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Larwyn's Linx: The Media are Just as Complicit in DOJ, FBI, Corruption and FISA Abuse

Fri, 12/07/2018 - 11:24
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Laurence Gonzales’s bestselling Deep Survival has helped save lives from the deepest wildernesses, just as it has improved readers’ everyday lives.
The Media are Just as Complicit in DOJ, FBI, Corruption and FISA Abuse: CTH
Mueller's witch hunt may have just boomeranged: Don Surber
The ominous scramble before Mueller got the job: CNN

Catch & Release: MS-13 Killer Avoided Deportation Thanks to Obama Judge: R.S. McCain
House Democrats Will Push to Criminalize Private Gun Sales: AWR Hawkins
Trump to tap former A.G. William Barr to head Justice Department: Diana Stancy Correll

Democrats Are Just Too Darned Smart: David Catron
Border police, troops brace for caravan surge in Arizona: Anna Giaritelli
52,000 apprehended on border in November, most of Trump's presidency: Anna Giaritelli

Islam's Political Infiltration: Douglas V. Gibbs
What the Arrest of Huawei's CFO Means for the U.S.-China Trade War: Stratfor
Huawei CFO Arrest: John Bolton Knew, President Trump Did Not?: CTH


Anniversary of a Failed Progressive Experiment: Steven Greenhut
All The Right Moves – Fiat Chrysler Opening Jeep SUV Plan in Detroit: CTH
Senate Confirms CFPB Director Kathy Kraninger: CTH

Scandal Central

Feds received whistleblower evidence in 2017 alleging Clinton Foundation wrongdoing: John Solomon
Smoking Gun Proof Might Damn James Comey, FBI & Possibly the DOJ: S. Noble
Andrew McCabe Launched Obstruction Probe After Trump Fired Comey: Report: Beast

Flynn sentencing memo reveals the sham that is the Mueller investigation: Howard J. Warner
Flynn Sentencing Memo Is Not Ominous: Timothy Parlatore
Court Filing: James Wolfe Sentencing Memo Due Tue, 12/11, 5:00pm: CTH

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Why Climate Change and Diversity Are So Urgent: Dov Fischer
Agenda 21 "Road Diets" in California Fire Likely Caused Unnecessary Deaths: Democrats Against Agenda 21
Study: "Climate Change" Laws In NY and CA Hurt Poor People The Most: Jason Hopkins


Boston Globe Advises Warren to Bow Out of 2020 Field: Brent Scher
Measuring the Media's Obsession With Trump: Kalev Leetaru
The Weekly Standard’s Ongoing Suicide Finally Achieves Results: BattleSwarm

‘Be Not Conformed to This World’: R.S. McCain
Anthem Kneelers and Wife Beaters: Daniel Greenfield
Bomb threat forces CNN to evacuate New York offices yet again: Circa


U.S. Fears Iran Planning 'Massive Regional War' in Middle East: Adam Kredo
Report: President Trump Likely To Nominate Heather Nauert as U.N. Ambassador: CTH
Paris College Lecturer Has Throat Slit by Misunderstanderer of Islam: Pamela Geller

The Danes have had it with illegal immigrant criminals: John Hinderaker
8,000 Police Swarm Paris Ahead of Fourth Weekend of Protests: Beast
Europe should be worried about Huawei, EU tech commissioner says: Reuters

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Republicans hacked after hiring the Democrats' cyber-security firm, Crowdstrike: Thomas Lifson
Amazon robot sprays 54 workers with bear repellent: Fox
Researchers Develop Molecule That Can Finally Help Stop Arthritis From Wearing Down Joints: GNN


FLOTUS Friday: Remembrance Edition: MOTUS
First good thing Hatch has done in years: C&S
Enhanced Footage Of Memorial Service Reveals Hillary Clinton Was Actually Reciting Ancient Ritual To Summon Cthulhu From His Slumber: Bee

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Hey @KamalaHarris! Are you going to order an FBI investigation of the alleged sexual misconduct that’s taken place in your own office?

— Jacob Wohl (@JacobAWohl) December 6, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: One-Eyed-Jack Law

Thu, 12/06/2018 - 10:43
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In this brutally honest portrait, Sergeant Michael Middleton--a now-retired veteran of the LAPD--tells the gripping tale of his two decades on some of the America's meanest streets.
One-Eyed-Jack Law: Victor Davis Hanson
FBI email chain may provide most damning evidence of FISA abuses yet: John Solomon
Grassley: Why Did FBI Raid Home of a Clinton Foundation Whistleblower?: Katie Pavlich

Our Ignorance of Socialism Is Dangerous: Walter E. Williams
Hirono: Democrats can't connect with voters because we know so much: Hot Air
Beto and Obama Reportedly Met to Discuss 2020 Election: Nicole Darrah

Appeals Court Upholds New Jersey High-Capacity Magazine Ban: Jack Crowe
Boulder Residents Given Days To 'Certify' Rifles Or Face Consequences: Tom Knighton
Countless Americans carry guns. Police are killing too many of them: LA TImes

Ronsday – Decline Of America: GOC
Rashida Tlaib Misrepresented Soros Stipend in Financial Disclosures: Joe Schoffstall
Steyer Says Republicans Have ‘Determination’ to Take Away ‘Equal Votes’: Todd Shepherd


The American Presidency Is in Xi's Hands: Roger L. Simon
Conservative Leaders Demand Congress Fund Border Wall: Ken Klukowski
Migrant caravans and the American taxpayer: Ned Ryun

Scandal Central

John Solomon Discusses Latest Spygate Developments With Sean Hannity: CTH
Sen. Graham Explains How Easy it Would Be for FBI, DOJ to Find Flynn Leaker: CTH
Mueller’s “Other Criminal Investigation” That Michael Flynn Has Supported: CTH

Cohen, Manafort Developments Don’t Show Any Illegal Conduct by Trump, His Campaign: Hans von Spakovsky
California's 'Grand Theft Election': Katy Grimes
Michael Flynn Is Helping The Government On 'Several' Cases, Which Ones?: Chuck Ross

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Bernie Sanders Saving The Climate, One Private Jet At A Time: Ed Morrissey


NYT Editorials About Deaths of Reagan, Bush Show Their Rank Partisanship: David Rutz
NBC News Affiliate: Bloomberg ‘Might Have a Tough Time Winning Over Some Iowans’: Cameron Cawthorne
Weekly Standard Expected to Close in Coming Weeks: Joe Simonson


Revolt in the streets is now inevitable: Richard Galustian
An Embattled Ukrainian Port City Braces for Russian ‘Economic Warfare’: Nolan Peterson
‘Europe is finished,’ leading lawyer says as he leaves UK for Israel: TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Google and Facebook cross 'The Creepy Line' of censorship every day: John Stossel
Mastercard and Microsoft have a frightening plan to create universal “digital identities”: FastCo
How to find out your Twitter interests list: Insider


Photos: Former President George H.W. Bush remembered in Washington: Victor I. Nava
Gigantic Unexplored Cave Found in Canada May Never Have Been Seen by Human Eyes: Peter Dockrill
Breathing Is Optional: How to Become an Underwater Torpedo: Eugene S. Robinson

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Someone within the Obama admin leaked Flynn’s call to the WaPo. That was a felony. Why is there no interest by Mueller in investigating this actual crime? h/t @KimStrassel

— Nick Short (@PoliticalShort) December 5, 2018

Is the FBI Raiding Whistleblowers’ Homes to Protect Robert Mueller?

