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ON TIME, ON TARGET: Special operations military news and straight talk with the guys in the community. Hosted by Army Ranger/Green Beret Jack Murphy. As seen ranked #1 in Apple Podcasts government category.
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Ep. 467 - Author & Ranger During the Pat Tillman Incident Steven Elliott

Fri, 06/21/2019 - 20:53
Joining the show is former Army Ranger & author of "War Story" Steven Elliott.  He served alongside Pat Tillman when Tillman died in a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan on April 22nd, 2004.  Elliott is one of two men believed to have possibly killed Tillman in the incident.  Steven talks about his beginnings as a Ranger and then describes the events of that tragic day.  He and Jack then share the connection they have between the two of them while Jack shares his experience involving friendly fire. Elliott shares how he was eventually able to cope with the event, what inspired him to write a book about it, preach the importance of learning from one's mistakes, and finding positiving in embracing the darkness.  Be sure to sign Steven's petition at Elliot Fund, where you can also purchase his book, "War Story." Jack and Dennis open the show with a recap of using drugs for PTSD and how some things you've heard about drugs growing up ended up as myths.  They also discuss Iran shooting down a US drone and what could come of it as a result, as well as some conspiracy theories about the Earth.  Be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcast, let us know what you think of the show and purchase Jack's book "Murphy's Law" where you can find wherever books are sold.

Ep. 466: Success With Psychedelics From Seal Team 6 Member Jeff Nichols

Wed, 06/19/2019 - 20:43
Exercise Physiologist & member of SEAL Team 6, Jeff Nichols, joins the show to talk about the preparation & training for BUDs.  Jeff also discusses the importance of recovery and preaches longevity when mentioning how to continue to train once you've gone through BUDs.  Jeff shares the darkness he fell into when his time in the Navy ended and how suicidal thoughts made him change his mindset.  He turned to psychedelics such as psilocybin mushrooms and DMT which he attributes to his clarity today.  Jeff shares what the experience of DMT is like while explaining what lead him to that point.  He attributes non-profits the Heroic Hearts Project and Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies as organizations veterans should explore if this holistic approach is of interest.  Be sure to follow Jeff on Instagram and visit his website Performance First if you have any questions about potential treatments or for training programs. Jack and Dennis share Jack's Father's Day, a conversation about Monday's shooter in Dallas, trying to understand the mindset of public shooters, and a few thoughts on Jack's article regarding Eddie Gallagher and how he approaches controversial topics in the military.  Be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcast, let us know what you think of the show and purchase Jack's book "Murphy's Law" where you can find wherever books are sold.

Ep. 465 - Former Marine & FBI Special Agent Ed Mireles

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 21:44
Ep. 465 - Former Marine & FBI Special Agent Ed Mireles by SOFREP Radio

Ep. 464 - Author Cody Perron, Former Marine & DSS Agent

Wed, 06/12/2019 - 23:55
For the first time on the show, we welcome on a former Special Agent of the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service, Cody Perron.  He is also a former Marine as well as an author of the book "Agent Unknown" detailing his time as a DSS agent.  Cody shares what exactly a DSS Agent is and the duties that come with the job, some of the toughest spots he's been assigned to detail, including an excellent story about his time spent in Erbil, Iraq.  He shares what kind of counter intelligence is done on the job, some of the more surreal locations he's been able to see, and the positive experiences he's been fortunate enough to experience in his time as an agent.  Cody shares whether on not his Cajun roots were able to help with any language barriers he faced, as well as a great piece of advice for anyone looking to become a DSS agent.  You can follow Cody on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.  Let him know what you think of his book. Jack and Dennis open the show with Jack's recount of his speech in San Diego and why it was such an honor to speak with chapter 48 of the Special Forces Association.  While in San Diego, Jack took his daughter to Sea World where they encountered a former sailor, while his daughter provides us the highlights from the trip.  The guys also discuss bearded culture and an unfortunate helicopter accident taking place mere blocks from the studio.  Be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcast, let us know what you think of the show and purchase Jack's book "Murphy's Law" where you can find wherever books are sold.

