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'Prager U' Steve Cortes: The Charlottesville Lie

Sat, 08/10/2019 - 15:16
PRAGER U: Did President Trump call neo-Nazis "very fine people" during a famous press conference following the Charlottesville riots of August 2017? The major media reported that he did. But what if their reporting is wrong? Worse, what if their reporting is wrong and they know it's wrong? A straight exploration of the facts should reveal the truth. That's what CNN political analyst Steve Cortes does in this critically important video. STEVE CORTES: Politicians lie. We all know that. That is not an indictment of all politicians-it's simply part of the game. It's our job, as informed citizens, to figure out the truth. And that's where journalists and the media come in. They are supposed to help us ferret out fact from fiction. So when they get a fact wrong, that's bad. When they get a fact wrong, know it's wrong, and don't correct it, that's worse. That's not getting a fact wrong; that's a lie. And that's journalistic malfeasance. The best (or maybe worst) example of this followed a presidential press conference at Trump Tower on Tuesday, August 15, 2017. You remember what happened that previous weekend: A group of white supremacists held a white pride rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The ostensible reason was to protest the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. An Antifa group showed up to counter-protest. The mayor and the police were totally unprepared to deal with the violence that ensued. Tragically, a young woman, Heather Heyer, was run over and killed by a neo-Nazi. The press conference itself was raucous. The media was antagonistic. The president was combative. Out of it all, one phrase eclipsed the thousands of words exchanged: The media reported that President Trump described neo-Nazis as very fine people. Only, he didn't. In fact, he didn't even hint at it. Just the opposite: he condemned the neo-Nazis in no uncertain terms. So then, who were the fine people he mentioned? The answer: He was referring to another group of Charlottesville demonstrators who came out that weekend-protestors who wanted the Robert E. Lee statue removed and protestors who wanted to keep the statue and restore the park's original name. This is what President Trump said about those peaceful protestors: You also had some very fine people on both sides. . . . You had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down of-to them-a very, very important statue and the renaming of a park from Robert E. Lee to another name. A few moments later, in case there would be any misunderstanding, he makes his meaning even more explicit. …I'm not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists. They should be condemned totally. Lest you have any doubts that good people were in Charlottesville to protest the removal of the Robert E Lee statue, the New York Times confirmed it in a story they published the next day, August 16. 'Good people can go to Charlottesville,' said Michelle Piercy, a night shift worker at a Wichita, Kansas retirement home, who drove all night with a conservative group that opposed the planned removal of a statue of the Confederate general Robert E. Lee. After listening to Mr. Trump on Tuesday, she said it was as if he had channeled her and her friends… who had no interest in standing with Nazis or white supremacists… There's another simple test that we can employ to prove that the president was not referring to the neo-Nazis as fine people. It's so obvious, it's painful to mention: The president's daughter and son-in-law are Orthodox Jews. His grandchildren are Jewish. And if that is still not enough to convince you, how about this: Does anyone believe that Donald Trump thinks there are good Antifa, the leftist thugs who were counter-protesting the neo-Nazi thugs? After all, if those two groups were the only ones involved, and there were fine people on both sides, that means the president believed that there were fine Antifa people. Even MSNBC should have found that hard to swallow. Again, the very fine people on both sides President Trump described at the press conference were the people who wanted to remove the Robert E. Lee statue and the people who wanted to keep it. Both of these groups were non-violent protesters-fine people with very different ideological views. The scandal of Charlottesville is not what President Trump said about neo-Nazis. It's what the media said President Trump said about neo-Nazis. It's a scandal because news reporting is supposed to be about gathering facts, not promoting an agenda. In Charlottesville, they got it exactly backwards. We have been living with the consequences ever since. Plainly put: ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post and the others spread a malicious lie that has poisoned our national dialogue. They should apologize to the American people for what they have done. Don't hold your breath. Actually, I have a better idea. Let out a big sigh of relief. Because now you know the truth. I'm Steve Cortes, CNN political commentator and columnist for Real Clear Politics, for Prager University.

Peter Thiel on Twitter Freezing McConnell Campaign Account: Republicans Right To Be Suspicious

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 21:55
Peter Thiel said Friday on "Fox & Friends" that conservatives are right to be suspicious of bias against Republicans on social media platforms like Twitter following the temporary banning of Sen. Mitch McConnell's campaign account, @Team_Mitch. As of Friday afternoon, the account had been reinstated. "There's an outside story of what happens on Twitter to the outside world," Thiel said. "And then there's an inside story inside these companies where they are sort of totalitarian, semi-totalitarian one-party states. It's like North Korea." "Silicon Valley likes to think of itself as sort of cosmopolitan or globalist, but I think that's not actually what's going on here," he told "Fox & Friends." "It is just sort of an insular form of parochialism. Maybe it's borderline autistic, so it's a complete incuriosity about the rest of the world." "So I think if you ask people at Google, they wouldn't even think in terms of patriotic, unpatriotic," Thiel continued. "They don't think of China as a geopolitical rival. They're just not really aware of what's going on outside of their campus." "If you look at the entire Cold War history - the last, you know, century - I don't think there's ever a case where a major US company refused to work with the US and worked with our major geopolitical rivals," Thiel said Friday. "It's not like this weird, liberal thing. It is absolutely unprecedented." "You always have the question – are these things innocent accidents or are they intentional acts of political sabotage? And the Republicans, I think, are right to be somewhat suspicious because this stuff keeps happening and Silicon Valley is something of a one-party state," he said. It would be one thing if everybody in Silicon Valley was anti-Trump ... the majority are, but, of course, most people who are Republican, conservative are uncomfortable saying that. That's the real problem. It's the sort of political correctness where you can't speak out," he continued.