Thu, 12/06/2018 - 01:04
By Daniel John Sobieski

Back on October 19, 2017, I raised the question of just how much Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein actually knew about Hillary Clinton and Uranium One, since it had been reported that the FBI was aware before the deal was approved in 2010 that Russia was engaging in criminal activity to penetrate our nuclear industry and gain access to chunks of our uranium reserves.

Earlier, in July, I called for a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton's collusion with Russia  to turn over control of 20 percent of our uranium supplies to Russian interests in return for some $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation.  It turns out that there was one: an FBI investigation dating back to 2009, with current deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein and Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller up to their eyeballs in covering up evidence of Hillary's collusion, bordering on treason, with Vladimir Putin's Russia:

Prior to the Obama administration approving the very controversial deal in 2010 giving Russia 20% of America's Uranium, the FBI had evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were involved in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering in order to benefit Vladimir Putin, says a report by The Hill[.]

John Solomon and Alison Spann, writing in The Hill, reported on an investigation that suddenly and mysteriously vanished off the radar as Hillary Clinton was seriously contemplating being Obama's successor:

Federal agents used a confidential U.S. witness working inside the Russian nuclear industry to gather extensive financial records, make secret recordings and intercept emails as early as 2009 that showed Moscow had compromised an American uranium trucking firm with bribes and kickbacks in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, FBI and court documents show[.]

If evidence of bribery, kickbacks, extortion, and money-laundering in the Uranium One affair are not grounds for a special prosecutor assigned to investigate Hillary Clinton, what is?  Rosenstein and Mueller, by their silence on this investigation hidden from Congress and the American people, come off as unindicted coconspirators in Hillary's crimes.  We may soon find just how much Robert Mueller was involved in killing a serious investigation into Uranium One.

Dennis Nathan Cain is a Department of Justice whistleblower who had obtained documents showing how Robert Mueller failed to properly investigate Uranium One and Hillary's involvement in it, actually aiding and abetting a cover-up to protect her presidential ambitions.  As The Daily Wire reports:

In a stunning display, a man who is a recognized government watchdog and had given Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz documents showing federal officials ignored the relationship among Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and Rosatom, the Russian company that purchased Uranium One, had his home raided by the FBI, despite the fact that his status was protected by law[.]

Why would the FBI, once headed by a director who had investigated Russia and Uranium One, raid the home of the whistleblower, named Dennis Nathan Cain?  The FBI might have not known that the documents, or which documents, had already been legally turned over by Cain and possibly was trying to seize the documents to protect Mueller himself.  Yet Cain told agents at his door of his legally protected status, and the documents they sought had been turned over to the proper authorities.  They either didn't believe him or did not care.

Mirroring similar thuggish raids involving Trump associates Paul Manafort and Larry Cohen, the raid on Cain's home suggests that Mueller is afraid that Horowitz is actually doing his job and a good one, leading to the exposure of Mueller's own culpability in Hillary's nefarious, dare we say it, collusion with Russia.

Few Americans have heard of Douglas Campbell, another whistleblower and the FBI informant with extensive and deep knowledge of how the Russians of Vladimir Putin used bribery, extortion, and other tools in their bag of tricks to penetrate America's nuclear industry, and how they used Hillary Clinton to gain access to our uranium.  As The Hill's John Solomon reports:

An FBI informant connected to the Uranium One controversy told three congressional committees in a written statement that Moscow routed millions of dollars to America with the expectation it would be used to benefit Bill Clinton's charitable efforts while Secretary of State Hillary Clinton quarterbacked a "reset" in U.S.-Russian relations.

The informant, Douglas Campbell, said in the statement obtained by The Hill that he was told by Russian nuclear executives that Moscow had hired the American lobbying firm APCO Worldwide specifically because it was in position to influence the Obama administration, and more specifically Hillary Clinton.

Campbell added in the testimony that Russian nuclear officials "told me at various times that they expected APCO to apply a portion of the $3 million annual lobbying fee it was receiving from the Russians to provide in-kind support for the Clintons' Global Initiative."

Mueller can look for Trump collusion with Russia, and Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif,  can continue his quest for naked pictures of Donald Trump, but here we have real evidence of collusion bordering on treason.  Ironically, the same cast of characters who tried to frame Donald Trump on collusion aided and abetted the cover-up of Russia's moves and Hillary's involvement.  As Fox News analyst Gregg Jarrett notes on the Uranium One scandal:

[W]hy has there been no prosecution of Clinton?  Why did the FBI and the Department of Justice during the Obama administration keep the evidence secret?  Was it concealed to prevent a scandal that would poison Barack Obama's presidency?  Was Hillary Clinton being protected in her quest to succeed him?

The answer may lie with the people who were in charge of the investigation and who knew of its explosive impact.   Who are they?

Eric Holder was the Attorney General when the FBI began uncovering the Russian corruption scheme in 2009.  Since the FBI reports to him, he surely knew what the bureau had uncovered.

What's more, Holder was a member of the "Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States" which approved the uranium sale to the Russians in 2010.  Since the vote was unanimous, it appears Holder knowingly and deliberately countenanced a deal that was based on illegal activities and which gave Moscow control of more than 20 percent of America's uranium assets.

It gets worse.  Robert Mueller was the FBI Director during the time of the Russian uranium probe, and so was his successor James Comey who took over in 2013 as the FBI was still developing the case.  Rod Rosenstein, then-U.S. Attorney, was supervising the case.  There is no indication that any of these men ever told Congress of all the incriminating evidence they had discovered and the connection to Clinton.  The entire matter was kept secret from the American public.

Things are about to get interesting.  Go make some popcorn.

Read more by Daniel John Sobieski

Larwyn's Linx: For the West to Live, ‘Equality’ Must Die

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 11:06
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This is the SEAL Leadership book we have been waiting for. Poignant, powerful, practical. A must read for every leader.
For the West to Live, ‘Equality’ Must Die: Selwyn Duke
Are We Facing a New Civil War or Just Continuing the Old One?: Ken Masugi
Civil War – The Necessary Conditions: Wilder

From fish beginning, Mueller case against Flynn ends in no jail time: Byron York
Flynn Sentencing Memo: Heavy Focus on Turkish Lobbying Issues…: CTH
Mueller memo: Michael Flynn 'has assisted with several ongoing investigations': Kelly Cohen

ISIS NYC New Year's Threat: 'Harvest Them with Silencers and Snipers': Bridget Johnson
US reconfigures border troops in response to shifting caravan routes: Anna Giaritelli
Caravan migrants begin to breach border as frustration with slow asylum process grows: Fox

A Compulsion to Disarm: The History of Grabby Governments Since 1026 BC: Survival
NRCC emails hacked before 2018 midterm elections: Naomi Lim
Bernie Sanders’s Campaign Spent $300k on Private Plane Travel in October: Brent Scher


Evil Is As Evil Does: The Government Education Complex: Bill Buppert
Dow closes 800 down points as bonds signal looming recession: James Langford
Border wall remains major holdup in spending talks: Laura Barrón-López

