, the military announced on Friday.

Louk is well known for appearing in a video of Hamas soldiers sitting in the back of a pickup truck over her mangled body, and parading it around Gaza

In the beginning of the war, there was doubt cast whether Louk could have survived her injuries and was being held in captivity and treated in Gaza, but this was debunked when forensic examiners found a piece of her skull that is impossible to live with out.

Louk was attending the Supernova music festival near Reim on October 7 when Hamas terrorists launched their assault, killing over 260 civilians at the festival.
Louk’s boyfriend, Mexican national Orión Hernández Radoux, is also believed to have been kidnapped by Hamas terrorists in the assault. Texts in Arabic were sent from his phone after the attack……

Paris Olympics: Muslim Arrested, Wanted to Be Homicide Bomber, ‘Die a Martyr” at Olympic Games

Geller Report - Fri, 05/17/2024 - 15:00

He declared support for Islamic State.

Will the islamophobia never end?

Paris Olympics: 16-year-old arrested after he said he wanted to ‘die a martyr’ at Games

France previously raised its security alert to its highest level ahead of hosting this summer’s Olympic games amid concerns the event could be overshadowed by security incidents.

By:Sky News, 24 April 2024:

A 16-year-old boy has been arrested by anti-terrorism police in France after he allegedly said on social media he wanted to “die a martyr” at the Olympic Games in Paris this summer.

A spokesperson said on Wednesday the boy was arrested after he “publicly announced on social media that he planned to create an explosive belt to become a martyr”.

The teenager was arrested at his parents’ home on Tuesday after the alleged posts on Telegram the day prior, BFMTV reported.

The French outlet also reported that a search of the teenager’s home found handwritten papers in which he allegedly declared support for Islamic State.

The spokesperson said that an investigation was under way into whether he had genuine intentions to commit a terrorist act.

It comes after French President Emmanuel Macron previously admitted that the Olympics opening ceremony could be scaled down if the security threat is deemed too high……

Philadelphia Muslim student: These days ‘the pinnacle of Islam is realized – jihad for the sake of Allah’

Geller Report - Fri, 05/17/2024 - 14:00

‘Palestinianism’ is Islam.
‘Palestinianism’ is jihad.

Philadelphia Muslim student: These days ‘the pinnacle of Islam is realized – jihad for the sake of Allah’

By Robert Spencer, May 16, 2024:

For years we have been told over and over that jihad has nothing to do with violence, and that only “Islamophobes” say otherwise. Now, here yet again, the “Islamophobes” are being proven correct.

“Student At Philadelphia Leaders Academy, Raneem Mustafa, Praises Jihad And Martyrdom At School Event: Jihad Is The Pinnacle Of Islam; The ‘Real Men’ Of Gaza Taught Us About Sacrificing Their Souls, Children,” MEMRI, May 7, 2024:

The YouTube channel of Philadelphia’s Leaders Academy posted a video from its cultural day event on May 7, 2024, in which a student by the name of Raneem Mustafa recited a speech about Palestine. In her speech, she praised Jihad as the “pinnacle of Islam.” Mustafa praised the “martyrdom” of the people of Gaza, and she added that the men of Gaza have taught her what “real men” are and that “real sacrifice” is sacrificing their souls and children for the sake of their homeland. She continued to say that the women of Gaza are wallowing in the blood of their children, sacrificing them for the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

It should be noted that the Philadelphia chapter of the Muslim American Society (MAS) has previously posted to its Facebook page videos from the Leaders Academy’s “One Ummah Day” events from 2017 and 2019, in which young students sang “Chop off their heads!” and expressed their will to become martyrs for the sake of Palestine and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. For more information, see MEMRI TV Clips Nos. 7201 and 7194. Following MEMRI’s exposure of these videos, the Facebook page of MAS Philadelphia was suspended, and the Philadelphia chapter no longer appears on the MAS website. See MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 8054 for more information about the public response to these clips. Notably, on May 15, 2019, MAS Philadelphia and Leaders Academy issued a statement saying that a “process” has been put in place to prevent the repetition of such an “unintended mistake.”

Raneem Mustafa: “The tragedy of our people in Gaza is grave. Lives are lost and there is total destruction. We are going through the most significant days, in which the pinnacle of Islam is realized – Jihad for the sake of Allah to elevate Truth. This is a path followed by the people of Gaza on behalf of the entire nation. They are saying to Allah day and night: ‘Oh Lord, take our souls until You are satisfied.’ This clearly shows that these are people who love life – the martyrs are alive, and are sustained by their Lord.


“Gaza is teaching us that real men are revealed in times of hardship, when all the masks are removed, and that the Islamic nation’s glory will only be achieved through faith and principles, that real sacrifice is sacrificing one’s soul and one’s children for the sake of the homeland, and that the occupiers are cowards who can fight only when there are no real men on the battlefield. They inherited this from their forefathers about whom Allah said [in the Quran]: ‘They will not fight you all except within fortified cities or from behind walls.’


“The people of Gaza have taught us a lot. We ask ourselves, ‘What are the women of Gaza made of?’ when we see them wallowing in the blood of their children, screaming: ‘Oh Allah, accept them as sacrifices for the Al-Aqsa Mosque.’”

UN JEW HATRED: UN Sexual Violence Envoy Pulls Out of Security Council Briefing on Hamas Hostages “Sexual Violence, Rape, Sexualized Torture, Cruel, Inhuman, Degrading Treatment”

Geller Report - Fri, 05/17/2024 - 12:00

A United Nations report issued in March that found there was “clear and convincing information” to indicate that hostages held captive in Gaza were subjected to “sexual violence including rape, sexualized torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.”

But the UN’s sexual violence envoy was missing in action for a briefing on this very thing. The UN wouldn’t send one representative to show up for meeting at UN on Hamas’s sexual violence. This is consistent with terror-tied Secretary-General Guterres’s refusal to list Hamas in his annual report on sexual violence in armed conflict.

The terrible, horrible irony in all this is the United Nations was founded over seventy years ago in the wake of the Holocaust to ensure “never again.” Democracies, both nascent and well-established, comprised the majority of the founding nations of the UN. America was confident that the UN would be an organization which would work in tandem with American national interests in promoting the welfare of humankind and the basic rights of every human spirit.