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MSNBC's Donny Deutsch: If You Vote For Trump, "You Own The Blood That Happens"

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 17:01
MSNBC host Donny Deutsch made the case on Friday's "Morning Joe" that every Trump voter "owns" the entire Trump presidency and that swing voters have to be "shamed" into understanding that you can't disagree with President Trump on some things without also "own[ing] the racism." I think that's the message that's got to get out there: 'You own it. You own the blood that happens. You own Charlottesville. You can't do it. You get the whole package," Deutsch said on "Morning Joe." "And that's what swing voters have got to understand and be shamed into," he added. DONNY DEUTSCH, MSNBC: [SoulCycle CEO and Trump supporter] Steven Ross, to me, is the epitome -- this election comes down to guys like that and people saying, "No, you don't get to say I'm for racial equality and all these good things and I disagree with him there, but I like his economic views, I'm going to vote for him." No. You own it. And I think that's the message that has to get out. No, Steven Ross, and no, a lot of my friends you can't say I like his economic policy but I disagree -- you own it. You own the blood that happens. You own Charlottesville. You can't do it. You get the whole package. And that's what swing voters have got to understand and be shamed into. You don't get to do that, Steve Ross. I'll take from column A but I'm going to leave column B behind. You get column B, also. You own the racism.

RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel: If Social Media Doesn't Stop Bias, Conservatives Will Go Somewhere Else

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 16:31
In an interview on FOX Business Network's "Mornings with Maria," RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel talked about accusations that social media companies are biased against Republicans and said if they don't address the concerns, conservatives will go somewhere else: "We're going to hold them [Twitter] accountable. The RNC has also pulled ad funding, which is a significant amount, and they need to come forward with how they're going to apply these standards and are they going to apply them equally to Democrats and Republicans?" MARIA BARTIROMO: Do you think Twitter actually cares that Republicans aren't going to spend any money? Do you think it makes a difference? RONNA RONEY MCDANIEL: Well, I think Twitter does care, because there is one person that has revived Twitter, that has made Twitter a household name, and that is President Donald J. Trump. And for them to arbitrarily apply a different standard to conservatives that they're doing to Democrats, to allow the hashtag #MassacreMitch to continue and not allow Mitch McConnell to put a video out of people protesting in front of his house I think is a total double standard. And we're going to hold them accountable. The RNC has also pulled ad funding, which is a significant amount, and they need to come forward with how they're going to apply these standards and are they going to apply them equally to Democrats and Republicans? MARIA BARTIROMO: This is an ongoing issue, and we see that there is a credible bias but these companies are more powerful than ever before. There is a lot of expectation that they may put their finger on the scale going into the 2020 election. What are you going to do about it? RONNA ROMNEY MCDANIEL: Well, there's concern, and I think everybody's looking at it. The president is. I know I am, the campaign, Brad Parscale. I mean, we're big users of these platforms, and if they want to send a message that we don't want conservatives and we're going to be a monolithic platform for one voice for our progressive ideals, then I don't think those platforms are going to exist. And so, if they continue this type of behavior where they're shadow banning conservatives, like they did to me – suspending Mitch's account, then we're going to leave the platform. We'll find someplace else to go.

MSNBC's Jason Johnson: Tucker Carlson's White Nationalist Rhetoric "Basically Supports Terrorism"

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 16:19
MSNBC political analyst and "The Root" politics editor Jason Johnson said Thursday night that FOX News host Tucker Carlson is spreading "white nationalist rhetoric" and "basically supports terrorism." Johnson told MSNBC's Chris Hayes that "this isn't new" and Carlson "has been playing a Forever 21 Klansman for like four or five years now." "FOX is realizing from a business perspective that this doesn't sell," Johnson added. "Bow ties and earnest frowns don't sell like they used to." "I see Tucker Carlson as a guy who has repeatedly failed in television. Who has been basically given media welfare, a primetime spot to replace a guy who left because of sexual harassment issues, and he is still being promoted not because he is good at his job, but because he promotes a certain kind of bigotry that other people can't say as eloquently," Johnson said. "What do we do with that as a society? Do we constantly call him out for it or pretend he is actually just an entertainer?" "There are still people who want to watch that kind of nonsense," Johnson responded, zeroing in on Carlson. "For the rest of news media system, for everybody else who is talking about it, we have to now frame this is as this is someone who basically supports terrorism. This is someone who is disingenuous. If you're talking about this white nationalist rhetoric, you can't support white nationalist rhetoric without supporting terrorism. I think he should be framed in that way." "You can't support white nationalists without supporting terrorism, because you can't support white nationalism without state sponsored or individual violence," Johnson said. "You can't. It requires moving people from a country they have always been at. That's terrorism."

Beto O'Rourke: Social Media Platforms Must Do More To Regulate Hate Speech

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 16:00
Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke told ABC News in an interview Thursday that social media platforms, especially Facebook, need to do a "far better job" of regulating the use of hate speech on their sites. BETO O'ROURKE: Having leadership that speaks with pride about our community, about who we are as a country, including the immigrants who have made it so successful is far and away the most important thing we can do right now, but also ensuring that beyond the president's conduct and behavior and rhetoric we do a better job of regulating and enforcing hate speech and calls to violence on social media platforms. Facebook - in particular, Mark Zuckerberg - needs to do a far better job in ensuring that that platform does not become a gathering place and a platform for launching these kinds of attacks. Internet service providers - hosts of 8chan and these message boards that are used for similar purposes - we need to do a far better job and I think that could come through new legislation, new regulations, and really vigorous enforcement, but I think it's the president of the country that needs to set the tone going forward, and then all of us have a responsibility to enforce a positive tone.