Scandal Central

Why is Michael Cohen prosecuted when Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and Lois Lerner were not?: Jason Chaffetz
If You’re Looking For Documented Evidence Of Vote Fraud In Broward County, Here It Is: Tim Brown
And Then There Was None – Bill Priestap Resigns: CTH

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Trump's EPA to move to make it easier to build new coal plants: Josh Siegel


“It’s not about personalities” – Mark Levin on CRTV and TheBlaze merger: Scoop
After Conservatism: The Z Man
Joe Scarborough: Trump Could Be Gone in Less Than a Year: Mark Finkelstein

Weekly Standard expected to shut down soon…: Scoop
Trump's tariff tweets tank markets, and maybe the economy: Quin Hillyer
Report: Joy Behar went berserk after shouting match with Meghan McCain on The View: Scoop


France at War: Unbelievable videos of the violent ‘State of Insurrection’: Scoop
Putin threatens new arms race with US: Pete Kasperowicz
U.S. Asserts Authority at NATO in Stinging Criticism: Adam Kredo

Panda -vs- Dragon: President Trump Tweets The Dynamic: CTH
Lindsey Graham: I feel 'played,' 'used' by Saudi crown prince: Katelyn Caralle
Graham: Saudi Crown Prince Is ‘Crazy’ and Complicit in Khashoggi’s Death: Mikhael Smits

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Apple Doubles Down on Censorship: Robert Kraychik
An Eye-Scanning Lie Detector Is Forging a Dystopian Future: WIRED
Google reportedly personalizes search results even when you're in incognito mode: Ivan Mehta


NeverTrump Groups Profit from Left-Wing Philanthropist’s Cash: Julie Kelly
Stanford Frat Told Their American Flag Was ‘Offensive’ By Admin, Hangs Much Bigger Flag: DC
Note To Big Tuna: Try Harder: MOTUS

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Oh yah. That's definitely why they struggle to connect. Uh-huh.

— Kimberley Strassel (@KimStrassel) December 5, 2018

INDUCING "FALSE TESTIMONY": Mueller Target Files Ethics Complaint Against Special Counsel

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 00:11
By Chuck Ross
  • Mueller probe target Jerome Corsi is accusing special counsel Robert Mueller and his prosecutors of trying to force him to give “false testimony” against President Donald Trump and Roger Stone.
  • Corsi leveled the allegations in a complaint filed with the Justice Department on Monday.
  • The right-wing author claims Mueller’s team wants him to falsely claim he was a link between WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign.

Conservative author Jerome Corsi filed a criminal and ethics complaint against special counsel Robert Mueller on Monday, accusing prosecutors of trying to force him into giving “false testimony” against President Donald Trump and GOP operative Roger Stone.

“Dr. Corsi has been threatened with immediate indictment by Mueller’s prosecutorial staff unless he testifies falsely against Roger Stone and/or President Donald Trump and his presidential campaign, among other false testimony,” Corsi’s lawyers, Larry Klayman and David Gray, asserted in a complaint submitted to Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker and others in the Justice Department.

Corsi, a former InfoWars correspondent, revealed in late November that Mueller’s team offered him a plea deal that would have required him to admit to making false statements regarding his communications with Stone. Corsi says he rejected the plea offer because he did not believe he had willfully lied to prosecutors. (RELATED: Jerome Corsi Reveals Why He’s In Mueller’s Crosshairs)

At the center of the plea offer are three emails Corsi and Stone exchanged in late July and early August 2016.

“Word is friend in embassy plans 2 more dumps. One shortly after I’m back. 2nd in Oct. Impact planned to be very damaging,” Corsi wrote in an Aug. 2, 2016 email to Stone, referring to Assange.

“Time to let more than Podesta to be exposed as in bed w/ enemy if they are not ready to drop HRC,” he said. “That appears to be the game hackers are now about.”

In his first meeting with prosecutors on Sept. 6, Corsi denied he had any communications regarding WikiLeaks’ plans to release information on the Clinton campaign.

Corsi asserts Mueller’s team informed him in that interview they had evidence undercutting his claim. But he says prosecutors allowed him to amend his testimony after allowing him to review his emails.

Corsi argues in his complaint that he was tricked by prosecutors.

“In sum, the Special Counsel seeks to prosecute statements that were amended,” Corsi’s lawyers write.

Corsi claims prosecutors want him to testify that he was a conduit between Stone and WikiLeaks. But Corsi denies he was, saying that he has never met WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange or any associates of WikiLeaks.

The 72-year-old Corsi claims his email to Stone was based on a theory he came up with on his own in August 2016 that WikiLeaks was set to release Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails in October. He says Mueller’s team does not believe his statement, and are insisting that he must have had a source close to WikiLeaks.

Corsi did testify to Mueller’s grand jury on Sept. 21 that he told Stone of his theory on WikiLeaks and the Podesta documents. But Stone has denied Corsi’s charge, saying he and Corsi did not discuss WikiLeaks having information on Podesta.

Stone previously told The Daily Caller News Foundation he did not interpret Corsi’s Aug. 2, 2016, email as saying that WikiLeaks had Podesta’s emails.

Corsi also claims Mueller’s team withheld exculpatory evidence from the grand jury hearing the case.

Corsi sent two tweets in the days before the WikiLeaks dump that he claims shows he did not have direct insight into WikiLeaks’ plans.

“If Assange has the goods on Hillary, he ought just to drop the goods,” Corsi tweeted on Oct. 2, 2016, after WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange announced he was holding a press conference. “Otherwise, he’s going to make a fool of himself.”

After the press conference, in which Assange failed to release any campaign-related documents, Corsi tweeted: “So Assange made a fool of Himself.”

“Had zero, or he would have released it. Will take grassroots on Internet to get truth out & beat Hillary.”

Corsi told TheDCNF on Friday that Mueller’s team did not cite the text messages in his 40-plus hours of interviews or two grand jury appearances.

Read more at Daily Caller.

Larwyn's Linx: For Trump, Cohen Plea Deal's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Exoneration

Tue, 12/04/2018 - 11:24
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Laurence Gonzales’s bestselling Deep Survival has helped save lives from the deepest wildernesses, just as it has improved readers’ everyday lives.
For Trump, Cohen Plea Deal's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Exoneration: Paul Sperry
Immigration: The conversation we need to be having around America’s kitchen tables -- but aren’t: Peggy Grande
200 Central American Migrants Apprehended in One Day at Texas Border: Bob Price

70% of Long-Term Non-Citizens in the USA Collect Welfare: S. Noble
California Democrats plan to extend Medicaid to illegal immigrants: Kimberly Leonard
Too big to sail? US aircraft carriers could go the way of the dinosaur: Jamie McIntyre

Calling Beta O’Rourke: David Catron
Kamala "Slept Her Way to the Top" Harris to Decide on 2020 by End of Year: Aryssa Damron
Grassley reschedules meeting to consider judges blocked by Flake: Pete Kasperowicz

Public Tells House Dems — Don't Waste Time Investigating Trump: IBD/TIPP Poll: IBD
Detroit Just Declared War On Gun Rights With So-Called ‘Bullet Bill’: Matt Vespa
Democrats seek DOJ probe into Acosta's handling of sex criminal Epstein: Sean Higgins


