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EXCLUSIVE STATEMENT TO PROJECT VERITAS: ABC News Suspends Political Correspondent David Wright After He Is Caught on Undercover Video Identifying Himself as a ‘Socialist’ And Admitting the Network Spikes News Important to Voters.

Wed, 02/26/2020 - 15:00

ABC News: Veteran Reporter ‘Reassigned Away from Political Coverage When He Returns’
Are you a Democratic Socialist? Wright: ‘More than that I would consider myself a socialist’
James O’Keefe: ‘We commend David Wright for his honesty’; ‘No one should be suspended from their job for truth-telling’

[Washington—Feb. 26, 2020] ABC News gave an exclusive statement to Project Veritas after ABC was shown the undercover video of veteran ABC News Correspondent David Wright describing himself as a “socialist” and complaining that his bosses refuse to give President Donald Trump credit.

This is the exclusive statement given to Project Veritas by ABC News: “Any action that damages our reputation for fairness and impartiality or gives the appearance of compromising it harms ABC News and the individuals involved. David Wright has been suspended, and to avoid any possible appearance of bias, he will be reassigned away from political coverage when he returns.”

Wright was covering the New Hampshire primary for “Nightline,” when he revealed his frustrations with his bosses for refusing to cover President Donald Trump fairly and not giving voters fair coverage of the presidential campaign.

The veteran reporter was asked by an undercover journalist if he was a Democrat Socialist, the ABC reporter replied: “Oh yeah. More than that I would consider myself a socialist; like I think there should be national health insurance. I’m totally fine with reigning in corporations, I think they’re too many billionaires, and I think there’s a wealth gap–that’s a problem.”

Wright said he and other members of the mainstream media were confused by Trump: “We’re in this awkward moment…we have this f**king president, and we can’t figure out how to challenge him.”

James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas voiced support for suspended ABC News senior political correspondent David Wright, who the network sanctioned for identifying himself as a socialist to Project Veritas undercover reporters recording him in a hotel bar.

“We commend David Wright for his honesty,” said James O’Keefe, who founded Project Veritas in 2010. “No one should be suspended from their job for truth-telling.”

O’Keefe said Wright was honest about what about the mainstream media, especially the big networks.

Project Veritas will continue to investigate corruption in the Mainstream Media and our ABC News Insider is still operating inside the company, O’Keefe said. “We encourage Brave Insiders within these media organizations to come forward with any information they have, so that the public knows what is really going on inside these companies.”

Insiders can contact Project Veritas at or send us a secure Signal message 914-653-3110.

BREAKING: Senior ABC Correspondent David Wright on Hidden Camera: How ‘Bosses Don’t See an Upside’ for Reporting News; ‘The Truth Suffers’; Says ABC Doesn’t ‘Give Trump Credit for What Things He Does Do’; ABC News Producer: New Yorkers Need to ‘Cross...

Wed, 02/26/2020 - 14:00
David Wright, ABC News Political Correspondent: “We Also Don’t Give Him [Trump] Credit for What Things He Does do…I Feel Terrible About it, I Feel That the Truth Suffers, the Voters Are Poorly Informed…Our Bosses Don’t See an Upside in Doing the Job We’re Supposed to do.”
David Wright: “In Television, We Have Lost Any Sense of Context.”
Wright: “We Don’t Hold Him [Trump] to Account. We Also Don’t Give Him Credit for What Things He Does Do.”
Are You a Democrat Socialist? Wright: “Oh yeah. More than that I would consider myself a socialist; like I think there should be national health insurance. I’m totally fine with reigning in corporations, I think they’re too many billionaires, and I think there’s a wealth gap–that’s a problem.”
Wright: “You Can’t Watch ‘Good Morning America’ Without a Disney Princess or a Marvel Avenger Appearing.”
Wright: “We’re in This Awkward Moment…We Have This F**king President, and We Can’t Figure Out How to Challenge Him.”
To Andy Fies, ABC News Producer: “People in New York Are Constantly, I Think, Fascinated by, ‘How Can People Like Donald Trump?’…You Know, Well F**k! Cross the Hudson Now and Then, and Come Out and Spend Some Time, and You’ll Hear Why!”
Fies: Real People, Practical Issues? “Those things aren’t TV-friendly.”

