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Islamic Terror Group Says It Has Murdered Israeli-Canadian Businessman as Revenge for Gaza

Fri, 05/10/2024 - 13:30
Ziv Kipper was killed in Egypt.

Ziv Kipper was killed in Egypt.

An Israeli businessman who also held Canadian citizenship has been murdered in Egypt.

Some media accounts said that a terrorist group that had been previously unknown claimed credit for the attack, video of which was widely shared on social media. There were also reports the incident began as a robbery.

The Times of Israel reported that Egyptian authorities had taken a man into custody.

Ziv Kipper was shot to death Tuesday in Alexandria.

His widow, Oksana Kipper, said she was told the attack took place because her husband was Jewish.

“He wasn’t robbed,” she said.

Israeli-Canadian businessman murdered in Egypt in apparent antisemitic attack

— The Globe and Mail (@globeandmail) May 8, 2024

Reuters reported that an Egyptian security source claimed the incident was a robbery, not a terrorist attack.

Egypt has launched a criminal investigation into the shooting, the BBC reported.

Kipper was the CEO of the Egypt-based OK Group LLC, which exports frozen fruits and vegetables, according to the Times. The company has offices in Israel and Ukraine.

A post on Telegram from a group calling itself the Vanguard of Liberation Group for Martyr Mohamed Salah said it killed Kipper because he was a Mossad agent, according to The Jerusalem Post.

“Wait for the next,” the group said in a statement. “Shalom from the children of Gaza.”

Reuters reported that Egyptian security sources said they had nothing to share about the group.

Kipper’s death was “a step on the path of the Egyptian people’s struggle against the Zionist enemy,” the group said, according to the Times.

A group calling itself “Vanguards of Liberation – Martyr Mohammed Salah Groups” claims it murdered an Israeli “agent” in Egypt today.
Mohammed Saleh was an Egyptian police officer who murdered three IDF soldiers near the Israel-Egypt border in June 2023.

— Aleph א (@no_itsmyturn) May 7, 2024

Mohammed Salah Ibrahim killed three Israel Defense Forces soldiers in a June 2023 attack along the Egyptian border.

Global Affairs Canada said that it was “aware of the reports of the death of a Canadian Citizen in Egypt,” according to the Post.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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“I’m Not Going to Sell My Soul to That Guy. No Way!” – Hero Rudy Giuliani Stands on Principle – Is Fired from WABC NYC for Talking About Stolen 2020 Election (VIDEO)

Fri, 05/10/2024 - 13:15
One of America’s greatest patriots, Rudy Giuliani, was fired from WABC Radio in New York on Friday for speaking his truth about the stolen 2020 election.

On Friday news broke that WABC New York fired popular radio host and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani from the station for talking about the stolen 2020 election.

Rudy Giuliani had the most-listened to Sunday morning and weekday afternoon shows in the New York market.

WABC released a statement saying Rudy’s firing was due to what the station called his repeated violation of a ban on discussing the stolen 2020 election.

Giuliani said the station’s ban is overly broad and “a clear violation of free speech.”

Later on Friday, Rudy Giuliani joined Steve Bannon on The War Room to discuss this news.

Rudy Giuliani, one of the the most accomplished and courageous Americans in modern history, told Steve Bannon the station and WABC Radio owner John Catsimatidis wanted to silence him. This was after Rudy had been speaking out about the stolen election for three years now.

“I’m not going to sell my soul to that guy. No way!” added Rudy.

Steve Bannon: . I want to be very specific. You were fired, according to The New York Times, because you talked about the 2020 election andJohn Catsimatidis says there was nothing but fallacies.

Rudy Giuliani: I talked about the 2020 elections from the day I realized they were fixed until now. I talked about it on that station, I would say a thousand times. They now tell me there was a policy that I wasn’t allowed to talk about the 2020 elections. I never heard about the policy until yesterday. Even if there was a policy, just go back and listen to the last three and a half years, and I commented I’d say almost every day. And what they wanted me to agree to, to retain my job, knowing that I’m in fairly difficult financial circumstances. And they also, by the way, leaked this before they told me, which will give you an idea what dishonorable people they are…

…Now, how is it that I’ve been doing this for three and a half years without any interruptions? I commented on the election two days ago. I commented on it three days ago. Their hosts and broadcasters question me about it. I’m also not allowed to talk about the case in Atlanta because they say I signed a stipulation that I defamed them, the women. The The fact is that stipulation was just for the purposes of the case, the litigation. It specifically has no application to anything beyond that. In fact, how could I appeal if I can’t talk about it?

Steve Bannon: For WABC and John Catsimatidis and all the hosts, let me be blunt. Donald J. Trump won the 2020 election. Biden stole it. Biden’s illegitimate. If any of the hosts want to come on, and Catsimatidis wants a lesson on this, we will go through chapter and verse. Look at the hearing in Georgia. It is completely, completely, absolutely outrageous. Is WABC arguing that the 2020 election was not stolen and they will fire you for talking about Joe Biden stealing it because they will lose half of the audience in WABC? And quite frankly, they ought to lose all of the audience…

…So he’s trying to avoid the subpoena by firing you? How does that work? Why would that back off Dominion or Newsmax an inch?

Rudy Giuliani: In other words, we now have a policy created that never was created before, that nobody’s supposed to talk about the election, that at least I was never informed of. I was told, I could stay on if I just stopped talking about it. But I’m not going to sell my soul to that guy. No way.

True heroes are hard to come by. Rudy Giuliani is one of the greatest.

Watch the entire segment from The War Room below.

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Liberal Cesspol: California’s Far-left District Attorneys Reportedly Won’t Prosecute Any Child Predator from Sting Operations Online Group Turns In (VIDEO)

Fri, 05/10/2024 - 13:15

In a recent viral sting operation by a group of prominent YouTubers, including Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, an alarming allegation has surfaced that California’s District Attorneys will not prosecute individuals caught in these stings, despite clear evidence of predatory behavior towards minors.

Last Tuesday, the online series “Catching Child Predators,” led by Zdorovetskiy along with DJ Deorro and Bradley Martyn, released a disturbing episode where Herschel Weingrod, a veteran Hollywood producer known for his work on ‘1996 Space Jam’, was caught on camera in a compromising situation.

Weingrod, who introduced himself as “Boris,” was filmed at a local restaurant with a young girl who, according to him, claimed to be 23 based on her dating profile. However, during the confrontation, it was revealed she had informed him of her actual underage status.

The confrontation escalated as Weingrod attempted to dismiss the severity of his actions, claiming that talking and flirting with a minor was “not a big deal.” The situation intensified when Weingrod tried to leave the scene, only to be pursued by Zdorovetskiy and Martyn, who resorted to firing pink and blue gunpowder cannons.

Read more here:

YouTubers Catch Hollywood Producer Herschel Weingrod in Predator Sting Involving Minor — Fire Powder Guns During His Attempt to Flee

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The series aims to expose sexual predators engaging inappropriately with minors.

In a shocking twist revealed in Thursday's episode streamed on, a member of Zdorovetskiy's security team shared that despite their efforts to bring such predators to justice, they are allegedly being stonewalled by the DA's office.

"They're basically like, 'Don't bring them in. There's nothing that the DA is going to do now. Just write it up, file it, and that's all we can do now,'" the security member recounted, highlighting a purported directive from desk sergeants based on DA Gascón’s policies.

"We've got to just keep bringing a light to it because, unfortunately, through no fault of theirs, they've done everything they can for us, but it's the DAs in California that are refusing to prosecute pedophiles. Police are doing everything they can, but the DA is not supporting them," he added.


LA Police tells Vitaly’s team that the DA will NOT be prosecuting any p*dophiles he catches. ‼

Vitaly warns Kick owners his next stream will be a lot more humiliating for the p*do’s & he will no longer be calling the police.

— DramaAlert (@DramaAlert) May 9, 2024

This should not come as a surprise.

Under current state law, purchasing or soliciting a child for sex is merely a misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in county jail, a minimum of two days in jail, and a potential fine of $10,000. Additionally, offenders are required to register as tier-one sex offenders for at least ten years.

