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Incoming… Judge Cannon to Unseal Documents Related to Mar-a-Lago Raid

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 23:00

Judge Aileen Cannon is preparing to unseal motions filed by Trump related to the Mar-a-Lago raid and Obama judge Beryl Howell’s unlawful order that pieced Trump’s attorney-client privilege.

Cannon held a telephonic status conference Wednesday to expose Howell’s order obliterating Trump’s attorney-client privilege.

Beryl Howell

Howell previously ordered Trump’s lawyer Evan Corcoran to testify before a grand jury in special counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into classified documents stored at Mar-a-Lago.

Judge Howell flipped Trump’s own lawyer Eric Corcoran into a witness when she obliterated Trump’s attorney-client privilege in a ruling.

Cannon is about to let all the documents fly!

NEW: Judge Cannon preparing to unseal nonpublic defense motions filed by Trump related to Mar a Lago raid, DC Judge Beryl Howell order that pierced atty-client privilege in docs case, and a prosecutorial abuse motion.

Keeps getting good…

— Julie Kelly (@julie_kelly2) May 9, 2024

Cannon on Tuesday afternoon indefinitely postponed Jack Smith’s classified documents trial against Trump after the Special Counsel admitted to tampering with evidence.

Judge Cannon set a second set of pre-trial deadlines to manage pending discovery and disclosure matters.

The Judge vacated the May 20, 2024 trial date. It may be several months until Judge Cannon sets a new trial date.

“The Court also determines that finalization of a trial date at this juncture—before resolution of the myriad and interconnected pre-trial and CIPA issues remaining and forthcoming—would be imprudent and inconsistent with the Court’s duty to fully and fairly consider the various pending pre-trial motions before the Court, critical CIPA issues, and additional pretrial and trial preparations necessary to present this case to a jury. The Court therefore vacates the current May 20, 2024, trial date (and associated calendar call), to be reset by separate order following resolution of the matters before the Court, consistent with Defendants’ right to due process and the public’s interest in the fair and efficient administration of justice,” Cannon wrote in an order reviewed by The Gateway Pundit.

Judge Cannon set hearings on key motions, including Walt Nauta’s motion to dismiss for selective and vindictive prosecution.

Additionally, a June 21 hearing was set on Trump’s motion to dismiss the indictment based on the unlawful appointment and funding of Special Counsel Jack Smith.

In a motion filed late Friday, Jack Smith admitted the FBI messed with the boxes containing “classified” documents they seized from Trump and can’t be sure the order or the placement of the documents.

Jack Smith in his Friday night response admitted the FBI moved the classified documents around.

According to a footnote in the motion reviewed by The Gateway Pundit, the FBI messed with the boxes containing the ‘classified’ documents they seized from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

The DOJ previously assured the Court that the placement of classified documents as originally found had been maintained – THEY LIED!

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WATCH: Biden Regime Official Makes Major Mistake When He Reveals His Job to Comedian

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 22:40

It turns out that comedy is not entirely dead after all.

During a recent performance at The Laugh Factory in Chicago, comedian Josh Ocean Thomas was on stage when he briefly ditched his comedy routine after eliciting a political confession from a person in the audience. The audience member, calling himself “Nick,” made a major mistake when he revealed to Thomas that he worked for the Biden regime.

Thomas is a Tunisian stand-up comedian who moved to Chicago from San Diego to pursue his career. Laugh Factory notes that he was a child magician before making the switch to comedy.

A dumbfounded Thomas could not believe what he was hearing and mockingly asked “Nick” what he does for Biden. After not getting an initial response, Thomas tells “Nick” he would have been prouder if he said he was a hooker.

When “Nick” says he travels to the South to persuade people to back Biden, Thomas ratchets his mockery even further while the audience erupts in hysterical laughter. He colorfully says “Nick” is short on brain cells and queries how quickly he’s ready to lose his job.

Thomas posted video footage of the entire exchange Sunday on his Instagram and YouTube pages:



Thomas: Nick, what do you do for a living now?

“Nick”: I work for the Biden Administration.

Thomas (flabbergasted): You work for the Biden administration? Is it your job to wake him up? Or what’s your job? (Mimicking man trying to wake up Biden) “Hey, hey, there’s a war! Hey!”

Okay, what do you do for the Biden administration? What a sh*t show of a job you have!

“Nick”: (No response)

Thomas: I can’t believe you admitted that in front of all of these people! You have the freedom to lie. You could have said you were a hooker, and I would have been prouder of ya!

What do you do?

“Nick”: I travel to southern states.

(Thomas makes raspberry noises as the audience laughs, then pretends to walk off the stage)

Thomas: You go to the South and try to sell them on Biden?! You’re f**king r**arded! What the f**k?!

What are you talking about? That’s your f**king job?!….Wow. Are you ready to be unemployed or what’s your vibe?

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COMPLETE LAWLESSNESS: Judge Merchan REFUSES to Allow President Trump to Refute Stormy Daniels’ Incredulous Attacks – Maintains Illegal Gag Order – WHERE ARE THE REPUBLICANS?

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 22:20
Stormy Daniels court illustration by Jane Rosenberg

For the past three days, porn star Stormy Daniels and liberal Biden-connected prosecutors have run wild with the leftist media in attacks on President Trump in a lawsuit that should have never been allowed in a case with an undefined crime.

This is one of several lawfare suits against President Trump filed by Democrats to bankrupt and destroy the enormously popular pro-American president.

The particularly crooked New York Judge Juan Merchan has ordered President Trump to remain silent as the media and Democrats spin lie after lie against his record and character.

This is how free societies die. Just as shocking as the Democrat party’s lawlessness is the Republican party’s total avoidance to confront these vicious political acts. We all know this lawlessness cannot continue yet Republicans remain too weak to raise their voices with the rare exception the courageous few who are shunned by their own party elites.

On Thursday the media continued their toxic reports on Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels, a opportunist who owes President Trump around $500,000 for court costs that she refuses to pay – a crime in itself.

The Trump team requested Judge Juan Merchan lift the unconstitutional gag order on President Trump but Merchan refused.

The Trump team also requested the case be thrown out after Stormy Daniels’ seven hours of testimony.

