National Debt


This 5 point outline is a summary of Roderick Edwards' position on the National Debt. For a more detailed interaction, please click here.
Debt, be it personal or an entire country's speaks to the character. Obviously, even in our personal lives we can have a certain amount of "responsible debt"; such as car payments or mortgages but it is the out of control debt, both in our personal lives and as a country that requires addressing. Notice that none of the points are to cut Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, or Defense spending nor raise taxes. The key is to raise the tax base; which means increase employment which in turn increases the amount of people paying existing taxes.

  1. Stop pretending 1% of population can pay down debt.
  2. Decrease redundancies in government.
  3. Reassess all foreign aid.
  4. Balance budgets EVERY year.
  5. Free business from stifling regulations so as allow increased employment.

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