Republican State Sen. Shannon Grove is spearheading the push with SB 1414 to elevate the offense to a felony.

Senate Bill 1414 (SB 1414) was introduced last month to increase penalties for child sex trafficking. The bill would make it a felony to solicit or engage in commercial sex with a minor, and criminals could face two to four years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000.

The Senate Public Safety Committee rejected SB 1414. Instead the committee "forced hostile amendments and voted the bill out of committee without Senator Grove’s consent," according to the news release.

According to citizen journalist Max Bonilla, the bill has undergone amendments that compelled the author to exclude 16 and 17-year-olds from the legislation that would make purchasing a child for sex a felony. Moreover, the amendments removed the requirement for offenders to register as sex offenders after their first offense. "They've virtually rendered the bill useless. These people are sick demons," Bonilla said.



Today, The Senate Public Safety committee passed SB 1414, but with amendments forced on the author to exclude 16 and 17 year olds from the bill that would make purchasing a child for sex a felony.

On top of that, they removed the…

— Max Bonilla (@outragedteen_) April 17, 2024

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Senate Intel Chair Confirms CISA, FBI Have Resumed Coercing Social Media Companies to Censor the Speech of MILLIONS OF AMERICANS

Fri, 05/10/2024 - 13:00
Illustration by The Gateway Pundit

In March, the US Supreme Court heard arguments from The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft , the state of Missouri, the state of LouisianaDr. Jay BhattacharyaDr. Martin KulldorffAaron Kheriaty, and Jill Hines (“Free Speech Plaintiffs”) in arguments against the Biden Administration and an army of government agencies.

Before all of the appeals, the case originally started after the States of Missouri and Louisiana, joined by The Gateway Pundit and the other individuals, noted above, alleged that the Biden White House and DOZENS of federal officials and agencies were conspiring with and/ or coercing Social Media Companies such as Facebook, Twitter and others to censor the speech of MILLIONS OF AMERICAN CITIZENS, particularly during COVID and the lead-up to and aftermath of the 2020 Presidential Election.

Evidence clearly showed – and even Mark Zuckerberg admitted that the FBI pressured Facebook to take down the Hunter Biden laptop story – in true Fascist manner, the Feds worked with or otherwise demanded that Big Tech police the speech that they disagreed with and that went against the government’s approved party dogma.

The Gateway Pundit and the other Plaintiffs initially sought out a preliminary injunction and were able to acquire a substantial amount of evidence in support of that injunction.  You may recall that, probably not coincidentally, on July 4, 2023, Federal Judge Terry Doughty issued an order granting Gateway Pundit, et al’s motion for the preliminary injunction, preventing the government from working with Big Tech to censor Americans’ speech while the full lawsuit was being battled (likely to be a multi-year period).  The government immediately appealed this Order to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, arguing that the injunction was improper and that the plaintiffs lacked the proper authority to challenge government action.

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals substantially agreed with the good guys, and the scheming government tyrants were left with no choice but to appeal their case yet again  – this time to the Supreme Court of the United States.

What is interesting about this case is also the fact that the government agencies, including the FBI and CISA were pressuring the tech giants to take down mostly truthful and accurate information that would keep Americans informed on the issues and open to alternative ideas.  The information on COVID and elections was certainly sourced and researched by The Gateway Pundit and others before it was reported but the government did not want the truth to get out.

For example, this week the House Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic released evidence that the State Department knew that the COVID virus was leaked from a Wuhan Biolab and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) covered it up. They hid this from the American public.

This was information the US government was pressuring tech giants to censor and ban on social media.

The Supreme Court will decide in June whether the government has a right to censor speech in America in the Murthy vs. Missouri case. In the meantime, Senator Mark Warner, the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, announced this week that CISA and the FBI have resumed their meetings with the far-left tech giants to remove information they deem to be misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation.

This is taking place before the 2024 election.

They’re doing it again.

The left-leaning NextGov reported:

Key federal agencies have resumed discussions with social media companies over removing disinformation on their sites as the November presidential election nears, a stark reversal after the Biden administration for months froze communications with social platforms amid a pending First Amendment case in the Supreme Court, a top senator said Monday.

Mark Warner, D-Va., who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee, told reporters in a briefing at RSA Conference that agencies restarted talks with social media companies as the Supreme Court heard arguments in Murthy v. Missouri, a case that first began in the Fifth Circuit appellate court last July. The case was fueled by allegations that federal agencies like the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency were coercing platforms to remove content related to vaccine safety and 2020 presidential election results.

The Supreme Court is expected to decide whether agencies are allowed to stay in touch with social media firms about potential disinformation. Missouri’s then-Attorney General Eric Schmitt filed the suit on the grounds that the Biden administration violated First Amendment rights pertaining to free speech online in a bid to suppress politically conservative voices.

According to Warner, communications between agencies and social platforms resumed roughly around the same time that multiple justices appeared to favor the executive branch’s stance on the issue, he said.

Actually, Murthy vs. Missouri is about the government coercing tech companies to restrict speech of opinions and facts they don’t approve of.

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Libertarian FreedomWorks Group Closing, Leader, Politico Blame Trump, but Insiders say Donors Orchestrated Org Suicide

Fri, 05/10/2024 - 12:45

FreedomWorks, critical to building the Tea Party movement of 2011, which became nationally known for fighting ObamaCare, announced it was closing today. Its 12-member board of directors voted unanimously to close the 20-year-old conservative organization.

Politico’s Luke Mullins ran an ‘exclusive’ piece setting a warped narrative about what caused the FreedomWorks implosion: divisions between MAGA vs. the GOP. Here’s the key takeaway:

FreedomWorks, the once-swaggering conservative organization that helped turn tea party protesters into a national political force, is shutting down, according to its president Adam Brandon, a casualty of the ideological split in a Republican Party dominated by former President Donald Trump.

Other outlets like the Hill, FoxNews, Washington Post, have simply lazily repeated the same Politico framing. Multiple insiders say, however, the Politico piece is all wrong.

Former Grassroots Director Merissa Hamilton tells the Gateway Pundit, “The Politico story is simply not true. The collapse of FreedomWorks wasn’t a rift between MAGA and non-MAGA; it was colossal bad management by CEO Adam Brandon who created a toxic internal culture and who doesn’t understand voters or donors.”

Former FreedomWorks Grassroots Director Merissa Hamilton

Politico tried to blame ‘right-wing nutjobs’ for promoting so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ about well-documented evidence of systemic election fraud as driving the organization into the ground. Politico also tried to frame the story as part of Trump’s policy failures, related to massive increases in the national debt.

Here’s what Politico said in their article to that effect:

Increasingly, however, those positions clashed with a Trump-aligned membership who called for tariffs on imported goods and a wall to keep immigrants out but were willing, in Brandon’s view, to remain silent as Trump’s administration added $8 trillion to the national debt.

The Politico piece is just anti-Trump fake news spin, according to multiple insiders, driven to protect the reputation of the outgoing CEO. FreedomWorks’ CEO Adam Brandon tried last September to refashion the organization as progressive on climate change and promoting abortion. This was six months after firing most of the MAGA-aligned lower-level staff in a purge.

The Gateway Pundit spoke with multiple insiders, some on and some off the record. One former Senior Executive at FreedomWorks who was willing to talk anonymously because it was breaking a Non-Disclosure Agreement but felt compelled to tell activists and donors their side of the story.

This was an organizational suicide. Big donors and an Anti-Trump board made this all happen on purpose.”

“Adam Brandon and his allies willfully orchestrated the means to end this organization. Adam had his priorities the entire time on starting another organization to succeed FreedomWorks, spent money on frivolous things, alienated donors, took money from the wrong donors, and alienated our grassroots networks,” the source said. “Adam’s been fleecing FreedomWorks from 2022 to present to build a parallel organization.”

FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon, according to multiple sources, was engaged in significant financial mismanagement of the libertarian organization. Several insist $300,000 was spent acquiring one donor phone list that only had 1,200 names. This is one example, they say, in a string of horrible financial moves that a former Executive said felt ‘orchestrated to bring down the organization.’