Dana Perino at FOX News reported: Just moments ago, the judge denying his lawyer’s motion to modify the gag order, which would have allowed Trump to respond to Stormy Daniels. Right now, his team is arguing for the judge to declare a mistrial. It comes as Stormy Daniels wrapped up over seven hours on the stand. Trump’s lawyer is hammering away at Stormy’s credibility, poking holes in her story and drilling her about attempts to make money off of her alleged affair with Trump. The defense showing off this $40 ‘Saint of Indictments’ devotional candle. They claimed she was selling on her website, which shows Daniels draped in a Christ-like robe. Stormy not denying she made bank, admitting she has to pay her legal bills to the tune of half a million dollars that she owes to the former President. Then Stormy got supernatural, a bizarre moment when the defense grilled Daniel’s work as Paranormal Investigator, asking about a show where she said She can talk to dead people and lived in a house she believed to be haunted, but it turned out to just be a giant oppossum.

Via Midnight Rider.
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DISASTROUS Testimony For Stormy Daniels in TRUMP CASE.. Even CNN ADMITS | Beyond the Headlines

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 22:00

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Stormy Daniels can’t seem to keep her mouth SHUT outside of this case — and continues to discredit herself more and more as the days go on in regards to her reliability. It even got to the point where she was reciting scripted jokes in the trial — unfortunately, she was met with a tough crowd, to say the least. How will this affect the Trump trial, and Stormy’s future?

Maria Zeee goes over all this and more on today’s Beyond the Headlines!

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Joe Biden Taunts Trump When Asked If He Will Ever Debate Former Prez (VIDEO)

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 21:40

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Thursday welcomed the Las Vegas Aces to the White House to celebrate their victory in the 2023 WNBA Finals.

Of course, Joe Biden was confused as he received a team jersey.


BIDEN (probably): "Where am I?"

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) May 9, 2024

After the ceremony wrapped up, a reporter asked Biden when he would debate Trump.

Trump has challenged Joe Biden to a debate, however, Joe Biden keeps kicking the can down the road and refuses to commit to a day and place.

On Thursday President Trump once again challenged Biden to a debate.

“Come on, Joe! Let’s do it! Anywhere, anytime, anyplace!” Trump said.



— Trump War Room (@TrumpWarRoom) May 9, 2024

Biden taunted Trump as he smirked and walked away.

“When will you debate President Trump?” a reporter shouted to Joe Biden as he shuffled out of the East Room.

“Set it up!” Biden shouted as he shuffled away.


REPORTER: "When will you debate President Trump?"

BIDEN: "Set it up!"

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) May 9, 2024

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Male Student Who Identifies as Transgender DOMINATES Girls Varsity 400-Meter Race at Portland Interscholastic League Championship Semi-Finals (VIDEO)

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 21:20

A male student at McDaniel High School in Portland, Oregon who identifies as ‘transgender’ absolutely dominated the girls varsity 400-meter race on Wednesday.

The Oregon School Activities Association allows transgender athletes to participate in high school sports.

“The OSAA endeavors to allow students to participate for the athletic or activity program of their consistently asserted gender identity while providing a fair and safe environment for all students,” the policy stated, according to Fox News.

“As with Rule 8.2 regarding Duration of Eligibility / Graduation, rules such as this one promote harmony and fair competition among member schools by maintaining equality of eligibility and increase the number of students who will have an opportunity to participate in interscholastic activities.”

Aayden Gallagher crushed the biological girls in several races at the Portland Interscholastic League Championship semi-finals on Wednesday.


A male student who identifies as "transgender" took first place in the Girls Varsity 400m race at the Portland Interscholastic League Championship Semi-Finals yesterday.

Aayden Gallagher (seen in red) will now compete in the girls finals tomorrow.


— ThePublica (@ThePublicaNow) May 8, 2024

Fox News reported:

An Oregon high school transgender runner caused outrage on social media on Wednesday after competing in several events at the Portland Interscholastic League Championship semifinals against girls.

Aayden Gallagher, of McDaniel High School, finished in first place in the 400-meter preliminary event with a 56.14 time – 0.23 seconds better than the second-place finisher. Gallagher finished second in the 200-meter preliminary event with a time of 24.49 – about 0.17 slower than the first-place finisher.

Gallagher qualified for the finals for both events.

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Panama Might Help Shut Down the Invasion of Illegals, As the U.S. Government Continues to Show Little Interest in the Problem

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 21:00
Image: Pixabay

Panama could play an integral part in slowing the flow of illegal migrants enroute to the southern border of the United States.

Earlier this week, the Central American country’s newly elected president Jose Mulino, promised to halt the flow of illegal migrants passing through his country. On X, Congressional candidate Mara Macie called out “our own uniparty representatives and government” for failing to express the same interest in the U.S. southern border as Mulina has his border. She credits Michael Yon and others for drawing attention to the problem “weaponized migration” and its global implications.


Whether Mulino follows through on this promise is TBD. However, I’m disappointed that he is far more interested in this problem than our own uniparty representatives and government.
Instead, the heat on this topic was brought by @Michael_Yon, @annvandersteel, @Oscarelblue,…

— Mara Macie (@MaraMacie) May 9, 2024

The Gateway Pundit spoke to Macie, who is vying for a Republican seat in Florida’s 5th Congressional District. Interestingly, Mulino promised to shut down the Darien Gap. But what does that mean for a bridge under construction across the region’s most dangerous stretch of jungle?

Macie questioned whether the promise by Mulino to stop illegal immigration would end construction of the bridge between Colombia and Panama. While she admitted there are likely many legitimate reasons to maintain a highway through the Darien Gap, Macie hopes the endless flow of migration can still be stopped through the area.

Macie said Mulino’s stance against illegal migration is “absolutely necessary.” And while she is hopeful, she won’t believe it until she sees it.

More concerning than the bridge is the number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) functioning in the country, said Macie. Some of these have been responsible for providing to maps for safe travel to the United States. Some have also provided financial assistance for the journey. “Stopping illegal immigration is feasible, but [Mulino] will have to get directly involved in the NGOs and shut many of them down from operating [in the region],” she argued.

