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“No One Is Above the Law”: Judge Quotes Alvin Bragg Issuing Stinging Defeat Against Rogue Soros DA

Thu, 04/20/2023 - 13:00

Using Bragg’s own words against him. The Manhattan district attorney is dealt a stinging defeat as his former deputy must face congressional scrutiny. He can’t stop Jim Jordan’s subpoenas.

‘No One Is Above the Law,’ a Federal Judge Tells Alvin Bragg — and She’s Talking About Him

The Manhattan district attorney is dealt a stinging defeat as his former deputy must face congressional scrutiny.

By: A. R. Hoffman, NY Sun, April 20, 2023:

The repudiation by a United States federal judge of District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s effort to block a congressional subpoena of one of his former deputies, Mark Pomerantz, suggests that federal courts will be keeping a watchful eye on the prosecution of President Trump.

“No one is above the law,” Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil — an appointee of Mr. Trump — wrote in her decision regarding Mr. Bragg, who has used much the same language to defend his charging of the former president. Mr. Pomerantz is scheduled to testify before lawmakers on Thursday morning.

The decision by Judge Vyskocil of the Southern District of New York is a victory for Representative Jim Jordan, who issued the subpoena in his capacity as the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Mr. Jordan argues that Congress’s investigatory ken encompasses Mr. Bragg’s investigation.

Mr. Jordan wants to hear from that deputy prosecutor, Mr. Pomerantz, who quit Mr. Bragg’s office this summer over what he saw as his boss’s recalcitrance in charging the former president. Mr. Pomerantz, a longtime attorney, wrote a book, “People vs. Donald Trump: An Inside Account,” detailing his frustration with Mr. Bragg.

Judge Vyskocil’s ruling appears to grant Mr. Jordan his wish, though Mr. Pomerantz has filed an appeal with the riders of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Mr. Bragg lambasts the subpoena as a “transparent campaign to intimidate and attack” his office and an encroachment on state sovereignty.

Judge Vyskocil disagrees, writing, “The sole question before the Court at this time is whether Bragg has a legal basis to quash a congressional subpoena that was issued with a valid legislative purpose. He does not.” She added that Mr. Bragg is an elected official who “does not operate outside of the political arena.”

The decision, in a moment of candor, acknowledges, “In our federalist system, elected state and federal actors sometimes engage in political dogfights.” The judge adds that Mr. Jordan has “initiated a political response to what he and some of his constituents view as a manifest abuse of power and nakedly political prosecution.” She marks that she “does not endorse either side’s agenda.”

During a hearing that preceded the decision, one of Mr. Bragg’s lawyers, Theodore Boutrous Jr., noted, “It is totally unprecedented for a congressional committee to go after a local district attorney.” Judge Vyskocil retorted: “It is also unprecedented for a local district attorney to bring an indictment of a former president.”

The judge allowed, “There’s politics going on on both sides here,” but her decision avers that because Mr. Jordan articulated a “legitimate legislative purpose” for issuing the subpoena, she is powerless to stop it: “It is not the role of the federal judiciary to dictate what legislation Congress may consider or how it should conduct its deliberations in that connection.”

Judge Vyskocil has harsh words for Mr. Bragg’s filing with her court, labeling one section of his brief “nothing short of a public relations tirade against former President and current presidential candidate Donald Trump,” as well as criticizing his use of “largely irrelevant exhibits” and a “hodge-podge of social media postings.” She also mentions the receipt of “unsolicited amicus briefs.”

Among the “several valid legislative purposes underlying the subpoena” Judge Vyskocil identifies is the use of federal funds in state prosecutions, as well as the “possibility of legislative reforms to insulate current and former presidents from state prosecutions.”

Judge Vyskocil chastises what she calls Mr. Bragg’s “throw-everything-at-the-wall approach” to combating Mr. Jordan’s subpoena, which she defines as founded on a “seemingly endless string of ‘what ifs.’” She finds Mr. Pomerantz to be a “very experienced, sophisticated, and extremely capable attorney” well versed in the parameters of privilege that will govern his testimony.

The judge scoffs that Mr. Bragg “cannot seriously claim that any information already published in Pomerantz’s book and discussed on prime-time television in front of millions of people is protected from disclosure” and should be judicially protected from Mr. Jordan’s questions.

While the decision allows that Mr. Bragg should be presumed to be acting in “good faith,” it closes by noting that he “is an elected prosecutor in New York County with constituents, some of whom wish to see Bragg wield the force of law against the former President and a current candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.”

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Alphabet (Google) Stock Price Falls on Report Samsung Considering Replacing Google

Thu, 04/20/2023 - 12:15

Living for this. Google is on a suicide mission – it went from being the most brilliant, cutting edge search engine to a vile leftwing propaganda trash engine.

Alphabet loses $55 billion in market value after Samsung reportedly considers replacing Google with Bing in its phones

By: Matthew Fox, Business Insider, Apr 17, 2023:

  • Alphabet erased $5 billion in market value on Monday after a report said competition is heating up in the search market.
  • According to the NYT, Samsung may replace Google with Microsoft’s Bing as the default search engine in its phones.
  • Such a move would put about $3 billion in revenue at risk for Alphabet, which has long faced little competition.

Alphabet stock slid as much as 4% on Monday, erasing about $55 billion in market value after a report from The New York Times suggested that competition is heating up in the mobile search market.

The report said that Samsung is considering replacing Google as the default search engine across its lineup of devices in favor of Microsoft’s Bing Search, which could put about $3 billion in annual revenue at risk for Alphabet.

A similar contract between Alphabet and Apple, which is worth about $20 billion in annual revenue to Alphabet, is due for renewal later this year.

Google employees were shocked when they learned in March that Samsung was considering replacing Google, and internal messages of Alphabet employees reviewed by The New York Times showed “panic” among staff.

Google has been facing increased competition in search for the first time in decades after Microsoft incorporated OpenAI’s ChatGPT into its Bing search results earlier this year. Google has long held an essential monopoly on the search market, commanding a market share of about 90%.

And Alphabet is working hard to defend its market share, according to the report, with a team of more than 160 people working to incorporate artificial intelligence features into its Google search product.

But that might not be enough if Samsung decides to set Bing as the default search engine across the hundreds of millions of devices it ships each year. While Google could still be made the primary search engine on Samsung devices if a deal between Samsung and Microsoft goes through, it would require users to change the phone settings on their own to make the change.

Samsung has a long standing relationship with both Alphabet and Microsoft, as it pre-installs various apps from both companies on its devices, and negotiations between Samsung and Microsoft are still ongoing and could still end up with Google as its default provider, according to the report.

Biden’s Utter Chaos Around the World

Wed, 04/19/2023 - 16:00

Victor Davis Hanson lists 10 ways the Biden Administration has crushed America’s deterrence, which has in a very short time destabilized the world. The list should have been expanded to include the Biden Administration’s handling of North Korea and Venezuela.