[This post contains video, click to play]

A senior political reporter for ABC News covering the presidential campaign told a Project Veritas undercover journalist his network is unable both to provide relevant news to Americans and function as a commercial enterprise, and the commercial imperative wins in the end.

This report is the second phase of Project Veritas’ ongoing investigation into ABC News—following up on the insider-provided tape of news presenter Amy Robach’s hot-mic lament that her ABC News bosses spiked her comprehensive report on Jeffrey Epstein.

“We would not put it on the air,” Robach said. “It was unbelievable what we had, Clinton, we had everything.”

ABC News tried but could not find the Project Veritas insider and the insider continues to gather damaging information from behind the network walls.

The two newsmen, ABC News Correspondent David Wright and ABC News Producer Andy Fies, were recorded in New Hampshire are long-time veterans of ABC News and spoke from the perspective of covering multiple political cycles—where they have watched the degradation of their network’s integrity and commitment to news gathering.

Wright is a Buffalo-native was recorded speaking at a bar at the Doubletree Hotel in Manchester, during coverage of that state’s first in the nation primary. Throughout the conversation, the graduate of both Harvard and Oxford said he was frustrated with how the media and Democrats have been unable to take on Trump.

“We’re not disciplined enough to cut [Trump] off and we second-guess ourselves because we’re sensitive to the accusation that we’re in the tank for the Democrats. And so that enables them, and so we enable them. And every time we take the bait on it and that’s what he wants,” he said. “It’s totally and abusive relationship. He’s [Trump’s] the nightmare spouse that you can’t win an argument with.”

Q: “Why don’t you like him?”

Wright: “Cause he’s a dick.”

Besides his personal animus for the president, the reporter said he was firmly a man of the left.

Q: “Would you consider yourself a Democrat Socialist?”

Wright: “Oh yeah. More than that I would consider myself a socialist; like I think there should be national health insurance. I’m totally fine with reining in corporations, I think they’re too many billionaires, and I think there’s a wealth gap–that’s a problem.”

The ABC News reporter was covering the New Hampshire Primary for “Nightline,” the same role he had for the 2016 presidential campaign. He also covers Capitol Hill and the White House and is best known for his in-depth reporting of the clerical abuse scandal in his hometown.

As a national political reporter at a legacy broadcaster, Wright said he feels left behind by the new digital media.

“We live in a moment where people live in echo chambers and the truth suffers and, in an effort, to compete, we’ve become an echo chamber ourselves. We’ve been in the mainstream media we have an effort to match the zippy news cycle with responding to the latest tweet and trying to keep pace with the desperate pace of it all.”

The desperate pace means reporters like him lose focus, he said.

“As a result, we’re easily distracted and that means that we don’t bring focused attention to something that could make a difference,” he said. “I think, some of that at least in the place that I work [ABC News], and places like it, is that we’ve, with Trump we’re interested in three things: the outrage of the day, the investigation, and of the palace intrigue of who’s backstabbing whom. Beyond that, we don’t really cover the guy [Trump].

Wright said no one could stop Trump from dominating the news cycles every day. “The first story is the big story, about Trump. And it’s about whatever outrageous thing he said or tweeted about, and it’s about, or it’s about this effort to unseat him, or it’s about, you know, ‘Today we found anonymous’ or ‘Who’s he [Trump] throwing out of the White House today/’ or ‘Who’s blowing the whistle and stabbing him [Trump] in the back?’”

Trump’s domination of the media also leads to reporters not reporting the positive stories about the president. “We don’t hold him [Trump] to account. We also don’t give him credit for what things he does do.”

Q: “How do you feel about it though?”

Wright: “I feel terrible about it. I feel that the truth suffers, the voters are poorly informed, and people don’t have the opportunity to tune into whatever they want to here. It’s like there no upside in, or our bosses don’t see an upside in doing the job we’re supposed to do which is to speak truth to power and hold people to account.”

Fies voiced similar criticisms about where the media stands today. He blasted New York elites for their confusion regarding Trump’s support, and also called out the media for not caring about issues that matter to voters.

“I mean the people in New York go and hangs out – I mean people in New York are constantly, I think, fascinated by; how can people like Donald Trump? How can people understand – you know, well f**k! Cross the Hudson now and then, and come out and spend some time, and you’ll hear why! You know? And I still think that we, we still don’t understand voters. right?,” the Chicago-based producer said.