The Senior Executive said, “I watched him take $250,000 from a donor, philanthropist Frayda Levin, to do anti-Trump grassroots work to MAGA people in Florida. It was all about money and power to Adam. Adam took the money and wanted to hurt Trump using a differently-branded organization to protect the FreedomWorks brand. It was the height of unethical behavior, deceiving both donors and activists. It left me very jaded. I realized that conservative movement leaders often hate actual conservative voters.” Contacted to confirm this detail, Levin said she did not recall this donation but that it may be accurate.

The Senior Executive said further, “The prostitution for big donors at FreedomWorks and in many conservative groups, regardless of what they believe, was just staggering. It’s just disgusting. It’s all about whoring yourself out for the money. It doesn’t matter what the small donors say, they just cater to big donors who are obsessed with Nikki Haley.”

The Senior Executive continued, “Adam Brandon brought in Margaret Iuculano as the Chief Development Officer, or CDO, who served as the head of fundraising. She had no fundraising experience and was completely unqualified. She was a ReMax real estate agent in Florida prior to running an 8-figure fundraising operation. The consulting agency that brought her in was given a quid-pro-quo $10k a month ‘consulting’ contract after she was hired, to perform a ‘cross-department audit’ that was reportedly used to justify the Trump firings.”

Margaret Iuculano, former Chief Development Officer of FreedomWorks

“She bragged to me that the consultants agreed with her on everything. She told me with a smile that ‘everything I wanted to be wrong, they also thought was wrong.’ She knew nothing about fundraising, and her performance matched her experience.”

Hamilton echoes that sense of Brandon’s financial failure: “Adam Brandon laid off the grassroots staffers with actual field experience, fired his VP, didn’t fundraise for the organization’s key FreedomTeams program until potentially after the founders of the program were removed. It was organizational suicide.”

Said Hamilton, “This is all a product of an epic failure of leadership by Adam Brandon.”

The tension in management was between Adam Brandon, whom some describe as a ‘grifter,’ and the Executive Vice President Noah Wall, who was seen by staff as more aligned with Trump voters. Wall was purged in March 2023, along with 40% of the entire staff, focused on the ones who were more Trump-friendly, without any severance. Some of these were later re-hired because, again, according to insiders, the organization could not function without its internal Trump-aligned workers.

The Senior Executive said, “I was in a meeting where an outside auditor realized our accounting department, at Adam’s direction, had been entering donations in twice causing a major problem. It ended up being a 6-figure mistake, and I noticed that Adam and Margaret were very defensive. Just from how they were acting about the problem, I knew something dodgy was going on. The demise of FreedomWorks was planned from the beginning: they wanted to dismantle the place and then get out.”

Brandon was planning to set up his own spin-off group, tentatively named “The Center for Independence” that would use a combination of A.I. and ChatGPT to communicate more effectively to African-American voters about libertarian principles in battleground states. Brandon allegedly told staffers on repeated occasions that he had planned to dissolve the organization in order to move its assets to his new group. Donor Levin confirmed that Brandon had planned this organization.

“Call me old school, but A.I. is never gonna replace basic grassroots, and that’s what Adam Brandon never understood,” Hamilton told the Gateway Pundit. “Brandon was also on the verge of leaving the organization in early 2023 to run his new project, with a search underway for his replacement shortly before they laid off staff. Brandon stayed, but a little over a year later the decision to shutter the organization came through as a result of a unanimous board decision.”

The FreedomWorks board was composed of: Adam Brandon, Joan Carter, Paul Beckner, Carl Knudsen, Peter Copses, Stephen Modzelewski, Richard Stephenson, Frank Tsamoutales, Betsy Albaugh, Robert Lansing, Marilyn Hayden, and Ted Abram.

The former FreedomWorks senior executive said, “There were board members who not only hated Trump, but hated conservatives in general. It all reminded me of the ‘long march through the institutions’ and I realized I was watching everything lurch to the left, the same way the Koch network and Americans for Prosperity has done.”

“Many of these organizations talk a good game about conservative principles, but behind closed doors, it’s not what they believe.”

Philanthropist Frayda Levin had similar thoughts on the collapse of FreedomWorks, Levin mentioned that CEO Brandon was in the process of changing the organization’s mission and that its new outlook was “incoherent.” Levin did not recall the $250,000 Florida donation but noted that she stopped donating along with several other donors two years ago and has mentally moved on. “I deleted all their emails. Adam was trying to get independents elected, it didn’t make any sense,” Levin told the Gateway Pundit.

Levin continued, “It’s certainly difficult to manage the pro and anti-Trump factions of the political right, but there are many other problems with grassroots activism, chronic problems that FreedomWorks was running into,” Levin said. “Activism has become my computer is talking to your computer, and legislators and powerful people see it for what it is. A large part of the problem is that government has gotten so large, there are so many issues to fight about, that it’s very difficult to maintain a grassroots network. Americans for Prosperity, where I was the Chair, doesn’t have a grassroots network to speak of anymore. I wish I had the answer, I don’t.”

FreedomWorks was an organizational component of center-right grassroots activism, educating thousands each year in the principles of libertarian philosophy and practical recommendations on how to act on those principles.

The organization’s remaining 25 employees are being laid off. Hamilton says they might not be properly compensated, even though many would likely be under Non-Disclosure Agreements and unable to publicly voice their grievances. Hamilton claims this was a deliberate decision not to pay employees reimbursements or other owed compensation. “I’m still owed thousands of dollars, and I know many others who are as well, including a great activist from Michigan who was never paid thousands owed from mileage reimbursements over a year ago. The grassroots workers got stiffed, and where did all the money go?” said Hamilton.

“The definition of grifting is taking money for a program you aren’t really running. And Adam Brandon definitely raised funds and did not spend them on FreedomTeams, the grassroots division of FreedomWorks. He kept the name, but they kept stringing along donors even after they perverted the program to something they knew was never going to work. It turned into a controlled opposition operation, completely abandoning the mission of making freedom work,” said Hamilton.

“The real tragedy in all of this is that populism needs libertarian ideas, Trump and Trumpism would only be strengthened by a principled freedom ideology, and now there’s one less group serving that critical need. Liberty and Populism can, and must, coexist.”

Adam Brandon, Margaret Luculano, and Noah Wall were asked for comment and did not respond.

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Judge Drops Charges Against Illegals Rioting at Border and Busting Through Fence – If They Were Conservatives They’d Get 10+ Years in Prison

Fri, 05/10/2024 - 12:30
Illegals tear down a border fence and riot against National Guard soldiers in El Paso, TX in March.

On March 21, 2024, hundreds of illegal aliens from Africa, Central America, Colombia, and Venezuela made a mad rush for the border in El Paso, Texas after they were pushed south of the concertina wire in the middle of the night by the National Guard.

The illegals breached the concertina wire, tore down the fencing, overwhelmed National Guard members, and made a mad rush into the United States.

On Thursday FOX News reported that the 211 illegal aliens who were charged with rioting and destruction of property had their charges dropped by County Court Judge Ruben Morales.

Judge Ruben Morales is a Democrat judge from El Paso County.

FOX News reported:

Bret Baier: Breaking tonight, more than 200 cases against migrants alleged to have been involved in that riot along the US border in March. We brought you that 200 cases have now been dismissed. The judge is blaming a bureaucratic error. Correspondent Griff Jenkins has details tonight. Good evening, Griff.

Griff Jenkins: Good evening, Bret. And that’s right. Fox News confirms El Paso County Court Judge Ruben Morales dismissed 211 cases against migrants charged with rioting at the border on March 21, seen in that video by the New York Post attempting to push their way into the US. Now Judge Morales says he lacked jurisdiction because the district attorney’s office failed to provide a required conferring transfer order to move the misdemeanor cases from district court to county court. But district Attorney Bill Hicks said just moments ago he felt the process was done appropriately and he intends to appeal the judge’s order dismissing the cases.

