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The Hunger Games, the books and movies depict a time when a society has so regulated daily survival that it becomes illegal simply to eat without the government's permission. While some people may be tempted to see the books and movies as highlighting division between classes, this is not the real point.

The idea of brute "games" to entertain the "civilized", is nothing new. Remember the Roman arenas. Perhaps to some degree, even our modern sports teams are of the same stuff; al be it we slake our consciences by paying our performers large sums of money to dance for us.

But the issue is more about the fictitious life we have created. Many will claim that "this is just how it is -- live with it". For centuries now, at least in Europe and America people are born to grow up, get jobs working for someone else, rent or buy housing, buy products, over and over again, produce offspring who in turn repeat the cycle. Why do we do it? What would happen if entire generations just dropped out of this cycle. They no longer get jobs and work for other people. They no longer pay someone else for a place to live. They no longer purchase food or products produced by others, but instead foraged for or grew their own food on land where they are without paying any entity for dwelling on that land. You might think this is the definition of chaos and societal breakdown, but I'm not so certain people aren't already doing this. We assume the so-called "homeless" are only in this condition because of bad luck or poor management of their lives. What if many of those people have simply dropped out of the cycle?

A man whose state name is Ernie Tertegte was in court for supposedly fishing without a license. It is not clear whether he was fishing on private or public land, but at any rate he made quite a show and fool of the judge as she attempted to interact with him as a "legal" entity. Watch the video:

Now, before you dismiss him as a nutcase, understand what he is trying to accomplish. Where our government has boxed us in as...well...fictitious beings; such as our social security numbers and even our names, this man is demonstrating that we are more than our social security numbers and even more than our names. We are living beings with some natural rights; of some which are the right to live and survive. Was this man simply rambling or does he know something long forgotten by our modern bureaucracies?

Universal/Natural Law

Let's look into his claim of Universal/Natural Law. What is it and why did he appeal to it over the "corporate fiction". Before we can grasp the idea of Universal/Natural Law, we need to better understand what it means to be a "person" under civil law. You would think it would be straight forward such as any living human is a person. But keep in mind it has not been that simple in our bureaucracies. Take for example how long it took for blacks in America to achieve personhood under the law. Or even today, how we wrangle over when a baby is actually a person. Most of our laws will not recognize the baby as a person until either so many months into the pregnancy or upon breathing its first breath; and now there are some that say even that doesn't qualify as personhood and post-birth abortions are becoming increasingly common. So, as you see; this question of the "corporate fiction" or "corporate personality" is extremely important to understand. And when we say "corporate" we do not merely mean a company or a business but rather a collective. As if a person is not a person until a so-called authorized collective or corporation (government) declares it so.

This Law site explains it well:

"Persons in law are seen to be of only two kinds: real/natural and artificial. Human beings are considered ‘real' or ‘natural' persons because they are ipso facto persons. The other kind of person is the artificial person, which is a fiction of law invested with limited legal capacity. At this juncture, it is necessary to clarify the meaning of the term ‘capacity' in law. Capacity is the primary attribute of personality and denotes the ability to commit acts and undertake relations that are recognised in the law. Capacity is what enables a person to have a ‘standing' in law, be it in the person's ability to claim-possess-exercise rights, property, enter into contracts, sue and be sued, commit legal injury or be the victim thereof. In other words, capacity in law is the medium through which personality expresses itself."

As you can see, since a fetus or even a born baby cannot "undertake relations that are recognized in the law", it has become easy to legally disregard them as an "artificial person" under the law. It is here we can now begin to discuss the concept of Natural Law. The idea of Universal/Natural Law is that living beings, especially human beings have some rights that cannot be infringed upon by state, government or man-made laws. And that if and when government bodies infringe upon these Universal/Natural Laws it commits atrocities against nature as much or more than if had they broken any man-made laws. See link.

Anarchy or Opportunity

Okay, so let's say we can see the point, but don't we require some amount of order or else we would have anarchy? We cannot have every person acting as this fellow in court. What if every person simply invokes their rights of so-called Universal/Natural Law. What if every person who is brought before a judge simply said they did not recognize the court's authority over them and walked out of the courtroom as this fellow did?

One thing that allows societies to exist and continue is implied and actual contract. Although, when a person is born into most countries, they never sign a contract swearing to obey the laws of that country, it is implied that by their very birth they swear that oath. This implied oath is even more solidified when the person begins to take on the corporate or governmental definitions of personhood by doing such things as obtaining state issued identification. The man in the video was trying to demonstrate that he has never sworn such an oath or agreed to become identified as a person only under the state's authority; but in fact is by nature a "living man" or human by nature without a "fictional" corporate or government given status.

Imagine if instead of automatically being considered a citizen of the nation where we are born, that say at age 18 we were given the opportunity to select under which nation we want to swear allegiance. And at that moment, the host nation where we were born could decide whether it wants to allow us to remain in its territory as a foreign national or ship us to the nation to which we have sworn our oath. What would this mean to issues like immigration and economy? Even further, what if there were a place not regulated by a government, where people could go and survive without any law. Who would want to do such a thing? Wouldn't this lawless land be a place rife with murder, rape and all manner of violence. Who knows. However, if it were; then history shows us that at some point, a government of some type would naturally form to impose order upon disorder.

So, while we might be able understand what the man in the video was attempting to demonstrate, most likely he will simply be seen as a nutcase. This is true also of people who attempt to "live off the grid"; be they "homeless" people or "preppers" living in the wilderness somewhere. This is the message of the Hunger Games; not class warfare but the division of a society that likes its invasive "order" and bureaucracies versus a society that simply wanted to live by Universal/Natural Law. I imagine we are quickly reaching an age similar to this; where there is no place left untouched by imposition of law. No place a person can go and just be left alone to live but instead are forced to be part of the "corporate fiction" that is society. They must pay taxes. They must work. They must purchase products produced by others with the tender they receive from the work. The cycle is never ending.

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