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Soldier is hailed as a hero who ‘saved countless lives’ when he ran over would-be mass shooter on Kansas bridge

Thu, 05/28/2020 - 20:49

An active duty soldier is being hailed as a hero this week after he stopped a would-be mass shooter dead in his tracks by running him over with his pickup truck on a bridge in Kansas.

Daily Mail reported that the heroic soldier has been identified as Master Sgt David Royer, of Fort Leavenworth, a 34 year-old who has served in the U.S. military for fifteen years.

Leavenworth police Chief Patrick Kitchens said that the incident unfolded on Wednesday morning in on the Centennial Bridge, which connects Kansas and Missouri. He added that one person was injured by the shooter, and that this person was also a soldier.

Royer said on Thursday that he had been on his way home from the appointment when he noticed the car in front of him was stopped on the bridge, with the driver standing outside of it. Royer was talking to his fiancé using bluetooth when he suddenly saw the driver whip out a rifle and open fire.

Royer immediately told his fiancé to call the police and report an active shooter before telling her that he “had to go.”

“I assessed the situation very quickly, looked around and just took the only action possible I thought I could take,” the soldier recounted. “I accelerated my truck as quickly as possible and struck the active shooter and pinned him underneath my truck.”

Royer credited his extensive military training with allowing him to think fast, specifically his active-shooter drills.

“I was shocked that was happening, but the adrenaline took over and with the military training I received I took appropriate action,” he said.

After ensuring that the shooter posed no additional threat, Royer administered first aid to him until first responders arrived. He went on to say that his fiancé had been “panicking” when she heard gunshots, so he called her to tell her he was alright. Despite everything that had happened, Royer continued his day as per usual from there.

“I mowed my grass and ate dinner and spent time with my family,” he said.

Police initially thought this was a road rage incident, but they quickly found that he had been using multiple weapons to fire at vehicles before the attack, making it clear he had been planning a mass shooting.

“The soldier intervened by striking the shooter with his vehicle, causing him to be critically injured, but ending the encounter with the active shooter and likely saving countless lives,” the police chief said. “There doesn’t appear to be a target. The person was simply, randomly firing at vehicles as they passed by.”

Police said that both the shooting victim and the suspect are in serious but stable condition. As for Royer, he said that from this experience, he learned “not to be afraid. Everything would turn out OK.”

When asked if he sees himself as a hero, Royer replied, “There’s people all around the world that would do things like that. I believe there is more good out there than there is bad.”


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Republican seeking to unseat AOC drops out, blames Cuomo for hurting campaign

Thu, 05/28/2020 - 20:20

One of the Republican candidates seeking the nomination to run against Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) recently dropped out of her primary race and blamed Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “draconian” lockdown orders for hurting her campaign.

Scherie Murray told “Fox & Friends First” on Thursday: “It’s unfortunate, but what we’ve learned is the governor’s selective executive orders have really put a wrench into my campaign.”

“He had the choice to change the election in ways for which it could have been a more democratic process, but instead he chose to leave portions of the designating nominating petition process open to challenges and unfortunately I succumbed to challenges from my opponent and the local establishment,” Murray said.

I’m grateful my campaign for Congress won on so many accords. Empowering young women & men across the country to run for office. Inspiring people to unite the fight. Building bridges for a better future for our children, denouncing socialism and much more.

— Scherie Murray (@ScherieMurray) May 26, 2020

Murray also cited Cuomo’s nursing home policy (no longer used) for which critics claim is responsible for thousands of coronavirus deaths.

Cuomo’s office has said the original nursing home policy was in line with a March 13 directive from the Trump administration’s Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that were distributed to all states regarding how to diminish infections in nursing homes. The guidance says “nursing homes should admit any individuals that they would normally admit to their facility, including individuals from hospitals where a case of COVID-19 was/is present.”

BREAKING NEWS: Did you hear about this? “America, I promise you more and I will continue to #unitethefight for a prosperous and better future. Thank you so much for believing in me, a legal migrant from Jamaica, W.I. who came to America for a better life.” —Scherie Murray. ⬇

— Scherie Murray (@ScherieMurray) May 26, 2020

New York’s nursing home coronavirus death count was at 5,601 last week, an increase of 203 over six days. Murray said, “The governor’s draconian, heavy-handed, ill-advised executive orders not only killed our most vulnerable population, but it also killed our opportunity to ballot and it really infringed upon my First Amendment rights.”

Republican Running Against AOC Drops Out Of Race Citing Gov. Cuomo's 'Draconian' Executive Orders

"I’ve succumbed to challenges from my opponent and from the local establishment,” says @ScherieMurray.

— Sara A. Carter (@SaraCarterDC) May 28, 2020

How Were Other Candidates Able to Navigate These Obstacles?

Fox News host Todd Piro noted that “critics would say other candidates were able to deal with those executive orders and remain on the ballot” and wondered how she would respond to those observations.

“To add insult to injury we sourced a vendor who we tasked in good faith to collect qualifying petition signatures and according to the overarching entity, the New York City Board of Elections, unfortunately that vendor violated New York state election laws so it was a double whammy for the campaign with the governor’s executive order,” Murray said. “Had he not selectively changed portions of that petition process perhaps we could have prevailed,” she said, adding that “it’s a tough pill to swallow.” June 23 is New York’s primary election.

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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Kayleigh McEnany says God put her in Trump administration ‘for a purpose’: says conservative Christians enrage media

Thu, 05/28/2020 - 19:29

Kayleigh McEnany has only been the White House press secretary for a few weeks, but she’s already shown the mainstream media that she’s not someone to mess with. McEnany has just opened up about her new faith like never before, saying that she firmly believes that God put her in Donald Trump’s administration for a reason.

McEnany explained to CBN News that while she has leaned on her faith all her life, she has never relied on it more than she has since entering Trump’s White House.

“I believe God put me in this place for a purpose and for a reason like He does with each and every life,” she said. “We’re all here for a reason.” McEnany went on to add that she felt God’s presence right before her very first press briefing as the White House press secretary.

