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Italy: Muslim Migrant Stabs Christian After Seeing Crucifix Necklace

15 hours 6 min ago

Respect it, islamophobes!

Italy: Migrant Stabs Christian After Noticing Crucifix Necklace

By: Chril Tomlinson, Breitbart, April 24, 2019:

A Moroccan illegal migrant was arrested in Rome after a heated argument on religion escalated into violence with the migrant allegedly stabbing an Italian Catholic after noticing his crucifix necklace.

The attack took place near Rome’s Termini train station and saw the Moroccan enter into an argument with the victim, a homeless man from Georgia, onboard a bus. The argument quickly escalated according to witnesses who say the North African shouted insults at the Georgian before stabbing him and attempting to slit his throat, Il Giornale reports.

The Moroccan attempted to flee the scene following the stabbing but only managed to make it a few steps before he was detained and arrested. He has since been charged with attempted murder due to religiously motivated hatred

“Everything took place in a few moments,” one witness explained and added, “the Georgian got off the bus and was heading towards the metro station in Piazza dei Cinquecento on the Via Giolitti side when the Moroccan joined him and attacked him.”

Giorgia Meloni, leader of the conservative-populist Brothers of Italy (FdI) commented on the case on social media saying, “If Muslims think of bringing the holy war into our house, it is time to take drastic measures: it remains only to block any kind of Islamic immigration until these ideas are clarified.”

“We intend to defend our classical and Christian roots from the process of Islamization of Europe,” she added.

The attack is just the latest anti-Christian attack to occur across Europe in recent months with neighbouring France seeing an average of three churches attacked per day.

The wave of church attacks led Roman Catholic Cardinal Robert Sarah to decry the trend saying, “The acts of desecration and vandalism in the churches are highly reprehensible.”

“They are the sad reflection of a sick civilization that lets itself be swept away in the nets of evil. The bishops, priests, and the faithful must keep up their strength and courage,” he added.


FIRST PICTURES: Luxury life of the Muslim bombers in Sri Lanka Easter jihad

Wed, 04/24/2019 - 19:34

Brought up with wealth and privilege. We are constantly admonished that jihad terror activity is the result of poverty and alienation, as well as a lack of education. ‘Poor Muslims ‘without any opportunities in this world, harassed and discriminated against by the kuffar, and lacking knowledge of the true Religion of Peace, turn to terror out of desperation and as a means to give themselves some occupation and meaning in life. Reality, however, is quite different.

It’s the same pattern over and over again. A successful “respected British businessman“, US Muslim doctors in Michigan, US naval officers, popular happy Muslim teens in Mississippi, dental students in the UK, Muslim rappers in Germany, Muslim doctors in Glasgow and Australia, Muslim chemical engineering students in Canada, the UK’s top students at their most elite schools,  Muslim herdsmen in Nigeria, Muslim British surgeons, Muslim heart surgeons in Saudi Arabia, university students in Britain, imams in America, Muslim doctors in Australia, Canadian Idol contestants, and so forth – what brings these wildly different people together? Jihad. From the Sahara to the Kalahari, London to Lisbon, Manhattan to Madrid, Bali to Boston, Tiananmen Square to Thailand, Myanmar to Malaysia, Nairobi to Nigeria ….. no matter what the background, upbringing, schooling, wealth or poverty, color, what have you, it doesn’t matter. The understanding of Islam and jihad is the same, and it is the motive, the incitement to this monstrous war on the West and and the East and all points in between.

This is not rocket science. This is Islam. The pull is not to a group – i.e. Islamic State, al Qaeda, al Shabaab, Hamas, etc. It is Islam.

EXCLUSIVE: First pictures of ‘middle class’ suicide bomber brothers who calmly walked into Sri Lanka’s five star hotels and murdered innocents having breakfast

  • Wealthy brothers Inshaf and Ilham Ibrahim bombed the luxury Shangri-La and Cinnamon Grand hotels in Sri Lanka’s Easter Sunday terror attack
  • Suicide bomber brothers were the sons of a millionaire spice trader and were privately educated in Colombo
  • Their attacks claimed the lives of at least 41 foreigners, including eight British holidaymakers – three of whom were children
  • As police raided their £1m mansion in an exclusive neighbourhood of Colombo, Ilham’s pregnant wife Fatima blew herself up, killing her three children and three officers
  • Inshaf, a successful businessman, owned a copper factory thought to be where the suicide bombs were made
  • At least 321 people were murdered in the massacre, 45 of them children, while more than 500 were injured
  • Chilling footage shows Ilham and an accomplice bomber attack the Shangri-La while guests had breakfast
  • Second clip earlier showed different bomber patting a girl on the head before launching attack on a church
  • ISIS has claimed responsibility and released footage of the fighters swearing allegiance to the jihadist group

By Jake Wallis Simons Associate Global Editor In Colombo, Mail Online, 24 April 2019

These are the first pictures of the suicide bomber brothers who butchered eight Britons when they blew themselves up in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday.

Wealthy brothers Inshaf and Ilham Ibrahim calmly walked into the luxury Shangri-La and Cinnamon Grand hotels and detonated their vests as guests were eating breakfast.

Their attacks claimed the lives of at least 41 foreigners, including eight British holidaymakers – three of whom were children.

Hours later, as police raided their mansion in an exclusive neighbourhood of Colombo, Ilham’s pregnant wife Fatima blew herself up, killing her three children and three officers.

Suicide bomber brothers Inshaf Ibrahim (left) and Ilham Ibrahim (right) calmly walked into the luxury Shangri-La and Cinnamon Grand hotels on Easter Sunday morning and detonated their vests, killing guests having their breakfast

Inshaf (pictured far right at a business awards), 38, lived with his wife and their four children – an eight-year-old daughter and three boys aged six, four and two – in a £1.5million six-bed mansion on one of the most exclusive streets in Colombo

The wealthy brothers – sons of a millionaire spice trader – are two of nine jihadis who carried out the devastating bomb attacks in Sri Lanka. They are believed to be pictured here alongside National Thawheed Jamaath leader Moulvi Zahran Hashim

Ilham, whose wife Fatima blew herself up when police raided their mansion in an exclusive part of Colombo, is pictured alongside an accomplice bomber entering the second-floor restaurant at the Shangri-La hotel before the deadly attack

It comes as CCTV footage has revealed the moment one of the bomber brothers, Inshaf, nervously shuffling back and forth before deciding to blow himself up at the Cinnamon Grand hotel.

The footage from a camera in the hotel’s packed Taprobane restaurant shows the bomber hovering just inches away from diners.

Wearing a light shirt, dark baseball cap and a large backpack, the attacker hesitates – shuffling from foot to foot before detonating his suicide vest at 9.12am.

Inshaf had reportedly checked into the hotel the previous night using a fake name and claiming to be on a business trip.

Earlier, footage revealed that his brother Ilham and an accomplice bomber took a lift to the restaurant of the five-star Shangri-La hotel before blowing themselves up.

Wearing backpacks, the two men appear to discuss their plans in the elevator on the second floor in the final moments before the Easter Sunday massacre.

The bombers then enter the Table One eatery almost unnoticed while hotel guests are having breakfast before he detonates his deadly weapon.
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A man believed to be Inshaf Ibrahim (pictured in baseball cap with rucksack) was captured on CCTV appearing to hestitate before blowing himself up in the restaurant of the Cinnamon Grand hotel in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday

The bomber shuffles from foot to foot before finally detonating his suicide vest and killing score of guests having breakfast

In a split second the plush restaurant becomes a scene of horror as the bomb explodes in a cloud of smoke and bright red flame.

The other brother Inshaf blew himself up at the Cinnamon Grand in the wave of almost simultaneous attacks on Sunday morning.

Another bomb tore through a restaurant at the nearby Kingsbury hotel while similar explosions devastated three churches.

Authorities investigating the attack, which has killed more than 300 people, have described the heavy backpacks worn by the suicide bombers as ‘crude devices made locally’.

