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Rep. Ro Khanna: House Republican Immigration Bill Is "Extreme," Even Senate Republicans Won't Vote For It

Sun, 05/14/2023 - 16:20
Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna of California tells "Fox News Sunday" that Senate Republicans would not support the House Republican border security bill because it removes NGO funding. REP. RO KHANNA: Shannon, nothing has gotten done since President Reagan signed bipartisan immigration reform in 1986. And instead of throwing fingers at each other, why don't we come together in some common principles? We need a safe and secure border. And we need an orderly and humane process. That means Congress needs to act. We need to provide the money to have judges there and to have immigration officers, so that we can actually be quickly processing the claims. The president is saying that these claims should be processed in hours, people who aren't legitimate should be sent back. We need to have more money for Border Patrol, which by the way, the House has passed under Democratic leadership two years ago. The Republicans didn't vote for that. But why not come up with a bipartisan solution? That's what I want. SHANNON BREAM, FNC: Well, is there anything that you could work with Republicans? Because a lot of those things -- you know, ramping up immigration personnel, border agents, those kind of things are included. They say you guys have to secure the border before you can do anything else. They have things included in their bill as, you know, E-Verify as well, that all employers would have a database to make sure they are hiring people who are here legally. Are you opposed to that? KHANNA: Their bill is extreme, even -- their Senate -- the Senate won't pass their bill. I mean, their bill takes away funding from any of the NGOs. In El Paso, you talk to Veronica Escobar who represents that area. Why wouldn't we want NGOs giving water to people coming across or helping deal with the situation on the border? Their bill is for border wall. That is not something Democrats can or will support. But we will support increased funding for Border Patrol. We will support increased funding for immigration judges to quickly process things. We will support better technology and security of the border. So, why not come up with a compromise there? And the president, by the way, is doing everything he can to reverse the catch and release. You have border agents now, and judges, quickly calling people who are coming at the border within hours, and many of the folks who don't have legitimate -- legitimate claims aren't being allowed in.

Dem Rep. Ro Khanna: Why Is Congress Wasting Time Politicizing Hunter Biden?

Sun, 05/14/2023 - 16:18
Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna cited FNC's Steve Doocy saying that there is no solid evidence of anything House Oversight Committee Republicans are accusing the president's family of in their probe into Hunter Biden's international business dealings during an interview on "FOX News Sunday." REP. RO KHANNA: Steve Doocy from FOX himself asked. He said, there's no evidence of anything illegal and there's no evidence of anything that ties it to President Biden. I wish the House Oversight Committee would spend more time worrying about the ordinary income of Americans going up, than they are worried about the income of Hunter Biden. And I guess the -- SHANNON BREAM, FNC: So, no questions? KHANNA: Well, I do have -- here's is my point. There is a U.S. attorney that President Trump appointed that is charged to look into all of this. And I have confidence in him. When he comes out with something, I'm not going to question it. But why are we wasting our time politicizing this in Congress? Let him do his job. He's a Trump appointee. He has full authority. He can look into all of this. I'm not going to question the facts. Let him do it and then, let's agree to his process. Watch Khanna's full interview below: Watch the latest video at

Karl Rove: Ron DeSantis Making "Strong Start" On 2024 Campaign In Iowa

Sun, 05/14/2023 - 16:10
Former Bush strategist Karl Rove praises the nascent 2024 presidential campaign of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, saying his trip to Iowa this weekend was a great success on the "FOX News Sunday" panel: KARL ROVE: We're at the beginning of this process. Remember, Hillary Clinton was way ahead in Iowa of a fellow named Barack Obama and was upset on caucus night. I frankly thought it was a good start for DeSantis. He wisely did -- in Iowa they like to see up close and personal, they don't want to be part of a 10,000 person crowd, they want to see up close and personal, and he had several events like that. I thought it was good. I was very impressed with his legislative endorsements. The Republican Senate President and the Republican House leader both endorsed him, along with 30 of their colleagues. That's a strong start.

'FOX News Sunday' Panel: House Republicans Continue Hunter Biden Probe

Sun, 05/14/2023 - 16:06
Gillian Turner, Richard Fowler, Karl Rove, and Cal Thomas join FNC's Shannon Bream for a "FOX News Sunday" panel discussion on the House Oversight Committee's probe into the Biden family's business and the death of a homeless man on the NYC subway.