Instead the UN has made it its mission to destroy the Jewish state and work furiously to make it happen again ….. and again. It has become the very thing it was founded to defeat. It’s sinister obsession with Israel it a sort of genocidal Tourette‘s. It keeps coming back to it like a dog to it’s own vomit.

It’s catastrophic historical failures, too numerous to outline here,is matched only by its incompetence, corruption and complicity. Back in the seventies, Ayn Rand wrote, “When an institution reaches the degree of corruption, brazen cynicism and dishonor demonstrated by the U.N. in its shameful history, to discuss it at length is to imply that its members and supporters may possibly be making an innocent error about its nature—which is no longer possible. There is no margin for error about a monstrosity that was created for the alleged purpose of preventing wars by uniting the world against any aggressor, but proceeded to unite it against any victim of aggression.”

In case you’re wondering how deeply ingrained Jew hatred is at the UN, the UN envoy on sexual violence pulled out of a Security Council session so she wouldn’t have to provide a briefing on sexual violence committed by Hamas on October 7.

— Israel War Room (@IsraelWarRoom) May 14, 2024

UN can't manage ONE rep. to show up for meeting at UN on Hamas's sexual violence. Follows Secretary-General Guterres's refusal to list #Hamas in his annual report on sexual violence in armed conflict . #MeTooUnlessYouAreAJew @antonioguterres

— Anne Bayefsky (@AnneBayefsky) May 16, 2024

UN sexual violence envoy pulls out of Security Council briefing on Hamas hostages

Diplomat tells ToI Pramila Patten’s withdrawal had nothing to do with scheduling, hinting move was politically motivated as she faces pressure not to prioritize Israeli abductees

By Jacob Magid, Times of Israel, 14 May 2024:

The UN’s special representative on sexual violence in conflict Pramila Patten pulled out of a Security Council session where she was supposed to brief members about the hostages taken by Hamas on October 7, a UN diplomat told The Times of Israel on Tuesday.

Invitations to the Thursday event organized by the US Mission to the UN were sent to Security Council members last week and obtained by The Times of Israel. The session is titled “Condemning hostage-taking in Israel on October 7 as a psychological tool of terrorism.”

Patten — the UN special representative whose purview most closely overlaps with the topic — was named as the first of three briefers along with a civil society representative and a released Israeli hostage or relative of a hostage.

But in the updated invitations — or “concept notes” — sent out to members on Monday and also obtained by The Times of Israel, Patten was no longer listed among the briefers.

A UN diplomat said on condition of anonymity that Patten’s withdrawal was not due to scheduling issues.
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The diplomat hinted that the decision was politically motivated, as her office has faced pressure not to be seen as prioritizing the plight of the Israeli hostages over that of the Palestinians caught in the middle of Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza.

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UNRWA Staff Recordings Prove Hamas Treated Young Women ‘Like Animals’

Hamas didn’t just gang-rape, they forced the families to watch. Most rape victims of Hamas on October 7 were killed either before or during rape; several victims’ genitals were mutilated beyond recognition.

BEATEN, TORTURED: Bloodied Faces of Karina, 19, Daniela, 19 Agam, 19 Liri, 18 Hamas Hostages

WATCH: Palestinian Civilians Laughed While They Raped and Butchered Israelis

Released Hostage Mia Schem: “There Isn’t a Single Innocent Person in Gaza, They Just Don’t Exist”

Murdered Hostage Had Broken Jaw, Gouged Out Eye, Missing Fingers

The Rape, Butchering of Israeli Women
Report: Over 450 UNRWA Teachers Participated in Oct. 7 Massacre

Hostage HORRORS: Israeli Doctor Treating Released Hostages Suffering From “Unprecedented Level of Extremely Severe Abuse,” “We Have to Rewrite the Textbooks of Post-Trauma”

Depravity that defies comprehension: Women raped – whether alive or dead. Others tortured until every organ was removed. The horrifying accounts of Hamas ‘rape genocide’ that left survivors so traumatised some have taken their own lives

Hamas terrorists had ‘a thing with sexual organs’ and targeted genitalia of Israeli victims: UN testimony

WITNESS TESTIMONY: Palestinian Terrorists Cut Breasts Off Jewish Women While Still Alive and Convulsing in Pain After Gang-Raping Them

US Official: Hamas Won’t Release More Women Because They Reveal Monstrous Sex Crimes

Hamas Raped and Sexually Mutilated Men As Well as Women During October 7 Atrocities

Women Held Hostage by Hamas in Gaza Kept in Cages

“THEY FAILED US”: Women’s Organizations SILENT as Shocking Scale of Hamas’s Sexual Violence Against Jewish Women Becomes Horrifyingly Clear

Rape Jihad: Hamas Sexual Abuse of Jewish Women Follows Islamic Doctrine

What they did to the bodies of Jewish women…..

Horrific New Stories of Hamas Atrocities in Israel Surface, Including Rape of ‘Beautiful Woman with Face of Angel’ Who Screamed To Be Killed

Israeli Morgue: ‘Evidence of mass rape so brutal that they broke their victims’ pelvis – women, grandmothers, children.’ ‘People whose heads have been cut off. Faces blasted off. Heads smashed and their brains spilling out. A baby was cut out of a pregnant woman and beheaded and then the mother was beheaded’

IG Report: “FBI’s Partisan Leadership is Engaging in a ‘Purge’ of Agents Who Hold Conservative Political Beliefs.” Weaponized Security Clearances

Geller Report - Fri, 05/17/2024 - 12:00

The Democrats have weaponized the FBI against the American people.

The Biden administration’s war against whistleblowers is unprecedented. With some missing, others in hiding, and still others facing illegal retaliation – we now learn the FBI is revoking security clearances for five agents testifying to Congress. Not only is the FBI punishing whistleblowers, they are refusing to comply with lawful subpoenas for evidence documents that show Biden solicited bribes during his tenure as vice president.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has revoked the top-secret security clearances of three whistleblowers who called their “allegiance to the United States,” into question, the FBI wrote in a letter to House Judiciary Committe Chair Jim Jordan on Wednesday, according to a report from the New York Times. Two of the agents — Marcus Allen and Stephen Friend — were set to testify before the House Judiciary subcommittee on the weaponization of the federal government on Thursday.