“I am hopeful that [Mulino] appoints a security minister with the best interest of his country in mind,” she said. With the massive influx of over a half million migrants traveling through the area, she pointed out that parts of Panama have been “destroyed.” For example, incredible amounts of trash now litter the jungle. Many waterways have also been polluted and are now deemed unsafe.

Another potential problem Mulino must consider are the “false economies” developed through recent years of migrant flow. When the number of people passing through Panama dwindles, locals will not be able to sustain the economies that have been created as a result of sheer number of people who have needs as the travel. “Migration has changed their way of life [through trade and business], and it’s going to be hard to go back to the way they’ve lived for hundreds of years prior.”

While Panama engages in an uncertain future, Macie expressed some of the positives for America’s future if migration stops. “Of course, the number of illegals crossing the southern border [of the United States] will decrease,” she said. But one of her primary concerns, human trafficking, will also decrease. For that, she is thankful.

“The wide-open door through Panama has made things more difficult [for the United States at the southern border], so having Mulino shut down illegal immigration can only help,” Macie said. “But we still have other borders, [like] the Canadian border and people flying directly into the United States.”

“Even if it’s not through Panama, people are going to find other ways,” Macie warned. “It’s not just immigrants we have to worry about, but it’s the criminals, terrorists, and other nefarious actors that are intentionally plotting and trying to destroy our country.”

“If Panama comes through and stops illegal immigration through their country,” she said, “it will play a large role in at least pulling back some of the people coming through Mexico.” Nonetheless, she said, “at some point, we’re going to have to stop all of this at our own borders.”

To take on President Joe Biden’s open border policies and more, Macie is running for U.S. Congress.

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Trump Responds to Son Barron Being Selected As Florida Delegate at RNC (VIDEO)

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 20:40

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier, Donald Trump’s youngest son, Barron Trump, has been selected by the Republican Party of Florida to be one of the state’s at-large delegates.

Other children of Trump who were selected as delegates were Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Tiffany “Trump” Boulos.

In response to Barron’s selection as an at-large delegate, Trump stated, “To me, it’s very cute because he’s a very young guy, and he’s graduating from high school this year.”

“He’s very smart. I think that’s great and interesting too. He’s pretty young….If they can do that, I’m all for it, and knowing him, he will probably be for it too.” added Trump.



Barron, who recently turned 18, will graduate from Oxbridge Academy in West Palm Beach on May 17th.

In early April, Judge Juan Merchan, the judge overseeing Trump’s “Hush Money” trial, declined to rule on whether Trump could be excused from the trial on May 17th to attend his son Barron’s graduation and stated, “It really depends on if we are on time and where we are in the trial.”

Barron Trump To Be Delegate At Republican National Convention

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) May 9, 2024

Last week, however, Merchan reversed his previous statement, granted Trump permission to attend Barron’s graduation, and told the court,  “I don’t think the May 17 date is a problem.”


Trump-Hating Tyrannical Judge Gives President Trump ‘Permission’ to Attend Son Barron’s High School Graduation

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$2.3 Billion Tax-Funded Grant to Renovate JFK International Airport Awarded Exclusively to Minority and Women-Owned Enterprises

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 20:20
Assemblymember Alicia Hyndman during the press conference (Credit: Port Authority New York & New Jersey)

Governor Kathy Hochul announced that a $2.3 billion tax-funded grant in redevelopment contracts for JFK International Airport has been awarded exclusively to minority and women-owned business enterprises (MWBE).

MWBE stands for Minority/Women-Owned Business Enterprise. It’s a certification issued by the state that gives developmental benefits to businesses that are primarily owned and operated by a woman or a person who is at least 25% African American, Asian, Hispanic, or Native American. If the business is publicly traded, the stock must also be at least 51% minority-owned.

The move, which marks the largest participation of MWBE firms in any public-private partnership in New York’s history, has been praised by many for its focus on inclusivity.

However, some are questioning whether the DEI criteria could inadvertently sideline other considerations crucial to project success, such as experience, efficiency, and past performance.

“New York remains committed to providing travelers with a premier experience that includes world-class amenities and record involvement by local minority- and women-owned businesses will ensure just that,” Governor Hochul said. “This transformative project uplifts these businesses and deepens investments in the community while bolstering the state workforce.”

However, while the $2.3 billion allocation reflects a dedication to DEI, it is essential to question whether these contracts have been awarded based on merit or solely on MWBE criteria.

The Port Authority aims for a 30% MWBE participation rate in all capital projects, aligning with Governor Hochul’s ambitious utilization goals. While this may seem laudable on the surface, critics argue that prioritizing contracts based on DEI targets risks excluding qualified companies that fall outside these demographic groups. Concerns arise that the strict emphasis on DEI may overlook the merit and experience of other firms that could deliver equal or greater value to the redevelopment project.

According to the press release:

With today’s announcement JFK surpasses the LaGuardia Airport redevelopment, which set the previous New York State record for MWBE participation in a public-private project with $2.2 billion in contracts awarded. As the $19 billion JFK project moves forward, additional contracts with MWBE firms will be awarded to meet with the Port Authority’s goal of 30 percent MWBE participation for the agency’s capital projects, consistent with Governor Hochul’s nation-leading goals for MWBE utilization in state projects.

The Port Authority is working closely with its private terminal developer partners – the New Terminal One, Delta Air Lines and JFKIAT, JFK Millennium Partners, and American Airlines – to engage minority and women-owned businesses along with local businesses in every aspect of the redevelopment program. To date, 680 MWBEs have been awarded contracts at JFK along with more than 200 businesses based in Queens.

To increase MWBE participation at the JFK Redevelopment Program, and across the agency, the Port Authority and its private terminal partners at JFK hosted a variety of capacity-building and technical training programs that prepared firms to be successful in navigating what can at times be complex airport-related procurements.

These programs include an academy for principals at architecture and engineering firms, contractor coaching programs that train firms to apply for contracts and construction mentoring programs that recruit, train and mentor MWBE firms to bid on large public construction projects, and project readiness bootcamps. The redevelopment team has also sponsored hundreds of seminars, webinars and forums to help firms become MWBE certified, meet and network with prime contractors, and build the skill sets needed to be successful in the field.

