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House to Vote on ‘Clean, Stand Alone’ Israel Aid Bill Next Week

Sun, 02/04/2024 - 17:00

Nazis will be forced to go on record. History will know their names

House to vote on ‘clean, standalone’ Israel aid bill next week, Johnson announces

By Mychael Schnell – 02/03/24 3:07 PM ET

The House will vote on a “clean, standalone” Israel aid bill next week, Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) announced Saturday, a reversal for the GOP conference after it approved a package for Tel Aviv last year that also included cuts to IRS funding.

The $17.6 billion Israel bill is poised to set up a showdown between the House and Senate: lawmakers in the upper chamber are preparing to vote on a national security supplemental next week that includes Israel aid and border security policy, which House GOP lawmakers have railed against.

“Given the Senate’s failure to move appropriate legislation in a timely fashion, and the perilous circumstances currently facing Israel, the House will continue to lead,” Johnson wrote in a letter to colleagues on Saturday. “Next week, we will take up and pass a clean, standalone Israel supplemental package.”

The news from Johnson comes three months after the House passed a $14.3 billion Israel aid package that included an equal amount in cuts to IRS funding approved as part of the Democrats’ marquee spending bill, dubbed the Inflation Reduction Act. The measure came in response to Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack on Israel.

The legislation cleared the House in a largely party-line 226-196 vote but was not taken up in the Senate, where Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) criticized it as a “flawed proposal.”

Republicans lauded the inclusion of the IRS cuts, arguing that it would help control deficit spending. The Congressional Budget Office, however, estimated that the cuts would add billions of dollars to the federal debt. Democrats, meanwhile, had railed against the GOP’s strategy, noting that emergency funding does not usually include offsets.

“Sadly, the Democrats have refused to consider that offset to support Israel,” Johnson said on Saturday of the initial Israel aid bill.

The House’s second go at sending aid to Tel Aviv comes as the Senate is preparing to move on a long-awaited national security supplemental that includes assistance for Israel, Ukraine and Indo-Pacific allies in addition to border security policy, which has been the subject of intense negotiations for months.

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Washington’s Welfare Uniparty Passes ANOTHER Massive Spening Bill

Sun, 02/04/2024 - 16:00

House Republicans voted for a child tax credit and business tax-break bill that they claim is a bipartisan achievement, but it’s another election-year spending bonanza and a bigger policy victory for Democrats. The GOP is embracing Democratic welfare and government spending priorities, writes Kim Strassel. The Senate can stop it.

Trillions and trillions in debt – money we do not have. Economists increasingly sound the alarm over the torrid pace of spending by Congress and the White House. And yet these degenerates keep spending.

another election-year spending bonanza and a bigger policy victory for Democrats

US National Debt is a Ticking Time Bomb

Washington’s Welfare Uniparty

Republicans are on board with the expanded child tax credit, a handout dating to 1997.

By Kimberley A. Strassel, WSJ, Feb. 1, 2024 6:09 pm ET

Rep. Jason Smith leaves a meeting of House Republicans in Washington, Jan. 30. Photo: Tom Williams/Zuma Press

Four months after decapitating their own speaker for a supposed lack of conservative principle, House Republicans this week celebrated by collaborating with Democrats to pass a welfare blowout. Kevin McCarthy, we hardly knew ye.

Proving again that Congress is incapable of anything beyond redistributing other people’s money, 357 representatives passed another $78 billion spending bill. Add it to the pantheon of Nancy Pelosi-era bipartisan binges—the “infrastructure” bill, the semiconductor-welfare transfer, the $1,400 Covid checks. New GOP leadership, same debt-fueled status quo.

Don’t go looking for “reform” or “spending discipline” or any of the usual GOP catchwords in this blob. The beating heart of Wednesday’s package is two longtime Democratic priorities—increasing the size of the child tax credit and its availability to parents who don’t pay income tax. The left accomplished both during Covid and have worked fervently to resurrect them since they expired in 2021. Republicans granted their wish.

Democrats built this Trojan Horse in 1997, when Bill Clinton won a $500 child tax credit. Their goal since has been to increase its size and expand eligibility, making it the basis of a future universal basic income. Republicans went from understanding the perfidy of government handouts to hoping they cadge a bit of credit for said income redistribution.

We’re all for “families” now—and that’s the justification for robbing the paychecks of productive childless taxpayers and rerouting their earnings to nonworking parents. This bill would further discourage work, leaving more parents and children dependent on government largess. It’s of a piece with the Republican lurch toward bills that micromanage industrial policy or penalize the free market. Today’s MAGA populism amounts to little more than warmed-over big-government Rockefeller Republicanism.

In return for this huge win, House Ways and Means Chairman Jason Smith got Democrats to support three business-related tax provisions that many already supported. That includes allowing corporations to deduct more of their interest expenses, which reverses a reform Republicans worked hard to include in the 2017 tax reform. Mr. Smith complains that critics of the bill care more about “Wall Street” than “Main Street.” He should look in the mirror.

It gets worse. Tucked in the bill are “low-income housing” credits, disaster dollars, budget gimmicks. And in an attempt to buy off a few hostage-taking Northeastern Republicans, Speaker Mike Johnson is apparently open to blowing up another hard-won GOP tax reform, the limit on deductions for state and local taxes. The SALT deduction is a sop to high earners, and forces taxpayers in low-tax states to subsidize the soaring progressive tax rates of New York, New Jersey and California. Yet there is talk of a bill that would double the current $10,000 cap for married couples.

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Amid Evidence That UNRWA Employees Participated in Oct. 7 Jihad Massacre, UNRWA Gets Nobel Peace Prize Nomination

Sun, 02/04/2024 - 15:00

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) is one of the most corrupt, sinister, and dishonest organizations of any kind operating anywhere in the world today, and finally the West appears to be waking to that: it has just lost over eighty percent of the funding it has received for its $1.1 billion budget in the wake of revelations that its employees have been actively aiding Hamas, or are even outright Hamas jihadis. Some short-sighted and vociferously antisemitic leftists, however, are determined to go down with the UNRWA ship: in an insane act of far-left tone-deafness and/or defiance, a Norwegian MP has just nominated the group for the Nobel Peace Prize.

In a certain sense it would be fitting for UNRWA to get the Nobel Peace Prize, which only ever goes to leftists and jihadis, often quite bloodthirsty ones such as Yasir Arafat, anyway. After all, there are jihadis all over the world, incited by multiple passages of the Qur’an to commit unspeakable acts of cruelty and violence. Remember the Oct. 7 jihadis, who screamed “Allahu akbar,” after the fashion of jihadis worldwide, as they raped, tortured and butchered Israelis. Yet Islam, we are still told, is a Religion of Peace, and anyone who maintains otherwise is still a hateful, bigoted “Islamophobe.” Since that is still the prevailing mainstream perspective, why not give this group of jihad propagandists and enablers (and, again, outright jihadis) the Peace Prize?

The peace that Islam envisions is that which follows a victorious battle, when the enemy has been conquered and subdued, his submission received and ensured for the future. In that sense, Islam really is a Religion of Peace, as it demands that Muslims wage war against non-Muslims until that submission is indeed secured (see Qur’an 8:39, 9:29, etc.). UNRWA was dedicated to exacting just that submission to the warriors of jihad from Israelis. And since the left is so closely allied with the jihad force, could anyone be more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than this now thoroughly discredited agency?

The Times of Israel reported Friday that Norwegian Labour MP Asmund Aukrust, who is the vice-chairman of the Norwegian parliament’s foreign affairs committee, nominated UNRWA for the Nobel “for its long-term work to provide vital support to Palestine and the region in general. This work has been crucial for over 70 years, and even more vital in the last three months.”

These words ring particularly hollow in light of the recent revelations about what UNRWA has been doing. The Daily Mail reported Tuesday that “3,000 of their Palestinian teachers shared messages supporting Hamas militants as they raped and murdered civilians in Israel on Oct 7.” Not six or eight. Not even 100. Three thousand. UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer “told Congress about his probe into a Telegram channel for UN teachers in Gaza that was filled with posts by members praising the bloodbath.” Not only that but twelve UNRWA employees actually participated in “abductions and killings on Oct 7, prompting the US and others to halt funds for the agency.”

