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Larwyn’s Linx: Legal analysis published in October finds today's scenario favors Trump victory

Sun, 01/03/2021 - 14:36
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Legal analysis from October finds today's scenario favors Trump victory: Sharyl Attkisson
The Real Threat to Democracy Is Coming From the Left: Ian Northon
Let's Start Jailing Lawmakers Who Violate Their Own COVID Restrictions: Stephen Kruiser

Patriots: Intellectual Froglegs
Cruz leads GOP senators in challenge to Electoral College certification: Zachary Halaschak
Murkowski: I see nussing! Nussing!: Zachary Halaschak

Biden's Wet Squib: Clarice Feldman
An Insider's View of Pennsylvania and the Battle for Our Republic: AT
The Nashville Bomber Was Either Very Skilled Or Very Lucky: Jazz Shaw

Guess Which Liberal City Shattered Its Homicide Record Last Year?: Bronson Stocking
Portland Mayor Turns On Antifa, Vows To Battle 'Lawlessness And Anarchy': ZH
Mitt Romney's Trump-hatred is starting to look deranged: Earick Ward

Scandal Central

Zuckerberg’s Stolen Election: Kanekoa
Data Scientists Testify to GA Senate: Thousands of Votes Removed from Trump, Some Switched to Biden: RS
Was the Russia Hoax A Chinese Operation? The View from 2016: UncoverDC


How to Read a Society: Scott Johnson
Coronavirus live updates: Talk show host Larry King hospitalized with COVID-19: ABC
Greatest Troll Ever: What if Pence Counts Electoral College Votes With Dominion Machine?: Liberty Sentinel


‘Growing body of evidence’ shows COVID-19 leaked from Chinese lab: US official: Sara Dorn
Iranian President Issues Death Threat To President Trump, ‘He Will Go To The Dustbin Of History’: Elizabeth Louise
Abortion Leading Global Cause of Death in 2020 with 42.7 Million Killed: Lucianne

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Fauci's 'noble lies' catch up to him: Examiner
Hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, remdesevir, and more: The evidence: David Hogberg
Microsoft says SolarWinds hackers viewed source code: Steven Musil


A Harvard professor says an alien visited in 2017 — and more are coming: Reed Tucker
This week in pictures: Happy 2021 Edition: Steven Hayward
Dim Sum? Yes.: MOTUS

The one statistic nobody in the media, political world, or medical field can lie about:

In 2019 there was no COVID-19: the total number of deaths in US was 2,854,838.

Total deaths in 2020 stands at 2,835,533 including ‘raging catastrophic’ COVID-19 deaths.


— LORI HENDRY (@Lrihendry) January 3, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Election 2020: Parties v. The People

Sat, 01/02/2021 - 19:28
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Mission Cooling Neck Gaiter 12+ Ways To Wears, Face Mask, UPF 50, Cools when Wet
Election 2020: Parties v. The People: Laurence Jarvik
Adams: The computer nerds found the ‘Kraken’ — ‘Looks like Trump won’: ElectionWiz
Challenges and protests will create drama for electoral certification: Jay Caruso

NY Considering Bill to Allow The Police To Detain You “For Being A Public Health Threat”: WZ
ICYMI: Congress Braces for Dramatic End to Disputed 2020 Election: Fred Lucas
POTUS Links Details of 1/6 MAGA Rally and Event Resources: CTH

Who Gets Crushed by Biden’s Pending COVID-19 Regulations: CTH
Quid Pro Quo Ambassadorship May Facilitate Exit For CA Sen. Dianne Feinstein: CTH
Pelosi's SF House Vandalized, Severed Pig's Head Placed at Scene: Bryan Preston


Time to Heed the Science and Reopen Schools: Veronique de Rugy
At 10 Years Old, the Affordable Care Act Is Aging Badly: Chuck Donovan
De Blasio Dances With Wife In Times Square After Shutting It Down To The Public For New Years: Shelby Talcott

Scandal Central

COVID-19 As Trigger for Great Reset, 2020's Wealth Transfer From Main Street to Wall Street: CTH
Texas Judge Throws Out Gohmert’s Lawsuit Against Pence: Henry Rodgers
While Obama Was President, Your Tax Dollars Went to Al Qaeda-Linked Group: Robert Spencer


China: Paying US Media to Publish Propaganda: Judith Bergman
Rabbi’s op-ed slams ‘The Jewish Left’s Warnock Whitewash’: Jennie Taer
Ossoff Gets Fact Checked Over Lie About Senator Loeffler: Reagan McCarthy


The China Threat is Real and Upon Us: D.W. Wilber
Massive Crowds Gather For New Years In Wuhan, Where The Coronavirus Originated: DC
Iran to enrich uranium to 20% as anniversary of Soleimani killing approaches: Zachary Halaschak

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Run For Your Lives! It's the Mutant COVID Variant!: Rick Moran
Insane: After Blocking Section 230 Big Tech Reform, Senate GOP Complains About Big Tech Censorship: CTH
Bitcoin rallies above $30,000 for first time: Alden Bentley


2020 Was a Great Year!: James Madison
A Few Days Away?: Earl of Taint
Honestly, This Hilaria Thing Is Hilarious: MOTUS

It’s not selfish to rebuild your own country before sending aid to others

— Kevin Sorbo (@ksorbs) January 2, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Lies, Damned Lies, And Insane Statistics

Fri, 01/01/2021 - 14:54
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Lies, Damned Lies, And Insane Statistics: Daniel Oliver
Ruling in Gohmert Lawsuit Could Be ‘Game-Changer’ for Jan. 6, Expert Says: Epoch
Calling the Presidential Election – and Beyond: Daniel Bobinski

Los Angeles County Prosecutors Sue Gascon For Not Enforcing The Law: Jazz Shaw
“Absurd": Ted Cruz Weighs In On Stacey Abrams' Sister Abusing Her Judicial Power: RS
NYPD Search For Teens Responsible For Attack On Car On Fifth Avenue: Jonathan Turley

The Leaks are Still Real, The News is Still Fake: Brian Cates
D’Souza: GOP establishment better realize MAGA demands the election challenge”: CTH
President Trump New Years Eve Message: CTH

Jon Ossoff Dodges If He Is Influenced By the CCP Through Past Business Deals: Julio Rosas
Lessons Georgia Voters Can Learn from California: Star Parker
FDA To Distillers: Thanks For Stepping Up On Hand Sanitizer — Now Here’s Our Bill: Ed Morrissey


New Study Shows “Georgia Tax” Will Cost Average Georgia Family Nearly $4,000 Annually: CTUP
Lockdown: a deadly, failed experiment: Fraser Myers
$15 Trillion Cashnami Crashes Dollar In 2020, Sparks Gold's Best Year In A Decade: ZH

Scandal Central

Hunter Biden’s Guilty Laptop: Peter Van Buren
Richard Grenell Discusses Ballot Fraud Evidence Local Officials Purposefully Keep Hidden: CTH
Eric Swalwell's relationship with a spy can't be ignored: Times


