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Where Hope Finally Made a Comeback
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HORROR: Transgender Individual Coldly Mows Down Elderly Man TWICE With His Car – Then Gives Him the Kiss of Death Before Stabbing Him as Neighbors Watch (VIDEO)

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 16:20
Credit: ABC 13 Houston

Horrifying video footage has captured the moment a transgender individual mowed down a helpless 64-year-old man named Steven Anderson twice and then fatally stabbed him earlier this month in Houston, Texas.

As The Daily Mail reported Saturday, the incident occurred on Woodridge Square Drive on May 3 in broad daylight. Police identified the suspect as 20-year-old Karon Fisher.

Fisher is identified in court records as a male, but the Houston Police Department (HPD) referred to the suspect as a female in a Monday statement. The author of this article will be using male pronouns to describe Fisher.

Karon Fisher Credit: Houston Police Department

The footage starts with Fisher racing toward Anderson in his Dodge Challenger as the elderly man walks to get his mail. He proceeds to hit Anderson, then puts the car in reverse and runs him over again.

While horrified neighbors watch, Fisher returns to the scene with a knife. He proceeds to straddle and kiss Anderson before flipping him over and stabbing him at least nine times as the witnesses fail to intervene.


NEW: Transgender runs over a 64-year-old man TWICE before kissing and stabbing him NINE TIMES

HOUSTON, Texas; Karon Fisher,20, is charged with murder in the 185th State District Court and is being held on a $2million bond

64-year-old Steven Anderson was walking to get the mail…

— Unlimited L’s (@unlimited_ls) May 11, 2024

Police officers say Anderson died as a result of the knife wounds, not after getting hit by the car. It is unknown at this point whether the two men knew each other.

Houston police eventually caught up to Anderson and arrested him. They credited the neighbors for their detailed description of the crime and suspect.

Neighbors who spoke to ABC 13 News told the outlet they were disturbed by the horrifying incident and stunned it happened in broad daylight right in front of them.

“It’s very disturbing. I have kids here; they could have been out here playing, and imagine them,” one neighbor told ABC13.

“Broad daylight. People around every time, and it happened right under our noses,” said another neighbor.

Other witnesses refused to talk to ABC 13 News due to the graphic nature of the crime.

Fisher has been charged with murder and is being held behind bars on a $2 million bond. The murder suspect was previously arrested by the HPD in 2022 for an unspecified disturbance 30 minutes away from last week’s murder.

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Maria Bartiromo GOES OFF on Spineless and Silent GOP Lawmakers: ‘Let Me be Clear Viewers are Sick and Tired of Hearings, Letters… They Want Action’ While Trump Sits in Trial All Day Long (VIDEO)

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 16:00
Credit: Maria Bartiromo/Fox News

FOX News anchor Maria Bartiromo held nothing back as she confronted Congressman Russell Fry (R-SC) during an interview, expressing her frustration—and that of the public—at the inaction of the GOP lawmakers and lack of accountability amid the ongoing witch hunts against former President Donald Trump.

As Trump faces these politically motivated witch hunts—with nearly 100 felony counts across four jurisdictions—Bartiromo voiced the exasperation of a public weary of what they see as political theater without substantial outcomes. The counts against Trump carry a potential for roughly 700 years of combined incarceration.

During the interview, Bartiromo voiced the concerns of many Americans who are “sick and tired” of the constant stream of committee hearings and strongly worded letters that lead to no substantial outcomes.

“I want to get your take on the weaponization of government, Congressman, because I know that you’re on this subcommittee. However, I haven’t heard a peep out of this committee while Donald Trump sits in a courtroom in Manhattan all day long, while Joe Biden is over there campaigning, going to all the swing states. What do you want to say about the weaponization of government as Trump sits in that courtroom hearing from a porn star all day long?” Bartiromo asked.

Responding to Bartiromo’s pressing questions about the weaponization of government, Rep. Fry defended his and the committee’s actions, citing recent hearings on free speech and censorship by the Biden regime.

However, Bartiromo was not convinced and blasted Fry: “That’s all fine and good, Congressman, but why aren’t you being louder about this? Why aren’t I hearing anything from this committee? I had to just ask you about it.”

“Just let me be clear. Viewers are sick and tired of hearings. They’re sick and tired of letters. They’re sick and tired of hearing complaints. They want action. President Trump is in a trial all day long, every day in New York City. Where is this committee on weaponization and what are you doing about it? I just spoke with Kevin Hassett, the former chairman of the White House Economics Council, and he said, make no mistake, if we see President Trump go to jail because he violated a gag order, markets will react,” Bartiromo added.

She continued with her criticism saying, “Congressman, we’re losing the country. With all due respect, I’m not blaming you specifically, but it’s not enough to set up a committee called the Weaponization of Federal Government. That’s not doing it for anybody. We want to hear more from you. We want action. We want to know what the heck is going on in this New York trial where nobody can seem to come up with a crime.”


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Former MLB Star Sean Burroughs Dies Suddenly Aged 43, Had Heart Attack at Son’s Little League Game

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 15:40

The former Major League Baseball star Sean Burroughs died suddenly this week. He was just 43.

“It is with heavy heart that I am writing this message to inform you that yesterday afternoon one of our Coaches, Sean Burroughs, tragically passed away,” Doug Wittman, president of Long Beach Little League, wrote in a statement posted on social media on Friday.

The Long Beach Little League has confirmed in a statement on Instagram that Sean Burroughs died yesterday.

— Kyle Glaser (@KyleAGlaser) May 10, 2024

According to The Orange County Register, Burroughs collapsed and died while dropping off his son at a Little League game.

The outlet reported:

Sean Burroughs, a celebrated baseball standout who led the Long Beach All-Stars to back-to-back Little League World Series titles and played seven seasons in the major leagues, died Thursday. He was 43 years old. Long Beach Little League president Doug Wittman confirmed Burroughs’ death. The cause of death was cardiac arrest, Burroughs’ mother Debbie said in a text message to the Southern California News Group.

According to Wittman, Burroughs was found unconscious next to his car in the parking lot at Stearns Champions Park in Long Beach after he dropped off his 6-year-old son, Knox, for a Little League game. CPR was administered and Burroughs was not responsive. Long Beach Fire Department personnel arrived in response to 9-1-1 calls, but Burroughs was pronounced dead at the scene.

“It was very shocking,” Wittman said. “It’s a real sense of family at Long Beach Little League. So when we lose one of our own, it hurts.”

The #Dbacks mourn the passing of Sean Burroughs and offer our condolences to his family and friends.

Sean was a member of the 2011 NL West champion team and beloved by his teammates, coaches, staff, and fans.

Rest in peace, Sean.

— Arizona Diamondbacks (@Dbacks) May 10, 2024

Tributes to Burrough’s flooded in across social media.

Rest in peace to Sean Burrough.

He was born a few months after myself. I remember watching him as a kid thinking how awesome he was and wishing it was me dominating in the Little League World Series.

— DonyellFreak (@DonyellFreak) May 11, 2024

Burroughs began his career with San Diego Padres in the first round of the 1998 MLB draft. Burroughs made his MLB debut in 2002 and played with the Padres until 2005. Despite showing promise early in his career, he struggled with injuries and consistency.

He later played for the Tampa Bay Rays and Arizona Diamondbacks before retiring from Major League Baseball. After retiring as a player, Burroughs transitioned to coaching. He leaves a grieving young family behind him.

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MUST SEE! UK’s Winston Marshall Gives Nancy Pelosi a Proper Spanking at Oxford Union – Calls Out Joe Biden’s Dementia – Nasty Nancy FINALLY Receives the Public Humiliation She Deserves! – VIDEO

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 15:20
It took some young bloke named Winston Marshall at the Oxford Union to finally hand Nancy Pelosi the public spanking she deserveds.

Nancy Pelosi and her husband took a break from their insider trading to attend a public debate at the Oxford Union in Oxford, England. The Oxford Union is a highly esteemed debating society and is one of Britain’s oldest university unions founded in 1823.

Nancy and Robert Pelosi attended the Oxford Union debate on April 25 on populism hours after she was interrupted by pro-Gaza protesters from Youth Demand who support Gaza militants and want to put an end to fossil fuels.

It was during this debate that Pelosi was finally given the proper public thrashing she deserved by one of Britain’s rising stars, Winston Marshall.

Winston Marshall is a popular writer, musician and podcaster. Marshall was part of the British folk rock group Mumford and Sons where he was lead guitarist and won a Grammy and two Brit Awards. Marshall was forced out of the band after posting a tweet saying journalist Andy Ngo was “brave” for his book which says far-left activists have “radical plans to destroy democracy”.

