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Where Hope Finally Made a Comeback
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Puppeteer Jeff Dunham Mocks Joe Biden In Hilarious Send-Up (VIDEO)

Tue, 07/12/2022 - 03:39

The ventriloquist and comedian Jeff Dunham has released a new video which presents a puppet version of Joe Biden and mocks the president hilariously.

It’s so refreshing to see someone in entertainment mock a Democrat.

Comedians never shy away when Republicans are in charge but Democrats typically get kid-gloves treatment.

Hollywood In Toto reports:

Jeff Dunham’s ‘Fireside Shat’ with Biden: ‘Nobody Likes Me’

Two separate media outlets, both respected on paper, declared President Joe Biden too competent to satirize. Yes, The Washington Post and USA Today worried the new president will give comedians fits.

The first crisis of the Biden administration could be looming: America may have a president, the first in generations, who is impervious to impressionists.

Yes, someone actually wrote that. Talk about an opinion that didn’t age well. The USA Today piece isn’t quite as embarrassing, but it’s close.

Fast forward to today. Comedians are still hesitant to mock Biden, but it’s not for lack of material.

Gas prices are soaring. Inflation is crushing Middle America. Biden’s poll numbers drop to a new, shocking low every other week.

And the Commander in Chief needs note cards to process a simple social engagement. That’s when he’s not reading his directions out loud to the masses…

Enter Jeff Dunham.

The brilliant ventriloquist isn’t a political comic. He’s best known for his goofy wisecracks and indelible characters like Walter and Peanut.

He still brought out a Biden puppet to deliver the first of what may be many “Fireside Shats.” That title refers to rumors the president couldn’t hold back a bowel movement while meeting Pope Francis.

Watch the video below:

It’s amazing how much the puppet actually looks like him, isn’t it?

Be sure to share this with the friends and family members you know will love it.

Cross posted from American Lookout.

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EXCLUSIVE: Trump-Endorsed US Senate Candidate Blake Masters On Lawless Biden Regime’s Lawsuit Against AZ Voter Citizenship Requirements: “They Always Put AMERICA LAST.” (VIDEO)

Tue, 07/12/2022 - 03:30

Trump-Endorsed US Senate Candidate Blake Masters recently spoke up about the need for federal voter ID and citizenship requirements when voting at a US Senate candidate forum hosted by Freedom Works in Phoenix, Arizona.

Republican Senate Primary candidates took questions about their agendas if elected from Arizona Senate Communications Director Kim Quintero on June 23, 2022.

This occurred before the lawless and illegitimate Biden Regime launched a lawsuit against Arizona seeking to block a new law mandating safeguards that prevent illegal immigrants from voting in federal elections. The Democrats will stop at nothing to allow cheating in our elections.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported that the Biden DOJ sued Arizona to stop HB2492 from taking effect next year.

Lawless Biden Regime Sues Arizona To Block Law Requiring Voters to Prove US Citizenship to Vote

This new law would also apply to Federal Only voters who are not required to show proof of citizenship when registering to vote.

The Gateway Pundit reported extensively on the outright fraud that was discovered in Arizona’s 2020 Election by multiple investigations, including the Maricopa County full forensic audit and the “2000 Mules” documentary. The hundreds of thousands of potentially fraudulent or illegal ballots led to just two guilty pleadings in Yuma County because Arizona Attorney General and failing Senate Primary Candidate RINO Mark Brnovich failed to enforce the law.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake also responded to this corrupt lawsuit on Steve Bannon’s War Room last week. Like Kari Lake, Blake Masters is Trump-Endorsed, and he is the only candidate who is willing to admit the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged and Stolen.

Blake Masters responded to the Fraudulent Biden Regime’s “America Last” attack on free and fair elections.

Masters: Only American citizens should vote in American elections, period. Apparently, the Biden Administration disagrees — more evidence that they always put America last.

President Trump has endorsed Blake Masters more than once, telling voters that Blake’s RINO primary opponents, Jim Lamon and Mark Brnovich, “will only let you down.”

During last month’s Arizona Senate Primary Candidate Forum, Blake Masters gave his solution to this crisis of illegal immigrants voting in American Elections. As Blake told the crowd, more “federal-only” voters voted without proving their citizenship than Joe Biden and the Democrats stole the election by.

Masters: Hey guys, tell me if this is too extreme. I don’t think that in the United States of America, you should be able to cast a vote without showing an ID. I also don’t think in the United States of America, you should be able to register to vote without proving you’re a US citizen. How about that? Now, it’s true, we want states and municipalities to run their own elections. We do not want to federalize or nationalize elections. That’s what the Democrats want to do. But I’m okay with some baseline federal standards here. Those two I just said. You got to show ID in order to vote and you got to be a US citizen in order to vote. Okay? The Constitutional hook for this is in the Constitution, right? It’s right there, States are guaranteed a republican form of government.Well, if California, or Oregon, or Arizona, is allowed to let people vote without showing an ID I don’t think you can guarantee a republican form of government. Okay, so that’s the one bill I want at the federal level. And we did not have this in 2020. I’m the one candidate bold enough to say, I think if every election official nationwide followed the law, followed the rules, President Trump would right now be in the Oval Office, and the world would be so much better off. But that didn’t happen and we had politicians in office who were too scared to do anything about it. So, here’s the thing. Great, you can ban ballot harvesting. Arizona did that. It’s true, Mark Brnovich defended that law. I think it would have been really hard to lose that case in the Supreme Court. They have six conservative votes. But ballot harvesting being illegal doesn’t do a darn thing if you don’t enforce it. I don’t think we enforced it. In Arizona. 11,600 people voted on what’s called a federal-only ballot. They voted for President, 11,600. To get that federal on the ballot, all you had to do was check a box, saying, ‘I swear I’m a US citizen.’ No ID. We let 11,600 people vote for president on the honor system. The difference officially between Biden and Trump in this state, 10,500. We’ve got to fix this if we want to have a free Country.

MAAP Real Talk Show’s George Nemeh covered this event and shared footage from the entire forum on his Rumble page.

Blake Masters understands what needs to be done to secure our elections.

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In New Book Never-Trump Liar Paul Ryan Says He “Found Himself Sobbing” on January 6

Tue, 07/12/2022 - 03:15

Do you remember Paul Ryan?
At one time he was a worthless Republican Speaker of the House.

Paul Ryan pushed the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement to ensure the last remaining manufacturing jobs would move over to east Asia.  Thank goodness Donald Trump came along a put a stop to that lunacy.

Paul Ryan allegedly refused subpoenas to investigate the Deep State players who ran a coup against President Trump.

Paul Ryan allegedly punished Devin Nunes and removed him from his committee chair position after he told President Trump about the Obama spying.

Paul Ryan repeatedly promised to fund the Trump border wall — he repeatedly lied.

Paul Ryan later slammed Republicans who did not vote to impeach President Donald Trump in January 2021.