The three agents had already been suspended for questioning the agency’s handling of the January 6 case and stating their beliefs that the FBI has been weaponized against conservatives. According to a report from the Daily Mail, the agents participated in a closed-door interview with the select committee this past February. The former agents specifically expressed concerns with instructions from FBI leadership that they focus on pursuing “domestic violent extremism” probes and disregard standard investigative procedures in January 6 cases, the Daily Mail reported.

Mr. Allen is expected to disclose new evidence before the committee on Thursday, with the agents accusing the FBI of manipulating crime data on domestic terrorism to fit with the Biden Administration’s narrative.

The bureau later revoked Allen’s top-secret security clearance after he was found to have “expressed sympathy for persons or organizations that advocate, threaten or use force or violence,” the letter said. FBI officials also noted that Allen sent an email linking to an article stating that “federal law enforcement had some degree of infiltration among the crowds gathered at the Capitol,” something that raised “serious concerns in Allen’s eyes. (Trending Politics)

FBI Weaponized Security Clearances To Punish Whistleblowers, IG Report Confirms

By: Jordan Boyd, The Federalist, May 15, 2024

The IG report goes so far as to conclude that “the FBI’s partisan leadership is currently engaging in a ‘purge’ of agents who hold conservative political beliefs.”

A recently published inspector general report, paired with newly released transcripts of one FBI official’s 2023 interview with the House Judiciary Committee, shows that the FBI’s strategy for retaliating against whistleblowers involved suspending their security clearances without explanation or warning.

Jennifer Leigh Moore, who served as executive assistant director for the FBI’s human resources branch until her retirement in June 2023, told congressional investigators that she is “adamant for every employee to be treated fairly and accurately” and that her “whole management principle is around ‘be kind.’”

“No matter what we’re doing, if we’re suspending a clearance, if we’re bringing on board an employee, or if we’re at a retirement, we are always kind,” she told the House Judiciary Committee in April 2023.

Moore and her agency’s actions regarding retaliation against whistleblowers, however, suggest otherwise.

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan expressed strong concerns that the FBI initiated a targeted “purge” of employees with dissenting views last year. Moore first testified to the committee about the issue in April 2023 but refused to comment any time she was asked about several agents who suffered suspensions.

She claimed she was “not allowed to discuss ongoing security investigations,” prompting the House Judiciary Committee to subpoena her for refusing “to answer questions during her transcribed interview about the FBI’s retaliation against brave whistleblowers who have come forward.”

Special Agent Garret O’Boyle, Special Agent Stephen Friend, Supervisory Intelligence Analyst George Hill, and Staff Operations Specialist Marcus Allen all testified to Congress in early 2023 that the FBI not only weaponized itself against its political opponents but punished employees who tried to uncover the corruption.

The @fbi has kept me suspended for 20 months; even after an adjudicator recommended me for reinstatement. Yet, they still have not made a final decision on my clearance. How much longer past their already absurd and illegal average will my family go with daily slander against us?

— Garret O'Boyle (@GOBactual) May 14, 2024

In June 2023, shortly after the whistleblowers publicly shared their stories and one day before she left her job at the bureau, Moore testified again. In that sitdown, she admitted that, as the security program manager, she was the “ultimate decisionmaker when it comes to suspending a security clearance.”

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Soros Pumps $81 Million to Censor Election Speech Online

Geller Report - Thu, 05/16/2024 - 17:00

Censoring and controlling speech online, taking over communication and newspapers, running radical DAs all essential to communist, totalitarian rule.

For years, the evil hand of Soros has tried to take down the country until he finally he found a backdoor for his perfidy. Perfect end run. This scourge has done incalculable harm to our country. Revoke his citizenship and ban this villain.

“He wants to erode the very fabric of civilization. Soros hates humanity.” – Elon Musk

Report: Soros Pumps $81M to Censor Election Speech Online

By Michael Katz, 15 May 2024:

A media group funded by billionaire leftist George Soros is seeking to implement a global plan to pressure Big Tech social media platforms to censor more content before November’s presidential election.

The group called Free Press is leading the charge to restrict free speech online, the Media Research Center reported Tuesday. MRC described Free Press — not to be confused with The Free Press media outlet helmed by former New York Times editor Bari Weiss — as an activist organization disguised as a journalism operation that uses its sizable resources to push the federal government and Big Tech to silence conservative speech.

Free Press, which MRC said claimed responsibility for helping to get former President Donald Trump banned from Twitter, bragged in a news release about a letter sent by a coalition of more than 200 “civil-society organizations, researchers, and journalists” to the heads of Big Tech companies such as Google, Instagram, Discord, X, and TikTok. In it, the groups called for the companies to reduce “interventions necessary to keep online platforms” allegedly “safe and healthy” and demanded “swift action” to protect “democracy.”

MRC said its research unveiled that Soros packed the coffers of at least 45 of the signatories with $80.7 million combined between 2016 and 2022.

The letter attempted to justify that it was written with reducing “real-world harms” and “the rise of extremism and violent attempts to overthrow democratic governments.” But it appears its true design was to pressure Big Tech companies to silence speech the left despises as 60 countries across the globe gear up for elections in 2024, the MRC reported.

“Even more disturbing was the letter’s implication that its primary target is interfering in the 2024 U.S. election,” the MRC reported. “This development is directly in line with Soros’ brand, of which he has dedicated millions of his ungodly fortune to groups looking to interfere in elections by stifling online speech.”

The letter made six demands of the Big Tech companies, the first of which called for investment “in greater platform integrity by reinstating election-integrity policies, inclusive of moderating content around the Big Lie,” defined by co-signatory Brennan Center for Justice, which has received funding from Soros, as the idea the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.

The MRC reported the signatory that received the most Soros funding was Global Witness, which MRC said is on record for pressuring Facebook and TikTok to increase censorship operations before the 2022 midterm elections. Global Witness hauled in $20.3 million from Soros between 2016 and 2022, the MRC said.

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Geert Wilders: Netherlands will move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Geller Report - Thu, 05/16/2024 - 16:47

Geert Wilders managed to form a coalition government and announced that Netherlands will move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Netherlands will move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

By: Breek City Times, May 15, 2024;

Netherlands will move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The announcement comes after Geert Wilders managed to form a coalition government with 3 other parties and included this point in the coalition platform.