Winston Marshall participated in the debate on populism and its perceived threat by the global elites.

During his speech Pelosi rudely interrupted the brilliant young mind to argue that the violent and costly month-long protests and attacks on the City of Portland were not as devastating as the Jan. 6 protests and riot.

We now know that Nancy Pelosi was largely responsible for the violence that day. She refused to sign off on President Trump’s order days before the protests to bring in the National Guard to Washington DC. Pelosi and military leaders then refused to bring in the National Guard on January 6th until past 5 PM. Instead, Pelosi bizarrely organized a film crew to come in and follow her around that day.

Pelosi’s rude interruption did not stop Winston Marshall from giving her a proper public thrashing.

This will be the best video you watch all week!

Here is the transcript:

Introduction: Populism is not a threat to democracy. Populism is democracy. I now look to Mr. Winston Marshall to close the case for the opposition.

Winstson Marshall: Ladies and gentlemen, words have a tendency to change meaning. When I was a boy, woman meant someone who didn’t have a cock. Populism has become a word used synonymously with racist, we’ve heard ethnonationalist, we’ve bigot, with hillbilly, red neck, with deplorables. Elites use it to show their contempt for ordinary people. This is a recent change, not Not long ago, Barack Obama, while still President at the North America’s Leaders Summit in June 2016, he took umbrage of the notion that Trump be called a populist. How could Trump be called a populist? He doesn’t care about working people. If anything, Obama argued he was the populist. If anything, Obama argued Bernie was the populist. It was Bernie who’d spent five decades fighting for working people.

But with Trump… Something curious happens. If you watch Obama’s speeches after that point, more and more recently, he uses the word populist interchangeably with strong man, with authoritarian. The word changes meaning it becomes a negative, a pejorative, a slur. To me, populism is not a dirty word.

Since the 2008 crash, and specifically the trillion dollar Wall Street bailout, we are in the populist age. And for good reason, the elites have failed. Let me address some common fallacies, some of which have been made tonight. If the motion was that demagoguery was a threat to democracy, I would be on that side of the If the motion was that political violence was a threat to democracy, I’d be on that side of the House.

January sixth has been mentioned, a dark day for America indeed. I’m sure Congresswoman Pelosi will agree that the entire month of June 2020, when the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon, was under siege and under insurrection by radical progressives, those two were dark days for America. Yes?

Nancy Pelosi: It’s not. There is no equivalence there. It is not like what happened on January 6th which was an insurrection…

Winston Marshall: So you don’t agree. It’s fine. You don’t agree…

Winston Marshall: So you don’t agree. But you’ll condemn those days. My point, though, is that all political movements are susceptible to violence and indeed, insurrection. And if we were arguing that fascism was a threat to democracy, I’d be on that side of the house. Indeed, the current populist age is a movement against fascism. I’ve got quite a lot to get through. Populism, as you know, is the politics of the ordinary people against an elite.

Populism is not a threat to democracy. Populism is democracy. And why else have universal suffrage if not to keep elites in check? Ladies and gentlemen, given the success of Trump, and more recently, Javier Mallet taking a chainsaw to the state behemoth of Argentina’s bureaucratic monster, you’d be mistaken for thinking this was a right wing populist age. But that would be ignoring Occupy Wall Street.

That would be ignoring Jeremy Corbin’s For the Many, Not the Few. That would be ignoring Bernie against the Billionaires, RFK Jr. Against Big Pharma, and more recently, George Galloway against his better judgment. Now, all of them, including Galloway, recognize genuine concerns of ordinary people being otherwise ignored by the establishment.

I’m actually rather surprised that our esteemed opposition, Congressman Pelosi, is on that side of the motion. I thought the left was supposed to be anti-elite. I thought the left was supposed to be anti-establishment. Today, particularly in America, the globalist left have become the establishment. I suppose for Ms. Pelosi to have taken this side of the motion, she’d be arguing herself out of a job. But it’s here in Britain where right and left populists united for the Supreme Act of democracy, Brexit. Polls have shown the number one reason people voted for Brexit was sovereignty for more democracy. Thank you. What was the response of the Brussels elite?

They did everything in their power to undermine the democratic will of the British people, and the Westminster elite were just as disgraceful. As we’ve heard, David Cameron called the voters Fruitcakes, Loonies, and Closet Racists. The liberal Democrats did everything they could to overturn a democratic vote. Kirstama(?) campaigned for a second referendum.

Elites would have us voting and voting and voting until we voted their way. Indeed, that’s what happened in Ireland and in Denmark. Let’s look at some of the other populist movements. The Hong Konger populist Revolt is literally called the Pro-Democracy Movement. The Pharma Revolt, from Netherlands to Germany, France, Greece to Sri Lanka, are taking their tractors to the road to protest ESG policy that’s floated down to us from those all-knowing infallible elites of Davos.

The trucker movement in Canada became anti-elitist when petty tyrant Prime Minister Justin Trudeau froze their bank accounts, not the behavior of a democratic head of state. The gilets jaunes in France, Ulez in London, working people, protesting policy that hurt them. And how are they treated? They’re called conspiracy theorists. They’re called far-right by the mayor as well. Ladies and gentlemen, populism is the voice of the voiceless. The real threat to democracy is from the elites. Now, don’t get me wrong, we need elites.

If-when President Biden has shown us anything, we need someone to run the countries. When the President has severe dementia, it’s not just America that crumbles, the whole world burns. But let’s examine the elites. European corporations spend over €1 billion a year lobbying Brussels. Us corporations spend over €2 billion a year lobbying in DC.

Two-thirds of Congress receive funding from pharmaceutical companies. Pfizer alone spent €11 million in 2021. They made over $10 billion in profit. No wonder then that 66% of Americans think the economy is rigged against them for the rich and the powerful. And by the way, we used to have a word for when big business and big government were in cahoots.

Let Let me read you some mainstream media headlines.
The New Yorker the day before the 2016 election, “The Case Against Democracy.”
The Washington Post, the day after the election, “The problem with our government is democracy.”
The LA Times, June 2017, “The British election is a reminder of the perils of too much democracy.”
Vox, June 2017. “The two eminent political scientists say the problem with democracy is voters.”
New York Times, June 2017. “The problem with participatory democracy is the participants.”

Mainstream media elites are part of a class who don’t just disdain populism, they disdain the people. If the Democrats had put half their energy into delivering for the people, Trump wouldn’t even have a chance in 2024. He shouldn’t He shouldn’t have a chance.

You’ve had power for four years. From the fabricated Steele Dossier to trying to take him off the ballot in both Maine and Colorado, the Democrats are the anti-Democrat Party. All we need now is the Republicans to come out as the Promonicist Party.

Ladies and gentlemen, populism is not a threat to democracy, but I’ll tell you what is. It’s elites ordering social media to censor political opponents. It’s police shutting down dissenters, be it anti-monicists in this country or gender critical voices here, or last week in Brussels, the National Conservatives Movement.

I’ll tell you what is a threat to democracy. It’s Brussels, DC, Westminster, the mainstream media, big tech, big pharma, corporate collusion, and the Davos cronies.

The threat to democracy comes from those who write off ordinary people as deplorable.

The threat to democracy comes from those who smear working people as racist.

The threat to democracy comes from those who write off working people as populists.

And I’ll say one last thing. This populist age can be brought to an end at the snap of a finger. All that needs to be done is for elites to start listening to, respect it, respecting, and, God forbid, working for ordinary people. Thank you.

Via Winston Marshall.

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Biden’s Social Media Statement Calls for Biden’s Impeachment

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 15:00

This article originally appeared on

Guest by post by Bob Unruh

Joe Biden is on record, on social media, stating that President Donald Trump “must” be impeached, at the time, because he withheld “congressionally appropriated aid” from Ukraine in exchange for a political favor.

Biden’s statement, from 2019, in fact, is, “President Trump withheld Congressionally appropriated aid to Ukraine unless they granted him a political favor. It’s the definition of quid pro quo. This is no joke—Trump continues to put his own personal, political interests ahead of the national interest. He must be impeached.”

Which is causing a problem now in that Biden has withheld congressional approved aid to Israel, to put himself in a better light.

President Trump withheld Congressionally appropriated aid to Ukraine unless they granted him a political favor. It’s the definition of quid pro quo.

This is no joke—Trump continues to put his own personal, political interests ahead of the national interest. He must be impeached.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) October 19, 2019

“This is awkward,” one commenter said.