And Paul Ryan announced he would hold fundraisers for toxic Never-Trump Republicans Adam Kinzinger AND Liz Cheney.

And now in his new book Paul Ryan said he “found himself sobbing” on January 6th.

Insider reported:

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan was so “disturbed” by the events of the January 6 riots that he “found himself sobbing” while watching the events on television.

Ryan, a Republican, told journalist Mark Leibovich for his forthcoming book “Thank You For Your Servitude” that he often did not cry but “something snapped in him” that day.

“I spent my whole adult life in that building,” Ryan said, according to a copy of the book read by Insider. “And I saw my friends, a lot of cops, some of my old security detail – I’m still friends with a bunch of those guys. It really disturbed me, foundationally.”

Ryan wrote a letter to the security team, the book says, “figuring they could use all the love they could get right now.”

“He never thought it would come to this,” Leibovich wrote in the book. “That was what most Republicans said. Ryan figured the president would bitch and moan and maybe make a big show of ‘fighting’ for his supporters for a while. Everyone could feel good and victimized. But eventually Trump would just leave; hopefully, he would know to do this on his own. And everyone could then just get on with their lives.”

But Leibovich reported in his book that Ryan was evasive when he asked him whether he had been complicit during Trump’s presidency.

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Jill Biden Sings Happy Birthday To Masked Three-Year-Old On His Way To Get Jabbed At Vaccine Clinic

Tue, 07/12/2022 - 03:00

Experimental coronavirus injections have killed more people than any vaccine in history.

At least 21,884 Americans died after receiving the shots in 2021, according to the Center for Disease Control’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting. There were more US deaths related to vaccines in 2021 in less than 6 months than there were in the entire past decade.

And the death toll continues to climb. To date, 8,094 people died from after getting the jab in 2022.

The staggering number of vaccine-related deaths is not stopping the mass psychosis as some parents line their children up to take part in the dangerous experiment or the Biden administration from touting deadly lies.

Jill Biden celebrated a masked three-year-old boy’s COVID-19 vaccination on his birthday during her visit to a vaccine clinic to promote the jab for children.

Following her visit at the Henrico Health Department East Clinic in Virginia, she shared a video of the moment on social media to promote coronavirus vaccines for children.

“I am so glad Dr. Ashish Jha (COVID-19 Response Team Coordinator) and I could be here to celebrate your COVID-19 vaccine — and your 3rd birthday!” the installed First Lady gleamed.

Happy, happy birthday, Henry!

I am so glad @AshishKJha46 and I could be here to celebrate your COVID-19 vaccine — and your 3rd birthday!

— Jill Biden (@FLOTUS) July 1, 2022

As Biden greeted staff and parents of children under 5 who awaited vaccination she assured, “The relief is finally here — a vaccine for our youngest children.”

“Thank you for coming in today,” she said. “Thank you for doing this and protecting your children.”

She praised parents for masking their children.

“You wrestled tiny little masks on your children who couldn’t understand them,” she continued. “I know that it’s been hard, but you’ve done an amazing job,”

She also thanked the media for helping to spread the message and encouraging parents to vaccinate their young children.

“We couldn’t do this without you — we couldn’t get the word out,” she said.

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UPDATE: Eco-Terrorists Strike Again, Deflate SUV Tires in San Francisco, Chicago, and Scranton – “We Won’t Rest Until SUVs are History”

Tue, 07/12/2022 - 02:37

As TGP’s Kristinn Taylor reported earlier this month, a British eco-terrorist group that has operatives in the United States began targeting the “privileged few that flaunt their wealth” by deflating tires on “gas-guzzling” SUVs.

In its opening salvo in the US, the group posted online bragging about their attacks on private automobile ownership after deflating the tires on 40 SUVs in New York City’s Upper East Side neighborhood.

Report: Eco-Terrorists Deflate Tires on Dozens of SUVs in New York City

The group, which goes by the name “The Tyre Extinguishers,” threatened to target vehicles in cities across the US, and, has since made good on its threat.

Over the course of the past week, the eco-terrorist group has continued its radical efforts, deflating tires and disrupting everyday life for everyday SUV owners, by targeting Americans in San Francisco’s Bay Area, Chicago, Illinois, and Scranton, Pennsylvania, MSN reported.

According to SF Gate, the group is not just targeting large metro areas, either. Recently, the town of Vacaville, CA, which is about 55 miles outside of San Francisco, was targeted as numerous residents reported receiving a visit from the radical environmentalists. Reports of SUVs being targeted in the area also surfaced on social media this weekend.

It is reportedly the first time the group has hit the Bay Area.

Adding insult to injury, the group leaves behind a ‘calling card‘ of sorts with every victim – a note lecturing the SUV owner about their sins against the environment… As if the entire situation couldn’t be any more annoying…

To see how deeply unhinged the people behind these stunts are, you need not look any further than the very top line of the ridiculous note, which states, larger than anything else – in bold – “ATTENTION – Your Gas Guzzler Kills.”

In other words, you’re a murderer for driving an SUV. Where have we heard that line before?

From The Tyre Extinguisher’s calling card:

“ATTENTION – Your gas guzzler kills. We have deflated one or more of your tires. You’ll be angry, but don’t take it personally. It’s not you, it’s your car.

We did this because driving around urban areas in your massive vehicle has huge consequences for others … and [we are] “taking actions into our own hands because our governments and politicians will not.

Despite mocking the reader and claiming the situation is nothing personal, the letter continues to lecture about the “pure vanity” of owning an SUV and accuses the owner of “not caring” about the “consequences” and “impact” on others, including their own neighbors – sounds pretty personal, especially considering how part of the group’s mission statement is to “target” the “privileged few that flaunt their wealth” by owning a large vehicle.

If sticking it to the uber-wealthy was the goal, the group would target luxury sportscars and exotic supercars – not SUVs, which are also owned by working-class individuals and families. This ridiculous stunt is just making life painful for hardworking people who drive SUVs because… meh… ‘climate change.’

Nevertheless, the radical environmentalist group continues forging ahead with plans to expand into different areas and ramp up their efforts in cities they have already hit.

According to Marion Walker, a spokesperson for Tyre Extinguishers who spoke with SF Gate, the group is just getting their operations fired up.

Walker championed the efforts via email:

“As far as we know, this is the first action in the Bay Area – the first of many!”

The organization is heavily active on social media and has a website that details its radical agenda. Visitors can access a large array of seemingly obvious tutorial guides like “How To Spot An SUV” and “How To Deflate An SUV Tyre,” which can be downloaded and easily printed.

They have also ramped up the radical marketing campaign on Twitter as of late, promising not to rest “until SUVs are history” and claiming that they “cannot be stopped:”

So far we've disarmed thousands upon thousands of SUVs in the UK, USA, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and New Zealand.

Is your city next? This can happen anywhere. All you need is a leaflet and a lentil.

We can't be stopped. We won't rest until SUVs are history.

