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Your political flags shouldn't fly at our government buildings (Brian Griffiths/The Baltimore Banner)

Memeorandum - Thu, 09/22/2022 - 19:55

Brian Griffiths / The Baltimore Banner:
Your political flags shouldn't fly at our government buildings  —  [Editor's note: An apology from the editor]We have heard a lot of talk in the past few months about flags and symbols.Back in May, the Carroll County Board of Education adopted a policy that the only flags that can be displayed …

Biden to Puerto Ricans struck by Hurricane Fiona: 'We are with you'

UPI - Thu, 09/22/2022 - 19:54
President Joe Biden received a briefing on Hurricane Fiona, just as the Category 4 hurricane barrels towards Bermuda.

Wives of border patrol agents running for Congress because they are fed up with the migrant crisis

Daily Mail - Thu, 09/22/2022 - 19:52
The wives of border patrol agents are running for Congress after becoming fed up with what their husbands have to deal with under President Joe Biden's immigration policies.

The Crown's Elizabeth Debicki slips into a red shift dress to film scenes as Princess Diana in Spain

Daily Mail - Thu, 09/22/2022 - 19:48
Elizabeth Debicki slipped into a red shift dress on Thursday as she once again transformed into Princess Diana to film new scenes for Netflix hit The Crown.

Trump claims FBI agents were looking for Hillary's deleted emails when they raided Mar-a-Lago

Daily Mail - Thu, 09/22/2022 - 19:48
Donald Trump told Sean Hannity of Fox News that perhaps the FBI agents who searched his Florida home were 'looking for the Hillary Clinton e-mails that were deleted but they are around someplace.'

Nancy Pelosi DODGES question on if Biden should run in 2024

Daily Mail - Thu, 09/22/2022 - 19:41
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dodged a question Thursday about whether President Joe Biden should run for re-election in 2024.

Wild videos show Hunter Biden going down waterslide naked and entertaining hookers

Daily Mail - Thu, 09/22/2022 - 19:41
Videos and photos obtained by DailyMail.com show Hunter Biden at a party with nude hookers, stripping naked and sliding down a waterslide into a pool in Malibu in 2018.

Meat cleaver is recovered from apartment where woman's corpse was found in suitcases

Daily Mail - Thu, 09/22/2022 - 19:40
Police have not yet named the woman or the boyfriend, who remains at large. The body was found yesterday after neighbors smelled a foul odor coming from inside. Two suitcases were found.

Vulnerable Democrats Refuse To Denounce Stacey Abrams’s Heartbeat Denialism

The Federalist - Thu, 09/22/2022 - 19:40
Stacey AbramsWhen asked whether they agree with Abrams that unborn babies don’t have heartbeats in early gestation, vulnerable Democrats did not respond.

It's Time to Stop Platforming the "Big Lie" Playbook (Noah Bookbinder/Tech Policy Press)

Memeorandum - Thu, 09/22/2022 - 19:40

Noah Bookbinder / Tech Policy Press:
It's Time to Stop Platforming the “Big Lie” Playbook  —  Noah Bookbinder is the president of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and a former federal corruption prosecutor.  —  Before, during, and after the January 6 attacks, Donald Trump turned to social media …

Man found dead inside kettle cooker at a Lassonde Pappas processing plant in New Jersey

Daily Mail - Thu, 09/22/2022 - 19:34
A New Jersey man was found dead Monday inside of a kettle cooker at a Lassonde Pappas processing plant.

Drunk Democrat Allowed to Run Down Republican Teen

Black Sphere - Thu, 09/22/2022 - 19:30

The following article, Drunk Democrat Allowed to Run Down Republican Teen, was first published on The Black Sphere.

Brandt, hit and run, teen, homicide, Kevin Jackson

A North Dakota man actually KILLED a teenager with his car, but he doesn’t think it should affect his life. I mean, who cares if the world loses another conservative? At least, that’s how Shannon Brandt’s comments come off to me. Brandt, 41, used his vehicle to settle a political fight with a teenage pedestrian …

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The Moscow Signals Declassified: Irradiating Richard Nixon (nsarchive.gwu.edu)

Memeorandum - Thu, 09/22/2022 - 19:30

The Moscow Signals Declassified: Irradiating Richard Nixon  —  For more information, contact:  —  202-994-7000 or nsarchiv@gwu.edu  —  Regions  —  Hide/Unhide Taxonomies … Hide/Unhide Section  —  The Soviets exposed then Vice President Richard Nixon and his wife, Pat …

Woman who was about to DIVORCE her husband shares video of touching moment that saved her marriage

Daily Mail - Thu, 09/22/2022 - 19:27
Caitlin Fladager, 28, from Canada, said she thought there was 'no hope' for her and her husband, Noah Slomski, 27, until she looked at a video she had taken and saw the loving way he looked at her.