Neuer accordingly called for UNRWA to be “dissolved,” and he was, of course, quite right. It should, in fact, never have been established in the first place. UNRWA is an odd organization, as all the other refugees in the world, wherever they are, come under the care of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Only the Palestinian Arabs, alone among all the refugee populations of the world, have their own refugee agency.

What’s more, UNHCR deals only with people who have actually been displaced or fled from a war zone — that is, actual refugees. UNRWA, on the other hand, treats refugee status as a family heirloom that can be passed on through the generations. If a Muslim Arab heeded the call of the Arab League to leave Palestine in 1948, he is a refugee, and so are his children and grandchildren who never saw Palestine at all.

This has enabled billions of dollars of the aid money that Western countries have so generously given to be bestowed not on the actual residents of Gaza, who have been awash in aid money from all manner of other sources anyway, but upon millions of people around the world who have no genuine claim to refugee status. This corrupt gravy train is now sputtering and slowing down thanks to the cutoff of aid. Now it should be derailed. But instead, given the corruption and antisemitism of the Western left, it would not be at all surprising if UNRWA actually wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

Former Democratic City Council President Arrested on Mail-In Ballot Fraud Scheme, “Procuring, Casting and Tabulating Fraudulent Mail-in Ballots”

Sun, 02/04/2024 - 14:00

Federal prosecutors have charged a New Jersey political operative with a mail-in voter fraud scheme that involved paying “messengers” to cast ballots in the names of people whom they never met.

Former Atlantic City council president Craig Callaway has been arrested and charged with “procuring, casting and tabulating fraudulent mail-in ballots” in the November 2022 general election, according to U.S. Attorney for NJ Philip R. Sellinger’s office.

Political operative Craig Callaway was arrested Thursday and charged with procuring, casting and tabulating fraudulent mail-in ballots in the November 2022 general election.

Callaway, 64, of Atlantic City, made his initial appearance Thursday before U.S. Magistrate Judge Matthew J. Skahill in Camden, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey.

He could not be reached for comment Thursday.

Callaway is a former Democratic City Council president who was convicted of taking bribes and pleaded guilty to conspiracy for helping blackmail a fellow councilmember. He spent about three years in prison, getting out in 2010.

“Holding free and fair elections is a bedrock principle of our democracy,” U.S. Attorney Philip R. Sellinger said in the release. “As alleged in the complaint, the defendant attempted to deprive New Jersey residents of a free and fair election by fraudulently procuring and casting ballots.”

Craig Callaway arrested on voter fraud charges

U.S. Attorney says ex-Atlantic City Council President paid people to get ballots and then cast votes voters didn’t know about

By David Wildstein, New jersey Globe, February 01 2024 12:45 pm

Former Atlantic City Council President was arrested today on charges of setting up a fraudulent scheme to illegally harvest and cast vote-by-mail ballots in the 2022 general election.

Federal prosecutors allege that Callaway and others working for him approached numerous voters in Atlantic City and offered to pay them $30 to $50 to act as authorized messengers for VBM voters. Those messengers allegedly went to the county clerk’s office with one to four applications for a mail-in ballot, waited for them to be processed, and left in possession of ballots.

Instead of delivering the ballots to the voters, they gave them to Callaway. Those ballots never made it to the voters, who federal investigators say never authorized the VBM application or submitted a ballot. Callaway or his team allegedly cast those votes.

“Holding free and fair elections is a bedrock principle of our democracy,” said Philip Sellinger, the U.S. Attorney. “As alleged in the complaint, the defendant attempted to deprive New Jersey residents of a fair election by fraudulently procuring and casting ballots. Today’s charges reflect our office’s commitment to hold to account those who try to undermine the electoral process.”

Callaway spent nearly four years in prison after his conviction on bribery charges.

In a criminal complaint unsealed today, Callaway is charged with one count of “depriving, defrauding, and attempting to deprive and defraud the residents of the state of New Jersey of a fair and impartially conducted election process by the fraudulent procurement, casting, and tabulation of ballots.”

“Voter fraud at any level chips away at the faith people have in our system,” said FBI – Newark Special Agent in Charge James Denney. “We’re unable as American citizens to hold our government accountable if our votes are compromised. The FBI and our law enforcement partners understand the gravity of protecting the process and will bring those criminals who break the law to justice.”

Atlantic County Prosecutor William Reynolds assisted the FBI with the investigation.

Callaway will appear before U.S. Magistrate Judge Matthew Skahill this afternoon.

In 2020, seven Democratic county chairmen from South Jersey called on candidates to reject Callaway’s election services.

“Craig Callaway has a long and shameful history of interfering in honest and fair elections,” the county chairs said. “Callaway’s syndicate of allies have even more documented instances of immoral, illegal, and reckless behavior that is unbecoming of our Party — from knife fights, assaults, harassment, threats, and stalking to outright voter fraud — strong-arming voters in poor communities of color to allow Callaway cartel soldiers to vote by mail on their behalf.”

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Former Trump Administration Official Shot to Death During Violent Carjacking Spree in Washington DC

Sun, 02/04/2024 - 12:00

The Democrats have turned every US city into a hellhole where human life is rendered meaningless.

And the spineless, gutless Republicans flap their tongues …..
Collin Rugg reports:

Former Trump admin official Mike Gill is in critical condition after getting shot in the DC area by a suspected carjacker.

Liberal paradise.

Just after shooting Gill, the suspect tried stealing another vehicle. He then shot and killed 35 year old Alberto Vasquez and stole his car.

He then ditched the Chrysler for a Toyota Camry which he then ditched for a Nissan Rogue.

He then shot at police officers from the Nissan and was later killed.

Gill served as chief operating officer of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission under Donald Trump.

A witness said a pool of blood gathered around his head after getting shot.

“Mike is an amazing husband, father, friend and colleague. He has a wonderful sense of humor, no matter the situation,” Gill’s family said.

Former Trump Administration Official Dies After Being Shot During Carjacking Spree

By: Fiona McLoughlin, February 04, 2024:

Mike Gill, an official from former President Donald Trump’s administration, died following a violent carjacking rampage Monday in Washington, D.C., his wife confirmed Saturday to Fox 5 News.

“It is with profound sadness that I wish to inform the community of the passing of my husband, Mike Gill. His sudden departure has left a void in our lives that can never be filled,” Kristina Gill wrote in a statement to Fox 5. “In this time of grief, we are grateful for the outpouring of love and support from family, friends, and the community, and extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has reached out to offer condolences and assistance.”

“Mike was not just a close friend; he was an extended member of our family. Our daughters’ friendship blossomed into a beautiful bond, and it was a testament to Mike’s warmth and kindness that he welcomed us into his life with open arms,” Drew Maloney, President and CEO of the American Investment Council and Gill’s friend of 15 years, told the outlet. “Through countless holidays, celebrations, and shared moments, our families became intertwined, and I am so grateful for our enduring friendship.”

Gill was the chief of staff of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission during the Trump administraton. Before his death, Gill was the senior vice president of Capital Markets at the Housing Policy Council, Fox 5 noted.

Gill was sitting in his parked car Monday afternoon when the suspected gunman, later identified as Artell Cunningham, 28, allegedly got in the car and shot him, according to the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). Cunningham then reportedly fled the scene on foot. Gill was receiving treatment for his life-threatening injuries at the time of the police report, according to the outlet.

Roughly two hours later, the suspect allegedly attempted to carjack another individual but was unsuccessful, according to police. The victim was reportedly able to escape the scene and notify police. Shortly after that incident, Cunningham allegedly approached a man and woman and demanded their keys. He then allegedly shot the man, Alberto Vasquez, Jr., 45, who was later transported to a local hospital where he died, according to the outlet. The suspect allegedly stole the victim’s car and drove off, according to the police report.

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Fired Democrat staffer will not be charged for shooting gay porn in Senate hearing room

Sat, 02/03/2024 - 19:37

Two gay nude men having anal sex in the Senate hearing room which is notable for confirmation hearings of Supreme Court justices is just another day in the swamp. No charges filed. Right. But grandmas protesting blatant election fraud are rotting in DC gulags.

