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ON TIME, ON TARGET: Special operations military news and straight talk with the guys in the community. Hosted by Army Ranger/Green Beret Jack Murphy and New York Festivals award winning radio producer Ian Scotto. As seen ranked #1 in Apple Podcasts government category.
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Ep. 433 - U.S. Navy SEALs arrested in Haiti

Fri, 02/22/2019 - 22:17
If you've been following Newsrep, or any news covering the special operations community for that matter, you're well aware of the arrest in Haiti of former U.S. Navy SEALs Chris Osman, Chris McKinley (who previously went by Chris Heben,) as well as former U.S. Marine Ken Kroeker. These three and several other men were hired as contractors in Haiti working security for the central bank. Due to the massive instability within the government there, matters were handled very poorly and you'll hear how this led to the arrest and eventual release of these men who are now back in the United States. We shoot down some of the wacky conspiracy theories going around since the news hit, and break down what we know so far. Following the discussion we get to our featured guest for Episode 433, Chief Master Sergeant Mike Lampe, a man who was there during the primitive years of Air Force special operations. Previously on Episode 391, Mike joined us to discuss his origin story and Vietnam service. This appearance we get into the next stages of his career, specifically his service in Desert One during the Iranian hostage crisis. As you'll hear though, we still have a lot more to cover in this man's career spanning three decades, so be on the lookout for a part 3. We hope you enjoy, and if you do, be sure to leave us a five-star review on Apple Podcasts.

Ep. 432 - Escaping Communist Vietnam

Wed, 02/20/2019 - 21:14
In 1975 a military man by the name of Ba Van Nguyen took the huge risk of boarding a Chinook CH-47 with his family to escape the communist soldiers of North Vietnam. He had no solid plan but knew he had to get his family out, and things somehow came to fruition once he encountered a Navy ship helping other refugees looking for a new life. The story of Ba Van Nguyen is an incredible one, and we are honored to be joined this episode by his son, Miki Nguyen who relays this story from the eyes of a six year old boy at that time, up until the last years of Ba's life where he got the chance to reunite with those men of the USS Kirk and salute them for their service. Miki got to tell this story in the 2015 Oscar nominated film "Last Days in Vietnam," as well as in the book he authored, "My Father the Badass: An inspiring real-life story of a true HERO." Be sure to check those out after you listen to this in-depth discussion. Also, you've heard us talk about Hurricane Media's first ever short film "Big Mountain Heroes" pushing the positive agenda of "thrills before pills" where special operations military veterans you know from the podcast ski and snowboard the French, Swiss, and Italian Alps. We even had the guys in studio to reflect on the adventure back on Episode 290, and if you're a Spec Ops Channel member (which we highly recommend) you've already enjoyed the film. For the rest of you, we have some great news, and that's the film now becoming available to stream in it's entirety on Youtube. So be sure to check out this incredible footage captured in HD, and spread the word!

Ep. 431 - Max Martini talks Sgt. Will Gardner

Sat, 02/16/2019 - 00:29
Actor Max Martini has been seen in some amazing hit films, including many in the military/war category such as “13 Hours,” “Captain Phillips,” and “Saving Private Ryan.” It’s no shocker that we’ve gotten plenty of requests to get him as a guest to the podcast, and we’re excited to bring him on for the first time. His latest film “Sgt. Will Gardner” not only follows the story of a veteran struggling to transition to civilian life played by Max, but 30% of the proceeds are going to some amazing charities he’s involved in. These charities are focused on the mission of helping veteran homelessness, PTSD, and TBI. Max not only stars in the film, but he wrote and directed this, and it was truly a passion project which he hopes to make an impact with for a cause he feels so strongly about. Although Martini credits the VA with helping many veterans, he often hears about where they may be failing, and he discusses this with us. “Sgt. Will Gardner” will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on February 19th, so pre-order it now, and you’ll be able to check it out before you know it as we’re only a few days away from it’s release. You can follow Max on Twitter and Instagram @MaxMartiniLA. Let him know what you thought of the interview.

