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Kamala Harris, Gretchen Whitmer Lend Credibility To Islamic Extremist

Sun, 08/28/2022 - 10:03

This article was written by Susannah Johnston and originally featured on Focus on Western Islamism. It was published with permission.


A Michigan mosque and imam praised by politicians has served as a key institution for the interests and agenda of the Iranian regime for decades.

Since the early 1990s, Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi has presided over the Islamic House of Wisdom (IHW), an Iranian-led Shi’ite mosque in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.  In recent years Elahi has publicly presented himself as a moderate, progressive Muslim devoted to serving the community with blood drives, COVID-19 vaccinations, and welcoming people of all faiths to his house of worship.  He even serves as a police chaplain for the city of Dearborn.

Elahi seems popular, with his work apparently winning the attention of Vice President Kamala Harris, Michigan’s Governor Whitmer, as well as Congressional representatives, and state and local officials.

Yet behind the façade of friendly community organizing, Elahi has worked as an Iranian regime operative and maintained decades-long friendships with the Iranian leadership, tightly associating himself with a regime responsible for the deaths of at least hundreds of Americans.  The regime has remained under some form of U.S. sanctions since 1979, and the U.S. Department of Defense calls it “the leading source of instability in the Middle East.”

Elahi appears to be leading a double life — maintaining lengthy friendships with the Iranian leadership and promoting hardline Islamist thought while at the same time promoting himself as a loving member of his Dearborn Heights community.

Before moving to America, Elahi served as the head of “political ideology” for the Iranian Navy in the 1980s, according to both a U.S. government-commissioned 1987 Rand report and a CIA report.  A since-deleted biography page at Elahi’s mosque describes his appointment to the position.  The post details Elahi’s founding of the Cultural Research Center “to explain the spiritual motivations of the martyrs.”  A since-deleted resource linked to on IHW’s website notes that martyrdom is a “goal of Shi’ite Islam.”

According to a report commissioned by the United States Institute of Peace, Elahi came to the United States in 1991 on a four-month visa “to inspect American branches of Hizbullah (Tehran’s network of agents) and to reinforce Tehran’s influence on Shi’ite communities.”

In 1992, he became an imam for the Islamic Center of America, a leading Shia Islamist institution that in 2010 hosted a memorial service for Hizbullah’s “spiritual leader,” Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah.

IHW’s website boasts pictures of Elahi meeting in 2005 with Fadlallah, who advocated suicide bombings during Lebanon’s civil war in the 1980s.  In fact, some consider Fadlallah “the inventor of the modern suicide bomb.”  When Fadlallah died in 2010, Elahi publicly mourned him as a “great scholar” and “a man of great wisdom, knowledge, leadership, and spirituality.”

Elahi also claims lengthy friendships with at least three of Iran’s recent presidents.  In 2013, Elahi offered high praise for the election of Hassan Rouhani (President of Iran 2013-2021), who Elahi said he had known for 37 years and “admire[d]…his ethical character and moral values.” During his term, Rouhani poured billions into funding terror, arrested thousands of political dissidents, and allowed physical and psychological torture of prisoners.

In January 2017, upon the death of former President of Iran, Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, Elahi wrote a Facebook post describing him as a “great hero, a shining star in the sky of wisdom,” followed by multiple pictures of himself with Rafsanjani during his presidency.

Presumably, Elahi’s admiration for Rafsanjani includes his views on Iran’s weapons programs: “If one day, this Islamic World is also equipped with weapons like those that Israel possesses now, then the imperialists’ strategy will reach a standstill because the use of even one nuclear bomb inside Israel will destroy everything.”

After praising the late president in January, Elahi traveled to Iran in March 2017 and met with former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, who he called a friend of “almost 30 years.”  They had an “extremely friendly conversation” in his office about Khatami’s eight years as president and discussed memories of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the regime’s founding figure.

Khatami, while less bombastic than former Iranian President Ahmadinejad, made his hostility to the “Zionist regime” clear: “If we abide by the Koran, all of us should mobilize to kill.”  Khatami later took credit for developing Iran’s nuclear technology.

In 2005, when then-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Israel should be “wiped off the map,” Elahi defended the remarks.

While Elahi decries “gun violence” in the West, he praises Iranians with violent ideals and violent histories.  In 2020, U.S. forces killed Qasem Soleimani, head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force — “the Iranian regime’s primary liaison with Islamic terrorist groups across the Middle East.” Elahi protested his killing and asked President Trump to apologize and lift sanctions.

Elahi’s mosque seems no less concerning.  IHW presents itself as a friend of Americans and offers the holistic services expected from a healthy religious institution—care for the displaced, employment help, foster care, family counseling, education, and spiritual guidance. It also prominently promotes interfaith dialogue.

But IHW’s website has also taught extremist ideas. Its online library has openly contained extremist texts and was publicly available on its website until July of this year.  When Focus on Western Islamism contacted Elahi about it, the mosque apparently tried to delete the evidence.

Web archives show the library page as seen in July.  It encouraged readers to read resources advocating the subjugation of the world under Islam, fighting Jews and Christians, upholding martyrdom as a Shi’ite goal, denigrating women, and prescribing the death penalty for apostasy.

One article offering information about jihad, linked to on IHW’s websitesays, “It is these People of the Book whom we are to fight until they pay the Jiziyah (tribute).  When they have humbled themselves before us and submit to paying the Jiziyah, we are to fight no more.”

Another linked resource demeans and derides Jews, “Why does the chief advisor of land distribution have to be a Zionist Jew? …Should a government which does not submit to the laws of Islam rule over the Muslim masses? You tell me, your excellence!” And yet another IHW resource calls Jews “more murderous than the Pharaoh, greater worshippers of wealth than Qarun and more deceitful than Balaam…”

The Islamic House of Wisdom also glorifies the late supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, and promotes the current supreme leader, Khamenei.

Despite the Islamic House of Wisdom’s promotion of Islamist resources and Elahi’s support for Tehran, Elahi reportedly received an invitation to a vaccination event in July 2021 featuring Vice President Harris.

In 2021, Michigan’s Governor Whitmer participated in an IHW prayer service. And the Mayor of Dearborn Heights, Bill Bazzi, fundraised for IHW, saying, “We do need to support the Islamic House of Wisdom financially…” and Imam Elahi has “an open line to us both” – referring to himself and Dearborn Heights Council Chair Dave Abdallah, who formerly served on the board of IHW.

Neither political office responded to requests for comment when asked about IHW’s radical Islamist record.

Elahi did initially respond to FWI’s inquiries. In an email, he referred to himself as “a man of interfaith and dialogue.”  When asked by FWI about his past in the Iranian navy, his praise of Iranian leaders, and his online library that “calls for subjugating Christians and Jews under Islam and recommends the death penalty for apostasy,” he remarked that he “didn’t like the tone of your email” and said, “…many of the stuff u mentioned sound strange to me, and I would be very curious to know about.”  He did not provide further comment.

Elahi’s remarks appear designed to make him sound guileless—as if there were some simple mistake about his views.  Yet, U.S. government records and web archives of his own website show a man and a mosque entrenched in the values of the Iranian regime. With his praise of ideologies and regimes antithetical to western values, he can hardly claim innocence; even as leading American politicians lend their credibility to his institution.