— The Tyre Extinguishers (@T_Extinguishers) June 30, 2022

As for now, the eco-terrorist group has operated largely unchecked, with minimal law enforcement investigation. However, the actions of this group amount to a serious, and organized effort to flout the law and extrajudicially punish law-abiding citizens for living their lives.

It’d be nice if we had some serious law enforcement agencies out there to get a handle on this thing already, but considering the fact that a violent pro-abortion terrorist group called Jane’s Revenge is burning pregnancy centers to the ground across the country with impunity because of Roe V Wade – not to even mention the wanton crimes of BLM/Antifa, there will be little to no effort anytime soon to quell the radical greenies who are targeting SUVs.

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“We Have No Plan for This Except Sitting Around Hoping He Dies” – NBC Panelists Are Openly Wishing for Trump’s Death (VIDEO)

Mon, 07/11/2022 - 02:09

Earlier today on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd MSNBC hack accidentally slipped up and said the silent part out loud.

Democrats and Never-Trumpers want Trump dead.

During a discussion on whether President Trump will run again in 2024 one of the guests, Mark Leibovich, admitted Democrats have no plan for Trump’s three-peat except hoping he dies.

Mark Leibovich: “Look we have no plan for this, except sitting around hoping [Trump] dies.”

Here’s a little tip for the RINOs and their Democrat allies, the MAGA movement is not going anywhere.

Via The Storm Has Arrived.

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Despite Winning Wimbeldon Today Novak Djokovic’s Chances of Winning the US Open Are Slim Because of Biden

Mon, 07/11/2022 - 01:34

Biden continues to deny World No. 1 tennis champ Novak Djokovic access to the USA due to not being vaccinated.  Despite winning Wimbledon today Djokovic’s chances of winning the US Open are slim because of Biden.

Today tennis great Novak Djokovic won another Wimbledon claiming his fourth consecutive title.

Seventh heaven.@DjokerNole continues to dominate at Wimbledon, claiming his fourth consecutive title#Wimbledon | #CentreCourt100

— Wimbledon (@Wimbledon) July 10, 2022

Next month is the tennis US Open but Djokovic doesn’t have a very good chance of winning there because Biden’s policies prevent unvaccinated foreigners to enter, other than the millions who cross the Southern Border illegally.  We wrote about this in March.

BREAKING: Biden Admin Denies Former World No. 1 Tennis Champ Novak Djokovic’s Access to Country Due to Vaccine Status — But Opened Border to 2 Million Unvaccinated Illegal Aliens in Last Year

The Washington Examiner writes:

Djokovic’s status in the U.S. Open next month remains in limbo, though, as he is unvaccinated against COVID-19. Unvaccinated foreigners are currently unable to enter the United States by plane, per guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“I would love to go to States. But as of today, that’s not possible. There is not much I can do anymore. I mean, it’s really up to the U.S. government to make a decision whether or not they allow unvaccinated people to go into the country,” Djokovic told Forbes last month.

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EXCLUSIVE: Democrat-Aligned Operative Behind Twitter Account ‘PatriotTakes’ Gets EXPOSED – Connected to Soros, Other Major Dark Money Donors

Mon, 07/11/2022 - 01:05

Guest Post by Kyle Clifton and Greyson Arnold.

An investigation by independent journalists Kyle Clifton and Greyson Arnold has exposed the anonymous social media account ‘PatriotTakes‘ connections to dark money, Soros funding, and Clinton PACs, as well as, shady hiring practices, family secrets, and much more.

PatriotTakes, which has more than 400,000 followers on Twitter, claims to “combat right-wing threats” to democracy by “research[ing], monitor[ing], and expose[ing] the extremism and radicalization of the far-right across the darkest parts of the internet.”

In other words, the account solely exists to dig up dirt by way of selectively editing clips and taking things out of context to whip up the hysterical cancel mob – aka. the woke ‘hitman.’ What we really see is that PatriotTakes is being used as a propaganda tool to circulate disinformation and create violent division against America First Republicans.

Throughout its existence, PatriotTakes has been propped up and aided by the powers that be, which has allowed it to amass a massive following online. The anonymous account is regularly cited by mainstream media outlets in an effort to promote its content and it recently began accessing massive amounts of capital after starting fundraising through its own Political Action Committee (PAC). Since April 2021, PatriotTakes has been soliciting donations via the radical Left’s ‘ActBlue’ platform, which “enables left-leaning nonprofits, Democratic candidates, and progressive groups to raise money from individual donors on the Internet by providing them with online fundraising software.”

The move to establish itself with fundraising capabilities allowed Kyle Clifton to search through FEC records for the PatriotTakes PAC and uncover the face behind the anonymous Twitter account – PAC treasurer Amy Wills Gray of Michigan.

Amy Gray is no stranger to running these types of organizations as she is listed as a treasurer for over half a dozen different Democrat Super PACs, all of which are registered to the same small town PO Box in her hometown.

As part of her work, Gray transacts millions of dollars in dark money deals through these PACs. For example, she received over a quarter-million dollars in donations from two of the most notorious dark money donors, George Soros and Amy Goldman Fowler.

Additionally, Gray’s ‘OpenSecrets’ employment history reveals deep ties to the Clintons. She worked alongside Hillary for over a decade through her PAC work and even under direct employment.

In addition to running PatriotTakes, Gray is currently in charge of the Super PAC ‘Ready For Hillary‘ where, interestingly, they made zero expenditures for or against any candidate.

Instead, expenses went solely towards salaries and consulting. This raises the question of money laundering and misappropriation of PAC funds.

Gray also runs a consulting firm, Gray Consulting LLC, which is established out of her home in Macomb, Michigan. She utilizes this LLC as a funnel from her PAC donations so that she can pay herself a salary for “consulting expenses.”

Unfortunately for Amy, with equipment and research costs, the donations that PatriotTakes brings in from individuals are not enough to sustain the organization.

To combat this Amy works directly with her husband Barry Gray to help fund her PatriotTakes operation out of pocket. Barry is a senior director of client services for Impellam Group. Impellam handles the hiring process and talent scouting for several different companies striving to be “the world’s most trusted staffing company.” Her and her husband abuse this position of power to hire direct PatriotTakes followers with extreme left-leaning idealogy into well-paying positions throughout America.

A quick Google search will reveal why Amy wishes to hide behind the scenes of an anonymous Twitter account. Amy’s father is a proud conservative and published author. Despite being a retired FBI agent, John Wills is strongly outspoken as a pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Trump, anti-mask, nationalist.

Amy responds affectionately about their relationship but uses her anonymous Antifa worshipping Twitter account to call people like her father ‘seditionist’ cult members.

In conclusion, there is a lot to unpack regarding Amy Gray, the face of PatriotTakes but there is even more to be known about the ones pulling the strings behind the scenes to push this divisive ideology.

Guest Post by Kyle Clifton and Greyson Arnold. Follow their work on Telegram here and here, respectively.

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WATCH: Mom Throws Herself on Hood of Car After Carjacker Steals It With Her Children Inside

Sun, 07/10/2022 - 18:00

A mother in New Mexico flung herself on top of the hood of her car after a carjacker stole it with her two children inside.

