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REPORT: Electronic Registration Information Center Deemed 168,000 Dead Or Relocated Virginians ‘Eligible But Unregistered’ To Vote

Wed, 03/20/2024 - 16:00

Our election system is run by criminals and traitors. Without free and fair elections, game over. Everything else is incidental.

Youngkin Vetoes Democrats’ Attempt To Force Virginia Back Into Leftist-Linked Voter Roll ‘Maintenance’ Group

— The Federalist (@FDRLST) March 11, 2024

I told you. ERIC's work product is defective. I suspect it is defective on purpose, but regardless of motive it is absolutely objectively defective and unsuitable for any state's voter rolls maintenance.

— The Virginia Project (@ProjectVirginia) March 20, 2024

I didnt appreciate this. GA's contract w ERIC gave them almost all your drivers lic. info from dds. ERIC gives it to 3rd party CEIR. Asking for help: 2nd image. CEIR creates list of unregistered but eligible voters. What is the purpose of randomization? control/treatment groups?

— Eric CIAramella’s Dirty Whistle (@TheAndersPaul) January 2, 2024

ERIC Deemed 168,000 Dead Or Relocated Virginians ‘Eligible But Unregistered’ To Vote

By: M.D. Kittle The Federalist, MarcH 20, 2024;

Calvin Coolidge, long before he was president, told his state senator father, “It is much more important to kill bad bills than to pass good ones.”

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin must have been channelling old Silent Cal earlier this month when he vetoed Democrat-led bills that would have required the commonwealth to rejoin the leftist-linked Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC). A report from the Public Interest Legal Foundation on ERIC’s zeal to target for voter registration tens of thousands of ineligible individuals — including the deceased — as “Eligible but Unregistered” shows Youngkin’s instincts were correct.

“I have been explicitly clear about my affirmation of the legitimacy of our elections,” Youngkin wrote in his March 8 veto message. “My focus is safeguarding Virginians’ private information and continuously improving an efficient, cost-effective voter registration system.”

Virginia may have been a founding state member of the voter data-sharing compact in 2012, but by May of 2023 Old Dominion had had enough. As Youngkin noted in his veto message, Virginia’s departure was the result of “persistent management issues, improper data use, escalating costs, and the inability to meet statutory requirements for border state information sharing.”

‘Deceased, Relocated, Ineligible People’

Virginia is among a growing number of states severing ties with ERIC. The multi-state voter roll maintenance partnership has been criticized for pushing expansive voter registration efforts, particularly a requirement that member states reach out to “eligible but unregistered” voters (EBUs) from lists compiled by ERIC.

ERIC “expanded beyond that of its initial intent – to improve the accuracy of voter rolls,” Elections Commissioner Susan Beals wrote upon Virginia’s break with the group.

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Democrats Forced To Admit How Radical The Party Has Become On Abortion

Wed, 03/20/2024 - 15:09

Late term abortion (unrestricted abortion) is murder. But to the left, any abortion is a “good” abortion.

The overwhelming majority of abortion supporters do not support late term abortions. The Republicans have got to address this gross misrepresentation of the abortion issue.

Activists Are Forcing Democrats To Admit How Radical The Party Has Become On Abortion

By: Christopher Jacobs, The federalist, March 20, 2024

Abortion on Demand

Nearly two years after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, leftists are saying the quiet parts out loud about abortion. And believe it or not, the media are actually covering them saying so.

Two recent stories in Politico (of all places) have highlighted increasingly radical rhetoric, coupled with an unwillingness to tolerate dissent. While the left’s positions may make Joe Biden look moderate, they should make ordinary Americans feel morally and politically uncomfortable.

The first story examined the State of the Union address to highlight Biden’s emphasis on “access” to abortion in circumstances such as medical emergencies. “That has left [progressive] activists and elected officials dismayed by what they see as a harmful divide between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ abortions that threatens to undermine a core tenet of the abortion-rights movement: that the decision to terminate a pregnancy should be between a patient and their doctor.”

The next paragraph quoted the CEO of Physicians for Reproductive Health: “The President is part and parcel of the culture of stigma and shame that surrounds abortion care. … Privileging certain stories allows us to ‘other’ people.” Politico also quoted another pro-abortion activist who co-leads the group Patient Forward: “We do not see this as a harmless approach because of all the ways it promotes stigma.”

In other words, to the left, any abortion is a “good” abortion.

Lest anyone consider conservatives inaccurate for pointing out that the left supports abortion on demand, Eloisa Lopez, the head of Pro-Choice Arizona, said the following:

A lot of people are disillusioned with the two-party system in general and Biden in particular. … What we want is not what most politicians want to promote and talk about, which is unrestricted abortion care. To not capitalize on the current momentum and to just settle for the Roe standard is upsetting to a lot of us. (Emphasis mine.)

Leftist politicians do want unrestricted abortion care — they just don’t necessarily want to “promote and talk about” it, as Lopez pointed out. Perhaps the most strikingly cynical example of abortion rhetoric came from Rep. Elissa Slotkin, D-Mich., running this year for Michigan’s open Senate seat. Slotkin essentially told Politico she has moderated her rhetoric, not because she doesn’t believe in abortion on demand, but because she has to win over the votes of people who disagree with her:

I’ve had women tell me the reason they support a right to choose is because of cases of rape and incest and the very common experience of miscarriage. … Is that the only reason why people ever get an abortion? No. But if I’m trying to get women in my state the right to have an abortion, I need the help of women who consider themselves pro-life.

And the Democrats’ march to the left on abortion hasn’t remained confined to Washington.

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Washington Supreme Court Rules That Bar Exam No Longer A Requirement Because It’s Too Hard For People of Color

Tue, 03/19/2024 - 16:47

The Supreme Court of Washington has ruled that prospective lawyers will no longer be required to pass a bar exam to practice in the state.

The decision was reportedly made because the bar exam was too difficult for “examinees of color.”

Hardcore racist policy. Washington Supreme Court is actually saying people of color are too dumb. The high bigotry of low expectations.Who would want a lawyer who couldn’t pass the bar whiatever race, creed or colour?

Washington Supreme Court Rules That Bar Exam No Longer A Requirement To Practice Law, Cites Impact On “Marginalized Groups”

By: Natasha Biase, The Publica, March 18, 2024

The Washington State Supreme Court has ruled that the bar exam is no longer a requirement for prospective lawyers. On Friday, The Bar Licensure Task Force explained that the bar is “minimally effective for ensuring competency” and “disproportionally and unnecessarily blocks marginalized groups from becoming practicing attorneys.”

According to The Spokesman-Review, after appointing the task force in 2020 to assess “disproportionate impacts on examinees of color and first-generation examinees,” the courts agreed to substitute the exam with “experiential-learning alternatives.”

The task force was made up of over 50 groups of representatives and “examined the character and fitness process for lawyer licensure.”

Although students have historically interned under another lawyer before becoming attorneys, they still had to pass the bar to get their license to practice. Under the new guidelines, lawyers can forgo the bar, first administered in Delaware in 1783, by participating in a six-month apprenticeship and finishing three courses.