The Scandalous Warnock Media Blackout: WFB
Dissecting Hilaria Baldwin’s Bizarre New York Times Interview: Sophie Ross
Why Are Reporters Covering for Hilaria Baldwin’s Epic Con?: Christian Toto

The Wokest News Stories of 2020: Matt Taibbi
The Washington Post's Cartoon Crossed the Line: Rep. Andy Biggs
Clay Travis on the NBA's Collapsing Ratings: Outkick


We Need a Global Alliance to Defend Democracies: Richard Kemp
Craig Considine Fantasizes about Islamic Tolerance: Andrew Harrod
Germany's "Shameful" Two Years on the UN Security Council: Soeren Kern

Religious Oppression in China Worsening: Annaliese Levy
China Perfidy Roundup for December 31, 2020: BattleSwarm
Israel zooms past 1 million vaccinations in sprint to vanquish pandemic: TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

In 2021, let’s challenge green tyranny: Tim Black
Nashville’s Big Bomb Was a Very Rare Device, Experts Think: Elaine Shannon
The state of the global rocket industry in the 21st century: Robert Zimmerman


Happy New Year: CTH
2020: The Year In Rebuke - Part Three: Stilton’s Place
Happy New Year 2021: MOTUS

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 1, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Levin: On January 6, we learn whether our Constitution will hold

Thu, 12/31/2020 - 14:54
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Levin: On January 6, we learn whether our Constitution will hold: Mark Levin
“We’re In”: Dominion Voting Systems Hacked Live During Georgia Senate Hearing: CTH
Democratic super PAC hits jackpot with Chinese company stock: CPI (2018)

72 Percent of Republicans See MAGA Movement as Model For Party Future: CTH
How American Civil Society Depends on Marriage, Family: Virginia Allen
Give Me Liberty or Give Me a Face Diaper: Jim Quinn

What Will Historians Make Of Our Annus Horribilis?: Victor Davis Hanson
DOJ Adviser: 368,000 Fraudulent 'Excess Votes' Tipped Election to Biden: Matt Margolis
Camper Recounts Abuse as Child at Warnock Summer Camp: Alana Goodman


California: Preparing for Another Drought: Steven Greenhut
2020 wasn't all bad: There's good news about climate change: Patrick Michaels
Thanks to new law, expect more widespread stimulus fraud: Brad Polumbo

Scandal Central

Irrefutable [?] evidence of vote manipulation presented by expert witnesses from the GA hearing: Murray
'Russia on the brain': Biden pick for top Pentagon post was a vocal Steele dossier promoter: Jerry Dunleavy
“A Criminal Like Trump”: Federal Judge Tosses Aside Judicial Restraint In Public Interview: Jonathan Turley


FL vs. NY on Covid-19: Another Media Disgrace: Drew Holden
The 5 Most Cringeworthy Media Moments Of 2020: Bradley Devlin
NYT Gave Anonymity To Hilaria Baldwin Source; She Said She Feared Alec Might Punch Her: Virginia Kruta


‘The world’s two leading powers’: China and EU ink investment deal in rebuff of Biden: Joel Gehrke
Brexit to take full effect as UK leaves EU single market: ST
OK of Reaper drones to Taiwan a game changer: AT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Apple is enabling China's human rights abuses.: Kaylee McGhee White
Trump leaves mark on immigration policy, some of it lasting: THT
Octopus And Squid Evolution Is Officially Stranger Than We Could Have Ever Imagined: ScienceAlert


Oh Boy It's Libturd Thursday: Woodsterman
2020: Year in Rebuke Part II: Stilton’s Place
I Don’t Make the Rules, Hallmark Does: MOTUS

Biggest lie of 2020 ...

15 days to flatten the curve.

— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) December 31, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: You’re It

Wed, 12/30/2020 - 14:27
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You’re It: Twelve Round
“Let’s Roll”: John Spiropoulos Reports from California MAGA Rally, En Route to DC: CTH
The American Revolution Was a Culture War: Ryan McMaken

Trump Campaign Asks Supreme Court to Set Aside Wisconsin’s Election: Epoch Times
Why Gohmert's Lawsuit Against VP Pence Could Be a Game Changer : Cortney O'Brien
CBP Chief: Joe Biden Will Spur 'Waves' of 'Uncontrolled Mass Migration': John Binder

Sen. Josh Hawley will object to Electoral College results: Mike Brest
Nashville Bomber’s Girlfriend Warned Police He Was Making Bombs Last Year: RS
The Increase In The Murder Rate Nationwide Could Set A Record This Year: John Sexton

Jacobins make racial reconciliation impossible: Examiner
Boston Removes Lincoln Emancipation Memorial: AP
Joe Biden Calls Kamala Harris 'President-Elect': Breitbart


Get Ready for the “Climate Emergency”?: Steven Hayward
Americans are getting a good return on their healthcare spending: Sally Pipes
New York Cannot Buy Its Way Out of Coming Blackouts: David Wojick

Scandal Central

Biden backpedals on opening border on day one, but the damage is done: Lora Ries
Controversial Bond Villian Bill Gates-funded plan to dim the sun's rays moves forward quietly: Sarah Taylor
Sidney Powell Gives Her Elevator Pitch to Supreme Court: CTH


Wokeness Is Poison : Kurt Schlichter
James Turgeon Accused of Hoax for Playing Audio Similar to Nashville Bombing: Heavy
Scumbag Vox "Reporter" Backpedals AfterMocking of GOP Rep-Elect Death from COVID: Julio Rosas


China clamps down in hidden hunt for coronavirus origins: THT
China Using Covid to Overtake America's Economy: Gordon G. Chang
UK First To Approve Astra-Zeneca Vaccine As "Tier 4" Lockdowns Expanded: ZH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Gates-Funded Plan to Dim The Sun’s Rays is Moving Forward.: WUWT
San Diego ER nurse tests positive for COVID-19 eight days after he was vaccinated against the virus: DailyMail
The ATF’s obsession with pistol braces is based on accidental law: Examiner


The most honorable people of 2020: The McCloskeys: Eddie Scarry
Car Caravans Forming for ‘Historic’ Protest in Washington: Epoch Times
WWTFD: What Would Thomas Freidman Do?: MOTUS

As I've said before, at some point people have to start loudly asking why @GaSecofState repeatedly engaged in media-optics to create specific outcomes (like the flawed "audits") that are then used as soundbites to mischaracterize & discredit election fraud.