This piece was written by Red Voice Media on August 28, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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New York Gov. Kathy Hochul Tells Trump Supporters To ‘Get Out Of Town’ [VIDEO]

Sat, 08/27/2022 - 15:22

ALBANY, NY – Earlier in August, New York Governor Kathy Hochul delivered a divisive message before a crowd of supporters ahead of the November elections – telling Trump supporters to “get out of town” and leave the state of New York.

It seems as though Democrat Governor Hochul is really trying to one-up her predecessor in terms of rhetoric likely to cost her votes. Back in September of 2020, prior to the sexual harassment scandal that saw him leave office, then-Governor Andrew Cuomo infamously referred to Trump as being “persona non grata” and claimed he’d need “an army” to safely walk the streets of New York City.

While then-Governor Cuomo’s rhetoric was controversial, the comments themselves were directly aimed at the president and not directing ire toward his supporters.

However, Governor Hochul’s comments made on August 22nd seemed to be directed toward MAGA Republicans, where she said these sort of folks need to “jump on a bus” and leave the state because they “do not represent our values.”

“We’re fighting to bring government back to the people and out of the hands of dictators. And we are here to say that the era of Trump, and Zeldin and Molinaro, just jump on a bus and head down to Florida, where you belong, okay? Get out of town. Get out of town because you do not represent our values. You are not New Yorkers – you’re not New Yorkers.”

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Needless to say, the aforementioned comments will likely not win over the hearts of Republican voters in New York once the gubernatorial election swings around this November.

But Governor Hochul is claiming that despite her comments sounding an awful lot like telling MAGA Republicans to “get out of town,” what she really intended to convey was her wanting literally Trump, Zeldin, and Molinaro to leave New York.

“I referred to three individuals, Donald Trump, Executive Molinaro, and Lee Zeldin. I spoke about three people whose views we believe are extreme. I was very specific to who I was speaking about, and any efforts for people to expand that to more is being fundamentally dishonest.”

For the sake of context, Lee Zeldin is Governor Hochul’s Republican opponent in the upcoming gubernatorial race, whereas Marc Molinaro was running for the void in the House left by Lt. Gov. Antonio Delgado (which Molinaro wound up losing the race on August 23rd).

The official New York Republican Party issued a statement in response to Governor Hochul’s flippant remarks, saying, “This year, we must send Kathy Hochul and the Democrats a giant message that we aren’t going anywhere. Not only are we NOT leaving, we’re going to take our state back from the corrupt, disastrous Democrats who are destroying New York.”

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on August 27, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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Los Angeles Will Introduce Legislation Forcing Hotels To Take In Homeless People

Fri, 08/26/2022 - 15:29

LOS ANGELES, CA – A radical, far-left union representing “mostly women and people of color” has started a petition and will ask voters to decide whether hotels will be forced to allow homeless people to use their vacant rooms.

The group, Unite Here Local 11, is looking forward to a bill that will be put forth in 2024 that would require hotels in LA County to report their vacancies at 2:00pm every day, and then allow the homeless population to fill the open rooms. It’s unclear whether the hotels would be compensated for the use of their private property, and who would pay for that, if so.

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Kurt Peterson is the leader of the Local 11 group. He said, “We think this is one part of the solution. By no means do we think this solves the homelessness crisis. But do hotels have a role to play? Of course they do.”

Reportedly, there’s an estimated 60,000 people who are homeless in the county, and 20,000 hotel rooms sit empty at any one time. It’s unclear, too, whether the hotels would be given extra cleaning staff to be able to continue smooth operations if they should be forced by law to allow people to stay for free and keep their hotels at full capacity every night.

Once upon a time, one might laugh off proposed legislation such as this as impossible due to the utter unconstitutionality of it, violating a person’s right to private property. However, in 2022, and especially in California, one can expect anything to happen.

Valley Industry & Commerce Association’s president, Stuart Waldman, said the notion is “insane”: “It’s just insane. It isn’t going to solve the problem. I wouldn’t want my kids around people that I’m not sure about. I wouldn’t want to be in an elevator with somebody who’s clearly having a mental break. The idea that you can intermingle homeless folks with paying normal guests just doesn’t work out.”

As would be expected, Peterson claimed that the people being assisted are not those who choose to remain homeless in preference of feeding their drug habits or the criminals, but rather “working people.” He said, “There’s a certain class of people less than humans, animals, they’re almost described as, to be honest with you. They don’t seem to understand who the unhoused are. We’re talking about seniors, students, working people. That’s who the voucher program would benefit the most.”

Aside from the concerns of violating hotel owners’ rights as well as logistical issues that would be caused by such a bill, there are, of course, other concerns are raised as well.

Manoj Patel, manager at one of LA’s Motel 6 establishments, said that he currently has a system in place where he rents some rooms to homeless people, but these people are vetted and their rooms are paid for by a local church. “Honestly,” he said, “would you check into a hotel knowing that the chance of your neighbor to the left or right is a homeless individual?

“We barely are surviving, number one. Number two, we have to think of the safety of our staff. And number three, we’re not professionally or any otherwise equipped with any of the supporting mechanisms that the homeless guest would require.”

“It’s up to the city. I mean, they did it during Project Room Key,” Peterson said, referring to a program during the height of the Covid pandemic where hotels volunteered to open some of its rooms for homeless people.

Apparently the bill would go even further, forcing developers to replace demolished housing with hotels.

Unite Here Local 11 is a highly partisan group who openly advocates for Democrat politicians.

This piece was written by Leah Anaya on August 26, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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Mar-a-Lago Affidavit Released, So Heavily Redacted It’s Pointless [VIDEO]

Fri, 08/26/2022 - 14:38

Although the unsealed affidavit for the FBI’s August 8 Mar-a-Lago search said the agent had probable cause to believe unauthorized documents were located at the premises, said probable cause is completely redacted in the document.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) had previously stated that they did not want the document unsealed due to “national security.” There is no mention of this, though, in the request for redactions, which rather pertain to protection of civilian “witnesses” and the law enforcement individuals involved.

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As ordered by Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart, a redacted version of the document was released on Friday. However, the read is disappointing in that most of what would allegedly cause the agent to reasonably believe that classified documents were going to be located at former President Donald Trump’s residence is not visible to the public.

Reinhart originally said that the redaction requests from the DOJ “narrowly tailored to serve the government’s legitimate interest in the integrity of the ongoing investigation.”

Two news articles were relied upon in putting together the affidavit. One is by CBS, which was from January 18, 2021, and titled, “Moving Trucks Spotted At Mar-a-Lago.” The entire section pertaining to the reasoning for the use of this article in the affidavit is redacted.

The article said, in part, “At least two trucks with boxes of items were spotted by news helicopters being wheeled inside the estate. There was also a large security presence around the compound, along with at least one Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office helicopter flying above.”

An image is also redacted in this section of the affidavit, which is presumably a still frame photo of the footage captured of boxes being wheeled into Mar-a-Lago.

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Rumble("play", {"video":"v1etm69","div":"rumble_v1etm69"});

The second article referenced is a Breitbart article from May 5, 2022, titled “Documents at Mar-a-Lago Marked Classified Were Already Declassified, Kash Patel Says.” In the article, Patel said that the reports stating that the National Archives had found classified documents among the boxes Trump returned were “misleading” because the items had already been declassified by the former president, which he is authorized to do.

The following eight sections are completely redacted, and once again, the reason for the mentioning of the article are unknown.

“Sources” have told the Washington Post that the purpose of the search of Mar-a-Lago was to locate potential nuclear documents.

