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Updated: 3 hours 15 min ago

Bode Miller breaks down in tears as he talks about celebrating Easter without late daughter

3 hours 16 min ago
Emmy Miller died in June 2018 after falling into a neighbor's pool and drowning. She would have turned two just a month before Miller and his wife Morgan Beck welcomed their newborn son.

Trump denies telling White House counsel to fire Mueller

3 hours 16 min ago
Donald Trump says he never ordered White House lawyer Don McGahn to fire special counsel Robert Mueller, contradicting testimony in the special counsel report.

China claims to have successfully launched AND landed a HYPERSONIC rocket

3 hours 25 min ago
The rocket, named Jia Geng No. 1, reached a maximum altitude of 26.2 kilometres (16.3 miles) before returning to earth during the landmark launch on Tuesday over China’s Gobi Desert.

Mother 'arrested after complaining about her teenage daughter's vomit-covered seat'

3 hours 28 min ago
Rosetta Swinney, 53, was on a flight with her 14-year-old daughter to Raleigh-Durham when she complained to Frontier Airlines cabin crew about the state of her seat.

Fears that Trump's visit may ruin 75th anniversary D-Day event

3 hours 28 min ago
Thousands of people are expected to flood into Portsmouth, Hampshire, to see veterans of the Normandy landings honoured in a poignant ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

Shocking 'casting couch' claims surface about late actor Mickey Rooney

3 hours 31 min ago
Craig Bennett certainly doesn't hold anything back in his new tell-all book, True Confessions of a Shameless Gossip.

Inside Chernobyl's chilling Exclusion Zone

3 hours 38 min ago
Student Alex Hendriks expected lifeless desolation when he visited the centre of the Chernobyl disaster zone in northern Ukraine - but he discovered it's inhabited by semi-wild hounds.

Bernie Sanders is heckled while answering questions on black voters

3 hours 40 min ago
The 2020 presidential candidate was subjected to heckling from the fired-up crowd at Houston's Texas Southern University as he was asked about his plans to combat white-supremacist violence.

American grandmother kidnapped in Uganda speaks out for the first time since rescue

3 hours 42 min ago
Kimberly Endicott, 56, was snatched from her jeep in the Queen Elizabeth National Park along with her driver on April 2.

Driver is run over by his lorry after forgetting to put the handbrake on - and survives

3 hours 43 min ago
WARNING: DISTRESSING CONTENT. The hapless driver was seen frantically trying to stop the lorry from crashing into the gas station in north China. He sustained a broken arm.

Skater reveals she had a double hip replacement at 29 after people dismissed her limp as 'swagger'

3 hours 50 min ago
Kaitlyn Sharpe, now 32, of Ontario, had severe hip dysplasia, which occurs when the socket does not fully cover the ball portion of the upper thighbone. This left her battling pain every day.

Little girl named Carter is OBSESSED with Beyoncé saying ‘Hey Ms. Carter’

3 hours 53 min ago
The two-year-old daughter was videoed in her car seat during a car ride. Her mom played Partition by Beyoncé, but Carter wanted to only hear the start.

Hero pensioner saves drowning boy, 7, from a pool as unwitting mother thought he was 'just playing'

3 hours 56 min ago
The young boy was seen struggling to keep his head above water as soon as he stepped into the pool in Liaoning, China. The 63-year-old man immediately jumped in and pulled him out.

Obama WON'T endorse Biden on the first day of his former VP's White House campaign

4 hours 52 sec ago
The Republican Party mocked Biden for failing to win his former boss' backing: 'We don't need eight more years of Biden. Just ask President Obama, who isn't even endorsing his right-hand man.'

Desperate polar bear scrambles down a crumbling ice cliff to find her missing cub

4 hours 5 min ago
In stunning pictures, a mother bear searches frantically for her cub. The family drama was spotted playing out by wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein on Baffin Island, Canada.

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un meet for the first time

4 hours 10 min ago
Kim and Putin (pictured) met for their summit in Vladivostok. The pair said they have had 'fruitful talks' about how to defuse the standoff over Pyongyang's nuclear program following their first ever meeting.

AOC fires back at Trump's back-handed compliment about the VA as she returns to Twitter

4 hours 16 min ago
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez returned from a twitter break to answer President Trump's backhanded compliment, saying: 'I see the President is tweeting about me. Just another day at the office!'

Ex-Google manager Tristan Harris says tech giants are 'downgrading humanity'

4 hours 25 min ago
Tristan Harris, 34, is an ex-Google product manager who the Center for Humane Technology and said tech is 'downgrading our humanity'.

Super-close-up pictures reveal everyday items in a completely different light 

4 hours 26 min ago
These stunning macro pictures show everyday items in a whole new light - so can you tell what they are?

Indian rhino at Miami Zoo becomes first in the world to be born via artificial insemination 

4 hours 27 min ago
Akuti, a seven-year-old Greater One-Horned Indian Rhinoceros, gave birth to the calf at approximately 12.30am on Tuesday April 23 at Zoo Miami, Florida.