Among the victims at the Shangri-La were British lawyer Ben Nicholson’s wife Anita, 42, son Alex, 14, and daughter Annabel, 11. Danish retail billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen lost three of his four children in the atrocity.


Ilham and his fellow bomber (pictured) are seen exiting the lift on the second floor of the Shangri-La Hotel and appear to discuss their plans outside the elevator in the final moments before their Easter Sunday massacre

A second chilling CCTV clip captured another of the bombers patting a little girl on the head moments before walking into St Sebastian’s Church in Negombo, Sri Lanka, before detonating a device

This clip, taken from inside St Sebastian’s Church in Negombo, shows the suspected suicide bombing walking inside, moments before he detonated a device killing dozens of worshippers
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Also killed in the blast were fund manager Matthew Linsey’s son Daniel, 19, and daughter Amelie, 15.

Earlier chilling CCTV footage captured one of the suicide bombers patting a little girl on the head moments before he launched his attack at St Sebastian’s Church in Negombo.

The terrorist can be seen sauntering towards St Sebastian’s Church in Negombo while wearing a large backpack containing a ‘crude device made locally’ that was used to massacre Christian worshippers.

It is believed the clip shows the attacker touching the granddaughter of Dilip Fernando, who said: ‘At the end of the mass [my family] saw one young man go into the church in with a heavy bag. He touched my granddaughter’s head on the way past. It was the bomber.’

The Ibrahim brothers were at the centre of the little-known but highly organised Islamic State terror cell which detonated six bombs in hotels and churches across Sri Lanka.

But while the profile of suicide bombers tends to be of poverty-stricken men with criminal backgrounds, the brothers were the sons of millionaire spice trader Yoonus Ibrahim and were privately educated in Colombo.

The pair, who had six other brothers and three sisters, were widely considered to be moderate Muslims who did not hold extreme views.

Their pictures, taken from a UN database, were identified by a senior police source as well as their brother-in-law, Ashkhan Alawdeen, several neighbours and staff at Inshaf’s copper factory.

Ilham, 36, Fatima and their children lived with his parents and other relatives. Ilham is thought to have blown up the Shangri-La Hotel, killing British lawyer Ben Nicholson’s wife Anita, 42, son Alex, 14, and daughter Annabel, 11.

Neighbour Zulker Nain, 28, said: ‘We have known the family for decades and have grown up with them. The parents were leaders in the community and much respected.

‘This is a very nice residential area – one of the best places to live in Sri Lanka, not just in Colombo.’

Inshaf was a successful businessman and owned a copper factory (pictured) thought to be where the explosives were made

The factory was raided by police, who took nine suspects into custody, including its manager, supervisor and technician

Inshaf, 38, lived with his wife and their four children – an eight-year-old daughter and three boys aged six, four and two – in a £1.5million six-bed mansion on one of the most exclusive streets in Colombo.

The house, which has its own gym and a fleet of high-end cars, is owned by Inshaf’s brother-in-law Mr Alawdeen, a jewellery trader.

Inshaf was a successful businessman and owned a copper factory thought to be where the suicide bombs were made.

He was described by relatives and employees as affluent, calm and devout.

The father-of-four told his wife that he was flying to Zambia on business on Friday, adding that she should ‘be strong’ before killing himself and multiple others.

Around 100 police officers raided the factory in Wellampitiya, on the outskirts of Colombo on Sunday night. They arrested nine staff, including the manager.

The depot is believed to be the place where the ‘mother of Satan’ suicide bombs were built before they were detonated on Easter Sunday in Colombo

Inshaf, a father-of-four in his mid-thirties who owned the factory, had told his wife that he was going to Zambia on a business trip before he set off the deadly bomb

Last night Mr Alawdeen told MailOnline: ‘My brother-in-law is a psychopath. He deserves to be punished in hell. He lived under my own roof. He seemed so normal.

‘He had everything – a good business, a lovely wife and a four adorable children. Why would he do something like this?

‘I never noticed anything different about him in recent months. He never mentioned Islamic State and never had extremist views.’

Mr Alawdeen said: ‘She thought it was a bit strange at the time but didn’t think anything of it because she assumed he was just going on a work trip. After that we all went to our parents’ home outside Colombo and were enjoying our weekend when this happened.

‘My sister is mentally broken. He has brought shame on our family. I don’t want to go out. I don’t want to look anyone in the eye.’

Locals at a nearby mosque said feelings against the bombers were running high in the community. ‘They have wrecked our lives here now,’ said one. ‘There are those who want to go and destroy their homes. They have nothing to do with us.’

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attacks on its news outlet yesterday as it emerged at least one suspect travelled Syria to join the terror group before returning.

The two sons of a wealthy spice trader played a key role in the Easter Sunday bomb attacks, blowing themselves up as guests queued for breakfast at the Shangri-La, pictured today, and Cinnamon Grand hotels in the capital

Relatives mourning beside the coffin of one of the suicide bomb victims at St Sebastian’s Church in Negombo

After other devices were defused over the weekend, Sri Lanka’s prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe warned that other members of the network remain on the run.

But yesterday sources said Sri Lankan intelligence officials were tipped off about an imminent attack just two hours before the bombings. Their counterparts in India contacted them to warn of a specific attack on churches, it was claimed.

Another source said a warning was sent by the Indians on Saturday night.

Mr Wickremesinghe has admitted his security services failed to act on an advance warning dating back to April 4 that a terror attack was being planned.

Police have arrested 46 suspects, including the driver of a van allegedly used by the bombers.

Killed as they fled: British brother and sister survived first Sri Lankan terror blast when a suicide bomber struck as they were having breakfast … only to die in second blast in the hotel corridor

A British teenage brother and sister escaped one of the Sri Lankan terror blasts only to be killed by a second, it was revealed last night.

Daniel Linsey, 19 and his younger sister Amelie, 15, were having breakfast with their father Matthew at the luxury Shangri-La Hotel in Colombo before their flight home.

The teenagers somehow survived when a suicide bomb was detonated among the diners, including many tourists. But they died moments later when a second bomber struck as they tried to escape the carnage.

They are among hundreds of people massacred – including six more Britons – after suicide bombers cut down tourists and Easter Sunday mass worshippers, including dozens of children.

Devastated Mr Linsey, 63, an American city fund manager, returned to the family home in central London yesterday to be with his British wife Angelina, 51, and his other two sons – aged 12 and 21 – who were not on the holiday.

Amelie Linsey, 15, left, and brother Daniel, 19, right, were in the dining room of the Shangri-La hotel in Colombo when a bomber struck but escaped, only to be killed moments later by a second terrorist’s blast

Mr Linsey The Times: ‘You can’t describe how bad it was. People were screaming. I was with my children. I couldn’t tell whether they were all right, it was dark. I was worried there would be another blast. We ran out — another blast.

‘We both went to where the lifts were and I couldn’t move them, they were both knocked out. My son looked worse than my daughter. I tried to revive him.

‘A lady said she’d take my daughter. I carried my son downstairs to an ambulance, we took him to the hospital. I yelled, ‘Please help my son, please help, please help’.

David Linsey, 21, told the Mail the family were on the last day of their Easter break: ‘They were due to fly home that day and had been having breakfast when the first bomb went off.

‘My dad said they were all caught up in a second explosion as they tried to escape. Both my brother and sister were instantly unconscious and were taken to hospital but they never woke up. My dad is shocked and has not said much apart from that. He is trying to be strong for my little brother who is 12 and my mum.’

Amelie Linsey on a recent trip to Vietnam. She was killed, aged 15, in the Easter Sunday terror attack in Sri Lanka which claimed 310 lives including eight Britons

Mr Linsey was said to have had suffered shrapnel wounds to his face and was yesterday being comforted by relatives at the family home. Oxford graduate David described how his father initially hoped Amelie had survived the impact of the blast as she had no major visible injuries.

