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Trump: Biden's Speech "The Most Vicious, Hateful, And Divisive Speech Ever Delivered By An American President"

Sun, 09/04/2022 - 02:42
Former President Trump ripped President Joe Biden's speech this week at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday: "The most vicious, hateful, and divisive speech ever delivered by an American President." "You're all enemies of the state. He's an enemy of the state, if you want to know the truth. The enemy of the state is him and the group that controls him," Trump said. How'd you like that red lighting behind him like the devil? Trump told the Wilkes-Barre crowd. TRUMP: That made a mockery of America's laws, traditions and principles. Before the entire world the entire world was watching and they're shocked. They're shocked. If we want to be accurate about it, As threats to democracy and as enemies of the state, you're all enemies of the state. He's an enemy of the state, you know that? The enemy of the state is him and the group that control him, which is circling around him, 'Do this. do that Joe, you're going to do this Joe." Right. I think Philadelphia was a great choice to make this speech of hatred and anger. His speech was hatred and anger. By the way, the next morning he forgot what he said, you saw that. I do like the red lighting behind him, like the devil.

Trump: Dr. Oz Said I Should Lose 20, 25 Pounds When I Was On His TV Show Years Ago

Sun, 09/04/2022 - 02:29
NEWSMAX: Former President Donald Trump describes when he met Dr. Oz, how Oz did an examination on Trump, and how many pounds Trump needed to lose - via. Trump's "Save America" rally in Pennsylvania on September 3rd, 2022. Trump: "'He's extremely healthy, really a very, very, fine, fit man but, he should lose 20 or 25 pounds.' I was so angry, I didn't speak to him for years."

Dr. Oz: If You Think This Country Is Headed In The Wrong Direction, I'm The Person For Change

Sun, 09/04/2022 - 02:07
U.S. Republican Senate nominee Dr. Mehmet Oz at a Trump campaign rally: "Pennsylvania we have one question. One important question. We have to answer by November 8th. Are you ready for it? Is the country headed in the right direction? If your friends say yes, take away their car keys. They should not be driving. In that condition, people should stay home. But if the answer is no, we've got a big problem. This country has dramatically turned in the wrong direction. I'm the person for change."

Doocy: The Point Of Biden's Speech Was To Let Americans Know Their Neighbors Might Be An Extremist

Sun, 09/04/2022 - 01:53
FNC's Peter Doocy on Biden's address to the nation earlier in the week: "Officials here basically said the point of that speech was to let Americans know their neighbors might be somebody the president considers an extremist but it's unclear what White House officials want people to do with that information because the president is not putting forward any new policies to protect democracy."

Trump: Fetterman Dresses "Like A Teenager Getting High In His Parents' Basement," Wears "Dirty, Dirty, Dirty Sweatsuits"

Sun, 09/04/2022 - 01:34
Former President Donald Trump on Saturday at a campaign rally for U.S. Senate Republican nominee Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania expressed his disgust for Democratic U.S. Senate nominee John Fetterman's consistent use of a sweatsuit on the campaign trail. Trump said Fetterman dresses "like a teenager getting high in his parents' basement" and called him a Marxist for his views on policing. "This guy is a disaster," Trump said of Fetterman. "He comes in with a sweatsuit on. I've never seen him wear a suit. And dirty, dirty, dirty sweatsuits, really disgusting. You know, I'm a clean freak. I'm a clean freak, [Dr.] Oz. I don't like those dirty sweatsuits. They're disgusting. Fetterman may dress like a teenager getting high in his parents' basement but he's a raging lunatic hellbent on springing hardened criminals out of jail in the middle of the worst crime wave in Pennsylvania history. He wants everybody out of jail, and by the way he wants to get rid of your police. Fetterman is a defund the police Marxist who's just pulling the wool over people's eyes, who literally said that if he had a magic wand and could fix one thing he would end life sentences without parole for murderers, cop killers, rapists, and other monstrous criminals. That's what he said." "He wants them to get out of jail. Get out of jail. Get out of jail! Let's put Trump in jail, let's get these murderers, let these murderers out. Put Trump in jail, hat Trump is no damn good. He just works his ass off for this country," Trump said.