El Paso Prosecutor Bill Hicks: It does not matter a person’s immigration status. It does not matter if they are from this country or not. If you break the laws of the state of Texas in particular in these riot cases, if you destroy property and you endanger lives, you will be held accountable.

Griff Jenkins: Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council Art Del Cueto issued a statement to Fox saying, “Unfortunately, a decision like this continues to send a message to criminals that they can get away with attacking law enforcement. This continues to make law enforcement’s job that much more difficult. Zero consequences for criminal behavior.” And as for what happens with these migrants, Bre, DA Hicks says they are now being released back to border patrol. But a senior CBP official tells me in the case of Venezuelan migrants, as many of these were, they can’t be sent back because there’s no repatriation agreement with that country. So many will likely be released with a notice to appear at a future asylum hearing. Bret.

Via Griff Jenkins.

BREAKING: The cases against 211 migrants charged with rioting at the border in El Paso on March 21st have been dismissed by County Court Judge Ruben Morales… Our report tonight on @BretBaier @SpecialReport

— Griff Jenkins (@GriffJenkins) May 9, 2024

Meanwhile, the Biden regime stepped up its persecution of J6 protesters ahead of the November elections. Over 1,400 Americans have been arrested since January 2021 with the vast majority of the Pro-Trump protesters committing lesser crimes than any of these foreign nationals did when they crossed into the US illegally, destroyed public property, and rioted at the US border.

Biden Regime Steps Up Persecution of J6 Protesters Ahead of Trump’s Return, Over 1,400 Arrested and Counting and Five Suicides So Far

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This is the upside-down world we live in under the wickedness of the Marxist left in America today.

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Missouri AG Demands DOJ Release Communications with Soros Funded DAs Alvin Bragg, Letitia James, and Fani Willis Over ‘Witch Hunt’ Against President Trump

Fri, 05/10/2024 - 12:15
Credit: Getty Images

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has formally requested that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) release all communications involving Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, New York Attorney General Letitia James, and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis in relation to the “witch hunt” against former President Donald Trump.

For context:

  1. Alvin Bragg (Manhattan DA): The focus has largely been on alleged financial crimes, including possible fraud and falsification of business records related to hush money payments and other financial discrepancies within the Trump Organization.
  2. Letitia James (New York AG): James has pursued civil charges against Trump and his business practices, alleging persistent fraud involving banks, tax authorities, and insurance companies. This includes misrepresenting the value of assets for financial gain.
  3. Fani Willis (Fulton County DA): Willis is investigating alleged criminal interference in the 2020 presidential election.

In a series of tweets, Bailey cited evidence suggesting that the DOJ, under Biden’s regime, orchestrated or coordinated the prosecutions of Trump.

He pointed to the appointment of Matthew Colangelo, the third-highest ranking official in the DOJ, to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in December 2022 as a critical sign of coordination. Colangelo was brought on specifically to prosecute Trump.

Attorney Mike Davis also said this during an interview with Steve Bannon that Matt Colangelo is the link between the Biden DOJ and DA Bragg in their corrupt acts of targeting and putting together a bogus indictment against President Trump. This guy was in the Obama White House and the Biden DOJ and appears to have been brought in to indict President Trump on whatever he could come up with.

Attorney General Bailey also emphasized that Bragg had previously worked alongside Letitia James in civil litigation against Trump and campaigned on a promise to prosecute the former president if elected.

After securing his role as District Attorney, Bragg pledged to prioritize investigations into Trump’s business practices.

“During that campaign, Bragg promised “if elected, [he] would go after Trump.” Once he won election, he pledged “to personally focus on the high-profile probe into former President Donald Trump’s business practices,” Bailey wrote.

Bailey argues that the timing of Bragg’s charges, which came only after Trump announced his candidacy for president, suggests a politically motivated effort to weaken Trump’s campaign.

“Given the timing, the weakness of the charges, and their impact on Trump’s ability to campaign effectively, there is substantial reason to suspect that President Biden has coordinated with Bragg and others to prosecute Trump,” Bailey wrote.

The Attorney General insists that Missourians have the right to know whether the prosecutions of Trump are being coordinated by the federal government, particularly by Biden’s administration, which has a vested political interest in weakening Trump’s candidacy.

Bailey’s office filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request at the DOJ to obtain any communications that could shed light on the extent of federal involvement in these prosecutions. The demand specifically targets interactions between DOJ officials and local prosecutors like Bragg, James, and Willis.

“The people of Missouri deserve transparency, and we’re demanding the DOJ turn over documents that we believe will expose these political prosecutions for what they are: a witch hunt,” Bailey added.

The Attorney General’s office has yet to receive a response from the DOJ regarding the FOIA request. However, Bailey remains adamant that the prosecution efforts against Trump are a calculated attempt to hinder his campaign trail activities and damage his chances of reclaiming the presidency.

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Conservative Pundit Byron York Explains Why Biden’s Economic Message isn’t Sticking With Voters (VIDEO)

Fri, 05/10/2024 - 12:00

Byron York of the Washington Examiner appeared on the Laura Ingraham show this week and explained why voters aren’t buying Joe Biden’s economic message.

It comes down to reality and memory.

You can tell people that the economy is doing great and things are better for them but people still remember how much better things were under Trump.

You can’t lie to people about their grocery bill.

Transcript via Real Clear Politics:

LAURA INGRAHAM: [Biden] also apparently said Trump never succeeded at creating jobs and I, meaning he, has never failed. What’s the Truth-O-Meter saying?

BYRON YORK, WASHINGTON EXAMINER: I think the Truth-O-Meter is off the scale on false because obviously Trump created a whole lot of jobs. We all know what happened in 2020 with the pandemic. But Trump’s economic record before that was quite good.

The bigger problem that Biden has is you can’t talk up the economy if people are feeling pain in their personal lives. They hear him talk and they say that is not what I’m seeing when I go to the grocery store and we’ve been trying to buy a house and it’s not working. You can’t talk up the economy when it disagrees with people’s own perceptions…

We have a number of interesting things going on. We had an article in Politico today about remember in the first years of the Biden administration, Democrats were rushing to pass as much spending as they could, trillions and trillions of dollars to use as sort of post-pandemic momentum to keep levels of spending at enormously high levels.

Watch the video below:

BYRON YORK: Trump created A LOT of jobs

— Trump War Room (@TrumpWarRoom) May 9, 2024

Joe Biden can brag about job creation until he is blue in the face, but it won’t work. Trump was better for jobs and the economy and everyone knows it.

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Lamborghini Thief Flees Cops at More Than 100 MPH, Crashes Moments Later and is Thrown Hundreds of Feet From Wreck (VIDEO)

Fri, 05/10/2024 - 03:00

A car thief behind the wheel of a Lamborghini in Los Angeles fled the police at more than 100 miles per hour and moments later crashed the vehicle, totaling it and getting thrown hundreds of feet from the wreck. He died at the scene.

Thieves are not usually very smart and this guy was no exception.

People who have never been behind the wheel of a vehicle like the Lamborghini have no idea how much power these cars have and how easily you can lose control. This man found out the hard way.

This happened in April but the footage just became available.

FOX News reported:

LA Lamborghini thief dies in 115 mph crash seconds after fleeing traffic stop: dashcam video

Los Angeles police pulled up behind a driver asleep at the wheel of a Lamborghini, discovered the vehicle was stolen and the suspect had outstanding warrants before he sped off on video lost control of the car and died in a high-speed crash just seconds later.

The suspect, 51-year-old Los Angeleno Elliott Dugan, woke up, refused to cooperate with law enforcement, and sped away to his death up the street, body and dashcam videos show.

The incident happened on April 6, but police released the videos Wednesday.

“Do you know why I pulled you over?” an officer asks.

In a conversation with officers, Dugan denied that the car was stolen and claimed he had rented it. Police asked him repeatedly to get out of the vehicle.

Dugan asserted that he did not have to get out of the car until police gave him a reason why. The officer said he would be detained and asked him several more times to get out.

He hit the gas instead.

Watch the video below:

LAPD released footage of a stolen Lamborghini Huracan fleeing officers driving over 100 MPH before a violent crash that shredded the vehicle in pieces sending the driver flying

— FearBuck (@FearedBuck) May 9, 2024

That’s one guy who won’t be stealing any more cars.