Victor Davis Hanson: We are terrifying our allies

— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) April 14, 2023

Our emboldened enemies do not fear us, our triangulating allies judge us unreliable, and calculating neutrals assume America is in descent and too dangerous to join. via @VDHanson

— Victor Davis Hanson (@VDHanson) April 13, 2023

Biden’s endless missteps have led to utter chaos around the world

By The Blade, April 13, 2023

Why is French President Emmanuel Macron cozying up to China while trashing his oldest ally, the United States?

Why is there suddenly talk of discarding the dollar as the global currency?

Why are Japan and India shrugging that they cannot follow the United States’ lead in boycotting Russian oil?

Why is the president of Brazil traveling to China to pursue what he calls a “beautiful relationship”?

Why is Israel suddenly facing attacks from its enemies in all directions?

What happened to Turkey? Why is it threatening fellow NATO member Greece? Is it still a NATO ally, a mere neutral, or a de facto enemy?

Why are there suddenly nonstop Chinese threats toward Taiwan?

Why did Saudi Arabia conclude a new pact with Iran, its former archenemy?

Why is Egypt sending rockets to Russia to be used in Ukraine?

Since when did the Russians talk nonstop about the potential use of a tactical nuclear weapon?

Why is Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador bragging that millions of Mexicans have entered the United States, most of them illegally? And why is he interfering in U.S. elections by urging his expatriates to vote for Democrats?

Why and how, in just two years, have ad confused and often incoherent Joe Biden and his team created such global chaos?

Let us answer by listing 10 ways by which America lost all deterrence.

1) Joe Biden abruptly pulled all U.S. troops from Afghanistan. He left behind to the Taliban hundreds of Americans and thousands of pro-American Afghans. Biden abandoned billions of dollars in U.S. equipment, the largest air base in central Asia—recently retrofitted at a cost of $300 million—and a $1 billion embassy. Our government called such a debacle a success. The world disagreed and saw only humiliation.

2) The Biden Administration allowed a Chinese high-altitude spy balloon to traverse the continental United States, spying on key American military installations. The Chinese were defiant when caught and offered no apologies. In response, the Pentagon and the administration simply lied about the extent that China had surveilled top-secret sites.

3) In March 2021, at an Anchorage, Alaska mini-summit, Chinese diplomats unleashed a relentless barrage at their stunned and mostly silent American counterparts. They lectured the timid Biden Administration diplomats about American toxicity and hypocrisy. And they have defiantly refused to explain why and how their virology lab birthed the COVID virus that has killed tens of millions worldwide.

4) In June 2021, in response to Russian cyber-attacks against the United States, Biden meekly asked Putin to at least make off-limits certain critical American infrastructure.

5) When asked what he would do if Russia invaded Ukraine, Biden replied that the reaction would depend on whether the Russians conducted a “minor incursion.”

6) Between 2021 and 2022, Joe Biden serially insulted and bragged that he would not meet Muhammad bin Salman, the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia, and one of our oldest and most valuable allies in the Middle East.

7) For much of 2021, the Biden Administration made it known that it was eager and ready to offer concessions to re-enter the dangerous Iran nuclear deal—at a time when Iran has joined China and Russia in a new geostrategic partnership.

8) Almost immediately upon inauguration, the administration moved the United States away from Israel, restored financial aid to radical Palestinians, and both publicly and privately alienated the current Netanyahu government.

9) In serial fashion, Biden stopped all construction on the border wall and opened the border. He made it known that illegal aliens were welcome to enter the United States unlawfully. Some 6-7 million did. He reinstated “catch and release.” And he did nothing about the Mexican cartel importation of fentanyl that has recently killed over 100,000 Americans per year.

10) In the last two years, the Pentagon has embarked on a woke agenda. The army is short by 15,000 in its annual recruitment quota. The defense budget has not kept up with inflation. One of the greatest intelligence leaks in U.S. history just occurred from the Pentagon.

The Pentagon refused to admit culpability and misled the country about Afghanistan and the Chinese spy balloon flight. The current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff called his Chinese communist counterpart and head of the People’s Liberation Army to advise him that the U.S. military would warn the Chinese if it determined an order from its commander-in-chief Trump was inappropriate.

This list of these self-inflicted disasters could be easily expanded.

But the examples explain well enough why our emboldened enemies do not fear us, our triangulating allies judge us unreliable, and calculating neutrals assume America is in descent and too dangerous to join.

Yet without America, the result is a new Chinese order in which, to quote the historian Thucydides, “the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must.”


Federal Court Overturns Nation’s First Natural Gas Ban

Wed, 04/19/2023 - 15:00

Natural gas is the cleanest source of energy, further proof the climate lunatics are full of it. They hate humanity.

Federal Court Overturns Nation’s First Natural Gas Ban

By: Efthymis Oraiopoulos, The Epoch Times, April 18, 2023:

A Ninth Circuit court on Monday went against a Berkeley ordinance that banned natural gas piping in new buildings inside the city.

A district court had dismissed an action from the California Restaurant Association, a dismissal that is now reversed by the Ninth Circuit court, according to its published opinion on the case (pdf).

The California Restaurant Association alleged that the Energy Policy and Conservation Act preempts the city of Berkeley’s regulation, which banned natural gas piping in new buildings.

The Act expressly preempts State and local regulations on the energy use of natural gas appliances used in household and restaurant kitchens, according to the Ninth Circuit judges’ opinion on Monday.

“Instead of directly banning those appliances in new buildings, Berkeley took a more circuitous route to the same result and enacted a building code that prohibits natural gas piping into those buildings, rendering the gas appliances useless,” according to Judge Patrick Bumatay.

“States and localities can’t skirt the text of broad preemption provisions by doing indirectly what Congress says they can’t do directly. Berkeley can’t evade preemption by merely moving up one step in the energy chain and banning natural gas piping within those buildings.”

Judge Miller Baker, concurring, wrote that the Berkeley ordinance “cut to the heart of what Congress sought to prevent,” which is state and local manipulation of building codes for the purpose of regulating natural gas consumption.

The third concurring opinion was by Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain, a Reagan appointee.

According to Judge Bumatay, a Trump appointee, the California Restaurants Association demonstrated that some of its members, which include restaurateurs and chefs, would open or relocate a restaurant in Berkeley if the city’s ban on natural gas piping was not in place. Therefore the Berkeley ordinance harmed at least one of the association’s members.

The restaurant association’s president and CEO Jot Condie applauded the reversal, the Courthouse News Service reported.

“The Ninth Circuit has unanimously affirmed the central issue in this case: local ordinances cannot override federal law,” Condie said.

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Bill Gates Donated Over $80 million To Org that Teaches 10-Year-Olds How to Become “Sex Workers”

Wed, 04/19/2023 - 13:00

The evil on the left is so grotesque that those of us who have been smeared. defamed, libeled because of our opposition wear our ruin as a badge of honor. When the history books are written, we fought for the good against insurmountable evil.