Ep. 463 - Jeff Kirkham - The AK-47 Episode

Fri, 06/07/2019 - 19:21
The anticipated return of Jeff Kirkham and his nearly 30 years of service in the Army Special Forces to share his expertise on the Kalashnikov.  First Jeff shares some thoughts on Jack's book "Murphy's Law" after just completing it, and the guys wrap about some topics included in the novel.  Once "The AK-47" episode truly begins, Jeff shares how he became passionate about the gun, common misconceptions associated with the Kalashnikov, what guns are comparable to the AK, and why the manufacturing of this particular gun was able to spread throughout the world.  Jeff also shares some personal stories of his usage with the weapon while serving our country and a funny story about a military mixup. Be sure to check out his latest book "The Last Air Force One," his website Readyman and follow Jeff on Instagram @Praetorian_Innovations. Jack and Dennis share their thoughts on the 75th anniversary of D-Day, how men like Jock Hutton were just greater men than we have today, and the pitfalls of social media and how it can corrupt your mindset.  They also share how it's easy to get swept up in the clickbait and viral addictions we're faced with as a society today.  Jack's daughter also makes a brief appearance on the podcast.  Be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcast, let us know what you think of the show.

Ep. 462 - Ben Blum, Author "Ranger Games"

Thu, 06/06/2019 - 03:07
Ben Blum joins SOFREP Radio to share the story of his cousin, former Army Ranger Alex Blum's story in Ben's novel "Ranger Games." The book details Alex's involvement in the 2006 bank robbery in Tacoma, Washington where Alex, Luke Elliott Sommer, another former Ranger, and two other men stole over $54,000.  Ben explains why Rangers would decide to rob a bank, detailing Sommer showing signs of psychotic tendencies, and the relationship between Blum & Sommer, his squad leader.  Ben shares with Jack how Alex claimed to think the entire robbery was part of his Ranger training, even after his arrest.  They explain how Rangers can have different reactions on their time spent in the program based off the type of superiors they were serving under.  Ben shares what Alex has been up to since his release and compare Ben's article on the Stanford prison experiment to the military's hierarchy.  Jack and Dennis laugh over Jack's response game on Twitter and President Trump on social media. Jack explains his recent article on warfare video games as well as other articles he has in the pipeline.  Jack and Dennis open the show with thoughts on celebrating the upcoming 500th episode.  If you have any liquor suggestions feel free to send them our way at  or on Twitter or Instagram. Be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcast, let us know what you think of the show.  You can follow Ben Blum on Twitter & Facebook.  Let him know what you think of his book.

Ep. 461 - Alex Hollings

Sat, 06/01/2019 - 18:13
Former Marine, Alex Hollings is welcomed back to the program and after a brief conversation about life as a reporter and reviewing military gear the conversation quickly goes off the rails.  Jack and Alex continue to plan their "epic comic book podcast" with no date set, They quickly divert into topics such as - how pop culture is shaped by mythology, polygamy in foreign countries, the debate between good vs. evil and how the world is really filled with shades of gray, and why the human consciousness might not actually matter.  Jack asks Alex to share his thoughts on Navy pilots spotting potential UFO's, and trying to find an answer to what the hell those pilots actually saw. They wrap up their discussion with their thoughts on Avengers: Endgame and time travel as a whole. Jack opens the show with the sad news of the suicide of former Green Beret Bobby Barrios, if you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts look for help here or call the Veterans Crisis Line at: 1-800-273-8255 & Press 1.  Former guest of the show, Dale Comstock's wife has kidney failure and Jack wanted to pass along the Go Fund Me page if anyone is able to help out Dale, you can find the website here.  Jack and Dennis share their thoughts on Trump's visit to Japan while the USS McCain was nowhere to be found.  Be sure to check out Alex's writing at The Loadout Room, & at The NewsRep.  You can also pick his book "The Perception Wars: How Influence Shapes Conflict" as well as Jack's book "Murphy's Law".  Be sure to leave a review on Apple Podcast and as always follow Alex on Twitter @AlexHollings52.