A commentary at Twitchy explained, “Biden once pledged full support for Israel but that support ended when [Benjamin] Netanyahu going full speed after Hamas angered some voters which could cost Biden a swing state in November. The White House is now kicking Israel under the bus by withholding aid that’s in a package Congress passed and Biden signed.”

Joe Biden endorses his own impeachment

— Bonchie (@bonchieredstate) May 9, 2024

The report continued, ” During yesterday’s interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, President Biden admitted that the White House is holding back aid for Israel because Benjamin Netanyahu won’t help out his election campaign and avoid going into Rafah to placate the pro-Hamas wing of the Democrat Party.”

“The White House National Security Council sought to keep the decision out of the public eye for several days… until Biden could deliver a long-planned speech on Tuesday to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day.”

— Josh Kraushaar (@JoshKraushaar) May 9, 2024

Biden has been getting away with double standards his entire career

3 strike laws for thee but not for me (Hunter)

Keeping classified documents without punishment

And now withholding aid to an ally

We’ll see what happens this time

— Shaun Maguire (@shaunmmaguire) May 9, 2024

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NYC Teacher Fired After Texting a Female Student 28,000 Times

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 14:45
FaceBook Dulaina Almonte

Despite being fired by the Department of Education, a stubborn French teacher is still in the classroom – bragging that she is “invincible” despite sending nearly 30,000 late-night texts to a student.

After the Special Commissioner of Investigation substantiated claims of her bizarre behavior with students, Dulaina Almonte, 33, was fired from Harry S. Truman High School in The Bronx in 2020.

The New York Post reports,

“I can’t be guilty if I’m still a teacher,” Almonte — who now teaches at a Bronx charter school — boasted to The Post this week.

“It’s not a crime, but still got fired, which is honestly why the DOE can suck a big pr–k,” she continued.

“Still a teacher! Can’t touch me!” she bragged.

“Still a teacher working elsewhere. Like, you really can’t f–king touch me.”

Her audacity comes despite a damning 2022 SCI report which found her “excessive contact and behavior with the students demonstrates that she has no place in the New York City Schools.

During a 14-month period, Almonte sent 28,075 late-night texts to a 17-year-old female student – 66 messages a day – and traded nearly 1,900 texts with a 12-year-old boy.

TikTok @mijea121

Police also investigated a Truman HS student’s claim that she and a former student had engaged in a sex act in a classroom, according to the police report.

There was no arrest made against Almonte, who denied the allegations, which included that she and a student had “made out and engaged in oral sex throughout school.”

But the incident led to a lengthy SCI probe documenting her thousands of late-night and weekend chats with students, along with encrypted WhatsApp and Snapchat calls, and the teens’ multiple visits to her Bronx home.

The report, the result of a year-long investigation, “was completely false,” Almonte insisted.

Almonte is now teaching Spanish at the publicly-funded, privately-run AECI 2: NYC Charter High School for Engineering and Innovation, where teachers on average earn about $74,000, according to Her pay in 2019 from the DOE was $71,963.

According to a review of SCI’s annual reports, only four of 254 sexual and “inappropriate” misconduct allegations by DOE employees were substantiated over the last five years.


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Hillary Clinton Slams Anti-Israel Protesters, Says They ‘Don’t Know Very Much’ About The Middle East or America

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 14:30

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has come out against the anti-Israel protesters that have taken over many of America’s college campuses, saying they are ignorant about the realities of the Middle East.

Appearing on Morning Joe on Friday, Clinton was asked by Joe Scarborough about the protests that have dominated the nation’s headlines over the past few weeks.

Clinton responded:

First of all, I have had many conversations, as you have had, with a lot of young people over the last many months now. You are right. They don’t know very much at all about the history of the Middle East, or frankly about history in many areas of the world, including in our own country.

With respect to the Middle East, they don’t know in the bringing together by my husband of, the then-Israel Prime Minister Ehud Barak, the then-head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and then the Palestinian Authority, Yasser Arafat. An offer was made to the Palestinians for a state on 96% of the existing territory occupied by the Palestinians with 4% of Israel to be given to reach 100% of the amount of territory that was hoped for.

This offer was made. And if Yasser Arafat had accepted it, there would have been a Palestinian state now for about 24 years. It’s one of the great tragedies of history that he was unable to say yes. You know, my husband has a book coming out later this year, Joe, in which he talks about how Arafat kept saying he wanted to agree, but he was pretty sure he’d be killed.

At another point in the interview, the former Secretary of State invoked the crimes of the Holocaust and suggested Trump would rule the country like a dictator.

“We go down the line, and maybe this would be our last election because someone who will not accept the validity of an election is someone who doesn’t believe in elections,” Clinton said.

“The world has been here before. People did not take the kind of threats that we saw in the 1930s as seriously as they should.”

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The UN Should Not Reward the Palestinians for Oct. 7th

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 14:15
CCTV footage: No human authorship, Wikimedia Commons

This story was originally published by Real Clear Wire

By Brett Schaefer
Real Clear Wire

The United Nations General Assembly is expected to vote Friday on one of the worst resolutions to come before that body – one that would confer upon the “State of Palestine” many of the rights and privileges reserved for member states. The U.S. and other U.N. member states should reject it.

The resolution is based on false premises, for one thing. It would also invite financial distress on the UN, throw chaos into the membership process of the General Assembly, and, most importantly, reward terrorism.

Considering the ongoing support for indiscriminate violence against Israeli civilians by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, a majority vote of the General Assembly in favor of this resolution is tantamount to encouraging terrorism and endorsing hostility toward a fellow UN member state.

Among the false premises are the claim that “the State of Palestine is qualified for membership in the United Nations… and should therefore be admitted to membership…” Although over 100 governments recognize the State of Palestine, this is a political determination. In truth, the Palestinian territories lack key characteristics of statehood, including a defined territory – its formal borders are subject to future negotiations with Israel – and a government that exercises sovereign authority over that territory. The Palestinian Authority arguably does not control the entirety of the West Bank, much less Gaza.

The second false premise in the resolution is the judgment that Palestine is a “peace-loving state” as required by Article 4 of the UN Charter for membership in the organization. In fact, the governing authorities of the “State of Palestine,” the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, are the furthest thing from peace-loving. Both are extremist organizations that actively encourage and reward terrorism against civilians. They indoctrinate hate among ordinary citizens to the point where they overwhelmingly support the terrorist atrocities committed on October 7, and their founding documents endorse the destruction of Israel.

So much for the UN Charter principles and purposes to maintain international peace and security and develop friendly relations among nations.

But there could also be other significant broader ramifications for the organization that should give all legitimate UN member states pause.

The resolution “decides” to confer many of the rights and privileges reserved for member states to the “State of Palestine.” As laid out in an annex to the resolution, among other privileges, the Palestinians would be granted the right to: be seated among the member states in alphabetical order; offer proposals and amendments; make statements; raise procedural motions; and stand for and be elected as officers in the General Assembly and its Main Committees.

In effect, the Palestinians would be member states except for the inability to “put forward its candidature to United Nations organs” and vote in the General Assembly. Depending on how the resolution is interpreted, they might, however, be able to vote in UN conferences and meetings. This is a dramatic elevation in status for the Palestinians, granting them the same standing as UN member states with two, albeit significant, exceptions.

Should the resolution be adopted, two U.S. laws prohibiting U.S. funding could be triggered.

One, adopted in 1994 in Public Law 103-236, prohibits funding if “to any affiliated organization of the United Nations which grants full membership as a state to any organization or group that does not have the internationally recognized attributes of statehood.”

This law would likely not apply. Although the resolution would confer many privileges of UN membership to the Palestinians, they would not be full members as the UN Charter requires the Security Council to recommend new members to the General Assembly. The Security Council has not made such a recommendation. In fact, it has rejected past proposals for Palestinian membership. Thus, while the resolution would confer most rights and privileges of membership to the Palestinians, they would not be called a member state.

However, a second law could apply.

U.S. Code Title 22, Section 287e states, “No funds authorized to be appropriated by this Act or any other Act shall be available for the United Nations or any specialized agency thereof which accords the Palestine Liberation Organization the same standing as member states.” This law was adopted in 1990 as Public Law 101-246.

The Biden administration will seek to continue funding by arguing that the Palestinians don’t have the exact same standing as member states. But what if Donald Trump wins the presidency in November?

Regardless, congressional support for the UN is eroding for several reasons, including institutionalized anti-Israel bias. It already ended funding to UNRWA over its ties to Palestinian terrorism. Sympathy for the UN after a vote granting rights and privileges to the Palestinians might be in short supply. Indeed, Sen. Jim Risch of Idaho and 22 co-sponsors have already proposed amending U.S. law to ensure the funding prohibition applies in this instance.