'FOX News Sunday' Panel: 2024 Republican Presidential Primary Starts With Iowa Visits, CNN Town Hall

Sun, 05/14/2023 - 16:03
Gillian Turner, Richard Fowler, Karl Rove, and Cal Thomas join FNC's Shannon Bream for a "FOX News Sunday" panel discussion on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis kicking off his 2024 campaign in Iowa and former President Trump's town hall this week on CNN.

Bartiromo to Oversight Chairman Comer on Hunter Biden Probe: "Hold On, Did You Just Say The Whistleblower Is Now Missing?"

Sun, 05/14/2023 - 15:56
FNC's Maria Bartiromo seemed shocked this morning when House Oversight Chairman James Comer said he has lost track of the whistleblower/informant that he claimed had evidence of influence-peddling and money laundering by the Biden family. "We're hopeful that we can find the informant," Comer said, "Remember, these informants are now kind of in the spy business, so they don't make a habit of being seen a lot or being high-profile or anything like that." "We're going to end up in court and I think we have a very compelling case," Comer said.

Dem Rep. Rashida Tlaib: "Dehumanization That Happens Continually Under McCarthy's Leadership" Mimics Netanyahu's Treatment Of Palestinians

Sun, 05/14/2023 - 15:37
Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a Democrat of Michigan, blasts Speaker Kevin McCarthy for canceling an event she planned to highlight the 75th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba (the start of the Arab-Israeli wars) during an interview with MSNBC's Ayman Mohyeldin. MOHYELDIN, MSNBC: Talk to me about how the event ultimately went, just from the fact that Kevin McCarthy blocked the initial one that was supposed to take place on the House side. You got some help from Senator Bernie Sanders in moving the event to the Senate side where McCarthy has no authority to block it. Just walk us through how that played out. And how did the event go? REP. RASHIDA TLAIB: I mean, it's typical. We expected, you know, McCarthy and some of the same folks that continue to really block any access to democracy and have various voices, even those that are fighting for reproductive health or those even trying to fight for justice within, you know, holding the Supreme Court accountable. We saw over and over again when Black Lives Matter protesters show up and kind of the aggression and kind of the silencing, intimidation and bullying that happens when we speak up and speak truth to power. You know, I think, you know, Leader McCarthy forgets before I was a congresswoman. I'm from Detroit. And nothing stops Detroit. And so I kept pushing and pushing until I could find a home for us to be right there in Capitol Hill, like any other American deserves to be heard in the halls of Congress... And with this, you know, I think, leading with compassion and understanding again to support a real democracy in our country, we all deserve to be able to share our stories and to be able to have space to do that. Every member of Congress has access to these rooms. And I think Leader McCarthy doesn't believe someone like me deserves that same access. But we'll continue to push back against this kind of, I think, attack on our democracy and attack on whole people in the United States that deserve, again, to be heard in the United States Congress. MOHYELDIN, MSNBC: What do you make of him hosting this event, praising the U.S.-Israel relationship in lieu of what you had planned? I mean, the Israel-U.S. relationship has obviously come under a lot of scrutiny, not just because of the Palestinian issue, but also because of what Israel is undergoing internally, given its own challenges in the judiciary, and with this extreme right-wing government, the most extreme in its history. But at a time when it is coming under that scrutiny, and the U.S. public sentiment is changing towards Israel, Kevin McCarthy seems to be doubling down on that relationship. REP. RASHIDA TLAIB: Yeah, I mean, you heard it even with his speech. He's so much in line with the extremism right-wing government of -- under Netanyahu's leadership in Israel in the way they're even talking about that, you know, both United States and Israel's birth under inequality. How is that possible when we're still currently fighting for that form of justice within our -- within our own country here? I mean, these are folks that are completely denying the existence of a whole people. In the United States, I continue to talk about what's going on with our indigenous people who literally are under attack from environmental injustices, from pipelines to indigenous women disappearing every single day with no justice, with no accountability. You know, the dehumanization that happens continually under McCarthy's leadership is so mimic to what Netanyahu when he speaks of Palestinian people. It's an incredibly painful to hear someone say that they want another Nakba, that they don't want, again, to fully acknowledge the existence of its neighbors, the Palestinian people who have been there generations.