‘At first they didn’t think Amelie was injured badly as there were no obvious wounds. Someone else took her to hospital but she must have had internal injuries.

‘I think they both died instantly as they never woke up. We cannot believe this has happened. I can’t describe just how devastating it is. You don’t think it will happen to you. We miss them so much already,’ he said.

The devastated brother said the family has decided not to watch the news and were not ready to hear emerging questions about security blunders which could have prevented the deadly attacks.

PolitiFact fact-checker: they lied, Pamela Geller was right

Wed, 04/24/2019 - 18:30

Ciara O’Rourke, from Politifact, made a fool of herself when she said a picture of Notre Dame shot by and used in a Pamela Geller’s article is a fake.

The picture is offending: it shows two Muslims laughing while Notre Dame is burning in the street right behind them.

Facebook, who is partnering with Politifact to flag false news and misinformation, took the story and the picture down.

Truth is, Facebook and Politifact are using the “false news” argument as a pretext to silence any opinion they don’t like. And they surely don’t like people to learn than French Muslims were laughing when the cathedral was burning.

O’Rourke writes:

we don’t know anything about the men in the photo—what they’re doing and if they are Muslim, notably. But what’s more, a media forensics expert told PolitiFact the photo was doctored.

Let’s fact-check the lazy fact-checker:

  1. If you cannot see a difference between, say a native Indian, and a red hair Jewish Ashkenaze, or between a native French and a migrant, how can you engage in identity politics and protect minorities! You don’t need to ask anyone the origin of the two men laughing to make sure they are Arabs: 100% of the people would confirm. Dark skin, Semite facial … and next to 100% of the Arabs in France are Muslims. It is really as ridiculous to second-guess that they are Muslims as to look at me and second-guess I am Ashkenaze!
  2. What are they doing? The police is evacuating the block for obvious security reasons. One can see the red and white tapes around the Cafe with the green store front: one in the background right across Notre Dame, and one in the forefront marking an area people—including the two laughing Muslims— are being asked to evacuate.
  3. A “forensic expert” told PolitiFact the photo was doctored”.

This is the killing argument, right? A fake picture. A fabricated picture.


First, ask yourself this question: why would Sputniknews create a fake picture with two people if they don’t look Muslims? There is an inherent contradiction here.

A fake picture?

But there is more. I said PolitiFact people are lazy. All they want is to push a politically correct narrative. They believe they are THE authority, because they self proclaim as such. They want you to believe that they are impartial judges. They are not.

Who is their “media foreseeing expert” who found the picture is fake? Catalin Grigoras, the director of the National Center for Media Forensics at University Colorado Denver. He should be ashamed of himself. Either he lies, or he is totally incompetent.

Grigoras says:

  • The men were inconsistent with the rest of the photograph.
  • “The two front persons are inserted,”
  • zooming in on the right cheek of the man standing on the right reveals obvious editing.

Another “expert” Janne Ahlberg from Finland is “debunking hoaxes”. On HoaxEye website, she wrote about the picture: “A fake image is worth zero words.”

I said PolitiFact people are lazy. All it takes, and that what people who pretend to be reporters should do, is to go to the source and ask questions. This is exactly what I did.

I asked SputnikNews for a proof their image is real. They quickly sent me a link with a video taken a few seconds after the image was shot where you see one of two men crossing under the red and white tape: the picture is real.

They also sent me a 2.2 MB, 4032 by 3024 version of the picture, where every detail is more visible: the picture is real. No insertion.

Pamela Geller was right. PolitiFact, Ciara O’Rourke, Catalin Grigoras, Janne Ahlberg are the villains. They lied pretending the picture is a fake. They produce Fake news to denounce real news. And it’s about time to show who they really are: totalitarians in disguise who will use any trick to censor any opinion they don’t want in the public sphere. Bad people. Evil methods.

SLAVERY CONVICTION: Texas: Muslim Couple sentenced a mere 7 years for FORCING GIRL TO BE THEIR SLAVE for 16 years

Wed, 04/24/2019 - 18:19

They got seven years in prison. Disgraceful. They should get 64 years, two years for every year she was enslaved.

This should not come as any surprise to any longtime reader of the Geller Report. Slavery is sanctioned in Islam. It was only a matter of time before Islamic slavery would come to the United States. The word for a black person in Arabic is abid, or slave. Consider, however, how many African Americans convert to Islam. Or worse yet, Arabic is now mandatory in a Harlem public school. More proof of the epic failure of African American leadership.

This speaks to the power of disinformation and propaganda, and the effects of the brutal enforcement of the blasphemy laws under Islam (do not criticize Islam, under penalty of death). The truth remains hidden. Unfathomable human rights abuses and shocking war crimes remain largely unknown to the masses — not to the millions of victims, but they have been silenced.

And even this story will not get the publicity it should get.

Suburban couple sentenced for forcing girl to work as slave for 16 years

A suburban Texas couple was sentenced to prison for forcing a young African girl whom they referred to as a “dog”  to work for them for 16 years as a domestic slave.

Mohamed Touré and Denise Cros-Touré, both 58, were ordered Monday in Fort Worth to serve seven years each in prison and pay nearly $300,000 in restitution, the Department of Justice announced.

The Southlake couple arranged for the girl — who didn’t speak English — to travel from her rural Republic of Guinea village to their home, where she worked for them without pay or educational opportunities, prosecutors said.

For more than a decade, the young girl was required to clean, cook, mow the lawn and take care of the couple’s five children, prosecutors said.

Officials said the Tourés often referred to the girl as a “slave,” “idiot” and “dog.” They also neglected and physically abused the child, including several occasions when the wife choked her, according to officials.

With the help of neighbors, the girl was able to escape and alert authorities in August 2016.

Mohamed and his wife were then convicted in January of forced labor, conspiracy to harbor an alien and alien harboring.

“I hope that today’s sentence brings some measure of justice and healing to the victim, who suffered untold trauma as a result of the defendants’ heinous crimes,” Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband said in a news release. “The defendants stole her childhood and her labor for years, enriching themselves while leaving her with pain and an uncertain future.”

An attorney for the couple said they are exploring an appeal of the conviction.

Texas Couple Who Held Girl as a ‘Slave’ for 16 Years Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison

Twenty years ago, Texas couple Mohamed Toure and Denise Cros-Toure found a young girl from their native Guinea to care for their youngest son. In January of 2000, happy with her work, they flew her to their family residence in Southlake, Texas, to continue her work. She did not speak English, and the couple did not enroll her in school.

Tuesday, the couple, who were arrested for forced labor of a domestic servant last year, was sentenced to seven years in prison and ordered to pay $288,620.24 in restitution to the girl, who was not named in the suit, according to a release from the Justice Department. Though both are lawful residents, their immigration status may be in limbo upon the completion of their sentences.

“I hope that today’s sentence brings some measure of justice and healing to the victim, who suffered untold trauma as a result of the defendants’ heinous crimes,” Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband said in a news release. “The defendants stole her childhood and her labor for years, enriching themselves while leaving her with pain and an uncertain future.”

Shortly after her arrival in Texas, the girl’s workload increased sharply. Her day began at 7 a.m., and the couple, both 58, expected her to handle housework, gardening and mowing the lawn, according to Fox 8. The couple did not let her eat with the couple and made her sleep on the floor. According to the Department of Justice, her captors “physically, emotionally and verbally punished her” whenever she disobeyed or failed to perform to their standard, referring to her as a “dog,” “slave,” and “worthless,” according to Fox 8. According to People, the victim told police that her earlobe was torn after Cros-Toure grabbed her ear.

“They forced her to sleep alone in a nearby park as punishment, abused her by shaving her head and washing her outside with a hose, and rendered her completely dependent on them for everything,” reads the statement.

In 2016, after the girl had confided details of her abuse to outsiders, she attempted to run away but was returned home after multiple attempts at escape, according to the complaint. In August, with the help of former neighbors, she managed to flee with a duffel bag, backpack and travel documents.