Tick Tock: The Burning Platform
Chicago’s New PlayStation Tax Shows How Greedy Politicians Can Be: FEE
‘Fight for $15’ Dealt Massive Blow as Walmart Introduces Robot Fleet: Ben Marquis

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What Begins in Bad Theology Ends in Police Raids: George Neumayr
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Corsi Files Criminal Complaint Against Mueller Team: Joshua Caplan

Excellent Dan Bongino Podcast Today... But…: CTH
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President Trump Notes the Motives/Intents of Team Mueller: CTH

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Climate change could force the world to say goodbye to cows: John Siciliano
Macron Blinks – French Prime Minister to Announce Suspension of “Fuel Tax”: CTH


Guardian’s Reputation In Tatters After Forger Revealed as Behind Assange Smear: Elizabeth Vos
Brad Parscale Discusses Political Messaging in Era of Fake News: CTH
NFL's Buccaneers offer free tickets amid sagging attendance: Thomas Barrabi

Mattis: Cutting defense will not help deficit: Aaron Mehta
In Memoriam, George H.W. Bush, RIP: Wlady Pleszczynski
Read my lips: Media's love for George H.W. Bush more about hatred of Donald Trump: Charles Hurt


U.S. Confirms: Iran Successfully Fired Nuclear Capable Missiles: Adam Kredo
Clinton Foundation Donations Collapsed After Hillary’s Loss: TPI
Why Canadian Imams Recite Prayers against the “Filth of the Jews”: JCPA

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

What’s Really Happening to Retail?: Derek Thompson
Epstein: Research Shows Google Search ‘Irregularities’ in 2018 Election: Charlie Nash
Airbnb crackdowns in DC, New York foreshadow fierce struggles in 2019: Joe Williams


George H.W. Bush Service Dog Sully to Join Walter Reed Hospital: Paul Crookston
“When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be There Overnight”: MOTUS
Putting Up the Lights: GOC

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Mueller special counsel isn't hiding the Clinton-Obama-DNC-Fusion GPS-Russia conspiracy -- he is using the results of the collusion to target @RealDonaldTrump.

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) December 3, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Failure Of The 'Blue Wave' Should Be A Warning To Dems About 2020

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 11:24
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In this brutally honest portrait, Sergeant Michael Middleton--a now-retired veteran of the LAPD--tells the gripping tale of his two decades on some of the America's meanest streets.
Failure Of The 'Blue Wave' Should Be A Warning To Dems About 2020: J.T. Young
These swing elections may not really be wave elections: Salena Zito
Guardian’s Manafort Tale: Third Try at Creating Collusion Narrative: Margot Cleveland

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Subversive Congresswoman Swears to “Transform Our Democracy”: S. Noble
Migrants Land Boat on California Beach 100 Miles from Border: Bob Price

Eric Holder-Led Group Releases State Target List Leading Up to 2020: Joe Schoffstall
Brenda Snipes rescinds resignation as Broward County elections chief: Naomi Lim
Curtains for the Clintons: Maureen Dowd

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Trump to terminate NAFTA, says Congress can choose between replacement or nothing: CTH

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Senator Mark Warner: The SSCI is “Working Closely” With Robert Mueller: CTH
Comey backs off legal challenge to subpoena, says he'll testify to House in private: Melissa Quinn
Sunday Talks: Chairman Goodlatte Discusses Anticipating Comey Testimony: CTH

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Trump Stands His Groun on Climate Change at G-20 Summit: Penny Starr
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That Donald Trump, He LIES SO MUCH: Ace
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CBS and CNN missing one tiny detail in coverage of climate-change tax riots in France: Twitchy

This is the SEAL Leadership book we have been waiting for. A must read for every leader.
CRTV and TheBlaze are merging!: Scoop
‘America Is Trash’, Red States Are ‘Hee Haw’ Say University Students: S. Noble
Foul-mouthed Michelle Obama shocks audience with her profanity: Scoop


Fears mount: Putin’s Russia poised to seize more of Ukraine?: Joel Gehrke
ISIS Leader Who Beheaded US Aid Worker in 2013 Killed In Drone Strike: Shifra
Panama the new flashpoint in China’s growing presence in Latin America: Wow!

Vandals, or Militants?: Guy Sorman
In Paris, the Worst Riots in a Generation: Paul Mirengoff
“Marcon is betraying his own people”: The Paris riots from the inside: Jack Buckby

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

'Digital smell' technology could let us transmit odors in online chats: NBC
Scientists more accurately gauge the brightness of the universe: Jon Fingas
USDA approves edible cotton, which apparently tastes like hummus: Kate Bernot


Migrant Caravan Mysteriously Disappears But Leaves Behind Cool Wooden Horse: Babylon Bee
Monday Pun: GOC
The Deadliest Operation: Robert Gore

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More evidence of the Russian Hoax! Newly filed court documents confirm that Fusion GPS, the company mostly responsible for the controversial “Trump dossier” on presidential candidate Donald Trump, made payments to three journalists between 6/16 and 2/17.

— Corey R. Lewandowski (@CLewandowski_) December 2, 2018

OUTRAGE: Google Employees Discussed "Burying" Center-Right Media Search Results In Response to 2016 Election

Sun, 12/02/2018 - 22:07
By Peter Hasson, Daily Caller News Foundation
  • Google employees debated whether to bury The Daily Caller and other conservative media outlets in the company’s search function as a response to President Donald Trump’s election
  • “Let’s make sure that we reverse things in four years,” one engineer wrote in a thread that included a Google vice president
  • Google employees similarly sought to manipulate search results to combat Trump’s travel ban

Google employees debated whether to bury conservative media outlets in the company’s search function as a response to President Donald Trump’s election in 2016, internal Google communications obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation reveal.

The Daily Caller and Breitbart were specifically singled out as outlets to potentially bury, the communications reveal.

Trump’s election in 2016 shocked many Google employees, who had been counting on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to win.

Communications obtained by TheDCNF show that internal Google discussions went beyond expressing remorse over Clinton’s loss to actually discussing ways Google could prevent Trump from winning again.

“This was an election of false equivalencies, and Google, sadly, had a hand in it,” Google engineer Scott Byer wrote in a Nov. 9, 2016, post reviewed by TheDCNF.

Byer falsely labeled The Daily Caller and Breitbart as “opinion blogs” and urged his coworkers to reduce their visibility in search results.

“How many times did you see the Election now card with items from opinion blogs (Breitbart, Daily Caller) elevated next to legitimate news organizations? That’s something that can and should be fixed,” Byer wrote.

“I think we have a responsibility to expose the quality and truthfulness of sources – because not doing so hides real information under loud noises,” he continued.

“Beyond that, let’s concentrate on teaching critical thinking. A little bit of that would go a long way. Let’s make sure that we reverse things in four years – demographics will be on our side.”

Some of Byer’s colleagues expressed concern that manipulating search results could backfire and suggested alternative measures.

One Google engineer, Uri Dekel, identified himself as a Clinton supporter but argued that manipulating search results was the wrong route to take.

“Thinking that Breitbart, Drudge, etc. are not ‘legitimate news sources’ is contrary to the beliefs of a major portion of our user base is partially what got us to this mess. MSNBC is not more legit than Drudge just because Rachel Maddow may be more educated / less deplorable / closer to our views, than, say Sean Hannity,” Dekel wrote in a reply to Byer.