— Jeff Carlson (@themarketswork) December 30, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Steadfast Doesn’t Mean When It’s Easy

Tue, 12/29/2020 - 14:36
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Steadfast Doesn’t Mean When It’s Easy: CTH
Can Trump really cut pork from $900B package he signed?: W. James Antle III
Rep. Mo Brooks, Tom Fitton Discuss Challenges to Electoral Vote Certification: CTH

Fmr. Camper Details Child Abuse At Camp Overseen By Raphael Warnock: OANN
Nashville police release bodycam footage of bombing response: Spencer Neale
Are We Really Going to “Build Back Better” After a Dark Winter?: Jim Quinn

De Blasio’s Perfect Patsies: Liel Liebovitz
NJ Women Arrested For Hosting COVID Speakeasy Where Hundreds Showed Up: ZH
CA State Authorities Raid Beauty Salon, Local Authorities Refuse Cooperation: CTH

Frontpage Person of the Year: The Disenfranchised American Voter: Daniel Greenfield
Reject Woke Civics: Power Line
"I'm Not Crazy!" - This American Has Had Enough: ZH


4 California Small Business Owners Share Their Struggles to Survive Under Lockdowns: Virginia Allen
Is it any wonder liberal states are shrinking?: Examiner
The cost of victory – Chinese interest rates: AT

Scandal Central

Amazon Hires Lobbying Firm Connected to Top Biden Adviser: Chuck Ross
22,685 Trump Votes Missing In Cambria County, PA: Dr. Rich Sweier
Illegal Immigrants in Virginia to Get ‘Driver Privilege’ Cards: Kaylee Greenlee


Man Who Repaired Hunter Biden's Laptop Sues Twitter for Defamation: LI
The Worst People In Media 2020: Derek Hunter
Hilaria Baldwin admits fake Spanish accent, real name in Instagram video: Jessica Wang


We Found The Factories Inside China’s Mass Internment Camps: BuzzFeed News
China Formally Punishes a Citizen Journalist for Exposing the Virus: Beth Baumann
A 6.2-magnitude earthquake rocks Croatia, causing damage south-east of the capital, Zagreb: EuroNews

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Spain to create registry of people who refuse COVID-19 vaccine: Spencer Neale
Germany First, Angela Merkel Orders 30 Million Doses of Pfizer Vaccine Outside EU Agreement: CTH
Three Gorges Dam Endangers China’s Nuclear Power Plants: NTD


Remembering those who died in 2020 as the year comes to an end: Examiner
An Essential Man: Bruce Bawer
A Miracle! There’s Always Enough Votes - As Long As You Keep Counting: MOTUS

I don’t think they will let me get back the 75 ballots I already put in the ballot drop box for both @ossoff and @ReverendWarnock. Too late man. I already voted for them both dozens of times.

— Ethan Embry (@EmbryEthan) December 29, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: The Mushrooming of the 2020 US Election

Sat, 12/26/2020 - 14:36
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The Mushrooming of the 2020 US Election: Quadrant
Trump tweets out a video that sums it all up so we know what we’re fighting: Andrea Widburg
Trump 'Resolved' in Election Challenge, Says Pa. Lawmaker Who Met With Him: NewsMax

The Nashville Christmas Bombing is incredibly unusual for a few reasons: Alex Little
Report: Human Remains Found Near Site Of Explosion In Nashville: DailyWire
Horrifying bomb attack in Nashville appears to target AT&T hub: J.E. Dyer

Georgia Judge Denies GOP Lawsuit on Drop Boxes, Says State Has Immunity: NewsMax
As Stacey Abrams Secures 1 Million Mail In Votes, GA Sec. Of State Finally Sees The Issue: Frank Salvato
CA Wants Wealth Tax That Will Follow Taxpayers When They Leave: National File


Pelosi, Democrats, UniParty and Media Spin Narrative Around COVID Relief Construct: CTH
Here's what Biden is promising to do to curb emissions in his first days in office: Abby Smith
Keep calm, and keep drilling for oil and gas: Examiner

Scandal Central

Why Democrats Should Read the Navarro Report: Kenneth R. Timmerman
CA Judge Orders Video Journalists to Pay $13.6 M to Planned Parenthood: Dr. Susan Berry
What are the new SCOTUS justices thinking?: Marlo Horne


What the Lockdown Leviathans Don’t Get: Tal Bachman
Virus magnifies the solitude for the elderly at Christmas: Times
Can Conservatives Stop Their Movement's Descent Into Madness?: Steven Greenhut


Angela Merkel faces European revolt over China trade policy: Tom Rogan
Communist Cuban government broadcast urges citizens to feast on rodent meat for Christmas: PostMillenial
Arms giant Kalashnikov uses Christmas to unveil deadly 'fire-and-forget' self-homing missile: DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Chinese Slaves Manufacture Covid Masks Your Wearing: Denise Simon
US Army’s supergun proves deadly accurate at 40 miles: AT
Is Your New TCL HDTV (Made In China) A Security Risk?: Stephen Silver


WTF 2020: Feral Irishman
Comparing Christmas At The Whitehouse...: Feral Irishman
Boxing Day America: Celebrate The Schtruggle: MOTUS

Our $740 defense bill is a gift to China, Russia & Big Tech. It fails to terminate the internationally dangerous Section 230, won’t allow us to bring our troops back home (where they belong), renames & destroys our forts & National Monuments, & makes 5G almost impossible!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 26, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Our Upside-down Postelection World

Thu, 12/24/2020 - 14:54
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Our Upside-down Postelection World: Victor Davis Hanson
President Trump's Masterful Speech on the COVID Relief Debacle: EIB
President Trump Unloads on Brian Kemp Over Signature Verification: Collin Rugg

The leader of the 5-year coup attempt: Puppeteer Barack Obama: James Zumwalt
Pelosi Got Nothing from Her COVID-Relief Maximalism: Rich Lowry
DOJ officials discuss Hunter Biden special counsel as Barr exits: Report: Daniel Chaitin

Cops Quitting At ‘Unprecedented’ Numbers In Portland: DC
President Trump Pardons Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and 24 Other Persons: CTH
ATF Doc Suspends Proposed Pistol Brace Guidance: Cam Edwards


Trump is totally right to call the stimulus deal a ‘disgrace’: Brad Polumbo
Christmas Chaos: Lawmakers block competing bills amid Trump threat to reject Covid aid: Susan Ferrechio
Coronavirus Package Allows Feds to Import More Foreign Workers: John Binder

Scandal Central

Here Is How Hunter Biden Allegedly Traded On Family Name, Influence To Make Millions: ZH
Former DNI Grenell 'very concerned' over Biden admin's reported ties to China: Fox
Biden CIA Appointee Worked With CCP Propaganda Org, Appears On China State Media: Pulse


Rush Limbaugh gives emotional signoff during pre-Christmas show: EIB
Meet 10 incoming House freshmen to watch in 2021: Emily Brooks
American Jews praise Grenell appointment to Holocaust Memorial Council: JPost

Dominion Security Director Files Lawsuits Against Trump, Conservative Media: Summit
I’ve Had a Year to Think About What’s Important: EIB
Reading Anne Frank in Tehran: Diarist among top foreign authors for Iran’s women: TOI


Insane: 150 House Democrats sign letter backing Biden to reenter Iran nuclear deal: JPost
Palestinian demands in Jerusalem are a poison pill: Karen Bekker
US, China in another near-miss clash in South China Sea: AT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

US Navy Patent Describes EM Drive For "Flying Triangle" Craft : ZH
Explore - The Night Sky | Hubble’s Caldwell Catalog: NASA
Mask Mandates Seem to Make CCP Virus Infection Rates Climb, Study Says: Matthew Vadum


Merry Christmas To All Who Serve: CTH
Merry Christmas, Everybody — I Love You All: EIB
Christmas Eves Past, Present and Future: MOTUS