He paid the ultimate price for his crime.

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SHOCK VIDEO: Man Wraps Belt Around Woman’s Neck, Drags Her Unconscious Body onto NYC Street, Rapes Her

Fri, 05/10/2024 - 02:40

Meanwhile in the Democrat hellhole of New York City…

A shocking video posted to X showed a man wrapping a belt around a woman’s neck, dragging her body onto a street in New York City, and raping her.

According to NYPD, the 45-year-old woman was attacked and sexually assaulted near 152nd Street and 3rd Avenue in the Bronx on May 1 around 3 am.

The attacker covered his face with a white towel as he assaulted the woman. No arrests have been made.

PIX11 reported:

A man wrapped a belt around a woman’s neck and dragged her unconscious body between two parked cars before raping her on a Bronx street, according to police and a viral video.

The 45-year-old woman was attacked near 152nd Street and Third Avenue at around 3 a.m. on May 1, according to the NYPD. The woman was walking down the street when a suspect came up from behind and looped the belt around her neck, the viral video shows.

The man, who covered his face with a white towel, then used the belt to pull the passed-out woman several feet along the sidewalk and into the street between two parked cars, the video shows. Police said the suspect then raped her.

The video shared on social media does not depict the entire assault. There have been no arrests, and the investigation is ongoing.

The video posted to X does not show the entire assault.

Police are urging anyone with information about this horrific assault to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

WATCH (graphic warning):

Graphic Warning: Disgusting video out of New York shows a man snag a woman with a belt before dragging her behind a vehicle. Video was posted online without further information.
If you recognize this man contact your local police. #nyc #newyork #crime

— PPV_TAHOE (@ppv_tahoe) May 9, 2024

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Decorated U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Fatally Shot by Police After Allegedly Barging into Wrong Apartment in Florida (VIDEO)

Fri, 05/10/2024 - 02:20
Senior Airman Roger Fortson, a 23-year-old decorated member of the United States Air Force

A decorated 23-year-old U.S. Air Force Senior Airman, Roger Fortson, tragically lost his life after being shot six times by a deputy from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

The fatal shooting occurred on Friday afternoon when the deputy reportedly responded to a disturbance call at the wrong apartment.

According to a news release from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, the deputy arrived at the apartment complex on Racetrack Road around 4:30 p.m., following reports of a disturbance.

“Hearing sounds of a disturbance, he reacted in self defense after he encountered a 23-year old man armed with a gun and after the deputy had identified himself as law enforcement,” according to the news release.

Sheriff Eric Aden expressed his condolences and announced that the deputy involved had been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

However, contrasting claims have emerged from the victim’s family, who argue that the deputy had entered the wrong apartment. Bodycam footage from the incident was made public during a news conference on Thursday, following demands from the family’s attorney for its release.

The family’s attorney, Ben Crump, and the girlfriend of the deceased, who was allegedly FaceTiming with him at the time, insist that the deputy was at the wrong unit.

ABC News reported: “Fortson was on a call with his girlfriend when he heard a knock on the door, according to Crump. When he asked who it was, he heard no response and could not see through the peephole. He told his girlfriend it looked like someone was covering it on the other side, according to Crump.”

“Someone knocked the door again aggressively, so Fortson allegedly retrieved his legal firearm and when he returned to the hallway of his front door, officers rammed through the door and shot him six times, Crump said,” the news outlet added.

In a press conference, Sheriff Aden publicly released the bodycam footage, disputing claims from Fortson’s family that the deputy had raided the wrong apartment.

The footage, timestamped May 3rd, starts at approximately 4:28 p.m., showing the deputy arriving at the apartment complex and speaking with a woman who reported a disturbance in apartment 1401.

The deputy took the elevator to the fourth floor and knocked on the door of apartment 1401 three times, announcing himself twice as a member of the sheriff’s office. Within seconds of the door opening, the deputy fired his weapon, striking Fortson, who was holding a firearm in his right hand. At least five shots can be heard.

WATCH: (Some viewers may find this content disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised)

Bodycam of #RogerFortson fatal police death. In the four-and-a-half minute, heavily redacted video, it is very troubling that the deputy shot multiple times within a split second of the door being opened, killing Roger.

— Ben Crump (@AttorneyCrump) May 9, 2024

Fortson’s family criticized the deputy’s actions after viewing the bodycam footage, arguing that the officer gave no verbal commands before opening fire:

“In the four-and-a-half minute, heavily redacted video, it is very troubling that the deputy gave no verbal commands and shot multiple times within a split second of the door being opened, killing Roger. Despite the redactions, the video has provided some answers, but it’s also raised even more troubling questions: As the officer didn’t tell Roger to drop the weapon before shooting, was the officer trained to give verbal warnings? Did the officer try to initiate life-saving measures? Was the officer trained to deal with law-abiding citizens who are registered gun owners?

“The girlfriend acknowledges that even though she initially thought the door was forced open by the police that she stands by her emotional recollection of what happened. To provide transparency into what happened during the Facetime video with Roger, his girlfriend and her attorney have instructed us that we can release a portion of the Facetime video that was recorded at the time of this tragedy.

“We remain adamant that the police had the wrong apartment as Roger was on the phone with his girlfriend for a substantial amount of time leading up to the shooting, and no one else was in the apartment.”

Despite the bodycam footage showing the deputy correctly identifying the unit, the family remains adamant that the deputy entered the wrong apartment and called for immediate answers.

“The circumstances surrounding Roger’s death raise serious questions that demand immediate answers from authorities, especially considering the alarming witness statement that the police entered the wrong apartment,” said Crump.

It is worth noting that Ben Crump has represented the families of several high-profile victims who have garnered national attention.

  1. Trayvon Martin
  2. Michael Brown
  3. Tamir Rice
  4. Breonna Taylor
  5. George Floyd
  6. Ahmaud Arbery

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office has pledged cooperation with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and the State Attorney’s Office during their investigations. Sheriff Aden emphasized that the community should remain patient as authorities work to establish the facts surrounding the tragic event.

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Legendary Fight Promoter Don King Endorses Trump for President in 2024: ‘We Must Reelect Him to Save Ourselves’ (VIDEO)

Fri, 05/10/2024 - 02:00

The well known boxing promoter Don King was recently asked for his thoughts on the 2024 election and if he had a message for Trump.

He responded, ‘Get reelected.’ He went on to say, ‘We must reelect him to save ourselves.’

Love him or hate him, Don King is an icon and he certainly understands what’s at stake in the election.

RedState has more:

Don King has spoken, America. The Don King, I mean.

The 92-year-old legendary boxing promoter on Wednesday endorsed former President Donald Trump to become future President Donald Trump in November.

Like Trump, King has never been afraid to speak his exact mind.

Referring to the former president as “the only man who’s got the intestinal fortitude to be able to stand up and fight the system like it should be fought,” King’s endorsement of Trump was unequivocal.

Get reelected. And we must reelect him to save ourselves. You know, a vote for Trump is a vote for yourself. Because we’ve got to fight the system of lies and the creation of wrong being right and right being wrong. That’s got to be eliminated.

Say what you will about Don King, but the sometimes controversial promoter hit the 2024 presidential nail on the head— and in fewer words than most politicians use, just warming up.

Here’s the video:

JUST IN: ⚠ Former powerhouse boxing promoter Don King endorses Donald Trump for President..

— Chuck Callesto (@ChuckCallesto) May 8, 2024

King is certainly right about saving ourselves.

Does anyone believe the country can survive four more years of Joe Biden?


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“We Don’t Control the Border. The Cartel Controls the Border” – Border Patrol Whistleblower Reveals What Agents Are Up Against Thanks to Joe Biden (VIDEO)

Fri, 05/10/2024 - 01:40

A Border Patrol whistleblower spoke with NewsNation reporter Ali Bradley and revealed what he and other agents are up against thanks to Joe Biden’s dangerous open borders policies.