Assemblymember Alicia Hyndman praised the initiative, saying, “Governor Hochul’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in public-private partnerships sets a new standard for New York State. The record-breaking $2.3 billion in contracts awarded at JFK Airport, with substantial participation from MWBE firms, underscores the importance of equitable opportunities in major infrastructure projects. As an Assemblywoman representing Queens, I’m proud to see local businesses thriving, with nearly $1 billion in contracts awarded to Queens-based firms. This achievement not only surpasses past milestones but sets a precedent for future developments, ensuring that MWBE participation continues to break records as we work towards the substantial completion of JFK’s redevelopment in 2028.”

During a press conference, Hyndman added, “What we didn’t want to happen is to go back to the community—and people look at us and say, ‘Well, what did you do? No one on that project looks like us. No one in that project represents us.’ We did not want to have those conversations. That’s why those tireless meetings that took place on Zoom, whether it was Microsoft, Webex, or whatever it was, weren’t working. Your bandwidth was low, and you had to turn off the camera or turn off the mic. As annoying as it was, we knew it was for us, by us, to make sure that this community that we represent looks like us.”


New York just announced a historic $2.3 billion tax-funded grant to fix up the JFK International Airport.

This grant, signed off by Governor Katy Hochul, is exclusively for non-White or women-owned businesses.

“This is FOR US, and made BY US”

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) May 7, 2024

“You gotta have equity in these projects”

Rep. Gregory Meeks admits that the entire project to fix JFK Airport is built on DEI:

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) May 7, 2024

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GA Gov. Brian Kemp Takes DECISIVE Action Against ELECTION FRAUD | Beyond the Headlines

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 20:00

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Rumble("play", {"video":"v4ro5gc","div":"rumble_v4ro5gc"});

In the 2020 Election, Georgia was one of the main states embroiled in alleged election fraud — along with Wisconsin, Arizona, and other states. Despite some criticism Governor Brian Kemp received around that time, it seems like he’s trying to make good by signing in THREE major pieces of legislation to protect next election — but will it be enough?

Maria Zeee goes over all this and more on today’s Beyond the Headlines!

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Biden’s Latest Credit Card Gambit Shows He Has Little Grasp of How the Economy Works

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 19:40


Credit Cards by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Pix4free

The Biden administration wants to protect the public from “predatory credit cards.” He is also trying to fight the inflation he created through reckless spending and borrowing by demanding companies earn lower profits. It is dangerous to allow the government to decide what qualifies as predatory or what rate of profit or interest is enough for private companies. Price controls always result in shortages, loss of income, and lower standards of living for the majority of the population. If you need proof, look at Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, or the old Soviet Union.

This administration claims to have “forgiven” $1.2 billion in student loan debt. But the debt has not been forgiven; it will just be paid by people other than the borrowers, the taxpayers. Paying this debt incentivizes more reckless borrowing to fund majors that do not translate to a job. The government paying for student loans removes the supply and demand factor from university tuition prices, which will continue to rise. Other than the Covid lockdowns, this is about the most destructive economic policy of the Biden White House.

An administration with so little grasp on how the economy works should not be making decisions about credit cards.

Biden is right that poor people pay higher rates for credit. The annual effective rates for payday loans are 15% to 30%, title loans 300%, rent-to-own furniture up to 60%, high-risk credit cards over 24%, pawn shops 20% to 24%, credit card cash advance 17.99% to 29.99%, and cash advance apps up to 28%.

One way that consumers, in a free country, can avoid these high interest rates is by not borrowing—a solution that requires no legislation or government regulation. The fact that people agree to borrow at such high rates suggests that they truly need the credit. And if a lower-rate option were available elsewhere, they would likely take it. Ostensibly, there is no cheaper option for them. Therefore, if these sources of credit were driven out of business by government price controls, poor people would have no access to credit.

When Biden describes lenders as “predators,” he is wrong. There is no such thing as predatory lending. People with low credit ratings pay higher rates because of the high probability that they will default. The credit cards that are sent to poor people and students, unsolicited, have high interest rates attached to them because the target audience has no credit, poor credit, or so much debt that other issuers will not lend them more money.

Biden claims that by capping the credit card late fee at $8, he has somehow added $10 billion to the economy. He is most likely under the misapprehension that by capping the fee, he is enabling people to spend the difference. His error, however, is that whether the money goes to the credit card company or stays with the cardholder, it will be spent in the economy. However, if it is paid to the credit card company, they will have even more money to loan out, which will have a multiplier effect in the economy.

Similar to the rationale about high interest rates, people can avoid the high late fee by paying their bills on time. And this solution would require no legislation or regulation.

No one likes paying fees. However, fees help keep prices down. With the late fee capped at $8, the additional money the bank would have earned on late fees will now be added to the service fees for all bank customers, even those who pay their bills on time.

Biden keeps talking about wanting to pass legislation prohibiting nuisance airline fees. But if the government made a law tomorrow that airlines could no longer charge $50 for luggage, ticket prices would go up by $50. However, with the current system, some people can avoid the $50 fee by not checking luggage. If airlines were prohibited from charging different passengers different prices, then everyone would wind up paying the additional $50 in their ticket price, even those without checked baggage.

The term “price discrimination” has a negative connotation in common parlance, but actually, it is the fairest and most efficient way to price anything, including credit. Examples would be toll roads charging more during rush hour or movie theaters charging more on Saturday night than on Wednesday afternoon. Those who are willing to pay the higher price for the prime time can do so, while people who want to save money can use these services during unpopular times.

The same is true for credit. The banks must be free to determine who is and is not creditworthy and to calculate what amount of interest or fees they would require in order to lend to that individual. And the customer is free to decide where or if to borrow based on their willingness to pay the price demanded. This is the essence of a capitalist system: that there are numerous buyers and sellers, and each is free to agree or disagree to accept the deal.

If the government limited the interest rates and fees that credit cards and other lenders could charge, then poor people would not be able to obtain credit.

Just like the order kiosks that replaced workers in municipalities with a $17 minimum wage, this is one more example of the socialists hurting the very people they were allegedly trying to help.