Pedophiles are rebranding themselves as “minor attracted persons” (MAPs).

They’re also rebranding children that supposedly want to “have sex” with adults as “adult attracted minors” (AAMs).

Their plan is to make the “oppression” of MAPs and AAMs a civil rights issue. Demonic.

— Gays Against Groomers Illinois (@GAG_Illinois) April 19, 2023

Washington and California have both moved to allow state-sanctioned kidnapping to help confused kids transition

The UN says that minors can now consent to sex

Big Medicine advocates for genital mutilation of underage youth

Drag shows are marketed as "family friendly"…

— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) April 18, 2023

Gates funds millions to NGO claiming kids born sexual, 10-year-olds should learn about ‘commercial sex work’

The sex ed said kids under 10 should learn, ‘As you grow up, you might start to be interested in people with diverse gender identities’

By Hannah Grossman | Fox News

Planned Parenthood ripped after approving ‘woke’ sex education

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donates millions annually to a nongovernmental organization which claims that children are born sexual and should learn about “commercial sex work” under 10 years of age.

The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) – a separate entity from the U.S. nonprofit – wields significant influence on global sex education. The NGO comprises 120 independent organizations in over 146 countries and has received – including its European network – over $80M from Gates. Other significant donors included the World Health Organization.

A toolkit released in 2017 showed an insight into how the NGO teaches sex education to children around the globe.

“Sexual activity may be part of different types of relationships, including dating, marriage or commercial sex work, among others,” IPPF said about children under 10 should be taught, which was first flagged by Nicole Solas of the Independent Women’s Forum.

Children under 10 should also be told “As you grow up, you might start to be interested in people with diverse gender identities,” the toolkit said.
Bill Gates funded an organization which claimed children are born sexual.

The IPPF suggested in multiple instances that children are born sexual.

Children under 10 should be taught that “Sexuality is a part of you from the moment you are born. Your sexuality develops and changes throughout your life.”

“[S]ex positivity acknowledges that human beings, including adolescents and young people, are autonomous sexual beings.”

Sex educators, according to the NGO, should have an “Understanding of young people as sexual beings.”

ESG Investing Is Anti-Semitic

Wed, 04/19/2023 - 13:00

The left is the centrum of 21st century Jew hatred.

ESG (BDS) activists have infiltrated American corporations. They are attempting to redirect capital flows away from Israel-connected companies. Below is a list of Israeli companies that have been flagged by financial services giant Morningstar.

A report commissioned by Chicago-based investment research firm Morningstar revealed anti-Israel bias in the ESG ratings of Sustainalytics, Morningstar’s ESG subsidiary.

“Trillions of dollars are moving through ESG-related assets under management. Attempting to redirect those capital flows away from Israel-connected companies constitutes the largest economic attack on the Jewish state in 75 years. Shutting down the Israel-boycott operation inside Morningstar Sustainalytics is a critical first step in fighting back.”

For the first time, a news outlet has published the entire Morningstar ESG/BDS blacklist of Israel-based companies. Here it is with controversy ratings for each company:

*Some 26 companies doing business in Israel-controlled territories remain flagged by Morningstar and…

— Richard Goldberg (@rich_goldberg) April 18, 2023

Related – Morningstar deflags Motorola from watchlist over its Israeli business

Woke ‘ESG’ investors guilty of anti-Semitism as they target Israel

By New York Post, Jan 23rd, 2023

Israel boycotters have a new home for waging economic war against the world’s only Jewish state: environmental, social and governance ratings. Federal and state officials should respond by demanding transparency for investors, enforcing existing anti-boycott laws and preventing retirement funds from being weaponized for anti-Semitic purposes.

Take the case of Motorola Solutions, a global leader in two-way-radio systems and command-center software for first responders. Headquartered in Chicago, the company boasts it strives to reduce carbon emissions and increase its workforce diversity. In almost every category, Motorola Solutions looks to be a model ESG-compliant— read “progressive” — corporate citizen.


EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE: Vicious Pro-Abortion LGBTQ Marxists Disrupt International Gift of Life Walk, Throwing Garbage Into Street to Block Procession

Wed, 04/19/2023 - 11:54

March 25, 2023. 11 AM
The International Gift of Life Walk in Lower Manhattan

The Gift Of Life Walk gathered a block away from Foley Square because SPIDERMAN was filming on the steps of the Court House.

In a rain that often got heavier, the Pro Life Rally and the very NOISY pro abortion LGBTQ Leftists converged, separated by the NYPD (or so they tried).

The pro-life “International Gift of Life Walk” in NYC attempts to start marching but far-leftists line the street up with garbage bags that the NYPD proceeds to clear

— Timcast News (@TimcastNews) March 25, 2023

Part 1 Flickr Slide show is mainly of the Gift of Life participants

IMG_2908 copy

At the relocated Gift Of Life Walk Rally, the NYPD tried to control the vile, rude, and just plain nasty Leftists who manage to go wherever they want.

Watched a creepy leftist drag a tattered America flag across the rain soaked pavement.

Seems the Defund the Police lefties confidently ignore the police.

Part 2 Flickr Slideshow focuses on the pro-abortion creeps.

DSC_8192 copy

Part 1 video – The Gift Of Life Rally gathered a block away from Foley Square because of SPIDERMAN was filming. Found the Pro Life Rally  and very NOISY pro abortion LGBTQ lefties as Students from the St. Louis de Montfort Academy joined the walk.

Part 2 video – In a steady rain, the LGBTQ PRO Abortion creeps protested loudly the Gift Of Life Rally. The NYPD tried to control these rude pro abortionists, whose favorite chant was, “Stop Church Pedophilia’. At 1:40, in the background, a creepy leftist can be seen dragging a tattered America flag through the rain soaked pavement.

Students from the St. Louis de Montfort Academy ( in Penn) joined the walk. But first they stood in the rain and played hymns and patriotic music while the nasty LGBTQ brigade banged on lots metal … if it’s metal HIT IT!

This “DEFUND the Police” creep yelled YELLED to SHUT the F**k UP! at the school kids.

Final video of Academy students and protestors (video is posted at Flickr because you tube goes insane over music.)

[Where indicated pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall-VSB]

Biden Pledges to Veto GOP Bill to Ban Trans Biological Males From Competing in Women’s Sports

Tue, 04/18/2023 - 19:00

Misogyny The left hates women.

Biden isn’t making these decisions. He can’t find his ass with both hands (probably why he wears a diaper). The biggest decision that demented old perv makes is what flavor ice cream he’ll have for lunch.  This is the position of Democrat leadership.

Lia Thomas, the biological male swimmer, who ranked 554th in men’s swimming and number 1 in women’s, appears in a heavily edited clip to push BIDENS Title IX push to force schools to allow boys in girls sports

— Oli London (@OliLondonTV) April 18, 2023

Lia Thomas, who ranked #554 competing against men, and #1 in a Women’s race doesn’t believe trans people have any unfair advantage.