Geert Wilders: ‘‘We’re making history today! Joining the Dutch government.’

Left-Wing Group Calls For Violent Anti-Jewish Riots

Geller Report - Thu, 05/16/2024 - 16:00

This is Nazism. Same ideology, same hate.

Left-Wing Group Calls For Anti-Israel Riots

By: The Congressional Post, May 16, 2024:

A left-wing political group called for anti-Israel protesters to launch a series of riots similar to those that swept the country following the death of George Floyd in 2020. The news came as tensions on college campuses grew to their highest levels as police cleared out encampments of the pro-Palestinian protesters and the White House condemned increasing antisemitism.

The left-wing group The People’s Forum called on protesters to begin rioting. The organization hosted a meeting in Manhattan last week in which one speaker said that the protesters should give President Joe Biden “a hot summer.”

The speaker also called on the demonstrators to “make it untenable for the politics of usual to take place in this country.”

The same speaker also compared the proposed actions to the “summer of 2020” in which multiple cities across the country saw violent riots.

The radical group has ties to the Chinese Communist Party and has been involved in a number of left-wing causes.

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Kuwait Suspends National Parliament Because of “Qatari Muslim Brotherhood Influence”

Geller Report - Thu, 05/16/2024 - 15:00

In his televised speech on Friday, the Emir said that he had made the move “to save the country”: “Unfortunately, we have faced some unimaginable, unbearable difficulties and impediments… We were left with no option other than taking this hard decision to rescue the country and protect its higher national interests and the resources of the nation,” Sheikh Mishal said. In a firm tone, he vowed: “I will not let democracy be exploited to destroy the state.”

Quickly, some media reports suggested that the Kuwaiti leadership “is worried about Qatar’s Muslim Brotherhood influence in parliament and parts of the state administration”.

Police surround the Parliament in Kuwait after the Emir announces its disbanding & suspending parts of the Constitution for 4y.

Reportedly due to fear of infiltration from the Qatari Muslim Brotherhood

“I won’t allow democracy (…) to destroy the state”

— Visegrád 24 (@visegrad24) May 10, 2024

The Telegraph: The Gulf state of Kuwait has been cast into political uncertainty after its ruler suspended the national parliament, saying that corruption had permeated every institution.

Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Mishal Al Ahmed Al Sabah, said he would suspend the parliament for up to four years, declaring that he had made the move “to save the country”.

“Unfortunately, we have faced some unimaginable, unbearable difficulties and impediments,” the 83-year-old said on Friday, according to the state news agency, a reference to the gridlock that has held back Kuwait’s development.

“We were left with no option other than taking this hard decision to rescue the country and protect its higher national interests and resources of the nation,” Sheikh Mishal added.

“I will not allow that democracy will be exploited to destroy the state.”

Kuwait, one of the few semi-democratic countries in the Middle East, had held elections to its national parliament in April…..

Supporters of the Emir lauded the decision as a triumph against Islamist forces, with some users pointing out that while there is “happiness in Kuwait, there is sadness in Iran,” while others regarded the Emir as a “hero” who “supported his homeland and the Gulf and eliminated the conspiracy of the Hassan Al-Banna [founder of the Muslim Brotherhood] and Khomeini [supreme leader of Iran] with a final blow, and you will hear their screams in the coming hours. Countries need leaders who have courageous decisions, and with this decision, Kuwait, God willing, has become safe.”

Another supporter reported that the stock market in Kuwait showed a 2% growth during the first minutes of trade following the Emir’s decision to dissolve the parliament, analyzing that this shows that “people’s expectations are now higher than the Kuwaiti government’s ability to deliver, as the Council [Parliament] was seen as a source of aggravation and disruption.” (Jerusalem Post)

Washington D.C. Holds Training Sessions for Noncitizens to Vote

Geller Report - Thu, 05/16/2024 - 14:00

An agency of the District of Columbia held a training session last month to teach illegal immigrants and other noncitizens how to vote, according to documents obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch. Speaker Johnson said illegal immigrants allowed in by President Biden’s border chaos are showing up at government offices to sign up for benefits and services, and when they do they’re being prodded to sign up to vote. (Washington Times)

Study: 10% to 27% of Non-Citizens Are Illegally Registered to Vote

D.C. Holds Training Sessions for Noncitizens to Vote

By: Daily Signal, May 15, 2024

“That Congress allows the votes of citizens to be legally stolen by illegal aliens in our nation’s capital is inexcusable,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton says of a D.C. voting law.

By: Fred Lucas, The Daily Signal

An agency of the District of Columbia held a training session last month to teach illegal immigrants and other noncitizens how to vote, according to documents obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch.

News of the training session held by the local government in the nation’s capital comes as House Republicans push a bill—with the backing of Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La.—to require proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote.

The D.C. Board of Elections conducted the April 10 event, called “Non-Citizen Voting Education Virtual Training.”

Judicial Watch obtained 13 pages of the training session’s PowerPoint presentation through a request under the Freedom of Information Act. On one slide, the presentation says:

Non-U.S. citizen residents can vote in District elections for the offices of Mayor, Attorney General, Chairman or member(s) of the D.C. Council, member(s) of the State Board of Education, or Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner(s) Non-U.S. citizen residents cannot vote for Federal Offices.

The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project previously raised concerns about noncitizen voting in the District of Columbia. (Heritage established The Daily Signal in 2014.)

Washington, DC’s Voter Guide for Illegal Aliens is up!

— Oversight Project (@OversightPR) May 1, 2024

The District of Columbia is joined by local governments in California, Maryland, and Vermont in allowing foreign citizens to vote in local elections. Federal law allows only U.S. citizens to vote in federal elections.

State courts blocked New York City from allowing noncitizen voting there.

“Illegal aliens and noncitizens should not vote in any elections,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said. “That Congress allows the votes of citizens to be legally stolen by illegal aliens in our nation’s capital is inexcusable.”

The District of Columbia amended its election code last year to allow noncitizens, including illegal immigrants, to vote for local D.C. offices.
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Study: 10% to 27% of Non-Citizens Are Illegally Registered to Vote

Geller Report - Thu, 05/16/2024 - 11:19

The reason for the open border…..