Rep. Byron Donalds to Washington Post: "Actually Do Some Investigation" About Biden Family's International Business Scheme

Sun, 05/14/2023 - 15:23
Florida Republican Rep. Byron Donalds again urged the press to take seriously new evidence alleging international money laundering and influence peddling by the Biden family revealed by Republicans on the Oversight Committee this week. "Don't shut it down... anybody with basic common sense can see that the Biden family, which has no business whatsoever, was making money from foreign interests because Joe Biden has been at the center of our politics for more than 50 years," Donalds said during an interview with FNC's Shannon Bream on "FOX News Sunday." Donalds at the Oversight Committee press conference this week: Rep. Byron Donalds: Reporters, We're Giving You Pulitzer Stuff Here, Look At The Biden Family Business Records SHANNON BREAM, FOX NEWS: Because you're on House Oversight and were part of the role of these bank documents that show various payments to different Biden family members from foreign accounts -- from foreign actors. You said at that press conference this week, you've said to the press there, "this is Pulitzer material." Well, not all of them are buying it. This from "The Washington Post", a [Eugene Robinson] opinion piece, says: "What does the GOP have on Biden? A whole lot of nothing. The committee produced no evidence to suggest that Joe Biden did anything at all to help his son's overseas business partners, and there's no evidence that one penny of any funds Hunter Biden might have been paid by foreign companies ever reached his father." The committee set pretty high expectations on this. Are you worried about overpromising and under-delivering? REP. BYRON DONALDS: No, I'm not. Listen, we were able to document nine members of the Biden family who were getting money through Jim Biden and Hunter Biden from foreign companies, from China and from Romania. We've documented that. Number two, since when are grandchildren getting wire payments and getting cashier's checks? That definitely sounds like a web of corruption to me. Number three, how is Hunter Biden and Jim Biden facilitating all these business deals? All by themselves? I remember very clearly, Hunter Biden was on Air Force Two a lot when Joe Biden was vice president. Maybe he was just hanging out getting, eating a club sandwich on Air Force Two? That's not true. And number four, and let's be very clear on this one as well, there's another bank account that's just labeled Biden. It doesn't go to Jim or Hunter or any of Hunter's wives or girlfriends or any grandchildren. It's just named Biden. And we already have Tony Bobulinski who said that there was always 10 percent for "the big guy." I wonder who "the big guy" is. Since the one guy who's the center of all this controversy, and frankly, corruption, in my view, is the current president, who was the former vice president, who was a United States senator for 45 years. I would tell this opinion writer to actually do some investigation. Don't shut it down because anybody with basic common sense can see that the Biden family, which has no business, mind you, no business whatsoever, was making money from foreign interests because Joe Biden has been at the center of our politics for more than 50 years. Watch the full "FOX News Sunday" interview below: Watch the latest video at

