Religious Freedom Restoration Act


The right of association seems to come with it the right not to associate. The right to peaceable assembly seems to come with the right to not assemble. It isn't about prejudice or discrimination. I wish they would have called it the "Freedom of Association Act" -- it really has little to do with being or not being religious. A person should be allowed to associate or not associate with whomever they like.

But for decades now the government and society has been forcing people to associate/do/accept things for our "own good". Forced desegregation was bad for all involved. Forcing us to buy health insurance or be fined. Forcing us to not buy 32 ounce sugary drinks -- all of this for our "own good".

Most businesses don't care what color/gender/or sexual preference you are; they just want to conduct business. However, there are times when a person's conscience causes them to not want to associate with some people for whatever reason. Forcing the person to associate/conduct business is against American ideology. HOWEVER #2, this also gives people full right to boycott and otherwise publish the fact that the person will not associate/conduct business with them. This could mean loss of revenue and potential closure of the business if greatly impacted. But, the notion that we should force a person to associate or otherwise we punish them by law -- well, that too is UnAmerican.

Further, most states ALREADY have similar laws as Indiana passed in March 2015, because these laws are based on the Constitution/Bill of Rights:

Also...for Democrats and liberals...Bill Clinton passed this same law in 1993:

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