Melody Maldonado, 33, clung to the vehicle as the thief, Regina Castillo, 29, sped away with her 11-month-old son and six-year-old autistic daughter inside.

The incident took place around 11:30 p.m. on the Fourth of July.

Maldonado said that she was screaming for Castillo to stop and that her children were inside.

“She definitely heard me. I yelled for her to stop and that my kids were in the car,” the mother told the Daily Mail. “She kept driving. We went a good distance, through an intersection, past the Allsup’s. She was swerving so that I would fall off.”

A mother jumps onto the hood of her SUV to try and stop a suspected car thief. Police say the suspect drove off with the mother’s two young kids inside. It happened on the Fourth of July in New Mexico.

— Inside Edition (@InsideEdition) July 9, 2022

Eventually, Castillo was able to throw the woman from the hood of the vehicle. Maldonado broke her foot, but still made her way to a convenience store nearby to call the police.

Castillo eventually kicked the six-year-old out of the vehicle because she was worried she had a phone and that it would be tracked. She left the girl on the side of the road.

As the police began to catch up with her, Castillo ditched the vehicle on the side of the road with the baby inside and fled on foot. Officers pursued her through a backyard and tackled her.

WATCH: A #NewMexico #mother clung to the hood of her vehicle while an alleged #carjacker drove off with the woman’s vehicle with her 6-year-old daughter and 11-month-old son inside. The car was found abandoned & she was #arrested. Both children were found safe. #GettothePoint

— Get to the Point (@GettothePoint28) July 9, 2022

According to the Mail report, “it’s still unclear why Castillo stole the car. At the time of her arrest, she had three active warrants for failure to appear in court on charges of concealing her identity, shoplifting and traffic violations.”

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Sen. Ron Johnson: The FBI Had Hunter Biden’s Computer Since Dec. 2019 – They Havent “Done Squat With It” (VIDEO)

Sun, 07/10/2022 - 17:35

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning to discuss the growing Biden Family Crime Syndicate.

Ron Johnson accused Joe Biden of funneling money to his son Hunter Biden to pay for the Eastern European prostitutes involved in a possible human trafficking ring.

Of course, Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland is covering up all of these crimes and ignoring this lawlessness by the First Family.

Senator Ron Johnson: Hunter Biden was well aware of the fact that his activities were red flags and certainly could have triggered suspicious activity reports to the Treasury Department… Again this is information off of his own laptop, off of iCloud backup from his iPhone. But he was highly concerned about payments he was making to nonresidents, people who appear to be East European prostitution or human trafficking ring. That those were going to flag, those type of transactions. Of course, we’re seeing that Joe Biden apparently paid $30,000 to $100,000 maybe unwittingly. But he continued to funnel money into Hunter Biden. The fact of the matter is Hunter Biden’s computer is a treasure trove of information…

…We don’t have equal justice, we have a two-tiered justice system. One that will treat with kid gloves or cover-up for Democrats and their powerful friends, the elites – and the rest of Americans. We’re seeing that big time with Hunter Biden… Senator Grassley and I, we have the bank records now. We’ve shown them on the Senate floor. They show highly suspicious activity. That I don’t think the Justice Department is doing enough to potentially prosecute.

Senator Johnson then unloaded on the Bidens.

Sen. Johnson: This is a huge scandal. The American public deserves the truth because it is putting at risk our national security because we have a compromised president who has lied repeatedly to the American public, saying he never talked to Hunter about his overseas business transactions. We actually have voice mails from off of these computers… We know the FBI had Hunter Biden’s computer in December 2019. What have they been doing with it?… Our FBI, our Justice Department hasn’t really done squat.

Chris Wray has destroyed the FBI — the modern-day Stasi troops.

The FBI should NEVER be trusted again.

Via Sunday Morning Futures.

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Arson Fire Set at Catholic Church in DC Suburb of Bethesda, Maryland; Same Church and Nearby Methodist Church Attacked Night Before

Sun, 07/10/2022 - 17:15

The pro-abortion left’s attacks on churches, pro-life centers and Supreme Court Justices continued this weekend with attacks on churches in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Bethesda, Maryland. An arson fire was set at Saint Jane De Chantel Catholic Church early Sunday. There were no injuries in the overnight fire that damaged pews and caused a reported $50,000 in damages. St. Jane’s had been vandalized the previous night.

Another church in that area was also attacked this weekend. Twenty-four hours before early Saturday the North Bethesda United Methodist Church was also vandalized, though details of that attack are conflicting with reports that there was an arson fire and others saying the church was vandalized.

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service posted about the arson fire, “(~215a) 9601 Old Georgetown Road, Saint Jane de Chantal Church, fire alarm, w/ fire in main Church, Update – St Jane de Chantal Church, fire involved several pews in main church area, fire is out, no injuries…ire/Explosive Investigators seeking info RE this morning’s (2a) fire at Saint Jane Frances de Chantal Catholic Church ANYONE w/ any info Call @mcfrs ARSON Tipline 240.777.2263”

Update – St Jane de Chantal Church, fire involved several pews in main church area, fire is out, no injuries,

— Pete Piringer (@mcfrsPIO) July 10, 2022

.@MontgomeryCoMD @mcfrs Fire/Explosive Investigators seeking info RE this morning’s (2a) fire at Saint Jane Frances de Chantal Catholic Church ANYONE w/ any info Call @mcfrs ARSON Tipline 240.777.2263

— Pete Piringer (@mcfrsPIO) July 10, 2022

WJLA-TV headline and article excerpt:

2 Bethesda, Md. churches targeted by vandals, arson investigations underway: Police

Two fires broke out at separate churches on the same road in Bethesda, Md., over the weekend, according to police and fire officials in Montgomery County. Authorities believe both fires were intentionally set.

The first incident happened at the North Bethesda United Methodist Church in the 10100 block of Old Georgetown Road on Saturday at 1:55 a.m., Montgomery County Police said.

Early Sunday morning, a fire broke out at Saint Jane Frances de Chantal Catholic Church at around 2 a.m., according to Pete Piringer, spokesperson for the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service.

WRC-TV report (excerpt):

Around 2 a.m. the morning of July 10 authorities responded to an alarm in the church. Fire fighters arrived quickly from a nearby station and found a fire burning in the main part of the church. 65 fire fighters responded to the incident and extinguished the fire quickly, according to MCFRS.

The “fire involved several pews in main church area,” Pete Piringer a spokesperson for MCFRS tweeted. No injuries were reported.

This is the second act of vandalism at the church in the past two days, authorities said. No details have been released about the first vandalism incident.

“What’s troubling is that there was some vandalism associated with this fire” Piringer said.

On Saturday, Montgomery County Police officers responded to reports of vandalism at the North Bethesda United Methodist Church located on Old Georgetown Road, the same road as St. Jane’s. The initial investigation showed that the suspect forced entry into the church before vandalizing in various areas, police said.

