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Updated: 2 hours 29 min ago

Elon Musk unveils revolutionary underground tunnel

2 hours 33 min ago
Elon Musk unveiled his Los Angeles underground transportation tunnel on Tuesday, allowing reporters and invited guests to take the first rides in the revolutionary underground tube.

CNN obtains Trump's signature on a letter of intent to build Trump Tower Moscow

2 hours 42 min ago
Chris Cuomo obtained a copy of the signed letter, which he showed to viewers on Tuesday night. The letter discussed plans to build Trump hotel, condos, and commercial property in Moscow.

Michelle Obama surprises tour groups at 30 Rock with Jimmy Fallon

2 hours 49 min ago
Obama appeared on NBC's Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night, where she pulled the elevator prank before sitting down for a revealing, wide-ranging interview.

Bronx mom fights back car thief by straddling, kicking the teen

2 hours 49 min ago
Footage shows Tihisha Jones after she auto-started her Honda Pilot and witnessed a young man, identified as 19-year-old Bernado Santiago, in the front seat during the attempted auto theft.

School rewound video during massacre, delaying officers

2 hours 53 min ago
The police response to the Florida high school massacre was delayed because school officials rewound a school surveillance video, making officers think the gunman was still in the building.

Expose claims Facebook allowed Netflix, Spotify, Amazon to access users' private information

2 hours 56 min ago
A new New York Times expose has revealed that Facebook granted access to hundreds of millions of users' data to 150 companies.

Oldest living veteran Richard Overton, 112, hospitalized with pneumonia

3 hours 7 min ago
Richard Overton, who celebrated his 112th birthday in May, has been in an Austin, Texas hospital since last Wednesday, his cousin said.

Chicago drug trafficker testifies about meeting El Chapo in his secret mountain compound

4 hours 3 min ago
Pedro Flores, 37, testified on Tuesday at Guzman's trial in Brooklyn, saying that with his identical twin brother Margarito Flores he distributed some 60 tons of cocaine in the U.S. for the Sinaloa Cartel.

Trump's promise to 'review' case of Green Beret murder suspect left legal experts FURIOUS

4 hours 24 min ago
President Donald Trump tweeted on Sunday that he would review the case of Major Matthew Golsteyn, who admitted to killing an Afghan man he suspected was a Taliban bomb maker.

WNBA coach 'severed his artery after punching through broken glass during domestic dispute'

5 hours 23 min ago
Todd Troxel, an assistant coach with the WNBA's Phoenix Mercury, punched through a glass window during a domestic dispute with his fiance at their Paradise Valley, Arizona home on November 30.

Good boy! Service dog gets honorary diploma

5 hours 28 min ago
Brittany Hawley, 25, and her service dog, Griffin, were honored with degrees on Saturday by Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York.

Congressman mocked by Pete Davidson on SNL calls troubled comedian

5 hours 40 min ago
The 34-year-old Republican politician and former Navy SEAL officer, who called the SNL funnyman on Sunday, said Davidson's post was 'pretty devastating'.

Selena Gomez looks happy frolicking in the snow with BFFs in first photos since hospitalization

5 hours 45 min ago
Selena Gomez looked happy and healthy during a play date in the snow with some of her good friends. The SM photos are the first since entered a mental health facility in October.

Detective sues Netflix over 'Making a Murderer' series

5 hours 45 min ago
Former Manitowoc County Sheriff's Detective Andrew Colborn, who helped convict Steven Avery for the 2005 killing of photographer Teresa Halbach, filed a lawsuit against Netflix on Monday.

Royal Caribbean found not responsible for overboard death of man, 22, who was served '30 drinks'

5 hours 45 min ago
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has been found not responsible for the death of 22-year-old Nathaniel Skokan who went overboard off the 12th deck of their cruise ship while intoxicated in 2016.

Senate overwhelmingly passes criminal justice overhaul

5 hours 47 min ago
The Senate passed a sweeping criminal justice bill Tuesday that addresses concerns that the nation's war on drugs had led to the imprisonment of too many Americans.

Alfonso Ribeiro's Fortnite lawsuit might be in jeopardy from video where he says he 'stole' dance

6 hours 1 min ago
Alfonso Riberio's lawsuit filed on Monday against Epic Games for stealing his Carlton dance for use in their massively popular Fortnite game.

Trump says the Democrats misunderstand his artistically designed wall

6 hours 13 min ago
'The Democrats, are saying loud and clear that they do not want to build a Concrete Wall - but we are not building a Concrete Wall, we are building artistically designed steel slats,' Trump tweeted.

Ohio sheriff under investigation after he is accused of stealing drug bust money

6 hours 41 min ago
Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader was accused in an anonymous complaint  sent to the Auditor's Office last month. A special prosecutor is now investigating the claims.

Suspect in New York Halloween terrorist attack was being wiretapped by FBI

6 hours 43 min ago
Sayfullo Saipov, 30, allegedly used a rented truck to kill eight people in the attack. He later told investigators that he was inspired by ISIS videos and felt good about what he had done.