Ep. 360 - Former Special Forces, Author & Journalist Greg Walker

Wed, 05/29/2019 - 17:17
Greg Walker, an investigative journalist on the, author, and former member of several Special Forces Groups joins Jack for a breakdown of former Green Beret turned Sandinista David Baez along with an in depth conversation regarding mental health in the military.  Walker gives a complete breakdown of the fascinating story how a Nicaraguan turned American citizen ended up as a Sandinista.  Following the insightful discussion of Baez, Jack and Greg delve into the issues behind veteran suicides.  They talk about the importance of mental health, what steps could be taken to help a soldier in need, why they feel resources are lacking to help veterans and provide some advice to anyone with suicidal thoughts. Before Greg joined the show, Jack shared his intrigued with David Baez and discussed a great piece written by Robert Fisk on the Douma 'gas' attacks.   Dennis asks Jack to share a few thoughts on Memorial Day and if there is a proper way to honor those who gave their lives for this country.  Be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcast, and check out Greg's piece on veteran suicides along with other great articles at

Ep. 459 - Navy Veteran & Author Jeffery Hess

Fri, 05/24/2019 - 17:20
Jeffrey Hess, author of "No Salvation" speaks with Jack & Ian about his novel inspired by actual events that took place in 1972 aboard the USS Kitty Hawk.  The novel details how African-American sailors faced difficulties while trying to obtain higher ranked positions within the Navy, despite a lower requirement for enlistment.  Hess describes the riot about the USS Kitty Hawk in October of '72 and how Commander Porter was able to finally diffuse the situation.  Hess shares why he wrote about an issue as controversial as racial inequality in the military as well as what inspired him to get into writing in the first place. In addition to Jeffrey joining the show, Jack breaks down his appearance on CNN's The Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin after John Walker Lindh was released from prison after serving 17 of his 20 year sentence.  Jack shares his disappointment regarding former CIA officer turned DC Comics writer Tom King and his Batman story line.  Before Ian reflects on his 7 years with the program he breaks down the trailer for the latest Terminator movie, Terminator: Dark Fate.  Ian then shares some of his fondest memories working on the show, what he's going to miss, and what the future holds for him.  From everyone here at SOFREP Radio we can say, Ian you will be missed but we wish you the best of luck on all your future endeavors.  Be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcast, let us know what you think of the show.  You can follow Jeffery Hess on Twitter & Instagram. Be sure to pick up his novel when it goes on sale Memorial Day.

Ep. 458 - Navy SEAL Remi Adeleke

Wed, 05/22/2019 - 20:33
Remi Adeleke, author of "Transformed: A Navy SEAL’s Unlikely Journey from the Throne of Africa, to the Streets of the Bronx, to Defying All Odds" joins the show to discuss his life from birth to now.  How he assimilated going from Nigerian royalty to hustling on the streets of the Bronx.  What movie peaked his interest in the SEALs and who helped him enlist in the Navy.  Adeleke describes the hardships he faced during BUD/S and how he was able to overcome.  He shares his experience as an African-American in the Middle East and how the military could better provide information about the experience with more African-Americans to hopefully increase enlistment. Despite acting in both movies and television, Adeleke sees himself as an author first and foremost, and ends the interview with a passionate thought on fellow SEAL Eddie Gallagher's potential pardon from President Trump. Along with a great interview from Remi, the guys react to the New York Times article written by former guest of the show, Dave Philipps about the possibility of President Trump pardoning more servicemen, including Navy SEAL, Eddie Gallagher, of their accused war crimes.  Over the weekend, former WWE Diva, Ashley Massaro passed away and Ian reads an excerpt from an affidavit where she describes being raped by a Marine while on an overseas trip for the WWE.  Jack was excited to share the news that his article on Special Forces Detachment A is up on Newsrep, completely unredacted.  Be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcast, let us know what you think of the show.  You can follow Remi Adeleke on Twitter & Instagram @RemiAdeleke.