Local blogger Robert Dyer also reported an arson investigation of the attack on the Methodist church (excerpt):

“Twenty-five hours earlier, Montgomery County police responded to a report of illegal entry and arson at a different church in the 10100 block of Old Georgetown at 1:00 AM Saturday morning, according to crime data. Police and MCFRS have not released any details about that Saturday morning incident to the public as of this writing.”

St. Jane’s is located just inside the Beltway in North Bethesda.

Mass was held in a gym located on the church property Sunday morning.

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MUST WATCH: Dr. Peter McCullough Discusses New Study That Shows Pfizer’s Covid mRNA Vaccines Can MODIFY DNA in the Human Genome (VIDEO)

Sun, 07/10/2022 - 01:12

Researchers in Sweden recently published a new alarming study showing that Pfizer’s experimental mRNA Covid vaccine can modify DNA within the human genome.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine (MDPI), found that the SARS-CoV-2 RNA within the Pfizer vaccine can reverse-transcribe itself and install itself within the DNA of the human genome within a matter of just six hours following exposure to the vaccine.

Aside from the self-explanatory issues of modifying DNA in humans without their knowledge, the changes can cause “genotoxic side effects,” according to the study.

From the study, titled “Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line:”

Our study shows that BNT162b2 can be reverse transcribed to DNA in liver cell line Huh7, and this may give rise to the concern if BNT162b2-derived DNA may be integrated into the host genome and affect the integrity of genomic DNA, which may potentially mediate genotoxic side effects.”

Researchers determined that the mRNA concoction is able to enter the human cell lining at “high efficiency” after observing the phenomenon happen within human liver cells in vitro (a lab setting). They detected “high levels” of the foreign DNA within the liver cell after just a few hours. There were also rapid changes in gene expression within the affected cells.

This foreign DNA mirrored the BNT162b2 mRNA contained in the experimental vaccine.

From the study:

“In this study, we investigated the effect of BNT162b2 on the human liver cell line Huh7 in vitro. Huh7 cells were exposed to BNT162b2, and quantitative PCR was performed on RNA extracted from the cells.

We detected high levels of BNT162b2 in Huh7 cells and changes in gene expression of long interspersed nuclear element-1 (LINE-1), which is an endogenous reverse transcriptase.

PCR on genomic DNA of Huh7 cells exposed to BNT162b2 amplified the DNA sequence unique to BNT162b2.Our results indicate a fast up-take of BNT162b2 into human liver cell line Huh7, leading to changes in LINE-1 expression and distribution.

We also show that BNT162b2 mRNA is reverse transcribed intracellularly into DNA in as fast as 6 h upon BNT162b2 exposure

BNT162b2 Enters Human Liver Cell Line Huh7 Cells at High Efficiency.”

The shocking results of this study completely contradict what the so-called public health ‘experts’ have been claiming for months – that the experimental mRNA vaccines can not, and will not, modify people’s DNA. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even says as much, very explicitly, on their website, but, just like with all of the other baseless claims about the safety and efficacy of this gene therapy being billed as a vaccine, this too is proving to be false.

And, it’s not as if there were no warning signs about this before the Swedish paper was published. Multiple other studies have shown similar results, especially when conducting clinical trials on animals. One of which was cited by the Swedish paper and showed “reversible hepatic effects in animals that received the BNT162b2 injection.”

What’s even more worrisome, though, is that preclinical data for the vaccine has demonstrated the messenger RNA can travel to several other organs in addition to the liver, including the spleen, heart, kidney, lung, and brain. And it doesn’t take much to begin seeing the effects as Researchers found that the mRNA entered the liver cell line with high efficiency despite “the concentration [of mRNA] in the liver [being] roughly 100 times lower than that of the intramuscular injection site.”

Pfizer’s own cooked clinical data even showed the mRNA was traveling to – and could be found in, several critical organs after injection – including the reproductive organs, according to researchers.

The study continues:

“The Pfizer EMA assessment report also showed that BNT162b2 distributes in the spleen (<1.1%), adrenal glands (<0.1%), as well as low and measurable radioactivity in the ovaries and testes (<0.1%) [26].”

In other words, this reverse-transcribed foreign DNA is likely being installed across the body. This is beyond criminal.

Following the release of the bombshell Swedish study, some of the most outspoken critics of the experimental vaccines, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Bartlett, and Dr. Simone Gould, joined a panel discussion about the alarming findings that have left the medical and scientific community “buzzing.”

According to Dr. McCullough, who is the most published cardiologist in history, this is the first hard evidence that shows the experimental vaccines do, in fact, change the DNA of the person who is injected.

From Dr. McCullough:

“The news is buzzing – out of Lund University in Malmo Sweeden… [this is] the first demonstration in a human hepatic (liver) cell line that the Pfizer vaccine in fact reverse transcribes and installs DNA into the human genome.” 

Following up on Dr. McCullough at the request of the host, Dr. Bartlett broke the findings down in more simple terms. And, as he correctly points out, we were told this would never happen.

From Dr. Bartlett:

“So, basically, there’s an enzyme that can take that messenger RNA vaccine information and put it into the DNA of the person – into their DNA. And we were told that could not happen… the vaccine is messenger RNA. And we were told that messenger RNA could not go into your DNA, but this is showing that – in a lab – it can.”

Noticeably uncomfortable – and rightfully so, one of the panel hosts nervously asks: “If you’re pregnant and you have this done [take the vaccine] can that then affect your baby?”

Unfortunately, she got the answer she was dreading. Quite simply, yes it will.

Dr. McCullough continued:

Yes. This is an alarming finding.

CDC says on its website – very explicitly – this [vaccine] will not change your DNA. The paper that came out of Sweden – there will be many more to confirm it – and the steps are to: a) confirm it – to confirm that the entire code is installed. And then, to actually confirm that it [the foreign vaccine DNA] is expressed – meaning that the spike protein is now being continually expressed from human cells because the lipid nanoparticle has taken up everywherethat means somatic cells in your organs, but also gametocytes, which are the cells that actually are the sperm and the egg.

If they [gametocytes] are carrying it, that indeed means it can be passed to the daughter’s [or son’s] cells in the embryo.


Keep in mind – the US Government just approved, and is heavily pushing this poison on babies and toddlers now. The first country in the entire world to do so.

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EXCLUSIVE: Key Excerpts from President Trump’s Speech Tonight in Anchorage, Alaska – On RINO Senator Murkowski – “One of the Most Destructive and Two-Faced RINOs There Is”

Sun, 07/10/2022 - 00:40

President Trump is holding a rally tonight in Anchorage, Alaska in front of thousands of MAGA supporters.  

President Trump’s message is excellent.  Below are some excerpts from his speech:

Under a Republican Congress, we should pass emergency funding to hire thousands more police officers in communities nationwide, to put violent criminals behind bars, and keep them behind bars.