Additionally, students must complete a minimum of three hours of legal work per week and 12 skills credits as licensed legal interns, garnering up to 500 hours of law experience before graduation to complete their portfolios.

The eligibility to become a licensed law practitioner will also extend to law clerks even if they haven’t finished law school by completing 500 hours of work as a licensed legal intern and “completing standardized educational materials and benchmarks under the guidance of a mentoring attorney.”

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BRAVO: Trump Sues ABC News, George Stephanopoulos for Defamation

Tue, 03/19/2024 - 15:32

“These statements were and remain false, and were made by Defendant Stephanopoulos with actual malice or with a reckless disregard for the truth…”

Enough with their evil bullshit.

Trump sues ABC News, George Stephanopoulos for defamation

Stephanopoulos said the former president was found liable for rape several times

By: Hanna Panreck, Brian Flood, Fox News, March 19, 2024:

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump is suing ABC News and George Stephanopoulos for defamation after the ABC News host said several times on air that the former president was “found liable for rape” during a heated March 10 interview with Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C.

Mace, a rape survivor, says she felt personally attacked when Stephanopoulos, a former top aide to President Bill Clinton, asked how she could support Trump’s White House bid. Stephanopoulos said Trump was found “liable for rape” 10 times during the exchange.

A federal jury in New York decided that Trump was not liable for rape but was liable for sexual abuse and defamation in the 2023 civil trial of advice columnist E. Jean Carroll vs. Trump. The former president has called the verdict a “disgrace,” and denied all wrongdoing.

The lawsuit, filed Monday in Florida, claims Stephanopoulos’ statements are “false” and were made with “actual malice or with a reckless disregard for the truth given that Defendant Stephanopoulos knows these statements are patently and demonstrably false.” The court document then noted that a jury “expressly found that Plantiff did not commit rape.”

The suit notes that Trump representatives contacted ABC seeking a retraction following the interview, but the Disney-owned news outlet failed to apologize or correct the record.

“Since making such false, malicious, and defamatory statements, many news and press outlets have continued to quote Stephanopoulos by wrongfully broadcasting that Plaintiff was found liable for rape,” Trump’s lawyers wrote.

Trump’s team has requested a jury trial.

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Michigan Imam: One Day The Muslims Will Slaughter The Jews Like Sheep

Tue, 03/19/2024 - 15:00

Islamic Jew-hatred is a central religious tenet of Islam.

Impossible to imagine (because it would never happen) rabbis saying this to Muslims. The Democrats would be rounding us all up.


Michigan Friday Sermon By Imam Abdou Zindani: One Day The Muslims Will Slaughter The Jews Like Sheep; Oh Allah, Make Us Soldiers for You, Make Us Die The Way You Want Us To Die

By: MEMRI, March 18, 2024;

Source: Online Platforms – “Islamic Center of Warren, on YouTube”

In a January 5, 2024 Friday sermon at the Islamic Center of Warren, Michigan, which was streamed live on the Mosque’s YouTube channel, Imam Abdou Alwaly Zindani invoked the hadith about the Muslims killing the Jews at the End of Times. He said that the Muslims will slaughter the Jews like sheep and that the stones and trees will “work undercover” for the Muslims, telling them where the Jews are hiding. Zindani went on to supplicate: “Oh Allah, make us soldiers for You, […] make us die the way you want us to die.”

Abdou Zindani is imam at the Islamic Universal Services Association in Warren, Michigan. He presented at the November 2023 interfaith Thanksgiving service organized by the InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit.

Imam Abdou Zindani: “One Jewish man in New York was talking to a Palestinian businessman. First, the [Palestinian] said: ‘Don’t worry, Jewish man. One day will come, and we will slaughter you like a sheep and the stone and the tree will work undercover with us. They will tell us: Hey Muslim, come. Somebody is hiding here, get up and kill him.’

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Obama Appointed Judge Rules Illegals Can Carry Guns

Tue, 03/19/2024 - 14:00

The Democrat war on Americans escalates.Apparently their gun control mania only applies to law abiding American citizens.

Illegal Immigrant Can Carry Guns: Federal Judge

By: Epoch Times, March 19, 2024:

An illegal immigrant was wrongly banned from possessing guns, according to a recent ruling.

A federal law, Section 922 of Title 18 of the U.S. Code, bars illegal immigrants from carrying guns or ammunition. Prosecutors charged Heriberto Carbajal-Flores, the illegal alien, in 2020 after he was found in Chicago carrying a semi-automatic pistol despite “knowing he was an alien illegally and unlawfully in the United States.”

U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman rejected two motions to dismiss, but the third motion, based on a 2022 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, triggered the dismissal of the case on March 8.

“The noncitizen possession statute, 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(5), violates the Second Amendment as applied to Carbajal-Flores,” Judge Coleman, appointed under President Barack Obama, wrote in her 8-page ruling. “Thus, the court grants Carbajal-Flores’ motion to dismiss.”

Lawyers for Mr. Carbajal-Flores had argued in the most recent motion to dismiss that the government could not show that the law in question was “part of the historical tradition that delimits the outer bounds of the right to keep and bear arms.”

In 2022, the Supreme Court determined that the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment “presumptively protects” conduct that is covered by the amendment’s “plain text.”

Uncharted Territory’: What Happens If President Trump Can’t Post $454M Bond In Sham Case By Monday’s Deadline?

Tue, 03/19/2024 - 13:00

Politicized injustice.

This is the worst, most punitive election interference government actions in American history….

This is not about Trump. This is about us, you and me.

Legal experts weigh in on Trump’s options after his attorneys said he couldn’t secure a $464 million appeal bond he needs in a New York civil fraud judgement against him.

Trump’s lawyers wrote in a Monday court filing that obtaining the nearly half-a-billion appeal was a “practical impossibility under the circumstances presented.”

David Gelman, a criminal defense attorney and a former deputy district attorney, called the judgment a “unicorn.” He argued that the judge should give Trump a lot more leeway to satisfy the bond because “not even the richest man in the world has $464 million lying around.”

Gelman told Fox News Digital that “everyone needs to realize how unprecedented this is.”

“There has never been a judgment of this magnitude against a company or individual in the history of New York, so we are really in uncharted territory.”

Gelman said Trump has three options: not appeal, ask the court to allow Attorney General James to use his property as collateral, or take it to a federal court and say the New York law is unconstitutional on its face.

“Courts really don’t deny bonds when there are other ways to pay. Again, because this is so unprecedented, and I don’t care how rich you are, nobody has that much liquid cash. So if a court had the option to allow a defendant to use some other collateral to satisfy the bond, they will,” Gelman said.

He added that there was no reason for the judge or Attorney General James to say no.

“You’re dealing with Trump. He’s not going anywhere. He’s the most famous and well known person in the world. It’s not like he can just disappear and can’t be found,” Gelman said.


What will happen if Trump can’t post $454M bond in his civil fraud case by Monday’s deadline?

By: NY Post, March 19, 2024:

New York Attorney General Letitia James will be free to start going after Donald Trump’s prized properties should the former president fail to make the deadline to post the $454 million bond in his civil fraud case.