Fired Dem staffer will not be charged for shooting gay porn in Senate hearing room

By: Post Millenial, February 1, 2024:

The United States Capitol Police determined upon the completion of an investigation that there was “no evidence” that a crime had been committed.

Former congressional Democrat staffer, Aidan Maese-Czeropski, who filmed himself engaging in a sex act with another male inside a notable Senate hearing room on Capitol Hill, will not be criminally charged.

The United States Capitol Police determined upon the completion of an investigation that there was “no evidence” that a crime had been committed. This despite there being video evidence of the pornographic content.

“After consulting with federal and local prosecutors, as well as doing a comprehensive investigation and review of possible charges, it was determined that — despite a likely violation of Congressional policy — there is currently no evidence that a crime was committed,” USCP said in a statement. “Although the hearing room was not open to the public at the time, the Congressional staffer involved had access to the room.”

“The two people of interest were not cooperative, nor were the elements of any of the possible crimes met. The Congressional staffer, who has since resigned from his job, exercised his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and refused to talk to us,” it continued. “Our investigators are willing to review new evidence should any come to light.”

This scandal unfolded in mid-December when explicit footage obtained by the Daily Caller showed two men engaging in a sex act inside the Senate hearing room in the Hart Senate Office Building. It was later confirmed that one of the men involved in the video was Aidan Maese-Czeropski, a legislative aide for Democrat Maryland Senator Ben Cardin.
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Soros DA DA Alvin Bragg Slammed for Prosecuting Fake Vax Cards While Letting ‘Violent’ Criminals Walk

Sat, 02/03/2024 - 16:16

The illegal aliens that beat up NYPD cops were released without bail. But those who knew better than to take the poison vaccine were hinted down like animals.



Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg slammed for prosecuting fake vax cards while letting ‘violent’ perps walk

By: Matthew Sedacca, NY Post, Feb. 3, 2024:

A judge blasted Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for trying to throw the book at two New Yorkers who bought fake COVID-19 vaccine cards — despite routinely going easy on others charged with far more serious crimes.

In a ruling issued this week, state Supreme Court Justice Brendan T. Lantry dismissed felony charges against the pair, who were not publicly identified, calling the case overkill.

J.O., a nursing student, and R.V., an employee with the city Department of Environmental Protection, were among hundreds accused of buying fake vaccination cards from a New Jersey stripper, Jasmine Clifford.

The two were among just 16 people Bragg’s office “cherry-picked” to prosecute and charge with felony criminal possession of a forged instrument, the judge said.

Fourteen pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, but J.O. and R.V. moved to dismiss the charges, prompting the DA’s office to contest the effort — and sparking outrage from the jurist.

Bragg’s office “routinely — nearly daily — move[s] to dismiss significantly more serious counts or entire indictments” to avoid harsher penalties for previously convicted felons or to avoid jeopardizing people’s immigration status, the judge wrote in an opinion issued Tuesday.


Report: More Than 90 Attacks by Iran & Proxies Against Americans Under Biden

Sat, 02/03/2024 - 16:00

Earlier this week, three American troops were killed and dozens were injured Sunday in a drone strike in northeast Jordan near the Syrian border, the U.S. military said. Biden blamed Iran-backed militias for the first U.S. fatalities after months of strikes by the groups against American forces across the Middle East amid the Israel-Hamas war.

Michael Makovsky, PhD, a former Pentagon official, is president and CEO of the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA). JINSA has tracked more than 90 attacks by Iran and proxies against American soldiers in Iraq and Syria under Biden — and the United States has retaliated only four times.
Additionally, Mike co-authored this oped with JINSA VP Blaise Misztal for the New York Post on 10/10 — just 3 days after 10/7: After barbaric Israel attack, Biden must stop appeasing Iran. Their key points:
  • JINSA has tracked more than 90 attacks by Iran and proxies against American soldiers in Iraq and Syria under Biden — and the United States has retaliated only four times.
  • Since the White House is clearly averse to a military confrontation with Iran, the best would be Biden supplying Israel weapons it needs to conduct, if necessary, a military campaign to attack Iranian nuclear facilities.
  • 10/7 should prompt a reorientation of US policy in the Middle East — especially away from accommodating Iran, which heavily funds Hamas and helped plot the onslaught.
  • It’s debatable whether Biden’s recent unfreezing of $6 billion in Iranian assets, in return for five Americans hostages, helped fund the Hamas attack, as some Republicans claim. The attack took time to plan and the money may not have been spent yet, but Tehran could budget based on it.Yet the administration’s extremely lax enforcement of existing sanctions has undeniably enabled Iran to reap tens of billions of dollars.
  • In 2020, under President Donald Trump’s maximum-pressure policy, Iranian oil-export revenue was an estimated $8 billion. Under Biden, it was as much as $37 billion in 2021 and $54 billion in 2022 and is expected to be $46 billion in 2023.
  • In three years, Iran arguably will have earned some $30 billion more than if the Trump enforcement had continued. Its accessible foreign-exchange reserves have soared accordingly, from around $6 billion at the end of 2020 to a projected $43 billion in 2023. This economic windfall might have enabled Tehran before 10/7 to boost its funding of Hamas as well as Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah, all of which have ratcheted up their attacks on Israel this year.
  • If Iran was able to funnel $100 million to Hamas in 2020, in 2023, when its oil revenue has increased manyfold, that sum could be far higher.
  • Further, the Biden administration has emboldened Iranian aggression by avoiding confrontation. The administration needs to reverse course from this extreme accommodation of Iran and initiate a far more confrontational approach.
  • Most important in the near term, Biden should sternly and unequivocally convey to Iranian leaders it holds them responsible for the confirmed death of 14 Americans in Israel and 100-plus hostages, reportedly including Americans, its proxy has taken. We could further deter Iran by concluding a mutual-defense pact with Israel, as JINSA recently discussed.


BOMBSHELL EMAILS: FBI and DOJ Were Alerted to Election Fraud Being Committed in Detroit, Michigan, During 2020 Election

Sat, 02/03/2024 - 14:57

Why will 2024 be any different? Democrats got away with murder.

BREAKING: FBI and DOJ were made aware of election fraud being committed in Detroit, Michigan, during the 2020 election, according to documents from a FOIA request.

— Leading Report (@LeadingReport) February 2, 2024

The Michigan police actually sent the fbi video footage and documents of the fraud and of course the fbi buried all the evidence

— mike @1 maga love trump!!!! (@mke12009) February 2, 2024

No shit

— 0420 (@FlipCrypt) February 2, 2024

Democrat-Run NYC to Hand Out Pre-Paid Credit Cards to Illegal Aliens

Sat, 02/03/2024 - 14:19

This is just plain theft. Legal plunder. Folks can’t pay their rent. Children are forced out of their schools, vets their facilities.

Is it any wonder illegals are storming the border?

NYC launches $53M program to hand out pre-paid credit cards to migrant families

By: a href=””>Craig McCarthy, NY Post, February 3, 2024:

Mayor Eric Adams’ administration will soon start handing out pre-paid credit cards to migrant families being put up in Big Apple hotels, The Post has learned.

The $53 million pilot program, run by the New Jersey company Mobility Capital Finance, will provide asylum seekers arriving at the Roosevelt Hotel with the city cash to help them buy food, according to city records.

It’ll start with a group of 500 migrant families in short-term hotel stays and will replace the current food service offered there, according to City Hall.

The cards can only be used at bodegas, grocery stores, supermarkets and convenience stores — and migrants must sign an affidavit swearing they will only spend the funds on food and baby supplies or they will be kicked out of the program.

The Immediate Response Card initiative appears akin to the state’s food stamp program, dubbed SNAP, which provides lower-income New Yorkers with a credit card to cover the cost of meals, and will provide funds based on the same scale.

The amount on each card will vary depending on the size of the family and whether any income is coming in, according to the details of the contract. A family of four, for instance, could be provided nearly $1,000 each month, which comes out to $35 per day for food. Cards will get refilled every 28 days.