Instead of targeting Republicans, conservatives, Christians, and patriotic parents, the Biden administration should try going in and dismantling the street gangs and deadly cartels. And instead of taking guns away from law-abiding Americans, we should try taking them away from the violent felons and career criminals for a change—enforcing existing federal statutes to get them in jail, where they belong.


Murkowski has been in the Senate for 21 years, and her father held the seat for 21 years before her. She is a total creature of the Washington Swamp, a tool of the corrupt establishment and the Fake News Media—and one of the most destructive and two-faced RINOs there is, betraying Alaska voters at every turn.


When Alaska fires Lisa Murkowski on Election Day, the media and the left will be wailing in misery and pain—because they will know their biggest Fake Republican has gone down in flames.


It is time to finally and completely smash the radical-left’s corrupt education cartel. Our children are captives to unhinged Marxist educators who are pushing inappropriate sexual, racial, and political material on our children from the youngest possible age. The public school system has become an arm of the Radical Left—and we are not going to take it any longer.


When Republicans retake Congress, they also need to crack down hard on Big Pharma for giving puberty blockers and other dangerous drugs to mutilate our youth. We will save our kids – and every federal bureaucrat who was complicit in this travesty needs to be immediately fired.


We are a nation in decline. We are a failing nation…. We are a nation whose economy is floundering, whose stores are not stocked, whose deliveries are not coming, and whose educational system is ranked in the lowest quadrant of 45 countries. But we are not going to let this continue. Two years ago, we had greatness like never before seen, and soon we will have greatness again.

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Secret Service Director Resigns — Will Go To Work For Big Tech

Sat, 07/09/2022 - 17:05

Another high-level figure in the Biden administration is leaving.

U.S. Secret Service Director James Murray will officially retire on July 30th — he served three years in the role.

Politico reported:

U.S. Secret Service Director James Murray will retire after serving in the high-ranking post for three years, President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden said in a statement on Thursday.

“Jim embodies the meaning of service over self, and protected the families of U.S. Presidents like they were part of his own,” the statement said. “We are incredibly grateful for his service to our country and our family.”

Murray will begin a new position as chief security officer at Snap Inc., the company that owns Snapchat, at the beginning of August, a company spokesperson said. The Washington Post earlier reported the move. Murray will report directly to Snap CEO and co-founder Evan Spiegel.

In January 2021, Snapchat permanently terminated President Trump’s account.

They said at the time:

“Last week we announced an indefinite suspension of President Trump’s Snapchat account, and have been assessing what long term action is in the best interest of our Snapchat community. In the interest of public safety, and based on his attempts to spread misinformation, hate speech, and incite violence, which are clear violations of our guidelines, we have made the decision to permanently terminate his account…”

The Biden administration has had a shocking number of departures – people are leaving the administration at a faster rate than prior administrations.

The Washington Examiner reported:

After one year in office, President Joe Biden’s White House staff shrank at a significantly faster rate than the staffs of his immediate predecessors, an analysis of a staffing report published by the Biden administration confirms.

The White House has been required to publish its full payroll dating back to 1995. In total, 2022’s report lists 474 people employed by the Executive Office of the President as of July 1, 16 of whom are listed as unpaid detailees, fellows, policy staffers, and one staff secretary. The report shows a more than 15% decrease in the total number of White House staff. The 2021 report listed 560 employees, with 41 not taking salaries.

For comparison, the White House saw 4% and 1% staff reduction after Presidents Barack Obama’s and Donald Trump’s first years in office, according to Open the Books. Obama employed 485 and 466 staffers in 2009 and 2010, while Trump employed 377 and 372 in 2017 and 2018.

Is the Biden Administration falling apart? 

For the antidote to media bias, check out!

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Florida County School Board Sued for Allegedly Distributing ‘Obscene, Lewd, and Lascivious’ Books to Students

Sat, 07/09/2022 - 16:45

A school board in Florida has been sued for allegedly providing school libraries with books that are “obscene, lewd, and lascivious.”

The lawsuit filed by a man named Robert Craft accuses the Sarasota School Board of “purchasing and propagating obscene, lewd, and lascivious materials for distribution to children.”

The lawsuit lists over 50 books, including “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison and “How to be an Antiracist” by Critical Race Theory proponent Ibram Kendi.

Sarasota School Board Lawsuit by Jim DeLa

Craft is petitioning for an emergency injunction to “stop children’s exposure to sexually explicit materials and child rape materials in Sarasota County Schools.” The lawsuit also requests that the sheriff’s department seize the materials to be used as evidence.

The lawsuit claims that the board has “repeatedly ignored the public outcry for the removal and censorship of explicitly sexual material from public schools.”

Daniel DeLeo, the lawyer representing the school board, told ABC7 that he thinks the suit is “ridiculous.”

“It’s rife with error,” DeLeo said. “It has no legal merit at all.”

DeLeo claimed that libraries have special First Amendment protections if the book has “scholarly or artistic merit.”

“The books have been called into question. It’s up to a jury,” Craft told the station.

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POLL: Biden’s Approval Rating Now Lower Than Trump’s Lowest Point

Sat, 07/09/2022 - 04:34

Joe Biden’s approval rating is now lower than Trump’s was at his lowest.

It’s important to put this into context. The media hammered Trump every single day of his presidency and Democrats were right there with them.

Biden has had a compliant media that has bent over backwards to help him.

That makes a huge difference.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Joe’s low: Biden approval falls below Trump’s worst point

For the first time, President Joe Biden’s voter approval rating has fallen below former President Donald Trump’s worst-ever level, continuing a yearlong trend for the bumbling chief executive who can’t seem to get a break.

Rasmussen Reports’s daily tracking poll put Biden’s approval rating at 37% today. Trump’s approval rating never fell below 38% in four years of Rasmussen polling.

Maybe worse, just 65% of Democrats approve of Biden, another record low. It had been hovering in the low 70s.

The White House has tried to fix his steady polling decline with more travel and speeches by Biden and staff shake-ups, but nothing has worked. And now, some Democrats are distancing themselves from Biden as they seek to keep their jobs in the election.

The nation’s dissatisfaction with Biden appears to be affecting everything in his world, from the stalled economy and surging inflation to the 2022 midterm congressional elections.

Here’s the worst part for Biden. He’s probably not done sinking yet.

Lowest ever approval rating for Joe Biden of 37% on @Rasmussen_Poll daily Prez Trac coming later this AM. Driven by Democratic voter abandonment – at 65% approval among Dems compared to the recent usual low 70% range

— Miranda Devine (@mirandadevine) July 8, 2022

Biden approval plunges to 37%, a record low for him.

The lowest Trump ever got was 38%.

Sponsored by @mirandadevine
and LAPTOP FROM HELL available here:

— Rasmussen Reports (@Rasmussen_Poll) July 8, 2022

It's finally happened. Biden approval falls below Trump’s worst point. It impacts everything. 2 others from @Rasmussen_Poll

1 – Generic ballot expands to 8 points for GOP, 3-points in a week.

2 – Consumer confidence at lowest level recorded.