Trump: Joe Biden Is "Not Playing With A Full Deck"

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 15:55
Friday on the White House lawn, President Trump said he would be "thrilled" to run against former VP Joe Biden in the 2020 election and commented that video of Biden's latest gaffe shows he is "not playing with a full deck." QUESTION: (INAUDIBLE) Joe Biden's comments overnight and does it make you want to (INAUDIBLE)? PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Yeah, his comments--look, Joe is not playing with a full deck. He made that comment. I said whoa. I saw it because I was on something. I had a television. I saw his comment. Joe Biden is not playing with a full deck. This is not somebody you can have as your president. But if he got the nomination, I'd be thrilled. Watch Trump's full Friday presser:

President Trump: We're Not Ready To Make A Deal With China

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 15:45
President Trump speaks to reporters outside the White House about the escalating U.S.-China trade war. QUESTION: Are you thinking of canceling the trade talks next month with China? PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: So China wants to settle this deal. They've had the worst year that they've had in many, many decades, and it's getting only worse. Thousands of companies are leaving China. They would like to make a deal. I'm not ready to make a deal. QUESTION: But are you willing to cancel the talks next month? TRUMP: Maybe. We'll see what happens. Right now the talks are scheduled in September. Whether or not we're talking about China, whether or not they're canceled, we'll see. Look, as I said, our people are not paying for these billions and billions of dollars that came in, $16 million of which I gave to the farmers because they were targeted by China. And that's just a small fraction of what we're taking in. So they are not, because what China has been doing is they're currency manipulator. They've manipulated the value of their currency, and that's where the money comes--and also, they put tremendous money into the system. So if you look, prices have not risen. Our people have not paid. So all of these guys that say, oh, Trump, Trump, Trump, they don't know what they're talking about. Now, China is unique. That doesn't mean it happens with other countries. It probably doesn't. But the prices have not gone up. In fact, we have virtually no inflation in our country. If the Federal Reserve would bring it--bring down interest rates over a period of time, I would love to see a point or even a little bit more than that. If they would stop quantitative tightening, we have a rocket ship. I mean, we're doing well without it, but were being handcuffed by the Federal Reserve. If they would stop that, it would be incredible. Watch Trump's full Friday presser:

Trump on Guns: We Need Meaningful, Intelligent Background Checks, McConnell Is "On Board"

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 15:40
President Trump spoke about calls for new gun control measures Friday as he left the White House for a weekend golf vacation. He said he supports "meaningful background checks" to prevent "mentally ill, sick people" from purchasing guns. "We have to have very meaningful background checks," he told reporters. "We need intelligent background checks." He said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was "totally on board." Republican senators, he said, "are looking for me to give a signal." "I think now we have a chance to do something much more meaningful," he said. QUESTION: (INAUDIBLE) PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: I think I could, but I don't think I will be there. I have a great relationship with the NRA. They supported me very early, and that has been a great decision they made. We have Justice Kavanaugh, we have Justice Gorsuch, and they feel very strongly about the second amendment. The NRA has made a great decision in supporting me, and nobody else would have one aside from everything else. I have a very good relationship. I--I will change it. I have a great relationship with the NRA. I have a lot of respect for the people at the NRA, and I have already spoken to them on numerous occasions, numerous occasions, and frankly, we need intelligent background checks. Okay? This isn't a question of NRA, Republican or Democrat. I will tell you I spoke to Mitch McConnell yesterday. He is totally on board. He said I have been waiting for your call. He is totally on board. I spoke to senators that in some cases, people--friends of mine but pretty hard line senators, hard line and when I say that I say that in a positive way, hard line on the Second Amendment and they understand. We don't want insane people, mentally ill people, bad people, dangerous people we don't want guns in the hands of the wrong people. I think that the Republicans are going to be great and leave the charge along with the Democrats. I spoke yesterday to Nancy Pelosi. We had a great talk. I spoke to Chuck Schumer. We had a great talk, and Chuck Schumer, in particular, loves my China policy as you probably know. I said I can't believe it, you actually like something that I'm doing. He said not like, love. So Chuck Schumer is--he is great on the China situation which we are winning and winning big, and China wants to do something, but I'm not ready to do anything yet. 25 years of abuse I'm not ready so fast, so we will see how that works out. But on the--on the background checks--on background checks, we have tremendous support for really common sense, sensible, important background checks. Go ahead. QUESTION: (INAUDIBLE) TRUMP: Time goes by, I don't think I am different, but I think the Senate is different. I think other people in the House are different. I think that people may be have their arm up a couple of years ago maybe they feel differently. I don't think I feel any differently. I think with a lot of success that we have I think I have a greater influence now over the Senate and over the House. QUESTION: (INAUDIBLE) TRUMP: I think we can get something really good done. I think we can have some really meaningful background checks. We don't want people that are mentally ill, people that are sick, we don't want them having guns. Who does? QUESTION: (INAUDIBLE) TRUMP: Well, we will see where the NRA will be, but we have to have meaningful background checks. You know, in the case of--in both cases it is possible they wouldn't have been caught, but in the one case, we also have to talk about age because he did things that were very, very bad in Ohio go, in Dayton. He did some things that were really bad. His school knew about it. When he turned 18, everything was expunged. We are going to have to get rid of that because you can't have that barrier. If they would have had that barrier, they would have been able to see, but because he was a minor, it was expunged. We are going to have to get rid of that barrier. I--I think this, I think a lot of really meaningful things on background checks will take place including red flags, including a lot of other very, very important items. And the Republicans are looking at it very seriously, and I really believe that the NRA--I have spoken to them numerous times, they are really good people. They are great patriots. They love their country. They love our country so much, and frankly, I really think they are going to get there also. QUESTION: When you talk to (INAUDIBLE) you talk to him several times did he warn you that background checks could cost you politically? And did you say to him forget politics-- TRUMP: No, no. QUESTION: --we have to say something now? TRUMP: I had a good talk with Wayne, and I like Wayne and as you know they supported me very early, far earlier than anybody thought possible, especially may not being a politician. And that support has paid off. We now have two Supreme Court justices that are phenomenal, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch--Gorsuch and I mean they are phenomenal people and they are big believers in the Second Amendment which Wayne is also an which I am. QUESTION: (INAUDIBLE) TRUMP: I mean they have been--there has been no president that feels more strongly about the second amendment than I do. However, we need meaningful background checks so that sick people don't get guns. QUESTION: (INAUDIBLE) TRUMP: I think in the end--I think in the end Wayne and the NRA will either be there or maybe will be a little bit more neutral and that would be okay, too. Look, look, the NRA has over the years taken a very, very tough stance on everything and I understand it. You know, it is a slippery slope. They think you approve one thing and that leads to a lot of bad things. I don't agree with that. I think--I think we can do meaningful--very meaningful background checks. I want to see it happen. So I have got a lot of support, and I also have the support of other people on the other side, and I think the Democrats and Republicans have a chance to really come together. Watch Trump's full Friday presser:

MSNBC Guest Calls For "Torches And Pitchforks" Outside Trump Fundraiser At SoulCycle Owner's House

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 15:29
Thursday night on MSNBC's "All In With Chris Hayes," Elie Mystal, executive editor for the legal site "Above The Law," called for "pitchforks and torches" outside of the Long Island home of Equinox and SoulCycle founder Stephen Ross. Ross is scheduled to host a fundraiser for President Trump's re-election campaign there this weekend. "People of Color are already targeted under this administration," Mystal said during a discussion about boycotting businesses whose owners publicly support Trump. "I have no problem with shining the light back on the donors who fund this kind of racialized hate." "I mean I go further, I want pitchforks and torches outside this man's house in the Hamptons," Mystal continued. "I've been to the Hamptons, it's very nice. There's no reason why it has to be. There's no reason he should be able to have a nice little party. There's no reason why people shouldn't be able to be outside of his house and making their voices peacefully understood." "Demonstrating, totally... There have been peaceful protests outside Mitch McConnell's house," host Chris Hayes added. "And I imagine there will be peaceful protests outside of this [fundraiser]. It is all speech, right? Peaceful protest. The right to assembly under the First Amendment."

Biden Gaffe: Poor Kids Are "Just As Bright As White Kids"

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 15:11
Gaffe-prone former Vice President Joe Biden made perhaps the worst verbal slip-up of his career Thursday night at a gathering of mostly minority voters in Iowa. "We have this notion that somehow if you're poor, you cannot do it. Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids," he told the crowd during a town hall hosted by the Asian & Latino Coalition in Des Moines. After a brief pause, he tried to clarify, adding: "wealthy kids, black kids, Asian kids. No, I really mean it, but think how we think about it." The Trump campaign was quick to capitalize on Biden's comments, with Andrew Clark, the campaign's rapid response director, tweeting: "yikes... have fun mitigating that one" as he forwarded the video.

Navarro: WSJ Has Opposed Trump's Trade Policies Since 2016, We'll Worry When "The Main Street Journal" Complains