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NEW Bombshell Video: On a Visit to Somalia, Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar Reveals Her Plan To Move Back After She’s Done Using Her Political Position In Service to Somalia

Fri, 02/02/2024 - 19:03

If the brazenly treasonous (let alone mind the covert operatives) are allowed to serve and butt-licked by the ‘media,’ we have no country.

Ilhan Omar Tells a Crowd of Somalians Her Only Priority is to Put Somalia First, She is Somalia First, Muslim Second (No Mention of America)

During a 2022 trip to Somalia, Ilhan Omar revealed her true political goal:

To move back to Somalia after she is done using her political position to build up her home country

“To make that move possible, there is a lot we need to work on together to make OUR land more stable and prosperous.”

Bombshell video was just unearthed of @IlhanMN in 2022 admitting that her goal in Congress is to improve Somalia and eventually move back there.

— Eitan Fischberger (@EFischberger) February 2, 2024

NEW: Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Mogadishu) admits she told a Somali crowd gathered Saturday at the Minneapolis Hyatt Hotel that "the U.S. government will do what we tell the U.S. government to do" regarding Somalia, indicating she serves in Congress to represent foreign Islamic interests

— Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) February 2, 2024

Clip unearthed by @DrCaaro:

Here are her words in Somali. You can put it into Google Translate to verify the subtitles for yourself:

In jidad keeni wada dhisano
Aniga waan ahy gabadh mareykanka laga dhoortay

Oo een congresska mareykanka ku jirto laakin waxan ahy gabadh somaliyeed

Gabadh idinku jinsi ah gabadh idin ku af ah gabadh idin ku diin ah
Oo ah Dee qof iyadoo da yar wadankeeda laga kaxeeyey wili xiiso uu qabto in maalin wadankeeda ay ku noolaato oo dadkeedi wax ay la wadaagto *applasue from crowd

Mrka Alhamduliaah waxaan rajeeynaya aniga iyo ilmahayga in aan hade ku barbaariyo iyagana ilmahooda ku barbaariyaan dhulka aan aniga ku dhashey oo aan ku soo korey

Taasna hadi ay suurta geeleso waa hada in aan shaqo badan isla qabanaa hadu illahy yidhaado

Oo aan ka dhignaa dhul barwaaqadiisa dadka oo dhan ay dareemi karaan oo ay arki karaan oo ay ka wada faaidaysan karaan

Mrka Reer Baylo waad mahadsantihiin imanshahaa aan idin nimaadnay bishaarey ii tahy aad iyo aad ayaan ku faraxsanahy waxaana rajeeynaya in aan marar badan idinku soo laabto oo aan wakhti badan idin la qaato

Aad iyo aad ayey wakhtiga nagu yaryahy intii aan maanta joogey

UK: British MP Forced to Leave Politics after Death Threats from Muslims

Fri, 02/02/2024 - 18:00

“An MP has been forced out of political life by forces that threaten British society”
(Melanie Phillips)

Is there anyone in the British government who is brave enough to acknowledge the social emergency that has now developed in the UK as a result of intimidation and antisemitism from within the Muslim community?

It has reached the stage where a government minister has been forced out of parliament by Muslim intimidation.

Mike Freer, a minister at the Department of Justice, no less, has said he will step down from parliament because he and his loved ones can no longer endure the threats to his life over his support for Israel.

Over a decade during which he has served as the Conservative MP for Finchley and Golders Green — one of the most heavily Jewish constituencies in the country — Freer, who is gay and not Jewish, says he has received “several serious threats” to his safety.

He now wears a knife-proof vest when attending constituency events and says he feels lucky to be alive. In 2021, a government reshuffle meant he had to cancel his planned constituency surgery in order to remain in Westminster. While he was there an Islamist terrorist, Ali Harbi Ali, was lurking with a knife outside his constituency office waiting fruitlessly to attack him. One month later, Ali murdered fellow Tory MP Sir David Amess in a frenzied knife attack over Amess’s support for air strikes against ISIS and his membership of Conservative Friends of Israel.

Ten years previously, Freer was targeted by the group Muslims against Crusades (which was later banned). It posted online a picture of Freer with the message “Let Stephen Timms be a warning to you”. In 2010 Timms, a Labour MP, had been stabbed in his constituency surgery by an al Qaeda supporter.

When members of Muslims against Crusades burst into an event that Freer was holding in a mosque, one said he was “a Jewish homosexual pig defiling the house of Allah”. In subsequent years, Freer was targeted with numerous threats, abusive notes were stuck on his car and mock petrol bombs were left on the steps of his constituency office. The last straw was a suspected arson attempt on his office last December which Freer believes was also motivated by his views.

It is beyond shocking that in Britain, the cradle of parliamentary democracy, a fine and much respected MP has been forced out by intimidation. This has happened as an inevitable consequence of the increasing Islamisation of Britain — the progressive attempt to impose conformity with Islam and suppress views held to be inimical to Muslim attitudes — and the supine refusal by successive governments to acknowledge this, let alone do anything about it.

Even to mention this is to be accused of “Islamophobia”. But the evidence is overwhelming, and deeply alarming.

UK: Pro-Israel MP forced to leave politics after death threats from Islamists

British MP Mike Freer announced he would not seek reelection following an arson attack on his office and numerous death threats by Islamists.

By: Yitz Goldberg, INN, Feb 2, 2024:

British MP Mike Freer has announced that he would be leaving politics after years of death threats, in part due to his support of Israel.

“As you can imagine this has not been an easy decision,” the Conservative politician wrote in a letter announcing that he would not seek reelection as MP for the Finchley and Golders Green sections of London.

Last month, Freer’s office was targeted in an arson attack damaging three three floors at the back of the building.

The MP also narrowly escaped murderer Ali Harbi Ali, who went on to kill Tory MP Sir David Amess in 2021. Before killing Amess, Ali had visited Freer’s consistency office.

Freer cites the near murder, the recent arson attack, and being targeted by the banned Islamist group Muslims Against Crusades, as the reasons for his decision, saying that they “have weighed heavily on me and my husband, Angelo.”

He noted that: “These serious incidents are alongside the many ‘low level’ incidents. No MP can operate effectively without the support of their spouse and wider family. Sadly the serious incidents place intolerable stress on them too.”

The MP addressed his constituents, writing: “It will be an enormous wrench to step down, it has been the privilege of my life to serve the wonderfully diverse and vibrant area that is Finchley & Golders Green. Serving the constituents and getting things done is what makes the job worthwhile.”

Freer has been outspoken on Israel and a strong supporter of the Jewish community in his constituency. He said the abuse he faced for challenging antisemitism was “a factor” in his resignation. He went on, “I don’t think we can divorce” antisemitism from the intimidation.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews reacted to MP Freer’s announcement: “Since his election as an MP in 2010, Mike Freer has been one of the Jewish community’s most stalwart supporters in British politics. The fact that he has decided not to seek nomination again as an MP due in part to the threats and abuse he has received should be widespread cause for concern. We thank Mike for his service as MP for the constituency with the largest Jewish community in the country, and are proud to call him a friend.”

Former Home Secretary MP Suella Braverman commented “Mike Freer MP is a first class politician and public servant. That he has been hounded out of office by Islamists is a serious indictment of where we are as a society.

She added: “For months, hateful marches have become a regular fixture around the country. Authorities (councils, universities & the police) have turned a blind eye to flagrant racism towards Jewish people, and essentially, antisemitism has become acceptable & normalized on our streets.

According to her: “The truth is that the lack of robust policing and prosecution has emboldened these bad actors. They believe they can get away with horrendous behavior. And this is one very sad consequence.

“I proposed changes to the law to clamp down on extremism and antisemitism. I urge the government to implement them urgently.”

Braverman lamented: “Parliament should not be losing people like Mike. MPs must be free to speak up for their communities without fear.”

Blue Shield, Clorox, Other Companies Hire Security To Protect Employees Because Crime is So Bad in California

Fri, 02/02/2024 - 17:30

Blue Shield, Clorox, and Kaiser Permanente, the largest employer in Oakland, have all issued warnings to employees, hired security guards or taken other actions in response to a crime surge in the city. It is part of a significant trend of businesses, including fast food giant In-N-Out, that have been forced to take action to protect workers from criminal activity.