Ep. 457 - War Story, a novel by artist & USMC vet David Richardson

Fri, 05/17/2019 - 19:54
"War Story" is a novel about a U.S. Marine and an Iraqi Defense Forces Lieutenant Colonel coming together to achieve the same goal. Author and painter David Richardson, a Marine combat veteran, gets into the inspiration behind this book with us, and the deeper themes he hopes to present to the reader about man's fascination with war since the beginning of time. You'll hear how Richardson drew from his own life in imagining this book, and we were glad to have him join us in studio. It was also very cool to hear that Richardson's friends who are listeners of the podcast gave him the nod to get on with us. In addition to this in-depth interview, we get into your emails sent to A lot of outstanding feedback thus far from the listeners for Jack's new book, "Murphy's Law." We also dig into the current U.S. administration's growing hostility towards Iran. One of our listeners connects some dots to this foreign policy situation, and Murphy writes about this in-depth in his recent piece on Newsrep, "America's War Drums Beat for Iran." Check it out. Be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, let us know what you think of the show, and also check out David Richardson's art on his website at You can also follow him on Twitter @DrichWarStory to let him know what you think of the book after you pick it up!

Ep. 456 - Helping transitioning veterans

Wed, 05/15/2019 - 19:50
We start off this show with Vicki Behenna, mother of 1st Lt. Michael Behenna, reacting to the recent news of the pardoning of her son by President Donald Trump. Behenna served slightly under 5 years of a 15 year sentence in Ft. Leavenworth for the killing of terrorist Ali Mansur Mohamed. Michael has always maintained that he acted in self-defense. Michael appeared with us back on Episode 88 (available on when he was released, and this closes the chapter of a very dark period for the Behenna family. They are very thankful that President Trump made this a priority and that so many people raised enough attention to bring this issue to the forefront. Vicki hopes to see the same outcome for other men still serving time for questionable offenses that she believes are good men. Next, we're joined in studio by former Green Beret and author of "Separating From Service: The Mental Health Handbook for Transitioning Veterans," Eric Burleson. We have a very frank discussion about the many issues that veterans face when leaving the military, and how for him, some of these issues stemmed from hardship outside of life in combat. What's unique about this book is that Eric takes a deep dive into the neuroscience behind why veterans face the particular issues that they do when coming home to a very new life in so many aspects. Follow Eric on Twitter @Eric_Burleson, pick up the book, and proceeds from the Kindle edition will be benefiting the family of a friend and fellow Green Beret killed in action. This was a very important podcast and you'll hear Eric get into some dark areas that many would be afraid to reveal. So, major kudos to the work he is doing in helping his fellow vets.

Ep. 455 - China discussion & a rebuttal on Bowe Bergdahl

Fri, 05/10/2019 - 22:23
Last week, many of you heard our interview with Michael Ames discussing his book "American Cipher: Bowe Bergdahl and the U.S. Tragedy in Afghanistan." Well, so did Matt Vierkant, a man who personally got to know Bowe Bergdahl when they served together in Afghanistan prior to Bowe's sudden disappearance. Matt decided to read the book as well, and felt that there were some discrepancies he wanted to rebut, and as a friend of the show, we're always glad to have Matt come on and join us. Matt feels the book is biased in taking the side of Bergdahl, someone he views as an unstable and unreliable source, and that there are still many unanswered questions that we regrettably may never know. We had a thoughtful discussion with Matt just like we did with Ames, and hopefully this will give you, the listener, a better idea of a very puzzling piece of American history. Next guest on this episode is our friend Marine Corps Major Fred Galvin. On a more recent appearance with Galvin, we hinted at a future show discussing China in-depth, and here it is. Galvin spent time in China as a Marine, and a lot of time in Asia at large while serving his country. We get into the future of the communist superpower, and issues including China's social credit system and the deadly importation of Chinese fentanyl to the American market. We also get into more recent troubling news out of Asia as missiles were launched from North Korea to South Korea. Lots to ponder on this episode as we look into the future of the world.