Trump: German U.N. Delegation Laughed At Me When I Warned Them About Buying Russian Energy, "They're Not Smiling Now"

Sun, 09/04/2022 - 01:17
Former President Donald Trump on Saturday at a campaign rally recalled the G7 meeting he attended where he warned then-German Chancellor Angela Merkel about the dangers of allowing the country to rely on Russia for energy needs. "You see where I'm getting a lot of great press because I told Germany don't make a deal with Russia on the pipeline, and they said, oh, that's so funny," Trump said. "I actually sent, during the meeting, G7, I sent Angela - Angela Merkel - a white flag of surrender. She said, 'Donald, Donald, but why do you send me this white flag?' I said, 'Angela. Because you're going to surrender. 75% of your energy is coming from Russia. If you look back over the decades, Russia and Germany haven't done too well together. When there's a war. when there's a problem, they'll just turn off Nord Stream 2, and Angela, you're not going to be able to defend yourselves.' 'Oh, that will never happen.' Well, that was about two years ago." "The only thing is I never thought it was going to happen this fast, and now they're giving me great -- remember I made the speech at the United Nations and the German delegation was all smiling," Trump said. "They thought it was so funny. They're not smiling now. They're not smiling now. But now gas is $5 and $6 and $7 and it's going to be going up. Think of it."

TRUMP: "I was tougher in Russia than any President by far. I'm the one that stopped Nord Stream II, the pipeline. I'm the one that did the big sanctions. I guarantee you one thing: Putin was NOT going into Ukraine [if I was President]." #TrumpRally


- Newsmax (@newsmax) September 4, 2022

DeSantis: Biden Delivered One Of The "The Most Disgusting Speeches," He Is The "American Nero"

Sun, 09/04/2022 - 00:39
Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) on President Joe Biden's address to the nation that denounced Trump-supporting Republicans: "It was one of the most disgusting speeches an American president has ever given. He ran as being a unifier, and he's basically saying to the vast majority of the country that disapproves of him that they're effectively a threat to the republic. He dodders, he lashes out. But at the end of the day, his policies are why there's so much opposition to him. He came in and he opened the border, and we've seen what a disaster that's been. He kneecapped American energy. We've seen how that's hurt millions and millions of people across our country. They've inflated the currency. We have one of the worst inflations we've had in over 40 years. So of course, people are going to be upset at all the wreckage that he's left in his wake. He is the American Nero. He's a failed leader."

Tucker Carlson: Family, Education & Safety Are Most Important Issues And Washington Republicans Are Ignoring Them