“I was in panic mode right before,” she confessed. “I was just rattled and extremely nervous and feeling a lot of anxiety. I called my mom and on speakerphone, my family and we all prayed together…and all of a sudden, I took a deep breath, and after those prayers, moved forward. I felt such strength, went in and talked to the president, and then walked out and did the job that only could be done if God was there helping you along the way.”

McEnany also recounted how she often led Bible studies during her time working on Trump’s campaign. “We would pray and read the Word,” she recounted. “It just gave a little pep in our step because these days are demanding, they’re challenging, they’re long in politics, whether you’re a Democrat or Republican. That’s the nature of the job. It was a little rod of lightning, of just energy and joy in our day.”

McEnany then opened up about the bias against conservative Christians, saying that their loyal support for Trump drives the media crazy. “People are attacked for their faith,” she said. “Not just me, but Christian men and women across this country. It’s unfortunate, but I think we have found a real voice in President Trump, who stood for religious freedom and pro-life, and [has] given us this boldness.”

It was during her time at Harvard Law School that McEnany said she first saw this bias against Christians. “I realized it was that megaphone and that kind of boldness we needed, and that kind of fighter we needed to represent the Christian community,” she explained.

In the end, McEnany said that she is devoted to serving God with everything she does, even in the White House. “My mission in life is that when I pass that He will look at me and say, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant,'” she said. “If I can end my life that way, it doesn’t matter what the people say on the way there.” It’s so nice to see an example of a strong, conservative Christian woman serving her country in the White House! McEnany really is someone that young girls all over the country can look up to.

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Fox News panel epically mocks ex-DNC Chair Donna Brazile after she claims ‘there’s no first amendment right to lie’

Thu, 05/28/2020 - 16:31

Panelists on Fox News’ “The Five” could not help but burst out laughing on Wednesday as they mocked former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile for outrageously claiming that “there’s no First Amendment right to lie.”

Brazile, who is now a Fox News contributor, was appearing on the show to discuss the fact that Donald Trump has gone to war with Twitter after the social media added a fact check label to some of his tweets on Tuesday. Co-host Jesse Watters went on a long rant against Twitter for what the site did, saying the move could end up “helping the president” by proving that “the whole thing is so cooked up.”

Brazile fired back by mocking Watters for “whining” before later going on a rant of her own, saying she would have “deleted” Trump’s tweets if it was up to her.

That’s when she took things a step further and made her ridiculous statement about the First Amendment.

“There’s no First Amendment right to lie. Period,” she said.

The statement was so blatantly wrong that the panel was left speechless for a second before they erupted in mockery of her.

“You can’t lie?!” a stunned Greg Gutfeld asked, with Dana Perino responding with, “well, actually, you can.”

Brazile proceeded to double down, saying emphatically, “There is no First Amendment right to lie. There’s no First Amendment right to lie. You just go ahead and lie.”

“I can say I’m 6 feet tall. Are you going to have me arrested?” Gutfeld responded. “What would happen to politicians, Donna? If you couldn’t lie, you’d have no politics.”

This just goes that Democrats want to police everything these days, even our freedom of speech. Make no mistake, the left is after our First Amendment rights, and they will eventually do whatever they can to restrict them if we allow them to take this any further. Brazile’s ignorance about the first amendment may seem funny now, but it won’t be a laughing matter much longer if her fellow radical Democrats take control.

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Two enormous alligators are caught wrestling each other on South Carolina golf course

Thu, 05/28/2020 - 14:27

A shocking video is going viral this week showing two large alligators wrestling one another right in the middle of a golf course in South Carolina.

The 15-second clip was captured at the Golf Club at Hilton Head Lakes, and it shows the two enormous animals trying to overpower each other. One of the alligators manages to clamp down on the other one’s head as the each keep trying to role their opponent on its back.

“Sudden death playoff on the 18 yesterday! Keep your eyes open out there, the course is full of wildlife!” the video was captioned. The footage has quickly gone viral, being viewed over 850,000 times!

Matthew Proffitt, who was spending the day golfing with friends, told The Sun that he was nearby when the epic battle between the gators ensued.

“We were pretty sure they wouldn’t mess with us, because they were locked in on each other,” he said of the fight. “But it was pretty nerve-wracking seeing that.”

“They would lay still for a few minutes, with their jaws locked on each other, and then try to roll or shake,” Proffitt added. “The fight went on for about two hours.”

Social media users have gotten a big kick out of the video, with one writing, “I will never golf again but I certainly wouldn’t golf where dinosaurs are fighting it out!”

“Somebody needs to finish the story…did they walk off holding hands or did someone die?” another person commented, while a third user wrote that this was “an incentive for social distancing while playing golf in a foursome!”

This unfortunately comes a few weeks after we reported that a South Carolina woman was killed by an alligator while trying to get a closer look at the creature.

“In May 1 Kiawah Island incident in which victim was pulled into pond by alligator, coroner has ruled death as accidental drowning. This case is an unfortunate tragedy,” the local police department tweeted afterwards. “We urge citizens to be alert and cautious around wildlife. Enjoy the outdoors safely and responsibly.”

In May 1 Kiawah Island incident in which victim was pulled into pond by alligator, coroner has ruled death as accidental drowning. This case is an unfortunate tragedy. We urge citizens to be alert and cautious around wildlife. Enjoy the outdoors safely and responsibly. #chsnews

— ChasCoSheriff (@ChasCoSheriff) May 5, 2020

This serves as a reminder that you ever come upon an alligator fight like the one taking place in the video above, please keep your distance.

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President Trump demands DOJ investigate death of George Floyd

Thu, 05/28/2020 - 13:22

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump said he requested a Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation into the death of George Floyd, an African American man who died in Minneapolis while in police custody.

“At my request, the FBI and the Department of Justice are already well into an investigation as to the very sad and tragic death in Minnesota of George Floyd,” Trump tweeted. “I have asked for this investigation to be expedited and greatly appreciate all of the work done by local law enforcement. My heart goes out to George’s family and friends. Justice will be served!”

