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Updated: 5 days 12 hours ago

Who Is Paying For Twitter Bots To Spam Everyone With The Same Stupid Pro-Biden Spin?

Tue, 06/07/2022 - 09:10
Twitter appWithin mere seconds of each other, dozens of accounts tweeted appreciation for Biden and Democrats in Congress for passing a $1.9 trillion spending bill.

Liz Cheney Tries To Extract Campaign Cash From J6 Witness Subpoenaed By Her Committee

Mon, 06/06/2022 - 21:33
Liz CheneySmall told The Federalist she received the mailer at her Florida address on May 21, calling the letter 'unsavory at best.'

Democracy Dies At The Hands Of Taylor Lorenz And Every Other Bad Hire At The Washington Post

Mon, 06/06/2022 - 18:05
Taylor Lorenz criesThe Washington Post is doubling down on its lie-ridden articles and supporting problematic staff like disgraced doxxer Taylor Lorenz.

Democrats Go After The ‘Gun Lobby’ Because Calling Gun Owners ‘Terrorists’ Won’t Win Elections

Mon, 06/06/2022 - 17:49
National Rifle Association bumper stickerOne of most inane acts of virtue-signaling and cowardice in American politics is to promise to “stand up to the NRA” and “gun lobby.”

Gas Prices Have More Than Doubled Since Biden Took Office

Mon, 06/06/2022 - 16:14
TrafficAccording to AAA travel agency, the nationwide average for a gallon of regular unleaded reached a new record of $4.87 on Monday.

Why Won’t The Pulitzer Board Answer Trump On Whether Its ‘Review Process’ Is Legit Enough To Revoke Prizes For Russia Hoax Propaganda?

Fri, 06/03/2022 - 18:50
Washington Post newsroom celebrates Russia collusion hoax Pulitzer prizeDespite previously claiming it “has a standing process for reviewing questions about past awards, under the guidelines of which complaints are considered by an appointed committee,” the Pulitzer Prize Board won’t say if it is still reviewing the awards it granted to corporate media outlets guilty of promoting the Russia collusion hoax. In his most […]

Trump Trade Adviser Peter Navarro Indicted On Contempt Of Congress Charges From Jan. 6 Witch Hunt Probe

Fri, 06/03/2022 - 17:41
Peter NavarroTrump White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro was indicted by a DOJ grand jury on Thursday.

Debunking Biden’s Tired Gun Rhetoric And Lies

Fri, 06/03/2022 - 16:14
Joe BidenAgain. And Again. And Again.

Under Joe Biden, We’ve Set 18 Records For High Gas Prices In Just 19 Days

Fri, 06/03/2022 - 16:08
Traffic JamGas prices are now up nearly 100 percent from the final month President Donald Trump was in office.

Why The Special Counsel Needs To Fight For More Spygate Documents, Stat

Fri, 06/03/2022 - 10:30
John DurhamSpecial Counsel John Durham’s prosecution of Igor Danchenko, the Russian national who served as Christopher Steele’s primary sub-source, will soon heat up.

If Joe Biden Cared About Gun Laws, Hunter Biden Would Already Be In Jail

Fri, 06/03/2022 - 10:20
Joe Biden Gun SpeechBefore President Biden lectures Americans about responsible gun ownership, some self-reflection is warranted.

How Americans Can Fight China’s Cold War Without Rules

Fri, 06/03/2022 - 10:10
Chinese militaryA book by Air Force Gen. Robert Spalding, 'War Without Rules,' highlights how the CCP is willing to fight dirty to achieve global dominance.

500 Percent Spike In Biden Administration Shutting Down Gun Retailers Over Typos

Fri, 06/03/2022 - 09:35
gun dealer signFirearm license revocations for retailers have increased greatly, and overzealous inspectors risk retailers' cooperation with law enforcement.

For Catholics, June Isn’t ‘Pride Month,’ It’s Dedicated To The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

Fri, 06/03/2022 - 09:30
Basilica of the Sacred Heart in ParisIt's time for Catholics, and all Christians, to reassert devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus over and against 'Pride Month.'

Dear Women: Going Emotionally Crazy Over Politics Makes Us All Look Bad, And You Need To Stop It

Fri, 06/03/2022 - 09:25
woman screaming into megaphoneApparently, they can't pass up the opportunity to hop on the politics bandwagon, even if they don’t know what they are talking about.

The Southern Baptist Convention Must Respond To Reports Of Abuse With Full Transparency

Fri, 06/03/2022 - 09:20
Church on a sunny dayFor the sake of Southern Baptists who have lost trust in SBC leadership, we must prayerfully seek both spiritual renewal and structural renovation.

Norm Macdonald Has One Last Laugh In ‘Nothing Special’

Fri, 06/03/2022 - 09:15
Norm MacdonaldNorm wanted us to have faith, to believe in God, in the goodness all people have the power to try to capture, even as we mostly fail.

‘Julia’ Documents The Life Of The Beloved French Chef Who Changed The Way Americans Cook

Fri, 06/03/2022 - 09:10
Julia child laughing while opening bottle of wineViewers didn’t admire Julia Child despite her on-air mishaps or distinctive voice. They loved her because of them.

Cold War Nostalgia In ‘Stranger Things 4’ Explains U.S. Elite’s Russia Obsession

Fri, 06/03/2022 - 09:05
stranger things'Stranger Things'' fourth season's appeal to audiences across generations lies in its honest depiction of Cold War-era America.