Trump, 77, on Monday filed papers in an appeal court case seeking to get out of having to post the bond as he fights the massive judgment from February — which accrues $112,000 in interest daily.

The presumptive Republican 2024 presidential nominee had approached over 30 firms to secure the bond — to no avail — and he’s facing “insurmountable difficulties” getting the financial backing, his attorneys wrote in the filings.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron ordered the hefty judgment against the real estate mogul in February after a three month trial in which the AG’s office argued Trump exaggerated his net worth by billions a year on financial statements to get better loan and insurance terms.


“The real difficulty is the size of the judgment is so huge.”

The bond would require Trump to post 120% of what he owes with collateral — amounting to $557.5 million, according to his lawyers.

Trump previously sought to lower the bond amount to $100 million and is now seeking to get out of paying the bond altogether.

O’Brien said that if Trump can prove to the court that he is likely to ultimately win his appeal, he “might have an argument” to get the bond amount lowered.


What happens if Trump doesn’t make the deadline?

If the Appellate Division, First Department doesn’t grant Trump’s bid to pause Monday’s deadline for his bond and if he can’t come up with the money by then, AG James can start going after his assets — a measure she said she won’t hesitate to use.

New York real estate lawyer Melissa Levin said if Trump is forced to cough up the full amount by Monday he is “going to have to start selling off his properties himself to get the rest of the money to pay the bond.”

“If he doesn’t do that, there would be nothing stopping Letitia James and New York State from asking the court to seize certain assets to pay off the judgment amount that way,” she added.


DoJ Intervenes On Behalf of Pfizer in Whistleblower Lawsuit Alleging Pfizer Committed Fraud During Clinical Trials for its COVID-19 Vaccine

Tue, 03/19/2024 - 12:00

This is a hugely important case involving massive fraud by the vaccine manufacturers, complicity in this by government agencies. If successful, it would lead to an unprecedented volume of lawsuits from the many victims of the Covid injections, criminal charges against those responsible for the harmful fraud, and exposure of the false claims by health agencies that the injections “saved millions of lives.” All of them were aware of the lack of efficacy and the dangers of these fake vaccines. The 144 redacted pages should tell you everything you need to know:

Excited to dive into a new FOIA on the CDC's long-term study of myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccination.

— Zachary Stieber (@ZackStieber) March 7, 2024

Obviously, the CDC knew.

Many others involved in the whole Covid disaster deserve to be swinging from a rope for this.

DOJ Asks Court to Toss Whistleblower Lawsuit Alleging Pfizer Defrauded U.S. Government

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) on Tuesday asked to intervene in a lawsuit alleging Pfizer committed fraud during clinical trials for its COVID-19 vaccine. The DOJ also asked the court to dismiss whistleblower Brook Jackson’s lawsuit against Pfizer.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) on Tuesday intervened in a lawsuit alleging Pfizer committed fraud during clinical trials for its Covid vaccine. The DOJ asked the court to dismiss whistleblower Brook Jackson’s lawsuit against Pfizer: “The United States should not be required to expend resources on a case that is inconsistent with its public health policy,” the DOJ said in its motion to dismiss.

Jackson told The Defender the DOJ’s motion was expected and will clarify the standards for good cause being applied regarding the U.S. government’s justification for allowing Pfizer to commit fraud on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA): “This fraud has undoubtedly cost American taxpayers billions of dollars and has led to an untold number of injuries from the Covid countermeasure, including permanent disability and death among my fellow citizens,” Jackson said.

Jackson is a former employee of the Ventavia Research Group, an independent lab that conducted some of the clinical trials for the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine. In January 2021, she sued Pfizer, Ventavia and ICON plc, another Pfizer contractor, alleging the companies committed numerous violations of the False Claims Act during the trials. In September 2022, Jackson filed an amended complaint, which was dismissed in April 2023. She subsequently filed a second amended complaint in October 2023, prompting the DOJ to claim it “has good cause to intervene and is entitled to dismissal” of the case. Oral arguments in the case are scheduled for April 17 before the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas Beaumont Division.

Sasha Latypova, a former pharmaceutical industry executive with 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development, told The Defender “The case alleges that Pfizer committed fraud in order to get the contract for Covid vaccines from the U.S. government while knowingly delivering a defective product. The fraud that Jackson describes … has not been disputed by Pfizer.”

Robert Barnes, one of the lawyers representing Jackson, spoke at a March 8 presentation of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, where he said, “Any and every form of fraud they could commit, they did,” referring to Pfizer. “Jackson discovered it, uncovered it and went through the appropriate internal review protocols and assumed that people would correct the defects. Instead of that occurring, she was summarily fired.”

‘Pfizer lied in order to get paid’

Jackson filed her lawsuit under the False Claims Act, which allows the government or a party suing on its behalf, such as Jackson, to attempt to recover money for false claims made by parties in an attempt to secure payment from the government. Those parties, such as Pfizer-BioNTech, can be held liable under the act if they knowingly made a false claim or used a false record or statement to secure payment.

The DOJ’s motion to dismiss states that Jackson “alleged that defendants violated the protocol for the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine clinical trial at three study sites in Texas and that defendant Pfizer misrepresented the safety and efficacy of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).”

According to the DOJ’s filing, the False Claims Act “requires the United States to notify the court whether it will intervene in the qui tam action or decline to take over the action,” following “a period of investigation.” A qui tam action refers to any legal case where a private citizen initiates legal action on behalf of a state. The government may choose whether to intervene in qui tam cases. If it does, it may then proceed with the lawsuit instead of the citizen who originally filed the claim — known as a “relator.” The government may subsequently opt to settle the case or to file a motion to dismiss, which the DOJ did. The DOJ claims the U.S. “has good cause to intervene for the purpose of dismissal” based on U.S. Supreme Court precedent in a June 2023 ruling, United States ex rel. Polansky v. Executive Health Resources Inc., et al., that said the government may intervene and move to dismiss a False Claims Act case at any time in the life of the case.

The DOJ further claimed that the U.S. government has good cause to intervene in the case because it has access to the same clinical trial data, adverse event data and other scientific research Jackson refers to in her complaint. To support the DOJ’s claims, the motion cites a Jan. 5, 2024, JAMA editorial authored by FDA Commissioner Robert Califf and the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research Director Peter Marks, claiming that: “Contrary to a wealth of misinformation available on social media and the internet, data from various studies indicate that since the beginning of the Covid pandemic tens of millions of lives were saved by vaccination.”

The DOJ also argued that, if the case is allowed to continue, the discovery process and ongoing legal proceedings “will impose a significant burden on FDA, HHS [U.S. Department of Health and Human Services], and DOJ.”

Referring to the Supreme Court’s Polansky ruling, Jackson said: “The government came in at the very last moment and did what they’re doing in this case, trying to get rid of it. So, it went all the way to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court ruled that based on the False Claims Act, the government has the ultimate authority to do whatever it wants to do in a sense. But again, having to show … good cause.”