Sun, 09/04/2022 - 00:32
FOX News host Tucker Carlson weighs in on GOP strategy in the upcoming midterm elections on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' Carlson said Republicans must focus on issues that matter to Americans to win. TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: So, everybody's focused on this fall's midterms for good reason, but maybe bigger elections have already happened, more meaningful elections. These were local races that you probably haven't heard about because nobody pays attention. Here's what they were. Last week, the Republican Party flipped five majority-left school districts in big counties in Florida. That would be Miami-Dade, Sarasota, Duval, Martin, Clay counties. Miami-Dade alone is one of the biggest school districts in the entire country. It's got more than 300,000 students in it. So, this change has major implications for the education and the future of millions of young people. It's not just happening in Florida. A Texas school board that flipped to the Republican Party earlier this year is already working to change things. They just voted to ban race hatred and gender cult ideology in schools. So, there may be a lesson here. Let's say you're a Republican running for Congress in November. You might be wondering, "How did these Republicans win at the local level?" It wasn't just because it's a red wave year, because actually it's not really a red wave year so far, despite what you may have heard. In other races so far, special elections, Republicans have been underperforming, amazingly. For example, in a special election last week in New York's 19th Congressional District, Democrat Pat Ryan beat Republican Marc Molinaro. Now in a red wave year, you would have thought the opposite would happen. This was a very tight district. This district went for Joe Biden by only a point and a half in the last election. That's not exactly a huge margin for the Democrats, but Democrats won anyway, despite the fact Joe Biden's approval numbers have dropped dramatically since then. And it's not just in that district. Democratic candidates across the country have been outperforming Joe Biden's 2020 numbers in at least three other House special elections, elections in Nebraska, Minnesota and in the 23rd District of New York. So, why is the question. How could this be happening? Well, the Democratic Party has a really simple explanation: abortion. Everything's about abortion. Democratic voters are really mad about Roe v. Wade being repealed and they're voting in bigger numbers, but there isn't actually any evidence at all to support that that's true. Instead, there is evidence that the Republican Party may be at fault by alienating its own voters and not getting them to the polls. Ryan Girdusky has done a lot of work on this. He runs the 1776 Project PAC. He supported those for the school board candidates one last week. Girdusky recently wrote on his sub stack that Republicans are underperforming this year because turnout in rural counties is only about 30%, 30% of what it was in 2018, the midterm that year. Cities and suburbs, meanwhile, which are Democratic strongholds, had double that level of turnout. So, why are Republicans winning in school board races in Florida, but losing in big races in rural areas that they should be winning? Well, the answer might lie with the candidates and what they're talking about in those districts. For example, in February, Marc Molinaro, the guy who just lost in the race he should have won in New York, told the county office building to illuminate the building in red and blue. Now, those are not the county colors. They're Ukraine's colors. Right, as if his voters care. That's the message that Molinaro, as executive director of Dutchess County, New York, sent to voters: Poughkeepsie stands with Ukraine. Right. Everyone is sympathetic to Ukraine, but is that really the main issue? No, it's a joke. The same candidate also sent fundraising emails to voters throughout upstate New York calling for more aggression against Russia. "Biden is weak on Putin," Molinaro wrote. Right. So, does sounding like Lindsey Graham actually work? Our borders are racist, but Ukraine's borders are sacrosanct. It doesn't work. Here's what he said. SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM: The question is, "Can we do more and should we do more?" The answer is yes to both. As to my friends in the Pentagon, you told all of us that this war would last three or four days, that Kyiv would fall, that, you know, that the country would be overwhelmed by the Russian military. They were wrong. So, quite frankly, I trust President Zelenskyy's judgment about what would help him in real time more than anybody else on the planet right now. Okay, so just to be clear to Republican candidates, that was Lindsey Graham. Your job is to make fun of Lindsey Graham and to disavow Lindsey Graham. Your job is not to emulate Lindsey Graham and steal his talking points and if you do emulate Lindsey Graham and steal those talking points, you will lose and the losing candidates did just that. So, compare what they were saying to what, for example, Joe Kent was saying in Washington state when he won his primary there as a challenger. Watch this. JOE KENT: If any of these representatives feel so passionately about how we have to go and save the Ukrainians and provide enough lethal aid and continue to push this escalation, they need to go back to their districts and tell the American people, tell their constituents what they're asking them to do and what the ramifications potentially could be. Why do foreign nations always come first? Why do we secure their borders and not our own? Well, exactly. It's nothing against the Ukrainians. Again, everyone feels sorry for the Ukrainians, but Americans have a right to feel sad about what's happening in their country and to expect their politicians to work on fixing it. So, if more Republicans in November say what you just heard Joe Kent say, they will win if they talk about the issues that people actually care about in this country, issues that are relevant to their