In-N-Out told FOX Business that regular car break-ins, property damage, theft and armed robberies of customers and employees led to the decision to shut down its Oakland location.

Employees at a number of these companies were advised to take caution when traveling to and from work and even told to stay inside during meal breaks.

The poison fruit of Democrat rule.

Blue Shield and Clorox Hire Security To Help Employees

By: Liberty Mass, January 30, 2024:

The city of Oakland, California has been facing a significant crime surge in recent years, prompting major employers in the state to take action to protect their workers.

Blue Shield, a health insurance provider, and Clorox, a cleaning and household products company, have both announced plans to improve the safety of their employees by providing them with security escorts and other measures. This comes after a report by CBS News Bay Area revealed that workers at these companies were advised to take caution when traveling to and from work and even told to stay inside during meal breaks.

A representative from Blue Shield stated that the company is committed to supporting the safety of their employees, and has implemented various options to ensure their well-being. This includes providing ridesharing services, paid parking, and private security to employees when they come into the office. In a statement to Fox News Digital, Blue Shield highlighted the need for city, county, and state leaders to work together with the community to improve safety in Oakland.

Similarly, Clorox expressed their commitment to prioritizing the safety and security of their workers. In a statement to Fox News Digital, the company stated that it has been working with other local businesses to collaborate on ways to make Oakland a safer place for everyone. Operating out of Oakland for over 110 years, Clorox has a strong connection to the community and is devoted to making a positive impact.

The rise in crime in Oakland has been alarming, with a 21% increase in violent crime in 2022 compared to the previous year. Robberies have increased by 38%, and burglaries by 23%. The city also reported a total of 120 homicides, which is the second consecutive year of this number. This alarming trend has not gone unnoticed, with major employers like Blue Shield and Clorox taking action to protect their employees.

Blue Shield and Clorox are not the only companies in Oakland that have advised their workers to take safety precautions when coming to and leaving work. Kaiser Permanente, the largest employer in Oakland, has also issued a memo urging its employees to stay inside for meals due to a string of local robberies. In a statement to multiple media outlets, Kaiser emphasized their commitment to ensuring the safety of their employees and continually monitoring their environments for any potential concerns.

DA Fani Willis Subpoenaed by House Judiciary Committee

Fri, 02/02/2024 - 16:09

“Another Op’nin’, Another Show”

Here comes another show from the Flapping Tongue Theatre Troupe. I am sick of all these theatrics. ‘A C T [clap, clap, clap] I O N, action action, we want action!’

Fulton County DA Fani Willis Subpoenaed by House Committee

Republicans in the House issued a subpoena to the Fulton County District Attorney’s office Friday.

Fulton County DA Fani Willis Subpoenaed by House Committee

By Jack Phillips, The Epoch Times, February 2, 2024:

The Republican-led House Judiciary Committee sent a subpoena on Friday to Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to obtain documents related to possible misuse of federal funds related to her case against former President Donald Trump and more than a dozen other co-defendants.
In a letter sent by House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), he noted that the committee in August 2023 had requested documents regarding the usage of federal funds. However, he said even after two letters were sent to her office last year, she has “failed to comply voluntarily with any of our requests.”

“In accordance with the attached Schedule instructions, you, Fani T. Willis, in your capacity as the District Attorney of Fulton County and head of the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office, are required to produce the following items in your possession, custody, or control, from the period of September 1, 2020, to present in unredacted form,” it said before making specific requests for documents and communications related to federal funds usage or allegations about their misuse.
Story continues below advertisement

As of Friday morning, Ms. Willis, an elected Democrat, has not publicly responded to the subpoena. The Epoch Times contacted her office Friday.

Previously, her office condemned Mr. Jordan’s requests, claiming they are politically motivated, and said last year that under the Constitution, Congress has no right to “interfere with a state criminal matter.”

The House Judiciary letter made reference to a Washington Free Beacon report that claimed a former employee in the Fulton County District Attorney’s office was demoted after she issued a warning to Ms. Willis about her use of federal grant funding that was allegedly intended to be used for gang prevention efforts in Fulton County. Months later, according to the letter that cited the report, the employee was “abruptly terminated” and was “escorted out of her office by seven armed investigators.”
“Instead of using these federal grant funds for the intended purpose of helping at-risk youths, your office sought to use the grant funds to ‘get Macbooks … swag … [and] use it for travel,’” he added. “Moreover, the whistleblower’s direct supervisor stated that these planned expenditures ‘were part of [your] vision.’”

Ms. Willis has not yet publicly responded to those allegations in the Free Beacon’s report.
“These allegations raise serious concerns about whether you were appropriately supervising the expenditure of federal grant funding allocated to your office and whether you took actions to conceal your office’s unlawful use of federal fund,” Mr. Jordan said.
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‘A DISGRACE’: Republicans Blast Biden for Targeting Israeli ‘Settlers’

Fri, 02/02/2024 - 16:00

“It’s curious how the “settler violence,” rare and infrequent especially in relation to the daily Palestinian terrorism – justifies the attention and repeated mention of the US president. (Aliza Pilichowski)

How many incidents between individuals in a foreign country warrant the attention and repeated mention of the American State Department, the secretary of State, and the president of the United States of America?

Biden Signs Executive Order Against Jewish Settlers Who Won’t Sit Down and Be Murdered

Reality Check:

In mid-November, Central Command Commander Major General Yehuda Fox, no great lover of the settlement enterprise, with the elected officials of Binyamin Regional Council reassured them that as far as he was concerned, the accusations regarding settler violence were libelous.

“99% percent of the hilltop youths do no harm to anyone, neither the army nor anyone else. There is no such concept as ‘settler violence.’ I’ve been saying this on numerous occasions. There are violent incidents in all kinds of places around the country,” Fox reiterated.

Following the campaign in Israel, Europe, and the US to condemn “settler violence” during the months of Operation Iron Swords, right-wing MKs demanded to hold a debate on the subject and compel additional IDF representatives to reveal the sources of data that were published recently which applied a very broad brush to include many disparate events in the same category.

For example, graffiti by Jewish settlers and Arab attempts to lynch Jews are included under the same heading of “serious attacks.” Events are often recorded from a point well into their progression, without a clear depiction of whether the incident was initiated by Jews or Arabs, or whether the Jews acted in self-defense.

Israeli law enforcement officials tend to create symmetry in the violence perpetrated by Arabs and Jews, when in reality there is no equality in the number of terrorist incidents, and who initiates the first blow. To get those “equal” figures, the record keepers classify graffiti by Jews as violence, while the only recorded violent incidents perpetrated by Arabs are those with physical victims.

Republican Jewish Coalition condemns Biden over his ‘cold, calculated politics’ for imposing sanctions on Israeli settlers to win backing from Arab Americans.

By World Israel News Staff

The Republican Jewish Coalition lambasted President Joe Biden Thursday, after he signed an executive order imposing sanctions on four Israeli Jews from Judea and Samaria for allegedly being involved in violent attacks, including incidents of stone-throwing, against Palestinian Arabs.

The order bars David Chai Chasdai, Einan Tanjil, and Yinon Levi from entering the United States, and orders all American financial institutions to freeze assets owned by the four.

President Biden unveiled the order during a visit to Michigan Thursday, during which he faced protests from Arab-American residents.

Hours later, the RJC issued a statement castigating the White House for the order, accusing Biden of making a political play to mollify the left-wing of the Democratic party and win back Arab voters, in particular in Michigan, a swing-state where Arabs make up roughly 5% of the population.

“This executive order is about cold, calculated politics – plain and simple,” the RJC said, calling the move “a disgrace.”

“Joe Biden and his team are watching his poll numbers crater. Today he traveled to the key battleground state of Michigan, home of the largest Arab-American population in the United States, desperate for some sort of political ‘win’ with his fervently anti-Israel base in the Democratic Party.”

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The Border Catastrophe

Fri, 02/02/2024 - 15:00

President Biden intentionally created a “clear and present danger to our national security.”