'DENIES SCIENCE': @Riley_Gaines_ torches the president as trans swimmer Lia Thomas expresses support for policy changes for women and girls in sports.

— Fox News (@FoxNews) April 18, 2023

Joe Biden pledges to veto GOP bill to ban transgender women from competing in women’s sports

The White House spoke out in a statement that criticized the GOP agenda in the House of Representatives.

By: Joaquin Nunez, Voz, April 18, 2023

Joe Biden announced that he would veto any attempt by the Republicans to ban transgender women from competing in women’s sports. The legislation dubbed the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act of 2023 (the PROTECT Act), was introduced in the House of Representatives on April 10 and will soon be debated in Congress.

The White House commented on the matter in an administration policy statement, which stated that “If the President were presented with H.R. 734, he would veto it. H.R. 734 would deny access to sports for many families by establishing an absolute ban on transgender students—even those as young as elementary schoolers—playing on a team consistent with their gender identity,” the missive added.

In addition, the statement criticized Republicans for sidestepping “pressing issues that families and students face today—such as raising teacher pay, keeping guns out of schools, addressing the mental health crisis our youth face, and helping students learn and recover academically from unprecedented disruptions,” in order to “prioritize policies that discriminate against children.”

The bill was introduced by Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL), who celebrated its creation by asserting that it “ensures that biological females compete against other biological females in women’s competitive sports that are funded through Title IX.”

“Allowing biological males to participate in women’s sports is a complete affront to the hardworking women and girls who have spent their lives training to achieve their dreams. It’s simple: biological males have no place in women’s sports,” the Florida congressman added.

The White House has released a statement saying it would veto the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act if it made it to President Biden's desk.

— (@boysvswomen) April 17, 2023

Keep reading……

Climate Crackpots Blame Global Warming on Rice

Tue, 04/18/2023 - 18:30

They hate humanity. Gas stoves, no lightbulbs, no gas cars, no air-conditioning and now food that most of humanity survives on.

Rice Is Now Killing The Planet, Apparently

Its the thing most of humanity survives on

By: Steve Watson, Summit News, April 18, 2023:

Now it is firmly ensconced among the climate change cult that eating meat is killing the planet and you must ‘eat ze bugs’, the same people have a new target, rice.

VIDEO: Rice is to blame for around 10 percent of global emissions of methane, a gas that over two decades, traps about 80 times as much heat as carbon dioxide. Scientists say that if the world wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, rice cannot be ignored.

— AFP News Agency (@AFP) April 16, 2023

“Rice cannot be ignored.”

The Food and Agriculture Organization notes that “Rice is one of the most important staple foods in the world. Over 50 percent of the world population depends on rice for about 80 percent of its food requirements. About 95 percent of the global output of rice is produced and consumed in developing countries.”

What is this really about?

Banning rice would kill tens of millions of innocent people.
I'm starting to think it's never been about saving the planet . . .

— Johnny Rotten's American Cousin (@EERCANE) April 16, 2023

This is sinister. Removing rice or wheat from production would trigger global famine. We need to start recognizing voices pushing this agenda so we push back on this nonsense. @wef #2030agenda

— WiseOldOwl (@RealAlexLucio) April 16, 2023

— slimjim (@slimjim33_33) April 16, 2023

Asian countries already eat bugs. What’s your problem?

— Shouty Pants (@unprisonplanet) April 17, 2023

EVIL: UN Report Calls for Legalizing Sex Between Adults and Children

Tue, 04/18/2023 - 17:00

Pure evil. Defund the UN.

Another despicable attack by the United Nations, at the behest of the global left.

The world has changed a great deal from the time of the United Nations’ birth in 1945, and so has the United Nations. Founded over seventy years ago in the wake of the Holocaust, democracies, both nascent and well-established, comprised the majority of the founding nations of the UN. America was confident that the UN would be an organization which would work in tandem with American national interests in promoting the welfare of humankind and the basic rights of every human spirit.

It has become the very thing it was founded to defeat.

Evil is predatory. Always has been. It has enough dark cover in the world right now for predatory evil to come more out into the open. That this is the case should be eye-opening for folks. Time is growing short…

— James A Freeman (@JamesAFreeman) April 18, 2023

UN Report Calls for Legalizing Sex Between Adults and Children

By: Micaiah Bilger | Life News Apr 17, 2023 |

A disturbing new report from the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) adds to growing concerns about global leaders pushing to normalize pedophilia.

The report “The 8 March Principles for a Human Rights-Based Approach to Criminal Law Proscribing Conduct Associated with Sex, Reproduction, Drug Use, HIV, Homelessness and Poverty” on the UNAIDS website offers legal guidance on issues related to sex, including involving children under age 18.

Without any discussion about what the age of consent should be, the report suggests minors can consent to having sex with an adult.

“Sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law,” the report states.

It also advises lawyers, judges and law enforcement to consider “the rights and capacity of persons under 18 years of age to make decisions about engaging in consensual sexual conduct and their right to be heard in matters concerning them” when considering enforcement of laws about sex with minors.

The report continues: “Pursuant to their evolving capacities and progressive autonomy, persons under 18 years of age should participate in decisions affecting them, with due regard to their age, maturity and best interests, and with specific attention to non-discrimination guarantees.”

Please follow LifeNews on Rumble for the latest pro-life videos.

In other words, Live Action News writer Cassy Fiano-Chesser pointed out “the report calls for sex between adults and minors to be decriminalized, so long as the minors ‘consent’ … Minors, of course, cannot truly consent to sex with an adult — something these so-called experts should know.”

However, the report portrays the matter as an issue of rights and acceptance.

The forward to the report was written by a “proudly gay” lawyer, Edwin Cameron of South Africa, who argued that laws about sex can make people feel ostracized because of their sexual behavior.

“Criminal law may thus impel hostility, exclusion, inequality, discrimination and marginalization of individuals and groups, sometimes to the point of violence. As a result, human rights, democratic values and social inclusiveness all suffer,” Cameron wrote.

He argued that laws criminalizing sexual behavior “codify discrimination” against people of different sexual orientations. Cameron did not mention it, but some now argue that an adult who is sexually attracted to children is a sexual orientation, not a pedophile.

Another disturbing aspect of the report was its insistence that killing unborn babies in elective abortions is a human “right.”

The report calls for completely decriminalizing abortions – a move that would protect dangerous untrained abortionists and quacks from prosecution.

“Abortion must be taken entirely out of the purview of the criminal law, including for having, aiding, assisting with or providing an abortion …” the report states.

It also argues that pregnant mothers should not be punished for using drugs or alcohol during pregnancy even if the unborn baby is harmed.

The groups involved in creating the report include the International Commission of Jurists, UNAIDS and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, according to Fox News.

EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE: Scenes From Outside The President Trump Indictment Courthouse

Mon, 04/17/2023 - 12:33

April 4, 2023 . Outside NYC Courthouse 10:30 AM.