— Paul Bedard (@SecretsBedard) July 8, 2022

Biden is a disaster as president. It’s obvious to everyone.

Cross posted from American Lookout.

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Here We Go: New ‘Ninja’ COVID Variant Is ‘The Most Dangerous One Yet’

Sat, 07/09/2022 - 02:31

The corporate media is propagating another campaign to stow fear over a another COVID variant as the federal government attempts to use the bioweapon to perpetuate an indefinite state of emergency.

BA.5, an Omicron  subvariant, also known as ‘Ninja,’ is now the dominant coronavirus strain in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Ninja “is the most dangerous” variant yet and serves as “a strong reminder the COVID pandemic isn’t over,” the Daily Beast warns, in an article syndicated by Yahoo News on Friday.

While health practitioners around the nation have been fired, suspended or revoked of their medical licenses for treating patients with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, medications that effectively treat COVID-19, experimental gene-editing COVID “vaccines” have proven to provide no immunity against the transmission of the manmade virus.

Yet, “vaccines and boosters are still the best defense,” the Daily Beast reports.

“There are even Omicron-specific booster jabs in development that, in coming months, could make the best vaccines more effective against BA.5 and its genetic cousins,” the publication notes. “BA.5’s widespread mutations made the subvariant less recognizable to all those antibodies we’ve built up from vaccines, boosters and past infection. BA.5 has been able to slip past our immune system, ninja-style, contributing to the rising rate of breakthrough cases and infections.

“The more additional jabs you get on top of your prime course, the better protected you are. Arguably the best protection results from two prime jabs of the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer or Moderna plus a couple boosters.”

The left-wing outlet blames the rising rate of breakthrough cases and new variants on the “stubborn anti-vax minority.”

“In the U.S., for example, the percentage of fully vaccinated has stalled at around 67 percent,” the publication notes. “So COVID lingers, 31 months after the first case was diagnosed in Wuhan, China.”

In reality, the COVID vaccines are creating variants, contends Dr. Ben Marble, the founder of MyFreeDoctor who has treated over 300.000 COVID patients.

“All the different variants, they are created by the C-19 fake vaccine poison — that’s why they exist,” Dr. Marble told the Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interivew. They wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the mass use of these gene-editing fake vaccines. A lot of people are getting really sick. Whose getting really sick? Of course, the people who took the shots. The people who have gotten three and four shots, they are the ones filling up the hospitals. An overwhelming majority of hospitalized people with COVID are people who took the shot. Unvaccinated people don’t get that sick. The bottom line is the more doses of the poison shot you’ve taken, the sicker you are going to be and the more likely you’re going to die soon.”

Mass vaccinating during an outbreak always create mutations, Marble argued.

“All immunologists know you are never supposed to mass vaccinate in the middle of the pandemic. Ideally, you do it way before the pandemic ever starts. Trying to do it during the middle of a pandemic guarantees it’s natural selection,” he said. “The organism has to mutate in order to survive and if it doesn’t mutate then it dies off. So, it will try different mutations until one survives and keeps getting transmitted. Suddenly, you have a new variant. The evolutionary selective pressure of the fake vaccines forces the actual virus to mutate again.”

Marble suspects the Omicron variant, like COVID-19, was man made and released.

“This is bioterrorism. Some of the mutations are so strikingly different. The Omicron variant was so slightly different it may have been a separately released bioterror event as opposed to naturally appearing from selective pressure and the mass vaccination,” he continued. The original  SARS 2 virus was a bioterrorism weapon was clearly released and man made by Fauci the gain of function. They released it on purpose. Every COVID death is a murder by Fauci and friends.

“The Great Reset is actually a plan to use fake vaccines to cull the human herd and that’s what they’re doing. We are witnessing a great mass genocide. The problem is the mass formation psychosis. If you think political correctness is good, you’re psychotic. The proof that they’re insane is they keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, which is the definition of insanity. They take booster after booster after booster thinking that they are going to get a different result. Surprise. The bad news for them is that they are going to get a different result when they are sick all the time or dying.”


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HUGE: Twitter Is in SERIOUS TROUBLE – Filing Materially Inaccurate Representations with the SEC Could Be Entity Ending

Sat, 07/09/2022 - 02:00

Elon Musk sent a letter today to Twitter ending the agreement to purchase the company based on what Musk believes to be deal terminating issues. 

Elon Musk Sends Letter to Twitter Terminating $44 Billion Buyout Bid …UPDATE: Twitter to Sue to Enforce Deal

Musk shared in his letter to Twitter:

Mr. Musk is terminating the Merger Agreement because Twitter is in material breach of multiple provisions of that Agreement, appears to have made false and misleading representations upon which Mr. Musk relied when entering into the Merger Agreement, and is likely to suffer a Company Material Adverse Effect (as that term is defined in the Merger Agreement).

As TGP mentioned before, messing with the SEC is like messing with Sasquatch.  You best not do it. 

Filings with the SEC must be perfect.  To misrepresent numbers or assertions in the filings is a very big deal.  Companies have gone bankrupt for doing so.  This was explained in a prior post.

TWITTER FACES FINANCIAL NIGHTMARE – Must Prove It Didn’t Lie in SEC Filings About Only 5% Bots – Elon Musk Is Waiting – Newsweek Reports Biden Account May Be 50% Bots

(Having overseen the financial reporting for a billion-dollar entity, this comes with some experience, never report bad numbers to the SEC.  Ever.  Investors depend on numbers filed with the SEC and false or fake numbers can impact their decisions.  Investors could use this against the company if the stock price falls.  The leaders of the company can be in grave trouble.)

Unfortunately for Twitter, they failed to provide accurate and transparent data to Musk so that he could gain comfort in the number of fake bots on the site.  Twitter claims this number is 5% but Musk makes the following key points – bolded below:

In addition to the foregoing, Twitter is in breach of the Merger Agreement because the Merger Agreement appears to contain materially inaccurate representations. Specifically, in the Merger Agreement, Twitter represented that no documents that Twitter filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission since January 1, 2022, included any “untrue statement of a material fact” (Section 4.6(a)). Twitter has repeatedly made statements in such filings regarding the portion of its mDAUs that are false or spam, including statements that: “We have performed an internal review of a sample of accounts and estimate that the average of false or spam accounts during the first quarter of 2022 represented fewer than 5% of our mDAU during the quarter,” and “After we determine an account is spam, malicious automation, or fake, we stop counting it in our mDAU, or other related metrics.Mr. Musk relied on this representation in the Merger Agreement (and Twitter’s numerous public statements regarding false and spam accounts in its publicly filed SEC documents) when agreeing to enter into the Merger Agreement. Mr. Musk has the right to seek rescission of the Merger Agreement in the event these material representations are determined to be false.

