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NYPD arrests 15-year-old in Times Square tourist shooting incident

UPI - Sat, 02/10/2024 - 18:24
A 15-year-old suspect is in custody in connection with the shooting of a tourist in New York City's Times Square earlier this week, police have confirmed.

Exclusive -- Rep. Carol Miller: CBS Airing Super Bowl Ads for CCP-Linked Temu a 'Touchdown for the Chinese Communist Party'

Breitbart - Sat, 02/10/2024 - 18:22
CBS and Paramount should not run ads for Temu -- a CCP-linked retailer -- during the Super Bowl, Rep. Carol Miller told Breitbart News.

Exclusive -- CPAC's Matt Schlapp: We're the Anti-World Economic Forum, 'Wexit,' Attracting International Conservatives

Breitbart - Sat, 02/10/2024 - 18:22
CPAC is the anti-World Economic Forum, attracting even international conservatives who stand against the globalist agenda, Matt Schlapp said.

Chiefs linebackers coach Brendan Daly shares hilarious Taylor Swift story ahead of the Super Bowl... revealing his 'giddy' family got a flat tire after catching a glimpse of the popstar

Daily Mail - Sat, 02/10/2024 - 18:13
Ahead of Super Bowl LVIII, Daly talked about how his family's first interaction with the popstar lead to an early morning vehicular mishap.

Furman Player Bryce Stanfield, 21, Dies After Collapsing at Practice

Breitbart - Sat, 02/10/2024 - 17:52
Furman defensive tackle Bryce Stanfield died on Friday after collapsing during workouts earlier this week. He was 21 years old.

Kanye West is SLAMMED for name dropping Taylor Swift on explicit new track off Vultures Volume 1 as Swifties accuse him of being stuck in the past: 'His obsession with her never stops!'

Daily Mail - Sat, 02/10/2024 - 17:52
Kanye West is under fire for name dropping Taylor Swift on his new track,  Carnival, featured on his newly-released album, Vultures, Volume 1.

The 100 greatest classic films ever and where you can watch them right now: Veteran critic BRIAN VINER'S movies everyone should see at least once - and they don't include Marvel, Shawshank Redemption or Titanic

Daily Mail - Sat, 02/10/2024 - 17:49
BRIAN VINER: Here are 100 films which I believe everyone should see at least once in their lifetime, and all of which should make you laugh, cry, gasp or think. Maybe all four, in certain cases.

MUST WATCH: Ohio Sheriff Richard Jones Issues Stark Warning After Meeting with FBI Dir. Chris Wray on Illegal Immigration — More Terror Threats Now Than Before 9/11: “It’s Not a Matter of If, It’s a Matter of When”

GatewayPundit - Sat, 02/10/2024 - 17:40
Sheriff Richard Jones of Butler County, Ohio

In the wake of a National Sheriff’s Association Conference in Washington, D.C., Sheriff Richard Jones of Butler County, Ohio, is sounding the alarm over national security threats posed by illegal immigrants and potential terrorist activities within the country.

Following his return from a meeting where FBI Director Christopher Wray shared insights into the current threat landscape, Jones has made it his mission to ensure his department is ready to face any potential threats.

“They’re here not to be our friends. Some of them are coming because they’re wanting to come here to the best country in the world. The way we see, some are coming here to do harm to us. And we were told by the FBI director, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when,” Jones warned.

During the conference, Jones learned from federal agencies that there are more red flags for potential terrorist activity than there were before the September 11 attacks. With the U.S. currently engaging in military action in two countries, Jones highlighted that some of the thousands of people from 160 different countries present in the U.S. might harbor ill intent.

Drawing parallels to Israel’s security situation, Jones underscored the essential role local law enforcement could play in national security. He recounted the Israeli experience, where local police were critical in responding to attacks, suggesting a similar reliance on local law enforcement in the U.S. could be necessary.

Jones said:

“We were also told five sheriffs went to Israel five weeks after the attack. The only thing that saved the Israelis, the government, was the local police. They were outgunned, outmanned. They came over; the Palestinians did. They came over; they killed, raped.

The sheriffs were there. They talked to the police. The local police are what saved that country. You can’t just call, even in Israel; you can’t just call the military up, and they’re going to be there, okay? They went house to house, raping, killing the Israeli police.

When our guys got there, the sheriffs said, “They just don’t hate us; they hate you guys equally. And the same people that train them are the same people that train people to hate us.” The FBI director said when 911 hit, “There’s more red flags now than then.” And he said, “These are people that want to kill us and do harm to us now.” So you’re wondering, I want everybody to know what I know.

I can’t tell you everything, but I want the public to know that we are, in a terrible way right now, the United States. And I’m going to give to the local, the United States. We’re on the defense. You can’t be just defense and not have an offense. We have no offense.

We’re just defense. We’re absorbing these attacks. We’re in other countries. We’re supplying them with weapons. We’re supplying them with our treasure, our money, and we’re not doing much back home.”

In a stark revelation, Jones highlighted the refusal of the current U.S. President to engage with the nation’s sheriffs and police chiefs on these pressing security issues, particularly those related to border control and the resultant crime surge. This, according to Jones, signifies a troubling gap in the nation’s defense strategy against such threats.

Despite the dire warnings, Jones insists his aim is not to incite fear but to ensure the public is informed and prepared for the challenges ahead. “We are under attack,” Jones cautioned, urging citizens to remain vigilant and supportive of law enforcement efforts to safeguard the community and nation at large.

Stay tuned for a follow-up article that delves deeper into these issues, including the imminent attack on the 2024 presidential election.