Followed by a NOISE ACTION ALERT from the anti-Trumpers

Video 1- the WHISTLES never stopped. Part 1 of 2 . Outside NYC Courthouse It was insane.With more media than protestors, the anti-Trumpers (who fear free speech) whistled ad nauseum. An assortment of both sides (pro and anti-Trump) co-mingled …. on the PRO-Trump side only and the press – so much press.

Flickr slide show (Part 3) More media than protestors. An assortment of both sides (pro and anti-Trump) co-mingling … and the press – which ridiculously outnumbered the participants gathered for the rally/protest.

IMG_3268 copy

Video, Part 2 of 2. It was insane.The anti-Trumpers (who fear free speech) whistled ad nauseum as the police placed both sides on opposite sides of a Great Divide– And across from the courthouse,  so much press waiting to catch a glimpse of MTG and President Trump. Heard a black anti-Trumper loving the indictment mania AND THE WHISTLES – on and on – from the anti-free speech, anti-Trumpers.

Flickr slide show (Part 1 of 3) is a look at the Pro-Trump Rally signs and people.

IMG_3347 copy

A look at the lefty a**hats.  [The MORAN sign I thought was a typo -nope]

.Flickr slide show (part 2)

Trump's a big MORAN ( it's actually a word)

.Re Juliet Germanotta and the “Trump LIES All The Time”Banner escapade.

There was a lot of confusion as to who she is, and why she was going after the Rise and Resist anti-Trump banner. So much that was printed about Juliet’s identity was way off.

As for the sticker on her phone, Juliet says she likes the occult. OK. whatever. Juliet has a complicated history (that I have chronicled over the years) but  what is pertinent to this event is that Juliet Germanotta has been aligned with the RIGHT (Trump) for the few years that I have followed her. She is NOT from the Left.

Unfortunately, the newbies on the Right think everyone they don’t know is a paid protestor from the Left. Not even close.

The two Rise and Resist leaders that were arguing with Juliet, Lisa Fithian and Laurie Arbeiter, are not cohorts of Juliet’s. THEY are hard core leftist leaders.  Lisa Fithian, an anarchist trainer/ streetwise radical  makes a living creating unrest and riots.

The anti-Trumpers tried to place their Trump Lies All the Time banner in the front of the court house.

. If you listen to the video, Juliet was EVICTING the leftist banner from the RIGHT (Trump) side. Listen to Juliet—-she says it more than once—-you are on the WRONG side.

Video from []

By the time I got there the anti-Trumpers were back on the LEFT (anti-Trump) side where they belonged. Unfortunately, Juliet was mislabeled and mis-characterized by the newbies from her own side.

UPDATE: And now, as President Trump returned for another deposition, he made the claim – again- that Tish James is a RACIST.


Former President Donald Trump repeated his claim that Albany’s top prosecutor is “racist” — and that her lawsuit against him is “ridiculous” — before being deposed in connection with a $250 million civil case Thursday morning

He is correct: Tish James IS a racist. As she revealed in Jan 2017, proudly, her prejudice against those white males who are TOO MALE , TOO PALE and TOO STALE.  Tish James has led many anti-Trump protests exposing the pact made with NYC’s hard core leftist politicians and union shills. Just the type of Attorney General George Soros wants to destroy our cities. 

More info on this Tish James event can be found at previous posts



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TERRORISM: Dairy Farm Explosion Kills 18,000 Cows

Sun, 04/16/2023 - 16:00

Another attack on our food supply.

Another massive explosion at cattle farm kills 18,000 cows— Tucker explains what's REALLY going on…

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) April 14, 2023

After a boiler explosion at Shearer’s Foods in Hermiston, Oregon in February, the company laid off its employees. In March, there was a large fire at the Penobscot McCrum potato processing plant in Maine. In April, a private plane crashed into Gem State Processing, a potato processing plant in Idaho. A week later, another private plane crashed into the General Mills plant in Covington, Georgia.

Meanwhile, an April fire at the port of Benicia, California hampered gasoline production. A natural gas pipeline exploded in Michigan in March.

That same month, there was a massive fire at the Taylor Farms food processing plant in Salinas, California. Also in April, the Dufur, Oregon headquarters of Azure Standard, a leading organic food distributor, was destroyed by fire, and another fire destroyed the East Conway Beef & Pork Meat Market in Conway, New Hampshire. Early in May, a chicken farm in Jones County, Mississippi was destroyed by fire. Saladino’s food processing plant in Fresno, California caught fire around the same time. A Walmart Fulfillment Center in Indiana caught fire in late May. Also in late May, a fire at Forsman Farms in Howard Lake, Minnesota killed tens of thousands of chickens. In mid-June, there was a huge fire at the Festive Foods pizza plant in Belmont, Wisconsin.

In Iowa in April, five million chickens were killed after discovery of a single case of avian flu. 22 million chickens have been killed nationwide in an attempt to contain the outbreak. Thousands of cattle died in Kansas in June; their deaths were blamed on the heat, but it was not an unusually hot month, and numerous people with farming experience were skeptical of the official explanation.

Meanwhile, on May 26, a coal train derailed near Gothenburg, Nebraska. On June 1, a train derailed near Lansing, Iowa, with ten coal cars leaving the tracks; the contents of one spilled into the Mississippi River. Another train derailed in Shiner, Texas on June 3, spilling coal in the center of the town. In British Columbia, yet another coal train derailed on June 18, spilling coal from fifteen rail cars. That same day, one more coal train derailed in Lawrence, Kansas, spilling a “large amount” of coal.


How Now Dead Cows?

Suspicious Fires and Accidents at Producers of Things the Left Hates Continue

MEDIA COVERUP: Another Massive GREEN DISASTER, Amazon Took Solar Rooftops Offline Following Major Fires, Electrical Explosions

Dairy Farm Explosion Causes Massive Destruction

At least 18,000 cattle were killed Monday night when an explosion occurred at the Southfork Dairy Farm in Dimmitt, Texas. This is the deadliest barn fire involving cattle ever, according to the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI).

The blast occurred in a holding area at the farm where the cows were being kept prior to milking. While some cows were able to escape the fire, many were injured and had to be put down. One employee was critically injured in the blast and is being treated at a nearby hospita

Brutal Farm Fire Kills 18,000 Cows

By Kevin Downey Jr. 4:39 PM on April 13, 2023

The South Fork Dairy Farm — located near Dimmitt, Texas — lost 18,000 cows in what was determined by the Animal Welfare Institute to be the worst farm fire for cows since 2013, when authorities began tracking barn fires.

CVS ‘Gender Transition’ Guide: Employees Must Use Preferred Pronouns, Can Use Bathroom Reflecting Identity

Sun, 04/16/2023 - 14:00

Norming madness.

They may use whichever restroom or locker room they wish regardless of whether the individual identifies as transgender. A target rich environment for pedos and pervs.