Ep. 430 - BK gets banned from Twitter

Wed, 02/13/2019 - 23:47
We cover quite a lot of material on this episode of SOFREP Radio. To start off the show, our friend Fred Galvin is back on with us, this time with some more unfortunate news due to the recent death of Congressman Walter Jones. For those who don’t know, Jones was instrumental in helping Fred and his men that were a part of MARSOC 7 become vindicated. As you’ll hear Marine Corps Major Galvin say, Jones personally vowed to him in what was expected to be his final term in office, that he would fight to clear their names. He kept his promise. From there, friend of the show and former Air Force PJ, BK joins us. Many of you know BK from his writings, his podcast, and of course, his hammering of social justice warriors and #WokeVets via Twitter. Well, after several suspensions, BK has now been tossed off the platform and is forced to Tweet under a new account (which you can follow @BKActualPodcast.) We have a funny yet thought provoking discussion about the de-platforming of figures on social media and whether or not it tends to be politically driven. As usual, BK’s appearances are not for the easily offended. Last we end on an urgent note. Another friend of the show, Rob Trivino, is in need of your help. The former Special Missions Unit operator recently suffered a life altering condition that is sure to cost his family a great sum of expenses. A GoFundMe has been set up by those verified to be close with Rob, and he needs your help in reaching their goal. In great news, as of now, over $60K has been raised for the former operator, so let’s get this audience engaged and put them over the finish line. Rob fought for us, let’s fight for him.

Ep. 429 - Marc Yablonka

Fri, 02/08/2019 - 23:31
We begin this show with a dedication to a previous guest many of you may remember, a Navy SEAL Master Chief by the name of Ron Bellan. You may know him from his show Survive the Hunt, his company Reaper Outdoors, as well as his appearances on this podcast during episodes 126 and 139. Unfortunately, the massive warrior who sported an eye patch left us this week at 49 from a heart attack. Ron spent over half his life in the military, and we salute his life and service. Our featured guest is a good one. Marc Yablonka has written a great deal about the Vietnam war and is certainly a historian on the subject. His latest piece of work is the book “Vietnam Bao Chi: Warriors of Word and Film,” and as you’ll hear Marc discuss, the book is a first of it’s kind in it’s own right. Much has been written and filmed regarding the Vietnam war, including the stories from journalists who were there and covered it. This book differs however, because it details the accounts of those that actually served for the military as war correspondents both as writers and photographers. Each chapter is an account from a different individual that was there at the time. One of them being a previous guest, Jim Morris. You can see all of Marc’s great work online at his site, Pick up the book! Also on this episode we dig into the latest happenings regarding a previous plea deal with convicted pedophile and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. We discuss the large and tangled web of this perverse character and his ties to The Clinton’s as well as President Donald Trump. It’s a messy story to put it mildly.

Ep. 428 - MARSOC 7 vindicated

Wed, 02/06/2019 - 22:48
For the past several years, former Marine and editor here at Hurricane Media Nick Coffman has been writing in-depth about the true story behind the men known as MARSOC 7. Much of what he wrote was from information relayed to him from the commanding officer of these men, Marine Corps Major Fred Galvin. While Galvin was still in the fight to clear his name, we had him join us previously on Episodes 198 and 206. You can go back to these episodes as well as Nick Coffman’s many articles covering what went down through court documents and testimony to learn the full backstory. Galvin joins us on this episode to speak of the good news of MARSOC 7’s name being cleared with this recent vindication. He expands on the unfair perception of what went down that was painted by the media and many political leaders. Galvin hopes to continue his career with The Marine Corps from here, and we get into that as well. We also get his take on the more recent charges of war crimes against Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, as well as a discussion on China which we hope to expand upon for a future episode with Fred. We recorded this episode prior to learning of the death of Navy SEAL Ron Bellan. We learned about this through social media and do not have any further details at this time. Ron was a previous guest of this podcast on Episodes 126 & 139. He was a great man I had the pleasure of meeting at SHOT Show and we here at Hurricane Media are deeply saddened learning of this information.

Ep. 427 - Air Force PJ Doug Kechijian

Fri, 02/01/2019 - 20:35
Doug Kechijian is the CEO of Resilient Performance Systems, a small business based out of New York that prides itself on helping others to achieve their physical goals through it’s focus on sports medicine, performance training, education, and consulting. Prior to receiving his education in physical therapy and co-founding the company, Doug served as a Air Force PJ providing troops with technical rescue capability and emergency medical care while deployed. It’s often said that we don’t have many Air Force Pararescue guys on the show, so much of the 2+ hours of this episode is devoted to hearing from Doug about what guys from his military background do exactly. Growing up in Manhasset, NY, Doug was also a personal friend of James Regan. As many of you know, Regan was a revered Army Ranger killed in action while serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. You’ll get to hear about their adolescence together and exactly what type of a guy that Sgt. James Regan was. He is dearly missed over a decade later. We also get into the physical fitness end of things including Doug’s philosophy on PT and overall health. Also on this episode is Loadout Room writer Rex Nanorum. Rex gives us a recap of SHOT Show 2019, what was new, and some of the badass gear now on his wish list. He also recaps Crate Club‘s exclusive Oasis for Villains party that took place there. We get some laughs as well hearing the hilarious story behind why Rex doesn’t use his real name when writing. Crank it up and enjoy!