Fauci admits lying again

— Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) December 24, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Yes, It Was a Stolen Election

Wed, 12/23/2020 - 14:45
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Yes, It Was a Stolen Election: John Perazzo
What Else Can We Do to Fight Back Against This Stolen Election?: EIB
'There's never been anything like it': Trump alleges voter fraud again: Tyler Van Dyke

President Trump Demands Congress Revisit $900 Billion Pork-Filled COVID Bailout: CTH
Hypocrisy watch: Nancy Pelosi's 'significant' $600, and $2,500 'crumbs': Monica Showalter
Georgia Poll: Raphael Warnock, Jon Ossoff Lead GOP Incumbents: Hannah Bleau

Giuliani: AZ GOP Will Attempt to Certify Trump Winner of Election on Wednesday: Debra Heine
#NY22: Delayed Time Stamps on Ballots May Impact Election Outcome: Mary Chastain
The Sovietization of California: Dennis Prager

Pelosi Ready to Pull Trump out of WH 'By His Hair': Charlie Spiering
Under Trump’s Tenure, Promises Made Were Promises Kept: Star Parker
A Reason To Pardon Julian Assange: CTH

Rage Rage: Twelve Round
The Plot to Steal America: Woodsterman
Explosive Scene at Oregon State Capitol: Riot Declared, MRAPs and Pepper Spray Deployed: PJM


Marc Morano: We Will Go From COVID Lockdowns To “Climate Lockdowns” Under Biden: Charles Rotter
How carbon bureaucrats lied to get the policies they wanted: Charles Rotter
Deb Haaland in no-win situation over Biden federal drilling ban: Josh Siegel

Scandal Central

Trump authorizes John Durham to share classified info with grand jury: Scoop
White House announces 15 pre-Christmas pardons, including two tied to Mueller investigation: Examiner
Six years after Flint crisis, EPA overhauls rules to replace lead pipes: Abby Smith


CNN mainstreams Kentucky election conspiracy theory: Becket Adams
Kat Von D Leaving California over 'Tyrannical Government Overreach': Ben Kew
Someone turned Tom Cruise's viral meltdown into "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"...: NTB


Some scenarios for the South China Sea in 2021: AT
Russian and Chinese bombers fly joint patrol over Pacific: APnews
China Stole Data For Years, But Learning How To Read It Is What Changed The Global Spy Game: Virginia Kruta

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

EVs and The Lithium Triangle: Where Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia Meet: Samar Ahmad
Study finds 84% fewer hospitalizations for patients treated with hydroxychloroquine: Andrew Mark Miller
A Secret Grail Crypt Under A London River? The Search Is On: Ancient Origins


The Grift That Keeps On Giving: Stilton’s Place
On the Tenth Day of Christmas: SDA
Santa’s Little Seraphim: MOTUS

Congress just gave you $600 but they gave Venezuela $33 billion of your money to "support democracy."

— Emerald Robinson ✝️ (@EmeraldRobinson) December 23, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Concede only that Trump won

Tue, 12/22/2020 - 14:45
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Concede only that Trump won: Don Surber
Red Alert: Patriots must show up in DC on Jan 6th to protest the election fraud: John Basham
15 House Republicans Push GA to Avoid Repeat ‘Disaster’ in January Runoffs: Fred Lucas

9 Things to Know About the $2.5 Billion Omnibus and "COVID-19" Package: Daily Signal
Spicer Interviews Giuliani on Two Distinct Legal Election Processes: CTH
Trump Ill-Served by Advisers Urging Him to Concede---Former Overstock CEO: Epoch Times

Cruz to Trump: Send Paris, Iran Deals to Senate So They Can Fail: Philip Wegmann
Biden 'czars' spark GOP fears of unchecked climate agenda: Abby Smith
Joe Biden's Cabinet of nitwits: Monica Showalter

Dark To Light: A Meeting With The President: Tracy Beanz
The study of 10,000,000 the pro-COVID lobby won't talk about: Monica Showalter
Explosive Scene at Oregon State Capitol: Riot Declared, MRAPs and Pepper Spray Deployed: PJM


House and Senate pass along 5,600 Page Pork-Filled “COVID” Package No One Has Read: CTH
$900 billion divided among us would be $2700 per person. For a family of 5, that’d be $13,500: Jeff Goldstein
Dalai Lama's reincarnation makes an appearance in coronavirus spending bill: Susan Ferrechio

Scandal Central

Election Fraud Update for December 21, 2020: BattleSwarm
AG Barr Will Not Appoint Special Counsel to Probe 2020 Election Fraud or Biden’s Foreign Influence Operations: CTH
Seriously? AG Barr Says He’s ‘Not Seen a Reason’ to Appoint a Special Counsel to Investigate Hunter Biden: PJM


A bad year for the New York Times: T. Becket Adams
Trump Announces Members of Commission Focused on Teaching Youth About America’s Founding: Virginia Allen
Sidney Powell May Get To Try To Prove ‘Kraken’ Case--As Defendant in Civil Lawsuits by Smartmatic, Dominion: LI


China Lies About Its Wrongdoing on COVID, Spying, Global Aggression, Pollution, and More: James Carafano
US and allies to fall back on sanctions and prosecutions to punish Russia for cyberattack: Joel Gehrke
Putin Will Laugh In The Face Of Biden’s Obama-Style ‘Red Line’ Threats: Ian Haworth

Biden Chooses Trita Parsi for NSC – Handing Iran the Keys to Middle East Policy: Charles "Sam" Faddis
Inside the rapidly increasing US-Iran military tensions: Tom Rogan
AG Barr: New Charges Against Qaddafi Bomb Maker in Bombing of Pan AM Flight 103, Lockerbie Scotland: CTH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

China caught between a moon rock and a hard place: Frank Chen
Half a million vaccinated as Washington prepares more relief: Cassidy Morrison
NASA scientists achieve long-distance 'quantum teleportation' over 27 miles for the first time: DailyMail


Joe Biden Reads The 23rd Palm: The People’s Cube
Friday Femme Fatale: Feral Irishman
After the Solstice…the Epiphany: MOTUS

The most offensive thing about this Bill is not even the socialism. It’s that it helps underwrite and legitimize the most severe infringement upon civil liberties rather than using it as leverage to ban governors from violating human rights

— Daniel Horowitz (@RMConservative) December 22, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Trump campaign independently filing with Supreme Court over election results

Mon, 12/21/2020 - 14:45
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Trump campaign independently filing with Supreme Court over election results: Mica Soellner
Trump promises 'wild' protest in DC on Jan. 6: Mica Soellner
Ken Starr to Senate: Pennsylvania 'flagrantly violated' laws ahead of presidential election: JTN

Will Republicans Kill Democracy?: Daniel Gelernter
Legislators must reclaim power over health and elections or risk being sidelined: Justin Hill
The Stupid Establishment’s Lies Will Be Its Undoing: Kurt Schlichter

Catholic bishops cower as Biden assembles pro-abortion administration: Abby Johnson
Keep Texas Red: Auguste Meyrat
Second wave of school closures is killing our children: Molly Rutherford