Magistrate Judge Reinhart’s issues were pointed out recently, as Red Voice Media reported previously reported.

“The magistrate who found there was enough probable cause to sign said search warrant and allow the FBI to execute it was Bruce Reinhart with the Southern District of Florida. Rumors are circulating online that Reinhart is a “Trump appointee,” which is not accurate. While he was appointed during Trump’s presidential term, magistrates in the State of Florida are appointed by judges, who have more authority than magistrates, for eight-year terms.”

This piece was written by Leah Anaya on August 26, 2022. It originally appeared on and is used with permission.

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Unjabbed Coast Guard Cadets ‘Thrown Overboard’ For Not Complying With COVID Jab Tyranny

Thu, 08/25/2022 - 20:40

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – Seven cadets at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) were unceremoniously banished from the grounds recently and given 24 hours to “get out” for failure to comply with what is likely an illegal order to receive the Covid-19 shot.

Three separate courts have imposed service-wide injunctions stopping adverse actions against members of the Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps who have sincerely held religious objections to the Covid-19 shot.

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A request for a similar injunction regarding Coast Guard personnel is being reviewed. “What’s the rush? The cadets pose no danger to others,” said Ron Scott, USAF-Ret (Col.), STARRS President. Multiple press reports indicate there are several hundred thousand in the military who have yet to be jabbed with zero evidence of any harm to readiness or danger to others who serve.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has now acknowledged the experimental shot does not prevent the acquisition or spread of infection. Major concerns about its present and future adverse side effects are being ignored. “This raises profound questions regarding the legality of the Covid-19 vaccine mandate,” Scott said. “Among the most compelling concerns are the lack of proper informed consent, blanket denial of legitimate religious exemptions, and the legal distinction between the Emergency Use Only vaccine in use and the FDA approved Comirnaty product,” Scott noted.

All branches of the armed forces are experiencing a recruiting crisis. “It is nonsensical to dismiss seven highly qualified USCGA cadets, who have expressed a fervent desire to serve their country,” said Scott. “When will politicians and military leaders have the courage to put an end to this tyrannical mistreatment of citizens?”

STARRS is raising funds for the legal defense of those whose lives, careers, and honor are under attack by the nation that they have sacrificed to serve.

For more information or to donate, visit https://www.STARRS.US. The organization is a 501(c)(3).

This piece originally appeared on and is used with permission.

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Trump Demands Mitch McConnell Be Removed As Republican Leader ‘Immediately’

Thu, 08/25/2022 - 18:33

The former President Donald Trump lashed out at Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on Wednesday, demanding that he be removed as the Senate minority leader as he accused him of being a “pawn for the Democrats.”

Trump released a statement referencing a story published by The Federalist about McConnell and his wife Elaine Chao’s alleged ties to China, with the former president using that to call for the senator’s ouster.

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“The Democrats have Mitch McConnell and his lovely wife, Elaine ‘Coco’ Chao, over a barrel,” Trump said, according to CBS Miami. “He and she will never be prosecuted, as per the last paragraphs of this story, as long as he continues to give the Radical Left the Trillions and Trillions of Dollars that they constantly DEMAND.”

“He was afraid to use the ‘Debt Ceiling Card’ in order to stop the most expensive waste of money in our Country’s history, to be spent on the Green New Deal, which will only cause one thing, a Depression,” he added. “These expenditures are something our Country can never recover from.”

Not stopping there, Trump proceeded to double down.

“Mitch McConnell is not an Opposition Leader, he is a pawn for the Democrats to get whatever they want,” the former president concluded. “He is afraid of them, and will not do what has to be done. A new Republican Leader in the Senate should be picked immediately!”

Trump has been at odds with McConnell, who he has nicknamed “Old Crow,” ever since the senator slammed him in Congress for what he saw as his role in the Capitol riot that took place on January 6, 2021.

Trump had previously attacked both McConnell and Chau in a separate statement that was released on Truth Social over the weekend.

“Why do Republicans Senators allow a broken down hack politician, Mitch McConnell, to openly disparage hard working Republican candidates for the United States Senate,” Trump said. “This is such an affront to honor and to leadership. He should spend more time (and money!) helping them get elected, and less time helping his crazy wife and family get rich on China!”

Back in February, Trump called for McConnell to be ousted and replaced as Senate minority leader by Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL). Trump reportedly pitched this to Scott in a private meeting at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

“You should run for Senate majority leader,” Trump told the National Republican Senatorial Committee at this meeting, a person familiar with the exchange recounted to Politico.

While Scott did not tell Trump “no” that day, he said that his focus is on making sure that Republicans win back the Senate.

“Chairman Scott and Leader McConnell are working hand in hand to win back the Senate in November,” his spokesman said at the time.

While Trump has yet to publicly reveal whether or not he plans to run for president again in 2024, he has said that he’s privately made the decision. While some Republicans feared that he would announce what he’s decided over the summer, it does not seem that Trump will do that, and he’ll likely wait until after the midterm elections to do so.

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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Veteran Reacts To Biden’s Student Loan Cancellation, ‘I Cannot Believe I Gave Two Legs For My Tuition’ [VIDEO]

Thu, 08/25/2022 - 15:53

Afghanistan war veteran and Fox News contributor Johnny “Joey” Jones shared his version of criticism regarding Joe Biden’s proposed plan to cancel portions of student loan debts being harbored by individuals falling below a certain income level, remarking on how he literally lost his legs while serving his country in order to pay for school.

On August 24th, the White House issued a “Fact Sheet” pertaining to President Biden’s proposed plan regarding student loan debt cancellation, which summarizes the effort as, “A three-part plan delivers on President Biden’s promise to cancel $10,000 of student debt for low- to middle-income borrowers.”

According to the plan, the general relief aspect would afford up to $20,000 in canceled debt for Pell Grant recipients and up to $10,000 in canceled debt for non-Pell Grant recipients, so long as “their individual income is less than $125,000 ($250,000 for married couples).”

Per the White House’s release on the plan, the rationale for this endeavor is due to the “crushing” effects of harboring debt, highlighting how “the typical undergraduate student with loans now graduates with nearly $25,000 in debt,” and framing said debt as being somehow insurmountable.

For the sake of context, the average price of a new vehicle per Kelley Blue Book is just over $48,000, and yet people are remarkably able to have those vehicle loans fully paid off on average between 60 and 72 months. Additionally, despite vehicle and student loans having near-synonymous interest rates, the default rate of students loans (10.8% of all loans in the first year) is over five times as high as vehicle loans (about 2%).

Needless to say, this proposal on canceling debt willfully taken on has caused quite the stir among segments of the population who’ve either managed to pay off their student loans via commonsense financial responsibility or people who never even went to college.

During an August 24th press conference, a reporter directly asked Biden, “Is this unfair to people who paid their student loans or chose not to take out loans?”

The president’s response to the aforementioned was to compare tax breaks received by companies – as in, the government not taking money from them – to canceling debt accrued by people who willingly accepted a sum of cash under specified repayment terms.

“Is it fair to people who, in fact, do not own multi-billion dollar businesses? See how these guys give them all a tax break. Is that fair? What do you think?”

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Rumble("play", {"video":"v1ep8hb","div":"rumble_v1ep8hb"});

Fox News contributor Jones took to Twitter on August 24th regarding Biden’s proposed debt cancellation effort, writing, “I cannot believe I gave two legs for my tuition. What a dope I am. Ooh-rah!”