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Part 1: Georgia State Election Board Member Misrepresents 6,000-plus Ballot Recount Discrepancy – Heavily Favored Joe Biden

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 19:20
Investigators for the Georgia SOS presented their “findings” on SEB 2023-025 on May 7th to the Georgia State Election Board.


On Tuesday, the Georgia State Election Board (SEB) heard several election complaints, including the long-anticipated SEB 2023-025 submitted in July 2022.  After almost two years, investigators for the SEB and Georgia Secretary of State’s Office presented their findings.  The claimants were not permitted to speak during the hearing.  That hours-long presentation will be covered in-depth in a follow-up article.

During the discussion of Complaint 2023-025, however, another reference was made regarding Complaint 2021-181 (and 2022-025), which was based on the “Risk-Limiting Audit” (full hand-count) that Fulton County performed after the 2020 Presidential Election.  This resulted in a heated but limited debate between a SEB Member and the complainant.

Rossi, a Georgia resident, has been investigating the 2020 Presidential Election and subsequent elections in the State of Georgia for several years.  In September 2021, Rossi submitted evidence to Governor Brian Kemp’s office evidencing “36 inconsistencies” that contradicted the Risk Limiting Audit Report findings regarding the Fulton County hand-count of the 2020 Election.  Rossi’s findings only involved the approximately 148,000 absentee ballots cast in Fulton (out of more than 520,000 total ballots cast).

Georgia resident Joe Rossi during public comment on May 7th, 2024


The “36 inconsistencies” consisted of double and triple-counted batches of ballots that accounted for over 6,000 ballots incorrectly counted and reported.  Based on the analysis, Rossi stated there would be a net gain of 4,081 votes for President Trump in Fulton County’s 148k absentee ballots alone if the incorrectly counted Biden votes were removed.

Despite over-counting by more than 6,000 ballots, a 4% difference from the machine-counted absentee ballots, the hand-count “audit” somehow matched the machine count (742 vote difference out of all ballots cast).  This has never been explained nor corrected by the Georgia SOS.

On November 17th, 2021, Governor Kemp sent a letter and report outlining his office’s findings and confirming Rossi’s report to the SEB for further review.  In the letter, Kemp stated that “the 36 inconsistencies…are factual in nature, pose no underlying theories outside of the reported data, and could not be explained by my office after a thorough review.”  Kemp’s office spent almost seven weeks reviewing Rossi’s data and findings.

On June 8th, 2023, more than a year after investigators reported to the SEB regarding the complaint, the SEB and Fulton County entered into a Consent Order regarding discrepancies than 6,000-count when comparing the November 3rd machine count to the full hand count.  The Consent Order, however, does not mention the ballots in totality but rather only references the “36 inconsistencies”.  By phrasing it as “36 inconsistencies,” it sounds much less significant compared to “6,000 extra ballots with a net gain of 4,081, or more than 1/3 the margin of victory statewide.”

During the SEB Meeting on May 7th, Rossi was permitted to briefly address the board to clarify his findings for board member Dr. Jan Johnston.

Joe Rossi is correct. SEB Member Ghazal is wrong.

Perhaps this is why complainants cannot respond to reports during these hearings.

Rossi’s numbers were investigated and confirmed by Governor Kemp’s office and Fulton County has since entered into a Consent Order over those…

— CannCon (@CannConActual) May 8, 2024

Rossi stated, “The numbers did match.  You’re right, Mr. Chairman.  The reason they matched is because they include the duplicated, counted ballots.  The duplicates are over 6,000.  The net difference for candidate Biden are 4,081 net false absentee ballots, counted for candidate Biden over candidate Trump in the hand audit.  And that is only a subset of the 527,000 that were looked at.  That was only the 148,000 absentee ballots.  So those of you that do math, if you do 4,081 and divide it by 148,000, that’s a 3% error rate.  So to answer your question, yes, the hand audit got to 527, but how they got to 527 was [with] over 6,000 duplicated, and the net difference being 4,081 for candidate Biden.”

As Dr. Johnston was thanking Rossi, Member Ghazal chimed in:

“Excuse me.  This has been adjudicated and the numbers are entirely different that were found by our investigators two years ago.  I cannot let those numbers stand on the record because they are incorrect and our investigators found numbers and it was in the hundreds, not in the thousands.”

Rossi interrupted by acknowledging this isn’t a “back and forth” but went on to state:

“When Dr. Johnston asked the investigators, when they did their investigation, tell me the totality of the errors.  You can go back and look at the transcript.  Investigator Seguron, and you can almost quote me, we did not go into that for this investigation.  Look at the transcript please.”

Member Ghazal then references res judicata, the “civil equivalent of double jeopardy,” and said:

“We have already heard this.  It is done.  It is finished.  This is not the case at hand.  The audit, which is never intended to have an equal total, the audit is intended to identify the candidate who won and whether or not the totals accurately identified that.  I want to make sure that we’re doing the right thing.  That we’re actually talking to this in the correct language here.  And that the record reflects accuracy and truth.”

Rossi’s findings were evaluated by the Governor’s Office, investigated by the SEB, and resulted in a Consent Order with the county responsible, yet, Member Ghazal seems unfamiliar with the numbers that are acknowledged in Rossi’s report and may have confused them with a separate anomaly discovered in SEB 2023-025.  However, Ghazal specifically references “the audit.”  The SEB 2023-025 duplicate ballots (3,125 total) was referring to the December 4th count, which would go on to the “certified” results.  Rossi was very clear he was referring to the “audit.”

This misunderstanding from Ghazal is not surprising, though.  Several of the SEB members, if any, did not have the opportunity to read the investigation’s findings and Consent Order with Fulton County before the vote on whether to accept it.  Emails confirm it was withheld from the SEB by the Attorney General’s Office, though it is unclear whether or not the materials were kept out of the SEB members’ binders intentionally.

According to the emails obtained by open records request, Member Ghazal, the one who disputed the author of the complaint in the above clip, acknowledged that she had not seen the materials but “was comfortable on voting on the case because [she] recalled the complaint, the investigative report, and our own disposition of the initial case with some detail” and that she was “satisfied with the AG’s report that included a full audit procedure plan.”

