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What if you found a box full of old photos and documents? Would you just throw it out or would you attempt to preserve the past? Would you save the "lives" of those people frozen in time or would you cart off those old memories to the dustbin of history? Should've Been With Me is a book not only of a WW2 cargo pilot in the China-Burma-India theater of war. It is not only a book about the engineer of some of USA's first satellites. It is a book about your parents, your grandparents and the legacies they leave behind. We need not be war heroes or NASA space pioneers to be important in the lives of others. Our memories and accomplishments should be preserved for the next generation. This is what this book is about.



I just want to say thanks to all the folks that came out and chatted with us and shared your own stories. A special thanks to Bruce & Beth of Combat Cafe for letting us participate in their passion for the community, for veterans, and for people in general. That's what this was all about!

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