“The findings unequivocally display Hamas’ deliberate method of operating underneath hospitals. The terrorist organization also exploits the hospital buildings, using them to store weapons in and as terrorist headquarters,” the IDF stated. “Hamas has embedded its network of terrorist tunnels below population centers across the Gaza Strip,” the IDF explained, adding, “Many of the shafts leading to its tunnel network are located within civilian hospitals, schools, and homes.”

Since the start of the ground incursion, IDF soldiers have exposed and destroyed approximately 400 terror tunnel shafts, the IDF said Wednesday morning.

Arutz Sheva reports that the Yahalom combat engineers played a significant role in uncovering and destroying these shafts.

Earlier this week, the IDF exposed a 55-meter-long terror tunnel 10 meters deep underneath the Shifa Hospital complex. Last week, IDF troops uncovered a terror tunnel shaft located in a mosque in Gaza.

Spokesman Lt. Col. Richard Hecht said the IDF Givati Brigade had found massive shafts, including one that’s 160 feet deep and 23 feet wide, in the luxury Sheikh Zayed area of Gaza, where the headquarters of Hamas’ Northern Brigade is located.

Photo: IDF


“Just look at this thing,” Hecht wrote.

“This neighborhood is infamous for being the home of senior Hamas terrorists, including of members “Nukhba” commando force, who spearheaded the October 7th attack on Israel. Their outposts in the area are located (surprise, surprise) deeply embedded in civilian infrastructure”, Hecht writes.


A first look into Hamas’ underground city, underneath the Shifa Hospital complex: pic.twitter.com/O8gEQHAfJ6

— Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) November 22, 2023