Speaker Johnson said illegal immigrants allowed in by President Biden’s border chaos are showing up at government offices to sign up for benefits and services, and when they do they’re being prodded to sign up to vote. (Washington Times)

An agency of the District of Columbia held a training session last month to teach illegal immigrants and other noncitizens how to vote, according to documents obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch.

BREAKING: 10–27% of non-citizen adults in the U.S. are now illegally registered to vote, according to a new study by Just Facts.

— Leading Report (@LeadingReport) May 16, 2024

Study: 10% to 27% of Non-Citizens Are Illegally Registered to Vote

By James D. Agresti, Just Facts, May 13, 2024


Based on the latest available data and an enhanced version of a stress-tested methodology from a scholarly journal, a new study by Just Facts has found that about 10% to 27% of non-citizen adults in the U.S. are now illegally registered to vote.

The U.S. Census recorded more than 19 million adult non-citizens living in the U.S. during 2022. Given their voter registration rates, this means that about two million to five million of them are illegally registered to vote. These figures are potentially high enough to overturn the will of the American people in major elections, including congressional seats and the presidency.


In 2014, the academic journal Electoral Studies published a groundbreaking study by three scholars who estimated how frequently non-citizens were illegally voting. Based on data for the 2008 presidential and congressional elections, the study found that:

  • “roughly one quarter of non-citizens” in the U.S. “were likely registered to vote.”
  • “6.4% of non-citizens actually voted.”
  • 81.8% of them “reported voting for Barack Obama.”
  • illegal votes cast by non-citizens “likely” changed “important election outcomes” in favor of Democrats, “including Electoral College votes” and a “pivotal” U.S. Senate race that enabled Democrats to pass Obamacare.

The study’s voter registration rate was estimated with data from two key sources:

  1. A national survey in which 14.8% of non-citizens admitted that they were registered to vote.
  2. A database of registered voters that reveals what portion of the surveyed non-citizens “were in fact registered” even though “they claimed not to be registered.”

By combining these data, the author’s “best” estimate was that 25.1% of non-citizens were illegally registered to vote.

The authors calculated voter turnout with the same datasets, but their methodology yielded a best estimate that 6.4% of non-citizens voted in 2008—lower than the 8.0% of non-citizens who stated “I definitely voted” and explicitly named the candidate they voted for. This and other matters led Just Facts to engage in extensive correspondence with the lead author of the study to verify practically every detail of it.

Just Facts then conducted a comparable study that used the same datasets, a more straightforward methodology, and related studies to constrain assumptions. This found that roughly 27% of non-citizens were registered to vote and about 16% of them voted in the 2008 national elections.

As is often the case with studies of illegal actions where enforcement is limited, both Just Facts’ study and the one from Electoral Studies have sizeable margins of uncertainty. This is due to relatively small sample sizes and other possible sources of error—some that could produce overcounts and others undercounts.

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Terrorists Hiding in UNRWA School Near Rafah

Geller Report - Wed, 05/15/2024 - 15:00

UNRWA is a Terrorist Organization

UNRWA is in bed with Hamas. UNRWA is an impediment to peace. UNRWA perpetuates the conflict. How many more times do we have to repeat this and show you the evidence?

— Tal Heinrich (@TalHeinrich) May 14, 2024

Emanuel Fabian: A Hamas command room based out of a UNRWA school in central Gaza’s Nuseirat was struck by fighter jets, the military says. More than 15 terror operatives, including 10 Hamas members, were killed in the strike. Also among them were terrorists of Hamas’s elite Nukhba force who participated in the October 7 onslaught, the military says. “The strike was carefully planned and carried out using precise munitions while avoiding harming civilians as much as possible,” the military says in a statement. The command room was used by Hamas to plan attacks against troops operating in central Gaza in recent weeks (X).

Washington Examiner: The attack took place in central Gaza’s Nuseirat, about 15 miles away from Rafah, where Israeli forces are now moving in despite warnings from President Joe Biden. Israel has previously accused Hamas of exploiting the U.N. for military benefit, claiming the group has used a tunnel system in Gaza that is partially under the headquarters of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East. Israel also accused UNRWA of having some employees work for Hamas. The attack is a continuation of an armed conflict involving Israel and Hamas, with Palestinian civilians caught in the crossfire, that has persisted since Hamas’s Oct. 7 invasion that killed hundreds of civilians (Washington Examiner).


UNRWA Caught Stealing and Then Selling Humanitarian Aid that Came into Gaza, UNRWA Staff “Have Their Homes Full of Aid”

UNRWA Staff Recordings Prove Hamas Treated Young Women ‘Like Animals’

Amid Evidence That UNRWA Employees Participated in Oct. 7 Jihad Massacre, UNRWA Gets Nobel Peace Prize Nomination

Republicans Introduce Bill to Completely Defund Terror Agency UNRWA

Italy, Finland, UK, Australia, Canada and Finally USA End Payments To UN’s Terror Agency @UNRWA

UNRWA is a Terrorist Organization

Report: UNRWA Teacher, Gaza Doctor Kept Israeli Child Hostages

Lyin’ Biden Is LYING About Sending Weapons to Israel

Geller Report - Wed, 05/15/2024 - 14:14

“Do not fall for the administration’s propaganda. The reports about another $1bn in weapons for Israel is a ruse. They are preventing the transfer of arms already approved into law by Congress to block Israel from defeating Hamas. And they are promising arms sometime in the distant future. That’s what the article says. They are playing us for fools.” Caroline Glick

Do not fall for the administration's propaganda. The reports about another $1bn in weapons for Israel is a ruse. They are preventing the transfer of arms already approved into law by Congress to block Israel from defeating Hamas. And they are promising arms sometime in the…

— Caroline Glick (@CarolineGlick) May 15, 2024

White House says Biden would veto Israel bill on the floor this week.

— Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) May 14, 2024


— Mark R. Levin (@marklevinshow) May 15, 2024

Biden claims he’s reversing and now sending weapons to Israel, but here’s why that is NOT true…

By: Right Scoop, May. 14, 2024:

It’s being reported tonight that Joe Biden is backtracking from his Israeli arms embargo and is “moving forward with more than $1 billion in new weapons deals for Israel”.