Attorney Brady T. Watt II, who represented Toure, was pleased with the light sentence. Still, he told local media that the victim’s story was fabricated.

“They didn’t pay her, but you don’t pay family members to clean your own house,” said Scott Palmer, representing Cros-Toure. “She lived there, like anyone else did.”

According to Watt, “This came about because this was her route to get a T-Visa,” Watt said. “She wasn’t a slave. She was charting runs on her Fitbit, doing modeling shoots.”

Paris university moves conference featuring Jewish philosopher over threats and fear

Wed, 04/24/2019 - 18:08

No war was ever won on the defense. France is spinning out of control.

Paris university moves conference featuring Jewish philosopher due to threat of protests

By: JTA, :

(JTA) — A conference featuring an address by Jewish philosopher Alain Finkielkraut was moved from a Paris university following threats of protests.

The event on Europe’s future was moved at the last moment to the IPAG Business School near Sciences Po university, the original location, and held Tuesday under heavy security. Protesters tried to block access to IPAG but were held at bay by police.

“Security is our top priority and it’s preferable to take no risks,” organizers of the event at Sciences Po wrote Tuesday in saying they were canceling the conference before it was moved.

The event included other speakers, but they were not named in the letter threatening protests. Finkielkraut was accosted recently on a Paris street for being a “Zionist.”

In their statement, the authors of the call to demonstrate outside Sciences Po wrote: “We cannot accept Finkielkraut’s ‘modern Europe’ and his islamophobic, racist, sexist and homophobic rhetoric.” A Sciences Po spokesperson called the group “far-left.”

The university recently canceled an event on “Israeli apartheid,” which the protesters alleged as showing a pro-Israeli bias by faculty.

Finkielkraut is a centrist thinker who has criticized the far right, as well as Muslim communities and far-left activists, for failing to integrate. A best-selling author, Finkielkraut entered the pantheon of French academia in 2016 when he was admitted into the Academie Francaise, a council of 40 greats elected for life.

A Zionist supporter of Israel, he is a member of the dovish J Call group styled after the J Street lobby in the United States.

In February, police extracted Finkielkraut from a hostile crowd after he was recognized on the street by participants of so-called yellow vests demonstrations over the cost of living. His assailants called him a “dirty Zionist” and told him to “go back to Tel Aviv.”

Iran IRGC Commander has defected to the West

Wed, 04/24/2019 - 17:17

This is quite a coup for the Trump administration. Best to keep him far away from the Democrats. They would return him to the murdering mullahs.

A senior Iranian military officer affiliated with the country’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, or IRGC, has fled the Islamic Republic with a cache of secret documents said to contain information on Tehran’s military plans, according to reports.

Ali Nasiri, a former IRGC brigadier general who once headed Iran’s counterintelligence operations, is reported to have fled Iran and requested political asylum at a U.S. embassy in an unnamed Gulf country, according to a report carried in Iran Commentary, an online news portal that publishes information about Iran’s human rights abuses and illicit activity.

EXCLUSIVE: IRGC Commander believed to have defected to the West

April 22, 2019, ISICRC Staff

Brigadier General Ali Nasiri, head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Protection Bureau

Brigadier General Ali Nasiri, head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Protection Bureau, is said to have fled to the West after a fallout with the representative of the Supreme Leader in the IRGC.

On Thursday, April 11th, during a meeting among the senior IRGC intelligence officials, Nasiri and Hossein Taeb, the representative of the Supreme Leader to the IRGC came to blows. The following days, when Nasiri failed to show up for work, it was revealed that he had actually left the country.

Nasiri, already commander of the Seyyed al-Shohada unit of the Guards in Tehran Province, was appointed in 2017 by Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, commander-in-chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

The website of the Al-Mayadin news agency which is affiliated with the Lebanese Hezbollah posted the news without much detail on Saturday, April 13, but removed it only after half an hour.

Nassiri is said to have gone to a US embassy in one of the Persian Gulf countries while carrying important strategic documents, seeking political asylum. The IGGC’s Protection Bureau was established in 1984, to oversee aviation and flight security (hijacking and bombing), as well as protection for regime and government officials, and foreign dignitaries visiting Iran.

On Friday, April 19, without referencing Nasiri, the state-run Fars News Agency, reported: “By the decree of Maj. Gen. Jafari, the commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier General Fathollah Jomayri was appointed head of the Protection Bureau of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.” Jomayri was previously, commander of the Imam Sadiq Guards Unit of Bushehr Province, as well as the al-Ghadir Guards Unit of Yazd Province.
Fathollah Jomayri has replaced Nassiri as head of the Protection Bureau of the IRGC.

In an attempt to contain the rumor, the regime’s spin doctors are now claiming that Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran dismissed Nasiri. A source inside the regime told Iranian media members: “Following the leak of classified documents and information to Israel and the US regarding Iran’s nuclear program and secret missile bases, Mohammad Ali Jafari, commander in chief of the IRGC, under Khamenei’s order, dismissed Ali Nasiri, commander of the IRGC security.”

Fathollah Jomayri has replaced Nassiri as head of the Protection Bureau of the IRGC.

Muslim Migrant Arrested in Jihad-Terror Plot on Australians and New Zealanders on Anzac Day at Gallipoli

Wed, 04/24/2019 - 16:43

Devout Muslims and soldiers  of Allah (jihadis) believe the Gallipoli campaign was a “holy jihad” decided by the hand of Allah.

An Australian soldier lies wounded in the foreground, as hundreds of other soldiers move among the dead and wounded on the beach at Anzac Cove on the day of the landing. The soldiers wearing Red Cross armbands are tending to the wounded. Boxes of equipment are stacked among the men and the beach is also littered with discarded personal equipment. This scene is looking along the beach to the north. Photograph by Charles Atkins. [AWM PS1659]

The Allies wildly underestimated their enemies.
Long called the “sick man of Europe,” the Ottoman Caliph had suffered one military defeat after another in the lead-up to World War I. Its reputation was so bad, in fact, that the British and their main allies, the French, half-thought they would cause the government to collapse simply by showing up. With their modern battleships busy fighting Germany, they almost exclusively employed outdated models during the Gallipoli campaign. They also made little effort to gather intelligence on the opposing Ottoman force. Lacking adequate maps, the steep gully-filled terrain caught them by surprise. And to top it off, most of their troops were inexperienced.

Three separate national identities were forged at Gallipoli.
Despite having just gained a large (albeit incomplete) measure of independence from Britain, Australians and New Zealanders did not necessarily identify themselves as distinct until the horrors of Gallipoli awakened their national consciousness. Since 1916, the two countries have held an Anzac Day every April 25, named for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) that fought in the campaign. The holiday, somewhat akin to Memorial Day in the United States, commemorates those who have died in war and is celebrated, among other things, with a dawn service, veterans’ marches, the wearing of red poppies and the gambling game two-up. A heightened sense of nationalism also emerged among the victors at Gallipoli, which Atatürk and his cohorts used to great effect in founding the independent Republic of Turkey out of the ashes of the Ottoman Empire. Australians, New Zealanders and Turks all commonly make pilgrimages to the battlefield, now a protected national park with numerous gravesites and memorials.

Radical Islamic terrorist arrested over plan to attack Australians and New Zealanders at Gallipoli

Milne News, April 24, 2019:

Turkish authorities have arrested an Islamic State member who was planning to attack tomorrow’s Anzac commemorations at Gallipoli attended by hundreds of Australians and New Zealanders.

The suspect is a Syrian national who was detained in Tekirdag, a northwestern province close to the Gallipoli peninsula, a local police spokesman said.

The Radical Islamic terrorist was identified in Turkish media simply as “A H”, along with a blurred passport photo.