Ep. 454 - Thomas Pecora releases memoir on CIA career

Thu, 05/09/2019 - 00:37
Retired CIA Officer Thomas Pecora is back on with us this episode as we celebrate the release of his book, "Guardian: Life in the Crosshairs of the CIA's War on Terror." If you haven't already listened to Thomas on Episode 410, you'll get a refresher on what the book is about, and from there we get into the many areas he's operated in from Bosnia to the Philippines. He has some excellent action-packed stories for us, including his time working with Special Forces legend Billy Waugh. He discusses the frustration in getting this book through the review process and the long road it took for "Guardian" to finally see a release. It's here now, pick it up, and if you're in the Milwaukee area, be sure to check out Thomas's book signing on May 14th @ 6PM taking place at spy-themed restaurant and bar, SafeHouse. Let him know what you thought of his appearances on SOFREP Radio! We also celebrate something else this episode, and that's the full pardon of 1st Lt Michael Behenna by President Trump. Behenna's case is one I personally followed for years while the young man was stripped of his freedom in Ft. Leavenworth after killing known terrorist Ali Mansur Mohamed in an act that he maintained was one of self-defense. Shortly after his release in March of 2014, we had Michael join us back on Episode 88, and it brings me joy in knowing that his name has now fully been cleared by our President, and that he can move forward in his life. Beyond that, we get to your emails on this one, and feel free to keep those coming to As always, leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, and follow us individually on Twitter @JackMurphyRGR and @IanScotto.

Ep. 453 - Old school FBI stories with Kenneth Steiger

Fri, 05/03/2019 - 20:48
Kenneth Steiger served a Special Agent in the FBI from the 1980's until 2006, and was assigned to major cases in organized crime like the Colombo family. He even worked on the famous case of the largest Ponzi scheme in history with Bernie Madoff. We really get the lowdown on mafia crime in New York City from Steiger, and you do not want to miss it. Also on this show, Steiger gives his take on what he sees as a massive politicization of intelligence in more recent years, and from there we get into the highly publicized cases of Trump and Russian collusion, as well as Hillary Clinton's private email server. We discuss how things have changed from the days of primitive wiretaps, to threats made publicly on social media. We rarely hear from those with a background in the FBI on here, so it was a real privilege to sit down in studio for this nearly two-hour discussion.

Ep. 452 - The REAL story behind Bowe Bergdahl

Wed, 05/01/2019 - 21:09
Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has been called a "traitor" and a "defector" by the likes of prime time television hosts on mainstream media, military personnel, and even our current President. The narrative has also been that the Obama administration traded him for five terrorists, and the lives of American war fighters were lost in the process to get this man back in country. Michael Ames, co-author of "American Cipher" says not so fast, as he investigated Bergdahl's background in-depth, and learned the true story of what really went down. Michael spent a lot of time in Hailey, Idaho as a "glorified ski bum" as he puts in, and when the news broke of Bergdahl being freed, he realized that he was familiar with this young man who grew up there. His interest became the catalyst for the book out now co-written with Matt Farwell, and on this episode, Michael joins us in studio and gives us the facts behind such a major news event that became plagued with falsehoods and misinformation. Be sure to pick up "American Cipher: Bowe Bergdahl and the U.S. Tragedy in Afghanistan" to gain some real insight into American foreign policy and how the narrative often told to us gets out there before all the facts come out.

Ep. 451 - Bob Baer comments on Erik Prince & more

Fri, 04/26/2019 - 23:12
Bob Baer served as a CIA case officer, primarily in the Middle East, and has written renowned books on his experience including "See No Evil." Baer served with the Agency from 1976 to 1997, and as some of you may know, "See No Evil" became the inspiration for the critically acclaimed film "Syriana" with George Clooney portraying the role of Baer. This is Bob's second appearance on the podcast, and we're really honored to have him back a few years later to tackle some very important and timely issues. We start off with the subject of American military personnel being utilized in countries like Yemen and Haiti as we've recently seen, and the damage that this can cause. From there we get onto the subject of Blackwater founder and former SEAL Erik Prince now working with the Chinese, and Bob does not mince words when giving his stance on this. Another subject tackled this episode is the killing of Osama bin Laden, conspiracy theory surrounding it, and Bob's take on the controversial Seymour Hersh report. Baer's most recent book is "The Perfect Kill: 21 Laws for Assassins." Pick that one up, and dig into this episode, because we go deep!