Latypova said that once a case is filed under the False Claims Act, “it immediately goes under seal for an initial 60 days.” After this, “The government has 60 days to decide whether to intervene in the case or not. They could have intervened and dismissed or they could have declined to intervene and not dismiss. In February 2022, after keeping the case sealed and investigating the allegations for nearly 14 months, the government chose not to intervene but did not move to dismiss either. The case was then unsealed, allowing me to proceed with the action on my own, acting on behalf of the U.S. The Justice Department waited until the last minute before the first round of dismissal hearings before the judge, and they made a very rare intervention, but not a full intervention. They attempted that and it partially worked. We succeeded in getting the judge to reconsider his ruling, and he reinstated the fraud and the inducement claim, because that’s what the claim is fundamentally about — that Pfizer lied in order to get paid. They lied about what they were delivering. They said what they were delivering was safe. It wasn’t.”

Barnes said that under the U.S. government’s contract with Pfizer, the U.S. was “not paying for a therapeutic, they were not paying for a diagnostic, they were paying for something that would inoculate. And of course, this never did.”

According to Latypova, by waiting until now to file a motion to intervene, based on the Polansky ruling, the government opted to wait until “after they had an opportunity to get as many shots in as many arms as they possibly could. This is the second time the DOJ is planning to intervene and to ask the court to dismiss the second amended complaint from Brook. This clearly points to the U.S. government’s desire to not investigate the clinical trial fraud for Covid vaccines,” she said.

Jackson said the DOJ still must show good cause, noting that a motion to dismiss “must be done in good faith and they must provide good cause — this is key, and why I am confident that these motions will be denied,” she said.

“The government must show … why they have a reasonable argument that it is more likely than not that the downsides to the case exceed the upsides,” Barnes said. “In a multi-billion-dollar case, what’s that argument going to be from the Justice Department?”

Discovery could show government covered up vaccine adverse events

If the DOJ’s motion to dismiss fails, the process of discovery will proceed and that may reveal more evidence of a possible government cover-up. “We believe discovery will show the government wasn’t conducting any meaningful investigation at all,” Barnes said. “It was lying to Brook Jackson, it was lying to her counsel, and more importantly, to a certain degree, it was lying to the court. What was really occurring all along is that the Justice Department was deliberately slow-rolling the case for the benefit of Pfizer.”

“We’re going to ask to potentially receive some discovery in what that 14 months of government investigation looked like and why they chose to keep it under seal so long and at that point, dismiss … We want to know why,” Jackson said.

As for what discovery may reveal, Latypova said she is quite certain that “it would confirm all allegations of fraud that have been observed by Brook — violations of the clinical trial protocol, unblinding, lack of proper informed consent, manipulation of data, hiding adverse events from the vaccines, and more. I hope that the discovery would also produce unredacted contracts between the Department of Defense and Pfizer.”

The opportunity to file a second amended complaint also allowed more evidence to be incorporated into the case, Jackson said, as the previous complaint only allowed her to “claim what I knew as of September 2020.” “We found out more about the approval process through the FDA’s release of the clinical trial documents. As more people came forward, as science evolved, we learned more,” Jackson said.

According to Latypova, this new information includes preclinical studies from Pfizer and Moderna, human adverse event data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and other databases, and “reports and published studies from thousands of physicians and injured people.” “The data is overwhelming, showing severe damage caused by these products,” Latypova said. “The documentation also demonstrates that the manufacturers knew that the product is extremely dangerous … Yet, they lied about the product’s safety, efficacy and manufacturing quality and took billions of dollars in taxpayers’ money.”

According to Barnes, constitutional issues will also be at play if the lawsuit proceeds. This includes “whether or not impermissible First Amendment issues are motivating the Justice Department in pursuing this case, a case that might embarrass the current administration that was in bed with Pfizer as to this vaccine.”

“It’s been four years of fighting a system that I thought was on our side,” Jackson said. “We’ve lost sight of what, or rather who, the government serves. It’s the people. I’ll remind the powers-that-be in Washington once again that according to the U.S. Constitution, the government’s job is to protect and serve the people. We are the sole interest, and we demand vindication.”


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Mon, 03/18/2024 - 14:28

If you are not seeing my my posts on your twitter (X) feed despite having followed me, it’s because the shadowban remains. The good news is there is is a word around.

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Florida Synagogue and Jewish Community Center Set Aflame in Arson Attack

Mon, 03/18/2024 - 14:00

This received no media coverage in keeping with the media silence about the escalation in violence and hate against Jews. But if a mosque were set alight, there would be insane pandemonium.

Florida Chabad synagogue and community center set aflame in arson

By Michael Starr, Jersualem Post, March 18, 2024:

The Florida Las Olas Chabad Jewish Center was ravaged by a fire in an act of arson early Saturday morning, causing damage to the synagogue, Hebrew school, and community center, Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue and Las Olas Chabad said.

The Chabad Center said in statements on Sunday night that the fire was deliberately and intentionally set.

“It was a clearly targeted attack on our facility and our Community,” said the Chabad.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reported that police were not investigating the incident as a hate crime. The alleged arsonist, Scott Hannaford, 50, was a transient who had previously trespassed on the property, according to the report. Hannaford has been charged with arson, criminal mischief, and possession of cocaine.

Fire Rescue said on Saturday on social media that the fire started with a vehicle next to the building

Las Olas Chabad said that just on Friday night, as the Jewish Sabbath began, they “sat in the shul surrounded by our Hebrew School students and families, we were filled with pride! We were horrifyingly awakened Shabbos morning to the news of the Shul burning!”

Continue reading….

Hezb’Allah Terrorist Captured at Texas Border Planned to Bomb New York City

Mon, 03/18/2024 - 12:01

Not only did the Democrat regime welcome this murdering savage into our country, their fearless leader, Joe Biden, funded his paymaster, Iran.

He is just one of many.

Hezbollah terrorist captured at Texas border: A male migrant from Lebanon has been caught sneaking over the US-Mexico border has admitted to being a Hezbollah terrorist and planning to make a bomb to detonate in New York.

22-year-old Basel Bassel Ebbadi was caught by border patrol near El Paso, Texas. In an interrogation he said: “I’m going to try to make a bomb”.

Ebbadi also said in that he had trained with Hezbollah for seven years and served as an active member guarding weapons locations for another four years.

Source: New York Post

Hezbollah Terrorist captured at Texas border.

A male migrant from Lebanon has been caught sneaking over the US-Mexico border has admitted to being a Hezbollah terrorist and planning to make a bomb to detonate in New York.

22-year-old Basel Bassel Ebbadi was caught by border…

— Oli London (@OliLondonTV) March 17, 2024

Illegal migrant from Lebanon caught at border admitted he’s a Hezbollah terrorist hoping ‘to make a bomb’ — and was headed for NY

By Jennie Taer, NY Post,March 17, 2024:

A Lebanese migrant who was caught sneaking over the border admitted he’s a member of Hezbollah, he hoped to make a bomb, and his destination was New York, The Post can reveal.

Basel Bassel Ebbadi, 22, was caught by border patrol on March 9 near El Paso, Texas. While in custody he asked what he was doing in the US, to which he replied: “I’m going to try to make a bomb,” according to a Border Patrol document exclusively obtained by The Post.

