This 7 point outline is a summary of Roderick Edwards' position on Terrorism. For a more detailed interaction, please click here.
We must protect Americans from attacks both foreign and domestic, which not only is the sworn and first duty of every U.S. president, but in our present time may be the most important responsibility for maintaining America's very existence. Further, we MUST admit to ourselves that presently that threat mainly comes from an ideology that seeks nothing less than the complete submission of Western society. We MUST admit to ourselves that militant Islam is actually AT WAR with Western civilization, whether we want to be at war with it or not.

  1. Seal U.S.-Mexican border with National Guard.
  2. Give no aid or comfort to ANY group that advocates the overthrow of USA.
  3. Immediately investigate any domestic or foreign hostility to USA.
  4. Establish program directed at Muslims talking about the history of Islamic militancy.
  5. Revoke and forbid entrance to USA, any known sympathizers of militant Islam.
  6. Seek and promote Western resistance to "Islamicitation" of Western countries.
  7. Immediate deportation of any visiting national promoting militant Islam.

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