The U.S. provides 22 percent of the UN regular budget and 25 percent of the peacekeeping budget – over $2 billion in 2023. Thus, in one rash moment, the General Assembly could deny the UN over a fifth of its total revenue.

The resolution also upends the membership process outlined in the UN Charter. In essence, supporters of the Palestinians are attempting an end run around the Security Council to grant the Palestinians quasi-membership. This is an assault on the authority of the Security Council. If this effort is successful, what is to stop the General Assembly from further infringement of Security Council authority?

More immediately, it will introduce potential chaos into the UN system. Although the resolution says that conferring these rights and privileges to the Palestinians is being done “exceptional basis and without setting a precedent,” the horse will have left the barn.

If the Palestinians can gain most membership rights without Security Council approval, why can’t Kosovo or Western Sahara or Somaliland or Northern Cyprus?

What is to stop some avaricious country from using the UN to recognize the independence of Crimea or Esequibo or Kashmir with an eye toward annexing them in the future?

What is to stop governments from seeking to destabilize their adversaries by recognizing Kurdistan or Chechnya and seeking UN recognition?

Success would only require enough votes in the General Assembly. But the ramifications of such provocative actions won’t stay in Turtle Bay.

If only to protect their authority, this resolution should elicit fierce opposition from the five permanent members of the Security Council (China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States). However, the potential impact on international peace and security is serious enough to justify opposition even absent selfish motivation.

The situation in Gaza has raised many concerns in the UN, but it’s time for a moment of lucidity. As noted by the U.S. this month, “We also have long been clear that premature actions here in New York, even with the best of intentions, will not achieve statehood for the Palestinian people.”

Indeed, conferring membership rights and privileges on the Palestinians would diminish odds for a negotiated peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Why would the Palestinians concede anything to Israel if intransigence and extremism leads to rewards rather than condemnation? And why would Israel accept a resolution imposed by the UN, not reached through direct negotiations?

The purported goal of the UN is to promote international peace and security. This resolution would, instead, undermine prospects for peace and reward extremism. If it passes, U.S. funding should be immediately cut. If the Biden administration will not follow through, Congress should—as should the next President.

Brett D. Schaefer is the Jay Kingham Senior Research Fellow in International Regulatory Affairs in The Heritage Foundation’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom.

This article was originally published by RealClearWorld and made available via RealClearWire.

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Why Is DHS Keeping ‘Disinformation’ Regulation Docs Secret?

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 14:00
Nina Jankowicz

This story was originally published by Real Clear Wire

By Kevin Schmidt
Real Clear Wire

Nearly two years after Nina Jankowicz briefly led the Disinformation Governance Board at the Department of Homeland Security, she’s launched an organization demanding transparency and the public release of documents about the public debate on disinformation. An interesting move, likely without true transparency in mind.

My organization, Americans for Prosperity Foundation, has spent the same two years fighting DHS for documents on the federal board Jankowicz managed. We’re filing a second lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act to fight continued government stonewalling of our requests. Thus far, DHS has refused to provide unredacted versions of documents that outline its purported authoritiesto regulate disinformation. Nor will the agency release more information about its work on misinformation related to “irregular migration” and “Ukraine” before the board was disbanded in August 2022.

So, taxpayers are unable to find out what legal authority DHS is exercising, and they aren’t allowed to learn about the work being done with their tax dollars. Does this sound like a dystopian novel yet?

Why do the documents from a defunct government board matter? Because DHS and Jankowicz sold the board as necessary. They claimed to be worried that DHS’ various offices’ ongoing disinformation work threatened Americans’ free speech rights.

Jankowicz tweeted in April 2022, “one of the key reasons the Board was established, is to maintain the Dept’s committment to protecting free speech, privacy, civil rights, & civil liberties.”

DHS told reporters in April 2022, “[I]ronically, this Board is designed to protect the freedom of speech that critics are falsely claiming it is attempting to trample.” DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas also said, “[I]t was quite disconcerting, frankly, that the disinformation work that was well underway for many years across different independent administrations was not guided by guardrails.”

In May 2022, Mayorkas told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee that the board was necessary to make sure ongoing disinformation work in DHS “does not infringe on people’s free speech rights” and that the board would be developing “guidelines” and “guardrails.” That same month, the board was paused and then ultimately disbanded in August 2022.

Disconcerting, indeed. If DHS and Jankowicz were telling the truth about the board’s necessity, then DHS offices across the country continue to do disinformation work without any guardrails to protect free speech.

So the disinformation work is ongoing, but the work to provide “guardrails” has stopped. We want to know what guidance that work currently operates under, but DHS refuses to provide the information. What are they trying to hide?

We aren’t the only ones denied basic transparency about what DHS is doing with your tax dollars. Members of Congress have repeatedly asked for documents and direct answers to straightforward questions about agency authority.

In a House Homeland Security Committee hearing last month, Rep. Mike Ezell (R-MS) asked Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, “What congressional authority does DHS have in the [misinformation, disinformation, and mal-information] space?” Mayorkas dodged the question. Rep. Ezell received a similar non-answer from a DHS assistant secretary in a December hearing.

A DHS Fact Sheet defending the creation of the Disinfo Board from May 2, 2022, said, “the Department has renewed its commitment to transparency and openness with the public and Congress.”

Much like the name “Disinformation Governance Board,” these claims of commitment to transparency are Orwellian doublespeak. Last month, Jankowicz and Álvarez-Aranyos sent a letter to Congress demanding they release their work on disinformation, while, at the same time, Jankowicz’s former colleagues at DHS refuse to do so, despite being legally obligated to, unlike Congress.

Jankowicz and her former government employer have an interest in making sure the records showing what they did with the Disinfo Board never see the light of day. DHS will continue stonewalling unless a federal court orders them to follow the law, and we won’t stop until they provide transparency about its authorities and actions that threaten free speech.

This article was originally published by RealClearPolitics and made available via RealClearWire
Kevin Schmidt is director of investigations at Americans for Prosperity Foundation.

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Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Icon’s Death Ruled Homicide by County Coroner

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 13:45

The death of a renowned outdoorsman in a Wyoming ski accident is being described as a homicide.

Teton County Coroner Brent Blue made the determination in the death of 71-year-old Peter Wuerslin, according to Fox News.

Wuerslin was mortally injured in a collision with an unidentified 34-year-old skier on the slopes of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort last month.

Wuerslin had served as a ski instructor at the resort since 1978, according to the Jackson Hole News & Guide.

The instructor was skiing with a group of friends when the other party collided with him, according to Ski Magazine.

In a surprising—but not unheard of—determination, the Teton County Coroner ruled the death of Jackson Hole, Wyo., ski instructor Peter Wuerslin a homicide. Click below to read the full story. #SKI

— SKI Magazine (@skimagonline) May 4, 2024

The exact nature of the collision is unclear, with one source described by Ski Magazine as a member of the ski patrol saying that the younger skier “failed to maneuver” around Wuerslin on his way down a mountain slope.

Wuerslin died three days later of injuries sustained from the crash.

The other skier was released from an area hospital the same day.

Wuerslin was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, according to Snow Brains, but the person he collided with apparently was not.

Blue described Wuerslin’s cause of death as an “intracranial hemorrhage.”

The coroner’s assessment is independent of any law enforcement investigation.

The Teton County Sheriff’s Office indicated last moth that it was investigating the collision.

Potential witnesses to the crash are being asked to call Detective Bret Bommer at 307-733-4052.

Wuerslin’s outdoor accomplishments include a six-year global bicycle ride that spanned six continents and 45,000 miles.

Friends of Wuerslin shared tributes to the ski instructor on social media, with some pointing to his extensive bicycling experience.

“We will miss Peter, who died yesterday after another skier ran into him,” Jackson, Wyoming local Angus Thuermer said of the deceased.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort President Mary Kate Buckley described the organization as “devastated to have lost a beloved member of our community” in a statement provided to Fox.

“This is obviously very sad for the organization and the community and our heart goes out to the family.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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RNC and Arizona GOP Challenge Court Decision Allowing Non-Citizens to Vote in Arizona

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 13:30

The Republican National Committee (RNC), in conjunction with the Arizona Republican Party, has announced an appeal against a portion of a federal court decision related to Arizona’s election laws.

The appeal, filed on May 8, challenges the court’s ruling that prevents the state from requiring documentary proof of citizenship for presidential elections or mail-in voting.

The legal action intends to reinforce measures against the participation of non-citizens in Arizona’s elections, a move that the committees believe will uphold the integrity of the electoral process.