Feds Bust Massive Drug Ring at Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, and App. State: Mike LaChance
Law Professor Calls for All Black Votes to Be Double-Counted From Now On: RS
Chicago mayor Lightfoot’s status as a fraud solidified in her response to bungled raid: John Ruberry


Congress reaches deal on $900 billion COVID bill as GOP Senate rift widens: NRO
Corporate lobbyists and slave labor: Judd Legum
So Many People Fled California It Could Lose a Congressional Seat in Census: Victoria Taft

Scandal Central

$2.3 Trillion Spending Package: Sweet baby Jesus – it’s flipping dejá vu all over again !!: CTH
Peter Navarro Discusses His 2020 Election Report, The Immaculate Deception: CTH
Judge: Inmate convicted of sexually abusing daughter has constitutional right to taxpayer-funded sex reassignment surgery: Michael Lee


Washington Post Cartoon Borrows Page From Nazi Playbook: Bronson Stocking
Loser Baffled That 2024 GOP Contenders “are trying to become as much like Donald Trump as they can be”: LI
Robert E. Lee statue removed from US Capitol: The Hill

Obama’s Latest Autobiography Rewrites Israeli History to Make You Hate the Jewish State: Robert Spencer
12/15/20 – Antisemitic Disinformation: A Study of the Online Dissemination of Anti-Jewish Conspiracy Theories: Network Contagion


The forgotten lessons of Stalinism: Richard Lim
The Current and Coming War with China: Larry Provost
The lesson in China's cotton slave trade: Examiner

Strategic Patience: An Excuse For Timidity?: Grant Newsham
Iran’s investment in missile technology shows its real plan all along: JPost
Netanyahu warns British mutation could be ‘coronavirus 2.0’: TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The loneliness pandemic: More affected mentally by the crisis than infected by the coronavirus: Examiner
Kilauea volcano erupts on Hawaii's Big Island: Rosa Sanchez
New Study Shows Mask Mandates Had Zero Effect in Florida or Nationwide, But the Lie Continues: Scott Morefield


Bunches Of Planes Dragging Anti-Biden Sky Messages Across Florida: WZ
Finally – A Santa That Comes Through For Old Joe: Earl of Taint
Steer Clear of COVID Porn If You Don’t Want To Catch the Humbugs: MOTUS

$600 a week in the form of a “gift” from the people who are driving the national debt to 30 Trillion in exchange for the liberty of a freedom based economy is nothing more than radical egalitarianism at its worst and will result in the same consequences.

— Andrew Wilkow (@WilkowMajority) December 21, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Rep Gosar says 790,000 votes in AZ were flipped to Joe Biden

Sat, 12/19/2020 - 14:27
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Rep Gosar says 790,000 votes in AZ were flipped to Joe Biden: M. Dowling
Overwhelming Evidence of Fraud During U.S. 2020 Presidential Election: Libertas Bella
U.S. Supreme Court throws out challenge to Trump census immigrant plan: Lawrence Hurley

SF Dems Threaten Paper for Reporting on Homeless Apocalypse: Daniel Greenfield
Newsom's California: Convicted Illegal Child Murderer Freed into U.S.: John Binder
Democrats stop saying 'defund the police’ while continuing to defund the police: Examiner

Senator-Elect Tuberville Suggests He’ll Join Objection to Electoral Votes: Epoch Times
It’s time for the ‘Deplorables’ to become the Unconquerables: Glenn H. Reynolds
Jared Kushner’s scorecard: 24 points for Trump’s legacy: Paul Bedard

Kamala Harris: The big buildup begins: Monica Showalter
Rabbis Denounce Raphael Warnock for 'Antisemitic Rhetoric': Joel B. Pollak
Joe Biden: My stripper-impregnating, crackhead international businessman son Hunter is the smartest guy I know: DC


A thread on this viral Covid map, which attempts to paint a very scary picture: Stu Burguiere
Recall Gavin Newsom: SDA
NYC Mayor de Blasio: 'I like to say very bluntly, our mission is to redistribute wealth': Breck Dumas

Scandal Central

“Get Joe involved”: New texts reveal family needed Joe’s help with Chinese business deals: Scoop
Barr: No 'sign of improper CIA activity' surrounding Trump-Russia investigation launch: Examiner
Maricopa County election board defies state subpoenas: Robert Zimmerman

Report: Zuckerberg Money Used in Violation of Federal Election Law: Brian Trusdell
Mollie Hemingway: Biden Win Gives China 4 Year Reprieve To Pursue Global Dominance: Federalist
I Served 8 Months for a Campaign Contribution. Will Zuckerberg Get Punished for His $500M?: Dinesh D'Souza


Facebook, Twitter execs donated big bucks to Biden while blocking Hunter news: Ebony Bowden
USA Today fact-checks (another) Babylon Bee article to ensure you simpletons know satire is satirical: Seth Dillon
The Liberator Review: A Different, Animated Look At WWII in Europe: Steve Balestrieri

Unexpectedly: Corporate Media Ignoring Trump’s Role In Developing A COVID Vaccine: Federalist
Notable/Quotable: Dan Rather Medals for News and Guts: Cube
(It’s Called Christmas, Numbnuts) Scoop: Pentagon halts Biden transition briefings: Axios


There’s No Legitimate Reason for Biden to Reward Iran’s Terror Campaigns, But He Probably Will: WFB
As Bad as That Hack of U.S. Government Agencies Was, It's Far Worse Than You Think: Rick Moran
U.S. blacklists more than 60 Chinese firms, including SMIC and DJI: LAT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

FDA grants authorization to Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine: Cassidy Morrison
Fox News: Mainstream Media Seem to Have Forgotten Chris Krebs: NewsMax
This Incredible Particle Only Arises in Two Dimensions: Caroline Delbert


Septic Trucks Arrive In Washington To Begin Refilling The Swamp: Babylon Bee
A Curious Commonality Of Cartoning: Earl of Taint
English Lessons: MOTUS

TUCKER: The University of Pennsylvania's Dr. Harald Schmidt told the NY Times older people are "whiter." Thus, "Instead of giving them the vaccine, we can start to level the playing field a bit."

That means intentionally causing people's deaths — because they're the wrong color.

— August Takala (@AugustTakala) December 19, 2020

Top 20 Tweets from BadBlue Tonight, 12.18.20: He was Never-Trumping himself so hard it's remarkable he never went blind Edition

Sat, 12/19/2020 - 00:47

Curated by BadBlue News, my replacement for Drudge

.ggg100 { float:left !important; font-size: 2.7em; font-weight:bold; font-family: century gothic,candara,verdana,calibri,sans,arial,lucida; background-color: #333369; color:#FCFC99; padding: 3px 6px 3px 6px; border: 3px dashed #66669C; }20

Today we learned that Mueller lied. The Trump/Russia investigation didn't start on July 31 2016 after Alexander Downer went to the US embassy in London. It started earlier. Whoever started it, Robbie Mook's comments on July 24 sure look like a smoking

— Hans Mahncke (@HansMahncke) December 18, 2020 19

The “experts” told us:

-Don’t wear a mask. Wear a mask.

