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Book 1 in a 3-book true story series of an adoptee left for dead at the hospital at birth but survives and finds his birth family 50 years later. Get the entire series!

RV adventures of two adoptee siblings as they explore the new world of reunion. From their home in Central Florida, surrounded by the Ocala Forest and horse ranches. Everything goes well until the world interrupts. This is book 2 of a 3-part true story by an adoptee.

3rd book in a series about adoptees finding themselves in a world full of misdirection and intentional obfuscation. But more than that, a saga of love and life as it grows before you the reader. With a backdrop of motorhome adventures, accompany reunited adoptees as they explore the universe, the visible and invisible world before us all. Get the entire series!

One man's life almost lost to the dustbin of history saved by a quick thinking auction-goer. WW2 cargo pilot in the China-Burma-India theater goes onto provide amazing contributions to NASA. What history are you overlooking in your own attic? Part 1 of the WW2 Cargo Pilots series

True story of a WW2 cargo pilot that returns to help the United States develop its first satellites launched into space, but more than that, it is an account of human ambition, accomplishment, and dreams. Follow the exciting history of the beginning of the US space program including the International Space Station, all the while thinking of and seeing a perspective beyond. This is part 2 of a 3-part series.

Third in a series of true stories of WW2 cargo pilots that flew missions over the Himalayan mountains, made famous in film by the movie The Hump. Follow four tentmates lives as they join the military from their hometowns, train to fly a variety of planes and travel to India where they are stationed for three years of their lives. This book isn't about combat but rather about humans and their struggles and accomplishments. Compiled from preserved documents and photographs, this book and the two before it recount the daily situation of being a C47 pilot in World War Two. See the entire 3-part series!

Book 1 of a 3-part series. A divorced ghost-hunting paranormal author is sent a mysterious homemade book of newspaper clippings from a fan. Now the author must find out what it all means as he is thrust into a time-traveling maze guided by a Native American that came from the past.

Book 2 of a 3-part series. Lutro goes back to pre-Columbian USA to track down his sister who is dead in his timeframe but is alive and living with Vikings on the eastcoast. He must be guided there from California by Native Americans while the "time police" follow his every move.

Book 3 of a 3-part series. Chuy, a Mexican-American pawnshop owner wants to stop the Europeans from invading the New World. He convinces his time-traveling friend to show him how to get back to the past but things don't go as planned as Chuy using increasinly brutal tactics to correct the injustices he sees in history.

Exploration of everything we believe and why. Cutting to the heart of our actions. Touching our nerves and soul until the scab is a scar is a part of who we are; a birthmark onto the real us. But not too heady, not too vague to understand, rather right there where we all exist every day of our lives. Answering the questions we have in our quiet moments away from the chaos of living. The Universe is a book for all believers and unbelievers of anything and everything and nothing. Every spiritualist, every devout person, every apostate, every soccer mom, every yuppie, every hippie, every priest, every drunk. It is designed to leave a mark, whether positive or negative.

La conexión con el Universo es diferente de atribuirla a alguna religión o filosofía. No necesitas aprender ninguna liturgia ni principios morales, ni axioma proverbial. El Universo existe sin la declaración de nadie ni la devoción de nadie, ni el reconocimiento de nadie. Ha existido, existe y existirá sin nuestras propias causas o nuestra propia necesidad de construirlo o controlarlo.

A history changer that lets you decide what the most powerful religious leader in history does next. This book is either a theology book trying to be a game or a game trying to be theological. Is it blasphemy or brilliance? Navigate Jesus and other biblical figures through various situations. If you know the Bible, then the outcome will be biblical. If you don’t know or don’t care what the Bible says, the results will be humorous to horrific.

Finally, a no nonsense look at not only the history of Africans in Africa, but Africans as they migrated or were brought to other lands. A history of societal development and the obstacles to advancement. A history of oppression, discrimination, slavery AND accomplishments despite those situations. This objective look into the REAL history and future of black people touches on all the hot button issues as well as exploring the context. If you are ready to break though all the noise of narrative and see the interesting, documented facts of black history which is human history, this is the book for you.

Vikings and Russians had nothing to do with the enslavement of Africans brought to the New World nor the conquest of the Native Americans. Learn about these forgotten "white" cultures and their contributions to the world. This book is an excellent conversation starter for people that can still have discussions in a cancel-culture environment.