Image Credit: Twitter

Jones had unfortunately lost both of his legs, as well as suffered severe injuries to his arm and wrists, back in 2010 while serving in Afghanistan as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD/Bomb) technician.

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on August 25, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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Megyn Kelly Says ‘F You’ To Fauci’s Comments On Possibly Flouting Congressional Subpoena [VIDEO]

Thu, 08/25/2022 - 14:52

Political commentator Megyn Kelly sounded off on comments recently made by Dr. Anthony Fauci over whether he’d entertain a congressional subpoena in 2023, with Kelly saying “fuck you” to the notion that Fauci thinks he can dodge subpoenas if he feels like it.

In the wake of Fauci’s announcement from earlier in August about him stepping down from his roles at the NIAID and the White House, numerous speculations have circulated through the media – as well as being mentioned by sitting members of Congress – that Fauci may get get hit with a congressional subpoena in 2023.

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Even Newsweek is reporting that “if Republicans retake either chamber of Congress they will be in a position to call Fauci to testify regardless of the fact he’ll have left his current job.”

With these speculations swirling about, Fauci reportedly addressed the possibility of being subpoenaed after his retirement – saying that he would “consider” appearing before Congress were he to be subpoenaed by a GOP majority post midterms.

In an August episode of Kelly’s podcast, she blasted Fauci’s cavalier approach to possibly being subpoenaed, noting that the precedent has been set with Steve Bannon’s recent court troubles with ignoring subpoenas – delivering a sort of ‘if it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the gander’ take on the matter.

“He sounds like he’s been invited for afternoon tea at one of our houses, ‘I will consider it.’ I’ll consider it only if it is oversight because what I experienced was personal attacks. I will go if it’s…fuck you, Dr. Fauci. You don’t get to say whether you go. You get a congressional subpoena, you show up, or you get the Steve Bannon treatment.”

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Rumble("play", {"video":"v1eowrn","div":"rumble_v1eowrn"});

Needless to say, Fauci can undoubtedly expect to get hit with a congressional subpoena in 2023 if projections are accurate on Republicans taking back the House and/or Senate.

Republican Rep. James Comer has already guaranteed the aforementioned will move forward, per an August 22nd press release in the wake of Fauci announcing his retirement.

“Retirement can’t shield Dr. Fauci from congressional oversight. Emails obtained by Oversight Committee Republicans reveal what Dr. Fauci said publicly about COVID origins was very different than what was said privately. Dr. Fauci was warned by top scientists early on that the virus looked genetically manipulated and likely leaked from the Wuhan lab. Despite these facts, Dr. Fauci dismissed these ideas in public as conspiracy theories.

“We need to know if Dr. Fauci concealed anything from government officials in order to shield the NIH’s cozy relationship with EcoHealth Alliance, a grantee that awarded taxpayer funds to the Wuhan lab to conduct dangerous research on bat coronaviruses. The American people deserve transparency and accountability about how government officials used their taxpayer dollars, and Oversight Committee Republicans will deliver.”

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on August 25, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

Fauci and the CDC Have a Lying Problem, and Now They’ve Been ‘Caught With Their Pants Down’ [VIDEO]
Feds Target Amish Farm In Pennsylvania Over ‘Regulatory Requirements For Food Production’ [VIDEO]
Google Triggered Criminal Investigation After Father Sent Pediatrician Photos Of His Naked Toddler

Deadly Hump Day For DC: Three Killed, Seven Others Shot In Multiple Separate Shootings

Thu, 08/25/2022 - 09:55

WASHINGTON, DC – Wednesday was a violent day in our nation’s capital, with at least 10 total people being shot, three of whom died.

In Northwest DC, five people were shot just after the noon hour near North Capitol Street and O Street NW, outside of a senior citizen’s home in the Truxton Circle neighborhood. Police say a small black SUV turned on to O Street NW from North Capitol Street. When it stopped, at least two suspects jumped out of the car, started shooting at people on the street, and then got back in the same SUV and drove away.

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According to the Executive Assistant Chief of Police at MPD, Ashan Benedict, the incident appeared to be drug-related, with him describing the area as an “open-air drug market.” He said, “This block is known to us. This is an ongoing problem for us.” He said that police frequent the area and often make drug arrests there.

This shooting also took place down the street from Mundo Verde Bilingual Public Charter School, which happened to be having its first day of classes Wednesday.

Two of the men shot were declared dead on the scene. The other three reportedly walked themselves to a local hospital for treatment. Their condition is unknown at this time, although it does not appear that their injuries are life-threatening. All three victims of this shooting were black males, and it was unclear if any of those injured were residents of the senior living home.

There is no connection between the shootings, police believe. Even so, it does not appear that the police have suspects named or even described, as so far, all that’s been released is a suspect vehicle description. The vehicle is described as a 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe, with a possible Virginia temporary tag of 956515X.

Three fire marshals happened to be conducting an investigation nearby, which police say will be helpful to their investigation.

“We’re trying to be as resourceful as we possibly can to put our officers and our detectives and our specialized units where the crime is,” said an MPD official. “Unfortunately, that crime just keeps moving around. We’ll be on one block, and we’ll displace criminals to another area where they’ll be shootings over there. I want the public to know that MPD has all their best resources, intelligence, folks working on this. We talk about this hourly, about where we should position our people. So, we’re doing the best we can with the resources we have, but I think we’re in the areas we need to be, but we can always do better.”

Another shooting took place in the Northeast, with three men being shot. This took place around 7:30 pm Wednesday on Quincy Place NE. Three people said to be “persons of interest” were questioned by police, but it’s unclear whether any arrests have been made.

In the 200 block of Florida Avenue, around 2:05 am Wednesday, a 25-year-old man was pronounced dead, and a woman was injured following a double shooting.

This piece was written by Leah Anaya on August 25, 2022. It originally appeared on and is used with permission.

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Baltimore NAACP Asks Governor To Deploy National Guard To Help Fight Crime As Murder Skyrockets

Wed, 08/24/2022 - 20:12

BALTIMORE, MD – As murders in Baltimore Push Towards the magic number 300 for the eighth year in a row, the NAACP has asked Governor Larry Hogan to send the National Guard to help quell the violence.

This comes as the city, which has been led by Democrats for over five decades, hit 233 murders over the weekend. This number is on pace to meet or surpass 300 homicides for the eighth year in a row. At the same time last year, there were 218 murders recorded, which means there has been an increase of 6.8% so far.

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The rise in violent crime isn’t just murders, as there has also been a 9.5% increase in shootings that didn’t result in deaths. Last year at this time, there were 437, compared to this year’s 483.

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott has served in that position since 2020. He has spent his time blaming gun companies for the increased violence, including filing a lawsuit against “ghost gun” manufacturer Polymer 80 for what he says is a “public health crisis.”

In April 2022, he introduced a “Community Violence Intervention ecosystem” to fight the gun violence, which included “violence intervention programming and victim services, intensive life coaching, hospital-based response, and other wraparound supports.” The program placed a heavy importance on victim services, which does nothing to prevent them from becoming victims in the first place.

He also said part of his plan included “Organizations that will partner with the city on coordinated neighborhood stabilization response before or after traumatic events occur in a neighborhood, such as major law-enforcement takedowns which leave power vacuums in communities and police-involved shootings.”

Those who have common sense, however, point more to the pro-criminal Marilyn Mosby, the state attorney assigned to Baltimore, as a major contributor to the problem. Although she’s only been in office since 2015, she campaigned on reducing sentences for criminals, even violent ones. She also had a “no prosecution policy” for drug possession and prostitution.