In February, Judge Susan Bolton of the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona ruled in favor of maintaining two critical laws, HB 2492 and HB 2243, passed in 2022, which the RNC celebrated as a “landmark legal development for election integrity,” Epoch Times reported.

However, Bolton’s decision also prevents Arizona from enforcing documentary proof of citizenship for voting in presidential elections or by mail, a point of contention for the RNC and the Arizona GOP.

“The U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona struck down an Arizona requirement that individuals seeking to register to vote must list their birthplace as a prerequisite to registering to vote,” according to the press release.

“The court ruled that the birthplace requirement of House Bill 2492 violated a federal law that prevents election officials from rejecting voting materials for errors or omissions that are not material to determining a registrant’s qualifications to vote. The court previously ruled that Arizona may not require documentary proof of citizenship to vote in a federal election.”

In February, the court also struck down the section of HB 2243 permitting county recorders to cancel a voter’s registration if the individual is not a U.S. citizen. Furthermore, the court ruled that the state’s mandate for voters to provide documentary proof of residence to participate in federal elections allegedly violates federal law.

Before the trial in February, a federal judge appointed by Clinton blocked HB 2243 in September 2022 from being enforced in the 2022 General Election.

H.B. 2243 is meant to clean the voter rolls and remove registrants who are registered in another state and no longer live in Arizona. The new law would add a statement on voter registration forms, specifying that if a registrant permanently moves to another state after registering in this state, their registration will be canceled.

It would also direct the county recorder to cancel a voter registration when they confirm that the registered person is dead, that the person is not an Arizona resident or resident of that County, or that they are not a citizen of the United States.

The Gateway Pundit previously discovered during our investigation into the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) that the largest U.S. Counties removed only ZERO to TWO ineligible voters from their voter rolls in the last four years.

ERIC, initially funded by the Soros Open Society Foundation, is essentially a left-wing voter registration drive disguised as a voter roll clean-up system and is used in Arizona and 30 other states.

State Rep. Jake Hoffman, the bill’s main sponsor, told The Gateway Pundit, “Democrats have stooped to a new level of shamefulness and depravity with their latest round of lies about Arizona’s common sense laws to ensure that our elections are accessible, secure, and trustworthy.”

In a joint release, the Republican committees expressed their determination to contest this aspect of the ruling.

“The ruling requires election officials to enforce a critical Arizona law and ensure that non-citizens are not allowed to remain on voter rolls. The RNC and AZGOP will do everything we can to safeguard the fundamental principle that American elections are decided by American citizens,” RNC Chairman Michael Whatley said.

“Every voter in Arizona has a bedrock right to ensure their votes and their voices are not diluted by ineligible voters casting ballots and impacting our elections and our representation. We will pursue every legal action to guarantee a fair and transparent election and to enforce the rule of law,” Arizona GOP Chairwoman Gina Swoboda said.

Arizona State Senate President Warren Petersen and House Speaker Ben Toma, both Republicans, have joined the legal challenge, reinforcing the GOP’s stance on this issue.

According to the press release:

In 2022, Arizona passed HB 2243, which, among other provisions, requires counties to conduct monthly citizenship verification checks of registered voters who have not submitted documentary proof of citizenship.

In a lawsuit decided in February 2024, the RNC successfully defended most of the law’s list maintenance provisions which are meant to ensure non-citizens are identified and removed from voter rolls.

The Arizona Republican Party moved to intervene in the case and defend Arizona’s right to require proof of citizenship to vote.

However, the court’s decision enjoins Arizona from requiring documentary proof of citizenship to vote in presidential elections or vote by mail. Our appeal will fight this decision. Not requiring proof of citizenship in order to vote in presidential elections or vote by mail undermines a fundamental principle of our elections: that they should be decided by American citizens.

Following our win on the list maintenance provisions, we sent letters and public records requests to each county in Arizona requesting information as to how counties are implementing the law’s list maintenance requirements. 

Only six counties have so far responded. Of these counties, none are in full compliance with HB 2243’s list maintenance provisions. Apparently, counties do not have access to some of the databases the statute requires them to check.

It is inexcusable that the Secretary of State and the counties have not secured access to these databases, despite the law being in effect for nearly two years and never enjoined by a court.

If counties do not show evidence of compliance with the law, the RNC and AZGOP will pursue every legal avenue to uphold election integrity in Arizona.

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Police Identify Bronx Rapist Who Used Belt to Choke Woman, Knock Her Out, and Drag Her Between Cars Before Raping Her – Has Five Prior Arrests

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 13:15
Kashaan Parks identified as rapist who used belt to choke woman and drag her between cars before raping her. He has five prior arrests. Image via XR Vision

Police identified the man who was seen on security camera choking an unsuspecting woman with a belt, knocking her out, and dragging her between cars before raping her. The crime took place late Monday afternoon.

Kashaan Parks has five prior arrests.

Police are searching for Parks after he allegedly used his belt like a lasso and choked a woman until she was knocked out and then raped her on a street in the Bronx last week.

Late Friday afternoon, detectives identified the suspect as Kashaan Parks, 39. He has five prior arrests.

39-year-old Kashaan Parks is wanted for the vicious rape on Monday in New York City.

AMNY reported:

According to Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny, cops are looking for 39-year-old Kashaan Parks, who police believe used a belt to choke out at a 45-year-old woman on 152nd Street and 3rd Avenue before dragging her between two parked cars on May 1st and raping her. With the sicko identified, cops believe an arrest will be imminent.

The highly disturbing security video has been going viral online over the last several days, yet police say they were not immediately aware of the incident since the victim did not report the shocking assault. It wasn’t until she herself was arrested for petty larceny that cops learned of the incident.

However, once detectives approached about the attack police say she fully cooperated and managed to identify the attacker due to distinctive gaps in his teeth.

“Our victim indicated that she had seen him before, she actually describes his teeth to us, he had unusual teeth,” Chief Kenny explained. “She said he has space between his teeth.”

Police say they believe the vicious assault stemmed from a conversation the pair may have had earlier in the night which they had come to terms with exchanging money for the promise of a sexual encounter. Yet when the alleged agreement did not come to fruition, Parks allegedly leaped into a range and slung the belt around the victim’s neck.

The incident has spawned widespread condemnation from viewers across the internet, including elected officials who have denounced the attack.

Cristina Laila reported earlier on this vicious assault.

Meanwhile in the Democrat hellhole of New York City…

A shocking video posted to X showed a man wrapping a belt around a woman’s neck, dragging her body onto a street in New York City, and raping her.

According to NYPD, the 45-year-old woman was attacked and sexually assaulted near 152nd Street and 3rd Avenue in the Bronx on May 1 around 3 am.

The attacker covered his face with a white towel as he assaulted the woman. No arrests have been made.

PIX11 reported:

A man wrapped a belt around a woman’s neck and dragged her unconscious body between two parked cars before raping her on a Bronx street, according to police and a viral video.

The 45-year-old woman was attacked near 152nd Street and Third Avenue at around 3 a.m. on May 1, according to the NYPD. The woman was walking down the street when a suspect came up from behind and looped the belt around her neck, the viral video shows.

The man, who covered his face with a white towel, then used the belt to pull the passed-out woman several feet along the sidewalk and into the street between two parked cars, the video shows. Police said the suspect then raped her.

The video shared on social media does not depict the entire assault. There have been no arrests, and the investigation is ongoing.

The video posted to X does not show the entire assault.

Police are urging anyone with information about this horrific assault to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

WATCH (graphic warning):

Graphic Warning: Disgusting video out of New York shows a man snag a woman with a belt before dragging her behind a vehicle. Video was posted online without further information.
If you recognize this man contact your local police. #nyc #newyork #crime

— PPV_TAHOE (@ppv_tahoe) May 9, 2024

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Whistleblower Exposes Internal Email Suggesting Pfizer Offered “Separate and Distinct” COVID-19 Vaccines to Employees

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 13:00
Credit: InfoWars

A whistleblower from Pfizer has leaked an internal email indicating that the pharmaceutical giant offered a “separate and distinct” COVID-19 vaccine to employees at its Pearl River research site in Rockland County, New York, InfoWars reported.

The email, dated January 2021, reassures  Pfizer employees that the vaccine supply for this internal program would not affect the doses committed to national governments worldwide.

According to the leaked document, site-essential workers were identified to receive these exclusive vaccinations.

According to the whistleblower, there was a widespread belief among employees that they were receiving vaccines that were different from those distributed to the public.

“I know we employees at Pfizer were receiving different vaccines and/or placebos, and this was the word around my site when I worked there,” the whistleblower told Infowars.