-Close schools. Open schools. Close schools.

-Outdoor dinning is safe. Now it’s not.

-15 days to slow the spread. Nine months of lockdown.

-No way President Trump secures a vaccine before 2021.

— Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) December 17, 2020 18

— Praying Medic (@prayingmedic) December 18, 2020 17

Influenza testing through the first 11 weeks of flu season (weeks 40 to 50). CDC flu view.

Five-year average: 5.53% positive
This year: 0.17%

— Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) December 18, 2020 16

Have they stopped counting ballots for Joe Biden yet?

— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) December 18, 2020 15

GA Secretary of State @GaSecofState blatantly violating GA Constitution that prohibits voting in runoff unless voter was registered & eligible to vote in general election.

Brad let @JordyFuchs negotiate Dominion deal. He must have asked her to read GA Constitution for him too.

— Lin Wood (@LLinWood) December 18, 2020 14

President @realDonaldTrump was NEVER afforded a peaceful transition, not even a peaceful 2016 campaign!

The Obama-era FBI was going after him from the beginning!

Great reporting by @seanmdav ⬇️

— Kayleigh McEnany (@kayleighmcenany) December 17, 2020 13

Instead of doing his job and preventing hostile foreign attacks like this, Christopher Krebs was busy Never-Trumping himself so hard it's remarkable he never went blind.

— Sean Davis (@seanmdav) December 17, 2020 12

Georgia, we have to #HoldTheLine for two reasons:

1. To STOP the Left from perpetrating their radical agenda

2. To defend everything we’ve accomplished together the last four years#GASen #gapol

— David Perdue (@Perduesenate) December 17, 2020 11

Why does Jill Biden have to be 4 inches from Joe Biden in every interview he does on TV?

Talk about creepy.

— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) December 18, 2020 10

Every American citizen should own a pump action grenade launcher.

— Citizen[17] (@losignal) December 17, 2020 9

I want nonstop special counsel investigations into the Biden Family and Admin for the next four years. Exactly the hell they did to Trump.

— Kyle Kashuv (@KyleKashuv) December 18, 2020 8

Deep State Actors: @LeeSmithDC says people like John Brennan, James Comey and Andrew McCabe compromised National Security and made a laughing stock out of this country, in their efforts to overthrow @RealDonaldTrump #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs

— Lou Dobbs (@LouDobbs) December 17, 2020 7

Constitutional Crisis: @jsolomonReports explains how Wisconsin officials may have broken federal law by taking money from Big Tech oligarchs to do voter outreach in predominantly Democrat communities. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs

— Lou Dobbs (@LouDobbs) December 17, 2020 6

Let's see. @DineshDSouza went to jail for an illegal campaign contribution of $20,000. How much jail time should mark Zuckerberg get for an undeclared campaign contribution of $350 million--to benefit Biden?

— KenTimmerman (@KenTimmerman) December 18, 2020 5

I’ve noticed that Twitter has throttled down new followers to virtually zero, and many of you complain that you can’t get notifications from my feed. It’s clear Twitter is no longer interested in promoting, supporting, or even allowing free speech. So be it...

— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) December 18, 2020 4

I’m being told that just up until now...mid December...the fraud in California unemployment (EDD) is gonna approach 10 Billion dollars. That’s money from paychecks, business owners, federal relief and state money...all...gone.

— Adam Housley (@adamhousley) December 18, 2020 3

Why aren't there millions of people out in the streets protesting that's what I don't understand?

— BRIAN FRASER (@bfraser747) December 18, 2020

Courage is just outlasting fear by a minute...

— TheLastRefuge (@TheLastRefuge2) December 18, 2020 2

THANK YOU to the GREAT men and women of @FedEx and @UPS for driving through the storms this week to deliver millions of doses of the vaccine across the country. Two Great American Companies!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 18, 2020 1

18 House colleagues joined me in sending a letter to @senatemajldr, @SpeakerPelosi, and various House & Senate committee chairs seeking election fraud hearings ahead of the Jan 6th Electoral College vote submissions.

— Mo Brooks (@RepMoBrooks) December 17, 2020


Another reason we're going to win.... the cheating is so breathtakingly blatant.

In the video below, the Michigan SOS official can be seen demanding that the counters IGNORE what they believe is voter fraud and count the ballots anyway.

— Dr Joe Dan Gorman Ph.D Intellectual Froglegs (@JoeDanMedia) December 19, 2020

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Larwyn’s Linx: Senator James Lankford Outlines Concerns With Voter Confidence in 2020 Election Outcome

Fri, 12/18/2020 - 12:14
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Sen. Lankford Outlines Concerns With Voter Confidence in 2020 Election Outcome: CTH
We Can Still Save The Country – Here's How – Act Now: Dr. Brad Lyles
The New Oligarchs Will Not Tolerate Secession: Edward J. Erler

The Persistent Myth of Biden’s ‘Moderation’: George Neumayr
GA—As a Lifelong Democrat, I Implore You to Support Loeffler and Perdue: Vernon Jones
Child sex offender in leadership role at Portland Antifa autonomous zone: PostMillenial

Sen.-elect Tuberville suggests he'll back effort to challenge Electoral College vote: Tal Axelrod
Trump wants to make his southern anti-drug fight permanent: Abraham Mahshie
Everybody In California Is Moving to Texas: BattleSwarm

Most don’t believe China Joe Biden is a legitimate “president-elect”

The audit in Arizona: Robert Zimmerman
Georgia Conducting Statewide ‘Signature Match Review’ Of Absentee Ballots: Tim Pearce
California Clearly Violated Election Law—Votes are Invalid: Daniel Bobinski

White House Senior Advisor Peter Navarro Releases Independent Report on 2020 Election: CTH
Heated Senate Hearing on 2020 Election: “Transparency is Not Political”: UncoverDC
A not-so-looney look at 2020 election results in battleground states: Devine: Miranda Devine


Joe Biden’s Immigration Policies Would Flood U.S. With Migrants: OAN
“War Zone”: Investors Avoiding Minneapolis For Some Reason: Ed Morrissey
Automakers embrace electric cars as they prepare for policy U-turn under Biden: Abby Smith

Scandal Central

Russia Collusion Wasn’t About Donald Trump, It Was Designed to Protect Hillary Clinton: Lee Smith
Lt. General Michael Flynn Outlines Some Steps President Trump Could Take Facing Evidence of Election Fraud: CTH
Peter Strzok’s Declassified Messages Give Insider View Of FBI’s Trump Campaign Probe: Chuck Ross


Newly Declassified Texts Messages: FBI Spied on Fox News During Russia Hoax Investigation: Debra Heine
The Turtle Is Determined to Stop the One Long-Shot Scenario Left for Trump: EIB
GOP governors ready for Trump attacks in 2022: David M. Drucker


Illegal-immigrant caravans back on the way — and Joe Biden ‘invited’ them: John Davidson
Immigration Politics Went Away During COVID-19. It's Coming Back.: Josh Hammer
Hungary: "Europe's Borders Must be Protected": Soeren Kern

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Modern Iceland’s Climate Is Colder With More Ice Than Any Other Time In The Last 8000 Years Except The 1800s: Charles Rotter
A New Satellite Can Peer Inside Buildings, Day or Night: Dan Robitzki
1000-Year-Old Mummy Died Of Constipation After Grasshopper Diet, Scientists Say: DC


Lyft to begin offering fully autonomous vehicles in 2023: Haley Victory Smith
Heroes and Villains: It’s a Rigged Game: MOTUS
Beyond The Great Foreboding is What We Need, HOPE: CTH

Want to talk about how to fix the GOP? Let’s win the 2 Georgia Senate races and then we can talk about it. If we lose, there will hardly be anything to talk about. We’ll be too busy taking it up the rear end!