A historical and hypothetical survey of revolution, civil war, and sedition. Tracing the causes of government overthrow from the beginning of humanity to present. This book has enough meat for the political scientist and political junkie alike yet easy to read for the curious.

An Excel guide that teaches you to be an Excel guru instead of just throwing a bunch of geek-speak at you. This book is backed with over 20 years of Excel and data analysis experience in a wide field of industries. Written in a casual and entertaining style which readers of all levels can appreciate. This isn't your grandpa's Excel for dummies book!

Honest and direct presentation of the theological view and movement called Preterism. Preterism advocates that the end times occurred in the year AD70. Often called by different titles such as Covenant Eschatology, Full Preterism, or Hyper-Preterism; this view is unpacked for the reader not only to see but understand its adoption and effects. Part 1 of a 4-part series.

Book 2 Of the examination of the theological endtimes view called Preterism. What happens after a person adopts a very radical worldview? Does it affect their daily lives? Paired with book 1,ABOUT PRETERISM this book continues the discussion and discovery of the 21st century's newest eschatology. Follow along as the author unpacks every premise and every conclusion to understanding preterism and the effects of preterism. Part 2 of a 4-part series.

Book 3 of a 4-book series on Preterism. This book attempts to end the debate for all time (yeah right) by bringing in the "plain reasoning" that Martin Luther paired with his famous Sola Scriptura mantra. If you want a book that is different than every other proof-texting book against preterism, this is the book for you! Part 3 of a 4-part series.

Book 4 in the series is the 30+ year, field tested apologetics book every layman and clergy Christian needs if and when they encounter a preterist; online or in their church or at a coffee shop. Preterism is the heresy in the 21st century church just as much as Arianism in 3-4th century. Allowing it to fester or pretending preterists are "brothers" in the communal faith of historical Christianity invites the Trojan Horse into the walls. This book provides multiple methods to debate a preterist so that you can tailor your style as well as giving the reader a lengthy list of debate examples. This book will prepare you not only for specific preterist arguments but also against the overall premises of preterism. Entire series.

A strange first-person account of an individual stuck on an abandoned planet all alone. The person must learn to survive while making friends with the animals. A surprising twist at the end will either anger the reader or make them want to explore this world themselves.

An etymological extravaganza. Is it a poem? Is it a story? Not of reincarnation but of old souls reconnecting through time and space. In a place where there is beauty and pain, all the same. This tale is meant to be followed and led along. To hear read by the narrator.

A father and son serving in two different wars; WW1 & WW2. Multiple generations dedicating their lives to their country. One is awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for saving lives. The other is "awarded" the Nazi Iron Cross for not shooting a POW. This true story recounts the lives of an American family, like many American families of the greatest generationS, that did their duty for freedom.

Author of over 25 self-published books, Roderick Edwards offers this quick, no-nonsense guide that doesn't promise things that are unrealistic. Write and publish a book today. Don't get bogged down with the steps or overwhelmed by your own mind. This book will help you finally be the writer you want to be.

A deep-dive look at how new generations are not a continuance of previous generations but have sworn off the common bonds that held generations together. It is not about old people dying so much is it is about how the traditions, the mindset, even the shared generational values of previous generations no longer are part of new generations.

With all the books available on Donald Trump, what makes the book MORE THAN TRUMP different? More Than Trump was written by multi-genre author, Roderick Edwards known for his detailed research of topics as varied as biographies of World War 2 soldiers, or the man that developed USA’s satellite program, or more specialized topics like the history of sedition in his book How to Overthrow a Government. Roderick Edwards brings his no-nonsense style and 21st century media methods to this unique approach to the life of Trump as the book was written in real-time as many of the events unfolded.

Artificial Intelligence isn't coming. A.I. is here now. This book explores A.I. from the inside out. From the early days of college bulletin boards (BBSes), and MOOS and MUDS to the ChatGPT of today that pumps out content to consume including entire books. This book is completely human-created. It may be the last of its kind on A.I. Learn the history, the present, and future of A.I. in an understandable way and how it will affect you.

Most people have heard of Anne Frank and her story of hiding from the Nazis but another side of history is how an Austrian girl could get caught up in the political revolutionary chaos of the time. From Hitler to Here is the true story of a post WW2 mother and her two young children fleeing the ravages of war and from their own homeland to find themselves in a new world as hostile as the one they left. This book treks the time from the late 1940s to 2024 and beyond!

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