Ep. 426 - Marine vet/actor Michael Broderick

Thu, 01/31/2019 - 00:58
Michael Broderick is a United States Marine Corps veteran serving from 1986 to 1990 as a logistics/embarkation specialist with Marine Light/Attack Helicopter Squadron 167. Broderick's true passion however, has always been acting, and he's very excited to have landed his biggest role to date as Special Agent John Bowen on the third season of HBO hit series "True Detective." Not only do we get into Michael's history growing up in New Jersey, joining the Corps, and becoming an actor, but we also get into his passion giving back with veterans organizations like GallantFew, and being the father of a special needs child soon entering young adulthood. Although Michael's on the West Coast, we luckily were able to get him from a studio over there, so you'll hear a crystal clear connection like he's in the room with us. ...Pretty cool! As usual with SOFREP Radio, we also get into some interesting territory outside of our featured interview discussing various vivid dream stories, and also get into some great emails from you guys, the listeners, sent to Be sure to check out True Detective on HBO which airs Sundays at 9 PM EST. People are raving about this season, and we hope to have Michael back on soon! As always, also be sure to check out and score a free 22 oz tumbler with your order when you add it to your cart from the drinkware section and use the promo code "SOFREP."

Ep. 425 - Spec ops news with Newsrep writer Stavros

Sat, 01/26/2019 - 02:07
Newsrep writer Stavros Atlamazoglou joins us for the first time this episode to cover some news in the the special operations field from around the globe. For those who haven't gotten to know Stavros from his excellent work on Newsrep as a full-time writer with us, he has a unique background having served in Greece's 575th Marines Battalion and Army HQ prior to moving to the U.S. to pursue his undergrad in history at Johns Hopkins University. On Episode 425 we cover the story of the brave SAS operator who responded to a terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya. From there we get into recent issues involving war crimes in both Australia and the U.S.'s special operations communities, and the intricacies of this problem in parts of special operations culture. Stavros reveals a piece he's also currently in the works on involving a crucial DEVRGU op that took place in the 90s. Beyond his daily writing duties, Stavros has also been hard at work on Newsrep's Financial Report that we hope you become a member of today to secure a brighter future tomorrow. The guys from the site are hard at work feeding you great information on the defense sector and it's effect on global markets.

Ep. 424 - Military wives expose Corvias CEO John Picerne

Wed, 01/23/2019 - 22:47
Leigh Tuttle and Crystal Cornwall are military spouses. Tuttle’s husband a member of the Army SOF community, and Cornwall’s a Marine. They’re on the show to expose the business tactics of Corvias Group CEO John Picerne as originally put out by Reuters in the article “As U.S. soldiers battle landlord, confidential records shine light on his lucrative business.” As you’ll see in the piece, the developer stands to earn $1 billion in fees from contracts to house Army families that will last decades. These ladies anger however is not at Picerne gaining great wealth from this business deal, but over the poor standards of living which they and many other military families with small children have had to endure. These issues include serious cases of black mold that appear to be completely brushed aside with little to no concern. You’ll hear more about the explanations of why this travesty has continued to occur straight from their perspectives, and what they hope to accomplish. You can visit the Facebook group of these military families affected under the name “Safe Military Housing Initiative.” The wives may be taking legal action enlisting the help of individuals like Houston lawyer James Moriarty, a man who takes these issues very seriously as the father of a Green Beret recently killed in action. We also get to your emails this episode sent to This includes our email of the week, the winner of which will be getting some awesome gear courtesy of Pelican Coolers and Crate Club. Be sure to follow the latest of what we’re up to @SOFREPRadio.

Ep. 423 - Peter Guidry uses kratom to treat PTSD

Sat, 01/19/2019 - 01:04
Peter Guidry is a former Security Forces Air Force Airman, the co-founder of Las Vegas veterans group Forgotten Not Gone, and he uses kratom to treat his pain. He’s advocating that others do as well. I learned about Peter from the Chris Bell documentary “A Leaf of Faith” and I found his experience to be interesting. If kratom is a possible answer in getting veterans away from opiates, than I feel it is a topic that should be further explored. We get into Peter’s poor experiences with the VA, their reported over-prescribing of medications, and his own horrible experience with said medications throwing up blood due to prior conditions, and laying in bed depressed for days on end. He feels that kratom saved his life, and he tells us why. You can check out what his group does as Jack Murphy also reacts to Republican infighting over non-interventionist foreign policy VS hawkish foreign policy between Senator Rand Paul and recently sworn in Congressman Dan Crenshaw. We’re also still running a contest to hook you up with an exclusive tumbler from our awesome sponsor, Pelican Coolers. Check out the show for further details on that. Dig in!

