Illegal Immigration


This 6 point outline is a summary of Roderick Edwards' position on Illegal Immigration. For a more detailed interaction, please click here.
Illegal immigration hurts the immigrant since it degrades the very things that often attract immigrants to America; opportunities. If the U.S. economy, employment, medical, and safety-net structures are over burdened, they will no longer work as intended and so the very things that immigrants want will be damaged or destroyed -- The American Dream itself. This is the reason America MUST have a CONTROLLED immigration process that is fair and sustainable.

  1. Seal U.S.-Mexican border immediately, utilizing National Guard.
  2. Revise immigration policy based on potential contribution to USA.
  3. Comprehensive USA integration program to "Americanize" new citizens.
  4. Immediate deportation of any illegal immigrant breaking any other laws.
  5. Potential defunding of any country assisting illegal immigrants.
  6. Legal action against U.S. companies employing illegal immigrants.

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