Pfizer whistleblower (Credit: InfoWars)

The email read:

I am pleased to inform you that we will begin offering COVID-19 vaccinations to eligible on-site essential colleagues and contractors over the next several weeks. As you are aware, Site-essential colleagues are the colleagues and contractors based at PGS [Pfizer Global Supply] and WRDM/GPD [Worldwide Research, Development, and Medical / Global Product Development] sites whose presence is required at a Pfizer location to ensure supply of our medicines and vaccines, critical research and development programs continue, and to maintain and keep secure our labs and buildings as defined by site management.

Once the specific dates for our site have been identified, we will share a more detailed plan and each eligible on-site essential colleague will receive an e-mail from Colleague Wellness (formerly known as Occupational Health & Wellness) with instructions for registering for an on-site appointment to receive your vaccination.

Eligible on-site essential contractors will be notified, either by e-mail or by their Pfizer sponsor, and will receive instructions for registering for an on-site appointment as well.

The vaccine doses to be used for this program are separate and distinct from those committed by Pfizer to governments around the world and will not impact supply to national governments in any way.

Credit: InfoWars

The Newbridge plant in County Kildare, Ireland, also participated in this initiative, with several hundred employees receiving the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

“The jabs, which are being given to “site-essential” staff, will not affect the supply being rolled out by the HSE as part of its vaccination programme. Around 15,000 staff and contractors at Pfizer plants across the EU will receive the vaccine,” Kildare Live reported in 2021.

Pfizer issued a statement to the news outlet stating:

“Site-essential employees are those based at our manufacturing and R&D sites whose presence is required at a Pfizer location to ensure supply of our medicines and vaccines, the continuation of critical research and development programs, and to maintain and keep secure our labs and buildings.

“Vaccination of site-essential employees started this week at our manufacturing sites in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and Puurs, Belgium. We will expand to other Pfizer sites on a rolling basis.  There are approximately 15,000 employees and contractors across Pfizer sites in the EU who are considered site-essential.

“The vaccine doses to be used for this program are separate and distinct from those committed by Pfizer to governments around the world and will not impact supply to national governments in any way.”

The Gateway Pundit reported last year that during a Senate hearing in Australia, a Pfizer spokesperson revealed that the pharmaceutical giant had imported a special batch of COVID-19 vaccines solely for their employee vaccination program.

The admission came during a rigorous questioning session on Wednesday, in which Pfizer Australia’s Country Medical Director, Dr. Krishan Thiru, and Head of Regulatory Sciences, Dr. Brian Hewitt, spoke before the Australian Senate’s ‘Education and Employment Legislation Committee’ about the experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts led the interrogation with forceful inquiries regarding Pfizer’s potential involvement in the introduction of vaccine mandates for employment in Australia.

Senator Roberts, in his questioning, alleged a significant transfer of wealth from the Australian people to Big Pharma via the government’s Covid-19 mismanagement.

Roberts also asked about Pfizer’s own employee vaccination program, which Dr. Thiru confirmed was active and acknowledged that a small number of colleagues departed the company in light of this program.

Roberts then questioned Pfizer’s use of a specific batch of vaccine for their employees that was not tested by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), to which Dr. Hewitt CLAIMED that this was done to ensure that no vaccine would be taken from government stocks.

“Pfizer undertook to import a batch of vaccine specifically for the employee vaccination programme, and that was so that no vaccine would be taken from government stocks that was being delivered to clinics as needed,” Hewitt said.


BOMBSHELL: Pfizer employees were given a *special batch*… different from what was forced into the general population

— Pelham (@Resist_05) August 4, 2023

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Raging Harlem Mob Tries to Deliver Street Justice to Man Accused of Punching 43-Year-Old Woman and Slashing 11-Year-Old Girl (VIDEO)

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 12:45

A man accused of a violent attack on a 43-year-old woman and slashing an 11-year-old girl on a Harlem subway platform was nearly lynched by an angry mob of locals on Friday.

Harlem police apprehended Shaquan Cummings, 30, moments before an angry mob could attack him.

Cummings is accused of a brutal assault on an 11-year-old girl and a 43-year-old woman near the 116th Street subway station, the New York Post reported.

Authorities report that Cummings, who has a lengthy criminal history, first attacked the woman by punching her near a street corner around 2:15 p.m. He then reportedly ran onto the subway platform and slashed the young girl in the back of her head and her ear while she was holding her mother’s hand.

The girl’s mother, Gorzata Sladek, described the attack as “traumatizing” and “terrible.” She recounted the horrifying moment when she turned to see her daughter bleeding profusely after feeling a sharp pain. Despite her efforts to stop a departing train and capture the assailant, Cummings managed to escape initially.

The incident left the young victim severely injured, requiring surgery involving multiple stitches and staples to close the wound.

The child was immediately treated by medical personnel near a local juice bar, where a UPS worker described her as “scared and crying” with her head and hand covered in blood.

“She’s not doing well emotionally. She doesn’t want to go back to school or even go outside,” Sladek shared with The Post.

Cummings was discovered by police just one block from where the first assault allegedly occurred.

A wild video that went viral on social media showed a group of enraged Harlem residents surrounding Cummings as he was shielded by police officers from the mob’s wrath.

In the footage, police can be seen protecting the accused man from the crowd, with one individual poking Cummings with a cane as he hides behind the officers.


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Despite the volatile situation, police were able to take Cummings into custody. He has been charged with two counts of assault and acting in a manner injurious to a child.

According to the New York Post, Cummings has a long criminal history, which includes over 20 arrests for various offenses such as assault, criminal mischief, and fare evasion. He was most recently arrested two months prior and released on a desk appearance ticket for an assault charge.

In 2017, Cummings was arrested and charged with assault, menacing, harassment, and disorderly conduct after he kicked a 67-year-old woman in the head and spat on her while they were riding on a 2 train.

DNA Info reported: “Cummings then “suddenly” kicked her in the forehead and spit on her, police said. The victim tried to walk away from him, but he kept kicking at her, prosecutors said.

“Other passengers started yelling at Cummings to stop, so he walked away and got on the next train car, prosecutors said. The woman sustained redness and bruising on her head as a result of the attack, prosecutors said,” the outlet added.

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BORDER INSANITY: Illegal Immigrants Now Working With Criminal Networks to Steal Oil in West Texas

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 12:30

The border crisis has entered a new phase of insanity with some illegals working with criminal networks to steal truckloads of oil in west Texas.

These are not refugees in need of asylum. They are criminal thugs trying to rip off the United States.

Oil is energy and energy is a national security issue. This is not like stealing sneakers or jewelry. It’s much more serious.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Illegal immigrants stealing oil from Permian basin near Texas border

Authorities in West Texas have begun to see illegal immigrants aiding criminal networks in the stealing of truckloads of valuable oil and materials from the nation’s largest oilfields in the Permian Basin.

Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX), whose district spans 800 miles of the Texas border, organized federal and local law enforcement in the region Friday to come up with a plan of attack as the largest U.S. oilfield, the Permian Basin, continues to get hit by thieves. The matter is not only a border security matter but an energy security problem.

“The bottom line is the border crisis is expanding, and it is morphing into other things, and part of that is you have folks that are Cuban nationals that are kind of settling out in West Texas and in some cases are part of this increase in oil theft,” Gonzales told the Washington Examiner Friday in a phone interview, who later added that Cuban involvement was “growing.”

Winkler County Sheriff Darin Mitchell told reporters at a press conference at the epicenter for the oil theft on Friday that this type of crime had “increased dramatically” in recent months.

How did it get to this point?

Energy security is national security. ⛽

Proud to be joined by West Texas law enforcement in the fight against oil theft across the Permian Basin. Don’t mess with Texas!

— Rep. Tony Gonzales (@RepTonyGonzales) May 10, 2024

The border crisis just keeps getting worse and no one in Washington seems interested in stopping it.

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World’s No. 1 Player Novak Djokovic Collapses in Pain at Italian Open After Being Struck by Water Bottle

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 12:15
Novak Djokovic collapses in pain after being hit by an aluminum water bottle.

World No. 1 tennis player Novak Djokovic was struck in the head by a water bottle while signing autographs for fans at the Italian Open, causing him to collapse in pain.

The incident occurred shortly after Djokovic had secured an impressive victory over Frenchman Corentin Moutet, with a score of 6-3, 6-1 at the prestigious Foro Italico. As he engaged with fans lining the exit, a sudden commotion saw the Serbian champion grasping his head in agony before sinking to the ground.