With the huge hike in crime, Mosby was voted out earlier this year. In May of this year, the Randallstown’s chapter of the NAACP asked Governor Larry Hogan to declare a state of emergency and send the National Guard in to assist with the growing violence.

Also in May, Governor Hogan announced that $45 million would be allocated for “Major Violent Crime Initiatives, Expanded State Law Enforcement Initiatives and Coordination.”

Hogan said, “I’ve been focused on getting the leadership in Baltimore to take it more seriously. I hope they develop a real crime plan and start arresting more, prosecuting more and putting them in jail.”

Mosby’s failed policies are just the latest example of prosecutors being voted out of office as people wake up to the reality that criminals do actually need to be punished for their crime, and “hug-a-thug,” while a nice thought, does not actually work and ends up putting more innocent citizens in danger. She has blamed being voted out on her finances being federally investigated.

This piece was written by Leah Anaya on August 24, 2022. It originally appeared on and is used with permission.

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Google Triggered Criminal Investigation After Father Sent Pediatrician Photos Of His Naked Toddler
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Trans Predator In CA Walks Free After Messaging Who He Thought Was Nine-Year-Old Girl About ‘Kissing’ And ‘Touching All Over’ [VIDEO]

Wed, 08/24/2022 - 19:22

BERKELEY, CA – This past June, Berkeley Police reportedly let a biological male suspected of trying to arrange an illicit encounter with multiple underage girls walk free – despite the fact that police were provided with significant evidence showing the suspect trying to coordinate the meeting so as to sexually abuse the minors.

On August 20th, the anti-pedophile group Predator Poachers shared a video of the June sting where they’d used an online decoy of a nine-year-old girl to see if they’d get contacted by adults for nefarious purposes.

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During the sting operation, Predator Poachers’ online decoy wound up being contacted by a biological male, who claims to be a woman, identified as Sophia Westfall.

Sophia “Phia” Westfall – undated MySpace profile picture

The investigation carried out by Predator Poachers was reportedly months in length, where Westfall had exchanged some unsettling messages with the decoy posing as the nine-year-old girl, with the messages being rather explicit in regards to what Westfall had wanted to engage in with the child.

Alex Rosen, who is part of the operation behind Predator Poacher, spoke with news outlet Reduxx about the investigation into Westfall.

“Sophia was one of the reasons we were in California but we actually had multiple suspects in the state,” Rosen stated, noting that Westfall had interacted with two decoys they’d been utilizing between Instagram and Telegram that were using AI-generated photos to maintain the facade with would-be predators who try to entice children on said platforms.

Screenshots of some of the exchanged messages showed Westfall telling the nine-year-old decoy, “Well, you know I love young girls…I’m just excited thinking about how fun it could be to play in bed with both of you.”

The reference to “both of you” in the message from Westfall was in reference to the nine-year-old decoy telling Westfall that she had a younger sibling. From there, the decoy sent a message reading, “I have another sister but she’s probably too young…She’s only 1 lol.”

Alarmingly, Westfall responded to the aforementioned with, “That doesn’t bother me. Never too young to start learning.”

Image Credit: Twitter/Libs of TikTok

The content of the messages continued to get progressively worse from there, with Westfall explicitly telling the nine-year-old decoy what else he’d like to do with her, which included, “Kisses and touching all over. Kissing between your legs, especially!”

When the decoy questioned whether the aforementioned act would be “icky,” Westfall responded with, “Nope. As long as you wash first, it’s not only *not* icky…it’s an amazingly good feeling!”

Image Credit: Twitter/Libs of TikTok

Westfall also volunteered details in messages to the decoy about how he’d molest the one-year-old girl referenced in previous messages, saying, “There’s at least some fun ways to touch her even if she can’t help out a lot.” He later texted the decoy, “I’m eager to spend some lovely time with all of you.”

The grooming nature of Westfall’s text messages were in full swing when he told the decoy, “I hope you’re ready to try plenty of new things! As long as you do exactly what I tell you, this should be a wonderful time for everyone.”

Image Credit: Twitter/Libs of TikTok

Westfall clearly knew that the conversations he was having with whom he believed to be a nine-year-old girl were completely inappropriate, telling the decoy in later messages, “I’m really serious – this could get all of us in really big trouble if things go wrong! But I’m sure you can be good for me.”

Image Credit: Twitter/Libs of TikTok

When Rosen went to confront Westfall in person after a meeting with the decoy was arranged, Westfall immediately became defensive and was attempting to avoid discussing the messages exchanged with the decoy.

Berkeley Police were eventually contacted and responded to the scene, with Westfall trying to claim he was being harassed by Rosen and his team. Officers at the scene were handed over the evidence – including images of child pornography that Westfall had allegedly sent the decoy – but had simply let the suspect walk free with no further action.

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Rumble("play", {"video":"v1el8jx","div":"rumble_v1el8jx"});

On August 24th, Berkeley Police issued a statement on the matter via Twitter, claiming to have “received a number of questions about the incident” since the video went live online.

The excuse given regarding the officers’ inaction during the confrontation was, “When private persons attempt to conduct their own stings/investigations (which may or may not adhere to modern investigative standards), it presents a unique challenge for law enforcement.”

Image Credit: Twitter
Image Credit: Twitter

Berkeley Police additionally mentioned, “After being notified about the incident, which occurred in June, officers responded to the location, spoke to the reporting party, the person alleged to have committed the crime, and investigated the incident,” claiming that they’d tried following up with Rosen about the case and he hasn’t provided “information we have requested to continue to the investigation.”

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on August 24, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Georgia Home Swatted By Trans Activist

Wed, 08/24/2022 - 15:53

ROME, GA – According to reports, Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s home in Rome, Georgia, was targeted in a “swatting” incident during the early morning hours of August 24th.

For those unfamiliar with what “swatting” is, being swatted entails a person or persons knowingly making a false 911 call directed at a target’s home that would warrant an armed and often aggressive/hostile police response (i.e., a potential hostage situation). The general purpose of a swatting is, at a minimum, to invoke terror on the target – but it’s common knowledge that the results can be deadly for the target.

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The Rome Police Department issued a press release on August 24th regarding the incident, noting the false 911 call came in shortly after 1:00 a.m. by an individual asserting someone had been shot at Rep. Greene’s residence “multiple times.”

“On August 24, 2022 at about 0103 hours Rome Police officers responded to a 911 call reference to a subject being shot multiple times at an address within the city limits. When officers responded they discovered this was the home of Marjorie Taylor Greene. She assured the officers there was no issue and the call was determined to be a false call commonly known as ‘swatting.'”

According to the department, they also received a second 911 call believed to be from the same suspect involved in the original false report, noting, “a second call from the suspect who was using a computer generated voice stating that he/she was upset about Mrs. Greene’s political view on transgender youth rights.”

Rep. Greene also shared insight into the incident hours after the fact on Twitter, writing, “Last night, I was swatted just after 1 am. I can’t express enough gratitude to my local law enforcement here in Rome, Floyd County. More details to come.”

Image Credit: Twitter

Police officials say the incident is still under investigation and have not alluded to any suspects being identified as of this writing.

Rep. Greene is a frequent target for criticism from both Democrats and even, at times, members from within the Republican party due to some of her stances on issues oft associated with the culture war taking place throughout the country.