….I have asked for this investigation to be expedited and greatly appreciate all of the work done by local law enforcement. My heart goes out to George’s family and friends. Justice will be served!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 27, 2020

A police officer with his knee on Floyd’s neck for a number of minutes was captured on video. Floyd died, despite the fact that he could clearly be seen and heard telling the officers that he could not breathe. He eventually stopped moving. The Minneapolis Police Department fired the four police officers involved in the death of Floyd.

Trump says he's ordered DOJ, FBI to investigate George Floyd's death, calls it a 'very, very sad' situation

— Kambree (@KamVTV) May 27, 2020

On Facebook, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey shared a statement about the controversial death seemingly at the hands of law enforcement. “Being Black in America should not be a death sentence. For five minutes, we watched a white officer press his knee into a Black man’s neck,” Frey said. “Five minutes. When you hear someone calling for help, you’re supposed to help. This officer failed in the most basic, human sense.”

Frey added, “Whatever the investigation reveals, it does not change the simple truth, he should still be with us this morning. I believe what I saw and what I saw is wrong on every level. This does not reflect the values [Police] Chief Arradondo has worked tirelessly to fulfill. To our Black community, to the family: I’m so sorry.”

Being Black in America should not be a death sentence.For five minutes, we watched a white officer press his knee into…

Posted by Mayor Jacob Frey on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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Kayleigh McEnany perfectly smacks down reporter who twice asked how many dead Americans would be considered a COVID-19 success

Thu, 05/28/2020 - 12:57

Earlier this week, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany had no trouble shutting down a reporter who asked her how many dead Americans would be considered a coronavirus success.

The question was asked by Ryan Lizza, a reporter for Politico. “What does the White House view, as having by election day, what does the White House view as the number of dead Americans where you can say that you successfully defeated this pandemic?” asked Lizza. “Is there a number?”

The question was clearly designed to throw McEnany off, but she wasn’t about to let that happen. “Yeah, you know, every loss of life counts,” McEnany replied. “We say 100,000, but like the president says, one death is something to be mourned. These 100,000 individuals have a face, the president takes this very seriously, it’s why he lowered the flag to half-staff for three days to remember these men and women.”

“I think, you know, Dr. Birx said it best when she said that in their estimates they had anywhere between 1.5 and 2.2 million people in the U.S. succumbing to the virus if we didn’t shut down the economy. The president made the very hard choice of shutting down the economy, so we avoided that extraordinary number,” she added. “One death is too many; we never want to see a single individual lose their life, but that being said, to be under significantly that high mark shows that the president did everything in his power and help to make this number as low as humanly possible.”

Unsatisfied with this response, Lizza put the same question to McEnany once again. “So when voters go to the polls in November, and they want to judge the president on his response to this pandemic, what is the number of dead Americans that they should tolerate, where they can argue that yes, he successfully defeated the pandemic?” he re-inquired.

“I think you’re asking the wrong question,” McEnany responded. “The right question is…”

Lizza tried to loudly object to this, but McEnany wasn’t having any of it. “I answered your question once, but if you ask it twice it doesn’t make it any better of a question,” McEnany replied. “So I’ll respond in kind. I’ve given you one answer, I’ll continue to extrapolate upon that,” concluding, “This president made the right choice, it was a delicate balance, and he did it exactly as he should, guided by data, and we are far below 2.2 million dead Americans because of the actions of President Trump.”

McEnany has only been the press secretary for a few weeks, yet she has already shown journalists that she is not someone they can just walk all over. Liberal reporters are going to have to step their game up if they think they can back McEnany into any kind of corner, because she is not about to let them disrespect President Trump on her watch.

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Twitter fact-checker caught tweeting actual fake news about ‘Nazis in the White House’

Wed, 05/27/2020 - 18:11

Yoel Roth, the Head of Site Integrity for Twitter, tweeted several fact-less statements, including accusations that there are “actual Nazis in the White House.”

The social media company has come under increased scrutiny after they placed a fact-checking label on a tweet by President Donald Trump opining on vote-by-mail fraud.

Twitter countered that President Trump’s fraud claims are untrue, despite ample evidence to the contrary. Roth’s role in that particular label can not be determined specifically, though as head of “integrity,” he must play a large part in how Twitter decides to censor certain political viewpoints.

….Twitter is completely stifling FREE SPEECH, and I, as President, will not allow it to happen!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 26, 2020

Roth’s Own Fake News

If the president of the United States can be fact-checked for an opinion that mail-in ballots will lead to fraud —with supporting evidence from experts— then Roth might want to consider self-labeling his own fake news tweets. “Yes, that person in the pink hat is clearly a bigger threat to your brand of feminism than ACTUAL NAZIS IN THE WHITE HOUSE,” he wrote in response to a rift amongst feminists at the Women’s March in 2017.

There’s been more proof of ballot fraud in the past 24 hours than there has ever been of someone identifying as a Nazi in the White House. Does Twitter plan on adding a label on this tweet?

Yes, that person in the pink hat is clearly a bigger threat to your brand of feminism than ACTUAL NAZIS IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

— Yoel Roth (@yoyoel) January 22, 2017

Repeat Offender Roth

This wasn’t the only time that Roth, a melodramatic Hillary supporter now in charge of integrity, compared the Trump administration to Nazis. He specifically compared White House adviser Kellyanne Conway to Joseph Goebbels. “‘Today on Meet The Press, we’re speaking with Joseph Goebbels about the first 100 days’ … What I hear whenever Kellyanne is on a news show,” he tweeted.

Roth has also called the president a “racist tangerine,” yet another false statement as he is neither racist nor a citrus fruit.

I’m just saying, we fly over those states that voted for a racist tangerine for a reason.

— Yoel Roth (@yoyoel) November 9, 2016

Conway blasted Roth on Wednesday. “This guy is constantly attacking Trump voters, Trump, Mitch McConnell, you name it. He’s the head of integrity at Twitter,” she railed. “It’s horrible the way he looks at people who should otherwise have a free and clear platform on Twitter.”

Twitter responded to the controversy by pointing the finger at others rather than admitting Roth might not be a solid selection for the integrity team. “No one person here is responsible for our policies or enforcement actions,” Twitter communications VP Brandon Borrman stated, seemingly unaware of what “Head” means in “Head of Site Integrity.”