Ep. 422 - Ed Darack captures War Moments

Wed, 01/16/2019 - 20:27
Ed Darack, last heard on Episode 315, has a new book out titled “War Moments: Images & Stories of Combat in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Beyond.” The book is a compilation of photos shot by Ed while embedded with U.S. troops, and you’ll hear some of the amazing stories behind each photograph; from those that will touch your heart of dogs that military members became attached with, to tragic stories of guys we’ve lost like the man seen on the cover of the publication. Ed gets into the real dangers and fears of doing the job, as well as dealing with the loss of men he shared a bond with. Also, thanks to our latest sponsor Pelican Coolers, we have a pretty cool tumbler and Crate Club giveaway happening this week. You’ll hear all the details on that following our interview with Ed.

Ep. 421 - World news update with Joseph LaFave

Fri, 01/11/2019 - 20:47
Newsrep writer Joseph LaFave last appeared on Episode 394, and we have him back on to give an update on some hard hitting news from around the globe. We first start off with news out of Venezuela, as covered in Joseph’s article, “The walls around Venezuela’s socialist Maduro regime are crumbling.” We later go to headlines out of Africa and give an update on the second deadliest ebola outbreak ever. Joseph gets into his findings on cruise ship crime and maritime law, a subject he’s intrigued by. We discuss two Americans fighting for ISIS who have now been captured. In addition, we get an update on the National Guard unit Joseph has embedded with which he previously discussed the last time he joined us. Most interesting of all probably, we get into a discussion on what happened to the body of Osama bin Laden. Jack does not buy the buried at sea explanation, and you’ll hear why. So don’t miss it.

Ep. 420 - Working to stop military suicide

Wed, 01/09/2019 - 20:34
Although we had some fun recording this episode discussing some lighter subject matter, as you can see from the title, we largely focused on the most serious military issue of our time, veteran and active-duty suicide. I am joined by Alex Hollings this episode as the former Marine and writer discusses why this is an issue he’s so passionate about. Alex recently wrote an article up now on Newsrep regarding the VA abandoning the issue and not using over 6 million dollars allocated for suicide prevention related media. Alex was disgusted by the move, felt that their explanation for the oversight was weak, and you’ll hear why. We also give some suggestions to those struggling with these thoughts, and point out that there are some great organizations like GallantFew focused on this crisis. In other news, Alex is now the editor for our aviation site, Fighter Sweep. He gets into his passion for the subject matter and why he jumped at the chance to run this site for Hurricane Media. Alex is currently looking for WWII bomber crewmen to interview for the site, so if you know someone, be sure to contact him on Twitter at @AlexHollings52.

Ep. 419 - Paul de Gelder (Australia Army/Navy)

Fri, 01/04/2019 - 19:39
Paul de Gelder was a Navy Clearance Diver and Army Paratrooper, but his life would change forever in 2009 when he lost his right leg and much of his right arm in a brutal shark attack during an equipment test with the Navy. Paul speaks with us for over an hour recalling his rough and troubling upbringing that led him to the military, and detailing the event that nearly ended his life. Paul has since become a motivational speaker, actor, and you likely have seen his work as well on Shark Week where he continues to put his life on the line diving for some incredible footage we see each year. He also documents his story in the memoir “No Time for Fear: How a Shark Survivor Beat the Odds.” Be sure to follow him @PauldeGelder on Instagram and Twitter as well. What an amazing and inspirational story! Beyond that we react to the swearing in of new members of Congress, as well as the arraignment of former SEAL and 19-year Navy vet Edward Gallagher for war crimes. Have any questions? Shoot them over to, and if you want them possibly read on the show, keep them concise.

Ep. 418 - Best of 2018 featuring Dan Crenshaw

Wed, 01/02/2019 - 19:49
2018 was a great year for SOFREP Radio. We recorded over 100 episodes of kick ass content, had more listeners checking us out than ever before, and a variety of awesome guests from all different backgrounds. Of those guests, here are excerpts from 5 of the most listened to of 2018. Pat McNamara joins the podcast as we discuss a HALO jump story as told to us by George Hand. Andrew Wilkow discusses hyperbolic news, national security, and knowing Steve Bannon prior to him joining the Trump administration. Ed Darack, who will be back on with us later this month, gets into the real story behind Operation Red Wings…and it’s a controversial one. Mike Vining recalls his experience in Vietnam and the tragic death of his teammate Ken Foster. We wrap it all up with Navy SEAL and now Congressman Dan Crenshaw, joining us early on in the campaign trail as we have a frank discussion on foreign policy. Much more to come in 2019, please spread the word and follow us on all social media platforms. Any questions or comments? Email us at