Spectators and officials rushed to Djokovic’s aid as he clutched his head, lying on the ground. After several tense moments, Djokovic was helped into the tunnel and taken to the locker room for medical attention.


Someone hit Novak Djokovic in the head with a metal water bottle. Hope he’s okay

— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) May 10, 2024

Initially, there was confusion about the nature of the incident, with some speculating about deliberate harm. However, the Italian Open organizers quickly clarified the situation, describing it as a regrettable accident.

“Novak Djokovic on leaving the Central court at the end of his match was accidentally hit on the head by a water bottle while signing autographs to spectators. He underwent appropriate medication and has already left the Foro Italico to return to his hotel; his condition is not a cause for concern”, the Management of the Internazionali BNL d’Italia wrote on X.

“Novak Djokovic on leaving the Central court at the end of his match was accidentally hit on the head by a water bottle while signing autographs to spectators. He underwent appropriate medication and has already left the Foro Italico to return to his hotel; his condition is not a…

— Internazionali BNL d’Italia (@InteBNLdItalia) May 10, 2024

Reminder that if you use the bottle holder on your backpack to carry your metal water bottle, it can fall out when you lean over.
Doesnt seem intentional, just incredibly unfortunate.#Novak received medical care.#ItalianOpen fans may see bag restrictions in the future like…

— dontfckwjustice (@dontfckwjustice) May 10, 2024

Further details emerged when another angle from a social media video showed the bottle slipping from a fan’s backpack as the man leaned over the railing to get an autograph from Djokovic.


The @InteBNLdItalia team showcases a video showing that the Djokovic case was ‘’an accident’. #Djokovic

— Tennis Majors (@Tennis_Majors) May 10, 2024

Djokovic took to social media platform X to reassure fans about his well-being.

“Thank you for the messages of concern. This was an accident and I am fine resting at the hotel with an ice pack. See you all on Sunday,” Djokovic wrote.

Thank you for the messages of concern. This was an accident and I am fine resting at the hotel with an ice pack. See you all on Sunday. #IBI24

— Novak Djokovic (@DjokerNole) May 10, 2024

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‘Extreme’ G5 Geomagnetic Storm Unleashes Northern Lights Across the United States

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 12:00

The United States witnessed a rare celestial spectacle on Friday night as an extreme G5 geomagnetic storm painted the night sky with the vibrant colors of the Northern Lights.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) had forecasted a severe G4 geomagnetic storm, which later escalated, marking the most intense solar event to hit the Earth in nearly two decades.

NOAA decided to issue a storm watch after identifying multiple earth-directed coronal mass ejections (CMEs) earlier in the week. Forecasters anticipated the CMEs to arrive by midday Friday, May 10, 2024, with activity potentially lasting until Sunday, May 12, in what they characterized as an “unusual event.”

A coronal mass ejection, as explained by the Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC), is a significant release of plasma and magnetized particles from the Sun’s corona. These ejections can expand dramatically as they travel towards Earth and are known to trigger geomagnetic storms upon their collision with Earth’s magnetic field.

Significant impacts from the storm include disruptions to navigation systems, radio communications, and potential widespread internet outages.

NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center later confirmed that an “extreme” G5 geomagnetic storm reached Earth on Friday, following the earlier warning.

his level of storm, the highest on the geomagnetic scale, can lead to “widespread voltage control problems and protective system problems,” the agency warned. “Some grid systems may experience complete collapse or blackouts. Transformers may experience damage,” and disruptions to radio and satellite navigation are likely.

The last storm of this magnitude, which occurred in October 2003, resulted in power outages in Sweden and damaged transformers in South Africa.

Credit: NOAA

The geomagnetic storm brought with it a stunning visual display: the auroras, more commonly known as the Northern Lights, were seen much farther south than usual. Reports confirmed sightings as far south as Texas.

Social media platforms, particularly X, were flooded with awe-inspiring images of the auroras, as people from various parts of the country shared their experiences of the natural phenomenon.


More northern Lights photos from St. Louis. This never happens! Hat tip my niece

— The Gateway Pundit (@gatewaypundit) May 11, 2024

Alabama. I told my son this was an event I couldn’t even imagine realizing

— Underground ✝ (@shannon4t76) May 11, 2024

Finally got to see the northern lights with my own eyes!

Stunning aurora borealis in NE Minnesota.

— Marc (@gopher_marc) May 11, 2024

Cool Ridge, WV

— Josh Vance (@DisturbedOne92) May 11, 2024

Here in Georgia

— Sassypiehole (@sassypiehole) May 11, 2024

Lake Wylie, SC

— (@RenegadeNole85) May 11, 2024

That’s from my front yard in northern Crawford county Arkansas

— USMC Lady Vet (@Arkypatriot) May 11, 2024

More shots of Northern Lights from South Louisiana. Abita Springs : Heather LaBauve

— Payton Malone WWL-TV (@paytonmalonewx) May 11, 2024

Northern lights spotted in Lafayette, Colorado

— Michael Beckel (@mjbeckel) May 11, 2024

The iPhone’s night mode exposure caught the Northern Lights in the middle of nowhere Nebraska. Pretty rad.

— John Frerichs (@JayFrayAllDay) May 11, 2024

NORTHERN LIGHTS IN NORTH TEXAS: Thanks to the solar storm hitting Earth, some North Texas viewers are starting to see the aurora borealis! Here are some of the dazzling images. Show us your pictures! Make sure to include your location.

— FOX 4 NEWS (@FOX4) May 11, 2024

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James Carville Freaks Out Over Failure of Democrat Attacks on Trump: ‘It’s Not Working!’ (VIDEO)

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 03:00

Democrat strategist and former Bill Clinton staffer James Carville is not doing well. He is extremely frustrated and angry that none of the attacks Democrats have tried to smear Trump are working.

Carville understands polling, and the numbers are making him crazy. He notes that Trump is ‘more ahead than he’s ever been.’

He also seems very frustrated that the public doesn’t care about January 6th. He is having a total meltdown.

Transcript via Real Clear Politics:

JAMES CARVILLE: Trump’s more ahead than he’s ever been, more — fewer people think January 6 was any kind of what it was, an assault on the temple of democracy, our Constitution, whatever you want to say.

It’s going the wrong way. It’s not working. Everything that we’re throwing is spaghetti at a wall, and none of it is sticking, me included. It’s hard starting your 80th year, and like everyone else I have an opinion of myself. And the opinion I’ve come to is I don’t matter.

It doesn’t matter. You can prepare and you can be on TV, you can write pieces, you can have a YouTube channel, you can have a podcast and nothing, nothing!

We’ve got to try to think of something different because what we’re doing in really really not working.

Watch the video below, this is glorious:

James Carville is frustrated that Trump is 'more ahead than he's ever been', and that Democrat tactics are 'not working':
"It's going the wrong way. It's not working.Everything we're that throwing is spaghetti at a wall, and none of it is sticking, me included.
We gotta try to…

— Eric Abbenante (@EricAbbenante) May 10, 2024

Has anyone ever seen him this frustrated and upset? Is it possible that he has seen internal polling and that it’s completely dreadful? He certainly doesn’t seem confident about the way things are going.

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REPORT: Biden Campaign and Democrat Officials Prepare for Protesters and Chaos at Chicago Convention

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 02:40

The 2024 Democrat National Convention in Chicago may end up being a chaotic freak show. Dem officials and the Biden campaign know that they may end up dealing with mobs of angry leftist protesters and they’re already taking steps to deal with it.

What they really fear is a repeat of the 1968 convention, which was a disaster.

One approach they are considering is a hybrid convention that is partially virtual so that they can hide the ugliness from the TV audience.

Politico reports:

The DNC Is Preparing for the Worst in Chicago — Without the Help of the City’s Mayor

President Joe Biden’s top advisers are all too aware the ghosts of 1968 may haunt their convention here, but they’re grappling with a pair of more urgent and thoroughly modern-day challenges as summer nears: How far can they go in reprising their virtual 2020 convention to mitigate the threat of disruption inside the arena, and how will they navigate a rookie mayor who unabashedly sympathizes with protesters?

Trumpeting the success of their Covid-era convention four years ago, some in Biden’s orbit are aggressively pushing to make the 2024 conclave a hybrid production. That would mean in-person speeches from the president, party luminaries and rising stars to draw television attention alongside a mix of pre-recorded testimonials and videos from other parts of the country.

The goal: drive maximum viewership on television and the internet while minimizing live programming and openings for protest in Chicago’s United Center. This would mean moving party business, such as rules and platform votes, off the floor and denying would-be demonstrators a chance to seize on contentious debates.