Here’s the report:

“Walkback on aisle Biden: “The Biden administration notified Congress on Tuesday that it was moving forward with more than $1 billion in new weapons deals for Israel, U.S. and congressional officials said, a massive arms package less than a week after the White House paused a shipment of bombs over a planned Israeli assault on Rafah””

Erick Erickson pointed out that this is a result of the negative polling Biden has been getting over this. But Ryan Tully, who has worked as a staff member on both House and Senate committees dealing with intelligence and weapons, said that Biden is playing word games:

“A Congressional Notification only initiates a process for arms sales. According to reports last week, the weapons last week that were ordered to not be delivered were already approved under a prior congressional notification. Seems like someone is playing word games.”

Continue reading….

Harvard’s Hudna: Surrenders To Terrorist Students

Geller Report - Wed, 05/15/2024 - 13:00

Spineless, gutless, cowards. Pathetic.

In Islam, a hudna is a deception, a cessation of hostilities during jihad, a retreat followed by regrouping and rearming, which permits an attack on the territory previously left behind.

Photo: Neville Chamberlain’s ‘Peace of Our Time’

Harvard Caves to the Pro-Terrorist, Antisemitic Mob

Organizers of the anti-Israel encampment at Harvard University agreed to disband Tuesday as the school’s interim president agreed to the demonstrator’s concessions. Three weeks after starting the encampment, the organizers, known as Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine, announced the conclusion of their demonstration in a post on social media. The announcement comes after Harvard on Friday suspended some of the student protesters, but part of the agreement to disband the encampment means the suspensions, also known as involuntary leaves of absence, are no longer in effect, the organizers said. “As a pre-condition for decamping, the administration will retract suspensions. The administration has also offered us meetings regarding disclosure and divestment with members of the Harvard Management Company and ‘conversations’ regarding the establishment of a Center for Palestine Studies at Harvard,” the group wrote (Just the News).
Harvard student Shabbos Kestenbaum: The Harvard encampment has just ended. Do you want to see Harvard’s antisemitism in real time? Harvard has agreed with almost all of their demands (X). Hill: Multiple U.S. colleges have moved to end weeks of protest on their campuses as commencement season arrives. Harvard is one of a few institutions that have cut deals with their demonstrators, a list that also includes Northwestern University and Brown University (X).

Another appalling pusillanimous cave in by the castrati who are in charge of Harvard.  Veritas, out, From the River to the Sea, in. '66

Dear Alumni/ae,

I write to share with you a message sent earlier today by Interim President Alan Garber to Harvard students, faculty, and…

— andrew karas (@blackjohnx) May 15, 2024

Peace in Our Time at Harvard

Washington Free Beacon Editors May 14, 2024

Harvard University interim president Alan Garber on Tuesday announced that he’d reached an agreement with the student radicals who have camped out on his lawn for nearly three weeks: They’d pack up their illegal encampment, and he’d do his part to make sure suspended students are swiftly reinstated.

That’s not all. Garber, who is gunning to replace his disgraced predecessor Claudine Gay, said that he would arrange meetings between the protesters and a member of the Harvard Corporation who oversees “shareholder responsibility.” Garber himself will also meet with the reprobates “to hear their perspectives on academic matters related to longstanding conflicts in the Middle East,” according to Garber’s announcement.

The group behind the encampment, Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine, posted the image above to its social media accounts. They don’t exactly seem like the negotiating types.

Garber may have notched a short-term truce, or what Hamas would call a hudna—he avoided calling in the cops and cleared the lawn ahead of graduation ceremonies—but it will come at a great cost.

The protesters have learned the lesson: Give the president of Harvard the middle finger, same to the rule-followers and law-abiders, and of course and especially to the Jews, and get richly rewarded for your malconduct.

The students are just getting started. They accurately characterized Garber’s concessions as “side-deals [that] are intended to pacify us away from full disclosure & divestment,” adding, “Rest assured, they will not.”

“Encampments are a tactic—a big and beautiful one—in a larger strategy of divestment,” the students announced on Tuesday, declaring their intention to “carry out this protracted struggle through other means.”

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JIHAD FOILED: Illegal Foreign Nationals On Terror Watch List in ICE Custody after Attempting to Breach Virginia Marine Base

Geller Report - Wed, 05/15/2024 - 12:00

A Jordanian national who had recently crossed the southern border into the United States was on the U.S. government’s terrorist watch list…..

It’s only a matter of time.

A better headline, "Biden's Open Border Policies enable attempted terrorist attack on Quantico".

— William Joseph Hellmann (@w_j_hellmann) May 15, 2024

2 people in ICE custody after attempting to breach Virginia Marine base

By: Marine Times, May 15, 2024;

The Marine Corps prevented two people from breaking onto a Marine installation in Virginia on May 3 and turned them over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The two people drove up to the Fuller Road Gate of Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia, in a box truck and were stopped by military sentries, Capt. Michael Curtis, a spokesman for the base, said in a statement to Marine Corps Times on Tuesday.

“When asked, the operator of the truck informed the military police officers they worked for a company subcontracted by Amazon and were making a delivery to the U.S. Post Office located in the Town of Quantico,” Curtis said in the statement.

Because the two had no affiliation with the Marine base and no credentials to enter it, military police officers directed them to go to a holding area to undergo standard vetting procedures, according to Curtis. But the driver blew past the holding area and attempted to drive onto the base

Officers put up the vehicle denial barriers, blocking the truck from getting any farther onto the base, and detained the pair.

No one was injured, according to Curtis.

The Marine Corps later turned the pair over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. That agency did not respond by time of publication to a Marine Corps Times request for more information about the two people who were detained.


Potomac Local News, which first reported the attempted breach, reported hearing from multiple unnamed sources that one of the truck’s occupants was a Jordanian national who had recently crossed the southern border into the United States and that one occupant was on the U.S. government’s terrorist watch list.

Continue reading…….

UK ‘Conservative’ Demands That His Party Join the Gang-Up on the Jewish State

Geller Report - Wed, 05/15/2024 - 11:00

An English politician, Alan Duncan, MP, has for decades been expressing his spittle-flecked anti-Israel animus. Now he has just been taken to task for his accusations that British politicians – especially Jewish ones — who support Israel are guilty of “dual loyalty.” More on his miching mallecho can be found here.