Days before the swatting incident, Vanity Fair published an article on August 20th referring to Rep. Greene’s recently introduced Protect Children’s Innocence Act as “one in a surge of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in 2022.”

However, the bill introduced by the Georgia congresswoman is one intent upon protecting children from abusive medical interventions such as drugs used to chemically castrate children or irreversible mutilative surgeries performed on their genitals.

If passed, the Protect Children’s Innocence Act would make such acts a Class C felony that can land someone behind bars for up to 25 years.

The timing of the swatting incident in concurrence with the second call placed by police are likely not a coincidence in light of these incendiary hit pieces being written about Rep. Greene.

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on August 24, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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DeSantis-Backed School Board Candidates Win Big In Florida

Wed, 08/24/2022 - 15:13

FLORIDA – According to a report from The Post Millennial, a total of 25 school board candidates within Florida who received the backing of Republican Governor Ron DeSantis went on to win their respective races throughout the state.

Governor DeSantis, whose earned praises from conservatives throughout the country whilst simultaneously sparking the ire of leftists, has been a champion of ensuring safe and transparent schools within the Sunshine State – serving as a sort of national symbol to standing against harmful indoctrination permeating through public schools.

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The Florida governor wound up giving his endorsement to 30 individuals running for school board seats throughout the state, with 25 of them having won their races. Former Associated Press editor Ted Bridis was among those to acknowledge the stunning victory in the culture war, taking to Twitter on August 23rd to spread the news.

“Whopping 25 of 30 conservative school board candidates endorsed by [Governor Ron DeSantis] win seats across Florida, only five defeated. Will make easier than ever to reimagine classroom politics in public schools.”

Image Credit: Twitter

One of the more critical series of races among school boards in Florida came with the Sarasota County School Board, which wound up being flipped from a 3-2 liberal majority over to a 4-1 conservative majority via the August 23rd elections.

Fox News reported that Sarasota candidates Bridget Ziegler, Robyn Marinelli, and Timothy Enos had all been backed by Governor DeSantis, with Libs of TikTok having exposed the formerly liberal school board earlier in August for members openly admitting that they were “woke.”

“‘Here in Florida, there are school board members that are woke. We are working from the best strategic spot because we’re working from the inside.’ – [Sarasota School Board] board member”

Image Credit: Twitter

The 1776 Project PAC also celebrated the victory out of Sarasota County, taking to Twitter on August 23rd with, “BREAKING: All three of our endorsed candidates in Sarasota County, Florida have WON their elections. We just flipped the school board from a 3-2 liberal majority to 4-1 conservative. Congrats to Bridget Ziegler, Robyn Marinelli, and Timothy Enos.”

Image Credit: Twitter

Sarasota County wasn’t the only school board that was flipped from liberal to conservative either, as the 1776 Project PAC announced that Miami-Dade County also wound up being successfully flipped.

“HUGE: Both of our candidates in Miami Dade County, Florida just WON their elections, flipping the school board conservative. Miami Dade is now the LARGEST county in America with a conservative school board majority. Congrats to Roberto Alonso and Monica Colucci.”

Image Credit: Twitter

Ryan Girdusky, the founder of the conservative PAC, issued a statement to Fox News in light of the victories coming out of Florida, stating, “The 1776 Project PAC was successful across the state of Florida. This shows what happens when conservatives like the 1776 Project PAC, Moms for Liberty, and Gov. DeSantis team up behind great candidates. Florida today, the country.”

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on August 24, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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Man Who Tried Extorting Matt Gaetz’s Father For $25M Gets Five Years In Prison

Wed, 08/24/2022 - 14:52

PENSACOLA, FL – A Florida business man who attempted to extort the father of Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz for $25 million was sentenced to just over five years in prison earlier in August in connection with the failed extortion plot.

On August 22nd, U.S. District Judge Casey Rodgers sentenced 62-year-old Stephen Alford to five years and three months behind bars, followed by three years of supervised release after Alford pleaded guilty in 2021 to a single count of wire fraud.

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The bizarre extortion schemed aimed at the Florida Republican’s father, Don Gaetz, was initially exposed back in the spring of 2021 as it wound up bearing some connection to the then-ongoing allegations that Rep. Gaetz was being investigated for affairs involving an underage girl.

While nothing has ever come from the rumors of a purported investigation into Rep. Gaetz, the same clearly isn’t the case with regard to the extortion plot.

As odd as it sounds, Rep. Gaetz’s father was being extorted for $25 million, with Alford and his alleged cohorts claiming the money would be used in part to help secure a presidential pardon for Rep. Gaetz regarding these rumors of sexual misconduct involving a minor.

On top of getting a presidential pardon, Alford also claimed the $25 million would be used to rescue a man known as Robert Levinson – an FBI agent presumed deceased whose been missing for over 15 years and was thought to be held by the Iranian government at the time of his presumed death.

Alford was indicted in August of 2021 under charges of “wire fraud and the attempted prevention of seizure of an electronic device,” according to a release from the Justice Department at the time. By November of 2021, Alford had pleaded guilty to the single wire fraud count, which carried a potential 20 years in federal prison.

Per the plea agreement signed by Alford last November, he admitted that “between March 16, and April 7, 2021, he engaged in a scheme to defraud the victim out of $25 million based upon Alford’s false promises and guarantees to secure a Presidential Pardon for a family member of the victim.”

The November 2021 Justice Department release further added, “The scheme involved a series of meetings and text message exchanges between Alford and the victim, as well as undercover recordings arranged by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. During the exchanges, Alford repeatedly promised the victim that Alford had access to the current President of the United States.”

Alford was originally slated to be sentenced back in February, although it’s unclear as to why sentencing was pushed all the way out to August.

The news of the Gaetz family extortionist being put behind bars comes on the heels of Rep. Gaetz having won the primary race in Florida, despite relentless attacks from the media and even his primary challenger Mark Lombardo.

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on August 24, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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Charges Against Officers In Rayshard Brooks Shooting Dropped

Wed, 08/24/2022 - 09:52

ATLANTA, GA – On Tuesday, it was announced by the special prosecutor in charge that the officers involved in the Rayshard Brooks shooting were no longer being criminally charged in his death.

The officers, Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan have been through two years of their own personal hell after they were forced to shoot 27-year-old Brooks outside of an Atlanta Wendy’s after Brooks fought police and took one of the officer’s tasers, which video footage shows he attempted to use against one of the officers.

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The shooting took place just a few weeks after the George Floyd incident that sparked angry riots around the nation. Unfortunately for the officers, Brooks was also black, which made the media and politicians turn against the officers.

More riots broke out following the Brooks shooting, including people even starting the Wendy’s location, which had the audacity to exist while police dealt with Brooks, on fire.

At the time, the Fulton County District Attorney was Paul Howard, who had been trying to make a name for himself as being tough on police and soft on crime. Five days after the shooting with little evidence other than the video showing Brooks attempting to fire a taser- a potentially deadly weapon, especially when used against police, due to the fact that people don’t use tasers on police unless they have the intent to harm or kill them- at the officer, Howard announced charges against the officers.

There were 11 charges against Officer Rolfe, including felony murder, aggravated assault, violations of oath of office, and criminal damage to property. Officer Brosnan was charged with aggravated assault and violating his oath.

