A.I. & You

ArtificialNow from the author of over 25 multi-genre books and 30 years of data analysis and computing experience comes a #book on A.I. (#artificialintelligence) A.I. & You is not a nerdy, hard to understand tome but a short 94 page quick read (1-2 hrs) that will help everyone from the novice to the #Fibonacci #geek relate to what A.I. is doing in the world and how it got started. The discussion will surprise you. Get it today as an #ebook or #paperback.


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Excel For Everyone: A Guide that doesn't call you a Dummy


An Excel guide that teaches you to be an Excel guru instead of just throwing a bunch of geek-speak at you. This book is backed with over 20 years of Excel and data analysis experience in a wide field of industries. Written in a casual and entertaining style which readers of all levels can appreciate. This isn't your grandpa's Excel for dummies book!

Anyone who knows me, knows I made my living as an Excel geek. But now in my waning years I am returning to my first love; writing. While I've already written and published over 5 books (paperback, ebook, & audiobook), I wanted to write a book that kind of turns the page on my Excel guru days. But my book on Excel isn't a "for dummies" book, but rather it's for all the people who I've helped and who have supported me along the way in my "Excel life".

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