“I follow a lot of right wing folks on social networks you could tell something was brewing. We laughed off Drudge’s Instant Polls and all that stuff, but in the end, people go to those sources because they believe that the media doesn’t do it’s job. I’m a Hillary supporter and let’s admit it, the media avoided dealing with the hard questions and issues, which didn’t pay off. By ranking ‘legitimacy’ you’ll just introduce more conspiracy theories,” Dekel added.

“Too many times, Breitbart is just echoing a demonstrably made up story,” Byer wrote in a reply to his original post. He did not cite any examples.

“That happens at MSNBC, too. I don’t want a political judgement. The desire is to break the myth feedback loop, the false equivalency, instead of the current amplification of it,” Byer added.

“What I believe we can do, technically, that avoids the accusations of conspiracy or bias from people who ultimately have a right and obligation to decide what they want to believe, is to get better at displaying the ‘ripples’ and copy-pasta, to trace information to its source, to link to critiques of those sources, and let people decide what sources they believe,” another Google engineer, Mike Brauwerman, suggested.

“Give people a comprehensive but effectively summarized view of the information, not context-free rage-inducing sound-bytes,” he added.

“We’re working on providing users with context around stories so that they can know the bigger picture,” chimed in David Besbris, vice president of engineering at Google.

“We can play a role in providing the full story and educate them about all sides. This doesn’t have to be filtering and can be useful to everyone,” he wrote.

Other employees similarly advocated providing contextual information about media sources in search results, and the company later did so with a short-lived fact check at the end of 2017.

Not only did the fact-check feature target conservative outlets almost exclusively, it was also blatantly wrong. Google’s fact check repeatedly attributed false claims to those outlets, even though they demonstrably never made those claims.

Google pulled the faulty fact-check program in January, crediting TheDCNF’s investigation for the decision.

A Google spokeswoman said that the conversation did not lead to manipulation of search results for political purposes.

“This post shows that far from suppressing Breitbart and Daily Caller, we surfaced these sites regularly in our products. Furthermore, it shows that we value providing people with the full view on stories from a variety of sources,” the spokeswoman told TheDCNF in an email.

“Google has never manipulated its search results or modified any of its products to promote a particular political ideology. Our processes and policies do not allow for any manipulation of search results to promote political ideologies.”

The discussion about whether to bury conservative media outlets isn’t the first evidence that some Google employees have sought to manipulate search results for political ends.

After Trump announced his initial travel ban in January 2017, Google employees discussed ways to manipulate search results in order to push back against the president’s order.

A group of employees brainstormed ways to counter “islamophobic, algorithmically biased results from search terms ‘Islam’, ‘Muslim’, ‘Iran’, etc,” as well as “prejudiced, algorithmically biased search results from search terms ‘Mexico’, ‘Hispanic’, ‘Latino’, etc.”


Trump speculated to The Daily Caller in September that Google and Facebook are trying to affect election outcomes.

“I think they already have,” Trump said, responding to questions about potential election interference by Google and Facebook.

“I mean the true interference in the last election was that — if you look at all, virtually all of those companies are super liberal companies in favor of Hillary Clinton,” he added.

“Maybe I did a better job because I’m good with the Twitter and I’m good at social media, but the truth is they were all on Hillary Clinton’s side, and if you look at what was going on with Facebook and with Google and all of it, they were very much on her side,” Trump continued.

Google this month corrected a “knowledge panel” about a Republican women’s group that labeled them “enablers.”

Google cited Wikipedia for the disparaging description, though a similar change made to Wikipedia’s page for the women’s group was corrected almost immediately. Google left up the digital vandalism for three weeks.

Google apologized in May after search results for the California Republican Party falsely listed “Nazism” as one of the state party’s ideologies.

Then, too, Google blamed manipulation of the party’s Wikipedia page for the inaccurate and disparaging description.

Read more at Daily Caller.

Larwyn's Linx: Trump, Russia and lessons from the mob: Did ‘godfathers’ steer collusion probe?

Sun, 12/02/2018 - 14:03
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Word: Feral Irishman

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Cali new law for 2018 election "allow anybody to walk into an elections office and hand over truckloads of vote by mail envelopes with ballots inside, no questions asked, no verified records kept. It amounts to an open invitation to large-scale vote buying, voter coercion"

— Robert Barnes (@Barnes_Law) December 2, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: New Details Confirming FBI Used Fake Pretexts To Start Investigating Trump

Sat, 12/01/2018 - 14:36
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#SPYGATE, by Dan Bongino: The book reads like a spy thriller, except it is as real as a fist in the stomach. See how our Constitution is abused by those entrusted with defending it. Read this book!
New Details Confirm FBI Used Fake Pretexts To Start Trump Probe: Margot Cleveland
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Foreboding – FBI Raids Home of Clinton Foundation Whistleblower: CTH
Blog Appreciation Week Is Ending: Stuart Schneiderman

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There is no #DeepState against Trump. Oh, and here’s CIA leaking intercepted communications to the press to undermine Trump.

— Robert Barnes (@Barnes_Law) December 1, 2018

MORE ABUSE BY THE F.B.I.? The Troubling Raid of a Uranium One Whistleblower’s Home

Fri, 11/30/2018 - 23:06
By S. Noble

In a shocking exclusive, The Daily Caller revealed that FBI agents raided the home of a recognized whistleblower who allegedly has evidence then-FBI Director Robert Mueller did not investigate potential criminal activity by Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and Rosatom, the Russian company that purchased Uranium One.

The FBI dodged the whistleblower’s attorney Michael Socarras which is an act of serious misconduct, Socarras said. They contacted his client Dennis Nathan Cain directly and, on November 19th, they raided his home, advising him the documents he possessed were stolen.

A federal magistrate Stephanie A. Gallagher of the U.S. District Court for Baltimore approved the raid but who knows what she was told.

The agent who led the raid said Cain possessed stolen property and on November 19th, 16 agents showed up and terrified Cain into turning the documents over. They spent an additional six hours hunting through his private belongings and documents.

Cain had told the agents he was a recognized protected whistleblower under the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act and that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz recognized his whistleblower status, his lawyer said. Cain also told the agents he turned over the documents to Senate and House Intelligence committees.

It appears to be a total disregard of the law, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise. These are the same people who raided Michael Cohen’s home, office, hotel, and car, destroying attorney-client privilege rights in one fell swoop.

Cain came across the material when he worked for an FBI contractor and he is protected by the whistleblower law as such. He followed all the rules and met with a senior member of Horowitz’s office to deliver the documents to the IG under a strange setup (undercover in a church), Socarras said. Still, agents raided his home and accused him of theft.

There is another whistleblower on the Uranium One deal, William Campbell, but nothing has come out of that.

Read more at Independent Sentinel.

Larwyn's Linx: Levin: The president is ‘not in any kind of legal jeopardy’

Fri, 11/30/2018 - 10:58
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Ghost Soldiers: The Epic Account of World War II's Greatest Rescue Mission
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If everyone was as courageous as Laura Loomer, conservatives would have a fighting chance for free speech on social media.