Thanks to Kanekoa The Great on X:

House Speaker Mike Johnson delivers first floor speech on border catastrophe, accusing President Biden of intentionally creating a “clear and present danger to our national security.”

“Since I was elected Speaker less than 100 days ago, more than 700,000 illegals have been welcomed into our country illegally by the Biden administration.

American schoolchildren have been forced into virtual schools so migrants can sleep in their school buildings.

Korean War veterans have been booted from nursing homes that were sold to house migrants.

Our streets are being flooded with fentanyl. Hundreds of thousands of children and adults are being poisoned and losing their lives. Vulnerable children and women are being exploited and trafficked by cartels.

Since President Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas assumed office, there have been more than 7 million encounters with illegal aliens just at our southern border alone.

35 of our 50 states, including my home state of Louisiana, don’t have a population that large.

More than 300 individuals who are on our terror watchlist have been apprehended on the southern border.

The frightening question is, how many have entered undetected?

We know there are at least 1.8 million gotaways that have escaped.

Understand that the situation at our border presents a clear and present danger to our national security, and it demands that it be addressed.

FBI Director Christopher Wray told the Homeland Security Committee in November that these gotaways are a great concern for the agency, and all 56 of our Joint Terrorism Task Forces are trying to identify who these people are.

We don’t know how many terrorists are inside our borders.

We do know that fentanyl is pouring into our communities like an open sewer.

Right now, the leading cause of death of death in America for Americans aged 18 to 46 is fentanyl poisoning.

To make matters worse, we’ve learned that the Biden administration is now simply just releasing 85% of the illegals who come across that border right into the country.

For reference, by the way, in 2013, the Obama administration detained 82% of illegal aliens. How do we go from detaining 82% to releasing 85%?

It only happens if this is by design. It only happens if it’s an orchestrated intentional effort by the administration to do exactly that, and that is what the evidence shows.

Earlier this month, I released a memo documenting 64 specific actions that the Biden administration has taken to undermine our border security and to promote the mass release of illegals and dangerous persons into our country.

The very first day President Biden walked into the Oval Office, he revoked Executive Order 9844. Do you know what that did?

It ended the construction of the border wall that Congress had already paid for. Everybody has seen the images of the materials out there rotting in the sun. Why?

Because Joe Biden decided unilaterally that he didn’t want a wall.

In February 2021, the administration stopped applying Title 42 expulsions to children and incentivize by doing that incentivize families to send unaccompanied children through Mexico under the watch of cartels and traffickers.

Since then, the administration admits to losing track of more than 80,000 unaccompanied children somewhere in the US.

We don’t know where they are. Have they been put into trafficking rings? We know that some of these kids are being trafficked for free labor and being forced to do things that are too appalling for us to articulate on this floor.

Everybody here knows that’s happening, and we’re not demanding the President stop it? He can. He has the power to do it.

In October 2021, the Biden administration revoked the migrant protection protocols that had been instituted under President Trump.

That’s the policy that we all know colloquially as Remain in Mexico. The Remain in Mexico policy kept asylum seekers in a safe haven third country while they were seeking asylum in the United States.

Do you know why that works magically so well? Because it sent a message around the world that you shouldn’t pay your life savings to a cartel to traffic you through Mexico and drop you over the US border because you’re not going to be dropped over the US border.

The word goes out on social media to countries all around the world. They are not going to let you in.

Man, is that the most common sense rule you’ve ever thought of? President Biden doesn’t agree because he stopped it. He issued an executive order to stop that common sense rule.

A senior border patrol officer told us on that trip to Eagle Pass that if President Biden, by the stroke of a pen, would issue an executive order today to just simply reinstate Remain in Mexico, they think that would stop the flow by 70%.

One stroke of the pen by the President. He does not seem to care.

I told President Biden this myself on multiple occasions, most recently, a couple of weeks ago on the phone, I read him the law that says that he has all this authority, but he refuses to act.

And even that’s even despite court orders, by the way that instructed the administration to reinstate the institute remain in Mexico while the litigation was going on. You know what they did? They ignored it.

The Biden administration is actively incentivizing illegals to come to the United States. We have laid out the welcome mat. We told everybody around the world, come on, you know what? The US taxpayer will take care of you.

It’s costing the American people billions and billions and billions of dollars to provide for people who are intentionally breaking our laws, billions and billions of dollars to house them and educate them and clothe them and take care of them. Why should we bear the burden when they break our laws?

In January 2023, the Biden administration expanded the use of the Customs and Border Patrol One App so illegal aliens could just make appointments and then be released immediately right into America’s interior.

Guess what? 95% of all illegals who simply scheduled appointments through the app were released right into the United States. That’s right.

All you have to do is just download the app because they all have smartphones, make an appointment, and the President of the United States will release you into a network of NGOs who will put you on a plane to the destination of your choice.

Without identification, by the way, while Americans are waiting in line to get through TSA. All on the dime of the American taxpayer.

In December 2023, CBP recorded more than 302,000 encounters, almost double the population of my hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana. In just one month 302,000 people just walked right into the country.

I could go on and on about the 64 actions we’ve documented that President Biden has specifically taken to open our border wide up, but it’s crystal clear his policy choices and Secretary Mayorkas refusal to comply with the law are driving this border catastrophe.

They have chosen disorder and chaos for us rather than securing the homeland. They’ve ceded the homeland to cartels and traffickers.

In the Del Rio sector alone in Eagle Pass, Texas, the cartels are making an estimated $3.5 million dollars a day trafficking human beings into our country. Do the math.

They are making billions of dollars a year trafficking undocumented children and victims into this country.

The Department of Homeland Security has effectively become a taxi driver to just help traffickers complete the last few miles of their human smuggling operation, and they’re making billions of dollars in the process.

It’s absolute madness, and it is dismantling the safety of our communities. More than half a million known criminals and illegal aliens are in the US in our communities, free to re-offend and victimize American people.

When we were at Eagle Pass in the Del Rio sector earlier in January, they told us that 60 to 70% of the people coming across the border right there at that epicenter are single adult males. They’re military-aged.

These are not huddled masses of families seeking refuge and asylum. These are people coming into our country to do only God knows what.

The Biden administration is allowing it, and we’ve noted that they are coming from adversarial nations and from terrorist regions. We have no idea what they’re planning.

But in fiscal year 2023, border patrol encountered illegals from 170 different countries, including hundreds from Iran and Syria, thousands from Russia, and tens of thousands have come in from China. Tell me that’s not dangerous?

Law enforcement and intelligence leaders are warning us that we may very well suffer a preventable terrorist attack here in the homeland if we don’t immediately secure that border and remove these dangerous terrorists from inside our borders.

I read the black letter law to the President of the United States on the phone about two and a half weeks ago. I said, Mr. President, it says very clearly that you have all the tools and the executive authority necessary to reverse the catastrophe that you have created. He has those tools right now, and he has since day one.

We have to decide if we believe in the rule of law or not. We have to decide if we’re a sovereign nation or we’re not. I believe that border security is part of our solemn obligation to safeguard the well-being of our citizens and uphold the principles that define who we are as a nation.

A weak border weakens America, and a strong border is good for America, and a stronger America is good for everybody around the world. And everybody in this chamber should acknowledge that.

Just as we lock our doors at night to protect our homes, we secure our borders to protect our homeland. And my friends, that is our sacred obligation.”

REWARDING TERROR State Department: “Palestinian State is Best Way to Bring About Lasting Peace”

Fri, 02/02/2024 - 14:45

Arbeit macht frei!

This is not dissimilar to the Nazis saying the concentration camps were the best way to solve the Jewish question. The idea that you would reward genocidal savages with a state because their brutality is relentless and uncompromising is the nadir of Western ‘diplomacy’.

Palestinianism is a marketing term for jihad slaughter. Islamic antisemitism is the root cause of the genocide of the Jews.

It’s not like it hasn’t been done. If you recall when Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza, they left all their industry behind as a gift for the “Palestinians.” The greenhouses, the fields of bounty — it did not take but hours for the “Palestinians” to destroy and demolish all of it. The “Palestinians” receive more foreign aid per person than any other people in the world. If the “Palestinians” are impoverished, it’s because they want to be. They do nothing, create nothing, invent nothing, produce nothing except terror, violence, hated and war.