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 05:37
White House assistant for trade and manufacturing Peter Navarro on U.S. trade tensions with China, Federal Reserve policy and the state of the economy. Navarro responded to criticism by 'The Wall Street Journal' for overruling other economists that advise Trump and that his policies may lead to a recession. Transcript, via FOX Business: MARIA BARTIROMO, FBN ANCHOR: Joining me right now is the assistant to the president for trade and manufacturing policy, Peter Navarro.   And, Peter, it is good to see you this morning. Thanks very much for joining me.    PETER NAVARRO, WHITE HOUSE ASSISTANT FOR TRADE AND MANUFACTURING: Good morning, Maria.   BARTIROMO: What is your answer to the discussion that you just heard in terms of these debtor nations having to pay back loans and they're doing it with devalued currencies as a result of these trade issues?   NAVARRO: I think that's overblown. Basically what happen when China devalues their currency in Asia, competitors like the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea basically have to follow suit so that they can continue to have a strong economy. So that's just a -- an adjustment that we're seeing in Asia. The root of the problem, of course, is the Chinese yuan devaluing.    Since we put on the tariffs last year, the yuan's gone down 12 percent. And we put on tariffs at 10 percent. The yuan goes down 12 percent. And they're basically trying to offset the effect of the tariffs. But it does have ripple effects.    But this is not -- this is not something that -- that's -- that's threatening to the global economy. It's -- it's an adjustment. The good news is that President Trump, by branding China a currency manipulator, has stopped China's currency manipulation in its tracks. China has stated it will stabilize the yuan, and that's the first step back towards getting more stability in the currency markets.    BARTIROMO: Yes, but -- but, Peter, you've -- you've seen "The Wall Street Journal" op-ed out this morning, the editorial board talking about you, writing a piece called A Navarro Recession.   NAVARRO: Yes.   BARTIROMO: The board writes this, Multiple reports out of the White House say President Trump overruled all his economic advisories, other than Peter Navarro, when he decided to impose new tariffs on China. Global and American economic conditions have been heading south ever since. So perhaps we should call this the Trump-Navarro trade policy slowdown, which could be leading to a Navarro recession.   Your reaction to this op-ed this morning?    NAVARRO: Well, it's no secret that "The Wall Street Journal" has opposed President Trump's trade policies going back to 2016. When The Main Street Journal starts criticizing President Trump and myself, that's when we'll worry. In the meantime, we've created over half a million manufacturing jobs compared to a loss of 200,000 manufacturing jobs in the Joe Biden-Barack Obama years. We've created over six million jobs. President Trump's gotten seven million people off food stamps, rising wages, particularly for blue collar workers, historic unemployment rates for blacks, Hispanics and women.   And this economy is solid as a rock. But the -- President Trump doesn't want a very good economy, he wants a great economy.    BARTIROMO: Right.   NAVARRO: And the two things, Maria, that have to happen right now don't have anything to do with China. They have to do with the Federal Reserve lowering interest rates and the Congress passing the U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement. The Fed lowering interest rates is important. When Jay Powell took assumption of the chairmanship there, he raised interest rates by 100 basis points. That has suppressed investment directly and suppressed exports indirectly through currency effects.    BARTIROMO: Yes.   NAVARRO: We saw that in the Q2 data, but they did cut a quarter point. They ended quantitative tightening, which is so important. So that's on the right track for investors.    BARTIROMO: Yes.   NAVARRO: And then the USMCA is going to be important as well.  So let's stay focused on what is a bullish stock market, a strong economy. We just need to move forward.    BARTIROMO: Yes, I understand that, but the economy is solid, but it's not as solid as it was last year, right? We've seen the numbers come down. And as "The Journal" writes today, the trade policy is contributing to exchange rate instability and the stronger dollar. "The Journal" writes, when he slaps tariffs on China, he reduces the demand for the Chinese yuan, also encourages capital flight to safe havens into dollar instruments.    The president has complained about a stronger dollar and yet these policies seem to be invigorating a strengthening dollar.    NAVARRO: So, look, "The Wall Street Journal" will write what it writes. It doesn't sounds a lot different from the people's daily in terms of the news that it puts out. But at the end of the day, for your investors, I think it's just important to look at the chessboard. What do we have here?    We have a rock-solid economy that's based on four points of the Trump policy compass. It's tax cuts, it's deregulation, it's cheap energy and a level playing field on trade. Going back to the day after the election, when I was sitting in a chair like this on a financial news program --   BARTIROMO: Yes.   NAVARRO: -- futures were heading down. I predicted 25,000 on the Dow based on those four points of the compass.    BARTIROMO: Yes, no, and -- and I predict --    NAVARRO: We've gotten there and I think we get --   BARTIROMO: And I predicted it as well, Peter. And I said that this -- this -- if president -- if Donald Trump wins --   NAVARRO: "The Wall Street Journal" -- yes.   BARTIROMO: His policies are going to be positive for business --   NAVARRO: Yes.   BARTIROMO: And positive to the economy. I get you. But the worry is --   NAVARRO: And "The Wall Street Journal" did not.   