“People who decide to target one person for decisions they don’t agree with know damn well what they’re doing,” he wrote, knowing damn well he was pretending everybody else on the team is a straight arrow.

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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Kayleigh McEnany turns the tables, demands media ask Joe Scarborough why he joked about killing an intern

Wed, 05/27/2020 - 18:03

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, as she has deftly done in her new position, turned the tables on the media and demanded to know why they aren’t asking Joe Scarborough about a joke he made regarding killing an intern.

The media’s focus has solely involved how President Donald Trump is tweeting “unhinged” conspiracy theories about a tragic incident involving Lori Klausutis, a 28-year-old staffer who wound up dead in Scarborough’s Florida district office in 2001. At the time, the MSNBC host was a Republican congressman.

The Fort Walton Beach Police Department recorded the medical examiner determined a month after her death that Klausutis died of a head injury suffered after passing out from an abnormal heart rhythm.

McEnany Shifts the Focus

President Trump has been receiving his fair share of criticism for the conspiratorial tweets suggesting Scarborough had something to do with it—much of it warranted without further evidence. As is usually the case though, the media has focused exclusively on mean tweets and not on one simple fact: Scarborough actually joked about killing an intern during an appearance with late shock jock Don Imus.

“It was Don Imus and Joe Scarborough that joked about killing an intern, joked and laughed about it,” McEnany told reporters, suggesting they start asking him some questions on the matter.

White House Press Sec. McEnany is asked about Trump tweets that allege Scarborough is responsible for the 2001 death of staffer Lori Klausutis:

“This is not an original Trump thought.”

“It’s Joe Scarborough who has to answer these questions.”

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) May 26, 2020

What’re You Gonna Do?

A clip unearthed by the Media Research Center (MRC) does indeed show Scarborough laughing about having sex with an intern and a joke from Imus that he “had to kill her.”

“Exactly, what’re you gonna do,” Scarborough said in agreement, laughing.

SHOCKING: Joe Scarborough laughs and jokes about intern who died.

— Trump War Room – Text TRUMP to 88022 & get the APP (@TrumpWarRoom) May 20, 2020

Now…Imus making a joke and Scarborough laughing along with it is, by far, not proof that anything happened. That said, if a clip like this surfaced of the president joking about sex with an intern and then killing her, they’d be pressing him on the matter 24/7.

McEnany: Our Hearts Are With Her Family

Trump’s tweets on the matter have caused Democrats and the media to coalesce and demand Twitter delete and censor the president’s posts. It has also led to Timothy Klausutis, the widower of Scarborough’s staffer, to write a letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey demanding they delete the tweets. When asked about this, McEnany replied: “Our hearts are with Lori’s family at this time.”

But she wouldn’t let up on Scarborough and reporters’ seeming lack of interest on the matter. “I would just refer everyone, for those of you who haven’t heard it, go back and listen to the Don Imus soundbite, it was very callous, it was very cruel, and I think laughing and joking about the death of an intern is really uncalled for, and that’s something that we can all agree to,” she said.

Earlier this week, McEnany boldly claimed “journalists are not above being questioned themselves.” These journalists’ corruption is so embedded after decades of bias that it is incumbent upon McEnany and the administration to ask those questions. Right now, she’s doing a tremendous job.

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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Jimmy Kimmel launches attack on ‘willfully ignorant woman’ Kayleigh McEnany while he defends Biden

Wed, 05/27/2020 - 17:37

Late night television show host Jimmy Kimmel launched a vile attack on White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, calling her a “willfully ignorant woman” while he also defended presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

During his monologue on Tuesday night’s show, Kimmel responded to the fact that President Donald Trump had retweeted a post from Fox News host Brit Hume, who had tweeted a photo that portrayed Biden wearing sunglasses and a black mask that covered much of his face at a Memorial Day ceremony.

“This might help explain why Trump doesn’t like to wear a mask in public,” Hume captioned the tweet.

This might help explain why Trump doesn’t like to wear a mask in public. Biden today.

— Brit Hume (@brithume) May 25, 2020

“The White House Press Secretary Kylie Macaroni was asked why her boss would criticize Biden for doing what the CDC tells us to do, wear a face mask in public, and she had a very good answer for that,” Kimmel said during his nightly monologue last night.

The liberal ABC television host then played a clip of McEnany telling reporters, “The president’s excited to see that Joe emerged from the basement. It is a bit peculiar though that in his basement right next to his wife he’s not wearing a mask but he’s wearing one outdoors when he’s socially distanced, so I think that there was a discrepancy there.”

“No you don’t, you don’t think that,” Kimmel retorted. “You’re a willfully ignorant woman.”

The clip shows once again that there’s nothing the Left hates more than a proud conservative woman like McEnany. Liberals like Kimmel claim to be all about women’s rights, but they only apply this to women who subscribe to their ideologies. For conservatives like McEnany, all of this is thrown out the window, and no attack is too sexist or below the belt on them. The hypocrisy of liberals never ceases to amaze.

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Goldie Hawn reveals huge confrontation she had with Harvey Weinstein: ‘I didn’t back down’

Wed, 05/27/2020 - 15:51

Legendary Hollywood star Goldie Hawn is opening up this week about a nasty confrontation she experienced involving disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein over a scrapped movie role in the hit movie “Chicago.”

While the 74-year-old Academy Award winner took fan questions on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live,” one person asked her why she never finished working on “Chicago” with Madonna in the mid-1990s. Hawn replied by saying that the reason why had everything to do with Weinstein. “Long story but to make it short-ish, Madonna and I were going to do it. I was working with Harvey Weinstein on it because he was producing,” Hawn began.

“Then I got the script a while later and it was for a 23-year-old. So I called him and I said, ‘You know, I’m not 23. Who is writing my part for a 23-year-old?'” added Hawn, who was in her forties at the time. “And he said, ‘Well, actually you can’t play 23.’ I said to him, ‘Oh, yeah I can actually. There’s digital, you can do my face, you can make me look 12 if you want to! I’m still dancing and singing so you’re not going to get off that way, Harvey. How else are you going to do it?'”