Howard ended up losing his reelection (which was not surprising, despite the media attempting to make him look like a hero). The new district attorney, Fani Willis, was recused from the case, and so the executive director of the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia, Peter Skandalakis, was put in charge.
During a Tuesday press conference, Skandalakis said, “Both acted as reasonable officers would under the facts and circumstances of the events of that night. Both acted in accordance with well-established law and were justified in the use of force regarding the situation.”
Skandalakis showed a video of the incident broken down frame by frame. He said he did not believe that Brooks’ shooting was racially motivated or that the officers acted with ill intent.
“Was it objectively reasonable that (Rolfe) can use deadly force? We determined it was,” Skandalakis said. “Black lives do matter. I understand that the encounters between police and the African American community at times are very volatile. But I would ask them to look at the facts of this case, and this isn’t one of those cases. This is a case in which the officers were willing to give Mr. Brooks every benefit of the doubt, and unfortunately, by his actions, this is what happened.”
The attorneys of both officers released statements following the announcement of the charges being dropped. Rolfe’s attorneys, Noah H. Pines, Bill Thomas, and Lance LoRusso, said, “Garrett Rolfe is relieved that the criminal charges filed against him by former Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard have finally been dismissed and that he has been exonerated for his actions on June 12, 2020.
One of Brosnan’s attorneys, Amanda Clark Palmer, said the decision was “the proper and only decision that could be reached based upon the evidence and Georgia law.” She continued, “More than two years after the incident that resulted in Rayshard Brooks’s death, the State of Georgia has finally arrived at the right decision: that Officer Brosnan’s arrest was never supported by any evidence. Officer Brosnan was assaulted and tased by Mr. Brooks and, as a result, suffered a concussion and required medical treatment…At no point did he assault or abuse Mr. Brooks.”

This piece was written by Leah Anaya on August 24, 2022. It originally appeared on and is used with permission.

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DeSantis’ Invokes The Top Gun Image In New Campaign Ad Dubbed ‘Top Gov’ [VIDEO]

Tue, 08/23/2022 - 18:22

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis took inspiration from the “Top Gun” film series in his latest campaign ad where he dishes on how to combat the mainstream media’s lies while bolstering the self-imposed moniker “Top Gov.”

On August 22nd, Governor DeSantis dropped his latest campaign ad in the vein of the popular Tom Cruise-led film franchise, where the Florida governor feigns as though he’s teaching a class of recruits on how to navigate the spin that the mainstream media oft perpetuates.

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“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is your governor speaking. Today’s training evolution: dogfighting. Taking on the corporate media. The rules of engagement are as follows – number one, don’t fire unless fired upon. But when they fire, you fire back with overwhelming force.”

Governor DeSantis in the advert also shares two other rules in this media “dogfighting” course, adding to “never ever back down from a fight,” and “don’t accept their narrative.”

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Rumble("play", {"video":"v1egq77","div":"rumble_v1egq77"});

The campaign ad comes on the heels of a recent ruling handed down by a Florida judge that found a portion of Florida’s Stop WOKE law unconstitutional.

On August 18th, U.S. District Judge Mark Walker found that the provision within the Stop Woke law that prohibits private employers instituting certain employee trainings surrounding racial topics infringes on the First Amendment rights of the employers/business owners.

While the Florida law sought to end critical race theory-based discussions in the workplace and allow employees to file suit against private employers for subjecting them to potentially offensive materials in this realm, the First Amendment conflicts alongside the vagueness of the law itself rendered it partially unenforceable.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Governor DeSantis’ administration has attracted the likes of legal challenges regarding laws he helped get pushed through in the Sunshine State.

Earlier in 2022, Governor DeSantis was on the receiving end of numerous hit pieces and legal challenges to the Parental Rights in Education law, with bad actors smearing the law as “Don’t Say Gay,” despite the law having zero provisions or elements banning the use of the word “gay” in public school settings.

Additionally, Governor DeSantis has attracted lawsuits over Florida’s 15-week abortion ban, measures to allow lawsuits against social media companies who de-platform political candidates, laws that helped tighten up election policies/practices, and his anti-rioting law that came to fruition in the midst of intense BLM riots that shook the country throughout the summer of 2020.

Needless to say, most of the media attacks and framings against these pieces of legislation in Florida were given the bad-faith mainstream media treatment – hence, the premise of his latest campaign ad talking about how to navigate such media attacks.

Governor DeSantis is currently running for reelection, having gone unopposed during the primary period, with the primary election where his Democratic opponent will be chosen taking place on August 23rd.

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on August 23, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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Feds Target Amish Farm In Pennsylvania Over ‘Regulatory Requirements For Food Production’ [VIDEO]

Tue, 08/23/2022 - 16:35

BIRD-IN-HAND, PA – Fox News host Tucker Carlson weighed in on the feds deciding to target an Amish farm based out of Pennsylvania, with the Amish farm getting raided by federal agents alongside demands for the entity to cease farming.

The farm in question is owned by a man named Amos Miller, with the entity being aptly dubbed as Miller’s Organic Farm, and has been a target of the USDA for several years now.

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A report from Fee Stories notes that Miller “doesn’t use electricity, fertilizer, or gasoline, and he also stays away from modern preservatives,” with respect to the farm’s operation and has amassed “a private buyers club of approximately 4,000 members,” in the decades they’ve been in operation.

However, the farm’s troubles began back in 2016 after two cases of listeriosis from 2014 were tracked back to raw milk sold by Miller’s Organic Farm, with one person needing to be hospitalized and the other individual sadly passing away from the illness.

In the wake of the aforementioned, court battles ensued between the federal government and Miller’s Organic Farm over demands that the entity get in compliance with various regulations. Matters got quite escalated this past March when a federal judge approved for armed U.S. Marshals to accompany a court-appointed inspector to ransack the farm.

On the August 22nd broadcast of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” show host Carlson sounded off on the federal government deciding to target and “financially cripple” an Amish farmer who is simply running his farm in accordance with his “religious beliefs.”

“So apparently in the department of ‘Lets wreck American as quickly as we can’ in the Biden administration just decided we’ve got too much food in this country – and the good food is the worst food. Food without endocrine disrupting chemicals must be eliminated immediately – only wheat thins for you and some bugs. So with that in mind, agents within the Biden administration – armed – have decided to attack the Amish. Amos Miller, an independent farmer in the old Amish village of Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania, found out the hard way.

“The feds say Amos isn’t adhering to regulatory requirements for food production, again, not enough endocrine disrupting chemicals, you’re not using enough GMOs. So with that in mind, federal agents raided his farm, demanding he stop farming. They’re also trying to cripple him with $300,000 in fines. An Amish farmer. And Amos Miller says he’s farming in accordance with his religious beliefs and he’s providing food for 4,000 people in what he calls a private food club. It’s really a shocking story.”

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The feds shut down Miller’s ability to slaughter or sell any meat products, having taken an inventory of everything on his farm in the realm of consumables and livestock. Miller is currently fighting the case brought against his farm through the appellate courts.

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on August 23, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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Melania Trump Ready To Be First Lady Again – Not Divorcing Donald, Friends Say

Tue, 08/23/2022 - 14:30

Friends of Melania Trump are speaking out to say that contrary to some reports in the media, she’s actually very ready to be First Lady again, and she has no plans to ever divorce Donald.

“I get mad every time I read false stories about how she and Donald are going to divorce and how they lead separate lives,” long-time friend and socialite Toni Holt Kramer told Daily Mail. “I’ve known Donald since 2010 when my husband and I joined the club at Mar-a-Lago. I met Melania a short time after.