“So, you know, real people, you know, talk about practical issues, when they’re thinking about a candidate; ‘I want to go back to the workforce,’ or ‘I can’t afford childcare’ or ‘I need medical care for whatever.’ Those things aren’t TV-friendly. We want to focus on impeachment, we want to focus on the big sh*t going on, but the things that help people make up their minds are little sh*t,” he said.

At another point in the conversation with a Project Veritas journalist, Wright pulled another ABC News employee, Drew, into the discussion and asked him: “Would you say we feel guilty about picking up Trump and pumping up–how we cover this stuff and giving Bernie a free pass?”

“Who do you feel we give Bernie a free pass?” Drew replied.

“He’s saying there was a lot of hemming and hawing last time around, that there was a lot of soul-searching in 2016 of like, how did we fuck this up?” said Wright.

The Project Veritas journalist pressed Wright on Sanders.

Q: “Well, what I mean is anything being done differently – well frankly we put it right with diagnosing the problem on the Democratic side. I mean do you see what I mean about Bernie?”

Wright: “Yeah, I think, you now, Bernie is very old and I think he doesn’t want to admit that. Bernie is also I think he- like he believes in the movement that he started. And, he did really, he was John the Baptist; you know but he doesn’t need to be a messiah.”

He went on to say that he puts his hope on Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.-Mass.) to be the practical choice for president. “Setting aside my professional dispassion, I worry that if he’s [Sanders] elected, he’s not going to get anything done. Because he hasn’t gotten anything done. Where I do think Warren taking those same issues could get something done.”

Sanders won the New Hampshire Primary with 26 percent of the Democratic ballots cast with Warren finishing fourth with 9 percent.

REPORTER: Christian Hartsock

BUSTED: New Hampshire Primary Election Day Official “I Think Voting Any Democrat is Wise”; ‘Bernie and Buttigieg Top 2’; Deputy Election Moderator Admits “Not Everyone Attended Training” When it Comes to Poll Station Officials

Wed, 02/12/2020 - 18:25
Beth Hunter, New Hampshire Election Official: “I Think Voting Any Democrat is Wise”; “I Don’t Watch a Lot of TV Because I was Campaigning – I was Keeping Up on it…Whoever is Nominated I’m Going to be Campaigning for Them.”
Tina Gifford, New Hampshire Election Deputy Moderator: “We’ve Had Training, But Not Everyone Attended Training. A Lot of the Volunteers Didn’t Attend Training.”
Beth, “Almost in Tears” When President Trump Awarded Rush Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom During the State of the Union Address; “This Can’t be Happening.”
Confronted by James O’Keefe, Beth Claims She Shouldn’t Have Talked About Rush Limbaugh; States She is Not Familiar with New Hampshire Laws Against Electioneering; Claims She Did Not Know She was Breaking the Law.

[This post contains video, click to play]

(Derry, NH) After a series of Project Veritas investigations conducted across the state of New Hampshire yesterday, Project Veritas journalists uncovered an election official, Beth Hunter, at the polling location for Ward 01 and Ward 04 in Derry, NH opening up about her political inclinations and illegally influencing voters on Election Day. According to the state’s law, election officials are prohibited from influencing a citizen’s vote in favor of a candidate or political party. After a state-wide effort in New Hampshire by the Project Veritas team to expose electoral corruption, these exclusive undercover recordings show Beth admonishing Donald Trump’s decision to award Rush Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom while also telling undercover journalists that ‘voting for any Democrat is wise.’ Upon being confronted for making these statements, Beth admits she shouldn’t have talked about Limbaugh while performing her role as an election official but claimed she was unaware about breaking or even knowing the New Hampshire law against electioneering.

In a conversation with Project Veritas journalists at the Gilbert Hood Middle School Ward 01 & 04 Polling Station, Beth reveals and openly discusses where her political allegiances are:

BETH: “Last night it was Bernie and Pete Buttigieg – he’s a nice guy. There you go. I can only tell you what’s on the TV…”

JOURNALIST: “But can you tell me if that’s wise or not?”

BETH: “Oh, I think it is. I think voting any Democrat is wise.”