But Ebbadi later claimed in an interview that he had been trying to flee Lebanon and Hamas because he “didn’t want to kill people” and said “once you’re in in, you can never get out,” according to internal ICE documents.

Ebbadi said in a sworn interview after his arrest that he had trained with Hezbollah for seven years and served as an active member guarding weapons locations for another four years, the documents show.

Ebbadi’s training focused on “jihad” and killing people “that was not Muslim,” he said.

Border agents continue to see a surge in migrants whose names appear on the terror watchlist entering the US illegally as crossings continue at record levels.

Hezbollah, an Iran-backed terror group, has launched missiles into northern Israel following Hamas’ attack on Oct. 7 that have killed about a dozen IDF soldiers and seven civilians.
its toll on motorists

Ebbadi didn’t have documents when he entered the US, claiming they were robbed “with a knife” while he was in Costa Rica, according to the ICE documents.

He also admitted to using a fake birthday and name in Sweden, in Ecuador — where he claimed his father resides — and Panama this year.

He said he had originally hoped to go to New York and then move around the country.

Ebbadi was immediately placed into isolation and was referred for an interview with the Tactical Terrorism Response Team (TTRT) for making “terroristic threats to personnel.”

Internal documents show he was marked for deportation from the US, although it was not clear which country he would be returned to.

Border agents recorded 98 encounters of terror watchlisted individuals at both the northern and southern borders in fiscal year 2022, an almost twice as many, 172, in the 2023 fiscal year which ends September 20.

So far in the first four months of 2024, 59 people have been apprehended, according to federal data.

The total number of terror watchlisted encounters between fiscal years 2017 and 2021 amounted to just 30 people, but after that time the criteria for being on the list, which has never been disclosed, was expanded.
In an aerial view, immigrants pass through coils of razor wire while crossing the U.S.-Mexico border on March 13, 2024 in El Paso, Texas.

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Supreme Court To Rule on Free Speech, Our Most Cherished, Fundamental Freedom

Mon, 03/18/2024 - 11:46
The legal gymnastics and perverted logic that these allegedly great legal minds are going to argue before the court is of no import, this is not a complex legal issue. The Supreme Court, by definition, is the ultimate appellate jurisdiction over questions of U.S. constitutional issues. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution, the first – not the second, third or eighth – is first because it’s  the foundation of our constitutional republic.

Freedom of speech is the foundation of a free society. Without it, a tyrant can wreak havoc unopposed, while his opponents are silenced.

Putting up with being offended is essential in a pluralistic society in which people differ on basic truths. If a group will not bear being offended without resorting to violence, that group will rule unopposed while everyone else lives in fear, while other groups curtail their activities to appease the violent group. This results in the violent group being able to tyrannize the others.

Inoffensive speech needs no protection. The First Amendment was developed precisely in order to protect speech that was offensive to some, in order to prevent those who had power from claiming they were offended by speech opposing them and silencing the powerless.

The Government, Big Tech and Free Speech, Round Two

The Supreme Court considers if government can coerce social-media platforms to censor content it doesn’t like.

By: The Editorial Board, Wall Street Journal, March18, 2023:

The Supreme Court is back on the First Amendment beat Monday when it hears cases asking whether government officials can jawbone businesses to restrict speech. It seems government needs remedial constitutional training.

In Murthy v. Missouri, states and individuals whose posts on Covid were censored sued federal officials for violating the First Amendment. Lower courts ruled for the plaintiffs based on copious evidence that government officials pressured social-media platforms to suppress their posts.

Former White House director of digital strategy Rob Flaherty and Covid adviser Andy Slavitt flagged posts for removal to social-media employees and berated them if they didn’t follow orders. Facebook is “hiding the ball” on its efforts to combat vaccine “borderline content,” Mr. Flaherty wrote in one email.

Mr. Flaherty also blamed Facebook for the Jan. 6, 2021, riot and said it would be blamed for Covid deaths if it didn’t increase censorship. “I care mostly about what actions and changes you are making to ensure you’re not making our country’s vaccine hesitancy problem worse,” Mr. Flaherty wrote.

Officials reinforced these private lashings with public threats. Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki said platforms could face “legal consequences” if they didn’t censor vaccine “misinformation.” White House officials floated antitrust action and eliminating Section 230 liability protections.

The Justice Department claims this bullying is merely government speech protected by the First Amendment. “So long as the government seeks to inform and persuade rather than to compel, its speech poses no First Amendment concern—even if government officials state their views in strong terms,” the Solicitor General writes.

But Biden officials weren’t merely out to persuade. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals concluded that Biden officials crossed the line by using threats of legal action. The appellate judges cited the Supreme Court’s Blum (1982) precedent, which held that government is responsible for actions of private parties when it provides “significant encouragement,” meaning “‘[s]omething more’ than uninvolved oversight from the government.”

The Fifth Circuit also cited Bantam Books (1963), in which a Rhode Island state-created commission asked book distributors and retailers for their “cooperation” in removing books it deemed objectionable. Police followed up with retailers to ensure they complied. The commission said it was merely exhorting booksellers.

But the Justices held that the government had violated the publishers’ speech rights. They analyzed the tone and phrasing of the commission’s exhortations as well as government’s legal authority and threat to punish distributors. Much as the Rhode Island commission’s notices were “phrased virtually as orders,” so were the Biden team’s communications with platforms.


The second case the Court hears Monday (NRA v. Vullo) concerns whether the First Amendment allows government officials to threaten sanctions against regulated entities that do business with a political advocacy group they don’t like. The obvious answer is no, but New York says jawboning is protected government speech.

In 2018 New York state’s then Superintendent of the Department of Financial Services, Maria Vullo, directed financial institutions she regulated to stop doing business with gun-rights groups. Her letters “encourage[d]” financial institutions to evaluate and manage the “reputational risks” of doing business with the groups.

She also threatened financial institutions with penalties for unrelated regulatory infractions, which she said they could escape if they severed ties with the National Rifle Association. Nice business you have there. Terrible if something happens to it.

Drawing on Bantam Books, a federal judge said Ms. Vullo’s threats plausibly violated the First Amendment by punishing the NRA’s advocacy. But the Second Circuit Court of Appeals held that Ms. Vullo acted properly within her remit as a regulator. That ruling is a license for partisans to abuse their regulatory power to silence opponents. Texas’s medical licensing board could, say, threaten to yank licenses of doctors who donate to pro-abortion groups.

A bedrock constitutional principle holds that government can’t coerce private parties to do what government cannot do on its own. The High Court on Monday can reaffirm this emphatically.


Imams Across America Call For Genocide of the Jews for Allah

Sun, 03/17/2024 - 14:00

Why doesn’t hate speech restrictions, laws (etc)  apply to Muslims and Islamic religious leaders?

Islamic Jew-hatred.