GOP Rep. Byron Donalds: When Democrats Don't Like A Policy, They Call It Cruel

Sun, 05/14/2023 - 15:01
Florida Republican Rep. Byron Donalds, a member of the Oversight Committee, responded to criticism from Democrats that the GOP's immigration policy goals are "cruel and inhumane" during an interview with FNC's Shannon Bream on "FOX News Sunday." "The Democrats do this all the time. They don't like a policy, they call it cruel," Donalds said. "But what truly is cruel are the young women who are being raped in the journey to our southern border." "The fact we've given operational control to the drug cartels under Joe Biden's administration... The drug cartels are going to make about $13 billion this year, trafficking people to our southern border and then they use Joe Biden's reckless policy to traffic massive amounts of fentanyl into our country, killing 75,000 Americans per year. That's inhumane." REP. BYRON DONALDS: Under the Trump administration, we never saw anything like this. We actually had the border under control, it was secure. We're still trying to figure out some side pieces of immigration policy overall because Democrats would never work with us on commonsense immigration policies, where the Democrats have always wanted is this massive surge to the border with no checks at all, no balances at all. So, the House Republican position is a border security package that would secure the border and it was my position as well, as well as Chairman McCaul's, that's where we'll be moving when we went back to the White House in 2024. And I do stress, when. Now, that being said, what's happening now is because of Joe Biden's recklessness. His desire when he became president just to rip up all the Trump era policies that actually had our border secure. And now, they're scrambling to find a solution to the crisis that Joe Biden created. BREAM: So, Democrats will say, yes, it is true, this administration got rid of those policies, but it's because they called them cruel and inhumane. They worked but they weren't kind to the people who are coming here. So, what do you say to them? And is there any area where Republicans will compromise when it comes to negotiating over some legislation? DONALDS: Well, first of all, the Democrats do this all the time. They don't like a policy, they call it cruel. But what truly is cruel, Shannon, are the young women who are being raped in the journey to our southern border. They're being raped by the coyotes. They are being raped by the drug cartels. They are being raped by other men who were in their package of people that are moving to the border. Number two, also inhumane, the fact we've given operational control to the drug cartels under Joe Biden's administration. The drug cartels are going to make about $13 billion this year, trafficking people to our southern border and then they use Joe Biden's reckless policy to traffic massive amounts of fentanyl into our country, killing 75,000 Americans per year. That's inhumane. When it comes to negotiations with the Democrats on this policy, I say to them very clearly, let's secure the border first. Let's get it done. Let's finish building the wall in doing all the other mechanisms that are crucial for our country's security, and when we have that done, then we can talk about all the immigration policies. But the left wants to bring out young kids who came in through no fault of their own, quote/unquote, and use that as a poker chip, as a leverage point to say, we don't need to secure the border. That's insane policy for our country. We can do better. BREAM: I want to play something that one of your colleagues said in a hearing this week. He says Republicans actually savor the situation at the border. Here's what Congressman Hank Johnson said about why. REP. HANK JOHNSON (D-GA): Republicans like to see them lined up at the border, because they know that that's a stream of labor ready to be exploited. If you could get back to slavery, you would gladly do so. BREAM: Your response to your colleague? DONALDS: I don't have no response to Hank on this. Hank also thought Guam was going to tip over. So, that doesn't make any sense at all. What Republicans want to see is a secure and orderly process at our southern border. You can't have a situation where a group of 30 or 40 migrants just walk up to a border agent, and its border agent because of Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas policy, had to stop their job of actually patrolling the border to start filing paperwork. That's what's happening. And it makes no sense. Again, the Democrats come up with all this hysteria. They bloviate. They -- frankly, they gaslight the American people, instead of actually doing the job of securing the border. And once again, we see Joe Biden and the Democrats, they have no plan. And when crisis comes, they are flailing about trying to find a solution. Watch the full "FOX News Sunday" interview below: Watch the latest video at

PBS NewsHour Host Amna Nawaz: Is Granting Trump A Live Platform A Mistake Or A Bad Idea?

Sun, 05/14/2023 - 03:55
'PBS NewsHour' host Amna Nawaz asked New York Times columnist David Brooks and Washington Post associate deputy editor Jonathan Capehart if it is a bad idea to give former president and current presidential candidate Donald Trump a platform. AMNA NAWAZ, PBS NEWSHOUR: We're surely going to be talking about this, I think, in 2024 quite a bit. And the front-runner on the Republican side for that race right now remains former President Donald Trump, who was also in the headlines quite a bit. Earlier in the week, he was found liable of sexually abusing and defaming E. Jean Carroll. He also took part in a live CNN town hall, where he continued to lie about the 2020 election. He mocked Carroll and I think, it's fair to say, offered a real clear preview of what we're going to see for the next year-and-a-half. Jonathan, I know you were watching all of this unfold. Is this what we're in for? JONATHAN CAPEHART, WASHINGTON POST: Yes. Oh, absolutely. This is what we're in for. But I wasn't surprised. I have watched this Trump rerun since June 16, 2015, when he announced his presidential campaign. But what was so horrific about that town hall was the reaction of the audience, the reaction of the audience when it came to talking about January 6, especially the reaction of the audience as he continued to defame E. Jean Carroll and to question the jury, a jury of his peers who found him liable for sexual abuse. There was just an ugliness and rawness about that reaction that I think probably helps him in the primary. But, God almighty, I hope it hurts him in the general, if he is indeed the Republican nominee, because that cannot be. America cannot go down that road again. NAWAZ: Is granting him a live platform a mistake or a bad idea? DAVID BROOKS, NEW YORK TIMES: No, I don't think so. He's in - Washington Post poll, he has a healthy lead on Joe Biden. By a huge margin, people prefer his economic policies to Joe Biden's. He is the number one or two most important political figure in the country right now. We in the media don't get decide who we cover. Basically, the American people get to decide, and they did get to decide by their votes and their preferences in polling. And so we cover major figures. Now, there's ways to cover and ways not to cover, but, in my view, it would be disastrous if we appointed ourselves the censors or the determiners of who gets covered in this country. And one of the reasons Donald Trump is popular is because people think people in our business are arrogant. And, to me, that would be an arrogant move to say, no, we're just not going to cover that guy. CAPEHART: I mean, let's be clear. Donald Trump isn't popular because folks see that the media is arrogant. Donald Trump is popular because he scratches that very raw, emotional and ugly itch that is there within the American - within the American populace, where he - if I read one more time of someone saying, I like Donald Trump because he says what we're thinking, if that's the case, then those are some really ugly thoughts.

