Left Versus Right Wing Violence and Extremism


In the 2016 United States presidential election, Republican candidate Donald Trump was blamed for inciting violence. In general, the media often portrays the Left as peace loving while they portray the Right as hostile and violent. But do the facts bear out this portrayal? For example, the violence at the Trump rallies was precipitated by non-supporters coming into a rally for Trump. A rally is for supporters, not for protesters. There has been minimal to no violence at other rallies because protesters against these candidates do not go there. Further, the protesters go to the rallies attempting to cause hostilities, by shouting profanities such as "f*ck Trump". What do they think is going to happen? Also, Trump is the only candidate this election that actually had someone attempt to rush the platform and engage him. Again, which is more hostile and violent; the Left or the Right?


Two comparable movements are the Leftists, Occupy Wall Street and the Right Tea Party Movement. What is interesting is that the Left does not require external impetus to turn violent. As I said, when protesters come to events of an opposing view, there is bound to be clashes but the Left often turns violent and destructive in the course of their protests without anyone inciting them. For example, most Leftist protests typically contain half naked people and people urinating and defecating on things. The Left often damages the property where they protest. However, the Right wing, typically hold more sedate protests and often pride themselves on being respectful when engaging the police. They typically do not destroy the area where they are protesting.

We see further example of Leftists protests from so-called race protests where people who claim to be protesting violence use violence. They even loot and destroy other people's property. We saw this in Ferguson and Baltimore. The leftist mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake even said she ordered her police department to give protesters "space to destroy"


This site has a good list of Left vs Right violence: http://markhumphrys.com/left.right.violence.html