I would love to live in a world that responded to reason, but right now the world only responds to pressure.#FreeLauraLoomer #LauraLoomer

— Stefan Molyneux (@StefanMolyneux) November 29, 2018

A #SPYGATE KINGPIN: The Notorious J.B.C.

Thu, 11/29/2018 - 23:42
By Julie Kelly

As I wrote last week, the Republican Congress largely has failed to hold accountable the masterminds behind the biggest political scandal in U.S. history: The unprecedented weaponization of our law enforcement and intelligence apparatus to spy on a presidential campaign and sabotage an incoming administration.

The man primarily responsible for executing the scheme, former FBI Director James Comey, exited the Trump Administration as a martyr and a hero. Republican lawmakers blasted the president for his (totally justified) firing of the deceptive FBI director in May 2017, lauding his public service and reputation even as the disturbing details of the way his agency spied on the Trump campaign and hid the probe from Congress were coming into view.

After successfully escaping any accountability for his actions, it’s no surprise that Comey now is threatening to thwart Congress once again. On Thanksgiving morning, Comey responded on Twitter to a subpoena from the House Judiciary Committee: “Got a subpoena from House Republicans. I’m still happy to sit in the light and answer all questions. But I will resist a ‘closed door’ thing because I’ve seen enough of their selective leaking and distortion. Let’s have a hearing and invite everyone to see.”

Now, it would take way too much space to mock the irony of Comey’s concerns about leaking and distortion. We know Comey’s top deputies were illegally leaking information to the press right up until the time he was fired. He also arranged for a friend to leak personal memos he wrote about his private interactions with the president to the press.

But here is the most galling part of Comey’s response: The man who once led the most powerful law enforcement agency in the world is threatening to defy a legally issued congressional subpoena unless the interview is conducted on his terms.

And the reason isn’t that Comey has nothing to hide—it’s that he has plenty to hide and he knows a public setting would provide him precisely the cover he needs.

He “Can’t Answer in an Open Setting”
During open testimony on Capitol Hill last year, Comey repeatedly invoked the defense, “it’s classified” as a way to avoid publicly disclosing crucial information about his agency’s conduct in 2016 and 2017. He dodged questions about the infamous Steele dossier, a thoroughly discredited political document produced by an opposition research firm that had been hired by the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee to dig up Russia-related dirt on Trump. Comey cited the dossier as key evidence on his October 2016 application to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to obtain a warrant to spy on Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

But despite knowing the dossier was nothing more than political dirt—and knowing it was paid for by Trump’s presidential rivals—Comey refused to answer basic questions about it. Similarly, he refused to answer questions about the Page FISA warrant and Fusion GPS.

Here are a few exchanges between Comey and Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) in June 2017:

Burr: At the time of your departure from the FBI, was the FBI able to confirm any criminal allegations contained in the Steele document?

Comey: I don’t think that’s a question I can answer in an open setting because it goes into the details of the investigation.

Burr: When you read the dossier, what was your reaction, given that it was 100 percent directed at the president-elect?

Comey: Not a question I can answer in an open setting.

The FBI director rebuffed several questions during his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee in May 2017, one week before he was fired. Here’s an exchange between Comey and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.):

Graham: Was there a FISA warrant issued regarding Carter Page’s activity with the Russians?

Comey: I can’t answer that here.

In fact, the Washington Post had published an article the month before—sourced by anonymous, illegal leaks at the Justice Department—that the Justice Department had a FISA warrant on Page. At the time of Comey’s testimony, the FISA was still active; Rod Rosenstein would sign the final renewal on the application the following month.

Graham: Did you consider Carter Page an agent of the campaign?

Comey: Same answer. I can’t answer that here.

Under questioning by Senate Justice Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), Comey refused to answer questions about Fusion GPS; the agency’s policy on paying a source that already was being paid by another firm for the same work (in 2016, both Fusion and the FBI were paying Steele, a British citizen, to find collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia); Comey’s knowledge about Fusion’s lobbying work on behalf of a Russian company; and several questions about the dossier.

What We Know Now—And What We Need to Know Still
But the public now knows the answers to the questions Comey would not answer. Thanks to the Nunes memo (which the FBI tried to prevent from being released in February), we know that Jim Comey presented political opposition research to a secret court to spy on the Trump campaign. We know Comey concealed from the court the fact that the DNC and Clinton campaign paid for the dossier. We know he also concealed this detail from Trump.

We know, too, that Comey’s FBI was paying Christopher Steele at the same time he was being paid by Fusion GPS. We know that Steele, an FBI asset, was meeting with American journalists right before the election to plant damaging stories in the press about the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to the Russians. We know that Comey used one of those articles as evidence in his FISA application.

We know that Fusion GPS was lobbying the Justice Department on behalf of a Russian company and was working with the same Russian lawyer who attended the Trump Tower meeting with Trump’s son and other campaign principals in June 2016. We know that Glenn Simpson, the owner of Fusion, met with Natalia Veselnitskya before and after the Trump Tower meeting.

We know that Fusion hired Nellie Ohr, the wife of Justice Department lawyer Bruce Ohr, in late 2015 to work on the same opposition research that Steele was manufacturing. We know that the Ohrs met with Steele in the summer of 2016 and that Steele was lobbying Ohr on behalf of his client, Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, to restore his U.S. travel privileges.

We know that Comey’s FBI used spies to infiltrate the Trump campaign. We know that he met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch as early as March 2016 to set the plan to spy on Trump’s presidential campaign in motion. We know that he opened a counterintelligence probe into the campaign in July 2016, and violated protocol by not notifying top Congressional leaders about the investigation. We know that top FBI officials were biased against Trump, and worked before and after the election to damage the president.

Here’s what else the public and congressional Republicans know: Comey is a shameless partisan with deep, personal animus toward the president. His interviews and post-firing tweets are evidence of his grudge against Trump and desire to take down his presidency.

But here is the most important thing we know: More than two years after James Comey opened an investigation into a presidential campaign, obtained a secret court’s approval to spy on at least one U.S. citizen associated with the campaign, hired spies to infiltrate the campaign, allowed his deputies to break the law by leaking classified information to the press, and admitted using a personal memo to set in motion a special counsel investigation into Trump-Russia “collusion,” not one person tied to the Trump campaign has been charged with a crime related to “collusion.”

Comey has much to answer for—including the biggest question of all: Why? Why did he put the country through this nightmare for more than two years when he knew the origins of the Trump-Russia election collusion plotline were built on lies?

Congress must compel him to answer, and then hold him accountable for the lives he damaged, the money he cost taxpayers, and the mayhem he unleashed on the American people and Donald Trump’s presidency.

Read more at Julie Kelly.

Larwyn's Linx: President Trump Discusses Decision Not to Declassify “Spygate” Documents

Thu, 11/29/2018 - 12:05
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Speed to Gotham city crime scenes with the motorized LEGO DC Super heroes 76112 app-controlled Batmobile!
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#SPYGATE, by Dan Bongino: The book reads like a spy thriller, except it is as real as a fist in the stomach. See how our Constitution is abused by those entrusted with defending it. Read this book!
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Classes for Women: GOC
The Most Concise Satire Of Post-America: Heartiste
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On Tuesday @CNN aired a devastating report on antisemitism in Europe. Today CNN's @marclamonthill echoed Jihadist calls for Israel's violent annihilation, calling for "resist[ance]" to achieve "a free Palestine from the river to the sea." Not a great look.