Miami imam says Muslims will seize homes and properties of Jews, prays for 'annihilation' of 'enemies of Islam' –

— Robert Spencer (@jihadwatchRS) March 16, 2024

FL mosque sermon 3/8/24 invokes Quranic Jew-annihilation (33:26; the Banu Qurayza, whose Jewish males Muhammad personally beheaded), & condemns Jews & Americans in general, "Republican & Democrat," as Nazi murderers

— Andrew Bostom, MD, MS (@andrewbostom) March 12, 2024

Wisconsin: Jews ‘will most definitely be killed,’ Wisconsin imam declares.

Madison, Wisconsin Friday Sermon By Imam Alhajie Jallow Following October 7 Attack: Our Brothers In Gaza Are Heroes; Only Jihad Can Bring Glory And Victory To The Muslims; The Jews Will Be Killed, Executed By The Muslims

“By Allah, all of them will be killed by Muslims. They all will be executed by Muslims.”.

Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada: The Zionist Jews Are Worse than Their Predecessors Who Were Cursed by Allah, Turned into Apes and Pigs; On October 7, They Were Humiliated by the Resistance Like in the Battle of Khaybar #antisemitism #Canada

— MEMRI (@MEMRIReports) March 11, 2024

NY imam::

Mufti Muhammad Ibn Muneer In Queens, NY Friday Sermon:  ‘Oh Allah, Support Those Who Wage Jihad For Your Sake, Guide Their Shooting’

You Have The Nerve To Use The ‘Supposed’ Star Of David, But Have Nothing To Do With King David, Solomon, Or Moses; You Are Evil, You Lust For Blood, Murder; You Are Good At Lies, Bribery, And Playing The Victim;

MEMRI: Source: Online Platforms – “Hadith Disciple on YouTube”

Mufti Muhammad Ibn Muneer, the Imam of the Masjid on the Van Wyck, in Queens, New York said in his March 1, 2024 Friday sermon, which was streamed live on Hadith Disciple on YouTube that people who attribute themselves to David have nothing to do with David. He said that they “have the nerve” to use the “supposed” Star of David, yet they have nothing to do with King David, King Solomon, or Moses. Ibn Muneer said that these people have the lust for blood, slaughtering, murder and manipulation. He added that they are evil, “everything about your existence is evil.” Ibn Muneer continued to say that they are fraudulent and “everything about your state and your existence is fraudulent.” He added that they are good at telling lies, bribing and playing the victim. Later on in his sermon, he supplicated to Allah to support the mujahideen and “guide their shooting.” Mufti Ibn Muneer gave his sermon while leaning on a sword.

Mufti Muhammad Ibn Muneer:“Every single opportunity they get to kill someone, they kill someone. Every single opportunity. And they have the nerve to have a supposed Star of David, and supposedly attribute themselves to David. David has nothing to do with you. Solomon has nothing to do with you.”You have nothing to with David. You have nothing to do with Solomon. You have blood lust. You lust for slaughtering and murdering of people, and the manipulation of people. You are evil. Everything about your existence is evil. You deny, you lie, you twist. Of course you always have the ace of spades, which is the victim card.

“[Israelis say]: ‘We were afraid of a bunch of hungry, starving people in flip-flops, so we let loose on them.’ Lust for blood and for murder, God help us… So you have nothing to do with David and Musa, these beautiful, wonderful prophets and messengers. You have nothing to do with them, you are fraudulent. Everything about your state and your existence is fraudulent, but you are very good at telling lies, you are very good at bribing and controlling people, and playing the victim.


“You cry and you boo-hoo, and the number of people that you have slain and killed exceeds the thousands. How perverse is that?


“Oh Allah, support those who wage Jihad for Your sake. Oh Allah, guide their shooting, make their feet firm, Oh Allah, Disperse their enemies, Oh Allah, shake the earth beneath their feet.”

Other imams actually do the killing.

Video From today: The cursed imam of a mosque in Hebron, carries out a terrorist attack from the cemetery of Hebron against Jews. He eliminated and shortened his way to the grave. They have no respect even for the dead.

— צחי My knowledge is your enemy (@6TK9Cn1RB4A49B1) March 16, 2024




Western Civilization Is No Longer Civilized

Sun, 03/17/2024 - 13:00

Melanie Phillips on the west’s abandonment of the Jews

The west’s abandonment of the Jews

Human rights culture has mainstreamed Hamas lies

By: Melanie Phillips, March 15, 2024:

The Palestinian lynching of Israeli soldiers 2000 and the Artists4 Ceasefire pin

With every day that passes, it becomes ever clearer that western civilisation is no longer civilised.

Israel’s war of defence against a genocidal enemy is an inflection point in the seismic battle between civilisation and barbarism. The west is failing that test.

This was illustrated at the Oscars. Numerous Hollywood stars sported red pins supposedly backing a ceasefire in Gaza. The pin depicts the palm of an orangey-red hand on a red background with a black heart in the middle.

For some Israel supporters, this image channelled the infamous picture taken in 2000, when a Palestinian terrorist involved in the savage lynching of two Israeli soldiers in Ramallah triumphantly displayed his two bloody palms to the frenzied mob.

The group that distributed the pin, Artists4Ceasefire, claims that the hand image “conveys the beautiful community of people from all backgrounds that have come together in support of centring our shared humanity” and that the heart is an “invitation for us to lead with our hearts”.

This asinine froth does not convince. The palm of a hand does not denote community; hand symbols are usually white, a heart is usually red and a red hand signifies a bloody one.

A black heart, meanwhile, commonly denotes evil. And the 2000 lynching involved ripping the heart out of one of the Israeli corpses and holding it exultantly in a Palestinian hand.

Conversely, the image could have been reflecting the symbol used in countless anti-Israel demonstrations to signify that Israel has blood on its hands: a symbol that grotesquely paints the Israelis fighting to defend themselves against genocide as wanton killers of the innocent.

The Oscars ceremony also featured an attempt to transform Israeli suffering into Israeli oppression by Jonathan Glazer, director of the much-lauded Holocaust movie “The Zone of Interest”.

Standing with his two backers, Glazer said, “Right now we stand here as men who refute their Jewishness and the Holocaust being hijacked by an occupation which has led to conflict for so many innocent people.” The victims of the October 7 pogrom and the inhabitants of Gaza, he said, were “all the victims of this dehumanisation”.

His ignorance was staggering. Apart from no land being illegally “occupied” by Israel, the cause of the conflict is the century-old attempt by the Palestinian Arabs to eradicate the Jewish presence in the Land of Israel and then the Jewish state. And to accuse Israel of dehumanisation, when it’s going to greater lengths than any other army in the world to minimise civilian casualties, was simply malevolent.

Far worse, though, was Glazer’s abuse of Judaism and the Holocaust to claim that Israel had hijacked both. He implied that Israelis were like Nazis and that their behaviour went against Jewish principles.

This to describe a war caused by the worst atrocities against Jews since the Holocaust and Israel’s attempt to ensure that a second Holocaust does not happen again.

The obscenity of Glazer’s comments can scarcely be exaggerated. The belief that demonising Israeli Jews somehow represents Jewish values is, however, a pathology that has twisted the minds of many liberal American Jews. It is being fed by a venomously distorted presentation of Israelis as child-killers in Gaza that’s being ruthlessly pumped out by western media.