The SEB would vote 4-1 to accept the Consent Order and findings, with Dr. Jan Johnston being the only ‘nay’ vote.






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The One Kit You Need to Declare Independence from Big Pharma and Big Government

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 19:00

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If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s that big pharma and big government want to keep you sick and reliant on them.

We don’t have a healthcare system in this country, we have a sick care system. The big pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars every single year off of sick Americans. Big pharma needs you to get sick so you can rely on them to get healthy again by purchasing their products.

Big government, like big pharma, wants Americans to feel powerless, they want Americans to believe that only big government can protect them.


So what can you do to push back against the power of big government and big pharma, how can each of us individually strike a blow for liberty? The answer is simple – BECOME SELF-RELIANT.

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“Early intervention at the first sign of illness is critical to avoid a hospital visit. I have always wished patients could keep critical medications like antibiotics and Ivermectin on-hand so they can act fast; a recommendation whose importance was underscored by the drug restrictions during COVID.  This is now a dream come true from The Wellness Company.”

Dr. Drew Pinsky, world-renowned television host who has treated thousands of patients, remarks on the sad financial state of the healthcare system:

“The US healthcare system has been taken captive by Big Hospitals, Big Pharma, Insurance, and regulators, which have made it the most expensive healthcare system in the world. Sick patients who enter often face a horrible choice: lose their financial security or refuse treatment.

Worse, they make their decisions in a state of pain and distress while being poorly educated by doctors on various treatment options and their necessity.” 


Be ready for the next emergency and sleep with peace-of-mind. The Wellness Company’s Medical Emergency Kit is the gold-standard in preparation, containing eight life-saving medications – including ivermectin, amoxicillin, and Z-pak. The Medical Emergency Kit includes a guidebook to aid in the safe use of these life-saving medications.

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The Wellness Company Medical Emergency Kit includes:

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  • Ivermectin 12mg – 25 compounded capsules

  • Fluconazole (generic Diflucan) 150 mg – 2 tablets

  • Ondansetron (generic Zofran) 4mg – 6 tablets

  • 1 Emergency Medication Guidebook written by the Chief Medical Board for safe use.

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Trump’s Attorneys File Motion For Mistrial After Stormy Daniels Takes the Stand

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 18:40

Trump’s attorneys filed a motion for mistrial on Thursday after Stormy Daniels took the witness stand.

Stormy Daniels took the witness stand again Thursday in Alvin Bragg’s lawfare ‘hush money’ trial against Trump in New York City.

Trump was accused of paying porn star Stormy Daniels, AKA, Stephanie Clifford, ‘hush payments’ through his then-attorney Michael Cohen in a scheme to silence her and stop the story about their alleged affair from being published in the National Enquirer.

The payments made to Stormy Daniels did NOT come from Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

The payments were made through internal business records – there was no tax deduction taken and there was no obligation to file it with the FEC, according to Trump attorney Joe Tacopina.

Bragg alleged Trump committed fraud because the payment was labeled “legal fees.”

Stormy sparred with Trump’s lawyers on Thursday over her claims she had a sexual encounter with Trump back in 2006.

Stormy Daniels was on the stand in NY v Trump criminal trial for a day and a half, ending at 12:30p today. Couldn’t be prouder of my client.

— clark brewster (@cbrew1) May 9, 2024

Stormy blew it on the witness stand on Tuesday.

Stormy testified to irrelevant yet very salacious details about her sexual encounter with Trump that allegedly happened many years ago.

She was also reportedly making scripted jokes in the courtroom to win over the jury but nobody was laughing.

Trump’s attorneys on Tuesday moved for a mistrial over Stormy Daniels’ testimony, but the crooked judge rejected it.

“What’s the jury to do with that? It’s still extraordinarily prejudicial to insert safety — safety concerns into a trial about business records. There’s no way to unring the bell in our view,” Trump’s attorney Todd Blanche argued.

“As a threshold matter, Mr. Blanche, I agree that there were things that would have been better left unsaid. I think the witness was a little difficult to control,” Judge Merchan said, according to ABC News.

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JUST IN: Federal Appeals Court Rejects Hunter Biden’s Bid to Toss Felony Gun Charges

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 18:20

A federal appeals court on Thursday rejected Hunter Biden’s bid to toss gun charges.

“The defendant in this criminal case appealed three pretrial orders entered on April 12, 2024, denying his motions to dismiss the indictment,” the court document released Thursday states. “This appeal is DISMISSED because the defendant has not shown the District Court’s orders are appealable before final judgment.”

In September Hunter Biden was indicted on federal gun charges. He was indicted in a Delaware court on three counts related to his possession of a firearm while using drugs.

“Two of the counts carry a maximum prison sentence of 10 years, while the third has a maximum of five years,” NBC News reported.

Hunter pleaded not guilty to all three felony gun charges in October.

Separately, Hunter Biden was hit with a 9-count indictment filed in the Central District of California: Tax evasion, failure to file/pay taxes, and false/fraudulent tax return.

US District Judge Mark Scarsi, a Trump appointee, tentatively set the trial for Hunter’s tax-related charges for June 20.

If convicted on the tax-related charges, Hunter Biden faces up to 17 years in prison.

The Gateway Pundit reported back in October 2020 that Hunter’s then-lover and deceased brother’s widow Hallie Biden tossed the gun in the trash.  Hunter admitted this in an online conversation with his family when they accused him of inappropriate conduct in front of a child.

TGP published additional text messages from Hunter Biden that were devastating.

In a long text that Hunter sent to a family friend, Hunter exposed all that was going on with him and his family. (See also the Illustrated Primer)

Hunter shared that his dead brother’s wife, Hallie Biden, whom he had an affair with, threw his gun away and the police, FBI and Secret Service got involved.  Hallie claimed she did this because she was afraid Hunter would harm himself or the kids!

Hallie Biden has not been charged.