The “Overboard” actress went on to recall that she had told Weinstein that his decision to scrap her and replace her with a younger actress was “really underhanded.”

“We got into it. I met with them and the script was so bad I told them as a producer — not an actress — I wouldn’t touch this with a 10-foot pole. There’s no emotion in it,” Hawn explained. She added that the issue was put to rest with her walking away from the project with Weinstein still paying her, something that she described as “amazing.”

Not stopping there, Hawn said that she later called Weinstein to tell him, “I really, really didn’t like you.” However, she also remembered telling him that the fact that he still paid her was “honorable,” even though she never cared about the money in the first place.

Hawn also praised the movie “Chicago,” which went on to win Best Picture at the Oscars, saying that it was “fantastic.” She then said that she later bumped into Weinstein and told him that he “did the right thing” by hiring “the right people” for it. “I went up to him afterward and I said, ‘Harvey, this is a great movie,’ and he said, ‘Goldie, you’ve got a lot of class,'” she continued.

Hawn concluded by saying that the situation was a “really tough one,” adding, “But I didn’t back down. That was something that I really said. ‘Nope, you’re not going to play that game with me,'” she finished.

Juda Engelmayer, a representative for Weinstein, responded by saying that he was pleased to hear Hawn’s story. “I am glad to hear that there is a story about normalcy and even goodness as it comes to Harvey Weinstein,” Engelmayer told Fox News. “Goldie Hawn’s positive experience is demonstrative of how most of his films and interactions were conducted, and it is good that she felt it was appropriate to let us know. I’m sure Harvey would be glad too.” Weinstein could not personally respond because he is currently serving a 23-year prison sentence for rape and sexual assault charges.

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CNN’s Jim Acosta: President Trump lying about mail-in voting being ripe for voter fraud

Wed, 05/27/2020 - 15:15

On Tuesday, CNN’s senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta bashed President Donald Trump for accusing Twitter of election interference, due to them fact-checking his tweets regarding Democrats’ push for mail-in ballots in the 2020 presidential election.

“The president was lashing out at Twitter just a few moments ago, saying he’s not going to stand for —as he describes it— interfering in the 2020 election,” Acosta said. “His campaign manager, Brad Parscale, said they saw this coming, that Silicon Valley will pull out all the stops to prevent the president from getting his message out. The White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, was putting out tweets just a short while ago trying to establish a claim between mail-in balloting and widespread voter fraud when there isn’t a proven connection. This has been going on for some time now.”

Acosta claimed, “This is one of the president’s oldest lies.”

CNN's Jim Acosta: Trump Lying About Connection Between Vote-by-Mail and Voter Fraud #POTUS #Political #Whitehouse

— Presidential News Network (@POTUSNetwork) May 27, 2020

“It goes all the way back to the 2016 campaign,” he continued. “He explained that the reason why he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton was because of undocumented immigrants voting in the 2016 election. We should point out that he established a voter fraud commission to find widespread voter fraud. That commission produced no evidence of widespread voter fraud.”

The CNN personality went on, “And so the president is going back to essentially a social media trick that he has pulled before and he’s trying to do it again. And now Twitter and other social media platforms, perhaps others, will follow, are starting to do something about it.”

Trump campaign manager on Twitter flagging Trump mail in vote tweets: “We always knew that Silicon Valley would pull out all the stops to obstruct and interfere with President Trump getting his message through to voters.”

— Jim Acosta (@Acosta) May 26, 2020

“The question is whether or not the president can really do anything about this at this point,” Acosta insisted. “He’s threatening to do something about it, but that’s all we have tonight from the president, an empty threat he’ll do something about it. We should point out that both know this is a problem going on with this president, this administration for four years now. Not only does the president have a problem with telling the truth, he has a problem with accepting the truth.”

“And all the studies have shown on this subject there is no widespread voter fraud in the U.S. and there is no proven link between mail-in balloting and voter fraud,” Acosta said. “Republican-led states have been doing it for years.”

Democrat Jerry Nadler in 2004: ‘Paper ballots are extremely susceptible to fraud’

Before anti-Trump sentiments consumed Washington, Democrats were at one time much more honest about the perils of mail-in voting. In 2004, Democrat Congressman Jerry Nadler said, “paper ballots are extremely susceptible to fraud.”

Jerry Nadler in 2004: “Paper ballots are extremely susceptible to fraud…I can show you experience which would make your head spin.”

— Danny De Urbina (@dannydeurbina) May 25, 2020

Was Nadler lying? Or was he just stating something obvious that his party and anti-Trump “journalists” like Jim Acosta simply don’t want to hear?

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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Alyssa Milano rebuked after indicating she’s proud of mob who forced unmasked woman out of store

Wed, 05/27/2020 - 13:16

Earlier this week, we reported on a disturbing viral video that depicts an angry mob forcing a woman out of a store in New York City because she was not wearing a mask. As the video made the rounds online, actress-turned-radical leftwing actress Alyssa Milano suggested she was proud of the mob for what they did—it didn’t take long for this to come back to bite her.

Milano tweeted out the video along with the caption, “Never been prouder of growing up in Staten Island.”

Never been prouder of growing up in Staten Island.

— Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) May 25, 2020

The video had been captured in Staten Island, and Milano’s comment on it indicates that it makes her feel pride in where she comes from, seemingly praising the agitators’ hostile behavior. Unfortunately for Milano, however, this quickly blew up in her face when social media users made it clear that it was the unmasked woman who was in the right here, and that the mob went too far. Here are some examples of the backlash Milano has received since this video was posted:

  • “You’re the most Un-American person I have ever encountered Alyssa. Your failures in life are well deserved.”
  • “You’re proud of this behavior???”
  • “I started loving you decades ago, but it has been harder & harder to support you as the years go by. I ABSOLUTELY agree with wearing masks, but the fact that you condone & support this type of behavior is horrible. Instead of growing up you seem to be more childish all the time.”
  • “The people yelling with masks are likely spreading more virus than a silent maskless person.”
  • “Oh…you like bullies??”
  • “Reread ‘1984,’ or probably for the first time.”
  • “Yes, let’s encourage people to become angry mobs. OR, someone could have gone over to an employee and asked they speak to the customer without the mask. OR, if the store doesn’t have a policy of requiring masks, the screaming lunatics should shop somewhere else. But, you do you.”
  • “Proud?!? Treating people like that is disgusting.”
  • “Yeah because Mob Rule is the best!”