This accusation, of course, channels a paranoid antisemitic trope. It’s also based on Hamas propaganda claims that are patently untrue.

In a notable article in Tablet, Abraham Wyner, professor of statistics and data science at the University of Pennsylvania, has used basic statistical analysis to suggest that the Hamas casualty figures of 30,000 dead Gazans, of whom 70 per cent are said to be women and children, are fake because the daily totals increase too consistently to be real.

Other problems with these figures are that they include as children the many teenagers who are committing Hamas atrocities, as well as the civilians killed by thousands of rockets falling short into Gaza.

Why, though, do so many believe these patent untruths propagated by Hamas? One reason is that the false premises of “intersectional” identity politics automatically turn Israelis into “oppressors” and the Palestinians into their “victims”. This doesn’t explain, however, why so many subscribe to the demonstrably ludicrous belief that Israel is committing “genocide.”

For decades, the Palestinians have accused Israelis of being “Nazis” and committing “genocide” to obscure the fact that their own Holocaust denial runs in tandem with their declared intention to kill every Jew.

Read the whole thing …..

Biden Moves to Erase Voter ID Requirements That Are Backed By 85% of Voters

Sun, 03/17/2024 - 11:32

85% of people across all demographics support voter ID (the same 85% that didn’t vote for him.)

Biden pushing to erase voter ID requirements that are backed by 85% of voters

By: The Washington Times, March 15, 2024:

Recent comments from Biden administration officials have stirred a debate about the role of federal agencies in supporting citizen participation in elections and the validity of voter ID laws.

Concerns have been raised by House Republicans over a lack of transparency regarding the implementation of an executive order by President Biden aimed at encouraging federal agencies to assist in voter registration efforts. This is in addition to statements made by Attorney General Merrick Garland questioning the effectiveness of voter ID laws.

Rep. Claudia Tenney, New York Republican and co-chairwoman of the Election Integrity Caucus, disputes claims that voter ID laws disenfranchise voters. “The statistics don’t bear that out. It’s like 85% of people across all demographics support voter ID,” she said, according to The Daily Signal.

Ms. Tenney’s comments were in response to Mr. Garland, who has criticized these laws as “discriminatory, burdensome and unnecessary.”

In a recent speech in Selma, Alabama, the attorney general said he’s committed to election access, noting that he has bolstered the legal team in the Civil Rights Division’s Voting Section to challenge what he calls restrictive measures enacted by various states, “including those related to mail-in voting, the use of drop boxes and voter ID requirements.”

Read the whole thing….

Biden Regime Invites Hamas-Linked CAIR to the White House, Then Lies About It

Sat, 03/16/2024 - 18:29

Every aspect of this story is bad, and each horrifying aspect is competing with the others for which can have the most negative consequences for the American people. After Jews suffered attacks in Chicago, the Biden regime reached out not to Jewish leaders, but to Muslim groups, including open supporters of Hamas. The Muslims, however, enraged at the regime’s continued (albeit hollow) support for Israel, refused to show. Then a Biden regime wonk lied brazenly and denied that one of the worst of the Muslim groups was even invited. This is the state of our staggered, sputtering republic in the fourth year of this radically anti-American and anti-democratic regime.

This latest imbroglio started when Politico reported Thursday that “Illinois leaders in the Palestinian communities angry over how President Joe Biden has handled the Middle East war have turned down a request by the White House to meet in Chicago today.” We can see who is claiming the moral high ground, and who has the upper hand. After Hamas brutally and gleefully murdered 1,200 Israelis on Oct. 7, 2023, Islamic groups and their leftist allies immediately began to claim victimhood at any sign of Israeli self-defense, fabricating casualty numbers before a world that was all too eager to be fooled, and even preposterously claiming that Israel was conducting a “genocide” when independent observers have dubbed the IDF “the most moral army in the world.”

Despite all that, Muslim and leftist leaders around the world know that making wild claims about Israel and affecting a posture of aggrieved victimhood can win them ready concessions from the U.S., the European Union, and the United Nations, and so they’ve been striking victim poses aggressively since Oct. 7. It has worked. The Biden regime is on its heels, desperately worried by threats from the likes of Nihad Awad of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the winsome Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Ramallah) to withhold the Muslim vote if the regime doesn’t betray Israel. And so it has been doing just that, step by step, in slow motion: $100 million to Gaza, $10 billion to Hamas’ financiers, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and ever-increasing pressure on the Netanyahu government.

Meanwhile, the regime keeps trying to placate the Muslim and Arab groups inside the U.S.: “Tom Perez, a senior adviser to the president, and other advisers had planned to sit down in three separate meetings with various Palestinian, Arab and Muslim leaders and elected officials to talk about tensions in the Middle East. The private meetings were to come on the heels of similar gatherings in Detroit.” The professional victims, however, stayed in character: “But most folks contacted turned down the request, according to six people we talked to. Any meeting being held will be with a smaller group of players.”

Not only did they refuse to meet with White House apparatchiks, but they continued to excoriate the regime for its alleged support of Israel. One Muslim spokesman declared that his group considered “anyone — Palestinian, Muslim, Arab — who takes a meeting with the White House to be an absolute sell-out.” One of those who declined to attend was Ahmed Rehab of Hamas-linked CAIR, who explained: “We believe a thousand percent in civic engagement. We preach it. But this is an unusual moment and requires an unusual response. We have made clear that a ceasefire is needed.”

The outreach to CAIR, whose top dog Awad infamously said that he was “happy” about Hamas’ Oct. 7 jihad massacre, embarrassed even the Biden regime apparatchiks. Jewish Insider correspondent Gabby Deutsch stated: “WH spox @AndrewJBates46 told me that CAIR was *not* invited to WH mtgs in Chicago w/ Muslim Americans—& that the group is NEVER invited to WH mtgs.”

This just piled embarrassment upon embarrassment. Unfortunately for the wretched regime wonk Bates, CAIR has been frequently invited to the Biden White House, and has posted press releases detailing the meetings. But the idea of the regime kowtowing to an organization with actual Hamas ties is too much even for Biden’s handlers, and so Bates was apparently instructed to lie about the meetings, exposing the Biden team as both dishonest and pro-Hamas.

Even worse is the timing. Richard Goldberg of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies pointed out that “since Friday: Pro-Hamas antisemitic rioters in Chicago intimidated the House of Blues to cancel a Jewish singer’s sold-out show. The venue cited security concerns. Loyola University told Jewish students they could no longer allow a survivor of the Nova music festival massacre to speak on campus. The university cited security concerns. Jews were attacked while trying to enter a theatre to watch footage of the Nova music festival massacre. Jews are not even allowed to mourn the massacres without being attacked in the city of Chicago. The mayor says nothing. The president says nothing. But the White House is sending staff to meet with the organizers of these violent riots and assaults instead of defending the Jews they are trying to drive underground.”

That’s right. And if this is happening more or less out in the open, albeit with inept and half-hearted attempts to cover it up, imagine the betrayals that are going on behind the scenes.