BARTIROMO: Yes.   NAVARRO: "The Wall Street Journal" was --    BARTIROMO: OK.    NAVARRO: Basically the sky was going to fall.   BARTIROMO: But you did -- and so -- and so did I because the tax -- the tax cuts and the deregulation are obviously very positive for the economy --   NAVARRO: And trade.   BARTIROMO: That was unable to grow past 2 percent. But now the worry is, is that the trade policy is going to unwind all of that.   Peter, let me ask you this. Do you think that maybe we won't have a deal with China and that the president has a plan b? And what is it? How far are you willing to go while this fight continues to impact markets?    NAVARRO: So all of those questions, I think, are unnecessarily going to stir up anxiety among investors. What matters here? Here's what I'll tell you exactly what matters. What matters is that Ambassador Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin are working with the Chinese to come up and work their way through significant structural issues. And that's all that matters. And all the speculation that goes on around that really is designed to create volatility for day traders to make money.    BARTIROMO: Understood.    NAVARRO: And I'm not going to go there.   BARTIROMO: Yes.   NAVARRO: So, I think, again, what's important, look, there's -- there's a lot of money to be made here by just looking at the chessboard where we have a rock-solid economy here in the U.S. This is the place to be. Money has to go into the stock market here because it's the best investment in town. On the other hand --    BARTIROMO: But it's also going into the dollar. So it's going into dollar denominated assets and pushing the dollar up.   NAVARRO: Under -- understood. Understood and -- and --   BARTIROMO: That's going to be a negative for earnings, isn't it?    NAVARRO: And that's why the federal -- well, the earnings were -- were very good this last time. But that's why the Federal Reserve really needs to evaluate its interest rate policy. We can't have this large spread between U.S. interest rates and the rest of the world and expect good things to happen.    So I -- you know, I believe that by the end of the year, we'll have 75 to 100 basis points cuts, not because this economy is weak, but because of this -- this spread problem we have and because -- here's the important point, Maria. Anything else I say, remember this, please, there's no inflation to speak of in this economy. It's 1.6 percent on core and the Fed worries about a 2 percent target.    We have plenty of room to grow here with lower interest rates and we hit -- in Q2, look, Maria, 2.1 percent.   BARTIROMO: Plenty -- plenty of reason to grow and yet let --   NAVARRO: We should have hit 3 percent --   BARTIROMO: Yes.   NAVARRO: In Q2. And the only reason why we didn't, to be --   BARTIROMO: But we didn't.   NAVARRO: Well, the only reason why we didn't, to be clear, was the Fed had raised interest rates, suppressed investment, suppressed exports. And you can see it right in the data. So the good news is --   BARTIROMO: Some might -- some might say the only reason we didn't get to 3 percent was because of the uncertainty around trade policy. Peter, let's face it --   NAVARRO: So --   BARTIROMO: You had cap-ex spending up big after the president's deregulation and after the president's tax cuts. And then, all of a sudden, that dried up. Companies are once again sitting on cash. Cap-ex is down. So that business investment is an important indicator, you know that. And it's down, because of the uncertainty around trade.    NAVARRO: True. So I just look at the numbers, Maria.    BARTIROMO: Me too.   NAVARRO: Q2 -- Q2 we came in at 2.1 percent. We lost two-thirds of a point to reduced exports, and that was a -- a Federal Reserve effect. The good news is, we lost 0.8 to down in inventories.    BARTIROMO: What (ph)?   NAVARRO: Now we'll bounce back because -- hang on.   BARTIROMO: No (ph).   NAVARRO: Because the consumer spending is and will be so strong.  And, by the way, I loved the guest from Unicorn (ph) last -- last hour --   BARTIROMO: Yes.   NAVARRO: When you asked her point-blank, have you had to raise your prices because of the China tariffs?   BARTIROMO: Right.   NAVARRO: And she said no.    BARTIROMO: Right, and it's -- and it's a mixed bag.   NAVARRO: And she said no because of the adjustments she had made.    BARTIROMO: Let me ask you this. You keep saying that the economy is solid. We've got a great growth story in U.S. I don't disagree. But if they --   NAVARRO: Do you disagree with that?    BARTIROMO: No. No, I don't. But if things were so great, why are you pushing so aggressively for lower interest rates? Why do we need four cuts?    NAVARRO: Yes, let me -- let me repeat what I said a few minutes ago. It -- we need to cut, not because our economy is weak, but it's because we want to make a good economy and a very good economy great. We have plenty of room to run. The Fed cannot have interest rates which are several hundred basis points above the rest of the world and expect good things to happen.   So -- so the fed --   BARTIROMO: Do you -- do you think USMCA is going to come to the floor in the fall?    NAVARRO: So let's shift gears on that.    BARTIROMO: Yes, real quick, Peter, we've got to jump.   NAVARRO: Absolutely I do, because Ambassador Robert Lighthizer has been working well with both sides of the aisle. This -- this is a deal that I think is above partisan politics.   BARTIROMO: You would think.   NAVARRO: And it will -- it will propel this economy -- you get our Fed cuts, get USMCA, we get 30,000 on the Dow at least by Christmas as our present. And it's a great deal.   BARTIROMO: All right.   NAVARRO: So hopefully -- the two things Congress agrees on right now is USMCA and China.    BARTIROMO: Yes. Yes. Peter --   NAVARRO: Capitol Hill is behind us on China.    BARTIROMO: Great to have you this morning. Thanks so much, Peter Navarro.