More than 10 million illegal aliens – mainly military-age men – have crossed the US border since Joe Biden took office in January 2021.

The US has completely lost control over the US-Mexico border because of Joe Biden. The Mexican cartel is in charge.

“We do not control the border. The cartel controls the border,” the whistleblower said. “Everything we do is a reaction to things that they have planned. Usually, we’re chasing around pawns while the kings and queens are doing whatever they want.”


Border Patrol agent: "We do not control the border. The cartel controls the border."

See what it takes to police the southern border LIVE, and why one agent told @AliBradleyTV: "no one is coming to protect you." TONIGHT on #DanAbramsLive at 9p/8C.

How to watch:…

— NewsNation (@NewsNation) May 9, 2024

“Are you more scared of ramifications from the government than you are the cartel?” Ali Bradley asked the whistleblower.

“I’m terrified to talk to the media,” he said.


"Are you more scared of ramifications from the government than you are the cartel?"

Anonymous Border Patrol Agent: "I'm terrified to talk to the media"

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) May 10, 2024

The Mexican Cartel completely owns the US-Mexico border.

In a shocking video posted to X last year, a smuggler in Mexico is seen directing a massive group of illegal aliens through a hole in the border wall and taunting border patrol agents.

The illegal aliens easily cross into the US through a hole in the border wall. A smuggler waves in one of the illegals in front of armed border patrol agents without giving it a second thought. Human smugglers were seen jumping on the wire across the gaps in the border wall.

Shortly after that, a massive group of illegals crossed through the hole in the border wall.

Border Patrol Agents did nothing to stop the flow of illegals. The smugglers are in charge.

Border Patrol agents told Ali Bradley they have been instructed to deter, not stop illegal immigration.

AZ: Smugglers over in Mexico roll up in an SUV—One jumps out pretending he has a long gun pointed right at BORTAC and Border Patrol agents—The first shot is my video zoomed so you can see his gesture—The shot that follows is the same but zoomed out so you can see the agents jump…

— Ali Bradley (@AliBradleyTV) December 1, 2023

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Here We Go: FDA Warns for Potential Bird Flu Pandemic That Could Kill One in Four Americans

Fri, 05/10/2024 - 01:20

In a recent Senate Committee briefing, Dr. Robert Califf, the head of the FDA, announced proactive measures being implemented in preparation for a potential bird flu pandemic that could prove deadly to a significant portion of the infected population.

He highlighted that while the risk of transmission to humans remains low, the agency is not taking any chances, according to Daily Mail.

Dr. Califf reported that only one human case has been confirmed so far—a farm worker in Texas this past March. Despite this, the potential for the virus to mutate and spread to humans necessitates rigorous preparedness.

FDA Commissioner Robert Califf Testifies Before The Senate Appropriations Committee (Credit: Forbes)

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) previously issued a health alert after confirming the first human case of the novel avian influenza A(H5N1) in the state.

The infected individual fell ill after coming into contact with dairy cows believed to be carrying the avian flu, with conjunctivitis being the primary symptom reported. This incident marks only the second time the avian influenza A(H5N1) virus has been identified in a human in the United States.

The case is linked to recent findings of the virus in dairy cows, as announced by the Texas Animal Health Commission.

In March 2024, testing for influenza was conducted on several animals in Texas and Kansas due to signs of illness. These animals included wild birds, cats, and dairy cows. Some of these tests returned positive for avian influenza A(H5N1), marking the first time the virus has been detected in cattle within the United States.

The man developed pink eye but no respiratory symptoms, according to Mirror.

“This virus, like all viruses, is mutating,” Dr. Califf claimed to the lawmakers. “We need to continue to prepare for the possibility that it might jump to humans.”

The FDA’s primary concern centers on the possibility of the virus mutating to affect human lungs—a scenario previously observed in other regions where the mortality rate has escalated to 25 percent, or one in every four infected individuals.

This warning isn’t new. Last February 2023, the World Health Organization (WHO) emphasized that countries should brace themselves for a potential pandemic caused by H5N1.

“H5N1 has spread widely in wild birds and poultry for 25 years, but the recent spillover to mammals needs to be monitored closely. For the moment, WHO assesses the risk to humans as low,” he added.

According to Tedros, they have only seen “rare and non-sustained transmission of H5N1 to and between humans” since H5N1 first emerged in 1996.

“But we cannot assume that will remain the case, and we must prepare for any change in the status quo. As always, people are advised not to touch or collect dead or sick wild animals, but to report them to the local authorities,” he continued.

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Trans Man Charged with Cyberstalking Days After Threatening Governor Bill Lee and His Wife

Fri, 05/10/2024 - 01:00
Credit: McKenzie McClure/X

A former student of Christ Presbyterian Academy (CPA) in Nashville was arrested on suspicion of cyberstalking days after publicly threatening Tennessee Governor Bill Lee and his wife Maria Lee, according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Middle Tennessee.

McKenzie McClure, who also goes by the name Kalvin McClure, was taken into custody by federal agents after exhibiting troubling behavior on social media and leaving a disturbing voicemail for CPA on March 24, 2024. The voicemail led to the shutdown of two nearby schools the following day.

“In her voicemail to CPA in March, transcribed in the criminal complaint, McClure referenced Deadpool 2, a movie about a Marvel superhero where one of the characters returns to the orphanage where he was raised to kill the abusive headmaster,” The Tennessee Star reported.

WSMV later reported that the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) identified McClure as the person who sent the troubling message. However, the police chose not to arrest her at the time after determining that no direct threat had been made against the school.

The Department of Justice provided The Tennessee Star with court documents identifying McClure as a former CPA student.

Security footage also showed her on the CPA campus on February 25, 2024, roughly a month before she left the voicemail.

Fast forward, according to the criminal complaint filed against McClure on April 27, McClure threatened Governor Lee and his wife.

McClure posted on her X (formerly Twitter) account on April 25, “Also Bill Lee knows if he makes one wrong move it’s Joever [sic] for him and my 4th grade teacher… i.e., his WIFE.”

The complaint highlighted that McClure’s post was made “on the same day that Governor [sic] Lee, whose wife worked at CPA prior to April 2024, visited CPA’s campus…”

Following this post, McClure was arrested on April 29 and remains in federal custody.

Also Bill Lee knows if he makes one wrong move it’s Joever for him and my 4th grade teacher… i.e., his WIFE.

— 009 (@KaiNumberNine) April 25, 2024

A review of McClure’s Facebook page shows that she identified herself as a “trans man” and goes by the name “Kalvin Amadeus Mikoledes.” In a Facebook post dated April 4, 2020, she wrote, “11 months on testosterone and I feel amazing!”

McClure remains in federal custody pending further legal proceedings.

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MSNBC Analyst Shocked as Independent Voters Turn Biden’s Biggest Talking Point Against Him in New Poll

Fri, 05/10/2024 - 00:40

Nothing can shock an MSNBC analyst like the idea that the American people are paying attention.

On the leftist network on Wednesday, host Ana Cabrera brought up the findings of a poll last week that found independent voters think President Joe Biden is a bigger threat to democracy than former President Donald Trump.

Considering what Biden’s Justice Department and his political party have been up to lately, that would be a fairly easy conclusion to draw — but not so easy for Cabrera’s guest.

Cabrera cited a poll by NPR/PBS NewsHour (hotbeds of right-wing thinking) that found that 53 percent of independent voters think Biden’s re-election would “weaken our democracy.”

Only 42 percent said the same thing about Trump’s return to the White House.

“I find it shocking, honestly. I can’t make sense of that number. I wish I could,” analyst Susan Del Percio told Cabrera, appearing to be completely baffled.


“I wish I could have some really great insight to it, but I don’t know if it’s an outlier or not, because the other numbers with independents and Biden are going in the right direction,” she said. “So, that may be it.”

MSNBC panel in utter disbelief that more independent voters think Biden is a greater threat to democracy than Trump

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) May 9, 2024

Now, first, it’s worth noting that Del Percio is billed as a “Republican strategist” — so Republican that she took a $160,000-a-year job as a “special advisor” to New York’s Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo in 2014-15, as the New York Post reported at the time. (She publicly repented of it after Cuomo’s sexual harassment problems got too big to ignore.)