No Better Endorsement: DIisgraced Mike Pence Won’t Endorse President Trump

Sat, 03/16/2024 - 16:00

For those who are just waking up to the treacherous Republican establishment and how they hate their base…’s worse than that.

Mike Pence will not endorse President Trump.

He is a sanctimonious disgrace.

All of these turncoats are despised. They will slink off into oblivion & be

— Monica Crowley (@MonicaCrowley) March 15, 2024

Tucker: "Every city in America has become worse over the past few years… Your concern is that Ukraine don't have enough tanks… Where's the concern for America in that?"
Judas Pence: "That's not my concern."

— I'LL BE BACK!!! (@DavidYeshua4) March 15, 2024

America: “It should come as no surprise that we think Mike Pence is a lily-livered traitor.”

— Juanita Broaddrick (@atensnut) March 15, 2024

Mike Pence says he will not be endorsing Donald Trump

He backstabbed Trump and 74 million voters on J6 when he ignored the rampant election fraud, took the blood money from the Koch brothers network, and helped certify a rigged election

We don’t want this traitor’s endorsement!

— DC_Draino (@DC_Draino) March 15, 2024

The GOP establishment does not want Trump elected. They are part of the Democrat axis.

Here is How the Sausage of Election Fraud is Made in New York City

Sat, 03/16/2024 - 13:00
The photo below is of a form that a legal immigrant (and hardcore Trumpian and registered Republican) received in the mail from the New York City Board of Elections:

Sen from the Board of Elections:

Note how the form contains instructions to request a ballot by mail. Mail-in voting allows for massive fraud, as there is no easy way to verify that the person who is filling out the form is the one who is ostensibly signing it. Also, ballots can be filled out on behalf of multitudes of people, especially immigrants with a poor grasp of English, who otherwise wouldn’t vote at all.
More tales from the immigration front: the daughter of the recipient of the above form, who is just 16 years of age, was given a piece of paper in her Astoria, Queens high school to sign to vote early. Everybody was given this:

Registration forms sent to teenagers who won’t be legally able to vote, and vote-by-mail instructions sent out in bulk to immigrants. This is how election fraud happens, and why it is so hard to detect. Everything looks legal: the forms have been properly filled out, the person voting hasn’t voted elsewhere, and the voters are all eligible. But stacks of these forms can be filled out on behalf of people who never knew they were being filled out at all, and there is no accountability.

In the past, Democrat party operatives would descend on every newly sworn in American citizens at the Naturalization Ceremony (their swearing in) at the Ceremonial Courtroom at the Pearl Street Courthouse and have them a sign a piece of paper registering them as Democrat. Most of the new American citizens did not know what. they were signing. But I had more new American, who spoke English, tell me they knew exactly what was going on and the Democrat thugs were very aggressive.

The Republicans are playing checkers. The Democrats are war gaming at DEFCON 1.

Don Lemon demanded Tesla Cybertruck, $5 Million Advance, $8 Million Salary, Private Jet, Equity in X Before Elon Musk Fired Him

Sat, 03/16/2024 - 11:42

He also demanded the “right to approve any changes in X policy as it relates to news content.” “What a pig. But that’s to be expected. I am deeply disappointed that Elon Musk was considering  partnership with far left stooge Don Lemon. Those of us who have been banned, censored, scrubbed  and are still shadowbanned  on X are never given even small opportunities. Anywhere. But  these liars, propagandists, destroyers are given the world. There’s no winning for losing.

Don Lemon demanded Tesla Cybertruck, $5M advance, equity in X before Elon Musk canned him: sources

By: NY Post, March 16, 2024:

Don Lemon demanded the sun, the moon and the stars from the SpaceX boss – before being unceremoniously dumped this week, The Post has learned.

The ex-CNN anchor sent over an astronomical wish list to Elon Musk during contract talks to host a show on the billionaire’s social media platform X – including a free Tesla Cybertruck, a $5 million upfront payment on top of an $8 million salary, an equity stake in the multibillion-dollar company, and the right to approve any changes in X policy as it relates to news content, according to a document reviewed by The Post.

Lemon — who was expected to air an interview with Musk for next week’s debut episode on X — had also demanded a private jet flight to Las Vegas, a suite for him and his fiance, and that the company pay for their day drinking and massages, a source with knowledge of the situation said.

Musk agreed to do the interview with Lemon despite the fact that he was aware of some of Lemon’s outlandish demands, sources told The Post.

The proposal reviewed by The Post was sent from Lemon’s agents at United Talent Agency to X’s leadership in December.

Continue reading…..

Shoot Out on NYC Subway, Mothers, Babies Cower in Fear, Biden Boasts About Violent Crime

Fri, 03/15/2024 - 11:55

BIDEN: “Violent crime rates are down nationwide in nearly every major category!”

FACT: Homicide AND violent crime rates are HIGHER than they were in 2019.

Remember, New York has the strictest gun laws in the nation.

Where’s the National Guard?


Here’s the full video of the NYC subway incident. The black guy provokes a fight with the Latino man before pulling out a gun. He was later disarmed when the gun was used against him. Curiously, the other videos of the incident cut out the start making it appear as if the black…

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) March 15, 2024

BREAKING: Man shot in the head on the Brooklyn subway during rush hour

Where's Daniel Penny? Oh right.

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) March 14, 2024

Harrowing video shows men clashing moments before NYC subway shooting as frantic riders scramble for doors: ‘Babies on here!’

By Joe Marino and Katherine Donlevy. NY Post, March 14, 2024:

Harrowing footage captured the violent clash between two men on a Brooklyn subway car — and the sheer panic among commuters after one of the brawlers was shot aboard the rush-hour train Thursday.

The video, shot by a passenger on a northbound A train, corroborated earlier witness accounts shared with police, showing one man instigating another before at least four gunshots rang out on the crowded train as it pulled into the A/C Hoyt–Schermerhorn Streets station.

Police said the agitator, 36, was shot with his own gun when the other man, 32, managed to grab it away from him and open fire.

But before the shooting, the two strangers tussled for several minutes as others on the train pleaded for them to stop, noting there were children aboard.

“I’ll beat you up!,” the 36-year-old, wearing a black sweatshirt and yellow baseball cap, can be seen shouting in the other man’s face, according to the video obtained by The Post.

“You think you’re gonna beat up cops?” he snarls.

A woman off camera then chimes in, “he thinks you’re a migrant, he thinks you’re an immigrant,” seemingly referencing the rowdy migrant mob who were caught on camera pounding a pair of cops near Times Square in January.

“F–k your kind. F–k your race. F–k you,” the instigator shouted as he hurled threats at the man and egged him on to stand up for himself.

It is unclear what instigated the fight.

The 32-year-old, wearing a yellow shirt and black jacket, tried to ignore the relentless threats, but ultimately jumped out of his seat at the back of the car and put up his fist after being berated for nearly two minutes.

The aggressor then screamed: “Let’s get it!”

Commuters sitting in close proximity, who had tried to ignore the violent ramblings, also sprung from their seats and moved away from the men.

"New York has a brand. Kansas doesn't have a brand." – NYC Mayor Adams

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) March 14, 2024

Continue reading……