Trump: The Problem With Ron DeSanctimonious Is That He Needs A Personality Transplant

Sun, 05/14/2023 - 03:39
Former President Donald Trump in a campaign clip said Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is in need of a "personality transplant" and called his trip abroad a "total bomb." "The problem with Ron DeSanctimonious is that he needs a personality transplant and those are not yet available. Almost all Congressmen and women that served with him and knew him well supported me, some of them surprisingly so because of their relationship with Ron. I would say that when it comes to lack of personality, Ron would be in a class with Asa Hutchinson and that's not good." "Ron's foreign trip was a total bomb," Trump said of DeSantis's travel to Asia, London, and Israel. "They didn't even know what he was doing there. What are you doing here Ron? Why are you here? It was a mess." "We've been watching him fall. He's falling at record levels and we'll keep it that way," Trump said about recent polling.

DeSantis: Governing Is Not About Entertaining, "We Must Reject The Culture Of Losing"

Sun, 05/14/2023 - 02:33
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis spoke at a campaign rally on Saturday in Iowa and addressed a "culture of losing" in the Republican party. DeSantis warned if Republicans focus on the past election or "other side issues" then the Democrats will win. "Governing is not about entertaining," DeSantis said. "Governing is not about building a brand or talking on social media and virtue signaling." We must reject the culture of losing that has impacted our party in recent years. The time for excuses is over. We got to demonstrate the courage to lead and the strength to win," he said. "If we do that, if we make the 2020 election a referendum on Joe Biden and his failures, and if we provide a positive alternative for the future of this country, Republicans will win across the board. If we do not do that, if we get distracted if we focus the election on the past or on other side issues then I think the Democrats are going to beat us again, and I think it will be very difficult to recover from that defeat. aAnd here's the thing, I used to think our country was locked and loaded. Nothing can go wrong in terms of a free society. But freedom is fragile. And if you've lived through the last four or five years, you know that."

DeSantis on Presidential Run: "No News Yet"

Sun, 05/14/2023 - 02:18
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis spoke to hundreds at an Iowa event on Saturday as former President Donald Trump's rally was canceled due to weather. "Are you inching closer to an announcement?" a News Nation correspondent asked. "No news yet, so just hang out there," DeSantis responded.

Karine Jean-Pierre: I Don't Know How Many Child Migrants Are In U.S. Custody

Sat, 05/13/2023 - 01:22
FOX News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich at Friday's briefing asked White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about the number of child migrants in U.S. custody. KARINE JEAN-PIERRE, WHITE HOUSE: Go ahead, Jacqui. JACQUI HEINRICH, FOX NEWS: Thank you, Karine. Can you tell us how many migrant children are presently in U.S. custody? MS. JEAN-PIERRE: I - I would refer you to the HHS. I - I don't have - don't have those numbers in front - in front of me. Q Their website has not reported any data on this since January, and they're typically reported once a month. So in light especially of this migrant death of a child a couple of days ago, I just want to know why that data is not there and if it's being kept somewhere else, if it'll be released to us. MS. JEAN-PIERRE: Well, first, as I will reiterate - as I mentioned to Zeke, who asked this question - our hearts go out to the family members. It is a devastating news and incredibly sad- - saddened to hear that news. There's a medical investigation that started on May 10th that's going to - we're going to allow that process to continue. As far as the data, that is something that comes from HHS, so I would have to refer you to them. Q Will you - will the administration be working to track that down? Because especially after the New York Times report that HHS lost contact with 85,000 children over the course of the last two years and lost immediate contact with a third of migrant children, that data not being there is alarming. MS. JEAN-PIERRE: I expect HHS to provide that data. That is something that they would have for you - to share with you. I just don't have a da- - that data right at this time.