Second, it’s worth reiterating that this is MSNBC, a network that has dedicated itself to attacking Trump ever since he rode down the escalator in 2015 to announce his campaign for the presidency.

This is the network of “Morning Joe” Scarborough and his Trump-hating wife; the television home of the racist Joy Reid and the rabidly anti-Trump Rachel Maddow.

So, it’s clear that lucid objectivity isn’t exactly a hiring point — not for MSNBC anchors, hosts or contributors.

Del Percio is looking for some “great insight” into the poll’s findings? Maybe this will help.

It’s fair to say that Biden himself — with the assistance of the establishment media — has made the “defense of democracy” line his biggest talking point. Virtually since taking office, his administration has claimed that Trump supporters and elected Republicans who support the “Make America Great Again” agenda are a threat to the American system of government.

It’s been a theme of coverage of the 2024 campaign in liberal media outlets since Biden’s re-election effort began in earnest in 2022, when The New York Times, for example, headlined a report “Biden Puts Defense of Democracy at Center of Agenda, at Home and Abroad.”

The hard reality, obvious to even a mildly objective observer, is that for all its talk about “saving democracy,” it’s the Biden administration that has spent three years proving it’s the real danger to American freedoms.

It’s the Biden administration that has used its ties to Big Tech to squelch dissent and that has used law enforcement powers against American citizens exercising their rights of free speech.

And it’s the Biden Justice Department and the Democratic Party that supports it that are, in real time, engaging in an unprecedented act of political persecution under cover of law in the form of trumped-up criminal charges against the country’s leading opposition figure.

Progressives who love to preach about the dangers of Russian President Vladimir Putin are doing a bang-up job following his lead when it comes to power politics.

And social media users noticed:

Maybe, just maybe, trying to stop your opponent using the court systems is the biggest threat.

— RDS (@RDS7500) May 9, 2024

They need to get their heads out of their bubble and actually do their job and find out why. Real journalists would investigate, but I think we know they aren’t real! #propagandapress

— Cathy Boote (@cboote) May 9, 2024

How are they shocked? The Biden administration has weaponized the judicial system to try and eliminate the leader of the opposition.

Trump-no wars, low inflation, secure borders

Biden-2 wars, high inflation, open borders

Americans can’t afford another 4 years of the last 4…

— TyraMuch? (@tyfavara) May 9, 2024

The absurdity of Del Percio’s point is even more evident when she ended by telling Cabrera that Trump’s ongoing criminal trial in Manhattan should be televised to increase its impact on voters.

It was an admission that the Democratic Party needs its criminal cases against the former president to win over the average American. And maybe, if Del Percio could put her thinking cap on, she might see that voters can see what’s happening, too.

What Democrats, the mainstream media and the hack leftists at MSNBC refuse to acknowledge is that when they’re prosecuting Trump, they’re persecuting his supporters, not only battling them politically — which is understandable — but bringing in the powers of federal and state governments to smother them legally.

That’s not democracy, it’s authoritarianism, and it’s a festering weed that’s growing in the rank shadows of the Biden administration.

Republican voters can see that, of course. What the poll showed is that a majority of independents can see it too.

And an MSNBC analyst is shocked?

She must not be paying attention. Americans are.

The election in November is going to prove how much.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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Cornell University President Martha Pollack Steps Down After 7 Years Amid Campus Turmoil

Fri, 05/10/2024 - 00:20
Credit: Cornell University

After seven years at the helm of Cornell University, President Martha E. Pollack has announced her departure from the prestigious Ivy League institution.

Provost Michael I. Kotlikoff is set to assume the role of interim president starting July 1. The Cornell Board of Trustees will bestow upon Pollack the title of president emerita.

“Serving as the president of Cornell has been an amazing privilege; there are few roles that afford so much opportunity to make a positive difference in the world,” Pollack said.

“After seven fruitful and gratifying years as Cornell’s president – capping a career in research and academia spanning five decades – I’m ready for a new chapter in my life. I greatly appreciate the continued support of our Board of Trustees and the many faculty, students, staff, and alumni who have shared words of encouragement through my time as president, especially over the past academic year.”

Pollack’s tenure has been marked by a period of unrest, including recent demonstrations and threats directed at Jewish students on campus.

Patrick Dai, a 21-year-old junior at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York was arrested last year in the case of vicious anti-Semitic death threats against Jewish Cornell students posted on a message board over the weekend. The messages threatened a mass shooting at the building hosting the kosher dining hall and a call for people to slit the throats of Jewish students. The arrest was announced by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of New York.

The threats prompted a police response and forced Jewish students to hide in their rooms.

Russell Rickford, an associate professor of history at Cornell University, spoke during a pro-Hamas protest and shared that the deadly Hamas terrorist attack was “exhilarating” and “energizing.”

Parents are paying $65,000+ a year for their children to be indoctrinated with hate.

Pollack’s tenure has also been marked by controversies surrounding debates on inclusivity and political correctness.

A bust of Abraham Lincoln, as well as a Gettysburg Address plaque, was removed from Cornell University’s library because someone complained.

“Someone complained, and it was gone,” Randy Wayne, a Cornell biology professor, told the College Fix.

Cornell University was offering baskets of free menstrual products in all public women’s, men’s and “all-gender” bathrooms on campus.

Signs on the baskets use the made-up term “mxnstrual,” though organizers of the “Free Period Products” project now say that they will be changing their signs because they decided that “menstrual” is “not a gendered term.”

The “Free Period Project” team is comprised of members of the Gender Justice Advocacy Coalition and Student Assembly Infrastructure Fund Commission, according to a report from the Cornell Daily Sun.

“The impetus behind the initiative is simple,” GJAC president Clara Drimmer ’22 wrote in an email to The Sun. “Toilet paper is free in any public bathroom. Why shouldn’t period products be free for all people who need them?”

Originally, the products were only offered in women’s and gender neutral restrooms.

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Mike Johnson Promises to PROTECT Hired Gun Jack Smith Hours After He Survives Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Motion to Vacate

Fri, 05/10/2024 - 00:00

House Speaker Mike Johnson says he will not defund hired gun Jack Smith just hours after he survived Marjorie Taylor Greene’s motion to vacate on Wednesday.

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) on Wednesday moved to oust Speaker Mike Johnson.

MTG last month filed her motion to vacate against Speaker Johnson. She brought the resolution to the House floor on Wednesday.

The House speedily squashed MTG’s motion. Lawmakers voted to table the resolution: 359 “yeas” to 43 “nays” and 7 “presents”

Not only did Mike Johnson fund Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan without committing funding to protect the US border, he also promised to protect hired gun Jack Smith.

This is after Jack Smith admitted he lied to the court and tampered with evidence related to his classified docs case against Trump.

“I triggered my Motion to Vacate yesterday because Mike Johnson refused to commit to defunding Special Council Jack Smith,” MTG said on Thursday. “Now, he’s not just saying he won’t defund it, he’s promising to PROTECT it.”

“If the Democrats saving Mike Johnson’s Speakership didn’t convince you he’s in fact their Speaker of the House, this should!” she added.

I triggered my Motion to Vacate yesterday because Mike Johnson refused to commit to defunding Special Council Jack Smith.

Now, he’s not just saying he won’t defund it, he’s promising to PROTECT it.

If the Democrats saving Mike Johnson’s Speakership didn’t convince you he’s in…

— Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (@RepMTG) May 9, 2024

Recall that Garland appointed Jack Smith as special counsel to jail Trump shortly after the former president announced his 2024 White House run in November 2022.

Last June Special Counsel Jack Smith indicted Trump in Florida on 37 federal charges related to classified documents lawfully stored at Mar-a-Lago.

Jack Smith also indicted Trump on 4 charges in DC related to January 6.

Both of Jack Smith’s cases against Trump are on hold right now so it would be the perfect time to defund his inquisition.

Judge Aileen Cannon on Tuesday afternoon indefinitely postponed Jack Smith’s classified documents trial against Trump after the Special Counsel admitted to tampering with evidence.