Sen. Graham: Bruce Ohr Bombshell Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 05:28
Sen. Lindsey Graham reacts to Ohr 302s that reveal the FBI was warned about red flags with the infamous Christopher Steele dossier.

'Special Report' Panel: Democrats Accuse Trump Of Encouraging White Supremacy

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 05:25
RCP's Tom Bevan, WFB's Matthew Continetti, and Politico's Anna Palmer discuss.

Kamala Harris: "No Longer A Debatable Point" That Trump Is A White Supremacist, Has No Empathy

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 05:21
Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris calls President Donald Trump a racist during an interview with CNN's Kyung Lah. Harris said it is no longer debatable if the president is racist and a white supremacist. The presidential candidate said the president shows no natural ability to have empathy. Transcript, via CNN: KYUNG LAH, CNN SENIOR NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Yes. We're going to ask her about that right away. The reason why we're moving is because this bus is actually moving, Jim. And this is the very first day of the bus tour. But I want to get to the breaking news about Sue Gordon leaving, second in command at DNI. What do you think about this resignation? SEN. KAMALA HARRIS (D-CA), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I mean, I'm not surprised. I'm on the Senate Intelligence Committee. I meet on a consistent basis with leaders of our intelligence community. They are hard working, they are patriots to their core, and I don't know why she's leaving but I think that this president has been less than supportive of our intelligence community and that the importance of their work and the kind of sacrifice that they put into it. So, you know, when we have a president who carries the role of Commander-in-Chief, but coddles and cuddles up to strong men around the world when the intelligence community has told us Russia interfered in the election of the president of the United States, but our president prefers to take the word of the Russian president over the word of the intelligence community. On the issue of the student who was killed, an American student who was killed, the president prefers to take the word of the North Korean dictator over the word of the American intelligence community. On the subject of a journalist who was assassinated, and a journalist who had American credentials, and he prefers to take the word of a Saudi prince over the word of the American intelligence community. I think that the people that do that work do it with great purpose and with a sense of real commitment to our nation's security. If you have ever gone to the buildings where they work, you'll see stars on a wall with no names because so much of the work they do is work that they cannot take credit for. So they do this work not for any selfish purpose. LAH: Let's talk about the president. He recently visited El Paso. Today, there's a video surfacing of him talking about the size of his crowds. You heard what he said after the news conference with Sherrod Brown and the mayor of Dayton, Ohio. Should he have even gone to Dayton and El Paso? HARRIS: I mean, he's just so -- his preoccupation with size, I'll leave that for someone else to analyze. But I will say that this president has used the platform that is given to the Office of the President of the United States in a way that has been about trying to divide our country. He has used language that has been borne out of hate and he generally shows no evidence of any natural ability to have empathy. And, you know, so, I mean, of course, the president of the United States should visit and should be in a place that has experienced such tragedy, but I think that this president doesn't really have the capacity to have empathy. And I just -- you know, my heart goes out to not only the families but also the leaders of those communities who are trying to pull it together and stand strong. LAH: Do you believe, as Elizabeth Warren and Beto O'Rourke have said, that he is a white supremacist? HARRIS: I think you should ask him that question. LAH: Are you willing to say that? HARRIS: I think you should ask him that question. I would be interested to see what his answer is. LAH: Joe Biden has said today that the president, as what he has done, quote, encourages white supremacy, that he doesn't feel that there's much of a distinction and what he is doing, maybe even worse. Do you concur with those points? HARRIS: Yes, I think that's absolutely right. I think that's absolutely right. This is a president who has -- I mean, we don't even need -- the sad thing about this is it's no longer really a debatable point. There is just a long list of statements and Tweets and behaviors from this president that make it very clear that he possesses hate aAnd that he is divisive and that he is a racist. LAH: Is it important to call him a white supremacist though, as some of your competitors have said? HARRIS: I think it's important to call it what it is, which is that we have a president of the United States who does not reflect the values of who we are as a people. He is someone who gives -- who empowers white supremacists, and who condones their behavior. And that is not the kind of president that I think most Americans can be proud of, much less support. LAH: Senate Leader Mitch McConnell has signaled that he will at least talk about background checks, the red flag laws as a member of the senate body. What do you think about his shift? HARRIS: I think he needs to put the bill on the floor for a vote and call all of us back to Washington, D.C. to vote on it right away. LAH: He doesn't want to call people back, but he says he will make it front and center. HARRIS: Well, I did train (ph) on this, we have to judge everyone by their conduct, not just their words. LAH: And we can't let this go without talking about where we are. HARRIS: We're on the bus. LAH: Tell me what this is. We're on the bus. HARRIS: We're right now in Sioux City, Iowa and we are, for the next five days, going to be on this bus traveling throughout Iowa from river to river. We'll be in 11 counties. And talking about the 3:00 A.M. agenda, which is about the issues that wake people up in the middle of the night, and about how we're going to solve those problems. Because I do believe strongly that the American people want a problem solving president. And that's the kind of president I intend to be. LAH: Do you feel that the problem solving that you're focusing on, not looking at -- I think you said you don't want to talk about structural change or be too ideological. You want to look at solving these kitchen table issues. HARRIS: I want to solve the things that wake people up in the middle of the night, which is is about healthcare, it's about their -- can they keep a job or get a job, can they pay the bills by the end of the month, those bread and butter issues that literally wake people up in the middle of the night because they are worried about whether they're going to be able to see a week through, much less a month through. Those are my priorities. LAH: So of the people who have won previously, Trump, make America great again, Barack Obama with hope and change, they've been a bit more sweeping, have a larger vision. You've taken a different route. Do you sense that voters are looking for this versus what we've seen before? HARRIS: I think that Americans want in a leader somebody who actually sees their life and is interested, and is interested in solving problems people face every day. I think people don't -- they don't want in their leader somebody who's going to just give a beautiful speech and grand gestures, they want action, and action that is about solving the problems that they face every day. And those are my priorities. Because, look, when it comes down to it, if people can't get through the end of the month, if we can't solve the issues that They deal with every day, what else matters? LAH: Did you happen to see the video of the children crying when their parents were taken away by ICE agents? HARRIS: I have not seen the video, but I know about it and I know about the work of ICE under this administration, and it is immoral. These are human rights abuses being committed by the United States government. I serve on the Senate Homeland Security Committee, from the first day I arrived there about two years ago, I have been taking DHS to task and ICE to task. I was, I think, the first person in the United States Senate to ask about this child separation policy. And it is clear to me that this administration has been not only irresponsible but has literally committed human rights abuses. And these most recent raids, hundreds of people who are now separated from their families for at least 24 hours, and causing people in our country to be in fear, and in particular, the Latino community. People are in fear all over the country when you combine those raids with what just happened in El Paso. And again, do you think that this administration and this president might step back and say, wait a minute. After what just happened in El Paso, when it was motivated by hate against immigrants and Latino immigrants, do you think that a responsible leader would have said, don't do those raids? It just -- it shows a level of insensitivity and callousness that should not be traits of the president of the United States. KYUNG LAH, CNN SENIOR NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: You brought up El Paso. CNN has been reporting out today about the last 24 hours, that says that the White House rebuffed DHS efforts to focus on domestic terrorism, the White House -- . HARRIS: I gave a speech about that many, many months ago. I have been talking about this for months. They have shut down the enforcement and the investigations of domestic terrorism. Meanwhile, we have a president of the United States who is constantly creating terror in the people of our country. Again, Donald Trump is ill-equipped to be president of the United States on so many levels, including the fact that he creates fear in the people of his own country.