Sir Alan Duncan is being investigated by the UK Conservative Party after he accused several fellow Tories of acting as agents on behalf of Israel Thursday April 5] on the Leading Britain’s Conversation radio station.

In the LBC interview, Duncan said that member of parliament and then-Secretary of State for International Development Priti Patel should be investigated for a 2017 Israel trip.

“We still don’t know who paid for her trip, when she came back and tried to change government policy as a result of going on a secret trip without actually telling her officials or even the local ambassador,” he said.

Duncan said that former Conservative Friends of Israel head Lord Stuart Polak should be removed from the House of Lords because “he is exercising the interests of another country.”

“The Conservative Friends of Israel has been doing the bidding of [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu, bypassing all proper processes of government to exercise undue influence at the top of government,” said Duncan.

Duncan apparently cannot believe that anyone can support Israel, as it fights Hamas in a war for the Jewish state’s survival, without being an “agent” of the sinister Jewish state. He, of course, is a true-blue Englishman, the purity of whose motives cannot be questioned. Forget about his work in the past for Royal Dutch Shell and various dubious commodity traders, such as the late Marc Rich. Overlook, too, his many years of attacking Israel for what he calls its “land grab” — by which he means the “settlements” in Judea and Samaria (a/k/a the West Bank) that are built on land that was always intended, according the League of Nations’ Mandate for Palestine, to be included in the territory assigned to the future Jewish National Home.

Duncan also called for the party to flush out “extremists” from politics for not condemning Israeli settlements, mentioning Lord Eric Pickles, MP Robert Jenrick, Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Michael Gove, Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden, MP Suella Braverman, and Security Minister Tom Tugendhat.

Those who refuse to join in the gang-up on the Jewish state, and are standing by Jerusalem in its moment of maximum peril, according to Duncan are “extremists.” Those who, like Duncan, want to withhold weapons from the UK being sent to Israel, as part of an effort to force an “immediate and permanent ceasefire” in Gaza, thereby allowing the terror group Hamas to proclaim that because it is still standing it has “won the war with the Zionist entity,” are the judicious upholders of international law.

How can you have a security minister in the British government who does not believe in international law?” the former minister asked. “I think he [Tugendhat] should be sacked.”

When Allen Duncan describes Israeli settlements as violations of international law, he is ignoring the fact that these settlements are built on land seized by Jordan in the 1948 war, and then retaken by Israel in the Six-Day War, land which had always been intended by the League of Nations to be included in the Mandate for Palestine’s territory, which was to become the future Jewish state. Alan Duncan, however, insists that that same territory in Judea and Samaria is “occupied land,” to which Israel has no legitimate claim. He is hoping you won’t find out about the Mandate for Palestine.

The situation had improved since the recent removal of Jenrick and Braverman from cabinet positions, said Duncan, but he noted that Braverman “is still supporting Israel and the bombing and the annihilation of people in Gaza.”…

The “annhilation of the people in Gaza”? How can Duncan say this with a straight face, when the IDF has made colossal efforts to minimize civilian casualties, by dropping thousands of leaflets, sending millions of text messages and millions more of recorded phone messages, all in order to warn Gazan civlians to leave areas, and buildings, about to be targeted? Does he not know about the thousands of airstrikes that Israeli pilots have called off at the last minute because they detected the presence of too many civilians at or near the target area?

America Has Finally Had It With Lyin’ Joe Biden

Geller Report - Tue, 05/14/2024 - 19:38

Victor Davis Hanson knocks it our of the park.

Related: 10 Most Common Pro-Hamas Lies About Israel

Has America Finally Had It With Joe Biden?

Joe Biden’s personal approval rating is at historic lows; almost all his policies do not poll fifty percent. He is behind Trump in almost all the swing states. And now he lies serially even to sympathetic interviewers. In short, finally Biden has been exposed for what he always was and represented.

Senator and Vice President Joe Biden was always sort of a buffoon. He is by nature a grandstander who handsomely profited from his office while posing as good ole Joe from Scranton.

He is a blowhard meddler, one who proverbially has been “wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades (Robert Gates),” from dissenting on the Bin Laden raid to his trisection of Iraq scheme.

He is a fabulist who believes that the more animated he misleads and slurs (“semi-fascists” “fat”, “lying dog-faced pony soldier”, “chumps”, “dregs of society”, etc), the more likely he is to get away with it. He is a confessed plagiarist. And he has also invented much of his biography, from would be star, college-scholarship athlete and brilliant law student to semi-truck driver and jailed civil rights activist. His uncle, we are instructed, was eaten by cannibals. Joe assures us that he was the first in his family to go to college.

And he is a racist with a repertory of racial taunts and smears unrivaled among modern politicians (“junkie”, “boy”, “you ain’t black”, “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy”, “put y’all back in chains”, the Corn Pop and golden-leg hairs sagas, the “racial jungle” memes, the strange brag about Delaware as a “slave state” (e.g., “You don’t know my state. My state was a slave state. My state is a border state.”), and his encomia for the old Democratic racists of the Senate from former Klansman Robert Byrd (Biden’s self-described “mentor” and “guide”) to segregationist James Eastland (“never called me boy”).

Biden has always had a mean streak that explains why for years he lied about the tragic, fatal auto accident of his first wife and child, using it to libel the truck driver, who was neither drunk nor culpable but smeared publicly for years by Biden as intoxicated and guilty. For years he ignored the pleas of the trucker’s family to please stop libeling an innocent driver.

Biden just told his greatest whopper that inflation was at 9 percent (actually 1.4 percent) when he took office and yet soon spiked to 9 percent due to his reckless deficit spending and money printing spree.

But recently Biden has reached a nadir and even the Left is resigned to him as a mere construct. After bragging after October 7 that his support for Israel was rock-solid he is now cutting off military aid as it attempts finally to end the Hamas murderous threat—a reversion to old Joe Biden who in his long past has previously threatened to cut off Israel while boasting later that anyone who did so was reprehensible. (Leveraging congressional mandated aid for political advantage is precisely the (false) allegation of politicking that the Democrats demagogued to impeach Trump—to the then cheers of Biden himself).