Every year, Australians and New Zealanders travel to Turkey for memorial services on April 25 commemorating the failed 1915 military campaign by Anzac and allied forces to drive Ottoman troops from Gallipoli and the Dardanelles region.

On Wednesday, soldiers from New Zealand, Australia, Turkey and other countries held several services on the peninsula.

At dawn on Thursday, Australians and New Zealanders are due to hold a special dawn service marking the landings by ANZAC forces.

The police spokesman did not specify which day the detained terrorist may have been planning to carry out the attack.

3 Muslim Terror Plots Targeted Synagogues in 3 Months

Wed, 04/24/2019 - 16:30

The absence of media coverage speaks to their support for this genocide and Jew-hatred. The difference in coverage of the Christchurch shooting and the Sri Lanka jihad (death toll now at 359) is blood-chilling. The media is aligned with the jihad force.

3 Muslim Terror Plots Targeted Synagogues in 3 Months

On Wednesday, April 3, FBI agents converged on a Bozeman shooting range and took Fabjan Alameti into custody.

Alemati, an Albanian Muslim, had traveled from New York to Montana. “When the time will come for us to hunt them down, I will stand over them while I piece their bodies with hollow tips,” the Islamic terrorist had boasted in February. “Inshallah, we take as many kuffars (non-Muslims) with us.”

He had told a government informant back in January that his potential targets included military and government targets, as well as a “Jewish temple”.

Alameti’s terror plot back in January was the second such Islamic terror plot that month.

On December 14, 2018, Hasher Jallal Taheb was discussing some of the targets he had scouted in Washington D.C. They included the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and a specific synagogue.

In the middle of January, Taheb was arrested over in Georgia.

Taheb and Alemati had a number of similarities. Both men were twenty-one years old. Their terror plots were violent but scattershot. The range began with government building and ended with a synagogue.

Theirs were the second and third Islamic terror plots targeting Jewish synagogues in three months.

The trend began with Damon Joseph, a Muslim convert, who was arrested in December for a number of plots including one targeting a synagogue. Joseph’s inspiration was the Tree of Life Shooting.

“I admire what the guy did with the shooting, actually,” Joseph said, according to the FBI. “I can see myself carrying out this type of operations inshallah.”

“We would pick a synagogue or place Jews gather, scope it out, find all exits and entrances,” the Ohio terrorist said of his plans.

He was also twenty-one years old.

All three Muslim terrorists were ISIS supporters. They were the same age and scattered around the country, from Montana to Georgia to Ohio. They origins lay in different cultures and parts of the world.

And yet their terror plots all targeted Jews.

What was it that created this cluster of three Islamic terror plots against synagogues?

No specifics are given in the complaints. Even the names of the synagogues remain anonymous. The phenomenon was not noted by any media outlet. The same outlets that eagerly publish statistical compilations of attacks on Muslims, real or imaginary, once again turned a blind eye to this cluster.

Around the same time that these synagogue plots were being hatched, the ADL released a report that ignored Muslim violence against Jews. “Right-Wing Extremist Violence is Our Biggest Threat. The Numbers Don’t Lie,” ADL boss Jonathan Greenbatt had declared.

Three synagogue terror plots in three months would suggest that Greenblatt’s numbers are lying.

Last year, there was a similar cluster, not of attack plots, but of incitement to violence.

In December 2017, an Imam in New Jersey had been caught preaching of the Jews, “Count them one by one, and kill them down to the very last one. Do not leave a single one on the face of the Earth.”

In February 2018, an Imam in Texas had urged fighting the Jews and a Syrian refugee Imam in North Carolina had recited a hadith calling for the extermination of the Jews, “We will fight those Jews until the rocks and the trees will speak: ‘Oh Muslim, this is a Jew behind me.’”

The geographic diversity of these calls to violence in mosques from New Jersey to North Carolina to Texas, echoed the diversity of the latest Islamic terror plots in Montana, Georgia and Ohio. There is no particular reason to think that the three terrorists were influenced by imams from other states. What these numbers reveal is the incredible scope and range of Islamic anti-Semitism and violence in America.

In recent weeks, the conversation around Islamic anti-Semitism has involved Rep. Ilhan Omar. Like the various imams and terrorists, the newly elected politician reveals the diversity of Islamic anti-Semitism. What unites Muslim anti-Semites in America isn’t geography or culture. It isn’t a local Jewish population. Instead, as we saw in last year’s rash of mosque anti-Semitism, it’s the religious teachings of Islam.

Only last fall, a Philly mosque had uploaded videos of an imam spewing anti-Semitism and reciting a hadith depicting the murder of Jews.

It would be implausible to contend that rhetoric like this doesn’t influence anyone.

Apologists like to claim that there is a sharp dividing line between ISIS and Islam. The synagogue plot cluster and the mosque anti-Semitism cluster show that when it comes to the Jews, not to mention slavery and genocide, ISIS just turns Islamic theory into practice. That, after all, is what Islamism is.

To the three Muslim synagogue terror plotters, anti-Semitism was a fundamental component of their religious and political values. Killing Jews was as natural to them as attacking government buildings.

Last year, in the UK, Husnain Rashid was sent to prison for threats against everyone from Prince George to soccer stadiums, supermarkets, the British Army and Jewish institutions. The details fluctuate, but the Jews remain a consistent target of Islamic terrorism in Europe, America and the Middle East.

Even as the media emphasizes Islamophobia, Islamic anti-Semitism continues to be a rising problem. And the media suppresses coverage of the problem by not reporting on it and by changing the subject.

The media met Jewish protests over Rep. Omar’s anti-Semitism by depicting her as a victim of Islamophobia. Similarly, the media blacklists the story of a cluster of Islamic anti-Semitic terror plots by shifting the focus to Islamophobia. The accusation of Islamophobia not only suppresses critics of Islamist bigotry and violence, it also suppresses coverage of the victims of Islamic bigotry and violence.

Jewish organizations have failed to address Islamic anti-Semitism. And that betrayal has left American Jews defenseless, not only against the anti-Semitic rhetoric of Rep. Omar or of Islamic religious leaders in mosques across the country, but before a new wave of Islamic terrorist plots across America.

Few American Jews have any idea or have ever been told that they might have been killed this year.

The names of the synagogues targeted by the Islamic terrorists have been kept secret. This conspiracy of secrecy may prevent copycat plots by other Islamic terrorists, but it shelters congregants at synagogues and temples across the country from the knowledge of how close they came. Information like that might have caused them to rethink their politics, their support for Islamic migration, and their collaboration with Islamist groups that undermine law enforcement’s role in breaking up similar Islamic terror plots.

The names of the target synagogues have conveniently remained buried and their congregants have been kept in the dark. Men and women who might have died this year will go on supporting the policies of their killers. And the fact that three Islamic terror plots targeting synagogues emerged in the space of a few months will never reach their ears, their eyes, their minds, or their hearts.

The climactic period of Islam requires that Muslims exterminate the Jews. And that even the rocks and the trees join in this genocide. Muslim clerics often refer to this hadith. And in Montana, Georgia and Ohio, a new generation of Muslim terrorists isn’t waiting for the rocks and trees to speak to them.

They are readying to kill the Jews now.

Muslim League Pledges 100 Million to the Jihad Against the Jews (“Palestinianism”) to “Pay-For-Slay”

Wed, 04/24/2019 - 16:22

Make no mistake, this is the same war the Muslims have been fighting since Muhammad exterminated an entire Jewish tribe. Before the 1960s, there was no such thing as “Palestinianism,”; that was an invention of the Soviets when they took up the terrorists’ cause and trained the PLO. The Muslim League (Arab is misleading. Arab pan-nationalism is Islam) have been warring against the Jews long before the establishment of Israel.

Under Islam, killing Jews is holiest of holies. Wouldn’t the Muslim League do better to fund research,  science, medicine, art, etc. — perhaps raise funds for afflicted — instead they do what they have always done, war, genocide, hate and racism. It is why their culture is stunted and backward.