Nadler: These Are "Formal Impeachment Proceedings," Possible Vote By End Of Year

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 05:11
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) talks with CNN's Erin Burnett about whether to recommend articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump by the end of the year. "This is formal impeachment proceedings," Nadler said. "We are investigating all the evidence. We gather the evidence and we will at the conclusion of this hopefully by the end of the year vote to -- vote articles of impeachment to the House floor or we won't. That's a decision that we'll have to make."

'The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur: Republicans Want A King For President, "Less American Than Us"

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 04:58
Cenk Uygur, Mark Thompson, and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, say Republicans are getting more fascist by the day. Uygur said by nature conservatives are authoritarian so they want a leader to take over and lead. CENK UYGUR: By nature conservatives are authoritarian so they want a leader to take over and lead. So to them, checking with Congress, that's a pain in the ass. They just don't fundamentally believe in the concept of democracy as much as we do. You can go ahead and cry about that but that's the nature of conservativism that you believe in authoritarianism way more than progressives do. Progressives believe that we have to care more about what everybody thinks. That's what you make fun of all the time, right, if you're a conservative. So own it... Demographically they're screwed in the next election, based on the poll they're screwed... I think a lot of the media is overreacting to [2020], Trump's going to get land-slided. In their hearts, conservatives know it and conservative politicians know it in their brains. They've looked at the polling, they've looked at the data and they are like we can not live in a democracy anymore. So, let's try to find a way around democracy. Let's limit the number of voters. Let's clean out the voter rolls. Let's get rid of direct election of Senators. Let's make the presidency more authoritarian. How can we hold on to power when we have no prayer winning in the long run in a democracy? ... The Republicans at this point knowing that the writing is on the wall, they have no interest in democracy and they show it in every way imaginable. If you're in that camp, okay, but just own it. Understand that you're just less American than us. That might sound painful to hear. You're like, what do you mean, I'm so white! No, no, no you kind of missed the whole point.

"The Hunt" Movie Trailer Features Elites Hunting "Deplorables" For Sport

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 14:55
The Hunt is billed as a dark satire about a group of privileged vacationers hunting "deplorables" for sport and is set to open September 27. Certain ads for the R-rated film from producer Jason Blumhouse and Universal Studios have been pulled off the air this week following the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton but the trailer remains online. Read more: Hollywood Reporter: Ads Pulled for Gory Universal Thriller 'The Hunt' in Wake of Mass Shootings

Rick Wilson: Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, And Sean Hannity "Wink And Nod" To White Supremacists Every Night

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 14:36
CNN contributor Rick Wilson responds to FOX News host Tucker Carlson, who has been arguing that the media's focus on racial divides is an effort to distract people from class divides: RICK WILSON: Tonight smelled like an awful lot like -- although FOX has an internal philosophy of "never apologize, never back down," that somebody finally said, wait a minute, every one of these idiots with a manifesto, it could be right off of Tucker Carlson's teleprompter... Every one of these idiots who comes out and says America is "browning" and we're being invaded and we're losing a demographic war. It all sounds an awful lot like, I think, this terrible and terrifying pseudo-intellectual framework they're trying to build around white nationalism by excusing it. Saying, oh, Oxycontin is causing white nationalism and economic anxiety is causing white nationalism. No, white nationalism goes of its own. It is a poisonous movement in this country and we have to be honest about it. And Donald Trump has empowered it. Let's not forget Donald Trump retweeted people like "WhiteGenocide99" during the campaign. I hate having to recap the whole Trump arc from birtherism to Charlottesville to the Central Park Five, all these things. We know what this man's character is. And what Tucker was trying to do for months on end was to gussy it up a little bit and pretend this nationalism of his isn't driven by an underpinning of racial anxiety and hatred. And I think it's disappointing but understandable, the Murdoch's are not going to walk away from billions of dollars of ad revenue that they've been able to generate through shows like Tucker and Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity and these other guys who go out every night and, you know, they'll wink and nod to white nats out there from Tucker's show. Andrew Anglin and all these alt-right guys, they call Tucker "our guy." They love the fact that he is vectoring the normies into their white nationalist movement in a way that is, I find particularly dangerous, and I think that Tucker has a responsibility to face up to that. I think he was a little nervous tonight. I think there was something in the air that didn't quite sit with his normal confidence.

Jonathan Capehart On Mississippi ICE Raids: "The Cruelty Is The Point Here"

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 14:30
Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart reacted to massive immigration raids which took place Wednesday in Mississippi on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," calling the arrests "cruel" and "inhumane." JONATHAN CAPEHART, WASHINGTON POST: The cruelty is the point here. The idea, to Elise's point, that they would use 600 ICE agents to arrest more than 600 people, and have no plan for the children who are left behind, on the first day of school, is -- there are no words for it. It's cruel. It's inhumane. It's not who I thought we were as a country. I mean, Willie, we've been talking about this stuff now, as you said, for four years, and some months, and you know, there is a sense -- and I've said this before -- just as an African-American, I feel a sense of menace in this country growing since June 16, 2015, when he came down that escalator and made the first telegraphed message that, quote, 'Mexicans are rapists.' I mean, I've lost all words of reaction to what this president is doing to this country, to people. Elise is right, the Latino community literally had a target on its back, and the president can't, for a minute, put aside his petty grievances and -- and grow a thick enough skin to think about other people.