CVS ‘gender transition’ guide says employees must use preferred pronouns, can use bathroom reflecting identity

CVS employees may be entitled to medical leave of absence for gender transition treatment, guidelines state

By: Fox Business, April 16, 2023:

EXCLUSIVE: CVS Health’s “gender transition guidelines” for employees requires workers to address people by their preferred pronouns and names and that they may use whichever restroom or locker room they wish regardless of whether the individual identifies as transgender.

In the guidelines obtained exclusively by FOX Business, employees are told they may be entitled to a medical leave of absence “under the Family and Medical Leave Act, state law, and/or CVS Health policy.” Transitioning employees are asked to tell their immediate leaders about their transition so the company “can provide support and to make your transition as smooth as possible.”

“You may also wish to have appropriate medical care to support your transition, including treatments such as hormone replacement therapy and/or gender confirmation surgery,” the guide states.

“During and after the transition has occurred, CVS Health encourages you to continue to partner with your Leader and your Advice & Counsel representative, and to immediately report any issues that you might have with your employment, your work environment, and/or your Leader, co-workers, clients, and customers,” it continues.

In a section titled, “Guidelines for Supporting a Colleague who is Transitioning,” the guide encourages employees to be an ally by asking colleagues to let them know if they say or do anything that makes them uncomfortable. It also urges employees to not make assumptions about a person’s gender.

It says employees should become an ally to make a positive impact on a co-worker’s life, become an inclusive leader, champion and celebrate all aspects of diversity and to show compliance with the CVS Health Equal Employment, Affirmative Action, AntiDiscrimination, Anti-Harassment, and Anti-Retaliation Policy.

CVS Health’s Employment, Affirmative Action, AntiDiscrimination, Anti-Harassment, and Anti-Retaliation Policy says ….

Keep reading…..

Former CDC Director Warned Fauci Not to ‘Give Terrorists Recipe’ to Modify Bird Flu to Kill 5%-50% of Infected

Sun, 04/16/2023 - 13:09

Fauci’s nickname – mini-Mengele – is not hyperbolic.

Redfield warned Fauci not to ‘give terrorists recipe’ to modify bird flu to kill 5%-50% of infected

NIH-funded scientists published instructions for making such a pathogen cross the “species barrier” to humans, recounted former CDC Director Robert Redfield.

By Greg Piper, Just The News, April 15, 2023:

Former CDC Director Robert Redfield’s biggest fear for a future pandemic is a genetically manipulated bird flu, given that NIH-funded scientists in 2012 published instructions for making such a pathogen cross the “species barrier” to humans, a highly unlikely result from viral evolution.

“I didn’t think we needed to give terrorists a recipe” for modifying a bird flu to kill 5%-50% of people it infects, Dr. Redfield told “Just the News, No Noise,” recalling his argument to then-National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci — his future antagonist on COVID origins and gain-of-function research — against publishing the research.

“I think it’s a miracle that no one’s used that yet,” Redfield said. “But I do think we’re at high risk for laboratory-created bird flu that will have high pathogenicity for man,” given the “highly inadequate” biosecurity of dozens of labs handling dangerous pathogens.

The “probability of a spillover event” from a lab “is very, very high,” he warned, “and I suspect that in the next decade we will have, unfortunately, a major pandemic as a consequence of either gain-of-function research or bioterrorism.”

“And this is why I think we need to really look seriously about not only having a moratorium in our own country, but actually having a global moratorium on gain-of-function research until society can decide: Should it really be done? Is the benefit there? And if they decide the benefit’s there, then how do you do it in a safe, responsible and effective way?”

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When Palestinian Jihad Leaders Need Medical Treatment, They Go to Israeli Hospitals

Sun, 04/16/2023 - 12:00

In 2014, the wife of PA President Mahmoud Abbas was successfully treated in Israel for an unknown condition. In 2018, an Israeli specialist was sent to Ramallah to treat Abbas himself, resulting in a dramatic improvement in his health and apparently saving his life. Abbas and his wife are not the only members of his family who have been treated by Israel. Mahmoud Abbas’ younger brother, Abu Louai, was treated in Assuta Hospital, a private hospital in Tel Aviv. Abu Louai is 78 years old and suffers from cancer. He lives in Qatar. The PA press has not, and will not, ever publish this information, nor will the rest of the Arab press should they ever learn about it. Notice that Abu Louai chose or rather, his brother chose for him, to be treated in an Israeli private hospital, even though the alternative was not, in his case, a poorly-funded Palestinian hospital, but rather, a state-of-the-art hospital in enormously rich Qatar. No doubt Mahmoud Abbas wanted the best care for his brother, and his own experience with an Israeli specialist who treated him in Ramallah for a life-threatening condition led him to insist that his brother be treated by Israeli medical personnel as well.

It is the same with the top echelon of leaders of Hamas – they want to be treated by Israeli doctors in Israeli hospitals. In October 2014, just two months after Hamas started a war with Israel in which it launched more than 10,000 missiles at civilian targets, Sarah Haniyeh, the daughter of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, was treated at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital following complications she suffered in a Gaza hospital. Around the same time, but unreported, Hamas leader Haniyeh’s mother-in-law and granddaughter also left Gaza for treatment in Israeli hospitals. Like Mahmoud Abbas, Ismail Haniyeh, the head of Hamas, wanted only the best medical treatment for his relatives — his daughter, his mother-in-law, and his granddaughter. Naturally he arranged for all of them to be treated by Israeli doctors at Israeli hospitals.

Another absurdity that separates Israeli medicine from Palestinian cynicism and hypocrisy is the example of terrorist Yahya al-Sinwar, head of the Hamas political bureau in the Gaza Strip, who, while imprisoned in Israel in 2007, was operated on to have a brain tumor removed. Now, having been released in 2011 in the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange deal, he continues to furiously beat the Hamas drum for acquiring, and firing, more and more missiles, at the evil Zionists. Like Mahmoud Abbas and his relatives, like Ismail Haniyeh and his relatives, Yahya Sinwar was a beneficiary of Israeli medicine. And like them, after having his life saved by Israeli doctors, Sinwar went immediately back to denouncing Israeli Jews as “murderers” and calling for the destruction of their state. These Palestinian recipients of Israeli medical care are unembarrassed; they do not think of themselves as hypocrites; as they see things, a Muslim can accept aid from Infidels and still want those Infidels dead.

Hamas has even tried using suicide bombers to blow up Israeli doctors while they were in the very act of treating Palestinian patients. in 2005 Hamas sent a Gaza woman named Samir Ibrahim Bas to Soroka Hospital in Beersheba for life-saving treatments. But Hamas secretly padded her underclothing with 20 pounds of high-powered explosives so she could blow up both herself, and the doctors treating her in the Israeli hospital. Fortunately, those explosives were discovered in time.

Beyond the medical treatments given to the very terrorists who have sworn to destroy the Jewish state, Israel opened up a field hospital on its Syrian border, in the Golan Heights, to treat those who fled Syria, so as to seek medical help during that country’s civil war. The Israeli doctors and nurses asked no questions of any of the hundreds of wounded they treated. The patients included soldiers from the hostile Syrian Army — still technically at war with Israel. And those patients all received the same superior care that Israeli doctors provide to their fellow Jews.