— Dinesh D'Souza (@DineshDSouza) December 18, 2020

INFOGRAPHIC: The Fork In The Road

Thu, 12/17/2020 - 23:57

“Greece would not have fallen had it obeyed Polybius in everything, and when Greece did meet disaster, its only help came from him”, Pausanias, 8.37.2, Inscription on the Temple of Despoina near Arakesion.

In Book VI of his Histories, the ancient Greek historian Polybius described three basic forms of government, each categorized by the number of those in power. He listed monarchy (rule by the one); aristocracy (rule by the few); and democracy (rule by the many). Polybius described, over time, how each type of government would gradually decline into their various corrupted forms of tyranny, oligarchy and mob rule, respectively.

Read more

Larwyn’s Linx: Michigan Judge Orders Release of Damning Forensics Report of Dominion Vote Tabulation System

Tue, 12/15/2020 - 12:47
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MI: Judge Orders Release of Damning Forensics Report of Dominion Vote System: CTH
Antrim County, MI’s election audit: Dominion machines unreliable, evidence suggests vote tampering: Robert Zimmerman
Michigan Republicans ask Supreme Court to view findings from Dominion voting machines forensic audit: Daniel Chaitin

Republican Legislatures Choose Alternate Electors in NV, WI, GA, PA, AZ to Preserve Election Challenge: CTH
AG Barr directly intervened to keep Hunter Biden probe secret before election: Daily Mail
AG Barr Resigns Following Meeting to Discuss DOJ Pursuing Voter Fraud: CTH

Time To Heel: Jim Quinn
Time to Heel, Part II: Heel or Fight: Jim Quinn
With U.S. Senate Runoffs Near, Georgia's Not Prosecuting Its Unprecedented Number of Double Voters: Paul Sperry

Wisconsin Supreme Court says election officials were wrong; ballots may not be counted: ElectionWiz
Former Cuomo Adviser Accuses NY Gov Of Sexual Harassment: ‘I Am Not The Only Woman’: Mary Margaret Olohan
Here's What Warnock Said When He Praised Farrakhan Back in 2013: Beth Baumann


Common Core: The Last Time Bill Gates Helped America: Melissa MacKenzie
N.J. Gym Owner Fined $1 Million for Refusing to Close Has a Message for Gov. Phil Murphy: OHN
My Brexit hell: Robert Hutton

Scandal Central

2020 Election Investigative Documentary: Who’s Stealing America?: Epoch Times
Cuomo releasing private personnel documents of the woman who accused him of sexual harassment…: Raf
William Barr stepping down as attorney general, Trump announces: John Solomon

Top GOP reps. urge FBI to provide information about reported CCP infiltration of U.S. govt.: Douglas Braff
Time to call in a special counsel on Hunter and Joe Biden: Goodwin: Michael Goodwin
Ghislaine Maxwell and her husband offer $28.5 million bail package: Post


Fox News Poll: Most Republicans say President Trump was robbed: Dana Blanton
Fact-Checking 'Certifier' Busted for Trashing Trump, Conservatives on Russian Propaganda Site: PJM
Barr steps down as attorney general, decries 'frenzied and baseless' Russia allegations: John Solomon

Big Tech, MSM Attempt To Snuff Out Hunter Biden Investigation: OAN
Hack Networks Silent on Sex Harassment Claims Against Andrew Cuomo: Scott Whitlock
Tennessee: Lawyer fired for saying Islam isn’t a peaceful religion: Robert Spencer


Leaked CCP Database Translated to English: ElectionWiz
U.S. formally blames Iran for abduction, presumed death of former FBI agent Levinson: Sophie Mann
DHS, DoD, NIH, State Department reportedly hit by Russian hackers: Post

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Vitamin D & Ivermectin Better Solutions to COVID than Vaccines: Dr. Sircus
Scientists focus on bats for clues to prevent next pandemic: THT
Italy needs new restrictions to avoid third, devastating COVID-19 wave -PM to paper: Reuters


The Media Abandons Democracy: Jeffrey Lord
Explainer: 'Dueling electors' pose risk of U.S. vote deadlock: Reuters (10/16/20)
Reality Bites: MOTUS

Tucker: “Dr. Jill Biden has the very same degree as Dr. Bill Cosby does— which is one degree from Dr. Pepper.”

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) December 15, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Coup d’État in America: A Limey Viewpoint

Mon, 12/14/2020 - 12:14
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Coup d’État in America: A Limey Viewpoint: Gates of Vienna
Debunked? Nothing Has Been Debunked: Raconteur Report
The Fight Will Continue: Yaacov ben Moshe

Jew-Haters Unite: Omar, Tlaib, Sarsour to headline Georgia Senate event for Warnock: Times
LA Whistleblower: D.A. Gascon's Decriminalization Directive Is... Illegal: Jennifer Van Laar
What happens now that Antifa took an absolute beating from the Proud Boys?: Lafayette Lee

Veterans Day, 2020 – In front of the White House: Washington, D.C.: Michael Yon
Could Secession Succeed?: Kurt Schlichter
Only Then: Twelve Round

Gen. Flynn: “We Have Conclusive Evidence of Foreign Interference In Our Election”: CTH
List of CCP Members Embedded Within Multinational Organizations is Released: CTH
Gleeful Bill Gates: Keep Restaurants, Bars Closed for 6 Months, Return to Normal Activity in 2022: CTH


Don't let HUD go back to making federal zoning policy: Examiner
Seattle weighs ‘poverty defense’ for most misdemeanor crimes: Jorge Fitz-Gibbon
Why is student loan debt treated differently from other debts?: Bruce Yandle

Scandal Central

Michigan Blocks Results of Forensic Audit of 22 Dominion Machines in Antrim County: Debra Heine
Michigan State Police arrest celebrated Democratic official on six felony charges of election fraud: Law Officer
Gov. Cuomo Accused of Sexual Harassment by Former Aide: Matt Palumbo

Election Night Errors, How Do You Get Negative Votes: CTH
Extensive Interview With Sidney Powell on Current Status of Election Lawsuits and More: CTH
Texas AG Paxton Discusses SCOTUS Decision to Ignore Their Constitutional Authority: CTH


Facebook fact-checkers are tied to Soros, Hillary Clinton, CCP, and CNN: M. Dowling
Levin slams Romney for dismissing 'evidence of Hunter Biden’s serial sleazy business deals': Emma Colton
The Hill Published a Major Lie About Kelly Loeffler and a Former KKK Leader: Beth Baumann