Ep. 417 - How billionaires stay protected

Fri, 12/28/2018 - 19:57
Jared Van Driessche is the co-author of “Public Figures, Private Lives,” and as the CEO of Asgard Technology Group, he’s been involved in protecting a long list of high net worth individuals in nearly every continent. These range from the most recognizable musicians and actors, to billionaire entrepreneurs that keep as low of a profile as possible. What’s the job like? If you want to know, this is an interview you do not want to miss. From anxiety inducing situations to funny stories, we cover it all with Jared right here. Beyond that, we react to the resignation of beloved General and now former Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis. We get into a discussion on the future of industry in America, and also read an email that I absolutely loved sent to Last, I’d like to make you aware of the latest at Newsrep, and that is our new Financial Report. We hope that you join us to get a better understanding of where to invest your money in an uncertain economy from our team of experts. With that, we hope you’ve enjoyed over a hundred shows from us this past year, and have a fantastic New Years eve celebration! We’ll see you folks in 2019.

Ep. 416 - An update on Ukraine

Wed, 12/26/2018 - 05:00
It may be the day after Christmas, but that didn't stop us from hitting you with a brand new episode. Okay, truthfully, all credit to Newsrep writer Jamie Reed for insisting we give the people an update on the happenings in Ukraine. If not for him, you'd likely be hearing a "best of." It's been a while since the former British Reconnaissance operator joined us, and he was enthusiastic to give us some news on the region. It's a subject which he often writes about, as many of you Newsrep readers know. Also, interestingly enough, Jack Murphy and Jay first made contact in Syria, so we get the guys take on the withdrawal from the region. Hope you enjoy this episode, and most importantly, whether you got to spend the day with loved ones, or you're stuck overseas protecting our freedom, we hope you had a very Merry Christmas. To those ladies and gentlemen downrange, stay safe for us.

Ep. 415 - Blindsided by the Taliban

Fri, 12/21/2018 - 19:34
Carmen Gentile is a journalist who has reported from war zones, embedded with Army units, to get the real story on the ground for the public to learn. In September of 2010 while in Eastern Afghanistan however, his livelihood and passion took a horrific turn when he was hit in the face with an RPG. This all happened as Carmen was capturing stories on the ground, and due to this, the entire ambush was caught on film and is now up on Youtube. As you can imagine after shattering and blinding his right eye, this led to a long and trying recovery process dealing with a lot of physical and emotional pain which he documents in his book, “Blindsided by the Taliban: A Journalist’s Story of War, Trauma, Love, and Loss.” Incredibly, Carmen went right back to work in the Middle East once he was healed despite many thinking he was crazy for it. In this interview we not only discuss Carmen’s story, but what it means to be a journalist working from war zones in this era. Carmen also relays a funny story involving the idol worship of Army generals he’s seen during his time, and in this case, General Patraeus. In addition to his work, Carmen is a motorcycle enthusiast and he’s currently tying this passion with a future story on the ground in Iraq. You’ll hear all about that right here on Episode 415…crank it up!

Ep. 414 - Trump to review case of Major Matt Golsteyn

Wed, 12/19/2018 - 22:51
On December 16th President Trump went on Twitter to announce his plans in reviewing the case of Major Matt Golsteyn, a Green Beret who was charged with the murder of an enemy combatant. Gosteyn may have acted in a manner that goes against the Geneva Conventions and the Manual for Military Courts Martial article 118. This stemming from an interview during a CIA interrogation, routine for the job selection process, in 2011, and then during an appearance five years later on Fox News. Former Army Brigadier General A.J. Tata, now a regular on the podcast, wrote an excellent piece for Fox News explaining this. The op-ed also pans critics of the President’s that have snubbed his right in reviewing this important case. Tata also has a brand new book out titled “Dark Winter,” the fifth in his Jake Mahegan thriller series. We get into the inspiration behind this book dealing with tech giants censoring opposition voices. Also on this show is a former Marine with 3rd Recon Battalion, 1st MSOB, Chris Duplantis. What makes Chris’s background unique is his history in three different branches of the military. If you’re a member of the armed forces interested in going into a different branch, you may find this information useful. In addition, Jack and I dig into the conspiracy realm, and some theories often discussed by the alt-right. A whole lot covered on Episode 414 that you don’t want to miss! Enjoy the show? Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, it’s quick to do and we love to hear your feedback.