Ouch, that has got to hurt! Another day, another time that Milano has made an absolute fool of herself.

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MSNBC reporter shaming people for not wearing masks called out by bystander: ‘Half your crew’s not wearing them!’

Tue, 05/26/2020 - 23:07

A reporter on MSNBC was called out by a bystander, as he attempted to shame people for not wearing masks to protect against COVID-19.

The reporter, Cal Perry, was in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, delivering a Memorial Day report. Most businesses in the state have re-opened as lockdown orders have been lifted. As he was using passers-by as examples of people not wearing masks, one man called him out for hypocrisy. “Half your crew’s not wearing masks!” the man shouted.

Perry appeared to be caught off guard.

MSNBC: “Look, you can see here, nobody’s wearing [masks].”

PASSERBY: “Including the cameraman! Half your crew’s not wearing them.”

Oops, you weren’t supposed to hear

— Cliff Maloney (@LibertyCliff) May 26, 2020

The man was filming the incident on his own phone and shared it on social media–he showed how the crew was standing close together without face coverings. Video also showed Perry touching the arm of a cameraman, trying to get him to turn around to show a breach of social distancing rules.

You asked for it! Gotta love Cal Perry reach out and touch the cameraman who is not wearing a mask and is not social distancing…and who also touched his face. Breaking ALL the rules!

— Deana921 (@Deana921) May 26, 2020

Perry had been saying that the area didn’t seem to be concerned about the virus, implying that they were being irresponsible.

He said, “I met some people who live in the area, they were staying a few miles outside of town and they said they were worried. They’re worried about the second spike, they’re worried about people coming in from Chicago but they’ll quickly add that this is a place that relies on that business. I think people here want a little bit more funding when it comes to these programs so that they can stay close. I think people think that the Supreme Court made the decision here in Wisconsin that it was time to open up. There’s not a lot of care when it comes to the coronavirus.”

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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Director of all-female ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot whines film was hindered by ‘anti-Hillary movement’

Tue, 05/26/2020 - 22:42

Paul Feig, the director and co-writer of the infamous 2016 all-female reboot of “Ghostbusters,” is speaking out this week to say that his film was negatively received largely because of the “anti-Hillary movement” in this country at the time.

When Feig announced that he would be rebooting the beloved 1980s movie series with an all-female cast led by Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, he was hit with tons of backlash from fans. The movie went on to be a flop, only earning $229.1 million worldwide, according to Fox News.

Feig said in a new interview with Jess Cagle’s SiriusXM show that he was shocked by the backlash, saying that he blames the movie’s poor reception on the political climate that year.

“I think that some really brilliant author or researcher or sociologist needs to write a book about 2016 and how intertwined we were with Hillary and the anti-Hillary movement, it was just this year where, I don’t know, just everyone went to a boiling point,” Feig said. “I don’t know if it was having an African American president for eight years teed them up or something, but they were ready to explode.”

He went on to bring up a video that Donald Trump shared on his Instagram in 2015 in which he seemed to be baffled by an all-female reboot of “Ghostbusters.”

“By the time I announced in…2015, when I announced I was going to do it, it started. There’s tape of Donald Trump being like, ‘Now the Ghostbusters are women, what’s going on?’” Feig lamented. “Like, it’s crazy how people got nuts about women trying to be in power or be in positions that they weren’t normally in. It was an ugly, ugly year.”

Why must Hollywood liberals politicize almost everything, and make absolutely everything all about race and gender? Perhaps the so-called “anti-Hillary movement” had nothing to do with the lack of success of “Ghostbusters,” and it just wasn’t a good movie. Feig might want to think about that before he tries to blame everyone else for his own failures again.

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Joy Behar launches unhinged attack on Trump supporters: claims they ‘do not realize’ that they are ‘pawns’

Tue, 05/26/2020 - 22:24

Joy Behar came unglued once again on Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” this time focusing her hatred on President Donald Trump’s millions of supporters. She insulted Trump voters’ intelligence when she claimed they don’t realize that they are “pawns” in his “political game” to get reelected by making wearing masks amidst the COVID-19 pandemic a political statement instead of a health directive.

“There’s certain rules that you have to follow, you know, you can’t drive if you’re drunk,” Behar said during a segment about masks. “You have to wear a seatbelt. You’re not allowed to smoke in public, things like that, that you sign away your freedom in a way to be restricted in your car. And if you don’t abide by this, you go to jail, or you’re fined. The rules being distorted by Trump and his enablers in the Congress, in particular, the leaders in Congress who are enabling him, he’s playing a political game with people’s lives. And these people do not realize that they are pawns in his game. He only wants to be reelected. He doesn’t really care if you live or die.”

“I mean, witness the fact that he went golfing on Memorial Day when the names are being printed in The New York Times about how many people have died,” she added, according to Breitbart News. “He couldn’t care less. He wants to turn people against each other so that he gets reelected. Let’s take the example of the church. Does anybody really believe that he’s so religious and cares so much about people going to church? No, he doesn’t. He only wants to turn you against each other, religion against other religion. ”

Not stopping there, Behar doubled down when it came to religion.

“One of the priests I know is saying you can really basically worship the Lord from anywhere,” she said. “I believe in Islam. It is a fact that you could pray in your living room, in your bathroom, in your kitchen, anywhere you want. If you are in touch with God, you can pray wherever you are. No, he has to say go and open the churches. Why does he fiddle with people’s lives, is what I want to know?”

“School children are now forced to wear bulletproof backpacks,” Behar concluded. “Why is it that their freedoms are being impinged upon, but yours are not because you don’t want to wear a mask? Why are you more important than those children?”