Although Twitter has not yet provided complete information to Mr. Musk that would enable him to do a complete and comprehensive review of spam and fake accounts on Twitter’s platform, he has been able to partially and preliminarily analyze the accuracy of Twitter’s disclosure regarding its mDAU. While this analysis remains ongoing, all indications suggest that several of Twitter’s public disclosures regarding its mDAUs are either false or materially misleading. First, although Twitter has consistently represented in securities filings that “fewer than 5%” of its mDAU are false or spam accounts, based on the information provided by Twitter to date, it appears that Twitter is dramatically understating the proportion of spam and false accounts represented in its mDAU count. Preliminary analysis by Mr. Musk’s advisors of the information provided by Twitter to date causes Mr. Musk to strongly believe that the proportion of false and spam accounts included in the reported mDAU count is wildly higher than 5%. Second, Twitter’s disclosure that it ceases to count fake or spam users in its mDAU when it determines that those users are fake appears to be false. Instead, we understand, based on Twitter’s representations during a June 30, 2022 call with us, that Twitter includes accounts that have been suspended—and thus are known to be fake or spam—in its quarterly mDAU count even when it is aware that the suspended accounts were included in mDAU for that quarter. Last, Twitter has represented that it is “continually seeking to improve our ability to estimate the total number of spam accounts and eliminate them from the calculation of our mDAU…” But, Twitter’s process for calculating its mDAU, and the percentage of mDAU comprised of non-monetizable spam accounts, appears to be arbitrary and ad hoc. Disclosing that Twitter has a reasoned process for calculating mDAU when the opposite is true would be false and misleading.

Twitter’s representation in the Merger Agreement regarding the accuracy of its SEC disclosures relating to false and spam accounts may have also caused, or is reasonably likely to result in, a Company Material Adverse Effect, which may form an additional basis for terminating the Merger Agreement. While Mr. Musk and his advisors continue to investigate the exact nature and extent of this event, Mr. Musk has reason to believe that the true number of false or spam accounts on Twitter’s platform is substantially higher than the amount of less than 5% represented by Twitter in its SEC filings. Twitter’s true mDAU count is a key component of the company’s business, given that approximately 90% of its revenue comes from advertisements. For this reason, to the extent that Twitter has underrepresented the number of false or spam accounts on its platform, that may constitute a Company Material Adverse Effect under Section 7.2(b)(i) of the Merger Agreement. Mr. Musk is also examining the company’s recent financial performance and revised outlook, and is considering whether the company’s declining business prospects and financial outlook constitute a Company Material Adverse Effect giving Mr. Musk a separate and distinct basis for terminating the Merger Agreement.

Twitter according to Musk is not being transparent about its accounting for false or spam accounts.  Twitter signed an agreement to provide all the information it can so that Musk can make an intelligent decision on the purchase but is not doing that.

It looks like false or spam accounts are the downfall of the Musk – Twitter deal.  They may be the downfall of Twitter as well. 

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“People Should Be Allowed to Do That” – White House Sides with Angry Mobs Chasing Supreme Court Justices from DC Restaurants (VIDEO)

Sat, 07/09/2022 - 01:30

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanagh, who was targeted by an assassin last month, was forced by a pro-abortion protest mob to flee a DC restaurant this week through the back door.

Justice Kavanaugh was eating at Morton’s Steakhouse when a pro-abortion mob chased him from the premises.

Morton’s the Steakhouse is located at 1050 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C., promotional photo via Washington Square.

The leftist group Shutdown DC boasted about the mob action Wednesday night, “We hear Kavanaugh snuck out the back with his security detail.
@mortons should be ashamed for welcoming a man who so clearly hates women.”

We hear Kavanaugh snuck out the back with his security detail. @mortons should be ashamed for welcoming a man who so clearly hates women.

— ShutDownDC (@ShutDown_DC) July 7, 2022

Earlier today FOX News reported Peter Doocy questioned White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on the violence by the left and public threats against Justice Kavanaugh while out eating in Washington DC.

Jean-Pierre: People should be allowed to do that.

Peter Doocy: In a restaurant?

Jean-Pierre: If it’s peaceful, for sure.

Peter Doocy: Really?

Jean-Pierre: Peaceful protest… Your question to me was intimidation.

Peter Doocy: These justices. Because the protesters do not agree with the opinion they signed on to, had no right to privacy is what you’re saying?

Jean Pierre: But Peter, people have the right. This is a democracy is. People have the right… Of course, people have a right to privacy but people also have a right to be able to protest peacefully. It’s the intimidation and violence that we condemn.

The regime loves its thug army.

Doocy on Brett Kavanaugh being forced out of a DC restaurant by protesters: "So these Justices, because protesters do not agree with an opinion… have no right to privacy?"

Jean-Pierre: "This is what a democracy is."

— Washington Free Beacon (@FreeBeacon) July 8, 2022

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New Study Contradicts ‘Experts’ – Shows Unvaccinated Adults Found “No increase in Myocarditis and Pericarditis” Following COVID Infection

Sat, 07/09/2022 - 01:04

A new study from Israel reveals that there was “no increase in the incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis” in unvaccinated adults who had COVID-19 infection.

This contradicts the findings of earlier studies that suggested there may be a connection between cardiac inflammation and coronavirus infections.

In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, the researchers concluded that there is “no increase in the incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis in COVID-19 recovered patients compared to uninfected matched controls.”

NEW – Israeli cohort study involving 196,992 unvaccinated adults found “no increase in the incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis” after COVID infection.

— (@disclosetv) July 7, 2022

“Myocarditis and pericarditis are potential post-acute cardiac sequelae of COVID-19 infection, arising from adaptive immune responses,” the study stated. “We aimed to study the incidence of post-acute COVID-19 myocarditis and pericarditis.”

A total of 787,968 Clalit Health Services adult members were included in the study between March 2020 and January 2021. Out of that total, 196,992 adults were found to be infected with the COVID-19 virus (16,632 adults with previous vaccination were excluded from the group).

The control cohort of 590,976 adults with no Covid were age- and sex-matched, according to the study (5 adults with previous vaccination were excluded from the group).

A. Myocarditis

B. Pericarditis

“Nine post-COVID-19 patients developed myocarditis (0.0046%), and eleven patients were diagnosed with pericarditis (0.0056%). In the control cohort, 27 patients had myocarditis (0.0046%) and 52 had pericarditis (0.0088%),” the study stated.

“In the current large population study of subjects, who were not vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2, we observed no increase in the incidence of myocarditis or pericarditis from day 10 after positive SARS-CoV-2.”

The researchers went on and stated, “Multivariable analysis did show male sex as associated with a higher risk of developing myocarditis or pericarditis, regardless of previous COVID-19 infection.”

Dr. Peter McCullough responded to the findings.

Tuvali et al, Israel, huge study N=196K cases, N=590K controls, no excess rate of ICD-10-code identified myocarditis in unjected with natural infection. Counters prior false claims. Can focus on mandated products as source of myocarditis at hand and move forward on management.

— Peter McCullough, MD MPH (@P_McCulloughMD) July 6, 2022

You can read the rest of the study here and below:

The Incidence of Myocarditi… by Jim Hoft

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