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“Since then, I’ve been to more parties with them than I can count: birthdays for Barron. Thanksgiving. Barbecues,” she added. “The Melania I know is sweet, kind, natural, classy and puts her family above everything else. She constantly gets a bad rap because people love to hate the Trumps.”

Toni went on to address the fact that Melania appears to have been laying low since moving out of the White House.

“Who can blame her for wanting to keep a low public profile?” Toni continued. “She hasn’t been hiding. I’ve seen her in the spa. She and Donald are always in the restaurants at Mar-a-Lago.”

Ultimately, being a good wife to Donald and a devoted mother to their teenage son Barron has always been Melania’s top priority.

“Mrs. Trump has never made any secret of the fact that she considers being a wife and mother her greatest accomplishment,” Toni stated. “Perhaps that is why so many people attack her? I guess that’s not a fashionable thing to say anymore.”

Toni also said that earlier this year, she witnessed Donald and Melania having a romantic dinner on the candle-lit terrace at Mar-a-Lago. For two hours, she saw that the former president was “hanging on every word of his wife.” As for Melania, she “seemed oblivious to all else.”

“He absolutely trusts her judgment on everything,” another source said, adding that Melania holds a lot of power as “Mrs. Trump.”

“Conservative women admire her for being a perfect wife,” this insider explained. “She arrived in America from Slovenia with nothing, and had her own career as a model and then married a billionaire.”

“She’s aspirational,” the source added. “She looks immaculate. She supports her husband. She turns up when he needs her. Make no mistake, she knows how valuable she is to Trump – and so does he. Melania is one of the few people he listens to and trusts implicitly. He always says, ‘She’s got my back.’”

Another source said that Melania has been forced to build protective barriers around herself after former close friends like her ex-press secretary Stephanie Grisham and senior adviser Stephanie Winston Wolkoff wrote negative books about her.

“She’s been burned and betrayed by people she trusted,” said this insider. “The only people she really trusts are her family.”

“There have been stories about her being dumb. She’s not dumb,” this source continued. “She does what she wants to do, like Donald. They don’t answer to anyone, and they don’t care what people think about them. Melania lives in her own little bubble. No one makes her do anything she doesn’t want to do.”

As for what will happen in 2024, the former first lady’s close friend Toni said, “I believe Donald will run again and win – and Melania will be right there beside him.”

This piece originally appeared on and is used with permission.

Eyepatch McCain Continues Simping For The FBI [VIDEO]

Tue, 08/23/2022 - 13:56

During an appearance on CNN earlier in August, Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw pushed back on the numerous denunciations of the FBI that have been coming from Republican colleagues in Congress as well as Republican voters – calling these criticisms “crazy.”

Rep. Crenshaw’s comments regarding the FBI being called out came during his August 21st appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” where he and Jake Tapper discussed the rhetoric that has been going around in the wake of the August 8th FBI raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago.

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The Texas Republican’s comments regarding the raid were fairly milk toast in some respects, asserting that the Justice Department is worthy of criticisms as to whether the raid pulled off was politically motivated.

However, when it came to some of the more intense criticism aimed at the FBI, Rep. Crenshaw claimed that most Republicans aren’t on board with things like defunding the FBI.

Tapper brought up some of the more intense criticisms that have been directed toward the FBI, such as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s August 8th post to Twitter that read, “Defund the FBI,” while linking those comments to recent incidents involving calls to violence against FBI agents.

“I do want to note that your criticism is fairly measured, I can’t say the same about every Republican in Congress, and you’ve been will to criticize them. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, one of your favorites, who called to defund the FBI after the Mar-a-Lago raid. Federal prosecutors have since charged a Pennsylvania man this week after he wrote on social media, ‘If you work for the FBI you deserve to die.’ Obviously that armed man tried to enter the FBI office in Ohio. There’s a Republican congressional candidate, Carl Paladino – endorsed by Elise Stefanik – who said that Attorney General Merrick Garland should probably be executed. I mean, that rhetoric sure bothers you.”

Rep. Crenshaw noddingly agreed with Tapper, claiming that the sort of rhetoric coming from Rep. Greene and other Republicans makes the GOP look like “extremist Democrats.”

“Oh yeah, it’s crazy, and it makes us seem like extremist Democrats. And so Marjorie and AOC can join the defund law enforcement club if they want, 99% of Republicans are not on that train. What we want is accountability, we want transparency, and the criticisms that we’re leveling against the FBI and the DOJ are fully warranted. It is not those criticisms that lead to a crazy person attacking the FBI.”

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In the wake of the comments directed at Rep. Greene, the congresswoman fired back with a thread on Twitter lambasting Rep. Crenshaw for trying to compare calls to defund the police to calls for defunding the FBI.

“‘Conservative’ Dan Crenshaw runs to CNN to beg Democrat activists like Jake Tapper to take him seriously. Comparing our great men & women in local law enforcement who put their lives on the line to corrupt deep state FBI operatives like Peter Strozk & Lisa Page is shameful.”

Image Credit: Twitter

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on August 23, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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Two Killed, One Other Shot In Two ‘Not Random’ Atlanta Shootings

Tue, 08/23/2022 - 13:48

ATLANTA, GA – What was originally reported as an active shooter situation turned out to be a ‘disgruntled resident’ in Midtown Atlanta on Monday.

Three people were shot, two of whom died, in two separate shootings by one woman Monday afternoon. The first shooting occurred around 1:45 pm at the condos at 1280 West Peachtree Street. When police arrived on scene, they located two people with gunshot wounds, one of whom was pronounced dead at the scene and the other who was injured.

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The second shooting was at 1100 Peachtree Street, where another person was shot and killed on scene.

Neighbors were able to give police a description of the shooter, who was a black female wearing a black and white striped sweater and jeans. For two hours, police searched Colony Square, where they were told she may have gone, for the suspect, and people in the area were placed on lockdown. The incident was originally reported as an active shooter situation.

At around 4:00 pm, the suspect was taken into custody at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Police said she had not gotten through security yet, although it’s unclear what her plan was as the firearm was also recovered at the airport.

The suspect was identified as 34-year-old Raissa Kengne.

Michael Shinners, 60, was identified as Kengne’s first victim and said to be the apartment building’s property manager. He was found in the management office, along with the injured chief building engineer Mike Horne. The second deceased victim was identified as 41-year-old Wesley Freeman.

Interim Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum said the shootings do not appear to be “random acts of violence.” Rather, it appears that the victims were targeted by Kengne.

Residents told local news outlet CBS46 that Kengne had lived at the apartment complex for about five years. Social media postings by Kengne prior to the shootings show that she was angry over management’s handling of an alleged fraud incident with a former employee.

CBS46 also found a lawsuit filed in June by Kengne against Georgia Power and several members of the 1280 West board and management team. The lawsuit alleges that her mail was withheld, including mail from Georgia Power.

Kengne was booked in the Fulton County Jail on charges including two counts of murder, three counts of aggravated assault, two counts of false imprisonment, and two counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of or attempt to commit certain felonies.

In a Monday news release, the Atlanta Police Department said, “We are grateful for the assistance of our public safety partners who assisted in this situation. Specifically, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, Fulton County Marshalls Office, MARTA Police, Georgia State University Police, Georgia Tech Police Department, the ATF, Atlanta Fire Rescue Department, and Grady EMS. With the help of our public safety partners and our extensive camera network, we were able to locate the suspect and safely apprehend her at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport.”

This piece was written by Leah Anaya on August 23, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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