Junta USA


Junta USA

What if the political situation in the United States reached an untenable point? What if the politicians made such a mess of our economy, our culture and defense that it was necessary for the military to take over. I don't mean in a sinister way where a president declares martial law, but rather where the politicians failed so miserably that it unfortunately required the USA military to step in. Look, we see what happened in Egypt when the U.S. president backed a radical Islamist; the Egyptian people rejected this imposition and threw him out. You see, a large majority of Egyptians had a more secular government in mind. So, the Egyptian military had to step in and hopefully will be able to return to free elections someday.

And with the American society suffering from radical, anti-American policies pushed on us without our consent and with the politicians admitting they never even read bills they pass; we might speculate what would happen if the American political system fails. What if our common defense is so compromised that our military could not effectively ward off our enemies? With the media ignoring (and even covering up) things like Bengazi, Obamacare, NSA spying, illegal immigration, and the rampant and racial "Knock-out game" we can see how the politicians could lose control of the country. We could see how Americans could become distraught over the poor and corrupt "leadership" of the USA.

Although I would hate to see it, I could imagine a time when brave, pro-American generals may have to take the reins from an inept and corrupt political system. To this end, I read a story about Gen. Paul E. Vallely, former Deputy Commanding General for the US Army Pacific in 1991. Gen. Valley isn't advocating overthrowing the USA government, nor am I, but simply theorizing what could happen if (or when) the politicians finally lose control.
Gen. Vallely is founder of Stand Up America, an organization that at this point simply appears to be pooling together. Perhaps they can see the potentiality when the USA political structure collapses. America at that time will either fall into civil war or general chaos -- unless people who ACTUALLY love America -- as it was founded, not as they want it to be "fundamentally changed" into a socialistic nightmare -- unless real Americans STAND UP this nation could fail.

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