Arab League Pledges $100 Million to Palestinian Authority

By Deborah Danan, April 22, 2019:

TEL AVIV – The Arab League on Sunday pledged $100 million per month to the Palestinian Authority to cover the funds suspended by Israel in taxes and tariffs owed to the PA over the latter’s so-called “pay-for-slay” scheme paying salaries to terrorists and their families.

Earlier in the day, PA President Mahmoud Abbas appealed to the Arab League in Cairo to support him in rejecting the Trump administration’s as-yet unveiled peace plan.

“The Arabs need to be engaging actively at this critical time,” Abbas said.
Breitbart TV

He noted that the U.S. could offer nothing to the Palestinians in light of the moves it has taken against them, including recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the subsequent transfer of the US Embassy there, as well as cutting aid.

“What’s left to offer us? Is there anything left to offer us that would make us happy? They took Jerusalem and the occupied territories, canceled the [rights of the] refugees and legitimized settlements. They want to fool us. They have nothing to offer us. Even if they want to offer something, it will be worse than anything else.”

“We can’t hear that the holy city of Jerusalem has been annexed to Israel,” he said. “After this crime, what can we expect?”

He also addressed President Donald Trump’s recent decision to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

“We don’t accept the annexation of the Golan and Jerusalem,” Abbas said. “These are all Arab territories. They are all occupied territories, and Israel needs to quickly withdraw from them.”

He also asked Arab nations to help alleviate the PA’s dire financial crisis.

“A safety net must be provided,” Abbas said.

In February, Israel began cutting monthly funds to the PA over its payments to convicted terrorists and their families, totaling close to $140 million. The PA at the time responded that it would result in anarchy in the West Bank. Abbas also said that if Israel deducts even “one penny” from tax monies owed to the PA, the PA would not accept the money transfers.

France last week called on Israel to “change your decision to freeze the transfer of tax funds to the Palestinian Authority,” Israel’s Channel 12 news reported on Sunday.

Israel responded that the request itself was immoral and opposed to the EU’s own laws.

According to a new report from the World Bank, the Palestinian deficit is set to increase from $400 million last year to over $1 billion this year.

Last week, newly appointed PA prime minister Mohammad Shtayyeh accused the Trump administration of facilitating Israel’s “financial war” on the Palestinian Authority.

“Israel is part of the financial war that has been declared upon us by the United States. The whole system is to try to push us to surrender” in order to force the PA into accepting Trump’s upcoming peace proposal, Shtayyeh said.

“This is financial blackmail, which we reject.”

Shtayyeh outlined some ways he’s hoping to alleviate the dire financial crisis, including cutting bonuses for PA officials, developing agriculture, receiving more aid from the Arab world and Europe, and seeking financial independence from Israel. The last proposal may include importing fuel from neighboring Jordan as opposed to Israel, and even introducing a Palestinian currency.

Terror Regime in Iran is putting its hopes on a Democratic president

Wed, 04/24/2019 - 16:00

Make no mistake, a vote for the Democrats in 2020 is a vote for jihad. Most (if not all) of the Democrat Party’s presidential candidates support re-entering the genocidal Iran Nuclear Deal, which would give the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism a path to a nuclear arsenal within a decade.

Iran is putting its hopes on a Democratic president, New York Post, Benny Avni, April 23, 2019:

Observing America’s politics from Tehran must feel like sitting court-side at the US Open: Your head pivots side to side as you cheer your favorite player, hoping he’ll win the next set.

And that’s dangerous. America’s hyper-partisan politics hamper Washington’s ability to conduct a coherent foreign policy.

Last year, President Trump withdrew his predecessor’s big gift to the mullahs, known as the nuclear deal. Since then, Trump has been tightening the screws on Iran.

Last November, his administration announced sanctions on ­importers of Iranian oil — except eight countries, including India, China and Turkey, deemed temporarily exempt. On Monday, however, the White House announced that, come May, those exemptions will end.

The goal is to cripple Iran’s ability to export oil, its most significant cash cow. “We are going to zero,” said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. “How long we remain there, at zero, depends solely on the Islamic Republic of Iran’s senior leaders. We’ve made our ­demands very clear to the ayatollah and his cronies.”

US sailors taken hostage by Iran


Israeli Minister Condemns Sanders’ Remarks on ‘Racist’ Netanyahu Government

Wed, 04/24/2019 - 15:30

This is long overdue. Since his failed presidential campaign in 2016, Bernie Sanders has been on a warpath against Israel in order to appease his radical voting base. Sanders must not be allowed to continue to slander Israel unchallenged.

All rational American’s (not just Jews) should be condemning Sanders for his lies and attacks against Israel. It is despicable that a presidential candidate is vilifying America’s greatest ally while trying to delegitimize the democratically elected Israeli Prime Minister.

Would American’s have tolerated a presidential candidate who publicly demonized Britain or Winston Churchill during World War 2?

Israeli Minister Condemns Sanders’ Remarks on ‘Racist’ Netanyahu Government, the Algemeiner, April 23, 2019

An Israeli cabinet minister condemned US Democratic Party presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders on Tuesday for describing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government as racist over its treatment of Palestinians.

While enjoying unprecedentedly strong backing from the Republican administration of President Donald Trump, some Israelis have been fretting about whether this comes at the cost of losing traditionally bipartisan support in Washington.

Addressing a televised CNN event alongside other Democratic candidates on Monday, Vermont senator Sanders said he was “100 percent pro-Israel.” but proposed changing US policy toward it.

“The goal must be to try to bring people together and not just support one country, which is now run by a right-wing, dare I say, racist government,” Sanders said, adding that Netanyahu was “treating the Palestinian people extremely unfairly.”
 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, suit and indoor

This is AIPAC’s feeble response to Bernie Sanders, for attacking Israel on national T.V: a light scold. AIPAC did not even have the courage to reference Sanders by name.

It is clear that AIPAC has not learned anything from the Obama years, when their appeasement and tolerance of Obama’s abuse turned them into a paper tiger.

A real pro-Israel organization in America is urgently needed. Hopefully this will be the Republican Jewish Coalition.

The U.S.-Israel alliance serves America’s interests. We benefit from the close bonds between the governments and peoples. Name-calling by political leaders against the democratically elected government of Israel is counterproductive to maintaining close ties and advancing peace.

— AIPAC (@AIPAC) April 23, 2019


Republican Jewish Coalition Slams Bernie Sanders for calling Israel’s Netanyahu a racist, Breitbart, Joel Pollak, April 23, 2019

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), issued a statement declaring Sanders’s attack on Netanyahu the latest evidence that Democrats are becoming an anti-Israel party, controlled by “radicals” like Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

RJC executive director Matt Brooks said:

Democrats are at it again. They don’t like the results of a free and democratic election; therefore, they call the victors racist and, by extension, call their supporters racist. It’s an absurd and offensive claim. When the Democratic party’s presidential frontrunner, Bernie Sanders, calls the Israeli government racist, he ignores that the nearly 2 million Arab Israeli citizens enjoy the same exact rights that every other Israeli citizen does: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and the right to vote in free and democratic elections.

However, Bernie Sanders and the Democratic leadership don’t care about these facts. They care about appealing to the apparent, new voting base that has been energized by Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Linda Sarsour. These Left-wing radicals preach intersectionality as a way to rally disparate groups, even if that means attacking a close ally that happens to be the only country in the Middle East that protects the rights of women, the LGBTQ community, and religious minorities. Bernie Sanders and his Democratic Party are calling Israel racist in hopes that the American people will buy their lies. The RJC won’t let this happen. We won’t let Israel become a punching bag for Democrats to score points with their radical base.

6 Dem Senators Sell Out Jewish Terror Victims to Restore Cash to Islamic Terrorists

Wed, 04/24/2019 - 14:49

This is why the jihadists in the Palestinian Authority, Iran, and anywhere else are praying for a Democrat Party win in 2020: because they know they have friends and enablers in the Democrat Party.