White House: Republicans Attempting To "Sabotage" Effort To Humanely Handle Migrants

Fri, 05/12/2023 - 18:29
White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre called a ruling from a federal judge in Florida to block the administration's new plan to "parole" migrants entering the U.S. from Mexico "sabotage." She explains why Congress needs to act: KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: We need Congress beyond the ruling, beyond what we're seeing from the sabotage, as I said, pure and simple, this is sabotage. We want Congress to act. We want Congress to take action and we just haven't seen that. Again, the president is going to use every tool that he has as he has been for the last two years to get this done, but we need to see Congress act. ... We've expanded legal pathways, we're surging resources to the border, all of these things are incredibly important. And let's not forget, we also have the bipartisan infrastructure law that helped harden our ports of entry. So this is what we've been doing for the last two years. And so, what we're seeing from Republican officials is completely shameful, because it is a political play. ... I won't go into specific persons, I can say that migrants who do not have a lawful basis to remain will be quickly removed, just like 1.4 million migrants who were expelled last year alone. Even before Title 42 lifted, the attorney general of Florida filed suit to sabotage our effort to humanely and effectively manage the border. That's what we've been seeing from Republican officials over and over again for the past several months. Instead of trying to deal with an issue, or talking to the federal government how to deal with an issue, maybe in their state or city, they don't do that, they actually sabotage what we're trying to do.

Karine Jean-Pierre just called the decision of a federal judge to stop its "parole" of migrants as "sabotage ...pure and simple." Judge T. Kent Wetherell Administration yesterday ...

- Jonathan Turley (@JonathanTurley) May 12, 2023

Landrieu: Using Infrastructure Funds To Reconnect Disadvantaged Neighborhoods Is Actually "Very Thoughtful"

Fri, 05/12/2023 - 18:06
Newsmax reporter James Rosen asked Infrastructure Coordinator Mitch Landrieu at Friday's press briefing how funds from the bipartisan infrastructure bill will be used to remedy the problem of "racial disparities" in "the way roads are designed and built" that Transportation Secretary Buttigieg has discussed. Related Video: April Ryan to Sec. Buttigieg: How Will Infrastructure Bill Help Deconstruct Racism Built Into Roadways? MITCH LANDRIEU: This administration believes that diversity is a great strength, not a weakness, and if we're going to do all this stuff, it is not just a matter of justice, it is a matter of numbers as well. There are in fact, highways, waterways, and roadways, if you ask anybody in the African-American community or communities of color, where do you live? They will often say, "I live on the other side of..." It's usually a railroad track or water or a highway that has split historic neighborhoods. There is in fact $4 billion in the infrastructure law and the Inflation Reduction Act to fund a program that's called "Reconnecting Communities." I was in Fort Lauderdale the other day looking at flood damage, and the mayor was showing me a railroad track that has separated two areas. now they have an option, they can run a highway across it or they can build a tunnel underneath it to reconnect the neighborhoods. This administration thinks that historically underrepresented neighborhoods that have been split apart, families and businesses split apart, they can be reconnected to actually heal the community and create greater economic opportunity, it is actually a very thoughtful thing to do. So we're working on that not only with roads and bridges, but with clean air and clear water and clean buses.

BREAKING: Replying to questioning by @NEWSMAX, the @WhiteHouse infrastructure czar, ⁦@MitchLandrieu⁩, says the Biden administration is spending $4 billion to pursue racial equity in infrastructure, including renovation of urban areas deemed racist in their original design.

- James Rosen (@JamesRosenTV) May 12, 2023

Open To Debate, Reihan Salam vs. Bill DeBlasio: Is Florida Eating New York's Lunch?