Media outlets knew of massive CCP infiltration in September but chose to wait until after the election: JD Rucker
Suspect Arrested In ‘Senseless’ Killing Of Nashville Nurse Caitlyn Kaufman Had Violent History: Breaking 911
Alex Jones Tells MAGA Rally ‘Walking-Dead Corpse’ Biden to Be 'Removed One Way or Another': Svetlana Ekimenko


Kremlin-backed hackers breach US Treasury and Commerce: Report: Tyler Van Dyke
Pro-democracy Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lai denied bail: Tyler Van Dyke
China kill: Marines’ new attack ships built for one purpose: AT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

CDC authorizes administering coronavirus vaccine: Tyler Van Dyke
What We Know About the Cyberattack on the U.S. Treasury: Bronson Stocking
Fidelity’s Custody Business Around Bitcoin ‘Incredibly Successful’: Johnson: Kevin Reynolds


Biden To Introduce New Medal Of Honor For Bravery In Journalism: Babylon Bee
Charley Pride, Country Music Legend dies at 86: RS
School Daze: Stilton’s Place

The Democrat Party ... China First

The Republican Party ... China First

President Trump ... America First

Now you know why both parties want him out.

— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) December 14, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Statistical Evidence of Dominion Election Fraud? Time to Audit the Machines

Sun, 12/13/2020 - 14:30
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Statistical Evidence of Dominion Election Fraud? Time to Audit the Machines.: Fraud Spotters
Giuliani: We’ll Continue The Fight In State Courts: Ed Morrissey
Dred Scott II: The second judicial civil war is now upon America: Ed Timperlake

Special Delivery From #44:! Another Hunter Email Further Implicates Joe Biden: RS
Eric Swalwell, Hunter Biden and the DNCCP: Derek Hunter
Hunter Biden cover-up was the lie of the year: Don Surber

Trump Approves Filing Retooled Texas-Style Election Challenges: Giuliani: Epoch Times
Michael Flynn Delivers Remarks During Jericho March in Washington DC: CTH
Four stabbed and 23 arrested in DC clash between Proud Boys and antifa: Tyler Van Dyke

Cartels telling migrants ‘border will be open’ when Biden takes over: Sandra Sanchez
Mark Levin slams Biden's top Cabinet picks as 'appeasers of China': Fox
TX GOP: Law-Abiding States Should 'Bond Together,' Form a Union That Follows the Constitution: WJ


Comrade Cuomo Shuts Down Indoor Dining in New York City: CTH
Report: Homelessness Soars to Record Heights in New York City : Bronson Stocking
Why Small Business Owners in Georgia Are Thanking Sens. Loeffler and Perdue : Beth Baumann

Scandal Central

Attorney moves to release findings from Dominion voting machines audit in Antrim County, MI: Daniel Chaitin
Bizarre interactions between Ohr, Strzok, Weissmann and Zainab Ahmad during Trump transition: Stephen McIntyre
Hunter Biden failed to disclose $400K in Burisma payments in 2014 tax return: Jon Levine

Report, Bill Barr Knew of Criminal Investigations into Biden Family in Spring and Worked to Keep It Quiet: CTH
No ‘Next Time’ for GOP If It Doesn’t Challenge Voter Fraud Now: Brian C. Joondeph
Consent Withdrawn, Entire Town of Mossyrock Washington Defies Governor Inslee’s Latest Set of COVID-19 Restrictions: CTH


Phil Kline Outlines Massive Targeted Expenditure From Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Influence Election: CTH
CNN’s April Ryan To Other Journalists: Stop Exposing Leaks On Biden: Karen Townsend
How NBC News Helped Ruin an Innocent Man and Bury the Hunter Laptop Story: Jeff Reynolds


Major leak 'exposes' members and 'lifts the lid' on the Chinese Communist Party: Sky News
Italy’s Staggering Virus Toll Poses Uncomfortable Questions: Hot Air
Seriously? As Trump Announces Another Mideast Peace Deal, Biden Named Person of the Year: Robert Spencer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Britain showcases what US and global future will really look like with “sustainable” EVs: Duggan Flanakin
Scientists Link This Superspreader Event in February to Around 300,000 COVID Cases: Bronson Stocking
Mexican archaeologists uncover facade of Aztec skull tower in capital: THT


Woman stalked her daughter's killers across Mexico, one by one: ST
Lost ‘Cosmic’ Amazonian Villages Discovered in Brazilian Rainforest: Ancient Origins
Some Holiday Sunday Fun: MOTUS

We will NEVER believe that this President lost the election.

— President-ElectPolitiChicks (@ThePolitiChicks) December 12, 2020

FACTCHECK.ORG CONFIRMS: We are a stinking hot pile of garbage laced with animal feces [Georgia Vote Fraud Edition]

Thu, 12/10/2020 - 22:43

In short, if you trust "Politifact" or "" to adjudicate questionable claims, you better start looking for other sources.

Exhibit 5,003,406: The "Factcheck" article -- which attempted to debunk overwhelming evidence of Georgia election fraud -- asserted that there was never any water main break in State Farm Arena, where absentee ballots were tallied, and that counting never stopped.

Too bad the Internet always leaves evidence, this time in very plain sight. Here are the right-wing, pro-Trump alt-right kooks at CBS reporting very late on Election Day (not at 6:07am):

CBS reported "A water pipe has broken in State Farm Arena… this is Georgia’s most populous county and now counting [of absentee ballots] has stopped.”

Chyrons scrolled merrily along during the report that confirmed the news.

In short, Factcheck ignored on-the-scene, live reports to push their Marxist ideology. They investigated nothing and simply regurgitated comments from other Marxists.

I can only conclude, with all due respect of course, that is a steaming pile of hot garbage laced with animal feces.

DEAR DEMOCRATS: An Open Letter About Chinese Influence Operations in the U.S.

Tue, 12/08/2020 - 22:16

Dear Democrats,

Hope you are doing well during this holiday season. I would just like to ask a question or two about some items that crossed my desk recently:

1. Eric Shartwell (D-CA) seems to have been cavorting and/or sleeping with a Chinese spy until alerted by the FBI that he had been compromised;

2. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) had a Chinese spy as driver and chief adjutant for 20 years, while her husband cleared $100+ million from Chinese business relationships; she, too, was alerted by the FBI that her office was compromised;

3. Hunter Biden, the spectacularly unqualified son of Joe, magically pulled $1.5 billion in private equity funds from China while his Dad was VP;

4. AXIOS just reported that China has completely infiltrated California's Democrat Party with the ultimate goal of destroying the United States;

So I'm wondering:

After four years of screeching about "Russia collusion", why aren't you hysterically ranting about Chinese bots and Chinese influence operations and Chinese election interference as you did in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019?

Could it be you're in bed with the Communist Chinese Party? Was "Russia Collusion" intended to deflect attention from the Democrats' real, and very treasonous, activities? And how do you think "Honest Adam Schiff" might relate to all of this?

We're all ears.

Hat tip: BadBlue Uncensored News, updated 24/7