The depraved and pro-Jihad Senator Diane Feinstein is leading the charge to have American taxpayers re-finance the Palestinian terrorists in Ramallah, knowing full well that this will lead to the murder of many Israeli citizens.

This despicable act from Feinstein is not surprising. Feinstein is virulently anti-Israel, and has been a major opponent of anti-BDS legislation. Feinstein is also an advocate for the radical Iran Nuclear Deal, which in addition to providing Iran’s leaders with a pathway to nuclear weapons, it helped to finance the Islamic Republic’s vast Jihad network used to menace Israel.

How could any American Jew support the Democrat Party and sleep at night? A vote for the Democrat Party in 2020 (at all levels) is a vote for Jihad and a vote for anti-Semitism. #JEXODUS.

6 Dem Senators Sell Out Jewish Terror Victims to Restore Cash to Islamic Terrorists, FrontPage, Daniel Greenfield, April 24, 2019:

In 2002, Shmuel Waldman, an American from New Jersey, was shot while boarding a bus in Israel. The terrorist attack killed 2 people and left 40 injured. Among that 40 was Shmuel whose leg was blown apart, forcing him to undergo multiple surgical procedures, and leaving him suffering from PTSD.

The terrorist who shot him was Said Ramadan, a “police officer” working for the terrorists who run the Palestinian Authority. The attack had been planned by senior Palestinian Authority officials and the Palestinian Authority viewed Ramadan as a hero. Waldman joined other victims of terrorism in a lawsuit against the terrorist group, which is funded by American taxpayers, under the Antiterrorism Act.

Waldman v. PLO resulted in a record award of $655 million in damages against the Palestinian Authority terror network. But the verdict was thrown out because an American court lacked jurisdiction over the terrorist group even though the United States provides much of the cash flow that its terrorists rely on.

The Anti-Terrorism Clarification Act was introduced and approved to make it clear that accepting security assistance for its “police force” would place the Palestinian Authority under judicial jurisdiction for lawsuits such as these. The PA could stop funding terrorism or face lawsuits from its victims.

Over 50 Fake News ‘Bombshells’ Media Spread About Russia Hoax

Wed, 04/24/2019 - 14:00

If anyone still trusted the enemedia before the Russian Collusion Hoax was fully revealed, the revelation of this monstrous hoax should have destroyed the media’s credibility altogether. For two years they have been torturing the country and the duly elected President with lies and fabrications. They need to be held accountable. This stealth coup must not succeed — and make no mistake, they’re still trying.

“Nolte: Top 51 Fake News ‘Bombshells’ the Media Spread About RussiaGate,” by John Nolte, Breitbart, April 22, 2019 (thanks to Wendy):

Here are the top 51 pieces of fake news the establishment media spread about the Russia Collusion Hoax over the past two years, and I describe this list as the Top 51 because there is a behemoth of an iceberg lurking below.

Since the release of the Mueller Report last week, which — despite two years, $30 million, and a team of rabidly partisan left-wing investigators — found exactly zero crimes of Russia collusion or obstruction associated with President Trump and his campaign, one of the most bizarre results has been watching the media pat themselves on the back for the stories they believe they got correct.

Imagine that. Imagine your industry is so broken and corrupt that all you have left is to point to what you believe you did right. This is like watching an airline pilot brag about the times he didn’t crash, a district attorney point to the people he prosecuted who were not innocent — or in the words of comedian Chris Rock, a parent boast about taking care of his kids.

You’re supposed to take care of your kids!

And the media are supposed to get stories correct.

But here is the media forced to brag on when they didn’t crash the plane, when they did take care of the kids, which tells you something is horribly, terribly, ridiculously wrong.

Hey, here are some examples of when we didn’t mislead the country with disinformation!

Check out this one below. Here you have a reporter forced to focus on the “highlights” of her outlet’s reporting because the Washington Post got so much wrong she was able to quickly cobble together a list of those times the Post did not mislead its readers:

While a list of what the media might have gotten correct is fairly easy to put together, no one will ever be able to grasp the tsunami of fake news Americans were buried under for over two years.

The list below of 51 might sound like a lot, but it is a drop in the ocean when you recall the thousands and thousands of hours CNN, MSNBC, Meet the Press, This Week, PBS NewsHour, State of the Union, Good Morning America, Reliable Sources, and the Today Show devoted to anchors and pundits pushing the hoax that Trump colluded with Russia.

Not to mention, millions and millions of establishment media tweets and Facebook posts.

Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, Shepard Smith, Andrew Napolitano, Joe Scarborough, Chris Hayes, Chuck Todd, Joy Reid, Chris Matthews, Jake Tapper, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, Brian Stelter, Erin Burnett, et al.,  are alone responsible for thousands and thousands and thousands of hours of lies and conspiracy-mongering.

This list of 51 doesn’t count the half-millionhalf-MILLION — Russia collusion stories published over the past two years, almost all of which were premised on the idea that Trump did, indeed, collude with a foreign power to steal the 2016 presidential election.

This list cannot begin to count the countless times these 51 fake stories were repeated as fact throughout other news outlets, social media, and thousands upon thousands of cumulative broadcast hours.

What’s more, this list of 51 can’t begin to count the countless examples of fake news launched against Trump that have nothing to do with Russia — desperate and deliberate lies involving fish food and ice cream scoops…

Trump Suggests John Kerry’s Meetings with Iran ‘Big Violation of Logan Act’

Wed, 04/24/2019 - 13:00

President Trump is right. He saved us from a historical first, a treasonous administration. Kerry’s “unusual shadow diplomacy” proved ultimately unsuccessful when Trump announced the U.S. withdrawal from Obama’s disastrous Iranian nuke deal. Iranian lawmakers responded that same day by setting an American flag on fire on the floor of parliament and chanting, “Death to America!” But still Kerry tried to salvage the deal. He needs to be held accountable. He has clearly violated the Logan Act.

“Trump Suggests John Kerry’s Meetings with Iran ‘Big Violation of Logan Act,’” by Charlie Spiering, Breitbart, April 22, 2019 (thanks to Mark):

President Donald Trump challenged former Secretary of State John Kerry Monday for speaking to Iranian leaders as they struggle with tough policies from the Trump administration.

“Iran is being given VERY BAD advice by John Kerry and people who helped him lead the U.S. into the very bad Iran Nuclear Deal,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Big violation of Logan Act?”

In 2018, Kerry admitted meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif “three or four times” to discuss Obama’s signature nuclear deal with Iran that Trump ripped up.

“What Secretary Kerry has done is unseemly and unprecedented,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in reaction to the news. “This is a former secretary of state engaged with the largest state sponsor of terror.”

The Logan Act criminalizes unauthorized negotiations between American citizens and foreign governments who have disputes with the United States….

Sri Lanka arrests 40 Muslims after jihad bombings, death toll up to 310

Wed, 04/24/2019 - 12:00

40 — that’s a giant pack of lone wolves. The Sri Lanka jihad massacres once again explode the enemedia narrative, which seeks to portray every last jihad attack as the work of a “lone wolf,” and usually a “mentally ill lone wolf.” This was a carefully planned, coordinated operation, designed to maximize the carnage. Will there be a reevaluation of counterterror approaches worldwide? There should be.

“As Sri Lanka mourns, Islamic State claims Easter bombings,” by Emily Schmall and Krishan Francis, AP, April 23, 2019 (thanks to Wendy):

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) — As the death toll from the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka rose to 321 on Tuesday, the Islamic State group claimed responsibility and released images that purported to show the attackers, while the country’s prime minister warned that several suspects armed with explosives are still at large.

Another top government official said the suicide bombings at the churches, hotels and other sites were carried out by Islamic fundamentalists in apparent retaliation for the New Zealand mosque massacres last month that a white supremacist has been charged with carrying out.