Fri, 05/12/2023 - 17:04
Via Open To Debate -- Last year was a banner year for those trading the New York chill for the Florida sun. Thirty-nine percent of Empire Staters packed up and moved to the Sunshine State, more than any year in history. In fact, recent census data revealed 1.6 million former New Yorkers (or 8% of Florida's total population) now call Florida home - and it's not just retirees. Favorable tax policies are fueling Florida's popularity, attracting top businesses, budding entrepreneurs, and so-called one-percenters, such as Donald Trump and Carl Icahn. Does that mean Florida is a better bet? Those who argue yes say New Yorkers are heading south where their money can last longer, their health can benefit from warmer climates, and their sense of safety can markedly improve. Others say that 'blue state' policies are a better choice in the long run and that as the effects of the pandemic recede, New York will once again rise in popularity. They also say the state's inclusive practices and cultural diversity will pull people back to New York. It is in this context that we debate this question: Is Florida Eating New York's Lunch? Yes Reihan Salam, Conservative Political Commentator, Columnist & Author who since 2019 has been president of the Manhattan Institute Reihan Salam is the fifth president of the Manhattan Institute. Since joining MI in 2019, Mr. Salam has overseen the creation and launch of a number of new initiatives, including the Policing and Public Safety Initiative, dedicated to addressing the nation's crisis of urban violence. He has recruited some of the nation's leading scholars, journalists, and civic leaders to help foster economic opportunity, educational excellence, individual liberty, and the rule of law in America and its great cities. Mr. Salam is the author of Melting Pot or Civil War? (Sentinel, 2018), the co-author, with Ross Douthat, of Grand New Party (Doubleday, 2008, and a contributing editor at The Atlantic, National Affairs, and National Review. Before joining MI, Mr. Salam served as the executive editor of National Review. No Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City from 2014 to 2021 Bill de Blasio is an American political leader who served as the 109th mayor of New York City from 2014 to 2021. A member of the Democratic Party, he held the office of New York City Public Advocate from 2010 to 2013. De Blasio started his career as an elected official on the New York City Council, representing the 39th district in Brooklyn from 2002 to 2009. In 2014, de Blasio created a groundbreaking initiative which ensured that early childhood education became a universal right in the five boroughs. The universal Pre-K and 3-K programs in NYC have become a national model. During his tenure, NYC financed the preservation and construction of over 200,000 affordable homes, the most created by any administration in the City's history. In 2019, de Blasio launched a first-in-the nation, 6-point action plan to end long-term homelessness. After leaving office, De Blasio served as a Fellow at Harvard's Kennedy School's Institute of Politics. De Blasio graduated from New York University with a B.A. in Metropolitan Studies and from Columbia University with an M.A. in International Affairs.

The Last Mile: Learning To Code In Prison

Fri, 05/12/2023 - 16:56
Via Free Think -- The Last Mile, an organization that prepares incarcerated individuals for successful reentry through education and technology training, announced today that Citadel founder and CEO Ken Griffin and "Stand Together Foundation" have provided $10 million to fund expansion efforts, educational programming, and research that aims to improve the justice system. This support will enable The Last Mile to expand to reach a larger population of incarcerated people across the United States. As a result of this new funding, more than 800 new classroom seats will be created to provide incarcerated individuals and their families with technology training and support during and after incarceration.

Full Replay: Infrastructure Coordinator Mitch Landrieu Joins KJP At WH Briefing

Fri, 05/12/2023 - 16:39
Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and Infrastructure Implementation Coordinator Mitch Landrieu will speak to reporters at the White House Friday briefing around 1:00 p.m.

Indiana Councilman Ryan Webb: "I'm A Lesbian Woman Of Color"

Fri, 05/12/2023 - 16:32
Indiana councilman Ryan Webb, a self-declared lesbian woman of color, talks to Matt Walsh about how easy it was to change his gender and racial identity and the backlash he has gotten from the LGBTQ community, who are now demanding that people must meet certain standards to change their identity. MATT WALSH: You came out of three closets at once. Woman, woman of color, lesbian. RYAN WEBB: The reason why I identify as the woman of color is because I have a Cherokee bloodline, Native American on both sides. My great grandmother on my father's side was a full-blooded Cherokee Native Americans... I thought, this is awesome and this allows me to classify myself as the woman of color that I am. What makes me the lesbian is the fact that I am still madly in love with my wife and that'll never change. ... I did take the step of changing my name. I used to go by "Ryan," the male version. But now I'm using the name "Ryan," but it's a female version. Same spelling. ... It was just a few short years ago that they said a man couldn't identify as a woman without taking the steps... that's no longer true. I'm living proof of it. ... At the County Council meeting, there was a transgender person there. Charlise, Charlie just a couple of years ago, Charlise told me that for me to be accepted in their eyes I would have to change my pronouns and take the hormone treatments and change all my documents. ... MATT WALSH: To see that kind of bigotry coming from such a beautiful woman was really startling. RYAN WEBB: I couldn't believe Charlise was willing to lay out requirements to be accepted moving forward. So that was shocking.