Ep. 450 - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez praises VA healthcare

Wed, 04/24/2019 - 20:18
We start off this show with a pretty big announcement some of you may have heard earlier in the week from myself (Ian Scotto,) that I have decided to move on from the podcast and work on some future endeavors. I greatly appreciate the positive feedback from any of you who reached out, and have loved both doing this podcast and getting to know such a top notch audience. I still have a whole month of great shows planned with some big name guests before I make the transition, but feel free to keep up with me, I will continue to interact with this audience as always. With that, our guest this show is writer Alex Hollings, who many of you are familiar with. We discuss his article on a downed Japanese F-35 aircraft still missing, as well the recent comments by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez praising the VA by stating, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." With unacceptable numbers of veteran suicides, some even killing themselves in front of VA hospitals, it's understandable why many in the veteran community find these comments appalling. We also answer your emails, including a question on Syria, and I rant for a few about "fake news."  Jack Murphy's memoir "Murphy's Law" hit shelves this week, pick it up. It's available on Audible as well, and is read cover to cover by Jack himself. You can also check out Jack's most recent interview with Andrew Wilkow promoting the book if you're a Sirius XM subscriber and want to listen back On Demand. Downed Japanese F-35 still missing, officials say not to worry about China or Russia finding it first: US Special Forces sabotage White House policy gone disastrously wrong with covert ops in Syria:

Ep. 449 - All things fitness & training

Fri, 04/19/2019 - 18:59
Joining us this episode are previous guests of the show Doug Kechijian & CJ Woodruff. To refresh you on both of these guys, Doug is a retired Air Force PJ, physical therapist, and current CEO of Resilient Performance Systems, and CJ is a retired Marine, personal trainer, and social media personality. I decided to pair them up for a discussion because fitness is not only a huge part of military readiness, but there's also just a major demographic of listeners with a love for this subject matter. As you'll hear, although physical therapy and personal training are two separate routes in this field, these guys see eye to eye on quite a lot. We cover supplementation, government regulation and insurance issues in their respective professions, and what they feel qualifies for military effectiveness. We also cover my own article for The Loadout Room that went up last week titled, "E.A.R.N. - A simple but effective way of mastering your fitness regimen," and you'll hear why CJ and I share a great deal of respect for three-time Mr. Olympia Frank Zane. One of our listeners Sean also made me aware of an original Women's Army Corps officer and World War II veteran Sara Parsons celebrating her 100th birthday that wants nothing more than cards from all of you out there. So check out that article from Wausau, Wisconsin's ABC affiliate on where to send them. Be sure to visit Resilient Performance Training online at, which links to all of their social media and podcast, and follow CJ on Instagram @CJWoodruffOfficial. World War II Veteran asking for cards to celebrate 100th birthday - E.A.R.N. – A simple but effective way of mastering your fitness regimen -

Ep. 448 - Jim West's long anticipated book is here

Wed, 04/17/2019 - 20:41
We've all been waiting for it, "Messages From Beyond" by James "Smokey" West is finally here, and joining him in studio to talk about it is his co-author, Charlene da Silva. As you'll hear Jim discuss, this will be the first in a series of books, and this one begins at a time detailing the legendary Green Beret's brush with death in the late 1970's after a car accident. As Jim says to me, there were no bright lights for him. Some of the work that Jack Murphy started in helping to write Jim's memoir appears in here, but much of that will also be told in a later book. The natural question I wondered when meeting Charlene, is how does a young woman with no military background get into the mind of a seasoned warrior and fighter like Jim to tell a story from his perspective? We get her insight on that, and you'll hear why Jim holds her work in such a high regard. "Messages From Beyond" is out now on in Kindle and paperback, and we hope that you pick it up. We also encourage you to visit Charlene's website at Always a great time with Jim in studio, and I'm glad he introduced me and our audience to the writer he chose to help tell his story.