Israel provides Gaza with water and electricity.  Back in 2017, Israel began building Gazans an island with a cargo terminal and an airport (the better to bring in arms and bombs and fly them into Israel).

Israeli Leader: The World Is Telling Hamas That ‘The Path of Terror Is Worth It’
UK Considers Recognizing Palestinian State at UN

State Department: A Palestinian state is the best way to bring about lasting peace

State Department spokesperson says the United States is “actively pursuing” the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

By: Israel National News, February 1, 2024:

State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said on Wednesday that the United States is “actively pursuing” the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with security guarantees for Israel and exploring options with partners in the region, Reuters reported.

Miller declined to give details on the department’s internal work on the issue, but told a news briefing the effort has been an objective of President Joe Biden’s administration.

“We are actively pursuing the establishment as an independent Palestinian state, with real security guarantees for Israel, because we do believe that is the best way to bring about lasting peace and security for Israel, for Palestinians and for the region,” Miller said, as quoted by Reuters.

“There are any number of ways that you could go about accomplishing that. There are a number of sequencing of events that you can carry out to accomplish that objective. And we look at a wide range of options and we discuss those with partners in the region as well as other partners inside the United States government,” he added.

The comments follow an Axios report earlier on Wednesday which said that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken had asked the State Department to conduct a review and present policy options on possible US and international recognition of a Palestinian state after the war in Gaza.

The Biden administration has pushed for a “two-state solution” to solve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs.

White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby told reporters last week that Biden is maintaining an “open mind” about what form a two-state solution with Israel would ultimately take.

Kirby added that the President understands “the need for some flexibility” when it comes to the format of an independent Palestinian state and is “under no illusions that how difficult it’s going to be to get there, particularly with this conflict going on in Gaza.”
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Moms For Liberty: Exposé on Slander by NYC Democrat Politicians and Leftwing Media

Fri, 02/02/2024 - 14:00

From Moms For Liberty after the Town Hall on Jan. 18, 2024:
“We had an open conversation on the state of education in New York with NYC elected leaders and parents in the community. Plus a keynote speech from Billboard Chris.


Photo Pamela Hall 2022

Inside Bohemian Hall, “questions were answered, and voices from all viewpoints who wanted to engage in collaborative conversation were welcomed. We loved being in NYC.”

Unable to attend but that will not stop me from reporting on the event and the  anti-Moms propaganda parroted by the leftists, politicians and media.

 “Moms for Liberty is a hate group, plain and simple. And hate has no place in New York City.” Tony Simone:Assembly member, 75th District

They used the hate group SPLC (the infamous Southern Poverty Law Center) as their authority on mislabeled hate groups.

The SPLC Is Massively Over counting ‘Hate’ Groups—and It’s Not Just Moms for Liberty” (
Map Southern Poverty Law Center, 2022

.”At this rate, the Southern Poverty Law Center‘s HATE MAP
might eventually describe everyone as an extremist.”

Southern Poverty Law Center’s Despicable Attack on Parental Rights Is a Sign of Leftist Panic”

The Southern Poverty Law Center does one of the Left’s filthiest jobs: It smears political enemies as “hate groups,” putting these organizations’ staff at risk. It thus spreads hatred while mawkishly pretending to fight it. It foolishly believes its wall of sanctimony will obscure its ruthless tactics.” [The Heritage Foundation]

NOTHING that was said inside by a very diverse panel was going to change the stories they had already written. What follows is a look at some of the slanted reporting as well as videos from left and right, leading off with the NY Daily News one-sided headline.

NYC elected officials, teachers protest at right wing Moms for Liberty event

.In this video of Manhattan Borough President, Mark Levine , outside Bohemian Hall, he rants the predictable slander  (Freedom News TV)

.Other videos and articles, like this from the Daily Beast‘s Kate Briquelet Senior Reporter is an example of leftist journalism, all slant. No matter what she heard inside, the Moms for Liberty were racist BIGOTS.” (mobbed?). Noisy, but easily contained by the police.

Protesters flocked to Manhattan on Thursday to oppose the right-wing extremist group, which hosted a “town hall” for “an honest conversation on the state of education” that featured anti-trans and school choice activists. (Among them were state and city lawmakers and Moms for Liberty opposition group Defense of Democracy.)

Jo Macellaro, a public school teacher in the Bronx, stood near the entrance with a sign reading, “I’m the trans teacher you’re so scared of.”(pronouns they/them)

…”they’ve” worked with trans students in elementary school and said, “It’s hard for me to imagine how hard it is for them,” especially when “most of the information from people like Moms for Liberty is false.Trans kids I know just want to be kids.” (also) …   protect kids …. students (need) access to books, therapy, medical care, and the ability to ask questions.”

Kate Briquelet continued with her negative report:

“But most of the airtime was spent listening to panelists stoke fears about the usual conservative bugbears: transgender care for minors and critical race theory. For about 15 minutes at the end, a handful of people in the crowd were able to ask questions, which resulted in anger and several fraught interactions. This, despite an event flyer claiming that “all viewpoints are welcome.”

My reaction: The full length video shows the only “fraught interactions” were caused by lefties who asked questions that were out right lies: ALL viewpoints were permitted doesn’t mean everyone has to like it.

[Photo Kate Briquelet/The Daily Beast]

Panelists included “Billboard Chris,” a frequent Moms for Liberty collaborator who travels the continent railing against gender-affirming care for minors, and Nicholas Giordano, a community college professor and occasional Fox News contributor.

Other “parents rights” adherents included NYC community education council member Maud Maron, who called trans-identifying children “a social contagion” and Paul Rossi, a former private school teacher fired for challenging anti-racism lessons. He is now a consultant for affluent parents concerned about “woke” ideology, the New York Post reported.

Another participant, Wai Wah Chin of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance Greater New York, was reportedly instrumental in ending affirmative action.”

Briquelet ended with this bit of “drama” while omitting his name:

“After the town hall ended amid bickering and shouts and one man being escorted out .

(“The One Man” ejected was Leftist troublemaker WALTER MATHESON – a Sascha Baron Cohen wanna-be) [screen grab photos – AOK News]]

A few days later he harassed people leaving  Henry Kissinger’s memorial with a ‘F**k Kissinger” sign. [picture of sign-Freedom News TV]

.Sonni Mun (MD), a Manhattan parent told The Daily Beast, “It wasn’t a town hall. It was a disinformation campaign.”

[I’m familiar with Sonni–  a dedicated hard-core leftist. MY pictures of her include Sonni and her pro-abortion friend’s UnF**k the world” t-shirt in 2023 and her
cute “It’s the f-ing guns” PINK t-shirt at an anti-gun rally in 2022.
Sonni’s quote is an incorrect assessment of the Town Hall: “This is New York City and I didn’t expect it to be as insane as it was,” she added. “I was sort of shocked at the amount of hate and misinformation and that they basically talked about everything except curriculum and education.” (The full video at the end of this article verifies that curriculum and education was very prevalent in the discussions.)

To be expected, Kate Briquelet, made these non-question plants VICTIMS of the Moms. [both photos Pamela Hall 2022/23]

Moms for Liberty advertised their NYC event as a “town hall” but so far no audience members have been able to ask questions & it’s supposed to end in 10 minutes. Ahead of audience Qs, they showed us a clip from a COVID documentary.” – [The 15 minute documentary teaser was 01:09]

“How they’re responding to people’s concerns. People are telling this woman to shut up but they wouldn’t let her finish her Q.” [This woman would not let the panelist respond. SHE was yelling over him—so the audience did tell her to be quiet, to let him talk.]

This man repeated the leftist lies that claim curriculum and education were not discussed, despite the FACT that they were discussed.

.Moms 4 Liberty posted a complete video of the Town Hall (2 hours)

.The leftists were planted around the room, knowing full well there would be vocal reactions to their snarky comments, so the left-media can accuse the so-called chaos of impeding an open town hall.