Below is the text:

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Ex-CNN Host Chris Cuomo VINDICATES Antivaxxers in SHOCKING Statement | Beyond the Headlines

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 18:00

!function(r,u,m,b,l,e){r._Rumble=b,r[b]||(r[b]=function(){(r[b]._=r[b]._||[]).push(arguments);if(r[b]._.length==1){l=u.createElement(m),e=u.getElementsByTagName(m)[0],l.async=1,l.src=""+(arguments[1].video?'.'+arguments[1].video:'')+"/?url="+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+"&args="+encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify([].slice.apply(arguments))),e.parentNode.insertBefore(l,e)}})}(window, document, "script", "Rumble");

Rumble("play", {"video":"v4ro4ef","div":"rumble_v4ro4ef"});

Ex-CNN host Chris Cuomo offered a shocking testimony recently on the PBD Podcast, of which he is now a part. In the episode, he mentions how, contrary to popular belief, the mainstream media was WRONG on it’s framing of alternative solutions to COVID and their stance on the now-infamous vaccine. What exactly did he say that was so shocking, and so different from his tone while he was on CNN?

Maria Zeee goes over all this and more on today’s Beyond the Headlines!

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Weekly Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Shoot Up to ‘Worrisome’ Level

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 17:40

Another day, another piece of bad election-year news for proponents of Bidenomics.

The Department of Labor on Thursday released its weekly report of seasonally adjusted data on new unemployment claims through May 4, reporting a total of 231,000 jobless claims.

That number was both up from the previous week’s 209,000 and higher than the 214,000 claims Dow Jones had anticipated, according to CNBC.

In fact, it was the highest number since August, spurring CNBC to label the report “a potential sign that an otherwise robust labor market is changing.”

Continuing jobless claims were up 17,00o from the week prior, while the four-week moving average of claims also showed an increase, up 4,750 week-to-week.

“Weekly jobless claims are one of the timeliest indicators of when the economy is starting to undergo serious deterioration, and the magnitude of new layoffs this week looks worrisome,” Christopher Rupkey, chief economist at FWDBONDS, told CNBC.

“One week does not a trend make, but we can no longer be sure that calm seas lie ahead for the US economy if today’s weekly jobless claims are any indication,” he added.

Nonfarm payrolls were expected to rise by 240,000 in April, but only increased by 175,000, the report also said — the smallest month-to-month rise since October.

Not all the news was bad, however. The unemployment rate “inched up” from 3.8 to 3.9 percent, for example, meaning that it has stayed below 4 percent for over two years — “the longest such streak since the 1960s,” according to The Associated Press.

Also, as Reuters noted, a slowing labor market makes additional interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve somewhat more likely.

The outlet reported that a “handful of economists” expect to see the first rate cut in July, but most don’t think the Fed will act before September.

Some of the numbers should probably be taken with a grain of salt at this time of year, according to one expert who talked with Reuters.

“Given that the varied timing of school spring breaks, and holidays like Easter and Passover, makes the seasonal adjustment process very complicated, we often see volatile readings in the seasonally adjusted data around this time of year,” JP Morgan economist Daniel Silver told the outlet.

Over 10,000 of the new claims came from New York alone, prompting speculation that much of that volume could be attributed to Citigroup employees who had been laid off in January but paid 90 days of severance finally becoming eligible for unemployment insurance benefits in April.

Reuters noted that California, Illinois, Indiana and Texas also saw large increases in new unemployment claims, but only one state — Iowa — saw claims drop by more than 1,000.

Stocks initially fell after the report, but by late morning had more than rebounded. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up nearly half a point by about 11:30.

The AP said strong consumer spending was responsible for preventing a recession and keeping American jobs “plentiful.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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Thousands of Pro-Palestine Protestors Swarm Streets in Sweden Demanding Israeli Eurovision Singer Eden Golan Be Banned

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 17:20
Israeli Eurovision contestant Eden Golan/Image: @golaneden/X

Eden Golan, an Israeli Eurovision contestant, has been ordered by Israel’s national security agency, Shin Bet, to stay in her hotel room because thousands of pro-Palestine protesters are swarming the streets of Malmo, Sweden demanding she be excluded from the competition.

Meer dan 100 Zweedse politieagenten in een konvooi.

Er hangt een politiehelikopter boven.

Dit alles om de Israëlische zanger Eden Golan voor @Eurovision naar Malmö te vervoeren.

De moed van deze vrouw om voor duizenden mensen op te treden in een van de meest antisemitische…

— CADI (@RuleOfLaw01) May 9, 2024

The protestors, including climate-hoaxer Greta Thunberg, are against Israel being allowed to compete in the famous song contest.

The Daily Mail reports:

‘Young people are leading the way and showing the world how we should react to this,’ Thunberg told Reuters news agency. However, she refused to comment on why she had joined the protest, only saying it was ‘good’ as the march took place.

During the demonstrations, smoke canisters in the colours of the Palestinian flag were set off and protesters, some of whom have dogs, young children and bicycles with them, were carrying signs displaying images of Gaza civilians who have been injured amid the Hamas-Israel conflict.

Other banners displayed messages including ‘welcome to Genocide song contest’ and ‘stop using Eurovision to whitewash Israeli crimes’.

Heavily armed police officers carrying machine guns are patrolling outside hotels, and there are reports that terrorists are threatening to bomb the arena.

Some say the Swedish police convoy (100 officers) protecting Israeli singer Eden Golan at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö today is exaggerated

Let’s remind them that a mob of 300 tried to storm the stadium when Israel came to play Davis Cup tennis in Malmö in 2009

— Visegrád 24 (@visegrad24) May 9, 2024

During her performance yesterday,  the crowd booed the singer and chanted Hamas talking points, but Golan refuses to be intimidated.

Eden Golan, the Israeli representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, was booed by the crowd at y-day’s rehearsal in Malmö, Sweden

Her song is about how to cope with friends dying on Oct. 7

25% of Malmö’s pop. on 350K consists of Muslim migrants

— Visegrád 24 (@visegrad24) May 9, 2024

In an interview with Kan News, she said, “I’m a proud Israeli!”

“They’re quite predictable. It’s to be expected, and I don’t let it affect me.”

“It’s not easy for anyone; our entire country is going through a very tough time.” “

It’s challenging here in Malmö, too, but I handle it. In fact, it even gives me much more strength and pride to represent the people of Israel and showcase our identity. I’m delighted to be here, honored to represent us, and do so proudly!”