How many anxious Palestinian parents will in the future be relieved when they learn that Israeli doctors will treat their child? Unlike the Hamas and PA leaders, ordinary Palestinians whose children have benefited from medical treatment by Israelis are openly, and permanently, grateful. The mother of Amir, a five-year-old boy whose life was saved by Israeli heart surgeons, said something that those reporting on Israel and the Palestinians should learn by heart: “When the doctors told us there was a possibility for Israeli doctors to carry out the complicated operation Amir needed, we were so happy. Everyone here in Gaza talks about how Israeli doctors are the most professional in the world and that they can be trusted completely.”

The mother of Amir has said what those other recipients of Israeli medical care – the ungrateful big shots of Hamas and PA – should say but don’t, and instead choose to forget. But you and I and the world’s major media don’t need to forget. We need to remember.

Ukraine’s Nazi Problem Gets Worse: Kyiv City Council Set to Name Street After SS Official

Sat, 04/15/2023 - 20:00

Ukraine’s Dark History of Nazi Collaboration and Animus Toward Israel

– Ukraine was an unapologetic supporter of the Nazis and has historically been a bastion of antisemitism.
– Ukraine has consistently voted against Israel at the U.N. and supported Israel’s enemies.
– The Ukrainian government honored two Third Reich collaborators and denied the mass murderer status of one of them.
– One Nazi collaborator extolled by Ukraine is lionized with a statue in Lviv and multiple eponymous streets.
– The Neo-Nazi Azov battalion, which has been recruiting and training American citizens, is fully integrated into the Ukrainian Army.

There has been considerable concern since before the start of the war in Ukraine about the influence of National Socialists, or Nazis, there, and now it has gotten considerably worse. Rather than apologize for or at very least ignore the nation’s past ties to National Socialism, the city council in the nation’s capital of Kyiv is reportedly considering naming a street after a National Socialist collaborator who actually served in the SS during the Holocaust, Voldymyr Kubiyovych. Apparently the Ukrainian government is so certain that Western aid will continue that it feels no hesitation about flaunting its openness to National Socialism.

The Jerusalem Post reported Tuesday that according to Eduard Dolinsky, director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, “a street in the Ukrainian capital will be renamed following a motion passed by the city council, and will bear the name of Volodymyr Kubiyovych, who during the Holocaust was heavily involved in the formation of the Waffen-SS Galizien, a Nazi military force made up of Ukrainian volunteers.”

This startling move comes after a “historical expert commission within the council had put forward several options for the renaming of what is currently Przhevalsky Street in Kyiv,” and several names were put to a public vote. “The option to rename the street after Volodymyr Kubiyovych has so far received a majority, with 31% of the vote, with the second and third highest options receiving just 18% and 10% respectively,” although this could change, as the voting remains open until Sunday. Then, “once the public vote is closed, the Kyiv City Council will then vote to approve renaming the street after Kubiyovych.”

This is an astonishingly bad idea for a number of reasons. Before the National Socialist invasion of the USSR, Kubiyovych “requested the creation of an autonomous state within Ukraine in which Poles and Jews would not be allowed to live.” Then, once the National Socialists had occupied much of Ukraine, Kubiyovych “took on a key role in the formation of the Waffen-SS Galizien, publicly announcing his willingness to take up arms and fight for the Nazi cause.”

Is this the hero Zelensky’s Ukraine needs? Is this the hero Zelensky’s Ukraine wants?

None of this comes as any surprise to longtime Ukraine watchers. The independent journalism site Kanekoa News reported as long ago as last June that “on October 16, 2019, the top Democrat on the House Homeland Security Committee’s counterterrorism subpanel, Rep. Max Rose (NY), led a letter signed by forty Democrats asking the State Department why they had not placed Ukraine’s Azov Battalion on the U.S. list of ‘foreign terrorist organizations’ (FTOs).” The irony couldn’t be richer, for in October 2022, the New York Times, that reliable organ of far-Left opinion, refers to “Ukraine’s celebrated Azov Battalion,” and claims that “the group’s defense of the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol — the southern port city decimated by Russian forces in the first months of the war — has become a powerful symbol of the suffering inflicted by Russia and the resistance mounted by Ukraine.”

Every last Democrat who condemned the Azov Battalion likely reads and respects the Times, and every last one of them also would likely prefer us all to forget that they once likened the Azov Battalion to the Islamic State (ISIS) and noted that it “openly welcomes neo-Nazis into its ranks.” The Democrats’ 2019 letter added that “the 115th Congress of the United States stated in its 2018 omnibus spending bill that ‘none of the funds made available by this act may be used to provide arms, training or other assistance to the Azov Battalion.’” But that was when Volodymyr Zelensky was widely regarded as some kind of ally or tool of the Left’s Emmanuel Goldstein of the day, Donald Trump; after all, the first Stalinist show trial impeaching the America-First president took place over a phone call to Zelensky. So it was in the Democrats’ interest at that time to play up the National Socialist element in Ukraine, just as it is in their interests now to pretend that element doesn’t exist.

The Democrats’ letter even declared “Azov has been recruiting, radicalizing, and training American citizens for years according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” Yet now it seems as if there is no limit to the taxpayer billions that must be funneled to these gallant Ukrainian defenders of freedom. Is anyone exercising any kind of oversight at all? Is Azov still “recruiting, radicalizing, and training American citizens”? Is our taxpayer money now being used to fund such activities?

One thing is certain: the full extent of the ties between Ukraine and the posturing, self-righteous, desperately corrupt, hypocritical and self-serving U.S. Democrat establishment is not publicly known, and may never be known. But what we do know should have brought that entire establishment crashing down years ago.

China Expands Wartime Military Draft

Sat, 04/15/2023 - 17:00

While Biden is channeling his inner leprechaun in Ireland.

China expands wartime military draft to include veterans and college students

Expert warns China is either ‘tone-deaf’ or ‘messaging’ with announcement of conscript policy change

By Caitlin McFall | Fox News April 15, 2023:

Beijing this week announced revisions to its conscription policy and said that should China enter a state of war, veterans and educated college students can expect to be on top of the list to be drafted.

China has positioned these changes as a necessary step to modernize the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and to bolster its combat effectiveness.

However, adding the nation’s most educated as priority draftees runs counter not only to traditional Western conscription practices, but China’s as well.
Chinese honor guard arrive for the welcoming ceremony for French President Emmanuel Macron and China’s President Xi Jinping in Beijing on April 6, 2023.

Chinese honor guard arrive for the welcoming ceremony for French President Emmanuel Macron and China’s President Xi Jinping in Beijing on April 6, 2023. (LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP via Getty Images)

“It fits into the context of PLA modernization,” Heino Klinck, former deputy assistant secretary of defense for East Asia and military attaché to China, told Fox News Digital. “The PLA has historically been a military based on conscripts from the countryside. I think Chinese President Xi Jinping is trying to further bolster his communist bona fide by ensuring that all segments of Chinese society are a part of the national military buildup.”