But his sell out of Israel is but a small tessera in his election pandering mosaic. He will again begin drawing down the strategic petroleum reserve to lower gas prices during the campaign. He has badgered Ukraine not to hit Russian oil facilities. He has illegally forgiven billions in student loan aid to regain the elite youth vote. And as the campaign season begins, so too Biden suddenly poses as a border enforcer—after letting in nearly 10-million illegal aliens.

Biden has always put the agendas of his own and his family above the national interest. We witnessed that when he bragged that he fired the Ukrainian prosecutor looking into his son’s Burisma skullduggery. The Biden consortium is corrupt and was enriched with over $25 million through foreign interests’ assurance that Senator and Vice President Joe Biden would deliver on their quid pro quo investments in him.

Any other major politician who habitually invaded the private space of women and preteens to blow on their hair, gobble their necks, squeeze and hug far too long, and be accused of sexual assault would have long since been cancelled by the left.

Add the old disturbing narrative of a naked Vice President Joe Biden exiting his pool in front of female secret service agents, the showering with his pre-teen daughter, the Frank Biden and Hunter naked selfies, and there seems something eerie among the Biden family.

Despite fierce denials, the entire lawfare scheme directed at Trump originated with the White House. Biden was always said to have been exasperated with Merrick Garland for not hastily enough going after Trump.

The misadventurous Georgia prosecutor Nathan Wade met with and was tutored by the White House counsel’s office. One of the top Biden DOJ prosecutors was dispatched to rescue the bungling Alvin Bragg farce.

Jack Smith, appointed by the Biden DOJ to go after Biden’s 2024 presidential rival, timed his indictments to coincide with the campaign season, even as Smith’s office mishandled classified files taken at Mar-a-Lago to bolster its prosecution—and then lied about it.

Hard-won American deterrence was destroyed by the humiliation in Afghanistan and the lies surrounding the disaster, the Chinese balloon flight and the misinformation about it, the wars in Ukraine, Gaza, and on the Red Sea, and the accompanying disinformation from the White House.

Such recklessness abroad is the bookend to the home front where massive borrowing, the destruction of the border, crippling inflation, spiraling crime, and the epidemic of “progressive” anti-Semitism on campuses have made American almost unrecognizable.

Again, at the heart of this Biden catastrophe is the Faustian bargain of 2020 when unelectable leftist candidates dropped out in unison to use a fumbling Biden as their more presentable veneer. So he was foisted upon the nation to serve as “moderate” cover to advance a radical, veritable Obama third-term. In that sense, his duties were ceremonial—as the hard-left channeled through him the most radical agenda in U.S. history, and found his debility and dementia advantageous—the country be damned.

If Biden makes it to and through the convention, he and his record remain indefensible. And so expect his campaign largely to be waged through lawfare against Trump, and massive infusions of leftist cash to ensure record mail-in and early voting. In the campaign Biden will become an afterthought, a ghost, vapor, as his party seeks to construct the entire election one of leftwing, blue-city prosecutors, judges, and juries versus serial defendant Trump.

But will Nemesis first catch up to Biden’s long record of hubris and dishonesty?

Israeli Independence Day Fireworks Over Rafah

Geller Report - Tue, 05/14/2024 - 19:03

Beautiful! Beautiful! Am Israel chai!

WATCH: IDF soldiers kick off Yom Ha’atzmaut with fireworks over Rafah

By: World Israel News, May 14, 2024:

As Israel celebrates 76 years of independence, IDF troops are still battling Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists on its borders.

Democrat Leadership Urges Members To Oppose House GOP’s Israel Aid Bill

Geller Report - Tue, 05/14/2024 - 18:53

It’s not “just the squad”. Today’s Democratic Party is systemically antisemitic. The entire anti-Israel narrative is a litany of lies about Israel. Lying about Israel is lying about Jews. That’s antisemitism straight up. (hat tip Shirley)

Dem Leadership Urges Members To Oppose House GOP’s Israel Weapons Bill

By: Daily Wire, May 14, 2024;

On Tuesday, House Democrat leadership urged their colleagues in the party to vote against a GOP bill that pressures the Biden administration not to withhold arms from Israel as it fights Hamas following a deadly terrorist attack in October of last year.

Republican appropriators introduced the legislation after President Joe Biden halted the delivery of some weapons to Israel in protest of a full-scale ground operation in the southern Gaza city of Rafah.

Continue reading…..

New Biden Edict Installs The Deep State (Democrat Bureaucrats) Forever

Geller Report - Tue, 05/14/2024 - 15:00

Invariably, it makes elections irrelevant because these subversives are actually running the country.

New Biden Rule Aims To Entrench The Deep State Forever

By:Jacob Sagert and James Sherk , The Federalist, May 14, 2024;

If you think firing poorly performing federal employees is too hard, you are not alone. Most federal employees agree. Now President Biden has made this problem worse. New regulations will make dismissals of poor-performing and subversive employees even more difficult. The rule reinforces removal restrictions and prohibits the reclassification of federal bureaucrats. This broad regulatory change was built specifically to block the reinstatement of Trump-era reforms. The deep state will soon become even less accountable.

The federal employee dismissal process is broken. Agencies take six months to a year to remove poor performers, followed by lengthy appeals that often result in reinstatement with back pay. If the employee wins, agencies must typically cover their attorney fees — at rates of $400 to $1,000 per hour. This makes removing employees for even the worst offenses expensive and uncertain.

For example, the Department of Justice suspended two prosecutors who withheld exculpatory evidence from a U.S. senator’s defense team. The federal judge overseeing the case said he had “never seen such mishandling or misconduct.” Nonetheless, the prosecutors appealed and got the suspensions overturned on a technicality. The government restored two months of back wages and paid out $643,000 in attorney fees.

This dysfunction is all too common. Removing problematic employees is difficult in every federal agency. Just one-half of 1 percent of tenured federal employees were fired in 2023 for poor performance or misconduct.

Surveys show that federal employees themselves object to this system. Half report chronic poor performance in their unit, and most don’t believe their agency effectively addresses poor performers. Fewer than half of federal career supervisors feel confident they could dismiss an employee for serious misconduct. Just a quarter believe they could remove a poor performer. Federal employees recognize the system is broken.

Unfortunately, this dysfunction empowers bad actors, and it is not uncommon for career employees to inject partisanship into their official duties.

Continue reading…


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