lives, they will win. That's how they won those school board seats in Florida. They weren't talking about Ukraine. They were talking about the issues that matter to the voters in Florida: family safety, happiness, the right of parents to decide what their kids learn in school. That message wins. Obviously, that's why Glenn Youngkin became governor of Virginia. GLENN YOUNGKIN: We're going to embrace our parents, not ignore them. We're going to press forward with a curriculum that includes listening to parents input, a curriculum that allows our children to run as fast as they can, teaching them how to think, enabling their dreams to soar. Friends, we are going to reestablish excellence in our schools. So, that was Glenn Youngkin's message. "You're a parent. Schools exist for your children and they're your children. They don't belong to the teacher's union and we're going to listen to you." Now, Terry McAuliffe was running against Glenn Youngkin. He had had the advantage of a lot of money. He'd been governor of the state before. Here was his message and we're quoting, "I don't think parents should be telling schools what they can teach." Oh, turns out most people disagree and he was destroyed. His political career hit the brick wall it had long deserved. So, it turns out the Republicans who focus on the things that matter, families protecting families, will win. Along with the 1776 project, Ron DeSantis was one of the biggest supporters of those school board candidates last week. This year, DeSantis signed a law banning teachers' unions members from talking about sex with your kindergartners because it's creepy and should be illegal. DeSantis also fired a prosecutor who refused to enforce the law. FLORIDA GOV. RON DESANTIS: The prosecutor, state attorney for this judicial circuit, Andrew Warren, has put himself publicly above the law. In June of 2021, he signed a letter saying that he would not enforce any prohibitions on sex change operations for minors and then most recently, after the Dobbs decision was rendered by the U.S. Supreme Court, he signed a letter saying he would not enforce any laws relating to protecting the right to life in the state of Florida and mind you, we have had prohibition on third trimester abortions for a long time. When you make yourself above the law, you have violated your duty, you have neglected your duty, and you are displaying a lack of competence to be able to perform those duties and so today we are suspending State Attorney Andrew Warren effective immediately. So, enforce the law. That's a winning message, too. It's not just about one corrupt prosecutor in the state of Florida. It's about ending the lawlessness that makes it impossible for Americans to live in their own cities. Blake Masters caught on to that message. That's how he won his primary in Arizona. BLAKE MASTERS: We can never amnesty any illegal alien period. If your first interaction with our country is to break its immigration laws, you will never get amnesty. You will never become a United States citizen. That is a line in the sand. We will never cross it. We have to stop incentivizing illegal immigration. If you're not deporting people, you don't have border security. Well, that's not hard. What's the point of having a country if your own government ignores the laws that your representatives passed? How is that democracy? No, it's chaos and lawlessness and ultimately it's autocracy. So, national Republicans are not that dumb. They could have figured that out, but they're saying just the opposite. It's almost like they want to lose. They're calling for gun confiscation, gun confiscation, guns from law abiding citizens, which would make you as reliant as possible on police forces that are underfunded. How underfunded? Have you checked the response times in your city recently? In the city of New Orleans, according to researcher Jeff Asher, the police response time is now over 2 hours, long enough for you to get killed. The city is talking about canceling Mardi Gras because they have no cops. In Seattle, the city council just reported, "average immediate response time is up in nearly every precinct when compared with the last four years of data." Ok. In Austin, Texas, the police chief recently admitted that response times to the city's most serious emergencies are "dramatically slower." So, that's a huge problem and it puts the onus of self-protection on the individual, on the family. You have to protect your own family. You don't have a choice at this point. It's always been your right. Now it's your obligation. Are Republicans recognizing this? Well, here's John Cornyn, who represents Texas calling for gun confiscation so that you can't protect yourself when the cops don't show up. SEN. JOHN CORNYN: I don't want us to pass a bill for the purpose of checking a box. I want to make sure we actually do something useful, something that is capable of becoming a law, something that will have the potential to save lives. I'm happy to report, as a result of the hard work of a number of senators in this chamber, that we've made some serious progress, so soon, very soon, not soon enough for me, but very soon we will see the text of bipartisan legislation that will help keep our children and our communities safer. It won't save a single child and he knows that. What it will do is take firearms away from the law-abiding while they remain in the hands of the law-breaking. It will make the country more dangerous. That's a Republican United States senator, an incumbent who unfortunately is not up for election this year, but God willing, will be punished for what he did, but the point is, the Republican Party in Washington seems to have missed all of this. Look at the elections taking place already this year, and that's the clearest possible sign to the people who run the Republican Party to stop talking about Ukraine, stop taking people's guns away. Start talking about things that they care about: the economy, education, family safety, justice, following the law, our border. Those are the things that matter, and if you don't acknowledge that, you're going to lose.