— Avi Mayer (@AviMayer) November 29, 2018

REPORT: What Trump told Mueller About "Collusion"

Wed, 11/28/2018 - 23:33
By Chuck Ross

President Donald Trump reportedly told special counsel Robert Mueller in writing earlier in November that he did not know about his son’s infamous June 2016 meeting with Russians before it occurred and that he was not informed by his longtime confidant, Roger Stone, that WikiLeaks planned to release information damaging to the Clinton campaign, according to CNN.

Trump submitted the answers Nov. 20, after months of tense negotiations with Mueller’s team over the scope of the questions. Trump’s lawyers fought to exclude questions about possible obstruction of justice over the firing of James Comey as FBI director. They also opposed a sit-down interview with prosecutors, vying instead for responses provided in writing.

The two sources familiar with the matter did not give CNN any direct quotes.

The Trump Tower meeting and WikiLeaks email dumps have been a central focus of Mueller’s investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government.

Donald Trump Jr. met with a group of Russians on June 9, 2016, after an associate contacted him offering information on Hillary Clinton.

“If it is what you say I love it,” Trump Jr. responded to the associate, a music publicist who worked for Emin Agalarov, the son of Russian oligarch Aras Agalarov.

Trump Jr. and Trump have both claimed publicly Trump was not aware of the meeting before it occurred.

Democrats claimed the meeting was an attempt by the campaign to collude with Russia. But Trump Jr. and members of the Russian delegation asserted nothing came of the meeting. They said the Russian lawyer who led the meeting, Natalia Veselnitskaya, failed to produce any information on Clinton. She also used Clinton dirt as a pretext to discuss rolling back the Magnitsky Act, a sanctions law vehemently opposed by the Kremlin.

Veseltnitskaya at the time also happened to be working on a Magnitsky-related project with Fusion GPS, the Democrat-funded opposition research firm that commissioned the infamous Steele dossier. (RELATED: Fusion GPS Founder Met With Russian At Center Of Trump Tower Saga)

Whether Stone told Trump or others on the campaign about WikiLeaks’ plans to release emails has been a major part of the investigation.

Prosecutors want to know whether the campaign directed or had prior knowledge of WikiLeaks’ plans to release emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

Stone is under investigation because of some of his public comments that showed he had some insight into WikiLeaks’ activities. But the longtime GOP operative has insisted he had no contact with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and he did not know Podesta’s emails had been stolen until WikiLeaks released them Oct. 7, 2016.

Stone claims he received some tips about WikiLeaks’ plans from Randy Credico, a left-wing activist who claimed to be close friends with a lawyer for WikiLeaks. Credico has denied being Stone’s conduit, but Stone released text messages Nov. 14 that showed Credico provided him with insight into the significance and timing of WikiLeaks’ releases.

Read more at Daily Caller.

Larwyn's Linx: Limbaugh warns: 'I don't think you have any idea what's coming'

Wed, 11/28/2018 - 11:06
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#SPYGATE, by Dan Bongino: The book reads like a spy thriller, except it is as real as a fist in the stomach. See how our Constitution is abused by those entrusted with defending it. Read this book!
Limbaugh warns: 'I don't think you have any idea what's coming': Joe Kovacs
House Democrats Vow To Undermine US Defense Against Russia: Standard
Secretary Nielsen Reports: Scott Johnson

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GOP easily holds Mississippi seat after Trump rallies, extending Senate majority: Al Weaver
Easy victory expected for Nancy Pelosi as speaker, despite defectors: Laura Barrón-López
Manafort's lawyer updated Trump's attorneys on what he told Mueller: Katelyn Caralle

Will ‘The Clinton Affair’ finally end family’s control of Democrat Party?: Maureen Callahan
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Manafort/Assange Drama Shows Media Buy Any Russia Conspiracy Story No Matter Its Flaws

— Mollie (@MZHemingway) November 28, 2018

What about Your FISA Judges, Justice Roberts?

Wed, 11/28/2018 - 01:04
By Daniel John Sobieski

As long as we are on the subject of whether there is such an animal as an "Obama judge," let us consider the judges who sit on the FISA court and issue warrants allowing surveillance of American citizens who are suspected foreign agents, essentially taking the uncontested word of the government.

Their actions on behalf of one political campaign, colluding with a corrupt DOJ and FBI to target a political opponent, are not supposed to happen in a country based on the rule of law as administered by supposedly impartial judges.  Empowered to safeguard our national security against foreign actors, they essentially served as an extra-constitutional arm of the Hillary Clinton campaign as it colluded with foreign actors to stage a Deep-State coup against a duly elected president, Donald J. Trump?  Aiding and abetting the legacy of Barack Obama seems like something an "Obama judge" would do.

Chief Justice Roberts is the one who gets to appoint judges to the FISA court – every last one of them, judges like Rudolph Contreras, who granted a previously denied Michael Flynn FISA warrant.  His appointees are the ones who swallowed whole the contentions of the Obama administration using unverified material put together by a British agent and his Russian sources to aid one political party at the expense of another.

The FISA court and its star chamber judges make for a borderline example of the prophetic warning about trading a little liberty for a little security and winding up with neither.  The potential abuse of FISA powers is enormous, and the damage that has been done to our republic and our politics has been staggering.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court deals with some of the most sensitive matters of national security – terror threats and espionage.  Its work for the most part cannot be examined by the American public, by order of the Congress and the President.  It is a tribunal that is completely secret (or supposed to be), its structure largely one-sided, and its members unilaterally chosen by one person.

A rotating panel of federal judges at the FISC decides whether to grant certain types of government requests – wiretapping, data analysis, and other monitoring for "foreign intelligence purposes" of suspected terrorists and spies operating in the United States.

... [T]he 11 judges are appointed exclusively by the Chief Justice of the United States, without any supplemental confirmation from the other two branches of government.  John Roberts has named every member of the current court, as a well as a separate three-judge panel to hear appeals of FISC orders, known as the Court of Review.

So how could a court over which Chief Justice John Roberts has complete control allow frauds to be committed upon it in a manner more fitting in a banana republic?  With pressure on President Trump to declassify and release the FISA warrants and substantiating documents, if any, could Justice Roberts be getting nervous about what might be found?

It was astonishing, for example, to find out from Judicial Watch that these FISA warrants used against Team Trump were issued without any hearings being held, starting with the one issued against Carter Page:

The Justice Department admitted that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court never held a hearing on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act spy warrant applications on Carter Page.

Judicial Watch announced the DOJ revealed in a court finding Thursday that "there were no records, electronic or paper, responsive to [Judicial Watch's] FOIA request with regard to Carter Page," and that the FISA Court  "considered the Page warrant applications based upon written submissions and did not hold any hearings."

The infamous Christopher Steele dossier of unverified documents regarding President Trump was the basis for the four controversial FISA warrants on Page, the former Trump campaign advisor.

"It's astonishing and disturbing that these courts couldn't bother to hold hearings on spy warrants targeting Donald Trump," Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton told Jason Chaffetz who was sitting in for Sean Hannity on Fox News' "Hannity" on Friday.

Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein misled the FISA court and signed off on the FISA application to spy on Trump's campaign adviser, Carter Page, actions documented in a four-page House Intelligence Committee memo:

A secret, highly contentious Republican memo reveals that Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein approved an application to extend surveillance of a former Trump campaign associate shortly after taking office last spring, according to three people familiar with it.

The renewal shows that the Justice Department under President Trump saw reason to believe that the associate, Carter Page, was acting as a Russian agent[.] ...

The memo's primary contention is that F.B.I. and Justice Department officials failed to adequately explain to an intelligence court judge in initially seeking a warrant for surveillance of Mr. Page that they were relying in part on research by an investigator, Christopher Steele, that had been financed by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign[.]

As we now know, and as has been copiously documented, Rod Rosenstein committed a self-evident fraud upon the FISA Court.  And now his subordinate is going to investigate him?  Can the swamp drain itself?  Page has vehemently denied the allegations in the dossier and has sought the release of the memo to show its falseness and to show that the DOJ of Rod Rosenstein and the FBI of Andrew McCabe colluded with the Democrats to keep Hillary Clinton out of prison and Donald Trump out of the White House:

The former Trump campaign adviser who was spied on by the U.S. government prior to the 2016 election is "very much" in favor of the release of a controversial congressional memo alleging abuses of the surveillance warrant application process[.] ...

Page pressed for the release the FISA application in a May 14 letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

"If FISA warrants indeed exist as has been extensively reported, wide-ranging false evidence will be inevitably revealed in light of the fact that I have never done anything remotely unlawful in Russia or with any Russian person at any point in my life," he wrote.

What remains unanswered about the application for the warrant on Page is how heavily it relied on the dossier and whether the FBI and DOJ vetted the allegations made about him by Steele[.] ...

Page has vehemently denied the allegations made against him in the dossier, which was put together by former British spy Christopher Steele, commissioned by opposition research firm Fusion GPS, and financed by the Clinton campaign and DNC.

Would Justice Roberts approve of releasing the FISA warrants and explain how the judges he appointed could ever approve them?  Consider that former FBI director James Comey, in testimony given under oath in June 2017, said the Steele dossier was "salacious and unverified."  Yet Comey signed off on at least one, if not four, FISA warrant applications based on the "salacious and unverified" dossier.  Either he was lying to Congress or he was lying to the FISA Court judge.  In any event, he was out to get Trump, and the FISA abuse and his plot to set up Robert Mueller as a special counsel without a crime to investigate or any evidence of collusion were both parts of his conspiracy.

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.) says McCabe testified that if it weren't for material from Steele's fraudulent dossier, there would have been no FISA requests and no surveillance of Team Trump:

"McCabe did in fact testify under oath that there would not have been a FISA warrant if not for the dossier. It was recorded," Rep. Zeldin tweeted.

Without Comey's FBI submitting false FISA requests, which Roberts's appointees allowed, including at least one signed off on by Comey himself, there would have been no surveillance of Team Trump and no special counsel.  The mystery in all this is the silence of the FISA Court that was lied to, judges who sat as a fraud was committed on the court, and a Chief Justice John Roberts who harrumphs that judges have no political birthmarks even as the judges he put on the FISA court participated in an attempted political coup by the Obama administration against its successor.


Larwyn's Linx: Former aides promise to expose 'deep state' plot against Trump in 2016

Tue, 11/27/2018 - 12:05
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“I need the great people of Mississippi to send a message to… the radical Democrats by electing @cindyhydesmith.” -@realDonaldTrump

— GOP (@GOP) November 27, 2018

CLIMYDIA: Scientists Destroy Steyer-Linked, Federal Climate Hysteria Report Issued by... Obama Holdovers

Tue, 11/27/2018 - 00:14
By Marc Morano
Climate experts call out new federal report for hiding the decline in hurricanes – ‘Were they thinking no one would notice?’

The so-called "Deep State" doesn't simply exist in the Department of Justice or Obama holdovers in the FBI. The infestation of leftist bureaucracts, synonymous with the Democrat Party, occurs in every department of the federal leviathan.

No better proof exists than the climate report released by "14 federal agencies", in which temperatures are predicted to rise more than 15° because, yes, Americans are screwing things up for the rest of the world.

What if the doctor said you had treatable cancer and then told you to ignore it? That’s essentially the Trump administration’s approach after the release of a devastating new federal report on climate change.

The Fourth National Climate Assessment, a report mandated by Congress and produced by 13 federal agencies, says “the impacts of climate change are intensifying across the much they intensify will depend on actions taken to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.” This study is a deeply researched account of the damaging effects of unchecked climate pollution on our water, agriculture, transportation, air quality, communities and health. Its findings were endorsed by NASA, the Department of Defense, and experts at 10 other federal agencies.The author of this piece of propaganda, one Elizabeth Gore, is Environmental Defense Fund’s senior vice president of political affairs.

There are no mentions, of course, of the failed predictions of years past. Remember, the ice-caps would be gone by 2010, sea levels would rise by 15 feet by 2017, etc.

The problems with this report by Obama holdovers in the Deep State are many. Climate experts destroyed the report for obvious reasons:

Climate expert Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. stated that "...the claim of economic damage from climate change is based on a 15 degree F temp increase that is double the "most extreme value reported elsewhere in the report." The "sole editor" of this claim in the report was an alumni of the Center for American Progress, which is also funded by [left wing activist] Tom Steyer."

Climate analyst Paul Homewood noted that the report ‘cherry picks’ a few bad weather events... [and] extrapolates [its scenarios] using the most scary scenarios’

Climatologist Dr. Pat Michaels called the report ‘systematically flawed’ and stated that it ‘should be shelved’.

Dr. Ken Haapala made an astute observation. He said that, '...the global warming chorus immediately seized on the new USGCRP report claiming the Trump administration is contradicting President Trump’s claims about global warming. Amusingly, some of the chorus interviewed people who worked on the USGCRP... were political appointees under the Obama Administration.'

Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore added that the " must be addressed head-on. If POTUS has his reasons for letting this Obama-era committee continue to peddle tripe I wish he would tell us what they are."

Dr. John Dunn stated that "Two years into the Trump administration it is sad to see this 400-page pile of crap."

As Climate Depot's Marc Morano observed, the report "is a political report masquerading as science. The media is hyping a rehash of frightening climate change claims by Obama administration holdover activist government scientists. The new report is once again pre-determined science. The National Climate Assessment report reads like a press release from environmental pressure groups — because it is! Two key authors are longtime Union of Concerned Scientist activists, Donald Wuebbles and Katharine Hayhoe.

The report, like anything produced by the bureaucrats in Washington, is simply designed to grow government and promote a globalist form of socialism.

Their perfect record of failed predictions is embarrassing, but never mentioned by the propagandists in legacy media, because government funding is at stake. Remember all of their failed prognostications, because they won't.

Related: Genocide in Green: the True, Illustrated Story.

Larwyn's Linx: Trump: The Last President?

Mon, 11/26/2018 - 11:24
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In clear and objective language and well-supported by facts, Margolis & Noonan have compiled a devastating series of indictments of Barack Obama's presidency.
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12 years of violating the law, manipulating elections, destroying evidence and being rebuked by the courts.

But the problem is being targetted by Trump.

NBC, the American Der Stürmer.

— Saul Montes-Bradley (@Debradelai) November 25, 2018