BETH: “I have to tell you I was almost in tears on who gave that award to that radio…”

JOURNALIST: “Limbaugh- he’s disgusting.”

BETH: “Oh my gosh. This can’t be happening; this can’t be happening.”

JOURNALIST: “Didn’t watch it.”

BETH: “I don’t watch a lot of TV because I was campaigning – I was keeping up on it, so and whoever is nominated I’m going to be campaigning for them.”

We have asked New Hampshire election officials what “Beth’s” capacity was while she was acting for the state at the Derry, New Hampshire polling location.  Mary Till responded to Project Veritas’ request prior to publication and confirmed that “Beth Hunter was volunteering to work as a greeter at Gilbert H. Hood Middle school from 2:30 to 8 p.m.”

Electioneering at the Polling Place.

No election officer shall electioneer while in the performance of his official duties. For the purposes of this section, “electioneer” shall mean to act in any way specifically designed to influence the vote of a voter on any question or office. Any person who violates this provision shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.”

Project Veritas President James O’Keefe tracked down Beth and asked her about her statements. These are the responses Beth provided to Project Veritas:

JAMES O’KEEFE: “Are you allowed to get political as an election judge?”

BETH: “No.”

JAMES O’KEEFE: “But was it ‘getting political’ by talking about Rush Limbaugh?”

BETH: “Yeah, when they asked me about it. I guess I shouldn’t have replied to them, huh.”

JAMES O’KEEFE: “You shouldn’t have talked about Rush Limbaugh?”

BETH: “No, I guess not.”

JAMES O’KEEFE: “Are you aware of what the laws are in New Hampshire?”

BETH: “No.”

JAMES O’KEEFE: “Is that an excuse to break the law?”

BETH: “I didn’t know I was breaking the law.”

James O’Keefe also spoke with Tina Gifford, who’s role as a New Hampshire Election Deputy Moderator is to train and oversee election officials at the poll station:



JAMES O’KEEFE: …she was telling us who to vote…uh, this Beth individual…we believe that that’s a violation of the state law…she told us that she doesn’t know what the law is…so that may be something you want your people to know…so whether she’s a volunteer or a public employee, she probably should know what the law is.”
TINA GIFFORD, NH ELECTION DEPUTY MODERATOR:We’ve had training, but not everyone attended training. A lot of the volunteers didn’t attend training.

The roles and responsibilities of an election Moderator in New Hampshire, and in every state, exist in order to ensure that the many moving parts of our elections process comply with the law.  In an article published in the New Hampshire Bar Journal titled, “The Role of the Moderator as an Election Official,” attorney Charles F. Tucker wrote:

[t]he most interesting part of the moderator’s role (is) to be the enforcer of what may be categorized as “the rules” to encourage, if not guarantee, fair elections.

(1) Electioneering

Electioneering is a perennial issue.  The moderator is given the ability to restrict electioneering from an area ten feet in width from the public way to the door of the polling place.  The Selectmen are in charge of arranging the polling place. The Moderator is in charge of generally overseeing the conduct of voting. 

Attorney Tucker went on to write:

The author has had occasion to assist an elderly person who requested assistance in voting and asked the moderator, “Who should I vote for?”  The moderator replied, “I cannot give you any advice in that regard.”  The voter replied, “I don’t know any of these people or what they stand for, somebody has to tell me how to vote.”  The moderator replied, “Well, there is no one who can help you do that in the voting booth at this point.”  The voter replied, “But I always vote, it’s my civic duty.”  The author suggested that she not vote on any of the questions on this occasion and turn her ballot in unmarked, with advice that next year she figure it out before she came in and perhaps mark a sample ballot which she would be allowed to bring into the voting booth as a guide.

Attorney Tucker concluded:

In summary, this moderator thoroughly enjoys playing this role as a part of the democratic process and recommends it to others who want to do something to help keep the process strong.

Evidently, Attorney Tucker’s practice and procedure has not been adopted uniformly in New Hampshire.

As the 2020 election cycle continues, Project Veritas will increase its investigations into poll station malfeasance in order to ensure American citizens can vote freely and without influence from poll station officials. Voters must be able to cast their ballots without interference from any third party, including those in charge of organizing and overseeing the voting booths.