Behar loves nothing more than launching unhinged attacks on President Trump and his supporters on a daily basis. It’s ironically that she is effectively accusing Trump supporters of being brainless pawns when that is exactly what she is herself for the liberal media. Behar doesn’t care about truth, reason, or logic: she will say absolutely anything to make Trump and those who support him look bad, and it does not get much more “pawn-like” than that.

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MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell says Trump ‘endangering troops’ because he doesn’t wear a mask

Tue, 05/26/2020 - 20:21

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell said that Donald Trump was “endangering the troops” when the President appeared at two Memorial Day events on Monday.

Mitchell Lavishes Praise on Joe and Jill Biden Before Only Being Critical of  Donald Trump

Mitchell began her rant by praising Joe and Jill Biden’s use of masks during their Memorial Day activities.

“Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden emerged for the first time from their home since March 15th, I believe. And it showed they were both wearing masks. They went to a war memorial in New Castle, Delaware,” Mitchell said. “This is also almost the fifth anniversary of their son, a veteran, Beau Biden’s death. So these are really touching — a touching war memorial visit.”

What bias? MSNBC's @mitchellreports fawns over Joe Biden's Memorial Day visit, while bashing President @realDonaldTrump as "endangering troops."

— MediaResearchCenter (@theMRC) May 26, 2020


Mitchell said of the former vice president, “the first time that he is coming out of his home, and I guess testing whether there were other safe ways that he can emerge, given his age, given the restrictions, and the fact that he is modeling what the government is saying to model, in contrast to the president, who’s going against his own government.”

Jennifer Palmieri, the former White House communications director for Barack Obama, then chimed in about what Memorial Day could have looked like if Joe Biden or Barack Obama were in the White House instead of Trump.

Mitchell: Trump is ‘endangering the troops’

That’s when Mitchell jumped in to say the President had endangered U.S. troops.

“Clearly, (Biden’s) numbers have gone up as he’s been campaigning from home, virtually, and the president,” Mitchell said. Then she said that mask-less Trump  “arguably, is endangering the troops, the people who have to travel with him, as well as the people that he meets along the way, and he has not been socially distancing or wearing a mask when he’s around them, so, obviously time will tell.”
As the world can now clearly see, Andrea Mitchell is political hack masquerading as a journalist.@MSNBC

— James D. Best (@jdbest) May 26, 2020

Typical MSNBC

Two questions:

A. How is Trump endangering troops or anyone else if he doesn’t have coronavirus?

B. Why is Biden wearing a mask at a war memorial? There was no one there but him and his wife.

But rest assured, these points were never addressed. Of course they weren’t.

Because MSNBC exists as a platform to bash Donald Trump, not to actually analyze or report news.

Wow @MSNBC we get it. You don’t like Trump. But by dumping out of his speech right now for Andrea Mitchell’s show you are disrespecting every family who we are trying to honor on this Memorial Day. And I’m not a Trump supporter. This is just disrespectful.

— Cliff Saunders (@radioguycliff) May 25, 2020

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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Top Obama economist warns Democrats: You’re about to see the best economic data in American history

Tue, 05/26/2020 - 18:03

Jason Furman, a former chair of the Council of Economic Advisers under Barack Obama, is telling anyone who will listen that the American economy is set to explode.

And Democrats don’t want to hear that. At all.

Furman, now a professor at Harvard, actually made the prediction in early April when things were just starting to head downhill due to Democrat governors’ efforts to stymie the economy by shutting down every phase.

“We are about to see the best economic data we’ve seen in the history of this country,” he announced during a Zoom meeting of top officials from both parties.

Politico interviewed Furman and reported that the top economist “laid out a detailed case for why the months preceding the November election could offer Trump the chance to brag — truthfully — about the most explosive monthly employment numbers and gross domestic product growth ever.”

in which Democrats say the quiet part loud and admit they fear a quick economic recovery from this recession because it would help Trump

— Alexandra DeSanctis (@xan_desanctis) May 26, 2020

Democrats Panic

Look, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand Democrats do not want the American economy to rebound. That is why governors such as Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer and New York’s Andrew Cuomo have been trying to prolong economic agony in their states.

But to hear an Obama-era economist say this out loud has the resistance party in a full-blown panic.

“This is my big worry,” one former Obama White House official told Politico, adding a resurgent economy is a “high — high, high, high, high” concern heading into the 2020 election.

Furman’s prediction and the possibility that it comes true “has many Democrats spooked,” they write.

Democrats dread good economy. Let that sink in.

— Chris Wilson (@WilsonWPA) May 26, 2020

Biden Running Scared

Democrat nominee Joe Biden himself seems nervous that President Trump – who already generated a record-breaking economy once before – is about to do it again.

When asked by a CNBC reporter whether he agrees with experts predicting an explosive economic recovery, Biden scoffed at the notion and said, “No, I don’t.”

It was quite likely a nervous laugh …

Joe Biden himself was asked on Friday if he believed there would be a V-shaped economic bounce back.

Biden LAUGHED and said “No I don’t.”

Quite a strategy to vest your political interests in prolonged economic misery.

Never bet against America, Joe!

— Andrew Clark (@AndrewHClark) May 26, 2020

Biden has been thoroughly supportive of blue state lockdowns which the Wall Street Journal has said, “will hurt the national recovery.”

The former vice president has ignored Republicans in those blue states, claiming the economy has exclusively “clobbered” Democrats.

“Look, the people who are getting hurt are Democrats,” Biden claimed without evidence. “Hard-working people. The people who can’t afford to stay home.”

Meanwhile, Furman continues to explain why Trump will have good news to share with both red and blue states by the time Americans hit the polls in November.

“The Trump argument will be he’s producing the fastest job growth and fastest economic growth in history,” he explained. “If he has any ability to do nuance he would say, ‘We are not there yet, reelect me to finish the job.”

Biden has good reason to be concerned.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll from earlier this month shows “45% of Americans said Trump was better suited to create jobs” during the crisis “while 32% said Biden was the better candidate for that.”