They ask who gave M4L the right to dictate how to educate their children without explaining “why it is okay for THEM to tell parents how to educate their children”. It’s one-sided. The left-media skips that part ’cause they know it’s one-sided.

Government schools fill hours of so-called education with “how to protest white people and conservatives and Christians and now : Jews and Israel.” Left-media does not admit they are the hypocrites.

Yes, the Three R’s are important but they are seriously neglected by the LEFT, not the Mom’s For Liberty crowd.  Children fail maths, can’t write in cursive (or at all) and only know the rewritten history foisted on them by leftist teachers who idolize Marxists like Howard Zinn and promote the fake history of the 1619 Project. Without apology, they ban Thomas Sowell, the Bible, Conservatives, Republicans, the real history of Israel as well as historians like Paul Johnson.

Bastardized history that teaches  hatred, to reshape our country while creating a dystopian world ; this is our future,  the New World Order, the Great Reset if they are not stopped by groups like Moms For Liberty.

+ This clip is rife with falsehoods as Joy Reid of MSNBC rudely talks over Tiffany Justice. She begins with Tiffany Justice (at 1:05) (16 min clip- MSNBC)

Joy  could not let go of the misinformation re banning,  ignoring the books LEFTIST have banned (books with racist or what they label offensive language.)

“All Boys are Blue”/rape of minor child/strap-on dildo/incest- pedophilia- predators- Joy claims moms take it OUT OF CONTEXT.
Joy lobs the “expertise” question with a snarky quip that Tiffany is  NOT AN EXPERT and WHO gave Tiffany the right to ‘ban’ books’

Joy mentions library OPT OUT FORMS for students. For books like  Ruby Bridges. Tiffany says graphic sexual contact is at issue, but Joy won’t let Tiffany talk; to explain.

Tiffany points out that Moms 4 Liberty have not BANNED books.

+ Found a conservative reading list that a leftist school removed from approved reading. []

Open picture in new tab to enlarge.

Outside the Town Hall was a table set by the People for the American Way with BOOKS supposedly ‘banned’ by the Mom’s and their ilk. [photo by hatspeech]


+Check out this outrageous alternative to Moms 4 Liberty, a stomach turning website: Defense Of Democracy.

“In the spring of 2022, two moms in a small upstate New York town came together to fight back against three school board candidates endorsed by the hate group Moms for Liberty.

We support educators who present historically and scientifically accurate information…”

.+Since book ‘banning’ is such a hot topic for the left-media and the leftist orgs, these excerpts from a few articles (with links at end) reveal more about the hypocritical Left’s actual banning of BOOKS.

Liberals cannot open the door to censorship for reasons they consider good without also opening the door for reasons they consider not-so-good.

There were at least 2,532 book challenges from July 2021 to June 2022, affecting 1,648 book titles, according to a report by the “free expression protection group” PEN America. According to the American Library Association,… any book that is challenged is considered to be a “banned book.”

.… liberal efforts criticized or restricted books in the name of anti-racism or progressive ideals.

Books like “Of Mice and Men;” “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” and several Dr. Seuss titles have been challenged in some schools and libraries due to racist language or imagery throughout the years, including the use of the n-word or insensitive imagery of racial stereotypes, according to the ALA.

Just as conservatives have gained traction on gender identity by asking leftists to define the word “woman,” they could also reframe the book debate by asking them to define the word “ban.” They shouldn’t let the Left avoid acknowledging the explicit or graphic content of many of these books, and they should ask defenders of these titles whether they want their own children reading them. When movies and television programs are rated PG–13, R, or X—and consequently restricted for younger viewers—that doesn’t mean that they’re banned. The same principle goes for books.

“progressive” education is designed to teach a single position as the only position. There can’t be debate over abortion, evolution, climate change, homosexuality, transgenderism, and any number of other leftist positions.

Students must be shielded from well-reasoned contrary positions. Just seeing a list of 31 books might give students the wrong impression of what they’ve been taught for 12 years. “You mean there is another position?”

1984, perfect example of how teaching its intended allegory has been lost

It’s hard for many Americans to believe, but their schools have been taken over by an alien worldview designed to shape their children into non-thinking wards of the State as THE LEFT CONTINUES to PERVERT the EDUCATION of our CHILDREN.

Bill Maher doubled down. “Everything I read, whatever source, it’s only half the truth. They print the narrative. They don’t print truth.”

The left claims
that progressive books are being censored in public schools. But my research proves the opposite is true…. students complained that their school libraries had become one-sided, offering only books in line with progressive orthodoxy.

FACT: the Public Library System is controlled by the LEFT.

The ALA has long been notoriously liberal. While many other library associations around the world condemned the Cuban regime’s closure of libraries and jailing of dissident librarians, the ALA never did.

America’s one-sided school libraries are failing students. No wonder only 16% of Gen Z says they are proud to live in America, according to a January 2023 Morning Consult poll.They don’t have access to books that present our country in an honest light.”

It’s no secret that many school libraries have become reflections of politicized librarians. Take Emily Drabinski, president of the American Library Association and a self-proclaimed Marxist, who said during a socialism conference last September in Chicago that public education “needs to be a site of socialist organizing. I think libraries really do, too. We need to be on the agenda of socialist organizing.”

Yet Moms for Liberty are the EXTREMISTS?


What nonsense.

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++LINKS For articles that focused on Left Book Bans:

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Jack Smith’s Trump Case in DC has been REMOVED FROM THE COURT CALENDAR

Fri, 02/02/2024 - 13:14

Setback for the tyrants. Smith is a thug, a low IQ Javert. Stay tuned. Developing.


Jack Smith’s Trump Case Removed From Court Docket Raises Eyebrows

By Newsweek, Feb 02, 2024:

Jack Smith’s Trump Case Removed From Court Docket Raises Eyebrows

Donald Trump’s scheduled start date for his federal 2020 election obstruction trial being removed from the public calendar has sparked intrigue and rumors from MAGA loyalists of the former president.

Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is overseeing the case—where Trump has pleaded not guilty to four charges under Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into the events which led up to the January 6 attack—originally set the start of the trial for March 4.

However, it has long been suspected that the start of the proceedings would be pushed back, as the case is on hold while the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit decides whether Trump should be immune from prosecution since the charges against him relate to his time in office. Despite hearing arguments on January 9 about whether the former president can cite absolute immunity to dismiss Smith’s case, it is unclear when the three-judge panel at the appeals court will make a decision.

It has now been revealed, as first reported by The Washington Post, that the March 4 trial date for Trump’s 2020 election case no longer appears in a public calendar at the federal court in Washington D.C., with the administrative move a sign that the trial will be delayed pending the immunity appeal process.

When the update was reported on social media, a number of MAGA figures speculated that the removal of the March 4 trial date from the public calendar meant that the case will be dropped entirely.

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LEFTWING HELLHOLE: Oregon Supreme Court Upholds Democrat Decision to Block 10 Republicans From Running for Reelection

Thu, 02/01/2024 - 19:20

You thought it would end with Trump? Taking out Trump was just the beginning. Trump was casus belli in the Democrat coup against the Republic. At this point the GOP is worthless – toothless, spineless and gutless. May they go the way of the Whigs.

The people know: RNC Most Broke It Has Been In Nearly A Decade, FEC Filings Show

Oregon Democrats Ban 10 GOP Lawmakers From The Ballot For Same Action Democrats Took In Multiple States

Oregon Supreme Court Blocks 10 Republicans From Running for Reelection

By Zachary Stieber, The Epoch Times, February1, 2024:

Ten Republican senators in Oregon cannot run for reelection, the state’s top court ruled on Feb. 1.
The court found that the senators are banned from running for reelection under a constitutional amendment approved in 2022.

The amendment, Ballot Measure 113, states that lawmakers who miss at least 10 legislative days without an excuse cannot seek reelection.

The ruling upheld a decision from Oregon Secretary of State LaVonne Griffin-Valade, a Democrat.

Ms. Griffin-Valade said in 2023 that the senators, under the measure, could not try for another term.

“My decision honors the voters’ intent by enforcing the measure the way it was commonly understood when Oregonians added it to our state constitution,” she said at the time.

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