Who had 1968 on their DNC bingo card this year?

The DNC Is Preparing for the Worst in Chicago — Without the Help of the City’s Mayor – POLITICO

— CalRadioHost (@cal_host) May 10, 2024

The Democrats helped to create this monster and now they can’t control it.

Hiding from your own voting base. But the campaign is doing super otherwise.

— Big Fish (@BigFish3000) May 10, 2024

More important than that, they need a very controlled environment to present Biden.

It’s 50/50 he’d crap his pants.

— Mark Noonan (@Mark_E_Noonan) May 10, 2024

"We're going to do the DNC but we're afraid of our own voter base."

And Biden still thinks he's going to win

— Michael Edwards (@MEdwardsVA) May 10, 2024

Things could get out of control very quickly.

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Attorney for Steve Bannon Issues Statement Following Court of Appeals Decision

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 02:20

David Schoen, legal representative for Steve Bannon, released a detailed statement today in response to a decision by the Court of Appeals. The court ruled that it does not possess the authority to overturn a precedent set by a 1961 Court of Appeals panel concerning the interpretation of “willfully” in the Contempt of Congress statute. This decision pertains to Bannon’s ongoing legal struggles following his non-compliance with a congressional subpoena to sit before Nancy Pelosi’s sham January 6 Select Committee.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported the Biden Regime is one step closer to jailing former Trump aide and conservative firebrand Steve Bannon.

Steven Bannon is also the host of the most pro-MAGA podcast, “The War Room.”

A federal appeals court on Friday upheld Bannon’s conviction for contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena related to the sham January 6 investigation.

Bannon does not need to report to prison right away. He has seven days to request an en banc review (a decision from the court’s entire slate of judges) or to petition the US Supreme Court.

After deliberating for three hours, a DC jury in July 2022 found Steven Bannon guilty of two counts of contempt of Congress for defying subpoenas to the controversial and completely biased January 6 Select Committee.

A federal judge previously denied Steve Bannon’s request for a new trial and dismissal in the contempt of Congress case.

Bannon refused to provide documents to the January 6 Committee because President Trump asserted executive privilege.

Bannon argued, “Based on long-standing U.S. Department of Justice authority, you should not appear for deposition or provide documents.”

Former Gorsuch clerk and regular guest on Bannon’s “War Room” Mike Davis said, “Today’s ruling by the DC Circuit on Steve Bannon’s claim of executive privilege is both shameful and predictable, as the DC courts are filled with partisans and cowards.”

Here is the complete and unaltered statement from David Schoen, concerning the Court of Appeals’ decision on Friday via War Room:

The Court of Appeals panel held today that it does not have the authority to overrule the 1961 panel of the Court that issued the decision in the Licavoli case on the definition of the word “willfully” as used in the Contempt of Congress statute.  Mr. Bannon will now seek redress before the full Court of Appeals, which has the authority to overrule Licavoli.

The Court of Appeals panel held today that it does not have the authority to overrule the 1961 panel of the Court that issued the decision in the Licavoli case on the definition of the word “willfully” as used in the Contempt of Congress statute. Mr. Bannon will now seek redress before the full Court of Appeals, which has the authority to overrule Licavoli.

There are many fundamentally important constitutional issues at stake in this case. Today’s decision is wrong as a matter of law and it reflects a very dangerous view of the threshold for criminal liability for any defendant in our country and for future political abuses of the congressional hearing process.

The Department of Justice argued before the Court that this panel did not have the authority to overrule the Licavoli panel’s decision – only the full Court sitting en banc can do that. The DOJ should support a petition for rehearing en banc to have the full court review this important issue of law.

As the trial court judge wrote earlier in this case. The Court’s definition in Licavoli is ” not consistent with modern case law surrounding the use of that term, let alone the traditional definition of the word.” The full Court of Appeals should make that clear and correct the Licavoli panel’s error.

When Steve Bannon’s lawyer, Robert Costello, received a subpoena for Mr. Bannon to testify before the January 6 committee and he received a direction from President Trump that the he was invoking Executive Privilege with respect to the subpoena, Mr. Costello did two things:

1. He advised Mr. Bannon in no uncertain terms that he was not permitted as a matter of law to in any way respond to the subpoena – that executive privilege had been raised and that it was not his privilege to waive; and

2. Mr. Costello wrote to the committee and told them that Mr. Bannon would fully comply with the subpoena if the the committee worked out any privilege issues with President Trump or they took the matter before a court and the court ordered Mr. Bannon to comply. Mr. Bannon was charged with “willfully making default” in response to a congressional subpoena.

In America, we do not criminally prosecute, let alone convict and send to prison people who not only don’t believe their conduct to be wrongful or in violation of the law, but, as in this case, people who follow the advice of their lawyers who tell them that the law does not permit them to comply with a congressional subpoena when Executive Privilege has been invoked. President Trump expressly confirmed to the trial court in writing that he had indeed invoked Executive Privilege with respect to the subpoena Mr. Bannon received.

A. For decades and, as reaffirmed in the last few years in decisions from the United States Supreme Court, a clear jurisprudential principle has been that “willfully” for purposes of criminal culpability requires a defendant to have acted in a manner he or she knew was wrong and violated the law. The Court of Appeals panel that issued this decision today found that it was bound by a 1961 decision called Licavoli which held that in the context of the congressional contempt statute “willfully” doesn’t require a belief that the conduct is wrong; rather all that matters is whether a subpoena was issued and the recipient complied with it. Licavoli did not involve executive privilege.

B. Long-standing constitutional principles, exhaustively recognized and identified by the Department of Justice for decades in binding opinions, make clear that any such definition when executive privilege has been invoked, violates the fundamental doctrine of separation of powers. It is the President’s or a former President’s prerogative to determine when and over what to invoke executive privilege and only a court, not a committee issuing the subpoena, can be the arbiter of whether executive privilege applies and how far its breadth extends.

Mr. Costello asked the committee to let a judge decide; they had no interest. The committee only wanted the political mileage it thought it would get for pursuing contempt.

It is unconscionable to hold a private citizen criminally liable for responding to a subpoena in the manner his lawyer told him is the only manner the law permits and especially when a constitutional principle like executive privilege is involved. The panel today held that it is bound by the 1961 Licavoli decision, notwithstanding the construction given to the word “willfully” in the criminal law context, which for decades clearly has required some determination that the defendant believed his conduct was wrong.

C. The trial judge in this case expressly wrote that the Licavoli definition cannot be reconciled with either the traditional or the modern definition of “willfully” but that his hands were tied by the precedent which he could not overrule. Similarly, this panel held, as the prosecution had argued, that it does not have the authority to overrule the Licavoli panel and is bound by it. That is why all parties should agree that the full Court of Appeals should hear this case sitting en banc.

D. The government convinced the trial court to bar Mr. Bannon from putting before the jury any evidence as to why he responded as he did to the committee subpoena. Interestingly, even in Licavoli, the jury was permitted to hear the Defendant’s story. The jury in Mr. Bannon’s case was prohibited from hearing that he followed his lawyer’s orders and what those orders were. He was barred from putting on any defense, while the prosecution was permitted to argue to the jury that Mr. Bannon simply ignored the subpoena because he thought he was above the law. They knew he had not ignored it and they knew his lawyer had told him the law didn’t permit him to comply; but the jury never knew either.

E. It also troubling that the Court endorsed the holding in this case that Mr. Bannon could not raise challenges to the multiple violations of the Rules of the House of Representatives from the formation of the 1/6 Committee through its decision to hold Mr. Bannon in contempt.

Every American subpoenaed to testify before Congress ought to be able to depend on a fair hearing before a fairly constituted body. Speaker Pelosi violated the House Rules and protocol and the trust of the American people when she formed the 1/6 committee as she did.

This was promised as an “investigative” committee into the events of 1/6; but she appointed as its Chair, Rep. Benny Thompson who filed a lawsuit alleging that he was personally injured by the events he was supposed to be investigating and placing blame for those events before any investigation even began.

The committee was filled with political partisans who regularly held press conferences announcing their opinions again without conducting any investigation. House Rules were unabashedly violated in the subpoena process all with impunity. The violations struck at the very heart of the integrity of the process as recent findings in the House have exposed; but this court has said it won’t consider any of these violation in connection with Mr. Bannon’s subpoena. The DOJ asked the court to decline to consider the violations and the court agreed. We believe a full review would have well served the country.

There are additional issues of constitutional dimension that were raised on appeal that we will also ask the En Banc Court to consider based on their direct conflict with other authority from this Court and the United States Supreme Court. That is the next step.

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