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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Things we should know about COVID-19 by now—but don’t 

Tue, 05/26/2020 - 17:03

I have no answers. I don’t even have good sources to send you to in order to get reliable answers. I just have a lot of questions like you do. 

It doesn’t appear the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or governors have any answers either. They keep changing course, and the media is no help because it seems there are pros and cons and differing views on every topic, whether it has to do with wearing masks, how the virus spreads, or anything else. 

Hypocrite governors try to force us to wear masks and do social distancing—then a video comes out showing them neither wearing a mask nor social distancing. We’re supposed to trust these “leaders”? 

The politicians harp about data and science but when data and science come in to show that things are going well, like in Michigan, the governor totally ignores the data and locks down Michigan again—until June 12th. Why not December 12th, governor? 

The media is absolutely no help during this pandemic because they frame their information in an anti-Trump manner. They disgustingly put their politics ahead of our health and safety because they will do anything to get rid of Trump. Anything!

The media doesn’t want anyone to believe the information coming from the president or the people he works with. We are supposed to turn to CNN and the self-important celebrities to get our health news. So we’ve been in this coronavirus limbo for almost three months now, although anecdotal evidence suggests that the virus has been in the United States since December. 

We don’t know much more now than we did in March because of fake news, horrible modeling, lies, partisanship and a lack of believable data and experimentation. 

Here’s what we should know by now but we don’t… 

  • Do masks really work? And who do they protect: the wearer or the person we are standing in front of? 
  • Is the coronavirus being spread through ventilation systems? And why isn’t anyone talking about this or testing for it? 
  • Are pets getting the same virus as humans or is it different? Can pets spread it between other pets or to humans? Can humans spread the virus to pets? 
  • Can we get infected more than once? Will we have the virus in our system forever? 
  • Are there long-term permanent health affects from getting the virus? 
  • Why aren’t there real-time published results about which COVID-19 drugs/therapies are producing the best results in patients so that doctors can make informed decisions? 
  • Does social distancing really work? 
  • How easily is the virus spread from touching objects? 

It looks to me like it’s up to individuals and the private sector to figure out what’s going on and get us out of this mess, because the government knows little to nothing after three months…and the media is constantly lying. 

As conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh once said, “Self-reliance—that’s a dirty word to Democrats. They want people to believe that self-reliance means you don’t do anything with anybody. They don’t want it thought of as accepting responsibility for one’s life. Enterprise. Imagination. Independence. Entrepreneurism.” That is how we prevail. 

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on May 26, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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Governor Cuomo lectures people who go outside without masks

Tue, 05/26/2020 - 14:35

Governor Andrew Cuomo lectured New Yorkers who refuse to wear a mask outside, hinting they are “stupid” and claiming coronavirus cases will go back up if people refuse to follow his order to wear them.

“It’s not smart,” Cuomo told reporters. “My colleague Melissa DeRosa said yesterday, ‘It was stupid.'”

DeRosa, Cuomo’s top lackey, was responding to a video of a Long Island bar that allowed dozens of customers into their establishment over the weekend, in violation of the state’s shutdown rules.

“From what I understand, the photos show people were in this space and they weren’t wearing masks. That’s stupid. Stupid for you, it’s stupid for your surrounding patrons, it’s stupid for the bar,” DeRosa chided. She went on to threaten the bar owners, letting them know they would be “on notice” and encouraging locals to snitch if they see any further violations.

Yea mask work…. I’m sorry Governor but you must have an invincible mask or you must be stupid then….

— Eye Kan (@eye1kan) May 25, 2020

Cuomo Shouldn’t Be Lecturing Anybody

Governor Cuomo is emboldened by an incompetent New York media that fawns over his every move, creating a mythical narrative that he is a model of how pandemic responses should be handled. In reality, his “stupidity” has led to thousands of deaths in his state, predominantly due to a “not smart” edict forcing nursing homes —which have the most vulnerable population within their walls— to accept coronavirus patients.

The death toll in New York nursing homes has exceeded 5,600, even as the governor’s administration has been caught shifting the criteria to lower the numbers. Cuomo issued an order on March 25th stating: “No resident shall be ­denied readmission or admission to NH [nursing home] solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19.” He then failed to reverse the directive for six weeks as deaths mounted. Cuomo recently shrugged his shoulders over the numerous deaths, suggesting older people are simply going to die sometimes.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo rationalizing:

“Older people, vulnerable people are going to die from this virus. That is going to happen despite whatever you do”

— James Hirsen (@thejimjams) May 18, 2020

Cuomo’s ‘Stupid’ Brother

The governor’s response comes a little over a month after his brother Chris Cuomo, a CNN anchor who had tested positive for COVID-19, was caught appearing in public in violation of guidance admonishing against unnecessary travel. After breaking quarantine, younger Cuomo staged his melodramatic emergence from the basement for the first time after testing positive, even though it was public knowledge he had already broken quarantine. Andrew never referred to the embarrassing stunt as “stupid,” but Fox News host Tucker Carlson certainly came close…

Video (1/2): @TuckerCarlson took an absolute blowtorch to Fredo @ChrisCuomo for having “risen from the dead” and having “seize[d] every chance to remind everyone watching that he was sick and in very strict containment” when, in fact, it was all LIES but Cuomo and CNN didn’t care

— Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) April 22, 2020

About those masks: A pair of studies according to Live Science have shown different conclusions on the effectiveness of masks during the pandemic.

Researchers, writing in two new papers, attempt to tackle the efficacy of masks, one more rigorously than the other, and come to differing conclusions. One study examined the effect of masks on seasonal coronaviruses (which cause many cases of the common cold) and found that surgical masks are helpful at reducing how much virus a sick person spreads. The other looked particularly at SARS-CoV-2 and found no effect of either surgical or fabric masks on reducing virus spread, but only had four participants and used a crude measure of viral spread.

Paul Hunter at the University of East Anglia (United Kingdon) last month stated, “Our view is that there was some evidence of a degree of protection, but it wasn’t great. So we still don’t effectively know if face masks in the community work.” Hunter recommended mask use for healthcare workers, but certainly didn’t insinuate people not wearing them out in public were “stupid.”

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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