WATCH via MJTruthUltra:

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The post MUST WATCH: Ohio Sheriff Richard Jones Issues Stark Warning After Meeting with FBI Dir. Chris Wray on Illegal Immigration — More Terror Threats Now Than Before 9/11: “It’s Not a Matter of If, It’s a Matter of When” appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Haley to troll Trump in South Carolina with mobile billboard highlighting his age (Natalie Allison/Politico)

Memeorandum - Sat, 02/10/2024 - 17:40

Natalie Allison / Politico:
Haley to troll Trump in South Carolina with mobile billboard highlighting his age  —  The mobile billboard will appear outside a Trump rally on Saturday.  —  Nikki Haley is stepping up her attacks on Donald Trump's age — this time at his own rally in South Carolina.

Trump argues he should 'not be charged' in classified docs case if Biden isn't (Lauren Irwin/The Hill)

Memeorandum - Sat, 02/10/2024 - 17:35

Lauren Irwin / The Hill:
Trump argues he should ‘not be charged’ in classified docs case if Biden isn't  —  Former President Trump argued Friday night that he should “not be charged” in his federal classified documents case since a special counsel announced this week that President Biden would not face charges for Biden's handling of classified materials.

Is this America's best detective? How one 'badass' California cop, 38, solved EIGHT gruesome cold cases by raiding suspects' trash and posing as a busboy in bars - and all in his spare time

Daily Mail - Sat, 02/10/2024 - 17:30
Det Matt Hutchison, 39, has worked his way through six decades-old murders and two sexual assaults, to solve 'more cold cases in three years than any single detective in the last 15'.

Stingray will have 'malicious birth' with no mate as aquarium staff believe that a SHARK may have impregnated it

Daily Mail - Sat, 02/10/2024 - 17:30
A stingray at a North Carolina aquarium is expecting babies and staff believe that it could have been impregnated by a shark.

He was an actor who worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger and George Clooney. And there's a Trump link. Now he has an Average Joe job. Who is he?

Daily Mail - Sat, 02/10/2024 - 17:26
His work called for him to shoot scenes with Arnold Schwarzenegge and Jamie Lee Curtis. And he also worked with George Clooney on ER as well as David Boreanaz on Bones in 2008.

Tragic tale of Punxsutawney Phil who 'drinks an elixir every summer so he can stay alive forever' but must watch groundhog wife Phyliss grow old and die inspires Broadway-worthy online musical number

Daily Mail - Sat, 02/10/2024 - 17:23
Punxsutawney Phil has been alive since 1886 and is fed sip of the 'elixir of life' on every Groundhog Day, as per myth. His wife, Phyliss is not offered the same elixir or her own immortality

Six people are feared dead after horrific helicopter crash in California marking the state's second FATAL accident in under a week: Sheriff says NO survivors have been located

Daily Mail - Sat, 02/10/2024 - 17:21
San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department said they had been made aware of the downed aircraft near Baker shortly after 10pm on Friday.

Watch Live: President Trump Will Speak at 2:00 PM ET at ‘Get Out the Vote Rally’ in South Carolina, Coverage Begins at 12:30 ET

GatewayPundit - Sat, 02/10/2024 - 17:20

As the South Carolina Republican primary race looms, President Donald Trump is destroying neoconservative candidate Nikki Haley.

The Gateway Pundit reported that a Tyson Group survey released last week found Trump is leading Haley 58 percent to 33 in Haley’s own backyard.

President Trump will hold “Get Out the Vote” rally on Saturday in Conway, SC, at Coastal Carolina University.

Trump announced the rally Monday night on Truth Social.

This has been a very exciting Primary Season. The Iowa Caucus was won in Record Fashion, actually doubling up on the previous Record Holder, Bob Dole, and likewise New Hampshire, where I had the honor of getting more votes than anybody in the History of the New Hampshire Primary, Republican or Democrat. Hopefully, we will continue this string of Victories in Nevada, the Virgin Islands, and then, South Carolina, where I’ll also be holding a Big Rally to thank the people and Elected Officials for their tremendous support. We will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Coverage begins at 12:30 pm Eastern with the President scheduled to speak  at 2:00 pm Eastern:

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The post Watch Live: President Trump Will Speak at 2:00 PM ET at ‘Get Out the Vote Rally’ in South Carolina, Coverage Begins at 12:30 ET appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Can Biden emerge from his 'cocoon'? (Politico)

Memeorandum - Sat, 02/10/2024 - 17:20

Can Biden emerge from his ‘cocoon’?  —  With help from Eli Okun, Garrett Ross and Bethany Irvine  —  DRIVING THE DAY  —  WORKING WEEKEND — The Senate remains in session today as it grinds through a series of procedural hoops toward passage of the $95 billion supplemental spending bill delivering aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

Family of Kentucky mom who says she was drugged and raped along with childhood friend at Bahamas beach resort speak out - and claim they KNEW something wasn't right after watching alarming video before receiving bone-chilling text

Daily Mail - Sat, 02/10/2024 - 17:18
Dongayla Dobson and Amber Shearer, both 31, say they were attacked by staff at Pirate's Cove beach resort on Grand Bahama, with Dobson's mom revealing she knew something was wrong.

Super Bowl 2024: Zoo animals across America make their predictions for the big game... so who is going to come out on top between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers?

Daily Mail - Sat, 02/10/2024 - 17:18
At Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, New York, the Chiefs were picked by two elephant calves. Meanwhile, tiger cubs Coba and Zuzaan disfigured the 49ers block.


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