“I’m a proud Israeli!” exclaimed Eden Golan.

In a heartfelt interview, she addressed the booing from antisemitic mob in the crowd during her performance:

“They’re quite predictable. It’s to be expected, and I don’t let it affect me,” Golan told Kan News. “It’s not easy for…

— Adam Albilya – אדם אלביליה (@AdamAlbilya) May 9, 2024

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Judicial Watch Releases Voicemail Recording of FBI Agent and Secret Service Agent Coordinating Raid of Mar-a-Lago (AUDIO)

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 17:00

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch released a voicemail recording of an FBI Special Agent and Secret Service agent coordinating the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

“Yes, hi, this is Special Agent [redacted] from FBI [unintelligible]. We met on Monday [the day of the raid]. We have a couple of specific follow-up asks of you, um, so give me a call so we can discuss that. My number is [redacted]. Again, my name is [redacted]. Thanks, bye,” the special agent said in an August 11, 2022 voicemail.


.@JudicialWatch: Voicemail Recording Shows FBI and Secret Service Coordination on Raid of @realDonaldTrump’s Home — “We have a couple of specific follow-up asks of you, um, so give me a call so we can discuss that.”
This recording is real-time evidence of the Biden…

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) May 8, 2024

The recording was uncovered in an October 2022 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security for all communications of the U.S. Secret Service internally and with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) regarding the raid on President Trump’s home and for any video or audio recordings made during the raid on August 8, 2022 (Judicial Watch Inc. v. U.S Department of Homeland Security (No. 1:22-cv-03147)).” the watchdog said.

“This recording is real-time evidence of the Biden administration’s whole government operation to abuse Trump by raiding his home. Judicial Watch will continue to piece together the details of the conspiracy to launch an unprecedented and malicious raid on the home of Biden’s chief political opponent,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.

The FBI raided Mar-a-Lago in August 2022 and seized boxes of records from Trump’s Florida estate.

Machine-gun-toting agents descend on Mar-a-Lago in August 2022 and by November Biden’s DOJ appointed a special counsel to investigate the documents stored at the Florida residence.

Within a few months Special Counsel Jack Smith had issued a flurry of subpoenas and by June 2023 Trump was indicted on 37 federal charges.

You can support Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch by clicking here.

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Judge Arthur Engoron Under Investigation for Allegedly Receiving Unsolicited Advice Before Fining Trump $454 Million

Thu, 05/09/2024 - 16:40
Crazy leftist Judge Arthur Engoron chuckles as his kangaroo court begins in an attempt to punish President Donald Trump.

Judge Arthur Engoron is now under investigation after claims surfaced that he received unsolicited advice from a prominent New York City real estate attorney, Adam Leitman Bailey, weeks before ordering former President Donald Trump to pay a hefty $454 million judgment.

This investigation by the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct seeks to determine whether Engoron violated judicial conduct rules, NBC New York reported.

In March, Engoron ordered Trump to pay more than a $355 million fine and barred Trump “from serving as an officer or director of any New York corporation or other legal entity in New York for a period of three years.” Trump was also required to pay interest on the penalties, bringing the total amount to $454 million.

Engoron claimed Trump and each of the defendants “participated in aiding and abetting the conspiracy to commit insurance fraud by their individual acts in falsifying business records and valuations, causing materially fraudulent SFCs to be intentionally submitted to insurance companies.”

Eric Trump and Don Jr. were also ordered to pay $4,013,024 each.

Letitia James sought $370 million in ‘damages’ when there was no victim in this fraud case, and she also sought to ban Trump and his sons from operating any businesses in New York. She accused Trump of inflating his assets and defrauding lenders and insurance companies, despite having no evidence or rationality.

A judge ruled that President Trump can post a $175 million bond to cover Letitia James’ $464 million judgment.

Bailey stated publicly that he spoke with Judge Engoron three weeks before the decision, advising him to “get it right.” Although Engoron has denied any influence from Bailey, the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct is reportedly investigating whether Engoron violated judicial conduct rules, according to NBC New York.

“I actually had the ability to speak to him three weeks ago,” Bailey told NBC New York on Feb. 16. “I saw him in the corner [at the courthouse] and I told my client, ‘I need to go.’ And I walked over and we started talking … I wanted him to know what I think and why…I really want him to get it right.”

Bailey maintains he has no personal connection to any lawsuits involving Trump and is not a fan of the former president. He claims to have advised Engoron that a ruling imposing such a substantial fine could damage New York’s economy. Bailey also mentioned that Engoron “had a lot of questions, you know, about certain cases” during their conversation.

In response, Judge Engoron’s spokesperson Al Baker vehemently denied any impropriety, stating that “No ex parte conversation concerning this matter occurred between Justice Engoron and Mr. Bailey or any other person. The decision Justice Engoron issued on February 16 was his alone, deeply considered, and wholly uninfluenced by this individual.”

The Latin term ex parte means “from one party”. In legal terms, it refers to a legal proceeding that is conducted without the presence or notice of the other party. It can also refer to improper contact between a judge or party and a lawyer.

New York State Rules of Judicial Conduct explicitly prohibit judges from engaging in ex parte communications, except when seeking advice from a disinterested expert.

According to New York law, “If a judge inadvertently receives an unauthorized ex parte communication bearing upon the substance of a matter, the judge shall make provision promptly to notify the parties of the substance of the communication and provide the parties with an opportunity to respond.”

More from NBC New York:

The New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct will now consider whether the rules of judicial conduct were violated in this instance, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The commission’s administrator, Robert Tembeckjian, declined to comment, citing a statute on confidentiality.

Christopher Kise, a member of the Trump defense team which has repeatedly criticized Engoron’s handling of the case, said if Bailey’s claims are true, it casts doubt on the integrity of the process.

“The code doesn’t provide an exception for ‘well, this was a small conversation’ or ‘well, it didn’t really impact me’ or ‘well, this wasn’t something that I, the judge, found significant,” Kise said. “No. The code is very clear.”

Several experts consulted by NBC New York said the rules are meant not only to prevent outside influence, but also any appearance of outside influence.

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