Watch: Trump Campaign Rally For Dr. Oz and Doug Mastriano In Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Sat, 09/03/2022 - 18:26
Former President Donald Trump will hold a "Save America" rally at 7:00 PM at the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania to promote Republican Senate nominee Dr. Mehmet Oz and the Republican gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano. Alternate stream:

Bill Barr: "DeSantis Would Be An Able Successor To Trump," I Want Someone Who Fights Smart And Wins

Fri, 09/02/2022 - 21:44
Former Attorney General Bill Barr said that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would be "an able successor" to Trump in an interview on the 'Ricochet' podcast. Barr the 2024 Republican nominee for president must be someone that will fight smart and win, not a "namby-pamby" or a Country Club Republican. "I think DeSantis is a very able politician - far more able than Trump as a politician - understanding the whole battlefield and looking at the whole battlefield in an integral way whereas Trump just fights the fight of today regardless of the cost and benefits to the whole battle," Barr told Ricochet. "I want a successor to Trump who is a fighter like Trump," Barr said. "I am not looking for a namby-pamby or what they would call a Country Club Republican who wants to get along. I am looking for someone who fights. Someone who fights smart and wins. Therefore, I think any successor to Trump has to be someone who is pro-Trump in terms of policies and so forth. And I think DeSantis is." "I think DeSantis would be an able successor to Trump," he said. "I think a number of the other people would be too. But I don't blame them for not distancing themselves from Trump at this point because I think that would hurt their chances."

Sky News Commentator Daisy Cousens: Ironically, A Lot Of Transgender Activists "Aren't Actually Trans"

Fri, 09/02/2022 - 19:58
Sky News contributor Daisy Cousens says it is ironic that a lot of transgender activists aren't actually trans. Ms Cousens said many transgender activists tend to be cisgender allies looking for virtue points. Drag used to be just about fun and entertainment and parody, she told Sky News Australia. Now, it's become so sort of dreary and political.

Susan Crabtree Joins the Panel to Discuss Biden's "Soul of America" Speech

Fri, 09/02/2022 - 18:46
RealClearPolitics national correspondent Susan Crabtree joins RCP president and co-founder Tom Bevan, Washington bureau chief Carl Cannon and Andrew Walworth to review President Biden's speech delivered last night in Philadelphia. Also, a look at new data showing a decline in students' math and language skills during Covid, and what polls now say about Democratic chances in the 2022 midterms.

Tim Miller: Biden's Speech May Have Been "Cathartic" For Voters To Hear, But I Didn't See Any Strategy

Fri, 09/02/2022 - 17:41
Tim Miller, who served as communications director for the Jeb Bush 2016 presidential campaign, told MSNBC Friday afternoon that TIM MILLER: I think democracy has been becoming a bigger issue. I think that's it's been tied to -- if you look at the polls, it's been going up as something people care about. They see these extreme Republican candidates getting nominated and more people are concerned. Obviously, abortion has become a greater issue after the Dobbs ruling. I'm not sure what last night's speech did to advance that objective. It seemed like something that was probably cathartic for Democratic partisans who want to hear their president fighting. I understand that impulse, and I think everything he said was true, by the way, about how extreme the MAGA Republicans are. But as a strategic effort, I think what this president's job is not just to -- not just to satisfy the anger of his own base but to try to bring more people into the tent, and this is what he did successfully in 2020. It's why he won handily. And I didn't see anything last night that was bringing in, when he tried to divide between the MAGA Republicans and other republicans. What is he offering to that other group to say, hey, stick with me, we'll protect democracy together? That part was missing last night for me.

Biden: "I Don't Consider Any Trump Supporter A Threat To The Country"

Fri, 09/02/2022 - 17:22
FNC's Peter Doocy asked President Biden whether the former president's supporters are included in his warning about the "threat to democracy" posed by the "Ultra-MAGA" movement.

Last night // Today

- Drew Holden (@DrewHolden360) September 2, 2022 PETER DOOCY: Mr. President, do you think all Trump supporters to be a threat to the country? PRESIDENT BIDEN: I don't consider any Trump supporter to be a threat. I do think anyone who calls for the use of violence and intends violence and refuses to acknowledge an election has been won, tinsists upon changing the way the rules you count votes. That is a threat to democracy. Democracy and everything we stand for. Everything we stand for rests on the platform of democracy. When people voted for Donald Trump, they weren't voting for attacking the Capitol. They' weren't voting for overruling the election. They were voting for a philosophy he put forward. So I'm not talking about anything other than: It is inappropriate and it is not only happening here but in other parts of the world, where there is a failure to condemn violence whenever it is used for political purposes, failure to condemn the attempt to manipulate electoral outcomes, and failure to acknowledge when elections were won or lost.