Several of China’s top universities already have military departments included in their institutions where students can combine their studies with military training.

One top official in China’s Central Military Commission told a PLA newspaper this week that colleges and universities play an essential role in recruiting and that there is a particular interest in female and male students or graduates with a background in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

China also plans to instate a new standardized recruitment processes that will implement steps to improve the physical, mental and political assessments of recruits.

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No Jail Time For Biden’s Nuclear Drag Queen Who Stole Women’s Luggage, But Meme Creator Faces 10 Years Behind Bars

Sat, 04/15/2023 - 16:00

Two tiered justice in America.


Dubious Biden DoE Official Samuel Britton Charged with Stealing Woman’s Luggage at Minneapolis Airport

Biden’s Non-Binary (He/She) Nuclear Official In 2nd Theft Of Women’s Luggage

Caligula’s Horse in the Senate, Biden’s Puppy in the Department of Energy

Whistleblower Demands Investigation Into Biden’s Nuclear Drag Queen (Who Defended Sex-Trafficking Young Boys) Hiring Process, Alleging ‘Substantial Irregularities’.

Sam Brinton Avoids Jail Time For Stealing Women’s Luggage While Meme Creator Faces 10 Years Behind Bars

By: Tristan Justice, The Federalist, April 14, 2023

Nearly 80 percent of Americans believe there is a two-tiered justice system. This week’s courtroom episodes only validate the public’s perception.

On Friday, President Joe Biden’s allegedly “non-binary” nuclear waste expert, Sam Brinton, was sentenced in a grand larceny case over stealing women’s luggage from U.S. airports. Police say Brinton stole a bag from Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas with an estimated worth of around $3,670. Authorities also charged Brinton with stealing luggage at a second airport in Minnesota.

The former Energy Department official took a plea deal over the Las Vegas bag theft Friday, agreeing to pay a $3,670 fine to the victim and a $500 criminal fee — no jail time required. The Minnesota theft remains an open case, with the next hearing scheduled for Monday, according to Fox News.

Contrast Brinton’s slap on the wrist to a pro-Trump meme creator convicted of illegal election influencing last month, and it’s no wonder Americans see a two-tiered justice system.

Douglass Mackey faces 10 years behind bars over a 2016 post mocking how low Democrats want to set barriers to the ballot box.

“Save time Avoid the line Vote from home. Text ‘Hillary’ to 59925 and we’ll make history together This November 8th,” the post read. Fine print at the bottom added, “Must be 18 or older to vote. One vote per person. Must be a legal citizen of the United States. Voting by text not available in Guam, Puerto Rico, Alaska or Hawaii. Paid for by Hillary For President 2016.”

Federal prosecutors didn’t care that most online users played into the prank by texting the number “Hillary for Prison.” The DOJ indicted Mackey in January last year, 74 months after the 2016 presidential contest.

Brinton’s crime, meanwhile, inflicted real harm on those who lost their luggage.

Asya Idarous Khamsin is a Houston-based Tanzanian fashion designer whose luggage was allegedly stolen by Brinton in 2018. Khamsin went on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” three weeks ago to discuss what happened after her bag went missing. Khamsin said she and her husband saw Brinton wearing clothes resembling the custom-made designs matching the apparel in her lost bag when the pair turned on Fox News in December.

Kep reading…..

Washington Passes Bill Allowing Children to Legally Be Taken From Parents if Parents Don’t Consent to Gender Mutilation

Sat, 04/15/2023 - 15:00

Even Mengele did his vicious medical mutilation experiments in secret. The Democrats are mandating and  legalizing them – enforced minor sterilization, sexual mutilation surgery for minors. What’s next, imprisoning those who oppose?

Related: Elon Musk says those who sterilize minors should get life in prison | Just The News

Last night, Washington state passed SB 5599 which allows the state to legally take children away from their parents if they don’t consent to their child’s gender transition surgeries.

All Democrats voted, yes.

All Republicans voted, no.

— Katie Daviscourt (@KatieDaviscourt) April 13, 2023

Washington Passes Bill Allowing Children to Legally Be Taken From Parents if Parents Don’t Consent to Gender Transition

By Chris, Trending Politics, April 14, 2023:

A new bill passed in the state of Washington seeks to undermine parental rights by allowing “shelters” to provide gender transition medical services to minors without parental consent.

Senate Bill 5599, sponsored by Sen. Marko Liias, will allow certified shelters to contact the Department of Children, Youth and Families instead of parents, for children seeking reproductive health services or gender-affirming care.

Many argue that this bill could lead to abuse and exploitation of minors, as it creates a potential avenue for predators to take advantage of vulnerable children who may be seeking shelter or medical services. This could also have long-term consequences on the mental and physical health of children who may not have the maturity or capacity to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

Others have also pointed out that the government should not be involved in providing gender-affirming care to minors, and that such decisions should be left to parents and medical professionals.

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Brazil’s Lula Visits US-Sanctioned Huawei Site to Boost Ties With China

Sat, 04/15/2023 - 14:00

While President Biden is on vacation in Ireland, Brazil’s President Lula da Silva is in China discussing how to undermine the United States with President Xi, despite the Biden Administration supporting Lula in Brazil’s last election. The incompetent and delusional Biden Administration actually believed that the election of Lula would help improve Brazil’s ties with the U.S. What a joke. President Trump and the Republican Party should be exposing the Biden Administration’s disastrous foreign policy.

Jonathan DT Ward: 'Chinese diplomacy is having a field day' @MorningsMaria @FoxBusiness

— Maria Bartiromo (@MariaBartiromo) April 14, 2023

Related – World leaders are lining up to meet Xi Jinping. Should the US be worried?

Related – China’s Xi Jinping, Brazil’s Lula Take United Stance Against U.S.

Related – Lula vows partnership with China to ‘balance world geopolitics’

#Biden worked to elect #Lula. Now Lula is attacking the dollar, while in #China no less. #Brazil

— Gordon G. Chang (@GordonGChang) April 14, 2023

Our enemies don’t fear us & our allies don’t trust us because Biden and the leftists are turning our country into a global laughingstock

— Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) April 12, 2023

Brazil’s Lula visits US-sanctioned Huawei site to boost ties with China

By Laprensalatina, April 14, 2023

Shanghai, China, Apr 13 (EFE).- Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva Thursday visited the research center of Huawei, the Chinese tech giant sanctioned by the United States over national security concerns.

Lula was in Shanghai to boost economic ties with China, Brazil’s largest trading partner since 2009.

“I visited Huawei’s technology development center,” Lula wrote on Twitter after he arrived in the economic hub.

“The company gave a presentation on 5G and solutions in telemedicine, education, and connectivity. A very strong investment in research and innovation,” Lula added.