Ex-Mississippi welfare leader pleads guilty to fraud claims

UPI - Thu, 09/22/2022 - 19:26
The former director of the Mississippi Department of Human Services, who oversaw a massive welfare fraud scandal, pleaded guilty Thursday to misusing funds that were meant for poor families with children.

American Airlines passenger facing up to 20 years in jail for attacking flight attendant

Daily Mail - Thu, 09/22/2022 - 19:21
The incident transpired on Flight 377 from San Jose del Cabo to LAX on Wednesday, and saw 33-year-old Alexander Tung Cuu Lee removed from the plane after it touched down stateside.

Uyghurs Condemn 'Weak' Biden U.N. Speech for Failing to Mention China's Genocide

Breitbart - Thu, 09/22/2022 - 19:11
The East Turkistan Government in Exile, which represents the majority Turkic population of the China-occupied Asian region, condemned President Joe Biden on Wednesday for failing to refer to China's genocide of their people as a genocide during his speech that day at the United Nations General Assembly.

US: Dozens of lawmakers renew push to halt Iran nuclear deal

Middle East Eye - Thu, 09/22/2022 - 19:06
US: Dozens of lawmakers renew push to halt Iran nuclear deal
Nearly 50 Senators and members of Congress introduce bill that would prevent lifting of sanctions on Iran
MEE staff Thu, 09/22/2022 - 20:06
US Senator Joni Ernst led the introduction of the Preventing Underhanded and Nefarious Iranian Supported Homicides Act.
US Senator Joni Ernst led the introduction of the Preventing Underhanded and Nefarious Iranian Supported Homicides Act (AFP/File photo)

Nearly 50 Republicans in the US Congress have renewed an effort to halt a return to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal by preventing the Biden administration from lifting sanctions on Tehran.

Senators Joni Ernst and Congressman Mike Waltz, along with 25 Senate Republican and 20 House Republican co-sponsors, on Wednesday introduced the Preventing Underhanded and Nefarious Iranian Supported Homicides (Punish) Act.

If passed, the legislation would prevent the withdrawal of US sanctions on Iran until Secretary of State Antony Blinken certifies to Congress that Iran had not supported any attempts to kill US citizens or Iranians living in the country for at least five years.

Salman Rushdie, Satanic Verses author, stabbed at New York event
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"It's hard to fathom that, after countless attacks on Americans, and multiple confirmed plots against U.S. officials, the Biden administration continues to cozy up to Iran in hopes of a mythical, so-called nuclear deal," Ernst said in a statement.

"President Biden should not provide a dime of sanctions relief to the largest state sponsor of terrorism, which is actively trying to kill U.S. officials and citizens, at home and abroad."

In August, author Salman Rushdie was stabbed on stage during an event in New York, and police detained a 24-year-old named Hadi Mattar and charged him with attempted murder.

Several intelligence officials suggested that Matar had been in "direct contact" with Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) - an influential paramilitary body in the country - before the attack, according to VICE World News.

However, Iran denied any involvement in the attack on Rushdie, who had previously received a fatwa for his assassination by the former religious leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini.

Tehran has long distanced itself from former leader Ayatollah Khomeini's decree.

Last year, US police charged four people over a plot to kidnap prominent Iranian-American women's rights activist Masih Alinejad. Iran also denied any involvement in that case.

The US has also accused a member of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps of plotting to assassinate former national security adviser John Bolton.

"The Biden Administration has a duty to protect its citizens from the Iran Regime's proxies who have already carried out an attack on Salman Rushdie, plotted an assassination against former National Security Advisor John Bolton," Waltz said.

"Maximum pressure sanctions must be retained against the Iranian Regime."

Iran nuclear talks

The new bill is the latest congressional effort to prevent a return to the Iran nuclear deal.

After a year-and-a-half of indirect talks with Iran, a final draft agreement has been created by the European Union, but the talks have stalled as several sticking points continue to take hold.

In addition to Iran seeking a guarantee that the US would stick to the deal, Tehran has also called for an end to an investigation by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) into three Iranian nuclear sites revolving around unexplained nuclear particles.

At the UN General Assembly on Wednesday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi attacked Washington's commitment to returning to the deal.

"Can we truly trust without guarantees and assurances that [the US] will this time live up to their commitment?" Raisi said, referring to the decision by the administration of Donald Trump to unilaterally withdraw from the deal in 2018.

On Thursday, the US issued a new set of sanctions on Iran, this time targeting their morality police, the heads of the army's ground forces, and Iran's minister of intelligence.

It held the morality police responsible for the death of Mahsa Amini, 22, who died in custody last week after being arrested in Tehran for wearing "unsuitable attire". Amini's death has sparked widespread protests across the country on an unusually large scale.

Dozens of US lawmakers renew push to halt return to Iran nuclear deal


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