CNN's Jeremy Diamond To WH: Other Than Urging Americans To Vote, The President Has No Plan To Confront The Threat Of MAGA Fascism?

Fri, 09/02/2022 - 17:15
CNN's Jeremy Diamond asked White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre at Friday's briefing if President Biden will take any actions to follow up on the threat to democracy represented by supporters of the former president's "MAGA movement: REPORTER: Other than urging Americans to vote and make their voices heard, the president has no plan to confront this threat that he described very forcefully last night? KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: It is not the first time he's confronted or spoke about this threat. he has done it multiple times at multiple stages during the last three years... and he'll continue to lift that up when he feels it is needed. What the president did last night was incredibly powerful, it was clear, it was consise and steadfast, and he did it in primetime as you all know, speaking directly to the American people that it is time for us to come together. DIAMOND: I'm asking if there is going to be any action behind these words. JEAN-PIERRE: The action is making our voices heard.

CNN's Don Lemon: Biden Calling MAGA Republicans "Semi-Fascists" Is Not The Same As Calling All Republicans Fascists

Fri, 09/02/2022 - 16:17
CNN's Don Lemon and GOP strategist Alice Stewart discuss the president's speech last night about the threat of "MAGA Republicans" to the future of democracy in America. "That was a dark, depressing, and very divisive speech," Stewart said. "What he did in this speech is vilify half of this country." Don Lemon replied: "But half of this country are not MAGA Republicans. That's not accurate. It's 20% of the voting public... they're not all MAGA Republicans... I hate doing this because it makes me seem like I'm being political. He did not say all Republicans. He is not talking about the 75 million people who voted for Donald Trump. It is as plain as day. He went out of his way to make it very clear, even when he gave the speech earlier in the week, he talked about a 'MAGA philosophy' as semi-fascism. He didn't say Republicans were fascists." "So, why are we playing this word game of pretending that the president did or said something that he actually did not say?"

Tom Cotton: "Most Worrisome" For Biden To Have Marines Standing Behind Him While Engaging In Political Threats Against 74 Million GOP Voters

Fri, 09/02/2022 - 16:05
GOP Sen. Tom Cotton gave a response to to President Biden's speech warning about the threat posed to American democracy by the former president's "MAGA" agenda. "I'm not sure what they were going for with the strange and wildly inappropriate setting, unusual weird red lighting, most worrisome having Marines standing beside him while he's engaging in a political attack against 74 million Americans who voted for Republicans in the last election," Cotton said on FOX News Friday morning. "Then again, what else would you expect President Biden to talk about? He can't run on his own record." "Think about what he didn't say last night, he didn't talk about his student loan bailout from last week," he said. "If you want to talk about dangers to democracy, that's a perfect example of it -- Joe Biden, without any legal authority, is giving away hundreds of billions of dollars to his supporters in places like colleges and universities across America, while people who didn't go to school [or] worked hard or whose parents saved, they're going to bear the burden of all that debt that Joe Biden has unlawfully given to political supporters across the country."

Darren Beattie: Biden's Speech Represents The National Security State Being Turned Against MAGA Republicans

Fri, 09/02/2022 - 15:40
"Revolver News" founder Darren Beattie told Steve Bannon's "War Room" podcast what he thought of the "spectacle" last night of President Biden's speech on the threat of the "Ultra-MAGA" agenda to American democracy. "All of the language that you would expect someone to use if they were attempting to marginalize [an enemy] and justify imminent attacks using the apparatus of the state was the language that he used," Beattie said. "This was not a political speech, it was a declaration of war against American citizens." "The one thing we can not do -- they would like nothing more than to encourage violence in Trump's name from Trump's supporters," he said. "We must avoid this, avoid violence."

Full Replay: White House Press Briefing With Karine Jean-Pierre

Fri, 09/02/2022 - 14:54
White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre will brief reporters around noon on Friday, September 2, 2022.

GasBuddy Analyst: Gas Prices Could Suddenly Jump With A "Perfect Storm"

Fri, 09/02/2022 - 14:32
GasBuddy head of petroleum analysis Patrick De Haan discusses how long gas prices will continue to decline barring any 'disruptions' on 'Mornings with Maria.'