The DC case against Trump is at a standstill as Trump’s immunity argument awaits a decision from the US Supreme Court.

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VICTORY DAY PARADE: Emboldened and Defiant, Russia Celebrates 79th Anniversary of Defeat of the German Nazis

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 23:40

79 years ago, the German Nazi forces signed the ‘Instrument of Surrender’, ending World War II in Europe.

This date is yearly celebrated in Russia as ‘Victory Day’, their most important civic holiday to honor those who fought and won the they call ‘The Great Patriotic War’.

This year, newly re-elected for a fifth term President Vladimir Putin led the country in a significant moment, with Russian Federation forces making big gains in the ground in the Ukraine War, their economy growing despite heavy sanctions, and an emboldened spirit that realizes they don’t need to bow to the Globalist Liberal order, and can forge their path in their own terms.

Let’s take a look at WaPo’s coverage, with our usual comments.

Washington Post reported:

“With his armies grinding forward in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin on Thursday marked Victory Day, the World War II commemoration that is Russia’s most significant holiday, with an unusually harsh speech, accusing the West of ‘hypocrisy and lies’ and of inciting global conflicts, and warning that Russia’s nuclear weapons are always ready for war.”

President #Putin attended #VictoryParade to mark the 79th Anniversary of #Victory in the #GreatPatrioticWar.

Leaders of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Cuba, Guinea-Bissau & Laos were also present at the event.

— MFA Russia (@mfa_russia) May 9, 2024

Putin accused Russia’s former western allies against Nazi Germany of distorting the truth about World War II.

The military parade showcased Russian might, including nuclear-capable missile systems.

“’Russia will do everything to prevent a global clash, but at the same time we will not allow anyone to threaten us. Our strategic forces are always in combat readiness’, Putin said, referring to Russian nuclear capabilities. Earlier this week, Russia’s Foreign Ministry scolded the ambassadors of Britain and France over their countries’ support for Ukraine, and Putin announced plans for tactical nuclear drills.”

Watch: Russian strategic missile system RS-24 Yars of the 54th missile division was demonstrated.

A mechanized column of the Strategic Missile Forces took place on Red Square. The Russian strategic missile system RS-24 Yars of the 54th missile division was demonstrated.

— Sputnik (@SputnikInt) May 9, 2024

Watch: Russian paratroopers shouted ‘For Donbass’ as they crossed RedSquare.

#Russian paratroopers shouted “For #Donbass ” as they crossed #RedSquare #VictoryDay #Victory79 #VictoryDayParade #VictoryParade #VictoryDay2024 #FreeDonbass

— Gabriele M. (@Gabriele_M24) May 9, 2024

He asserted that the West has forgotten the lessons of World War II against Nazi Germany.

“’Today we see how the attempts are made to distort the truth about the Second World War’, Putin said. ‘[Because this truth] disturbs those who are accustomed to building their essentially colonial policy on hypocrisy and lies’.

He continued: ‘They are demolishing memorials to the true fighters against Nazism, putting on pedestals the traitors and collaborators of the Nazis, crossing out the memory of the heroism and nobility of the soldier liberators, of the great sacrifice they made in the name of life’.”

Happy #VictoryDay!

Today marks the 79th Anniversary of the Great Victory over Nazism. #VictoryParade has begun!

#LIVE from the Red Square:

— Russia (@Russia) May 9, 2024

✈ The Russian Air Force’s aerobatics team Russkiye Vityazi (Russian Knights) take part in the parade

— Sputnik (@SputnikInt) May 9, 2024

Women members of the armed forces take part in the parade

— Sputnik (@SputnikInt) May 9, 2024

1,000 participants of the Ukraine war marched in a separate column, after Putin, in his speech, called them heroes.

The group counted with seven ‘heroes of Russia’ and 24 ‘holders of the Order of Courage’.

Participants of the special operation marched across Red Square. Lieutenant Colonel Yevgeny Khabarov is leading the formation; there are seven heroes of Russia and 24 holders of the Order of Courage.

— Sputnik (@SputnikInt) May 9, 2024

Watch: President Putin, and Heads of foreign states laid flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Following the #VictoryParade, President #Putin, together with the Heads of foreign states, who had arrived for the celebration of #Victory79, laid flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and paid tribute to the fallen with a minute of silence.#WeRemember

— MFA Russia (@mfa_russia) May 9, 2024

Ukrainian widespread Nazi ideology is a fact, not fiction.

Symbolically, this display of power comes one day after Kyiv officials had to announce plans for electricity rationing across the country in the wake of Russia’s crippling missile and drone strikes on infrastructure.

WaPo can’t resist but characterizing Putin’s common sense remark that ‘Western powers are supporting modern-day Nazis by propping up the government in Kyiv’, as a ‘frequent and false accusation’. Oh, false? Who is Stepan Bandera, again?


FULL VIDEO: Russia’s Victory Day Parade

On May 9, Moscow’s Red Square hosted its annual Victory Day parade commemorating one of Russia’s most important and historic chapters of the 20th century.

This year’s parade traditionally started with a speech delivered by President…

— Sputnik (@SputnikInt) May 9, 2024

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YouTubers Catch Hollywood Producer Herschel Weingrod in Predator Sting Involving Minor — Fire Powder Guns During His Attempt to Flee

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 23:20
Credit: Vitaly Zdorovetskiy
Sting Operation Catches a Hollywood Elite Predator on Camera

A group of Youtubers led by media personality Vitaly Zdorovetskiy have uncovered what appears to be an attempt by a senior man to engage inappropriately with an underage girl.

The incident, captured on camera as part of a sting operation, has since been linked to Hollywood ‘Space Jam’ producer Herschel Weingrod due to a distinctive piece of jewelry worn by the man in question, Evie Magazine reported.

Space Jam Producer Arrested in Sting Operation Targeting Minors

In a shocking turn of events, Herschel Weingrod, the producer and writer of the beloved 1996 film “Space Jam,” has been caught in a sting operation by livestreamers Vitaly and Bradley Martin. The duo exposed…

— JoshWho #SeekingTheTruth*⃣ (@JoshWhoX) May 8, 2024

yea this definitely him

— Drezinho (@Drezinhos) May 8, 2024

The operation aired on Tuesday was part of a new series titled “Catching Child Predators,” a collaborative effort between Zdorovetskiy, DJ Deorro, and fellow YouTuber Bradley Martyn. Their latest episode has amassed millions of views due to the startling confrontation at its heart.

Weingrod, who initially introduced himself as “Boris,” was caught on camera sitting in a restaurant alongside a young girl he claimed was 23, as per her dating site profile.

During the confrontation, Vitaly and Martyn pressed Weingrod for answers. Despite his initial deflections, the 76-year-old screenwriter later confessed that the girl had informed him of her actual age.

When pressed further by the streamers about his inappropriate behavior, he sought to downplay the situation, asserting that talking and flirting with a minor was “not a big deal” and that there was nothing wrong with their conversation.

Weingrod attempted to flee the scene. However, Zdorovetskiy and Martyn are not willing to let him off so easily, and they give chase, employing the unusual tactic of firing pink and blue gunpowder cannons.

Credit: Vitaly Zdorovetskiy Credit: Vitaly Zdorovetskiy

The pursuit ends when the man finds refuge within a building, aided by a security guard who prevents the YouTubers from following.


WATCH: YouTubers allegedly catch Hollywood ‘Space Jam’ producer Herschel Weingrod trying to meet with teen girl & shoot him with powder guns

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) May 9, 2024

On Wednesday, Vitaly wrote, “Just to clarify, I would never commit suicide.”

You just exposed a pedo Hollywood elite

Start wearing bulletproof vests bro

— Franklin (@FranklinM5) May 8, 2024

Herschel Alan Weingrod is a prominent American screenwriter and producer with a strong presence in the Hollywood film industry. Known for his prominent works like Trading Places, Twins, Kindergarten Cop, and Space Jam, Weingrod has garnered significant recognition for his contributions to blockbuster movies.

You can watch the full video below:

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