The Islamic State group, which has lost all the territory it once held in Iraq and Syria, has made a series of unsupported claims of responsibility and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said that investigators were still determining the extent of the bombers’ foreign links.

Sri Lankan authorities have blamed the attacks on National Towheed Jamaar, a little-known Islamic extremist group in the island nation. Its leader, alternately known as Mohammed Zahran or Zahran Hashmi, became known to Muslim leaders three years ago for his incendiary speeches online.

The IS group’s Aamaq news agency released an image purported to show the leader of the attackers, standing amid seven others whose faces are covered. The group did not provide any other evidence for its claim, and the identities of those depicted in the image were not independently verified….

Also Tuesday, the military employed special police powers that it last used during a devastating civil war that ended in 2009. Among the 40 people arrested on suspicion of links to the bombings were the driver of a van allegedly used by the suicide attackers and the owner of a house where some of them lived….

VIDEO: Let’s Talk America with Alan Keyes: Pamela Geller

Wed, 04/24/2019 - 01:13

I joined Alan Keyes on last night on his show Let’s Talk America for the full hour. It is a wide ranging interview touching on the jihad terror attacks in Sri Lanka, Notre Dame, jihad immigration, free speech and a whole host of issues. Good stuff. Buckle your seat belts.


Israel Loves Trump So Much, They Are Planning to Name a Town (in the Golan) After Him

Wed, 04/24/2019 - 00:44

As Israel should. No other foreign leader has done more to enhance Israel’s security and legitimacy than President Donald J. Trump. Last month, President Trump courageously recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the strategically important Golan Heights. In 2.5 short years, Trump has undone the horrific damage that Obama inflicted on Israel. Therefore, it is only fitting that Israel bestow this honor onto President Trump. A vote against President Trump in 2020 is a vote for Jihad and a vote for anti-Semitism. 

Israel Loves Trump So Much, They Are Planning to Name a Town After Him, Conservative Tribune, Malachi Bailey, April 23, 2019.  

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Tuesday that he plans to honor President Donald Trump by naming a town after him.

Netanyahu wants to thank Trump for recognizing the Golan Heights as Israel’s territory by naming a town in the disputed lands after the president, according to NBC News.

“I’m here on the beautiful Golan Heights,” Netanyahu said.

“All Israelis were deeply moved when President Trump made his historic decision to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

“Therefore, after the Passover holiday, I intend to bring to the government a resolution calling for a new community on the Golan Heights named after President Donald J. Trump.”

PM's Statement

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his wife Sara and their sons Yair and Avner toured on the Golan Heights including the Saar stream and Nimrod's Fortress. They also rode ATVs at Merom Golan and visited Mt. Hermon.Prime Minister Netanyahu:"I'm here on the beautiful Golan Heights. All Israelis were deeply moved when President Trump made his historic decision to recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Therefore, after the Passover holiday, I intend to bring to the government a resolution calling for a new community on the Golan Heights named after President Donald J. Trump".Video: GPO

Posted by The Prime Minister of Israel on Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Dems 2020: Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders say convicts Including Boston Bomber Should Be Allowed to Vote from Prison

Tue, 04/23/2019 - 23:30

Rapists, bombers, murderers – these are their constituents. It’s war, America.

Bernie Sanders: Even ‘terrible people’ (Boston marathon bomber) have the right to vote
Actually, they don’t.

Harris on Allowing Boston Marathon Bomber to Vote from Prison: ‘We Should Have That Conversation’

Breitbart, April 23, 2019:

Monday during a CNN town hall event in New Hampshire, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), a candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, responded to a question about felons voting from prison, similar to one offer to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Harris suggested a “conversation” was in order about the possibility.

Partial transcript as follows:

DON LEMON, CNN HOST: Another issue that I want to talk to you about — this is really important — I’m not sure if you were watching earlier, but Senator Bernie Sanders said that he is in favor of felons being able to vote while serving in prison. He was asked specifically about people like the Boston Marathon bomber, also people who are convicted of sexual assault. And he said, this is a quote, “The right to vote is inherent to our democracy, yes, even for terrible people.” Do you agree with that, Senator?

SEN. KAMALA HARRIS (D-CA), DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I agree that the right to vote is one of the very important components of citizenship and it is something that people should not be stripped of needlessly, which is why I have been long an advocate of making sure that the formally incarcerated are not denied a right to vote, which is the case in so many states in our country, in some states permanently deprived of the right to vote.

And these are policies that go back to Jim Crow. These are policies that go back to the heart of policies that have been about disenfranchisement, policies that continue until today, and we need to take it seriously.

LEMON: But people who are in — convicted, in prison, like the Boston Marathon bomber, on death row, people who are convicted of sexual assault, they should be able to vote?

HARRIS: I think we should have that conversation.


Church Closed in Egypt after Angry Muslim Mob Terrorizes Children in Sunday School

Tue, 04/23/2019 - 22:57

Another worship building shuttered over ‘sectarian tensions’ (angry Muslims).

Church Closed in Egypt after Muslim Mob Frightens Children in Sunday School

Another worship building shuttered over ‘sectarian tensions.’

By Our Cairo Correspondent
CAIRO, Egypt, April 23, 2019 (Morning Star News) – A Coptic church in Upper Egypt is closed after a throng of angry Muslims attacked it this month, beating a priest and another Copt as more than 200 fearful children who had gathered for Bible lessons looked on, according to advocacy groups.

One of the injured Copts, Asaad Bakheet Rezek, told Coptic TV (CTV) that a Muslim about 17 years old beat one of the priests with a club as security forces led him from the Anba Karas Church building in Naga al-Ghafir, Sohag Governorate in southern Egypt.

The priest, identified as Father Basilious, sustained a minor head injury as security forces escorted him and another priest into an armored vehicle after the chanting mob tried to enter the building, Rezek said, adding that the children were terrified by the club- and knife-wielding crowds as they shouted, cursed and pelted the building with rocks.

The village mayor had gone to the church premises the previous day, angry at construction underway for a fourth floor to a building annex, according to advocacy groups Coptic Solidarity and the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR).

The mayor accused the Christians of “treason” for the add-on. He started shouting to neighbors to take action against the church and left, later submitting a notice at the city council complaining about the construction, according to the groups. The city council immediately arrived, stopped the work and confiscated building materials, including the cement and the reinforced steel.

The next day at 4 p.m., dozens of angry demonstrators tried to enter the church premises but were unable to get through a steel door. Carrying clubs and knives, they started shouting, cursing and pelting the building with rocks, according to Coptic Solidarity.

Additional forces arrived, and Father Basilious was struck as he and another priest were escorted off the premises. Parents and church leaders were not able to move the 200 children away from the angry, chanting villagers until security forces dispersed the crowds. Though police witnessed the beating of the priest, no arrests were made.

Both Father Basilious and Father Bakhoum were taken for questioning into the evening hours.

Police issued an indefinite closure order, pending investigations, and froze all activities of the 10-year-old church, including the its daycare and the Sunday School.

The church, which held worship services every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, was the only one serving a Christian population of about 1,300 in Naga al-Ghafir village, the rights groups said. There had been no prior trouble with Muslim neighbors.

“The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights condemns the closure of the Anba Karas Church in Naga al-Ghafir,” an EIPR statement read. “The church was shuttered after dozens of Muslim residents of the village surrounded the church and chanted hostile slogans against Copts; a Christian cleric and another citizen were injured after being assaulted with sticks.”

The EIPR stated that the right of worship, individually or collectively, whether in a church building, home, or other building, is a fundamental right upheld by the Egyptian constitution and international human rights conventions ratified by Egypt.

“This right is not contingent on the will of the majority,” the EIPR noted.

The church was issued a permit four years ago as an association for religious activities, prayers and social services. Two years ago the church bought an adjacent 75-square meter plot and annexed a structure to the older building after submitting all payments and paperwork to authorities.

The second and third floors were built two months ago, and there were no problems until the construction of the fourth floor began.

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